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7-9 11am Garland,Nagin sentenced 10 years

Jul 9, 2014|

Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Garland talks to WWL-TV’s Political Analyst & editor and publisher of Gambit Weekly.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back QB who haven't heard the news yeah. Ray Nagin sentence -- ten -- in prisons starting September the gate. -- double bogey though pretty jaguar opinion poll at -- that too much just right or Orton not enough. 77%. Say not enough. And looking at the text the virtually the all. Angry thinking that -- sin and should have been longer. We have borrowed double billed to be political analysts analysts and amateur -- true -- Player to do Bos moves -- -- book and show. Appreciate talk. Good morning pro. Sports. A little surprised I'm not angry you know I have great respect -- judge Derek and there are very well known for public 25 years or more. Should look very good judgment. -- I think she. Probably gave him a little bit of a break. But let's remember that should set through every minute of that trial she heard all the evidence for and against the measure. She looked that the guidelines that she's been a judge for. Actually supported in the early part of Bill Clinton's term solution to their church for over twenty years so should not some newcomer here. And our system. But the -- of justice in America puts a lot of discretion in the hands of judges. That being -- even though federal judges are started very early. Each one has a unique individual who brings his or her unique sensibilities to the task of being judged I think. Many of the other judges that would that would object in the airport track. He threw her as his church -- taken through judge erred and has to judge. She's ruled against all the defense motions to talk about the case social circle are lying on the prosecution itself in terms of allowing it to go forward. And then she waited all of -- factor. As I was following the and they that her comments on Twitter that people in the courtroom summarizing what she was saying. She made an argument we're going -- mention made an argument for going to light and she says I'm gonna depart downward. The second world trade at fifteen and I have to twenty years as -- the -- guidelines which again they are all league guy lives. Judges are free with reasons to depart from the -- And I thought -- Irish public about about fourteen maybe thirteen. And then she one more thing. An apology should get a don't Willits and then -- popped up -- its triple in the court and she went to turn. I was surprised democracy is supported his -- in as a lawyer market a substitute my. My ignorance or her wisdom or in my judgment -- -- -- essentially set to every minute of this trial. But I do believe that Nagin got lucky. -- America and there's a kind hearted person. And I think she showed him some mercy. A lot of people myself included have that talked about and and draw -- comparison between -- sentence or potential sentence. And the essential walks saint Pierre who got seventeen and a half a year of being involved in the same conspiracy. And it occurred to me after the -- and came down that. -- mark -- was convicted on 53 trial. -- was convicted on toward me but on the other hand Ray Nagin was the mayor. And booted the system always comes down a little harder on public figures because. They are held to a higher standard does does police officers are etc. So. I think -- political debate this thing. -- would've probably thought she was gonna get somewhere between. Seventeen and twenty years but you know it's just I'm not to judge she is mentioned acceptable trial but didn't. Let it doesn't want the very first day. That Ray Nagin walked in the jail wherever he winds up and the judge recommended that -- -- great nations. Ultimate destination it's totally up to the US Bureau of Prisons to judge can only make a recommendation. And the bureau of prison does not have any mercy on any. -- to warrant capital you know he could wind up. -- or Colorado or South Dakota who knows but. I think porky get past that first day you to realize he's in prison. And you've got to serve 85% of the power -- -- Beagle and the -- starting -- temporary or at least eight and a half years. -- former mayor Ray Nagin has been sentenced to ten years in prison starting September create. And we'll bring played the assistant US attorney in the good name Matt Coleman. Right after the judge's decision. -- chambers in front of them. My name's -- -- -- assistant US attorney along with Richard Richard Pickens in Manchester who made up the prosecution team. Surrounded us our agency partners. Moments ago as many of you saw judge -- -- for mayor C Ray Nagin to a term of ten years in prison for banking. A very significant strong sentence strong message. -- down early departing we have Jack did any appeal. Will be decided about a solicitor general Washington DC we like to thank the court activity and I thank you ma'am. We like to thank the court for -- time. It's hard work it's dedication. In its intention in dealing with -- matter we'd also like how things. Our agency partners -- the FBI the IRS CIA. -- inspector general's office as well as the match from the crime commission. We like to thank the members of the community. They came forward and offered evidence and the testimony thank you ma'am thank you. And gave testimony regarding C Ray Nagin and his corrupt actions. Didn't do anything you can do do you now and then Mac -- -- -- and continues he would Ray Nagin did the. It would sell his office -- hold her hand and over. -- -- the damage sexy Ray Nagin what did his assistant inflicted upon this community to include you -- they're doing good you did I don't -- out of them. And isn't palatable. We as a community need not and should not accept such -- public eye drops in home. This US attorney's office and will continue into combat and public corruption wherever it may exist. That was Matt Coleman. So as soon as -- -- to do blows with the stubborn and DO TV political and play NC. He said the judge handed down a strong so and so strong statement. And they mentioned the that the possibility of who he. Was that. Bill of the local US attorneys sitting there they're going to appeal overs -- part of the process. Don't applaud the process that person well you know. There are sentencing guidelines for congress has -- admit it's a complicated system would get. In each bad actors each conviction gets points. So wearing these probation office. Put together a sentencing recommendations. Of the judge after a conviction. They go and examine all the evidence and all the bad may have signed point all the banks are excellent call -- give the defendant you want a low score. Should the government you -- high school workers more -- -- -- -- In the points that the probation office came up with. Sentence or -- would not be Clark can look with the sentencing recommendation. -- and they have to twenty year those only recommendations are not binding so. Federal judges are free to depart from the guidelines which reasons. But it would make them when the departures is -- Either side can appeal this case she departed downward. Significantly. On. But more than a third of Austin pretty well and and she -- high and it was half -- -- and appreciate her reasons. It is that the government has the right to appeal but what mr. Coleman was saying this -- the decision that will be made -- washing each because the mayors of was a public. Official when the US government investigate the public official. Yeah it had to get approval. The local you have to turn you have to get approval for Washington associate. -- built them to hopefully present local US -- From normal political ritual also being political in their prosecutions. So people feel that our electric. The seat provided that Washington has offices in Washington all the public corruption. Division sort of predicted exactly but it's up to public integrity division you've got to go up there at the US -- -- -- present your evidence and try to get supply our collapse of their. Local elected official and they have to approve and I think that's why the US solicitor general. Gluten but the government officials represented just ought to feel. I was gonna make the decision whether to appeal that's about the -- Ryder repeal. But as anybody with a right but -- you can except that the lower court decision or you can file the appeal domestic. Up in this case to -- US circuit court of appeal. Took took. We do it and possibly put should baca. Horrid. Let's bring in one of our callers do you -- Stephen in Baton Rouge. Bureau would -- to do votes. -- -- -- -- -- Definitely installed through withdraw our office. Alicia abuse Apollo I don't like to one particular got her she should have contributed -- -- -- -- its campaign -- -- you look at -- defector not mistaken. Other abuse Apollo toward that area because -- -- without you seem to make up just like our politicians. In Louisiana State so I'll have further investigation anybody's. Every day and really took more -- about the dolphins he abuses -- in ready to church without the deepest dip it in New Orleans and Louisiana. That is what -- it. All what memorial I'll definitely. Without a doubt thank god he's everything got everything. It should be in jail like so -- seven years -- at oak dale and that's what. It was an abuse -- -- anecdotes are currently set in the not work. Aren't Steven. Clancy he mentioned he thinks the George contributed to his campaign and then there -- And she was already a federal judge in and -- barred from trump. Got so little up and -- her or. Her husband. Her husband's law partner was actually the treasurer. For -- opponents have -- in that rate in the or cheap sandwich. So there's everything. That the -- defense that would that would resonate in furtherance of the. Judges felt -- -- ball but Walsh. Won't. I know for a fact that her husband law partner who happens to be my order was a campaign treasurer. Our Richard hadn't been against Ray Nagin so there's no connection there are -- and -- is poured his first court -- the defense boarded gesture practiced defense law. Putting out there -- judges over that would democratic appointees who practiced playing a slow whatever who give up very harsh sentences. Just of which you wanna make -- -- about George Martin's strong legal history she was a lawyer for the ACLU. That's where a liberal quote liberal stripes are really show themselves. But what they get the judge she's been very even and that it's again she sat through every minute of that trial public a lot of anger and disappointment. And in my case the surprise come from just looking at Ray -- And and people who lived through Katrina as I did and hundreds of thousands of others that looked through the post-Katrina era of rain and sure years of virtually getting nothing done. Well while this guy without enriching himself it would suggest in -- which was better than not he was corrupt. -- a lot of anger at -- a -- people wanted to go away a lot. Match you know we have to just get over and can't live in the past. Trust it would relate it walks and that jail cell. You know he's in jail whether it's or payroll or somewhere in North Dakota. Prominent you have to go for at least a half years and you know what the US solicitor general may take a couple of appeal. I don't look and relevant well and if they do model opposite sort it will rule -- to the circuit does should. Well very strong reputation nationally which are being the most conservative circuit. Well all the the federal -- that much and they're particularly conservative -- criminal matters so it would split the -- decides to appeal. I think there's at least but. A strong possibility that you can't put a number that the fifth circuit was should -- at this time and more time and. Assistant euros in turn. After the drug show rendered her -- urged Cendant and and -- image -- said that Nagin did tremendous damage to this community board would damage to use Adidas. I think but Coleman's word was incalculable considered twice it was incalculable and frankly I agree where it -- and will do the damage was so erupted. Can help corrupt. The recovery process. This was a time when your wall and really metres of Major League and should be all right you gain in this it was so far from being on him getting. Natalie was in tropic but he was right up to 200 of thousands of dollars in bribes. -- was they -- about himself and his family enough about the people at all. And I think he caught the -- years of recovery. -- and when you have -- you know. We also both call and you need to -- one of the heroes of Katrina -- on the radio everything. We are giving voice to people frustration you remember what it was like swing needed somebody to lead. -- of that dark. Horrible period in this guy didn't do it and at the same time and more than double each Guillen -- and so. And you know we really needed to get some traction -- some recovery bill. So that the world would know that your wall and there's -- injection wouldn't get Britain's got compact and so far you -- Katrina because of them. Or it could bring in Brian mid city Brian Euro would claim to do boats. I personally believe it's a travesty of justice and a complete betrayal of every citizen the United States of America. For plain and simple reason. Just would Clancy says he caught the last four years he thought about it so he didn't give a deal about -- city he was in it himself. Twenty years plus if you and I did it would be under the deal according eternity with no shot again now it's just -- No we can't conduct -- about it but our voice will be heard one way or the other we the people coming back. One way to -- thank you. I think Brian's words reflects a lot of people's fields. Yeah I think there's there's there's anger disappointment but I also like the right sort of to bury it and you know I don't. Probably the footwork and as well what I was here and the masters I would give people. You know. Get -- out there you know you're angry -- you know -- Ray Emery and everything else and then -- move forward because he can't live in the past and look the solicitor general very well may appeal -- In and they'll have to decide fairly quickly bulletin such a small amount -- until shall elect thirty days -- -- that they're gonna have to. You know solemn appeal that they decide to do that. And and we'll now but even if he -- -- -- getting to ten years. He'll have to go away for ten years and have been it has already been -- has been -- palace resort on the walls. And eight and a half more years starting September rate in meanwhile -- wallet is already moving forward. And we're gonna keep moving forward much like we just -- to -- -- in which there are rearview mirror and don't look back. Marie and Lindsay do boats is always appreciated Tom victory to use that agreed to. All right double -- woods and yourself come on ride Barca this next to empower and no gouged. UND what do you think you get boards you concerns room where other opinions one border and Albert. This is your opponent to -- 0187. -- just torn Serbia and heard. Ray Nagin sentenced to prison ten years begins whose term September BA. Could be the and a -- incidents have been probably 85% of the ascendancy has looser board without getting -- -- time stories in -- at least eight and a half. A two months I'm not enough time your thoughts to 60170. Told -- Anywhere in the country it's sick sick aided -- and 08%. Of your call those group to. Jury. Bureau and but a BO appreciated. Some call. It who watches out. Certain elements Megan. -- -- -- Google and slap on the producer dark -- milk or practice. Animal and you know about it and I'm. -- -- -- -- Did you hear that people. Don't slap. Well there there was a lot of angry people do when returned Bruce soared particularly particularly. On the radio station I don't remember what the sentences were born via signatures of -- descendants is a whole lot more than they get. I'll know more about. Politics Smart you got that been by view all of the gap -- woke up -- -- less than five years. And it looked so it -- Johnson. It. -- here. And he's got the got -- you. And it. Again I don't remember exactly what Bruce or was short with -- boards of bribery and wire fraud money laundering and every little sentiment. Well you'd think you raised a valid question maybe somebody out there in particular. In the law industry. The league will be -- can answer about. Let's go to Anthony and that they -- calling their appreciated -- -- -- We're at -- championship it towards you being on the being slower call. Me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right a view do I have my of my feeling is is. The angle we're hearing. I'm sure you probably went through Katrina. And -- like Ray Nagin in the -- Like to improve quite a while. Never had any idea in the of the keeps going on. But early on right after Katrina. I didn't think much of him as a millionaire and who belong I thought layouts. People's lot news room on the line. People who know what they were gonna have -- people that note they could return. Home. And it it's it's -- like being in war. I've been there. Manager leader whether it be true leader of the boat lead with a squadron did general of the and in the entire battalion. If you don't have leader bad. Gives you hope. The ad that showed you the way that actually leads. I think that'll -- a lot of angry and in particular Rivera Bruce or good -- salute we've got a lot of well angry here giving you opportunity. To board sure thoughts on the form a rare Ray Nagin big -- being given ten years in prison starting in September VA. -- out of -- like I think 85%. To via. Soon and soon you'll be in for at least eight years. One of the quotes. After the -- Java and shorter maybe for the George gave her decision. -- to deal with dale Melissa is one thing Q and intercept with the professionalism. That true provided. As far as my role and as we stand by the testimony Allred present. I thought that was introduced him because everything I've read. Says that appeal doesn't apologize. If you did then Mitt than he did wrong. That's gonna go a long way to even longer and and stronger segments. And what ago woods in years he ended by saying a -- trust god and moved -- won't trust god will work all of this well. The -- would -- taken the back in New Orleans urine double bill appreciated call. I mr. Altman I was just listening to -- caller who was complaining about the the silence our guests and responses the perceive to win him some observers handed out to air -- -- And others and we're only at the end of the I think that what you just quoted -- -- for -- -- Why those individuals are shorter sentence -- because. That Egypt. I've had a horrible words and Bob -- the important organs say it was that. Bruce Gordon company. Admitted guilt in there and therefore receive less of assignments and the question there or is. Everything from card do you and some over noted political analysts years double the bill. Year old child -- 1520 years almost guaranteed and it came in ten. So the question is live if you had to admit guilt that the judge actually have -- below back. Let's go to an entry into -- and of. -- Up. At 88. A couple of -- that. Will continue to act. Whitney actually hear it Torre Munich -- capturing that -- why people criticize but now. Well what. I mean Rainey and he told people back and watch it. Back. And I. Mean I think he does -- strike me GMAC would be. I think is primarily what Clinton do boots and just couple moments ago -- that. Not only -- American to lead not only did he and really -- so -- in the office because. Causes for years to recover. So I think that we're hearing we're think. Not what people say shouldn't change it and it should not have been. We do have -- fury hit play I mean people can pick it. -- Well against that true -- I'm sure over those who have looked at what he was convicted on bribery wire fraud. Money laundering. Filing all stacked from turned. They're probably say -- -- -- would've done a wooden Madonna. You know I think that I'm not criticizing you can -- you keep it terrible. Head -- You know he did something. Issue a lot of people they lacked the acting that are still walking history. No argument you make some good points I think -- and seeing the call we're completing an -- Governor of the Oprah and drug -- opinion poll. We're asking you bill that the senate did ten years was too much just right. Not an and 77%. Saying -- of to a think. At least then I'm officially in -- -- typically. We're giving the public that feel like he. Should have been given a longer prison sentence ploy in a hole. Lloyd and -- Euro and double bill pre issue. They're going to face technical truth. -- -- their -- -- yeah previous caller. Blew so hard to ensure a button and passion that -- deals to. But it didn't have the experience of going to go on trial but like this guy right here but I I don't I don't think he's gotten. That we have Detroit obviously got 28 years. You know and then outscored -- the biggest say in how much more he took it but -- it is not enough I'm sour. Well -- -- it could elect has said from the phone call from the show loophole that we've got. I would assume that viewers probably the majority opinion of the born to. A founded in pursuing. Judge Gergen says quote. Corruption breeds public's cynicism. Nowhere more than New Orleans with percent for an obscenity. Alcohol -- roped in recessed. But she's she gave him the ten -- cents and song will take a look at journalists and so will you bureau Putin's term of thirteen years. I think there was -- -- city can ultimate go to seventy near term. And bill based. On the feeling that he didn't have enough. His sentence was was literally. Half the maximum. Recommended under federal guidelines and that -- primarily for about twenty years under that certain formulas and most of the news stories and a -- Prior to today all sort of the big George would there -- -- little off option indeed creating from the guidelines. But the lawyers we've -- on its that categorically not approve the Supreme Court ruling. They gave huge judges very large Latin. Go to Margaret Margaret you're a double DO. I speaking with he. -- -- -- did to not only make him but all of that. Politicians to crop and that's all we can't today and battle in the will be you know Ole. But most of all he got a ten year sentence. And Serbs until I am. Guilty why you have to wait. Given that went to tap into the EPA had to make arrangements. Just appeal the students during years hopefully entity different step back and -- from. Guilty didn't change. -- -- Guilty still not in jail. I'm -- -- -- not only black politicians but even triple what he can actually ridiculous with these judges do. And that's all I have to -- I think that tension and -- -- a lot more. I think. Jefferson are on -- body that is that we follow them. It can take care of those -- can't help but not -- I do one thing I think you go 100 day.