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7-9 12:10pm Garland, Nagin sentenced to 10 years

Jul 9, 2014|

CB Forgotston, the King of Subversive Bloggers, joins Garland to break down Nagin sentence

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's gotten her -- know our great American is going to prison and serve at least eight and a half years required. Of the ten years and -- Goes to prison on September the day. And virtually. Every war hero I talked to off the record there and more -- media. So did George -- Bergen. -- required by guidelines to. Given and it's and it's been anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. The -- spoken to today. Does not true it's. Supreme Court changed all that and charges have a lot more. Room to in the gap beaten to give -- gave when it comes to -- Sentences. In the -- sure did. She gave me ten years and everybody would talk to so far have been pretty surprised in the league -- community. Of whether to this point in time we have -- B productions who is an eternity subject who's in our political analysts you've been. Welcome -- sure appreciate the time. Nike golf out I'd like take a little different approach to -- -- Nagin and out talk about sport that's. The deterrent effect but the plot is that. On. The collar called at all while it what would you have done on circumstance where Ray Nagin after Katrina. Well hours I was living in the city and -- -- yet and out today what I'd -- it. So Bob bootstraps. And I got. Got my life back together lost everything sixty years ago lost everything I had had accumulated years that hole. After Iowa. Did did did fail to pay my income tax I didn't like him. The cut the federal government that'll do me losing now. Material things but not -- untouched today what else did. I didn't steal. It should take down anybody. I just follow the law. Even though I was -- tale about oh Scola and the fact that the federal government has had done to him. I solved the lead in the Ray Nagin to. That's note he use. That -- -- plead temporary insanity. So he basically played well indeed -- -- treatment EB. Have malls are now. Sample so tests of that moment question I think it would be and now. He's like rate -- it. Now let me get to its deterrent effect in about what truly -- media. Ray Nagin should have gotten twenty years or more mapping to send -- -- it's not about. Punishing raid -- in -- one win that Stephanie great wrote a column in the new -- to advocate. She she poured out it well -- rehabilitating. Any thing in the Sharia busted man. That is its -- -- on that when it comes to public official. We need to show that. I. Did require. A higher standard of public officials that anybody. Could -- year. This position of public troops. Do in real change. And and but for the fact that he was that dom businessman. And -- thousand dollars and -- and democratic Carrot Top business. Ray Nagin would now be a multi millionaire. -- -- they'd had years in prison. May millions. Shaking people back into Puget shaken people -- -- -- multi -- It turned his details and by OK you can go and become a multi millionaire. And you have to go to the federal and -- have fear that your public attention. That's an arbitrary. Our -- -- remember when it network was convicted and served exactly. Got the exact same sentence in years. The public corruption and it didn't even then there's still question whether any of it occurred while he was actually holding -- -- got. I remember back Kolb but somebody on that -- Libya can't remember right now. And and the question now. And and it isn't in session questions in the and that. Really believe this should be don't you think that. Mantown at an at large most powerful elected but how politicians in the history of losing him. Has been sentenced to -- corporate -- -- think that I haven't turned back. -- so absolutely knocked. And what happens Edwin -- do you think he's changed. In Europe in congress right now. It didn't change him going to prison. You know show. There that would not much of the match and the guys. Like we according to article on I think seventeen public officials. Have. I have gone to travel prison as a result of that activity districts. That train so. And Edward Edwards sentencing was long before Katrina. So apple you know our policy outrage -- instruments. Up in years. Which of which you have surveyed. -- any public purpose at all. That that amount it's. -- call -- slap on the wrist and -- -- Clancy and and I are great when you're in prison years in prison and not accomplished the but considering the abuse of public trust. And and but on the fact that you're stupid business. Renee in would have made me and enmity of dollars. And the restitution. Something like eighty about NATO's act act. Our top suspect if you had failed air attack we have. There's been at least five years in prison and had the attacks back it would not being -- it would just. -- So I think it's it's a terrible message to stand. That that keeping coming and then -- while the public you measure public office. And and if -- just a smarter if you distillate which more right now if you could become on the evening. -- dude you're you mentioned. Up 1617. People. Indicted sent to prison since Katrina politicians. Political figure public figures. If if Nagin had gotten 1520 point five years do you think that would have better deterrent. I think out immediately got twenty years at age fifteen actually opt out when he years that's a pretty -- much else and you know. Comet coming out of prison like he will be. A blanket. About 67. The thing about medium as you start on such securities as we get out. But. -- I think that it that one of the people. Ray Nagin actually haven't been here. That -- in the public issue. He got seventeen years. And and as a result of getting more than in years it has yet to go to a quote channel. Like at -- -- yet 28 different apparatus and granite madam nice places debate. But studio right in the big east -- Israel blocked -- crumble. What blue bloods. Everybody mentions that is that. One of them I Easter prison now now in the process. Things and I present real nice -- it bad -- day minimum security. And so you have more worried. And you're not in constant lock that president. Edwin Edwards was the librarians there. Again and yet the bad food and everything but if you have money and we gave -- money out -- the vending machines and things like that. It it's more like. Dormitory where -- instead of having individuals sales just big dormitory a member Ed and Hitler -- complain to. Two there's brother. That's what -- so. That he had a troubled sleep at night because everyone's passing gas and nor. That it is that they imply. Well it's not like -- -- usually on TV these demand print. All of that it was me I would shop too quick problems in Malaysia it pocket beat king that I I would say that in me. Public official whether convicted state or federal court in Malaysia. Pat deserves whatever and even if it was six months and -- ago. What that would do is that's that's probably the worst place on -- It really -- sport oppressed. I used to have to go up there with the lead shall be -- not been up there are other reasons. But not any national compact it but gore up there with the -- Meeting with people and I would get depressed just driving. What sadly that that outweigh the main Alley in. Flat back and let god get depressed and you drop in the Bill Gates may be a great day. It is just. It's horrible and and not only would that be a bigger deterrent. To our elected officials and public officials. But it would I'll probably. Make things a little bit battered and -- If we have a couple of state senators are being. On debt grow up there anti they have air conditioning. Aren't limited quick break and usually -- -- if you are -- would come right back we you'd we have seen before these internally. Political and worked in the public lectures and old. Politics Dublin to and -- -- your thoughts comments. Your opportunity to 601. He so heavily to 03 and six stated and Stewart's company. Ray and Higgins and prison sentence this morning to ten years. Got to serve at least eight -- and stored on September the whole -- -- bacon says it's a 10 years this morning stored going pro in September would be a is required below wall to serve at least it appears he beat up and with this. Attorney political analyst. It's -- -- when you look at. George burger and who -- warriors I talk to the very highly amber. Uh oh why do you think she gave him such a lower sentence then what most were predicting. All gone harsh statements were entirely inconsistent. With the elements. I mean it was horrible. That the achievements she would shall we mention that the terror. Well. She she must not realize it takes to be to our public officials in this state. You know sanctions which would really. Yes I couldn't believe it she -- well he was driven. -- of that -- and -- would that make -- -- 1101020000. Dollars a year as mayor mule and he was driven. Shake down people. We've looked at -- urged him. About the little. Girl that the -- -- breaks and 7-Eleven stroll. And he deals you know -- -- indict first question and he gets busted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About first thing. That and hearing what you were you when you know on some guy steals. -- them. People back or trembling and when they obviously meet on -- -- Lebanon knowledge Steele has. Britain's and we baby and things like that. And and -- well a lot while you're doing and -- -- strategy map I am topped 140 year. -- It -- inconsistent with everything it. Does it make what the motivation. He held the office of public trust. That it would take deter people. And I'll go back. Store where I was was there and now watched politicians react. It was one of those writers undies in the late seventies. When -- it was apple actually was meeting all day. Sunday evening. And that's when CBS sixty minutes is. Well that story and it's been high up. That. The legislators. Until legislators in South Carolina had been busted by federal sting operation -- or. The ritual or racing happily gambling or mutual electric coming out -- -- -- boy this is not scared I'll get you imagine how easy it would be staying in Louisiana so I'm anticipate this. So they have an apple TV and on the run in the back of chamber I'm sitting back there I'll. Legislators lounge at and at -- -- and -- legislators at 6 o'clock huddled around he's been watching them go. -- these guys are just -- That that they can be awfully upset and show me naive. So she'll come down and cheer up it was you know sixty minutes I'll pay the starting these people how they -- and they trusted lobbyist who had been busted for cocaine possession and turned him. Got him to agree so -- they would -- -- NC they're out and the and they were taken these problems. And an Amish watch in the right there's really. Little to -- admin. -- you know what the take away from the war. It was I can't believe they actually a bunch of -- I would never. -- that it of course -- in the house and army staff that -- think -- was -- -- Well -- with the fact is that they're busted to let it -- -- Syrians. To deter or public official doing well. Which sponsors after Edwin Edwards convicted. You know and I answered that night question burned out house correct. But that they would like. That he -- -- yet nobody except Castro money from any bar and then walk through this airport would in -- like. Can do much after I now know what he did wrong and I wouldn't let that happen. So what what -- air India it is just say -- it's not a big. -- they would -- And you know he -- some kind of minimal sentiment and you come out of prison as a market. But but again and everything you're pointing out. Is the lack of deterrent. From from everything that we city. When become so politics big business. Why would a twenty year 25 years sentence many different. I think that warning the percentage would have been different in the case. Ray Nagin he would have been -- Well. Com I'm older and as people you know they stock a look at. The Avant is one and when you get in the eighties you start the thank you -- really you know. And and so when you're talking about not coming that out of prison a year. Eighty. Or something like that. If you like sent out on a joke in that right now Reagan's attorney was saying that forty years mean you'd be seventeen -- When he came out prison and that without that -- trap percent -- would. What would not be big deterrent because it still be in relatively good shape he took care programs out. You know if you make it like in a year eighties and you talk about cheers that trailer and I just think it. That actually only shot would mean I'd like -- about back back of the court your achievement back at a public official but you know we can't do. -- -- can you say what man of the ten million or so will come back. As it is. One of the attorneys we I don't. We you know George Oregon's very tired she was -- field view. Turning if you -- a compensatory. And and as a liberal. Then and Kimmelman said. Yeah programs go to -- solicitor general and in the next thirty days and they decide whether -- is the federal government is gonna a key goal. George Gergen. Decision. And keep in mind. This circuit court of fields in Louisiana. Is the most conservative. Butterball U appeal courts. So. At that the question of Alaska's. League losses and just shoot you -- do you get a judge that. Is more lenient or -- of legal to a surrogate court with the more conservative. That's what went to law school for woods who learn laws that they all apply common -- All right. Don't don't don't waste the information. Can get a permit -- Well a lot of surprised and a lot of Republican a lot of the legal community rating there again is going to prove to -- was sort of this -- -- Ten years starting -- two brigade then -- required to spend at least it appears in prison. -- be forgotten where the attorney political analyst. At CBOs as can -- for Rio rogue print news. In the attorneys and I've talked to today pavement shouldn't be arrogant and would that rule people. Former depends attorney at the passage from work would be Leo you. And they're talking about the circuit court of yields. That the looks like these and at least -- assistant US attorney. They came out after bearer against the solution. Integrated. They mites in the zone to appeal. And the Circuit Court. And of the attorneys and keep in mind they York there're there are conservative. So it is or legal session just for Q2 he -- -- one place she get a whole lot more than you do the other one. In the case for the federal criminal court I mean look at in my -- patrol and the little attention from Michigan. In hotbed of radical right wing Republicans. And yet the mayor of Detroit got -- top 27 years doing something very similar impact immediately Aspen right now making it. And -- -- -- Is. He won that match their power ball. Judicial crapshoot. -- the talent that he. Obama -- and I'll point out that that's my point he ended up with a judge -- Every attorney. On here senate saying good news agencies like for him. That he landed with very arrogant and too many. You're on a burning Eva -- go to law school here -- the laws everybody goes along with them I never have. Understood. Well it all depends on which career Google all you Paul that. Well idiot just economics department but -- -- -- -- criminal law all is it. There's not a lot of variables and and you truly shocked that I'm -- -- -- terms like liberal or stop. I've known. Yet there are known percentage. She was ginger Robert and brock's analogue back a -- But even in -- wildest -- and I have like all lawyers had these conversations with people we -- fortunate. And that's it. She's she's she may be -- liberal or actually. But. She's also very important message to send to the public and one thing that we now concluded. That she's here. In -- means not just saying accuses different. The solutions. You know -- -- Not represented -- that but. She -- call that the system that is to protect our talks the criminal justice system and you know again not talk about cost. Criminal in justice system. In this case in -- it was down to the public. And and probably it shocked me it's almost as if she wore studio -- that you want to come in the and did more. And acting I mean I'm just while back here. And and even had people -- should well you know that's changing -- -- and then. You know they're really not and the tours and screen court this is well that's true but also. True. Is that if you go to four mobile oil problem. You make any real chance of being -- Particularly. The convention are written yet US Circuit Court -- So I believe. That is the solicitor general. Agrees to appeal. This conflict that concern that we're anxious to do that leads. The cause actual formal world. The amendment on them them on. How many shifted in eighteen years. I wouldn't that's not enough that you -- that really good judgment Kolb on the edge and in this case. And she went so for -- -- almost like the what you actually about using terms like guitar and stopped and it was all. It's just hard to believe that in years out I was shocked about. Twenty -- thirty minutes after she felt all right. And actions didn't match. And I don't know what happened or what actually beat by. I think that it could be if the senate does appeal and that's an unusual. Situation would be to blow. That I think it's intricate -- should -- do. One of our tax comic and number is what I do it's it says. So elected official who took them William vacations continues to lie about it. Gets injured while the private citizen -- offered gifts mark saint Pierre and get seventeen year yet. What would border brought over these variables. In our legal system is it. It if you're viewed. Don't say you did did you get a whole lot lonely girl or -- book. I didn't know houses it. More fortune he used to that deal you'd -- Weeks and they you. Know. And you know. It's very confusing. And I can understand being -- -- -- you know I'm disappointed but. Not that I think is putting Ray Nagin in jail for years changing immediately suddenly making a model. But we are desperately in need of deterrent to prevent other public officials. From using disasters. And other search misfortunes. Of others. To abuse their position and again about Ray Nagin may be broke right now. But he he -- calling it not now he would make it three what any family of forward losing out. At tram forward making plus I'll kinda parks. Being my year. And -- yet that wasn't enough. And and you know suddenly it's okay because it is he would -- and force I am. Amid I think there's an aberration. Even in our criminal injustices. Are really did call out things aberration I think probably the lost scoop cases I think the surprise be discussed in the loss to in the featured LB scholar for writing about everything that it -- In this case the injustice blushed to the public the citizens of fuel. People like me to angry about what happened but work. Finally I mean Ray Nagin actually costs me money but -- he's. To allow me to come back to my house even after it was and drop. Just because he wanted he -- -- -- hair brained scheme. And zip code and and and so it professional with me and I don't mind admitting it. But I don't think most people. In -- -- did the right thing to -- amnesty. Didn't shake down. People -- other good citizens. That war for the city work for the state. And and do everything -- like -- know you know. What did not take that me about for a might only get eight -- happier and present I'll never make me in dollars while extent. -- -- -- Severe and I agree with you when said the criminal injustices. And Pro -- publicity you -- -- thank you -- calling in -- agreed -- Come right back bread and that Alex they would come right back to you. Well and what it open to Sid 0187. If you just heard there just show and -- and hadn't heard. Former mayor Ray Nagin says prison tenure of words stores September of Yates. And you required to. Spend at least eight and a half years for its. Good news good good very polar -- -- Bacon's and it's ten years in prison. -- September hearing the new we'll have to serve at least eight and a half years. Let's see what you public group thinking Alex and every appreciated now. I don't all good news. -- -- but I ate it and he has and an adult TV dot. Giving our probable that guy is. An animal that Smart. Yeah it was -- -- this could be put by at least eight years so you know it. People -- and it. Going to -- -- you want. So I mean they -- consideration. Yes he did wrong he did real ball. But everybody. But it got stopped by just the so whoever it was apple. And I'll tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get. And it has no stomach -- could -- be a law eagle and anything it will anything from anybody is what did he get it in your pocket. -- Alex -- panels and on. You report to -- some look -- a bright. Nagin had an -- live Nagin got caught stealing. Of the office all of the league and wealth is called on his family's reputation then he has. Is in tatters. Negatives the PA it's been years unemployed and jail. This is significant punishment for a person -- many do much worse and supper for list. Our governor our bureau Prodi drag our opinion poll asked virtually of that was descended just right not -- enough to -- 77%. Of you say. Not even know. Go to Bradley and like -- Brad bureau and governor. -- I agree oil caller. Uses net in part -- light that's going to be extracted problem or. Now I guess the thing is. We need to look at early implies. What we want to save. Or also. When things we might not like about the mayor went there to -- -- -- -- which I think a lot you know years because of that. Or I might add that very creation of the bringing along backed commission which brought the city which you all have a big in the all I am going against Beck mission with web goods than it is here. -- but you know there's a lot of things accurately we aren't. This person and you know eight I think it was a job. Are certain. About you know eight years is going to be a long time he's in aid tremendously. And his family. It would be regretting or what will see upper admit. To what you -- well. Know we'll see we'll see -- open. Brad and I appreciated the call you have a good day it would come right back double uphill brigade seventy amoral 53 yeah. All right do inaugural where neutral field is next and who were huge. Team. Your compensation. Give -- your platform it seems to zero when they said the whole room. Anywhere in the country succeed sitting on steroids. And don't go away. -- viewed video platform did tell us what you're thinking about Ray Nagin sentence to prison. Ten years in prison and eight that have inquired. Oprah. To go after -- have you. Ed though they'll come up things don't go away double a video they did so for the 105 --