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7-9 4:10pm Sports Talk: College Football 4 Team Playoff

Jul 9, 2014|

Deke talks to Greg McElroy of the SEC Network to talk about the changes this season in the SEC, Corey Clark of the Tallahassee Democrat about Florida State, and John Shinn of the Norman Transcript about the Oklahoma Sooners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk I Deke Bellavia BK to -- -- by the -- will be back with us all on Friday. Well on today show a lot to do to get through the dog days of some of the some Moss. And we are going to be talking about football particularly Southeastern Conference football we will preview the SEC western division today. We'll take a look at some of the teams that I consider will be the top teams going into the country obviously the Alabama Crimson Tide the Florida State Seminoles and we would talk about the Oklahoma sooner than -- -- wave of momentum. At the nation is big victory over Alabama. In the Sugar Bowl a lot of guess will be joining us throughout the night program all the way into 8 o'clock you'll keep. The top news story as operated jaguar opinion -- You can still attack deceit 7870 sports and the latest here as your feedback on Ray -- continues follow Manuel is Renee it was and is to teen years. In federal prison for two point counts of bribery and fraud. Is it too much not enough or just right you could -- should vote on line. It WWL. Dot -- he was a part of Alabama resurrecting that program and gaining national titles back in their favor and now he is a member of the SEC network which launches on August the fourteenth -- -- quarterback Greg met the Roy Jones is now. Greg thank you so much for the time how are you. Grant. How much how much let's see Twitter trolls all hate me or did you -- From tiger fans that you stated Ellis to success is the alone exceed. -- did you had a lot of great. Well look funny and think anything anything no comment because collection not really an up and do -- they'll use that. All entirely to do with the fact that -- Alabama to Spain. The success that they pat and I use that I'll let you in a while trying to give credit. Nick Saban for -- -- except that. Absolutely not not mine and and I'm. Tired already here that that people took offense to it I certainly think the world -- mile and -- and I think he's a tremendous coach what are my favorite actually brought in are -- Great. Well what was it like. Fought for Saban to come there obviously you had heard about in you you know what he's is got obviously. -- reputation that speaks for itself but when he steps on a campus. You first content coming contact waiting from the time. Day one -- contact with statement that when you win a national champ too what what was that -- Well it's funny now how long it took to really develop that relationship. Back. I signed up in Alabama the plate for Mike Shula that -- well. Date Warriors well who's offered the coordinator. And a sure not actors outside. You know ten months later Mike Shula and -- and resign and that gave -- going elsewhere and it was one of those things like it really forces you realize you sign up with the school you know that's really equipped with a coach. And I'll be out yeah I was out until. The last person -- -- not yet. When I was playing at nick state credit he's done tremendous job universe development program. Just in there and seeing changes -- from day one that he showed up until they lap and looking at them now how well they've done and how well great then it's really been been pretty phenomenal. And I think for that reason I think that they'll do. A tremendous job for -- there I think -- successful and you are numbered years. Great a lot of topics about college football I'll we'll get to playoff system and -- home but there's some coaches -- in and sums circles when he talked about what can help the game and obviously. The talk about recruiting and possibly having to signing period off a kid wants to sign ironies are Canadian why can't he go hit inside. I believe -- -- heavily -- across the country you are in favor of one of the Texas goes doubly -- take. -- you want to going to Alabama. Would that help being a recruit that you were a big corner -- -- Do you think one but this time period is enough what do signing period helped the steps the student at the end and a school. I think obviously the signing period being what it is it is added disservice for the school but I really well I think. The players need as much time as humanly possible I think having it. A month after the senior year in and out there well the number that really only if you're workers aren't real special that the banquet that I think it in the right in the right -- A disservice to the school -- -- it from a players standpoint and not really have a really what matters and -- -- -- -- -- they're going to change their mind you know culpable. And I think. The fact that. Does it then I'd take their visit take your official visit or have been cool the most gratifying time my entire life. The only time -- -- like when you go everywhere of people. In. It but it certainly is really. On I would always tinkered for many that problem. And I made a decision to go to Texas Tech early in my senior year I'll start here. My offer -- at the beginning of the Eden wood and better we are bad at the end of the heat -- I think. Really kind of allowing guys to make up their mind giving him ample time is really important I think that the bunkers stay where did that as a result that. Brig -- -- team play I'll follow your part of the BC is airing of the BCS -- there's nobody SEC schools would have played one national championship if it weren't for that system. Going forward. One or two thoughts on this four team playoff as we embark on here a historic season. What about them on the door in the back but it never been done before so people call -- you'll understand it so difficult respectively. And I've read things. All over the Internet all in -- everywhere it's tried it -- a -- and I seen one thing over and over in the poor that team will be the one and ball. So it really. I don't know how to a couple of -- going to be great I'm I think it would absolutely an improvement over the -- yet even that would be yet had been -- at -- I think it at that that the the most over they'll be cited as he's he's seen -- when you factor in it look like that. But girl or the other content that will give him an opportunity and I think that's going to be. Really get across elliptical football I of course would love about it in an eight team playoff but -- of fourteen is is tremendous and with. Only -- having championship game. You really potentially happening in -- I guess for lack a better her. Grant you'll use threats of attack in the league and as there's is a melting pot of players that come from all over all all different schools a majority and come from the Southeastern Conference in and we hear the SEC. How good they are how tough a conference they are. Why do you think the SEC is so good and he is the SEC -- -- gators just do maybe not enough and in some thinks it's it's overrated is it overrated. -- you not think it's overrated at all having played in net. I could not have any more respect that and yet he's the coming from off the bottom of the game every week even when not on that and school. Vanderbilt -- point having a difficult time they were to a nine human and I -- range. Other not a -- it is you know it's amazing which it frequently able to do there. But if you look at. Even though he played them out and school we where we win by three point 86 point. It was at the top game every week but there's -- to -- that that. And I for one -- been at the former player and having played in the league and just playing the patently meeting guys -- other means actually got some Georgia LSU and Tennessee it. Didn't know those Florida. It really allowed you to appreciate what yet he's he offers because. What I would go and -- different club played with an ego even though -- at his school. And so proud to have played yet -- and actors are all out. I think in the current level -- -- think yet he's trip that got you look at the and -- -- and Louisiana and Alabama Georgia and Florida. And now with Pakistan and technically -- and into the mix there's talent all over the plate and they're really from. Really how hundred Britton played a lot of good players in the state so I think it's one of the most difficult cover the people -- -- the opposite thing as. Probably one of the best coaches and and I think it's just a tremendous are you glad to be a part of the network that can shoot it that we can we count. And finally gray -- have you found out there -- some as we had some time off for the LSU are -- -- -- game despair with those two are you co workers now. Marcus Spears and Anthony McFarland and DG you know would you be doing as an analyst we be doing some of the game to be broadcast what what do what they had you doing now. At this point nothing at -- early in the -- but I know that it would be for you just gotta be really studio. Solid in my breakdown I mean I just -- up right now but in ago. The question. The quick -- our economy and a couple of thoughtful about an eighteen it is a little bit. It's like many now about it in the but it could go on me out that reading about being. -- watching film of last year's game the matchup and that -- it really early I watched. I actually last week. -- -- and high school they'll call and bill are there other Ellis he's incoming class because I really think -- You know probably it in -- record the last while -- the key contributors so. -- -- don't want to let -- -- -- And enjoy it so much and I -- ignored it would be here. -- -- Alabama national champion quarterback now SEC network analyst Greg McIlroy Greg how can people keep up with you on Twitter. I met GP McIlroy. Keep you McIlroy so I am sure I'm sure I'm sure some later and other all it. It is and everyone that that at my putter and I'll probably get them in a negative comment a couple of them. Yeah I don't don't don't -- east lacked is my coaches did -- you when you're out there on the football field good -- albeit late don't you agree or don't or move on today it's a great good stuff we hope -- calculated -- thank you very much. All right Greg McIlroy cornerback at the University of Alabama now SEC network -- with the network has gone that kind of went. To each school and found some other wrote -- prominent players. I know from Cubs -- shoot -- about them -- -- -- the spring game. Marcus Spears and an -- fall and who better talk about the NC seeded players who played. At the highest level than than it something SEC audiences in each fan base can be pleased. With their lineup -- we are talking about college football LSU do they have a shot to win the SEC this season who's their biggest. Hurdle is it Alabama a and AM all Alba. And who do you think will win the national championship -- preview of the top teams in college football Koren to I think they are and the SEC west this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back operated jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com a former New Orleans Mayor -- -- incidents that teen years in federal prison but when it counts of bribery and fraud. Is it too much not enough or just strike cast a vote online at WW dot com you can also call in and chime in here now. -- big news happens we kind of makes news and sports together here's a take fifteen. If he. Fails appeal they shoot eight years. Also -- and it appears. Two batteries because he's the -- from the of the place ultimately of the -- Then so it's it's always -- this is this on -- 04 years incarceration. Facility in Beaumont and that takes to since I can tell you what it's like for a family. So they have a text this give initial thoughts to 60187. Texas at 8787. We have gone to talk about the teams in the Southeastern Conference western division and also the teams that are scheduled all predicted to be some of the best. In college football this season the defending national champion Florida State's Hamels they have seventeen dollars back the issue of the Oklahoma Sooners that are writing a huge wave of momentum. After. A big victory away Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl we'll talk about that in the rest of this -- Ramon -- of at Uga was -- latest. -- on Jimmy Graham and knowing his situation a couple of days left to make an appeal trade media Hawks sport dot com a year to a -- being about with the Hawks make a turnaround. Jeff -- columnist at WW dot com always and that what sport's right to weighs in on the LSU. Tigris honest keep to the phone that's going home before going -- thank you for calling WW yeah. Take -- carried their rights. And I get a ten years combined you know as it DO you know pat is a joke. What he did to this city what he did that people come from new. That was one of the reasons why our -- bigger than them. You know and Katrina. But you know what you. Are out compartment and they hit it again in thirty years. Are you viewing -- you're in the mindset of a polled say it's not in. We're asking operated jaguar -- you -- If Ray Nagin was an institute use. Is it too much not enough or just right so you would be. Not enough that's what I was trying to convey to thank you so most vote will come back and Corey clock Coco was the Florida State's Hamels will -- Knowles. Repeat as national champs they are loaded including returning quarterback. One has -- -- -- god -- me. -- back this year. And also Jim both Christians go to Florida state -- I think but it program -- Cutler has companies in the last w.s. Now -- Winston on offense on the ball but the defense I mean they've got some horses on the before the -- ball. Like 88 and about about days when they just dominated -- CC tournament there in the net which came to pitch every year. It'd be a news times for 31 -- first new and we will go to Japan that Ray -- sinister two years. In a federal prison for -- counts of bribery and fraud. Too much not enough or just tried it's operated jaguar -- -- has to vote online at WW well. Dot com the national champion Florida State Seminoles while they are the favorite again this year for many reasons including what they have returning -- Heisman Trophy quarterback -- Wednesday Corey claw Coco was annulled the Tallahassee Democrat Corey. Thank you so much -- time and as much and dominant as Florida State was offensively. When you look at what they had to do down down pretty big and a ball game. And had a slow down a team that can run the ball at will against anybody including Alabama throughout the season. It was the defense in the main had been to that second half of that ball game that they got the credit they deserve it to be bested him between for our state now. And where they were in the early days in the ACC in team like in the national championship every year they have really gotten a lot better defense. Well yeah if you -- hatred -- play when he when he took over the program that's what each stressed. I need to recruit you know into the LSU. In. Do you recruit like. He did at LSU we ended up front on both sides all but especially that you -- -- -- and not think. Florida State had a great quarterback in -- in a record rate well that's -- you're right that even a blind. You talk about -- Jernigan and -- what works you know I mean are grown and -- be or yet you know full body. Didn't make it kind of when it mattered in the order to keep to keep open the game into and contracts. That defense is especially in the per quarter shut down all -- and kept them in the game. When you look. Defense really to meet this goes back to like I said that the -- about days but now that the pipeline that they have I can -- -- you you know -- it takes a season but now. In the state of Florida Florida State -- announcing their back the way they were but they -- pretty close. And an able to do is it that pipeline that they seem like they become a program a game court where. Look a it would yet they got a lot of stars back the issue but even if they didn't. It's the ability to recruit the top players the gadget -- and look at you can survive a couple of tough games by immediately season. Those are some primetime players they do is keep retooling reloading not rebuilding. Yes I think that where they are now this was the one on a one time -- flash in the pin I mean that's the team that. You know they just won the national championship the -- -- they won the national championship after the 2012 season they had eleven guys drafted. In the picture that in the national championships been in the past few they had eight guys trapped. So they had nineteen guys trapped you know last year they're going to be the overwhelming always been one team in the country. -- -- That's workable has the program now that's where has this roster where it is what it was an all out I mean it is it. Maybe Alabama had more talent but that you can't short list -- teams that have. Even comparable talent what you don't bring an end and he -- -- when he took over in 2010 like look at it they probably shouldn't say well here or state. You know what would that would appeal to the history to have an Eddie -- and we're arguably the you know maybe Texas maybe California has more talent but. It's close sport always had incredible high school our it shouldn't take long rebuild and it happened I mean he got there. It's not trust a flash in the AM Beijing it would appear we're gonna be really good whenever -- went -- -- Cottrell does the program set up to be very good for a long time as long as he's there. Still bringing in talent. -- -- -- -- -- -- Corey was the biggest hurdle. In the regular season for Florida State is there water -- just that they they've got to play their -- You know -- you know. Ordered an opponent like you know that would -- -- a -- you know everything like that I think about being hungry and I don't topic of the cliche but we -- what we need -- pop -- Even that week four they were up thirty odd not -- in the first quarter at -- -- and thinking. Game what you expect it'll really be up for the plate. What an incredible amount of action and -- like that in its probably eight to accept it not because. That's -- -- biggest. Obstacle hurdle whatever you wanna call it what chemistry in the do you like in -- -- -- -- keep outlook there anchor in the quarterback school. He's just about a competitive with anybody ever played or -- -- he's not really talent he's one of those. You know Michael or tiger or it's guys that you just. Absolutely despises losing hate that so you've got to expect him to -- If they follow his lead they should be pretty competitive. Like the president and should be pretty hungry. But how hungry they are going to be at its gonna be like Urlacher at the way the years in Japan early in hell it took -- seat and start. Corey Clark Corey how can folks folly owned -- Follow or score lower than that Corey on the school club all right thank you so much for the time we appreciate you were talking -- -- RI is that takes please talk ACC issue where is the four -- show we -- talk about. College football we think the top teams -- which is the defending national champion with seventeen players returning. And the SEC wins so patience and -- We're coming back and we -- going to talk more about the top teams in college football Athlon sports Indies sporting news. Everybody in the top five well they have Florida State Alabama. And Oklahoma is Oklahoma a legitimate. Or is it just about everybody's jumping on the bandwagon because they. And we'll. Beat up on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and he ability basis sports talk on WW and welcome back to sports talk. I'm Deke Bellavia 260187866889087. We embark a four team playoff it's a historic season. In college football and a team that is this about on everybody's radar. Because of what they do it right down the street in the Sugar Bowl. Although Oklahoma Sooners and they are just about and everybody's pre season top five. Joining us now is John Sheehan at the moment transcript John thank you so much for the time. Your dad cope with his team on a daily basis is this -- little. -- -- a little overreaction about Oklahoma because of what the idea to Alabama and just ran through made him look like they want there. Or is his teams legitimately -- that strong. It's a mixture of I would say that there is a little bit correctional what what they do Sugar Bowl you could argue. -- Alabama mark up the play that game whenever it's not about that make that argument by. You know all you play well to play in game I don't know but I'll shot or not it the other reason. And it is -- and watch people are so fired up Allman this year. If you look at just about every team need to take to make that off. They seem to have bought four awaited these these that there I mean huge. And a bit easier than any team here in the -- -- in the big and that matter. Johnson and Jones John Trevor -- -- -- -- -- in this situation income B you know he. Oklahoma a team it's been a national championship games they were on Bob Stoops but he -- he's got to get from him a more for the statue of liberty play in the Fiesta Bowl what Boise State be -- And got to have bought him and not been able to win the big gains but man you detail Oklahoma. They had it -- that to me that -- I don't know Oklahoma fans would have felt any better. If database and a national championship game I mean the way they came in in the program April 8 and Travis -- coming three her 48 yards and four touchdowns. I don't know he can get any higher when he. Well what happened which Reverend Wright is between him like well now mode to try and yeah. Kind of seesaw back and forth that's starting quarterback job and what. -- Early in the second quarter against Iowa State which was -- I -- should be circle last regular season game. And it finally forced you to tailor their offense to a quarterback. They couldn't just run what the offensive coordinator wanted to run -- run Trevor I did that and it really took off after that. So it will be interesting signal in the -- and did a -- Taylor and it does it -- guy who -- the undisputed starting quarterback. Board due -- start trying to tinker in cute shot and -- because. It's follow offense Oklahoma at one week ago about Sam Bradford. And it an especially in Landry Jones were trying to pack in October early November it was not work. Then they figured out what they have this kid you can -- -- 4540. On the ball. And it became element -- a zone read option team and really got better it'll be interesting actually do they stick with that early day start trying to make. They try to -- Trevor died in a kid it's gonna throw the ball alerted our our game. Oh you'll now be played and that title. John up a big gap up front albeit well he's he's a beast on their line Charles tapper and then of course -- look at it at their land back goes some very good linebacker corps these guys really played solid. I thought against Alabama striker -- one but. The big twelve foot defensive freshman of the year dominate Alexander this guy looks like he's got pro potential. All over him talk a bit about the sooners defense -- out would they be at the bit better this year. They'll be a lot better it's big to me that's the biggest reason why -- you can talk about Oklahoma's treatment national title or they have. And it -- our guys follow their arms up which they hadn't had. Really since about 2009. And in really 006. Years. Nobody in the big twelve -- really and now other start get that back I honestly you know bring up Earl Stafford -- Gresham who was the Sugar Bowl defensive MVP. This -- there's -- most guarded Jordan Phillips who didn't quite an achievement of a back injury. That the F -- now he has six sport 330 -- -- actually back. And the yet so I'll welcome and you just don't you can tackle like that and yet he's the a decent amount which you just don't -- in the big Welker often and that is where Oklahoma -- made the biggest when he. There are starting to do -- pro guys back in the front seven and just about it. John founded does Oklahoma get to the national title game -- this year was at I would think there at least a shot in the fourteen play well. I would say they are the biggest favorite to get the supply up -- man -- say that they are -- I -- BA people are probably. Probably four. You you look at what for the state has come back you look at the way they've recruited. You look at the way out cameras recruited. -- you know. And and obviously I think you look at the way Ohio State. Has recruited I I think all those things might actually have more talent which you look at The Who oh yeah at. To beat to get there. They don't play any of these national title contenders and probably Q could it get to the playoffs so that that reason alone I would play their favorite to get. It for the playoff after that they wouldn't shock me hear their underdog in a game it's. They got in any game they got two and of course well. Covering Oklahoma Sooners have promised to be a look to be one of the promising teams in 2014. And coach Bob Stoops welcome back -- likely quarterback overnight John Sheehan of the moment transcript. John how can people can go with you on Twitter. That -- you know RJ -- and underscore should and -- -- and. John thank you so much we appreciate the time. -- all right Oklahoma Sooners and you know when you talk about top five in the country. And this is just so if the SEC is what we speak it is what people says it is the toughest outs in the country. Up pre season poll to me is what you think teams are going to finish out the SEC has been -- Cinematic -- -- the best chance right okay. I would have Florida State Oklahoma. Wanted to simply because what I -- just -- -- this schedules are not as tough. As what an SEC team is going to face that has that taken accounting to a even if they owner -- still not used to in the Southeastern Conference some of the teams -- not highly thought of picket populace headed the home plate. I'm Deke Bellavia into the second half. It is school it's between the Netherlands and Argentina this is sports talk on WW.