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Sports Talk 5pm7-9 5:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham Contract

Jul 9, 2014|

Deke talks to Roman Vargas of The Advocate about the latest with the Jimmy Graham contract dispute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports so -- -- ability -- -- -- Bobby Witt will be back what -- On Friday -- to talk about college football you excited about the fourteen playoff you take eight. Wait and see approach. Where what LSU fit this year it to the 2014. College football season a strong strong freshman class it's coming in the and some young talent at quarterback. Willis ecstatic quarterback and have a quarterback please could obviously be huge for the alleged attack as they come out the -- I think play and -- big game early. Gives a team a lot of momentum I really do think it's a ball. That that nation gets a look at you may remember that and it's successful tonight years to start a season especially the year against Oregon has been a BB. Whose fault they opened up with Wisconsin August 30 at Reliant Stadium. In -- so -- Ellis should be in the running who do you think makes it to the four team playoff and who wins the SEC. Is it a two team race between Auburn and Alabama and you know if Auburn Alabama. Finished all one out where they are pre season. It could be a situation where the one that loses that game. And does not make it to Atlanta. Could face the winner of the SEC team to all be -- at fourteen playoff very well could be. Stay -- there had only have one loss that to me what's going to be interesting. Not if you got Abacha. Undefeated teams. But to me if you've got that conference champ let's say let's say Florida State. Ohio State. It to defeat and it is a pool of teams they got one loss along -- ACC champ. A one loss team. That may have lost Aaron ball all lost to a team. In the western -- a few years ago when LSU played Alabama national championship on today -- final week of the regular season. It was 12 and three. It was LSU Alabama and Arkansas. And it's amazing. And a team that got a week off play for a national championship that was going to be the case. That was going to be the case that's exactly what took place. So what talks a -- college football this hour and get educated and will get prepared for the season like you get prepared. For pro football season's college football season even the -- they would take a look. At the top teams in the country who we've already talked to Florida State and Oklahoma and I just did a video with Ian Ian Ian Scott overall -- department. Top five I got for our state Oklahoma Alabama Auburn and Ohio State. And a lot of reason why for our state Oklahoma all wanted to not I don't think -- good but. Look at their schedules. It is not a not column but look at biscuit -- was in the conference. And look at. The SEC's conference. That's why I would have been right I mean to have SEC team ranked number one to start the season. That if you ask me to put my money will come out is that in my heart. When I'm open I'm -- put on the points just so difficult and now a playoff. That one laws who know it could be crucial we don't notice can be is going to. We have absolutely no idea of utility human element into it now more so that we have a hand in the BCS there a lot of humans. Involved more so than. Look at numbers in schedules and all the guys. Rating in this sought generating indicts him to a computer. It's can be a little different. Looks like baseball programs -- basketball programs find out I'm sure they'll be -- of recap shows just like you do that today announced the baseball bracket. Well this team was on the bubble they got left out that's will be the case with talk about this fourteen -- -- how this -- the ball. You know now. The Sugar Bowl I think is going to be big winner here because we're going to see a -- Wales in SEC matchup. The highest ranked big twelve team if they don't go to the BCA that they don't pieces that go to the fourteenth layout and the highest ranked big twelve team. That bit ago. To the fourteen play. So Bears have little we saw last year got a good -- -- would talk about sand. LSU. And Texas or Texas at Texas damion Bela at Alabama Bela. And Auburn that it will look at -- topic gets on be real big fruitful. 2601786688. Nines -- it to me today is July. Benign. Tomorrow is the final day Jimmy Graham has to make an appeal. Ramon baucus took over as the Saints beat writer for the advocate. Will be -- to give us the latest and his take. Arkansas the Razorbacks. A few years back and about it potato -- top five team. Bob neutrino fell off of the Razorbacks. And now they've got a coach who relayed a program to three straight Rose bowls in Britain beat them. What would walk and so Razorbacks do in a year to debris at B and now Arkansas LSU match about the pay is given. But I they play a lot different now it won't be that date because. -- issue in any of him now so a lot of different things that kind of point -- look forward to the college football season. Jeff Palermo also Jonas in the sixth clock now to give us his take on LSU does it come down to who wins. The quarterback position in the -- someone else is that the key. -- and LSU get enough quarterback play. To be legitimate in the last say when he comes the tight games and they'll load up on the land. -- McGee -- for it and you know the backstage shakeout. Can they make it and who steps up you lose in 2000. Yard receiver. Beckham and Landry. I mean two great guys -- -- going to be great pro but you know they got talent they recruit well but it's all about Stephanie and it's yet to go. Also would talk about the Auburn -- a ballclub it. After their loss to LSU started to roll and roll hall. In the way Auburn ran the ball offensively. Especially in big games I did it against they have hand Alabama. And the -- Missouri -- to be in big game against Florida State to protect the lead. I just thought it. I would've thought that they would they would they would do of the -- Florida State defense put the clamps down on which nobody was able to do other than LSU in that ballgame. And they one of shutting them down and went on to win Auburn or they make another return was at a one year. Kind of a Cinderella ride for the Titans. Might -- -- -- -- with the Auburn Tigers open like Auburn knew he's -- sports -- he will be with us. Mississippi State to Louisiana quarterbacks Williams the Williams. From rubble and deck press got. All the bulldogs. Going to finally get over the -- LSU -- made him over the years it was 70 when he went to. Brad -- stadium two years ago they got popped. Can't Mississippi State via a legitimate contender this year that talent is there I mean they've got a lot of returns bonus. They're equipped quarterback and at the end of last year especially feel nobody watched it. Egg bowl the talk was well. Mississippi State. Could be a sleeper in the SEC. Well find out early if they don't do well against LSU. And I don't know -- Thomas W -- today in Miami got Alabama Auburn. It's tough for everybody. Danny Smith took over the bulldogs this dog food daily news will give us his take Max Kolb or tiger bait dot com recruiting the latest on the Tigers. They Ole miss rebels we know that that talent is a year to. One of the top five recruiting classes from a year ago. All they better now having gone through scoring near McCready a rebel group dot com will be what does it will wrap up with. The Alabama Crimson Tide in Travis -- Alabama on line. Dot com 2601878668890. That's -- the as it takes the why. Did they not use the four major Bos 48 team playoff it would have -- It suited everyone. -- and it's a would be money. Because they wanna hold it up or beating. In stadiums in the outer space and -- host bowl. Will get another opportunity to host the national championship. That would be an innate in -- if they may open it up to more into the Bulls involved. After they decided they wanted to expand to sixteen to eight teams but they they do all witches away from it. I'm Deke Bellavia vote -- -- day. Going all the way. And operated jaguar Pena Powe -- -- it was it is to teen years in federal prison. When it counts of bribery and fraud -- too much not enough but -- right casts a vote online at WW dot com. He is attacks and talk about allow Hollis taking over the job of Brooklyn. -- -- -- didn't get a new contract from Memphis because he refused to follow directions from the new front office in openly insult at him. In the media in it was kind of -- back and forth but you know for Lionel Hollins. Not to be retained. And then there was some talk this past -- the myth as was the thing about given the coach this year. I blame him if it's the well against Oklahoma City in the playoffs they lost a seven game series and of course now it was banged up and he -- play in that last one I'm just like you know if it's for the good of the team sometimes. You got to swallow some stuff for adjustments and stuff go on this I -- Memphis with -- made a good drama I think they were better off -- and I think he's a good coach. And now he's proven that and you'll continue to prove it with the Brooklyn nets -- the book that is as good as Memphis. Book. -- with may have as it was in the east. It a bit sick NC this year I think that's a good or -- could come out the east. That's out of the west -- there with a seventh seed in the west Ray Nagin operated jaguar -- pupil. Are they with -- that teen years in federal prison for twenty counts of bribery and froth is is too much not enough. Or just right he -- cast your vote online at WW dot com right now. Only 4% you -- saying too much. Seventeenth the city was saying just try and seven and I'm the city you are saying not enough. You can partake in -- -- -- jaguar opinion follow the judge recommended a minimum security federal detention senate. And old -- that's at pizza to Louisiana. And -- during the brief hearing Macon said earlier today that quote we had a quoted only thing I want to say I want to thank you and your staff. For the pro wrestlers and that you provided as -- -- Rolen as we stand by the test the owners already presented. I trust that guy will work. All of this now so was justice served. Andy and could have -- sinister a couple of decades imprisoned -- continues. Is it too much not enough. -- just right now are you satisfied disappointed. In this sentence. Political analyst client to do both and I only did make and failed to lead. And not only did he enrich himself while in office he calls. Kostis mean mostly -- article -- -- four years of recovery after Katrina. You agree or disagree post coming up we'll have a very good a ball on line. By many of our great to have been he would duck since -- and gives his take on the same thing of rain today. To please not the -- that was. The question -- -- visit he has a lot going on. She had the exclusive interview interview with -- of the turning Robert Jenkins comments from federal prosecutor Matt Coleman and analysis from clay to do both Terry Tim managed. And assistant DA. -- -- -- So check all of that out online at WW well dot com the latest on Jimmy Graham the and that MacDonald Carey on the days of our lives just off the soap opera. Like the sands through the outlet though that the along they -- -- we will look at -- fans in the Al class. Nick coming down to the in mouse ball -- time to make an appeal. For Jimmy Graham he hasn't to a tomorrow July 10. To make that -- Ramon baucus of advocate who cope with the Saints will be with -- -- W video -- time is 530 it's time for first news -- ahead at all to join hands and welcome back Andy ability yeah. Those big news -- they Ray Nagin former New Orleans medicine institute years in federal prison for twenty counts of bribery and fraud as it too much not enough to a strike. In a cancer vote online at WW -- Dot com a lot going on window world a sports in the coming down the homestretch here in the time. That is a lot of the TV grant to make a an appeal. Arbitrator. Stephen Burbank -- -- Jimmy Graham. He's a tidy it isn't the July 10 to make an appeal of that decision. Ramon Vargas took over as the Saints for the advocate dog does now Ramon thank you so much for the time was the latest what are you hearing him will -- make an appeal. I think. I mean I think it's unlikely only in the net com. -- In this part -- it'd make it populated. What -- -- woman in the possibly getting you'll that would be built on. Any party to impact IndyCar. It's. It for a long term negotiation. At least for this year. News. That would probably earlier if -- gonna throw -- solely. Are called correctly agreement to let the draft. Awaiting -- pretty much eliminated the possibility of being able we did. That Cuba and I think but most likely the room thing is. A problem appeals is that. The three person if you -- well right -- Two of the people on her are perplexed judges. -- and in judges or ten in our tree and and you'll you'll Indy you know in the light most favorable to the opponent of the person the sort of case of being -- -- -- And not -- So again I mean if you just a higher standard than it is in in. I guess in the first phase that troubled people litigation and arbitration. So I mean I think it's not likely that I. I still think that it harder urging I don't -- result in me. -- and you leave -- -- seconds -- minutes before you know the 3 PM local time July 15 deadline to get a long term deal done. Yeah for I'm like you Ramona I think if if you know out off this -- into -- map but it it is no appeal made to me I think that's I don't know if you read anything to about taken as a sign that. Okay well it's just a matter of hours or just days before if these. Before they announce a deal is gone on that an appeal comes I'm not so I'm sure but this is the game from both sides of me if if there were not a long term deal in place BC Jimmy Graham on hold and now that -- -- -- -- I had never seen from him but what he would take. That you know the in my opinion here is that if arms in the current and I don't have a long term -- -- on our -- sit out training camp. I'd sign Montag. Very close so we quarter volatile that the possibility of getting perk I mean. We seen. Players I mean recent example recent history is littered with examples. Of players who signed when the tag. And got hurt early in Milton currently last year recording under tied with the -- there is a -- torn Achilles. Aren't -- -- scored really in the political season. Problem under or want your -- so I -- I don't think I I know Ike could not change in them. Without having to deal for you know sitting out. Most of training camp Christmas or at all relieved and signing my side because obviously I want to do so what you did it Smart tag at least seven million dollar tag so. Much more than the 800000. Dollars a year it was making. Each year to the first course even -- Mariano Rivera. Foresee -- first attraction. Again I would. But yet it's -- he started in the heat policy into the school mean comedic way than you all the full -- Marty you know what it will be easier and controlled. I think that's that's obviously. But we're actually going for a little motivation oak tree cancel or trivial but that motivation from. The. Ramon August of advocate as hospice against talking about the New Orleans Saints situation with Jimmy Grammy as the July 10 of a PO. All the trustees government decision that he's a tiny and the Saints have to July 15 to -- to a long term deal. All -- put the tag on he would play for than it was seven million in 2014. Which he really would have to sign it -- a show up. Until about week -- the team to appear in season which is about the midway point. Of the season now Ramona. When it comes to Jimmy Graham just the feedback Aggies here I know you hear a lot of two. Is that way. He would do well against Seattle needed do well again at the key to leave in the Patriots but you but it won't we title to the national media no analysts in -- that -- -- well. How would read I would judge him a read so much solely on that because. Seattle yeah Richard Sherman those guys in this secondary. And the key delete that pretty much shut down. Everybody. That they face but today they seem to be one people who will critique -- -- Saints sounds like a he's got a shall be in those games like that. Well I mean. Again I mean -- Exactly I mean I agree with that sentiment that. I mean those who -- in 2004 down. But Seahawks secondary who openly into the you know -- the score apparent from the it'll be on. I mean his production speaks for itself. You know. And most personal -- -- in the popular in the past three seasons problem. He's already easily -- -- -- it and in the history you know it's history. Well in. It's -- in -- -- to Capote you know make for the playoff appearances on. I think that. I I I don't. I don't know that. I'd I'd would be there collector and I would -- simply would not blame problem. Yes he pulled -- -- you know by doing. By Seattle opposite problem regular. That's so that's hard you know what happened and it was you know taking an enemy. You'd prefer 41. The other team's best player to be so you make some arguments in a hundred read the article -- -- and also due in. Really it doesn't -- -- the closers in the that in. Make book on you know Mexican business opportunities that are there because -- folks on the current and so now I. I think yeah I mean remember that San Francisco will -- In colonial and in the colonial a year he came here yet even compare conditions. And and the people oval on a miracle comeback -- thanks to -- exploited human it. So I think you know that it's circumstances that change the year and yet to you can't. It's been -- back in that you can't. You can't. Look at those are not remember that that. It -- I think the -- is all we can all -- -- And one last thing I mean. Remember he. Since he's heading into the sixth year playing -- local ball threats over here. Very young and he's going to keep getting better -- -- how can people volley you on Twitter. I am or footer at our -- -- advocate and also. And Cardinals reach out to me O'Neill our parties a epic. Ramon Vargas over the Saints for the -- -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It -- -- Deke Bellavia ba they are in. Extra extra time is over now there -- down to the -- here between the Netherlands. And Argentina enemy to a year if -- rookie but -- intensity and soccer. It's some good stuff going on right now everybody in the stadium is on their feet it's a lot of passion. This is this is about as close as negate these goalies. All Rolen will keep you posted a big -- via this is sports talk on WW and welcome back to sports talk. Argentina. Moves on to the World Cup final as they defeat the Netherlands forward to on penalty kicks. They went anti regulation. In the extra minutes and it came down a penalty kicks Argentina winning 42. They will advance to take on Germany in the World Cup final. And Brazil battles the Netherlands in a third place. Game welcome back to sports talk Andy -- clinics I will continue talking a little college football preview teams. In the Southeastern Conference western division we'll talk holed a couple of LSU game this Mike's call broke type -- dot com. And also we are going to visit. With Jeff Palermo columnist at WW dot com and always in network sports direct or about the Arkansas Razorbacks the Auburn time. Ole miss Mississippi State Texas -- and him and Alabama or take a look at all of those teams. Coming up and the next two out and operating jaguar and impose on line WW dot com. Today former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was -- Two teen years and federal prison for two point counts of bribery. And -- Is it too much not enough or just try to cast your vote on line -- did BO dot com right now said Matheson are you saying. It is not enough. And online at WW dot com Angela -- exclusive interview with. Re negative attorney Robert Jenkins today on the hands of a show in the last -- that rating we'll. Make an -- Also comments from federal prosecutor -- Coleman analysis from Clancy do both attorney Tim missed. -- -- -- -- -- The president of the metropolitan crime correct called commissioned raffia -- Nancy and sumo Soto criminologist doctor John. Gainey and so much more Dirksen -- got a blog about the make it sentencing title to please. On not the pleased that was the quest to take all that out online at WWL. Dot com. And coming up tonight on the -- show you take to get feedback. You what's in your thoughts on the sentencing of Ray Nagin -- President Obama meets with Texas governor Rick Perry in Dallas about immigrants. Running into America what should America do with all of these shoot. That is on the program. And all people becoming video zombies. Who says he wants to Japanese video poker and soon realized he wasn't playing you think. Just obsessed with pushing the buttons as fans is -- All of that is on the program I'd do you gamble or you're addicted. Or do you play the game what you have -- for knowing when to walk away do people. With gambling problem really think there recoup what they first loss. If they keep. Play well I would say yeah they think that as an island out in the desert named Las Vegas that says they think that they -- -- With the for a slow and keep on recruit people recruit so that's a slam though yes answer to that. I'm big elevated this is sports talk on WW in. World Cup acts in the final is sick as Argentina. Wins 42 on penalty kicks. Over the Netherlands so it's Argentina vs Germany in the World Cup final the third place game has Brazil and the Netherlands. Operated jaguar team Paul Ray Nagin was sinister teen years in federal prison for twenty counts of bribery and fraud is it too much not enough on just right. -- necks out would take a look at it seems the SEC west the LSU Tigers. The Arkansas Razorbacks and the Auburn Tigers -- Mississippi State Bulldogs got a lot to get to be -- in the last two hours we're excited about the fourteen playoff and who'll win the SEC in 2014. And Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WWL.