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Jul 9, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening of welcome to our show on this Wednesday night I just before I came on the air I saw the new Miley Cyrus video and it's it's done with Moby and Flaming Lips. And is describe is a creepy new video with nudity drugs profanity. And her brain -- stole. And I thought you know I see a lot of creepy videos. But I can tell you this was the creepiest video I've ever seen it -- bit more about that later in the show also we'll talk about the sentencing of Ray Nagin. And here's our WWL pretty jaguar people's -- appeals would be talking about should President Obama visit the border. Give us your opinion Michael to our website WW dot com and we'll update on -- to throw pitcher tonight mister sand in my opinion. Vets. Both political parties are using it to send children. To play this game politics. It's really up to you and me to to to stop it mean I think we have the power is as citizens to not tolerate. In fact I guess in some ways we're used as a political point is also talk about that as we get into the shortly. It's time for tonight's topic to date news topic things we'd like you -- it was we begin our show tonight Debbie WL numbering. -- start Justin Bieber plead no contest to a charge of misdemeanor vandalism today. Charged were crawling things -- at a neighbor's house. Get two years of probation. To twenty years old asked to pay 80900. Dollars in restitution. Five days community service and go to anger management class -- we can imagine sitting in anger management classes Justin Bieber. I will be a percentage like I told you I had to go through that once again. Five days of community service. -- -- a -- super clean up trash along the LA freeway. Justin Bieber I guess I guess this just shows that no matter how famous and rich you Mark Few could still be juvenile delinquent -- part. I mean think about it all the he has to distract him any EP gets into an argument with a neighbor and throws eggs at the neighbor's house. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And so sympathize with what this must have been like the -- got to be careful when you send tweets. A female college student accidentally sent a -- message. To her. Her -- treated back did you mean to send this to me. Is this what you're doing while you're at school. Ever sent a text to the wrong person ever receive the rocket I have to admit I've done it a couple of times but it was nothing really that. Nothing really embarrassing. But if you you know a few text a lot. Did the last person you -- sometimes that comes up an immediate hit it can. It can happen you can definitely. Send a text is wrong person have you ever done that we'll talk about that the -- -- number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A -- campaign that is designed to challenge the idea that women's beauty determines their overall value. The campaign has called stop the beauty madness. And it really brings up an interesting idea which occasionally comes up the founder is a Robin writes. As she said that the main mission. Is to say that if women are worried about their weight worried about their looks to the point where they're not actually putting themselves out in the world. They were missing out on some really extraordinary individuals. And some really important conversations. We need to be having. And it's. It made me wonder. Do you not consider. Being with somebody. Because. Of their figure. Do you not consider being with somebody because state. They don't feed your expectations. And there are a lot of wonderful people that don't have perfect bodies. I mean incredible personalities wonderful people. And I think a lot of people shut those people out of their lives but I wonder if they shut them out of their life or don't consider having them disappears departure. Because. Of how you feel about that person or because of what you think others would think of view. If you with that person. And it made me think about how often we applied. What others might think of us. When we pick somebody that we date. Or marry. Or hang out. How sad is that if you were ordered deserted island. And you were alone with this one person. There would be no peer pressure. So he wouldn't care what the person look like. And you would be with that person because of the person. So I hope you've made it to a point. In your life where. Looks. Really don't determine exactly who you're with. And that there are a lot of really incredible people that some people might wanna be width because of their personality because of their intelligence. Because of everything that they they stand for it the way they think in the -- but they won't open up to them. Because of their parents. And ultimately that's gonna -- Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. TGI Friday has launched a new special across the country -- all TGI Friday locations. They need to attract more customers during the recession that they had seen customers falling off. So TGI Friday's is now introducing every Monday for ten dollars all you can eat appetizers. Now you could pick one appetizer and it's an it's an endless. And a serving of that appetizer potato skins. Mozzarella sticks Spanish -- or other options. You know I remember I think we're sick and at TGI Fridays when rivers in the bottom of that -- -- three or four store office three or four story office building. On veterans highway. Between a probable cause way. I remember I think that's the first place I ever had potato skins. It was like the good news chic thing dipped to eat it I guess it was back in -- in the mid eighties. And I remember that. For some reason I always remember that Kenny boardwalk. Of the -- was always there -- win or lose Kenny board -- would be there right after the game. And it was -- was a big thing I think my brother Winston manager -- for for many years in to this day I'd still get people coming -- to -- your brother miles was manager when I worked at Friday's. But he -- if this were some people say this is gonna destroy a TGI Friday's. You know Monday's. All you can eat. Appetizers. Listen -- -- now. Get ready for the lawsuits. Because somebody's gonna gain weight somebody's going to. I'd change as a result of this maybe they're not going to be as healthy as they once -- and they'll blame Friday to be this is so typical the world we live it. Don't blame Friday's for offering. All you can eat appetizers of my god that's responsible they should -- what about personal responsibility. Mean honestly I would not be surprised. The way the world is today if there's criticism of this because. People are invited to eat as much as they -- And you know you can only eat so many potato skins or mozzarella sticks or spinach dip before it's going to affect. Your body in a negative way and you should really go greased here. Every Monday -- once in awhile have a little bit in and move on. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Fox News contributor doctor Q&A blow somebody that I occasionally talked about on the show because I respect discuss. And I I quite often talk about some of the op Ed article city writes for foxnews.com. Would doctor -- blow was on fox inference this morning. And he said that a new California law it replaces the words husband and wife with a spouse. Is considered a milestone on the journey towards full equality when it comes to marriage but he says this could lead to people marrying. They're dogs. Doctor atlas said there's no way the state of California can deny a marriage license to four spouses. Eight spouses. Or I would say three human spouses and it canine they absolutely love. Because if love is the foundation of marriage. They can love their dog to. I -- I thought this idea that same sex marriage would lead to people marrying their dogs. I thought that was something that was really reserved for the ignorant. The doctor rebel is not ignorant but this is one of the most ignorant things. I've heard him say and it's one of the most ridiculous arguments that anybody can say I mean if you wanna oppose same sex marriage. You have a right to be opposed to same sex marriage in this country. But. My gosh don't. Come up with something stupid like well if if this is allowed and people can narrator talks. I don't can't give consent. You were talking about two consenting adults when it -- to -- six mergers is why I'm just amazed that anybody would bring up this idea. Well this is gonna lead to marry your -- And and I had to think about it that if if I was gonna marry a dog what dog and primary in May be rough and Russian wolfhound. Maybe Irish Setter with a flowing in a red hair. -- -- dollar or anything like that and register. Just thought. -- something to think about -- due to the point we can marry dogs what dog would you -- number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The other night I got off the air and time I mean to stop before it got to my apartment and I was eyes watching this guy. Who's playing video poker. And I realized that it didn't really seem like he was playing anything. It seemed like he was totally obsessed with pushing the buttons as fast as he could to get another hand. He went with -- whatever didn't the machine suggested that you hold but then he immediately pushed the putt as fast as he could. I saw him go up 200 credits -- one point. Then got enough. That he put more money in the video poker machine. And he would get up and then back down again I mean at one point he did cash out I don't know how much money he cashed out. And I have no idea what he spent in the process of getting to that point but it really made me think about. Why -- we call it playing video poker. If you're totally obsessed with it if you're as an appearance on the I'm not it and I'm not a gambler. It doesn't mean I haven't gambled at times in my life and I'm one of those guys who could easily walk away after at least a couple of blocks I'm on dot. But some people can't walk away. So what I'd like to know tonight is if you're gambler. Why you why are you or why were you -- why do you think people or so attracted to something like video poker. To the point where they sit there and play it in what appears to be some kind of zombie state of mind. And again. I'm hard pressed to use the word play video poker 'cause it doesn't look like much of a game. It doesn't look like they're really playing. And if you're gamble. What advice do you give people. When it comes to walking away. And -- gamblers who really think that they're going to at some point recoup all of there losses. I'm not being critical just it would have gambling in this city we have casinos we have video poker -- almost everywhere. And around the country eaters there's -- So I wanted to have a conversation about this this is not criticism of gamblers. But I'd like to understand a little more about what makes somebody so obsessed. With gambling. And it's not a gambler I don't want this to seem like a lecturer and I'm being critical. But I just right when I saw this guy playing and being critical this guy. It just didn't seem like it was much find it seem like it was kind of a business to him. And maybe it is a mean you can can you be able to the point where you actually make enough money to where it's it's it's fun but it's also it's also profitable. Table talk about this on the -- might have if you gamble I would love to hear what goes through your mind when you get to the -- -- say OK I'm done. And even though I've lost something I'm walking away. Or if you -- The human instinct is to keep on gambling with that money down let's get more. -- the and you end up losing it. Soul what do you tell yourself. It can decision to walk away he Q what did you and ushered in light with -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- -- overstate 77. Here's a -- reads. That really show issue how -- you or scoot the bulldogs might have a great personality. -- -- that's true. -- mentioned that a five which -- married dog I don't think it would be a Bulldog but. That is being very -- you are right before that I was talking in the topping your date about this new campaign every. Stop on stop putting so much pressure on women to look a certain way we judge people by who they are I should judge to dog. By his character. Not by news. Well it would be her. -- You know I probably shouldn't even gotten into this tonight but you know -- summertime July Wednesday night you know we like to have fun. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And I did during a dog with the team built. -- New Orleans is back in the national news. All of the national news outlets have been carrying the story about a former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin being sentenced to ten years in federal prison for his conviction on corruption charges. What's your reaction to it and -- sentencing. Was it too long. Was it too short. And you also -- our our news we've got the full story on our website WW dot com. I'm a former governor Edward efforts went to oak dale spent some time at I guess that is just one of those camp said at a place of Dave pudding greens. I really should have looked this up I -- he said prisons bad because it separates you from from everything that you. The -- love. And the people that you love but he said it's at low security prison and there's no could be fences send the wire a top balls. But he he does say that it's it's prison it's it's not a place for violent offenders so it's not the worst place you can go but its still prison time I believe William Jefferson. Is in oak dale that's that's a suggestion from the judge don't know if he's gonna end up there but it Nagin could be out in eight and a half years says that's my understanding. And that's a lot less of a sentence than prosecutors -- many people are expecting somewhere between fifteen and twenty years. So what's your reaction to the the sentencing of Ray Nagin endorsed of people at the courthouse. When lawyers for the prosecution were speaking after the verdict was rendered. After the sentencing was -- -- there were people who were tried to shout down those who were talking -- wanted to deficit that as a technique that some people use. They just they just shout things they just they they wanted to announce what you say because they don't agree with what you're saying so they don't even wanna give you a chance to say it. And I I see that technique used by a lot of people that I'd I'd really don't think. -- Understand freedom of speech I mean there's a way to disagree with something but it just try to stifle somebody. It seems rather ignorant to me but again that's just that's my observation. What's your reaction to the Nagin -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. And a text number is 8787. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight and eight. Oh. Obama is -- doing some some fundraising he was in Denver and he was playing pool and drinking beer in a bar with the governor John Hickenlooper. Of Colorado. And as the president walked through the crowd at Colorado has its recreational pot that is now legal somebody in the crowd as the president -- by shouted out. You wanna hit this. And the president just kind of smiled and laughed and it turned away. Obviously didn't excepted but if the president -- smoked -- in Colorado and it's legal in Colorado. Is there anything. Wrong with that. The president has been criticized by members of both parties for not visiting the US border. Where there's a humanitarian crisis that continues with thousands of children crossing into the United States. Both sides are using innocent children to play politics. And I think it's up to us the citizens to reject the use of children. In what is a high stakes game politics. But can we resist taking sides. The -- like tonight's this title should President Obama. Visit the border. Read that share with others and I believe it's on our FaceBook page W dual -- -- -- get involved in that conversation and I give us your comments there and that's -- WW up pretty jacked by opinion poll tonight should President Obama visits the border. People on both sides of the political -- say he should. Give us your opinion -- -- -- build a common if you wanted to and as for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seventy. And our text number is 877. Here's a text I would marry a great -- How this conversation came up really no fight no exactly hide their team all I know a doctor keep them both Fox News contributor said that. Same sex marriage could lead to people wanting to -- your dog. And -- -- -- OK thank you very -- America India Russia will founder of Irish Setter getting married dog would. Talk would you find a track. And this is and we -- -- fun with it some relatives that -- take this too seriously. Yeah I mean you might want to strong protective tighten. The Rottweiler. I'm -- with me right back on -- WL. Fox News contributor doctor Keith -- says something that I really thought was reserved for the ignorance and he's on an ignorant person but he did say that same sex marriage. I could ultimately lead to a man or woman marrying their dog. Here's a text -- read some people would be much happier. If they had married their dogs. Russert talking about the sentencing of Ray Nagin and today -- gambling will get into that -- victim later in the show if you do have a college because at any time. And we're also talking about whether President Obama should visit the border. You know the most interesting observation about this to me. Is. That the president shows up at a lot of disasters. And if it's important for him to show up -- those disasters. That one actual that the border. Here's an update on a double WL -- -- opinion poll should President Obama visit the border 14% say -- just changed 13% say no. And 87% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site to -- if you don't come from New Orleans east George your description good evening. Yes well at this this is America -- pursue opportunities that this puts Mario viewpoint which and two diplomats in the Sacramento. No I can't I wouldn't assume that. Well web -- that particular which objected for a minute that the candidates. And that that Nagin makes. Good by a block away -- that nobody had a big mystery as one of two wars and recent memory. A lot of people. -- in my community so millions of shall you spoke of spoke -- You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- actually Turkey the only bit that into Benjamin maturities relate to and you know one of the you know campaign stresses -- -- in the -- Now I'm not trying to demonize the minutes that's -- -- constructed because stood up to in the business an apple product American you. That the enforcement agencies have been mature I would -- -- what is politicians. Get to -- Actual I don't mean to you know actually shoot lower than -- my public truly believe it until well into the they're basically that's it should have more. And George he was seen as such a champion for the city and and you know there's so many people who who talk about. Well we need to run government more like a business we need businessman not politicians in office but maybe Nagin is an example of how difficult it is for businessman. To convert into the into politics. Fortunately in the -- of people -- -- -- Gupta problem two probably much. The completed because. Unfortunately it. And overcome injuries and they will have to give them hope that there should be additional bit of -- And that the -- no one in the musical combo actually you know let's who has goes you know when Republicans. Listen to lose strikes and no doubt that you know -- matter you know some. They. A whole -- a little unfortunate shall listen up orchestra was not pretty you know his group. George I'd like to share your thoughts with -- in a really prodding from morning to go back to school you said you'll set a great example for people who know you. Or I would look at it through attrition depend options problem -- -- abilities. I got bush into Georgia -- listen to -- bureau. -- from homer Glen -- on the Scotia good evening. Trade group being. And they didn't -- -- Are from the -- -- and carry. I lived there it didn't get display after Katrina. -- -- are only a pull moisture out there. And I told that about ten months before Katrina. But you know it. -- didn't you amazement what BR -- you're there. And he he -- This city. -- are -- party view of the year went. He's steal what little. -- it appears his ears he did whites. So many politicians. Have done and not here -- in other places as well and daddy or take advantage of the power they have. To improve their private lives and and that's not something that goes over very well with the public. Are you don't know I don't you know probably you know they wouldn't -- What he's heard Gavin hopper he EU will -- its present. Something here. Toxic cocktail he was -- a -- as I remember interviewing him. As a leader Arafat Cox who went I was under the WL in the early nineties. Yeah -- and say you know it and when will he come from there she. I really -- -- while it's you know it's our time to see India you're on the air and protect act yeah. Well and you know -- when there's when there's so much hope surrounding an individual and then there's great disappointment in only exaggerates the disappointment. Yeah he had in you know he talks. I still today. It's done there's too late. -- I'm -- ecology of a good night at home if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And protection for is -- 77. It detects a reason Nagin is the great uniter black New Orleans is man he was given ten years. And white -- is meant he was given ten years interesting observation. Rufus you're on WW a good evening. I cute. -- I'm really glad you brought up. Those. Three of -- protesters that tried that toppled over the district attorney during the press conference that a lot about that the -- that need to it. It acted correctly picked I restrained to not yelling back victories -- lady behind him and. I never saw over -- don't know for sure yeah and I didn't vote would be news stories and I saw I didn't see her and others supporters just trying to deny a tie him for making a statement and that is it a tactic that that some people use when it comes to protest and controversy. It's really tacky but I think it kind of backed -- those three or four people because is the person that kept talking over the guy. She was she with. Semi literate and made talkies in double negative all the time and I was sort of off the pitch in the fact that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hitters in the city in he would take vacation of the city's -- -- -- -- both parties which in the fact that they were blockers which had nothing do with it whatsoever. Well -- it's unfortunate that there are people who will be. Supportive of somebody. Because of their skin color and there are people who will oppose somebody because of their skin color. So it just points out to a problem that exist really on on both sides of the racial divide. Well I think he should have more time personally but ten years is still any -- it and the only. That part of that he's going to oak dale ankle LB where appropriate to being. Anyways have a good night. I'd refer you to not going to draw the show refer you -- join us for your thoughts one of the things were talking about tonight is their reaction to the -- Nagin sentencing former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is all over the national news. Tennis to -- ten years in federal prison for his corruption convictions. It was that long enough to long. Judy got more time. That's the debate will get your reaction and also should President Obama visits the borders. Where there's a humanitarian crisis. If you and enjoy our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Tech's number is 87870. I'm scoots on Wednesday night's it will be right back on -- you'll Fox News commentator doctor Keith -- guy who I admire and -- quite often talk about his op Ed article says foxnews.com on this show. It says something that is just. Police are -- I hear from the callers should call your show and pizza and short combat. Nicaragua says the same sex marriage. Could lead to a man or woman marrying they're dull. We're talking about their reaction to -- sentencing of Ray Nagin to ten years in prison like. Think you can get out in a half years if he behaves a service interest and immediately go to prison and you're giving good time off for good behavior. I would think that what you go to prison you do you kind of realize that excuse me that EU should be behaving. And at that point you would do nothing but behave in a very good manner he's apparently gonna go 20 deal Louisiana where former governor Edwin Edwards was. This is so low security prison but as they were says its its still prison it's not too rough it's not for violent offenders but its still prison. -- we're also were talking about whether or not President Obama should visit the US border where the humanitarian crisis continues. The president has been. Already ours our campaign swing for four race fundraising for a democratic candidates. NEC and in Texas in Dallas. A lot of people thought that cities that close to the border he really should visit the border and people on both sides of the political aisle has said he should visit. Is that something the president should do that's or WW a pretty general opinion poll. It is your opinion by going to WW dot com and we will give you an update on that interest few minutes from Guerrero Clarence your description of anything. They're pretty that I use a good players I think -- chairs made -- could he sit in the church. Coal -- -- -- church people and -- relationship in that. Opinion. You know and I think she made it -- he sees because she lived with -- concerts. There's bigger people -- -- -- About appreciate calling cards and a lot of people feel that way. I'm not dead disappointed with this sentences in ten years it is still. I'm very long time I mean that I would consider that to be significant punishment. Here's a Texan -- my aunt works as a guarded oak dale. And has been their for nearly fifteen years so she was also there during that time and -- Edwards was an inmate there. I have. Stepped foot many times on those prison grounds and the last thing. That that place is is like a summer camp. Or as some people like to say club fed Ray Nagin is in for a reality check of his life what's he -- -- place. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight to our numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. What's happening in a text number is 87070. From Harvey Keats you're on WWL. Yet thank you screw. Hack job that Colin and so yeah produce about gambling. Yup -- channel. -- back in eighties pretty big gamble lot especially on pro baseball. A law. Dugout like the challenge of -- kitchen a gain still but you don't have as many teens and to me it was -- it was a challenged you know to make the bet. But it that would be gambling itself. Justin nine on CBS news in Atlantic City itself at about these casinos that close. Critics can't get people in. To gamble. -- -- -- You know as far as I know. Vegas is still doing well of course Vegas has become Stanley destination with a lot more to do than just gambling even though it's the reason a lot of people go. As far as I know the casinos around this area are doing well and I know places that have video poker machines effect if there if you have an establishment with a video poker machine. Is business -- or is it down and his business fall off during a recession when economic times are bad or does business take up because people are trying to -- to get that. That big jackpot. Right exactly are you a game -- Not anymore -- an -- lottery. You know Louisiana lottery again via the power ball by the middle it you know a few blocks every week you know but that's it I'll be able -- gamble on the on the baseball football -- -- and more. If I appreciate Ali says certain the other night I I left the show and I which is this a place just relaxing after the show -- I was watching this guy playing video poker. And it seemed like he was doing anything but actually -- He seem totally obsessed with just pushing the button as fast as you could get a new -- And I saw him up 200 credits have been down to nothing in the back up and and back down -- -- not being critical. I'm just trying to understand. The the attraction. To doing it and you really feel like you're playing something. If you're in this what appears to -- a zombie like state and I'm sure you've seen this is well -- you go to the big casinos where there's all kind of gaming going on. And you see some of these people who aren't just mesmerized. By the video poker machines. Is there a way to explain. The attraction to doing that is their way to explain. Why that is -- real. Got a text here says argue OCD. And you ask about gambling reeling. Well since that's not part of what I I do that's not my compulsive behavior. I I can't. I guess I should be able to relate to it but -- I can't I mean it could certainly relate to people being obsessed. Over something but I don't understand -- session with gambling. In my biggest problem with gambling is the germs that somebody else leaves on the video poker machine. If you got a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Text number it's 87070. I'm -- this is WWL. And we'll be right back but a bachelor show and it's Wednesday -- it's going to be talking about gambling if you have some kind of I technique. Did you use to actually walk away from the table when you've lost a certain amount of money you actually walk away or maybe you've won a certain amount of money how do you know what to say. It's over honey -- you know what to walk away some people apparently don't got a text here this is where you so judgmental when you look at people. I don't know that I'm so judgmental as I'm curious about what motivates people and I think we're all very curious about. Of the people that we that we see I would hope that everybody's observed -- about the people around him Mr. President is -- figure out what motivates people in different ways. Fernando -- WL. -- -- Well that's -- gambling. -- on the and appointed judge to -- and personally. All the little spies at the sentence and -- not sure. You're okay with. I am totally okay. Because it's -- all evidence her. It was all. In Amman. -- You know they want that she expected him. To want them to do certain things. But he never actually say. You know back and -- -- I'm gonna have to get to a news break and I appreciate you calling our show. To this day and even today. Nagin continues to maintain his innocence and says that he was targeted. Angela hill had attorney for making their Robert tickets on and that says video that conversation is on our website right now WL dot com under W and he will to deal.