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Jul 9, 2014|

who do you think were the best drummers ever? John Bonom? Ringo Starr? Listen in and find out who! Also, New Orleans is back in the national news! All national news outlets carried breaking news that former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his convictions on corruption charges. What is your reaction to the Nagin sentencing – too long or not long enough?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's 2014. This is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles first coming to America. That it continues to be recognized as such. A milestone for my major change in our society we talked about that that's quite often on the show this weekend is Beatles best. And house of blues it's Saturday night it's not cats are always the main band -- the local performers -- -- -- for the telecast choices Lima astute she'll run good evening. And I adore him. I'd tell you tell us about Beatles fest this year. Are well you're doing to get below local musicians. Children. News of The Beatles and expects us here in the strip -- the year. And you play them nineteen to report to the parks. And other debate and but. Still isn't and kept us. Oh. Syrian. Perform and so on in nineteen -- for future it's sort of a thing. He's been so excited in Ringo playing on like that's so. -- well I it's debatable to this day whether Ringo was actually playing drugs that mean he was he was there he really isn't much of -- drummer but he certainly fit into the whole motif of the deal which is my understanding of why he was. He was selected. Well that's -- that the one person to -- ghost but I'll go. That would regret the model they're the -- came -- that's triple B and that I'll play. A semi secret. You know extra respect some money creates. You know. -- locker -- where it is known -- whole series of what. Modern music now. Though so it -- technically was in New York. Or you know from that we don't respect -- calendar don't you do independent of all for him to contribute -- that are. There it required simple but it -- a lot actually less is more. Ago. Period -- thank you so long that the need that much wrong. Exit routes it's a good point. Given that -- -- -- in the second -- slow and these beautiful. Long ago after working on this thing you know what I would do what some trouble stop the Middle East squander all that. Right I think about The Beatles -- coming here fifty years ago this year February 1964 and I guess they'd stop touring in its 67 or 68 they didn't really tour for that long. And they went through so many different changes it's really just amazing to look back and and think of the impact -- The Beatles had. Really from 1964 they might start touring in 1967 but they've they broke up on or around 1970. So in a very short period of time they had such a massive impact on music in America and end around the world. Well yeah being you know which -- much. For strictly earlier -- in the streets. You know a couple of insults hurled at the same old political. John Lennon Paul McCartney in studio small and orchards and they get a loan -- You know that terminal at Morgan group -- well you know nuclear launch. You know the ketchup what was the problem. But Bordeaux and get an ultra around -- that such. Other people in there in the center and accordingly the words -- the -- that -- right. And all that its creation and using strange instrument and you know. Being in the studio trying to do different things like sergeant pepper came. Sirens are made and we try to reproduce it stopped bloggers like. It's it's -- -- -- keyboards it's it's. This mountain without made in that we're doing like this year Arctic. Sure he will be -- -- -- and beaten you orchestration although probably in the middle you know yeah -- -- that he so simple things and created from the original work to be sorted. -- a minute and yeah we got quarters -- mobile music that would -- content from the beatles' apple also -- the centenary. Her close to Montreal and play without submitted to -- All the solo. So long -- from all wondering -- wings and original London. Well shall stop the torture arson so should we focus mostly on beautiful although we do well. Course of the other performers who will be there this Saturday -- Yes it's wonderful Christian Robinson contributor groups to -- -- fortune to. And the -- you can electrical steel door. Tournament you can click on imports great -- is total liberal. Nor do we can do so folks Washington's. -- -- social maps chocolate -- has been true but trying and so. There have been there of course care. Problem problem. And along with such -- should -- -- that the acoustics said the well also to drop on the show in -- -- And then recruit success -- we can't and we cut its visual presentation. Synchronize studios. Follow clips that were on duty at this. Its original section shall creole really works far. Putting Reynolds footage of people to -- -- -- -- Like a war a small group. It's close to their credit. You know like rocket to -- a couple of you know and and do -- deodorant and get back. Influential bloc would he sent a lot -- -- support -- -- -- could not work and then years ago called cooler than we did a lot of Beatles and it's great blow books. They're little Brooklyn look at torture. It's amazing like you did it it sells out almost every year deals -- is quite a phenomena and and this is the twelfth year of its house of blues Saturday night. It's amazing to see so many younger people in the crowd who obviously have just come to appreciate The Beatles but they word. They were not born when the elsewhere. Which and I know it's so great -- that I -- to move it would have across the universe came and younger generation gotten used some of the eastern. Coastal redundant -- -- But the that the dollars are still on the appreciated. Searched truly great -- a -- how important note every word to the song. Well what we're challenged -- we're on stage and we really you know of the if you don't think anything in the senate have been. Cut. Study hall style setting -- course like group and start all restrict sport but what we try to do stuff that was. Pieced together sort proper role. Yeah you know the group that it's a little complicated. And you're going to be playing and I'm looking at the sort of actually you know like. We're doing about forty -- themselves while all in one you know 1015 years at least and so you have to give your poll. Well it so Beatles songs so I'll lose. It's a real celebration of The Beatles and this is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. I was there last year US me to introduce you guys and that's when the verdict came down George Zimmermann case. So right before the show started I left my date with you guys backstage for -- all of so it took you at 1 o'clock -- -- she probably had more fun that if I would have been. And so had to go with because who do and a special children to be WL reaction to the artists alive I plan on being a Saturday night look forward to. -- -- Certainly giggling. And is just starting it isn't such a great double you -- toxic. It's so much look at all the computers and procedural. So you know working. In. Around the city and try -- some people traveled the world as we -- on the and it's. You know we're not that we don't we're in constant dimensional look like rubio which are shall. Respect for the U admiral oh. You know Robert reverend backstage at house of blues I always tell the story about the time I saw Courtney Love back there and I talk about. How she was sitting what she was doing and exactly where she was sitting so now tell its story again Saturday night. Well I don't know onstage and not on the Arab I'll tell us backstage the. Backed it up front but. It's really exciting so we're you know we're on the post lutherans start -- we look forward to -- -- a year. And we wouldn't work really hard you know of course will be open channel fortune more mortal dark Paulson plan can't deal terms. Promote and -- well. Lord -- o'clock or is he gonna where's the beatle boots. You can -- it's an excuse to open you Michael. Djokovic on the so little we really well like -- -- a little which were launched you know. We're -- optional like that arsenal. You know -- not -- In order refund policy Saturday -- rob -- Actress you know -- -- -- will be on a channel 4 Eyewitness News tomorrow morning with Erik Paulsen and the crowd. If -- -- for the comment we're talking tonight about the the Nagin sentencing ten years in prison time is that long enough should have been longer you think it was a fair sentence and well what's your reaction to that sentencing. Also there's a lot of talk about the president visiting the border the site of a humanitarian crisis with so many unoccupied young children flooding into America. Without their parents. It's a humanitarian crisis the president has had visited the border yet. Should -- That's our Debian -- a pretty general opinion poll if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our text number is 87070. This is the -- she'll. Under the WL yes I did say that Ringo Starr was not a great drummer here's a tax -- did you say Ringo Starr wasn't a great drummer in 2011 Rolling Stone readers named Ringo. The fifth greatest drummer of all time. Well readers of publications don't necessarily. Know who's a good drummer but I do respect rob shall -- the telecast suggested Ringo was a really great drummer because. He perfectly fits. That style of music that genre of music but he wasn't Jon -- and machine on the drums he wasn't terror Keith Moon wasn't some of these. And these these drummers that they use all four appendages is brought settle for limbs to. To play the -- both heated and in both hands the Ringo Starr was I guess very good. In his simplicity. Here's an update on our W you'll pretty -- opinion poll should President Obama visit the border. 24% saying no 76%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and -- blog tonight on -- web site. Is should pres Obama to visit the border. And it's done it's really about this political battle. It's being waged right now over this this humanitarian crisis. And the innocent children involved in this we're gonna continue to talk about that showed like if you wanna join us for the comment about anything were talking about including Ray Nagin sentencing. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text -- estates and he severed from New Orleans Ralph you're -- WL. It happened -- electricity. It's about that these. You what you're there to be discussed. I think to this event before them as preferred. What was the envelope. Welcome and at that particular. -- wonderful. I'm ready to go. I was young and really young in my parents. Didn't to bring me I was very aware of the deals because my grandmother was really have been. Knew all about it but I was not at that concert but I'm sure anybody was there like yourself -- remembers that day The Beatles were in New Orleans. And you know they stayed down and they stated hotel director it was a motel congress in which. Is that but the truth. Kind of been. Our equipment sort of. Arizona adjustment for highway in the -- they stayed there was because it was out of the way and they could actually land a helicopter there and couldn't land helicopters in in downtown New Orleans at the time. And they had to do that because of the windy Ralph I appreciate you usher in a story with us for Texas Howard you're under the WR. Spewed. I think it's -- instance there but I think good -- operated. It in -- used to naive that's -- -- operate in the -- of top corruption. Did that you know higher in the won't police at the top corruption environment I think it is too -- and that's more up. Operate in what happens -- -- the guy who acute loss. It would say it does is that there are public officials politician now participate corrupt activity. It doesn't bother him -- -- -- jail maybe they did have a different details would keep that gap to someone being sent the signal. Both sordid episode and then people think and we had. Politicians like them but look at this corruption with participating in between one phone details -- yeah. And especially especially today it's so easy to track behavior with social media with technology today if it. I don't see how anybody could feel like they would get away with something an office in. They are those people who -- steal agree with Redick and that he -- which targeted and that he's he's not guilty. I find it interesting -- to talk about how he was a businessman. Vice president or president of Kazakhstan carte cable. And he became mayor of the city and there are so many people who think we just need more businesspeople to go to our politics -- all but also the -- but if your politician you have to understand that you. You know it's it's not just about money it. The business world is about greed and money -- -- always politics but do you can't apply the same rules with your competition. In the business world. Did she do when it comes to being in in a public position so you have to be a politician to some degree and understand the rules. Hope politician right now -- Think twice before participate. And I would I would I would hope so and win this how are going to call -- when this goes out over the news you know their people say it's all of the national -- today. It's on -- and their cable news channels went windows gets out about something like a former mayor of New Orleans the guy who -- this city through Katrina and that's the way it's it's being presented. Being sent to prison effort for ten years for corruption bribery and all -- his convictions. There are people who guess who this is just a black eye for the city. And that certainly is one way to look at it. But another way to look at it is. This should also send a message that this kind of behavior is no longer tolerate. That the people who are corrupt. Are going to be found. And they're gonna be prosecuted. It doesn't mean that some don't get away with it but there are two ways to have to look at that for Mary Bryant you're on the -- show. Excuse not pretty green who want to support it with the ruling today. On the first read in. You know he's a public official and he should be held the highest accountability. It's possible should be O. Meter view. I mean it's guys this is in the back upon to people recruit everyone live in the law in the when he says they engage in action and -- in the mean who knows much better of the recovery could have. You know -- not engage dictionary in. And the second point is. It's not like that could be discovered it was duke it out -- at Portland cattle and it's not -- You know they did at rock solid evidence I mean that it's not considered prosecution -- -- and many cases would be really see with that many count. It -- -- 121. And -- up. And our chances you know between in -- -- -- About a couple of months leading up there that apparently static is seem like it he really cared about it and wanted to put them in this situation. Well I certainly understand that argument I mean if you really care about your family your -- -- try to do the right thing in and it appears as if he took advantage of his position as mayor and that's something that. And I -- the public is always concerned about and it's upping the politicians have done throughout time not only here in New Orleans but across the country on local and national levels. On people are driven sold by -- ego and they get in that position and I guess in many ways they feel like there I'm. Untouchable and they'd just had this attitude like -- I'm king of the world that I can do whatever I want and many people take advantage of that position. Always judges were really hammer you know public officials and economic talk and triple what a normal person would get it and maybe people would stop being scared. But I don't mean doesn't that tell you really not been any politician. Now predict. We can only hope -- and -- -- going to culture if you are join us for your thoughts and comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Totals 386688907. At a text -- received 77. Had a conversation in front shall -- over the top gets few minutes ago this senator ignited to house of blues -- -- big Beatles to oust its twelfth year and this is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. They first came to America in February of 2004. -- 1964. And now is 201450. Years later. And there are so many generations that have totally bond with The Beatles in the -- wrinkles will be there rocket tootsie and in others will be here Saturday night actually a quite a phenomena. And I mentioned at the outset of my conversation with rob about. It may -- or bring it bring over some really great -- that was Mike Condit although I get this tax that. In 2011. Rolling Stone readers named him the fifth greatest drummer of all time now readers don't necessarily know what makes a good drummer British rob pointed out. Ringo really did fit debts and really did fit the image of The Beatles and and his style. Really did fear that The Beatles music. He brought up a good point about how the songs were so good they didn't need to have a phenomenal robber or somebody who was really very animated -- as a drummer. So that has -- this of people sending text about. Who was the best drummer. Here's a tax dispute do you remember fill your -- of Kansas. I'm here is another text. I agree Ringo wasn't a great drummer compared to the drummers have Led Zeppelin yes. And grand funk railroad I also think about. I think about Phil Collins Phil Collins was eighth and and still is a phenomenal -- So we can talk about that the -- right as well who was who was the best drummer. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. What's happening -- average 877. From Tacoma Leon you're on WWL. It's -- right now currently on -- -- Great hey. And I think they had -- Jason little mixed but. I thought was -- You know stage I think we've known each day and -- -- -- these governor. And a mayor convicted admirer. Well you know I don't. Have this fax it far enemy but that sounds like it's a strong possibilities so we know once again we have a distinction but not in the right area. A move right just. Yes it was a -- I mean. I know the track was now on -- -- it was there where is -- -- -- -- not -- -- Because that live and out there. You know the at -- they have yet. -- -- in the Asia that was the out -- -- Leon we appreciated thanks for listening to WWL. Here's a text or wrinkle is not even the best drummer in The Beatles you know I'd heard stories about how Paul would go in after recession after -- would leave -- -- go in and and and read job somebody that the -- stuff offering us from -- Joseph you're on WWL. Real story. But let's regardless of built. Interview you'll -- talk about how they play it and it's all right yesterday. Well I was told about fifteen years ago I'd go to the concert. But and it and it -- The Beatles in the bay hill I can do beautifully and that by accident that is just a stroke. I was just talking. We don't as a pit -- and two and corporate and don't -- it's still an affront or. Playing to our current. Yeah and it was a little different to wander around the corner event compared to now. What color it was but. Two different -- -- consist of fifty years ago but I thank you know walking down route straight. And you know when you look in the windows and use the plate to -- And unstoppable walked out there walking down. Treatment all the sudden it's probably a lot of people's point of mostly -- -- old girls. And I thought that's going to be maybe a hole. Think somebody got hit by cars of the yeah and don't want to. Look now that's not a form of political titles. The I guess -- it won't grow up. Yeah. And I see these black limousines come barreling down. Well -- And I didn't really look inside the first one that passed spot but the second one step off the color. And really had a good look because it was an accepted that are and then we'll. I don't want it to be a dominant and probably the element was. Problem property and frequently apparently I went to me and I'd like to market is good and you wouldn't want. And you don't need that 12 about the way to get your thoughts together. At -- you'll always remember those times when a celebrity. Makes eye contact with you and you feel like they have actually what did you or acknowledged you. Well. And that happen again later on later in life I actually done Kennedy. -- -- probably. Total. News to all. I cannot be elevated up our corporate problem. And there's been told dressed in black -- of world war. It's an attempt to no one else. And the -- about the crowd. And -- -- the you know I argued again. You know I replay of the -- And shook hands and an element of those calls. On pot that he's been beat import. In the one count count he meant to meet brought. Joseph I appreciate you sharing a story -- I hear is attacks the top four drummers. Ginger baker of cream. That was a -- Eric Clapton was him and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Keith Moon of The Who. And Carl Palmer of Emerson lake and Palmer. So we're among other things they were talking about two was the year who has the best driver off from a feet jail here -- BW on the evening. -- Elation at the mayor may. And it certainly isn't trying. A lot under. Why. Are. ANC daughter -- -- School. And my heart and am I think they probably air. What was. I do -- I can also understand their feeling sympathy for. Those who were affected by the behavior of those who -- families are are part of a family. Right. I wish I knew about as -- as an actor Trevor let me. That you can't do this afternoon harboring. And that is -- and that no one has been out. At all. And bulldozer you know those are always -- the victims also and so if you really care about your family then you need to really try to always do the right thing in life. Absolutely. And he -- came across -- really in challenging a grassroots hype and and that I strongly believe that he -- completely aware of what was on line in what he was ill and. You can't you can't treat the political office like a business. And he was a businessman and maybe that lead into. -- But Jilin glad to culture and political show. Thanks for listening. I'm getting a couple of text about the of the governor of Illinois and the mayor of Chicago. We're both I've arrested charged and arrested so it's nice to know that may be New Orleans is not. The only city in Louisiana has the distinction of having governor and mayor. I've had it going to to jail if you -- join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here -- seventy. Protection receipt sanity insanity. We were talking about great drummers. Love this song in the -- tonight Phil Collins. Singer and drummer like kind of like Fred LeBlanc a couple of and rob shall be that the telecast but I'll excellent Phil Collins was. Dropped. Robber and I've got a number of text John. But but separate. -- -- -- 601870. Toll free 866889087. Taxed. 87870. I'm -- it will be right back to VW well. It's amazing nine I'm still glad you are witnessed tonight their raid against attorney Robert Jenkins who has so on with Angela hill today we've got that video and audio. Our website right now at WW dot -- down the left column. Under -- that you -- video here's a text it -- he Stoops John -- in my opinion someone musically inclined it was good taste in music. Was and still is the best drummer around courses he's passed away. Goes on to say he was the most sampled and imitated and looked up to drummer for recent. He created the most recognizable sound for drums. Now always sounding larger than life he was very musical drummer with incredible techniques deal financed dynamics and power. With a right foot that sounded like too based rounds and received it sure triplets. He was an all around drummer never overplaying their under playing a song everything. Was in the pockets. He had an infectious groove. And made the whole band swing he was one of a kind. That would be talking about who has The Who was the best driver I've got time for just a quick comment chuck or short it was the best drummer. Our quick comment on the numbers last name it was guys we used to be in Trevor -- from the agency. Are in that truly -- that relationship. I somebody's gonna call up with that the drummers -- chuck I'm glad -- calling got to get to reduce freight. So if your whole stay -- this more of your text or your comments coming up next on the sketch show law and every WL.