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Jul 10, 2014|

-- Are people becoming video poker ZOMBIES? I watched a guy “play” video poker then soon realized he wasn’t “playing" anything - just obsessed with pushing buttons as fast as he could. He would be up 200 credits and then down to nothing. Then put more money in the video poker machine - get up and then down. At one point he cashed out and left with money - but Scoot has no idea how much he spent (money nor time) in the process. Gamblers are called "players" - but obviously it is more an addiction than playing a game. Do you gamble? Are you addicted or do you "play" the game? What's your advice for knowing when to walk away? And do people with gamb-ling problems really think they’ll recoup what they’ve lost if they just keep playing?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New Orleans is back in the national news all of the national news outlets are carrying the story about the man who led New Orleans through its toughest time Katrina former New Orleans Mayor. Ray Nagin has been sentenced to ten years in federal prison for his convictions on corruption charges what your reaction to the -- sentencing. As it too long or not long enough. Nagin says he's innocent and he was targeted because of some of the positions that he took after Katrina were not pleasing to some powerful people in New Orleans. If you enjoyed our show with your comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Told 386688. -- early seventy. And -- ever is a 77. Earlier today and -- talking to partial to the top cats and this Saturday is the big Beatles fans to do it every year this their twelfth year doing it. And this year 2014 is the fiftieth anniversary. Of The Beatles arriving in America. And just amazing to see that in many different generations that are part of Beatles last year every year in the world and I mentioned to rob about Ringo not being the greatest drummer. And your problem which it agreed to -- himself pointed out that Ringo might not have been but drummer who used all of his limbs the way some drummers do. But that he was very effective and very. Very efficient -- the style of music that The Beatles did. Although light her stories that Paul would go back in after recession and going and it even though Paul wasn't drummer he would go back in and read -- some of the some -- -- the -- stuff that Ringo had done earlier in the session. I don't know if it's true but that's this story this it's been circulating for quite some time. So we're also talking tonight about who is -- the best drummer in rock. And I got a call earlier for somebody who said guy from zebra and my friend Steve Arsenault. Who is a musician said to it's a guy -- so it here's attacks -- gill so was the drummer for zebra. And a number of attacks from people who say -- perk of rush. Was the best drummer ever hears a text -- believe it or not Rick savage of Def Leppard. Before his accident which really really good. That's the guy who lost to all our. In an accident. And -- They figured out how we could still play drums with with one or I forget exactly with the contraption wise but. He continued to be the drummer for Def -- even with only. One -- we're also talking about the pressure that President Obama is getting for visiting the border. It safari hasn't done that he's on. And a tour right now to help raise money fundraising tour. For democratic candidates. The -- blog tonight is titled should President Obama visit the border that's all -- WW a party -- opinion poll. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW dot com something else for talking about the shipment if you're joyous with a comet tonight so our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Parents -- seventy. In a text number is 8770. Also a Fox News contributor doctor Keith -- -- who -- have a lot of admiration force it's something that I thought was only reserved for the ignorant. However doctor -- -- on fox -- this morning. He said did the same sex marriage law. That allowing same sex marriage. Could lead to a man or woman marrying. Their dog. And I've had listeners call out and bring up that point where and we talked about same sex marriage. And I just think that is is an absurd remark. Because it's a dog can't give his or her consent. But -- cut coming at me thinking about attractive dog to collect the looks that Russian wolfhound Europe to be nice Irish -- From cantor Kevin during WWL. Group leader Khaled. -- almost two drummers. Yeah go ahead Acadia and one rush you get a lot of text on yeah. Repercussions and I'm going strong light and well studied -- -- a -- -- racial college noble sport cricket island built up or Rick. Analyst Rick savage is I mean similar. That's right but it was recount whenever I remember doing a TV feature on him after he lost a battle to -- -- try to compensate. Don't know. -- Motley crew. -- -- Stewart Copeland was agreed to it still is good. It sure would call in. -- Okay it would. Take. In our league. And mangalore. What we wouldn't you think it was it was a good -- Is. Now. Out. All caught in. Lagos Nigeria. And -- you don't. You know that was a one to finish your list. Okay nobody can be able to put the Billy Joseph. In -- burial. McCartney's new law -- done. Now go back which are strict about all the political Bakken and -- party -- gringos. It is the view that when -- was -- of operational elsewhere Ringo wasn't even in the Studio One it was back in the social. I was sort of shut polite session when Rangel walked out. And the government Obama think all of grouchy and about a -- ago. Don't -- look at when Auburn actually lose on occasion and in alternative the collective they couldn't get real back in the top of. -- -- was Ringo do. Come on your your Ringo you know I mean come on you know the most important member of the band that they -- they're gonna have recession you better show -- yeah well. -- -- Kevin when I wish it would it was really young -- I'm I've played message from some little bit when I was a kid in junior high school played them -- -- -- -- damocles Helio dances and things like that. And I always remember it as really young person there was interest in drugs. I don't remember his name but I remembered the drummer of the band and the young rascals was a phenomenal. And I don't I don't remember is in New York. Whatever I appreciate the appreciate the list. And I don't want you to. Here is attacks -- ringgold. Was such a bad -- that Paul McCartney used to -- -- after Ringo left the studio. Here's a text Abe Cunningham from the -- tones. Great drummer and here's a text about the Nagin sentencing of the woman in the background at the press conference. Also testified before congress and bill Jefferson's. Invitation. She proceeded to. Ramble held the government. Blew up the levees during Katrina. If she is a racist not. I did hear the press counts I never saw the woman but I heard this woman who was trying to. Simply talk over. Did the press conference and that's a technique that some people use. Rather than use. Intelligent. Debate. To -- or something basically try to physically shout down. Somebody's speaking. And I just I find that very irritating but they repeated as this happens around the country not just here but their people who just wanted that their their goal is to just shout you down rather than. Challenge we have. A cerebral discussion. If you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. -- every text number states every Saturday here's text ads says that best drummer was or is Chad sexton of 311. And that is from Darren for the -- soldier it's on the or short. Here's a quick update on our -- W -- -- jaguar opinion poll I should President Obama visits the border. 26% saying no 74% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com to port right on the show we're gonna talk about club 27. Club 27. All the rock stars. And prominent musicians. That died at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison. Janis Joplin Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse. Brian Jones of the The Rolling Stones nearly years. Club 27. Is there anything to going to the age of 47 of your roster we'll talk about that on the -- show tomorrow night's. And we'll be right back out to be WL. It's. What -- -- really young teenagers I remember liking the young wrestlers that later just became the restaurants and I remembered there was a lot of talk and all the magazines and everything it. They're drummer is a phenomenal drummer. There was definitely -- like it would have been a black man. -- the -- -- -- -- Mean it's amazing it's an update on. -- if you're ready -- loving people should President Obama visit the border 25% say no 75% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Apparently I -- pronouncing. The that the name of the drummer of a rush. And -- I apologize for that this is trying to tell me to pronounces not hurt its. He hurt. It is -- to call the correct me and -- pleased you can buy I I hate to -- -- -- apparently missed pronouncement a from Covington -- Iran's crucial into the WL. Are you bet I knew and Ayman -- Albany power is called -- -- he -- now I remember the name I remember the name Dino. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I remembered it was it was Dino and Keith Moon who were just described as the best drummers at the time. Well that some our nation of course of course. It's all -- My gently from we've -- equipment. I played -- so -- year Shipley for a return trip late forties. One and so -- has some opinions on robbers disarmed at a disagree a little bit about Ringo playing. On the disagree about almost every opinion on that is reached or passed away. As a member of the group you don't have to play the best arms you don't get scrum so. What you have to do -- into the groups that look to you on ball. Well work so well -- W bush or he goes well and absolutely four. Drums were were really more a part of their song -- drums were part of a -- salt especially in the early years. Like. What happen. Being cocaine and and plate like he eats. Eat. This you don't know for sure Paul. Yeah certainly for your particular. And that was a comment that Iraq shall determine the telecast made to earlier in the show -- really kind of started this whole conversation tonight. Right I mean do you have to be portable group. Yeah. Actually the best that I can think there's Bob column -- -- what jeers really yet. Now that I think about it you know that was kind of a jazz rock fusion music when it first started and guess it was late sixties. And it's right I remember some very important that chance to get him I'd I'd I'd do remember some significant. And -- accents in their songs. You never know -- But that's why he's so good and I only -- to -- You're not supposed to broad -- -- -- you're not spokesman though the -- and chewed gum and focus when they're not there. Interest. That's a really good point Rick I'm glad -- -- the -- thanks for sharing your expertise as a drummer here's a -- reason yes drummer Alan -- was pretty good here's a text. As good time out of your area please tell me we're the sheiks are going to be. I know you said yesterday that you were gonna let us know -- you know and I if I I really got. Dizzy today and I did not I did not do so for that I apologized. The sheiks Michael O'Hare and the sheiks are going to be in New Orleans I believe the date is July 26. And -- Michael error. He called me the other day through Jimmy who used to -- Jimmy's. And they're gonna do it on a special show reunion show here in New Orleans. And I'll have that information for I'm sorry I I've got preoccupied and did not did not mention that but if you if you aren't listening to our night and you wanna send me the email. I'm -- nearly the information back. My email address is scoot. That's WW dot com and it -- at WWL dot com. I was watching this guy play video poker the united got no fear I'm just gonna stop off to relax a little bit -- it spot. I was watching a guy playing video poker. But he really didn't seem to be playing it. He seemed to be absolutely obsessed. With pushing the button. As fast as he collect. He always accepted the advice of the video poker machine. To hold the cards it suggested to halt. And he couldn't push the button fast enough. To get a new hand part to get that to hand after their cards were held. And it occurred to me that he really wasn't playing that it was almost as if he was obsessed. Now I'm not criticizing you for America's everybody's entitled to be into their own thing. But I don't understand. The joy way -- just pushing that -- I mean do people really play video poker nights it's not a gambler I don't know enough Campbell here and there but I. I can't stand to lose much in I'm frustrated by it was a little bit so I walk away. I'm very happy to walk away with a little bit winnings a few times and I've had that I'm very happy to walk away for a little bit on I'm done. So I I respect those who deal with a true gambling problem but I have to admit. It's. Not. It's not a problem that I I understand. So do you have any advice. When it comes to walking away from the table. Are walking away from the video poker machine do you have any rules. That it helps you walk away because that's the big challenge. If you're down in gambling. You're not winning. You keep playing because you -- recoup what you lost and you just I guess the thought process is if I keep playing and go to win. What is it that you tell yourself how do you how do you get indexed. In that mind set. To walk away. If you're a tourist item numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 88908 -- -- Texas a seventy said he hears detects it and I thought this was true -- wanna say until I was I was sure the -- will be at the old Jimmy's. And I'm gonna have more information I think there's going to be a party or some kind of press and meeting agree with Michael here in the sheiks and -- I'll have that information for you tomorrow night. But I'd love to know what what you go through in in terms of of breaking away from. For the video poker machine. You know how I watched this guy at one point he was up on 200 credits and -- some of my work in a glancing over he's up 200 credits. And he's definitely not thinking it toward credits via I think the -- first put in. Enough for twenty credits. And he was up 200 crescent that at this point I'm on here and I'm checking out. But he kept playing got down to nothing. Put more money in the video poker machine and then he was up and he was down. Now at one point he did cash out any he left with money I I don't know how much I have no idea how much he put in the machine. In the process to to get to that point. But gamblers are called players. But obviously for Sonny it's so much of an addiction. That it's really not about playing it's about. Being obsessed. Cannot it's it's sad to see some people had video poker machines to -- I guess. Sit there with the hope that they're going to be big winners. And yet many of them. Might not even have the money might not be able really to afford to to be able to. To lose the money and yet they do open. I I'd like to know what you tell yourself. That helps you walk away from the table with a video poker machine. When you're down it's like okay amid -- here or I guess the big challenge to is to. Know when to walk away when your -- because it's money you -- that you know you're playing with money you didn't have before -- keep playing to the point where you'll lose your winnings. If you -- to join our show tonight and -- are numbers 2601872. All 38668890. At seventy. And a text number is 877. For -- John your -- dispute showed good evening. -- -- -- A lot of technical comment about media -- personal material itself. A radical in its treatment -- -- 69. And worked on the order used to. Peter Geithner be -- Anywhere they put on record a one month to talk mature on mark Edward Albright -- -- -- beautiful morning. That was it -- agrees on early -- -- -- early in order crypto one -- time papered remembers it silently. Well in regard to video poker he used to. I have on new casino in Concord who want -- are you couldn't play a lot of local local real poker. -- Well he of people who played video poker or almost a separate group. They're in there and almost all at once several. Com. They'll play it -- Coming he. I mean that's what I I noticed about it you know it's like there was any pause there wasn't any real thought process he was just pushing the buttons eyes as fast as he could push the button. And to me that seemed like he was more of an obsession that it was. Playing the game. Well you know where there -- no I actually used to talk to people and leaders to put a slot machines and a mind toward that. They're not the super spent 21 with all the annual bonuses. For it you know and Christine took the Utah in the video -- ordered you know that. Com. -- -- really trying to do its part according to a -- -- NATO will bomb big jackpot trauma video poker and they're good check out. Dirty dirty yet and I think as people to get into that thing did -- are going there are gonna get that the jackpot. Real but that that that's the goal is to hit the jackpot so windy you know when to walk away. Well that most of them. Compute but will it. Over the people like to insure played poker gonna take good breaks and coconut meal taking -- break. I want to use -- meet different people played to its machine particularly York. He -- this group they played at Ritchie after. Anybody Yale and they're making it that. And I think that. The jackpot not saying a number of people do. The legislative or not he you know so that they make that -- -- through that. Plate to try and another but where I think it took -- operation part. To me they're -- bunch of people that play video poker -- need to be you know. And mark watch and play video poker in almost every one of super -- -- and seem like -- -- John I appreciate you calling the show. And nationalistic. Yeah I'd just like I couldn't help but just make this observation and it's not like I was sitting there criticizing this guy because it's just like battering -- I have a ton of money might be able to lose the money. So wasn't being judgmental as much as I was just trying to kind of analyzed. Where this was. Turning into a game or was it just a total obsession. Again I'm not a gamble and win I have gambled I've enjoyed. Roulette. I've had Democrats I've played craps with a friend of my Brothers for different my Brothers. And -- -- in the Gulf Coast that he had a system. And all I know is that we do three of us were playing together we pull the money and pretty much let him. The issue was what to do. And I started out with the twenty dollars and ended up with a 170. So it it it worked -- and he knew when to walk away so he's got a really good system. But I I enjoy a if I'm gonna do that and I wanna be part of the atmosphere at a casino. Which I think it's sometimes fun to be part of even on not a gambler. I like roulette because -- you can puts the the chips on. The corner a four squares and if it lands on any one of those than you at least get paid something. So you just have a better chance to win immediate you -- you know trying go for the bigger jackpot by putting our blunder putting it on to a pretty column and get to went to the one against. But I've that's a game that you couldn't beat you could play for awhile and and not necessarily lose money as fast. The other thing that I I have done in the past when I've played video poker is. Or or the slot machines -- like that that have the old crank you know the bill the -- to pull down. Because it takes a little longer to do that in between so you play it a little bit longer -- just sit there and hit the but as fast as you can. To me that just doesn't seem like a game but. I guess it is to some people. If you enjoyed our show with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. If you're a gambler. How do you tell yourself to walk away when you're down. Are Heidi you know when to walk away when you're up to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 877. From Biloxi Kevin your on this -- -- WWL. -- -- -- organized like him. We I'll invite that what might happen where are still trying to Lynn Lipton had to pull out. And I thought about a conversation. With they casino manager ordered that. Casinos here Bullock and through the front of my fathers -- have -- better. And I said you know what. Can any person. Really -- an exchange of consistently. -- -- -- well he said they came and he said but they usually don't know. So what you mean he's terrible. -- I like the caught the small purse. Now that the small purse and he says yeah he says nobody comes -- usually look at small parts that. You come in you when you're forty and fifty and you -- He says nobody has since folks so get out and I'll keep order that good at 8000. And -- what they -- believe that you're under but they'll go to another country. And he -- that everybody that came in with a small purse. If they can only be out of business. But nobody has the best -- and in the consistency could do it. And that's. You know that's that's human nature Cavendish fifth year if you opt. Then you think oh my god I'm I'm I'm up and and people think well I'm I'm playing with money that I didn't have before so now I can I can gamble even more. And then when they start to lose that they try to get back to the point where they were when they were were winning and I I guess if you. If you play the game long enough that's White House wins because ultimately in the long run if you keep playing. You're not gonna continue to win. Yet statistically you'd just not gonna do it in another thing shared -- -- it's pretty much that these machines are suckers. It's better for entertainment that you do and that community in the -- you just might well and that's. He said that anybody think you're gonna consistently when that the machines. You know there -- but he says what you can't. Is blackjack craps. Poker. And not video poker but -- him. And he -- the best the best. Our blackjack. And then from there craps in you mentioned that system. And I have a friend who has the same sort of system and more times than not you'll win that say about sixty to 70% of our annual letter. This guy is is a winner and his system is just based on OK I'm I'm I'm starting if I win a little bit I put it in. Pretty in this area and I don't touch this money I only gamble with this money. If I win I put a little bit over here and little bit over here and he just really had a good sense -- for the gave Kevin a political show thanks for listening. For the Ninth Ward -- -- WL. -- -- -- -- So you talk about playing poker you. Get the ball. You ought to be -- -- And you know you play poker and -- eat and go out and -- ago. Now do you do you. Do you go when do you have a certain amount of money that you'll spend a name when you get to that point he lost that then you leave. Maybe silent 500 dollar -- low. And I'm solely at maybe it's silently. And you know it all depends when you can afford it you'll. If you adopt -- it. You might wanna go. At you like a worker in my political. In out is -- Hewlett Ishikawa and try to get a good time. -- I am glad to -- to show -- -- one thing I've noticed on. My friend -- it's gambling and she wanted to order a drink and this is it to Ed Harris. And I guess they have this in other casinos as well but she's sitting there at the video poker machine. And you can now push a button. And you could actually ordering your drink. Why you sitting at the machine. And it's it summons a waitress from someplace in the back you actually you actually typed in what you want to drink. I forget exactly however it's not like a little computer screen if you say you just sitting there so you don't have to leave you don't even have to look for a waitress anymore. You just type in which -- drink. And they'll bring it right to you hear is attacks do you walk away when you're out of money I don't care how far you get up. And that's. That's and had a good philosophy to have. Here's a -- they always have felt the video poker was the most boring waste of money in the world it's not really entertaining for me. So that's not entertaining that I'm assuming that. That people played because they really feel like they're gonna win. Because it's I was observing this guy not judgmental way but just wondering. Why would this be -- -- is constantly sit there and just push the button as fast as you could. Do you gamble. Do you have any advice on when to walk away if you and enjoy pressure with a -- tonight about -- -- stuff we're talking about our numbers 26018. Saturday. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And -- text -- 77. To be talking about a great drummers today got a text years says I don't remember his name that the drummer of of iron butterfly. From the song and got a defeated at this I don't know very long the drum solo I have to say this guy was. A pretty good -- I'm -- him we'll be right back on -- -- out. John witnesses. The producers said hey what if he's politically is that what about the drummer in the the Diana Ross wasn't coming out. Bernard Edwards who -- thin -- This divers in their control. We get dogged by great drivers there's attacks driving the -- is give buddy rich. A little credit buddy rich was a great it's free to drummer for non military as a kid watching him -- The Tonight Show it might like it was a drummer so admired him but he rich and. Nineteen crew that was another great drummer I see -- the movie the tree did she Cooper story and it's really fascinating excel video of place in the movie. And it's just. Very interesting story. This was not about rocky was about more big band kind of stuff for -- Cooper phenomenal drummer phenomenal musician. And get really caught up in drugs so that's not something that is just starting to happen now they're talking about gambling and here's some advice -- to play you go with that amount to lose only. Set a goal to cash out and stick to it when winning isn't enough to cash out it's time to quit. Here is -- text. Nine X. Was obsessed with -- My system was to show up periodically and steal some of his chips. Till I had his state cover. Then. He could play until we -- was broke and we would end up leaving. Even -- that there's there's good advice. For those people have a hard time walking away. How do you how do you walk away what would you tell yourself. When you're down. You can't keep playing if you keep playing you're gonna lose more mean he might win a little morbid. They started out. And you keep trying to recover what you've lost -- in this desperate attempt to win back. You lose even more and then human nature doesn't always allow you to. To quit when you're ahead. So what's your advice when it comes to gambling switcher which your personal strategy. When it comes to gambling -- walking away from Gulfport -- your under the WL. -- -- -- -- Although I would -- -- they I dated that girl. He loved playing it poker I was like -- And like you -- he lawless tribal. Well learned. Words they have all the scenarios like you know it is like if you can afford to deserve -- and kicker all they're better on the current pace yet. -- -- This scenario is that that leaves them and they play like normal you know play. Then they plays a completely different. No way they played. Averages as far as what is now. They're normal people wouldn't do and I literally in full month. She line that people out thousand dollars I've never been a little like in my life and what heard -- mine are all -- the problem. Since he has she hit anywhere. Oh well great and the little long was 16100. And -- the average is between six and eight and you pick a picture of every country that what little life. So she had -- she had a a strategy she could tell when it was common. You got me and so on my birthday she could -- there are -- and he. I want to play -- out of garbage. I don't like planet if you were on the play out if you could -- our country a particular dollar. Outplayed an hour and a walk out of there with 12100 dollar play in the way that she'd. While. We are generally show. Yeah right. In particular are brought an amateur. Like Tacoma show it thanks for listing if you wanna join us -- you're coming tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. A -- numbers 87870. I tomorrow an open mind and Angela from one to four here starts out with Jefferson Parish president John Young talking about flood protection hospital controversy beautification projects. Along lovely that was below or and a lot more. Then at 2 o'clock it's an open book with Norman Robinson. A trusted newsman that we've all welcome to your host for decades he's now retired from television Angela will get up close and personal. With Norman Robinson been at 3 o'clock New Orleans district attorney Leon and Kenneth -- And why his first step toward reducing rampant crime. Is to have stricter enforcement of gun law violations. All of that it's an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and we days when before my -- if you help. A college student accidentally sets a sexist message to her. Dead. The intent to heated back and said -- you mean to send me this is this what you do while you're at school. She sent a sex message to a dead. Ever send a text message to the wrong person. I I had it was nothing ban during an incriminating but it. You gotta be really careful when you when you push that send button because the -- come in and sometimes you don't have the pursuit of their it. Can only imagine what would be like to send -- sex message to your dad. -- getting a number of text about the drummer for. For -- and -- a parent parent I guess that's what you pronounce his name. Best drummer. Is -- also goes on to say Nagin initiative received double the penalty he -- Here's attacks there are gambling addicts that go to meetings just like alcoholics. And I got them some more advice on how to walk away from gambling as one of the things we're talking about on this computer night. Under VW well.