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07-09 11pm, Scoot/ Nagin Sentenced, Mexican Immigration

Jul 10, 2014|

Former New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison; your reactions? Should President Obama visit the U.S./ Mexican border, where there is a growing problem of child illegal immigration?

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Talking about to gambling because the other night I got off work and I was sitting in this place relaxing after the show and I've just watching this guy play video poker and it did look like he was really playing it looked like he was just totally obsessed with it. He couldn't push the that he had this just dead stare on the machine. In his body did move the only movement was pushing the button. As fast as -- DB up to be down skip pushing the -- when he was down to provoke boarding and she finally cashed -- I don't know what you're left with I don't know how much would he put in the machine. But it didn't seem like he was playing it seemed like he was totally obsessed with it and I have to admit that I'm not a gambler. Since I do have obsessive compulsive disorder I understand being obsessed and I understand. Just being. Just totally addicted to something I understand that I just have been fortunate enough to never have the as the gambling addiction but we've been talking about what it takes to walk away what do you think about when you. Decide you're gonna walk away. Where the youth lost some. Or whether you have one. Sometimes it's hard to walk away when you win because you think all right I'm playing with money that I didn't have before and well I might win even more I guess some people play to. Actually. It I guess treated sort of like a business like they're they're gonna hit that the big jackpot it's. It's kind of sad because I know a lot of people can afford to put money in those machines and they they do anyway. -- -- -- -- Giving me more details about the this sexting of this college student -- site I did notice but it says here it was actually nude picture. This college students at a nude. Picture. To her dad. It -- Accidents but. Be careful when you when you push that button. I saw the new Miley Cyrus video and I saw this story and it described the new Miley Cyrus video as a creepy new video. With nudity drugs profanity. And a stolen brain. It's titled. Why aren't super freak. Steals them the magic brain. She does the video with with -- the singer Moby who is he's bald he looks like an alien. And did Mobley was always you kinda weird you're talented but that kind of weird he plays a cult leader. Who instructs -- Nicky young woman to steal Miley Cyrus is bringing. The music that goes along with his video is absolutely we heard. And I just don't CD's getting much attention than that the shock value of a Miley Cyrus also does it with the psychedelic band the Flaming Lips. And it's just a very very weird video and it starts out with Miley Cyrus -- and bad we've empty pill bottles that Stewart. And rentals all over the bed and then there's this pink -- substance -- purple gooey substance that is says supposed to be her brain. And then this naked young blonde comes in and steals her brain and she wakes up and says where's my. Blank. -- And she smokes pot their bare breast. Some brief frontal nudity. And the brain ends up with a rodent in the -- it's just it's very very stupid. So I hope nobody really pays too much attention that. Here is a text John Bonham was the perfect drummer. Everything you played was meant for the song. I had a a call from we've been talking about that is well it's hard over the conversation I had risks tough Castro or brought Schulte. A -- The Beatles tests this says Saturday night at house of blues which is a big big annual event -- This is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America so I guess in some ways it has extra meaning the Molly remotes and other local performers -- rocket tootsie. I will be performing there Saturday called old beatle songs. And he was I mentioned something about Ringo not being a very good drummer he said but -- was perfect for The Beatles and I had a -- call earlier. And say that. Decree drummers of the drummers that just fit the song and fit the group they don't overplay and they don't under play and I think it's a really good way to look at it. And I'm just a continuing to get more text about the drummer for. For rush of one of the more cerebral plants and rock even to this state. Here's a text I won't walk into a casino with more than a twenty dollar bill. And -- -- you played you have fun I remember when I was in in Denver my girlfriend at the time. She. She would consume alcoholic beverages. And even if I would lose. If she would drink free I cannot hit at the end of the night so it turned out to be a good day I love Vegas I'm. I'm I'm not a not a gambler but I just liked the uninhibited atmosphere. A Vegas. -- President Obama is on this fundraising tour raising money for democratic candidates. And he was in Denver with governor John Hickenlooper and he was in a bar playing pool and Patrick and -- I mean I hope that's OK I mean I hope nobody would George the president for drinking a beer. And playing -- While he was walking through the bar. Some -- the crowds and hey you wanna hit this. And pot is legal and Colorado system owners offering the president hit. Any kind of smiled and lasting and and waved it off but that did get some attention in the media today. They receive humanitarian crisis that continues to grow with the US border. And -- justice continuing influx of thousands of illegal immigrants many of them unoccupied children. President Obama and Republican lawmakers are blaming each other for the crisis and it's really sad but it's a typical politics today. Obama was -- in nine Dallas Texas today for fundraising trip for democratic candidates but he also participated in a roundtable discussion. We is not people like a Texas governor Rick Perry who is BN a strong. Opponent vocal opponent of President Obama. And it looks like Rick Perry might be trying to take care of his senate tarnished a national credentials for a possible run in 2016 and it. Rick Rick Perry's campaign 2012 really prove to be an embarrassment and he was kind of a joke on -- on the campaign trail. But it looks like he might be trying to position himself for running in 2016. Now. Rick Perry originally placed a lot of Republicans -- conservatives when he projected an invitation to greet President Obama when he arrived at the airport. But is it turned out he did greet him at the airport and they both flew on in Marine One helicopter. To the place where they were having this this roundtable meeting but Rick Perry did. And except the invitation to shake the president's hand. When he boarded Air Force One but it's just it's it's. I guess it's kind of -- members of both parties. -- are there are so. Interested in using this humanitarian crisis on the US border. For political gain. The White House said the president and his officials are keeping up to date information. On the latest developments along the border but they have no plans to visit the area. And since he was going to be in Dallas and I wanna say that's -- you know maybe 500 miles or 250 mile I don't know what -- suburban Dallas is -- that. The very closest of border where this is a big problem. There were a lot of people saying the president should go and there are members of both parties. Who have called on the president to visit the border is is large surge of illegal immigrants a continues to him that come into our country. But here's -- interesting if the White House is saying. That President Obama. Is being kept up to date on the latest developments on the border so he doesn't need to go there. That covers the White House justify. The president showing up in other disaster areas like here in Louisiana after Katrina. Or even in New Jersey following -- His physical presence isn't actually need it and the president could actually. Get all the information he needs from video. From witnesses. Dead heat pads has -- here. I you know I I've always been critical of this and it doesn't matter who the president as a Republican or Democrat. I've always been pretty crisp criticizing presidents Ford. For using disasters as photo opportunities. To give Americans the impression. That they are gonna hands on approach here that they're ready to handle problem they were there they sought for themselves. But they've really don't have to see it. To understand what's going on. Mean president's. Star Wars. And they weren't actually -- year to see what led to the need to start a war. In reality the president can be -- and any situation from the White House and much of this presidential travel is just for show. There's a disaster the president boards Air Force One and shows up to here and I remember talking about this in the year when President Obama came here after -- -- And it's always nice to have a president in your in your city. But the truth is. It was a photo opportunity because there's really nothing that his physical presence. Could do is it really that important for president's. To visit disaster areas. A former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee who is a host on Fox News and also as a possible Republican contender in 2016. Compared president Obama's lack of response to the immigration crisis to President Bush is delay in visiting New Orleans. After Katrina. And there's a democratic congressman from Texas who said the administration is way behind on this crisis. And does senator Lindsey Graham who's also -- very vocal critic of President Obama Republican from South Carolina. Said that all the children should be sent back to their families. In any country that fails to do more to prevent illegals from coming to America. Should lose foreign aid from the United States an interesting idea. The fact that there's this sudden increase in illegal immigrants coming to America. Including many. And accompany kids. Just magnifies. That this is a humanitarian crisis. Both parties. Are playing politics. And using innocent children as pawns in their game. But the idea of a parent giving up their child. Sending their child to America for the promise of a better life and children making this long. Trip that must be a frightening trip to them from Central America to the United States. This this reality should target the hearts of every American citizen. Who was blessed. To be born -- America. We choose where people. We were all blessed viewpoint here. It's not easy to move to another city. As an adult and I had my share of experience moving to different cities and and while it's a great adventure. It's and it can be. A little scary even as an adult. But it's got to be even more difficult for child to move especially. Moving without a parent being sent on this long trip with strangers. Two a country where -- -- don't know anybody and you don't even speak the language. And I think to fully appreciate what that reality is like. I think you would I have to try to imagine. The conditions of where we live being sold bet. They are we willing to say goodbye to our children. And send them to a foreign land along with the hope that they'll have a better life probably never seeing them again. Or. Baby -- never even knowing what happened to them as a result of Europe painful decision to send them to another country. I don't know what the answer -- What's happening is not good it's not good that we have this influx of of thousands. Of children I think they have had. Now 809700. Kids. Unoccupied -- accompany kids 9700 have been taken into custody. But since -- And this continues to grow now Rick Perry has even. Suggested that the the Obama administration since there's so inept in their response to this this crisis. That they must somehow be involved they have an ulterior motive I don't know what that motive would be. I mentioned last site that I've read that some speculation is that. I Hispanics in America mean more future voters for the Democratic Party but I just can't imagine that the Obama administration would be. Involved in this kind of human tragedy. So even though I don't have the answer I do know that we are -- great compassionate nation. And we should be able to figure out a solution. Without using innocent children. In this high stakes game of politics. That's what said the -- both sides playing politics. And as citizens. Who were often willing to take political sides. We should show our appreciation for being Americans by resisting both parties' attempts. To use us. And it's as pawns in their game as well. We should we should only demanded a solution is found. And it doesn't matter whether Republicans. On the Obama administration. Or both worked together to find a humanitarian solution to this crisis. And sometimes I think we as citizens. Need to reject the game of politics. But it takes advantage of humans. Especially. Innocent children. Now I agree. We can't handle all of these disputes. And we we need to get him back to their families. I don't know exactly how we do that that's gonna be a logistical nightmare but we can't we can't open our borders. But having said that. This is. A humanitarian tragedy that should touch the heart of every American. Who was blessed. To be born in this country. And it it it bothers me that. That politics. Supersedes. The humanitarian aspect of this with these these skits coming here. It's truly. -- And yet we. The citizens. We've become part of the game by by picking sides. But he Republican or Democrat. EE ten to excise. A situation like this. And so the politicians. Get with they want. They use. Tragedies. Disasters like this. To advance their political ideology. And I think it's sad I don't think the president visiting the border is gonna do any good I don't know that that's gonna treat I think that's a photo opportunity. But if the president and other presidents have done this as well if they show up that disasters. Or witness a crisis if they show up for photo opportunity. And I don't understand. Why a President Obama would not sure while at the border. He shows up somewhere after hurricane. After a storm after some natural disaster. And why wouldn't show that the border. If you would rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 386688. -- early seventy. And a text number. It's a 77 -- what tonight is titled should President Obama visit the border and that's on our website at WWL dot com and here's our Debbie if you are pretty general opinion poll. Should President Obama visit the border 27% say no. 73% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW multi count. I'm -- and we'll be right back with your comments on WW well there's a humanitarian crisis at the border and yet in this country it's a political debates. Republicans blaming Democrats. The president and Democrats blaming Republicans. And yet there -- these innocent kids that are being used as pawns in this game of politics. I don't know what to do with -- and I do know that this country can't just it's taking in all these these kids and take care of them. But it's just it's the way that many people are treating this crisis that I think tells us a lot about who we have become. You know we should be human beings first. Our responsibility is to human beings on this planet first. Our citizenship. Are nationality. -- concept. If you would enjoy -- show with your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. From -- Mike you're on the -- show on -- humility thing. Even if you -- The president is busy. You know I don't think he really needs to go to the board find out what's going on. You know just grow three point seven billion dollars -- the problem make it go away what -- expected to begin. Fundraising. Or so he would. Yeah and I think that even really accentuates even more the fact that he hasn't gone to the border yet because she's raising money for democratic candidates. And -- -- you know perception in many ways is reality and it makes the president seemed even more disconnected. And that's not something that this president needs to these -- appear to be. What Miami -- -- for reelection. Look at Google dot. But you know we know weren't -- children. Abandoned at the border and -- -- -- the majority of these children coming over but in Mexican. Authorities. Ordinary apparently from Central America going to -- to our quality. Eight girls. -- On the border of Mexico. And in northern border Mexico and across the they have -- in you know. But I think it's great to be. -- -- war -- losses and then how did these are likely get across the border. In. Mexico. Oh. Of the border. State well I did not get it right. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe that there are people who promised that their kids are gonna get to American I guess they're paid to do this. They're promising that their kids are gonna get to America and not be deported. And even the president has said did just about all of these six children will ultimately be deported. But there was no law that I believe came into effect under the Bush Administration. It says she can't just send back -- you can if you if it's if it's Mexico or Canada you could send him back right away. But you have it could differ -- some other country. You have to put children through this process of bringing them into custody and then deporting them so that's one of the reasons for the delay. Certainly the Cold War effort. Somebody. Would have you know into the border they would have to -- Urgent problem -- me. Manufactured. I don't think that anybody. In the United States' main factor. That happened. Interpret. It and you know it would when conducting. Is that. You know -- If they're -- and doing our thing. Let them come over within -- some -- California. Would have brought -- -- year we're gonna trot out and you know definitely. Elvis Landis donated but let my understanding. That might get. It's my understanding that they're going to be they're gonna be sent back. Well it's gonna be sent back to anybody in -- yet. Two it is a cry out in people protest in the -- -- I've seen them on the news and lonely -- -- Leo was paid union. Again this process Scott complicated under a law that went into effect when when bush was in office that I don't have to do you ultimately. Want I I understand but he's closer. Aspect but you know the right thing is that. If they if the administration. -- the people were charged now do not think that the same thing is letting it happen. It might keep you can't ignore lawless. That had been passed. -- right so you assign each. -- -- that art books ago. -- The law that the bush -- so what what do you think the morning of course you're if you're you're administration. If you're blaming the Obama administration. What is -- -- And doing not think. More than you're blaming -- so what's the motive what's the motive to do nothing. Demographic. On electoral states so you buy into the idea that these -- democratic voters absolute. Mike a lot of people agree with you. Absolutely. Demographic of just -- a Democrat in action or fifty years. In the future. -- -- Why couldn't. Like couldn't Republicans appeal to these voters. Right. At the end. The -- a little bit let's let's be honest about it the Republicans have an image. Appealing to one win. Interest of keeping these people in for cheap labor. Democrat. That people -- Democrats elections. Now. -- there's a difference in -- Democrat Republican republic. It -- party in power. That. To benefit and -- And then look what happened and it would. You. Keep themselves in power. To. But that's the focus of the focus of every election that was the focus of Bush's two election to me that's the focus of every election to stay in power. Party -- that this country is going to ruling in the next twelve years. Don't know. How would -- Republican Democrat -- Mitch McConnell. RE EK -- record. I'm Cochran. One party. Mike I I agree. I mean there's there's two different parties but they've only go out. It's ideology. It's basic ideologies what you. Might like I'm not there are two parties that are very very sharply divided but I don't disagree with use -- they don't. Really worked in the best interest of the American people their goal is to gain power and -- advance the agenda of the year of their part -- -- directly at parties are or are on the -- abortion. Well there. Is that that power is we need to keep that power in the money. -- is oh in the middle -- Sport and and. 001 of the problems is the fringes have been able to define. In particular recently the Republican Party and that has hurt the Republican Party at the at the polls. Might I appreciate I appreciate you calling nine to recover station. I know a lot of people agree with you. Here is a text sorry buy -- I cannot see spending four billion dollars on immigrant children our country's already trillions of dollars in debt. I worry about my own children's future in this country and I I I clearly understand I don't know what the answer is. But we should demand an answer. We should figure out the answer that that should be what we as human beings who just happen to be Americans. That's -- we should demand emphasis. Dated bothers me that innocent children. Are being used this as pawns in this political game. And they clearly are both sides are blaming each other mid term elections are coming up. The Obama's administration does not appear to have done enough they might be working behind the scenes but that doesn't do any good. If we don't know what they're doing. And I've heard. From the administration of what has come out about this debts these children are going to be sent back. And it is complicated because of a law that went into effect it's my understanding and the Bush Administration I don't have the law in front of the but essentially it children in. Canada and Mexico the come across the border they can be sent right back. But you can't deport deport kids or people from another country as easily and they have to go through the process of being taken into custody. And then -- it. So like the right I don't know how this is gonna work it's a logistical nightmare but I guess I have the same question that this caller brought up -- that is. How did they get here. They didn't get here just walking on their own there's a concerted effort to get them here and that how that they physically crossed the border. -- how to how to all of these thousands and thousands and thousands of children. Unaccompanied children how to they physically crossed the border. Now we know that once they're here is more difficult to get him back. But now that they're here I would I would like to hear a little more sympathy in this country for that the kids who are here. For battery -- -- WW well. It's from the -- to -- -- good. And how they get here I think that the American people in the abduction and not come from. Ever -- from. And it is it's beyond doubt that should -- -- -- And among. Possible and no I'm not about men -- Obama upping it to its capsule. Probable that we -- -- it may not from Mexico. OK -- from Guatemala under Ramallah. -- Central America. But they don't want -- think there's -- there's there's there's a plan and there's a concerted effort to get them here because these these kids just here on their own. So what -- you look in that advantage is eighteen years it'll get there are you content via. Wouldn't put up. You know I. Barack Obama doesn't -- you could even call on that you know are now. Achieved -- he -- children go. To bed. And the use YouTube. And I know. Republican Democrat. I do agree. It Democrats are trying to get the ball. -- -- -- -- Louis Mississippi Biloxi. In this all these Vietnamese came -- and will be out fishing and who. -- talk -- these people who work in the salt. Tolerant and all static Vietnamese -- won't tolerate. Oh. I think that have to be strong -- out. I did not look -- -- but what if you Oprah what in the world. What would you do all these people call it. Well it's it's not it's hard for me to answer that because I don't. I don't have access to -- -- -- -- things that it could be done. Police say so you don't pick up toward refugees archbishop. It was brilliant actress and picked -- three little children. You know what bottle -- -- -- -- -- what I. Including. Four that you -- trying. They get in on the trying it's a process. In that thing that -- you we have just gotten. -- Companies and all of that and natural that we support from the but it straight from Guatemala. All of that. We've got trouble. We -- Droid line. I mean we wouldn't -- it. It's it and we all celebrated as -- blow that it would probably come back. Scoop on the New York. You know you. You've got like you or your own job and then you have a day. I'd you -- that child certainly can be in the matter -- harbor Libyan man. Got bush above them. Got blush I appreciate you wanted to journal group and -- Marmol all right thanks for listening. I might actually be sleeping tomorrow morning which you could talk to a Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning. That's the sad part of this these are kids. And and and -- I realized how old. How divided we are -- Republicans in and Democrats in both sides are blaming the other side and that's sad because. These kids. Maybe they can't stay I understand that in and they don't need to be here I understand all of that we your problems in this I understand all of that. But -- here. And we have to do the best we can't take care of their -- has its. And our responsibility. I think should be to other human beings first. And if we're the greatest country. On this planet. And we should demand. That those in office Republicans and Democrats. Figure out an answer. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Attacks state 7870. I'm screwed it will be right back -- do well. Maria Iraq is -- the conversation we're having a tonight to talk about -- -- just fever for just a moment he's pleaded no contest in court to a charge of misdemeanor vandalism. He threw eggs at a neighbor's house. Now he has to pay 80900. Dollars in restitution serve five days of community service and it was their problem -- jumpsuits and and going on -- their highways in Los into Los Angeles freeway and pick up to I don't know ways got to go to anger management. But this was because see -- -- an accident at a neighbor's house. The devious sentenced to two years' probation -- I guess no matter how rich and famous person AG is still kind of have that juvenile delinquent deep inside if you. I'm scoot get to your calls in just -- really get to -- east Texas text that says Obama had the power as well as push to put the National Guard on our borders without fences. Obama giving lip service to the dreamer phrase. Nearly invited them to come. And what is happening is the Democrats are using this to get voters. I hate the Republicans just as much but I am a conservative. -- kids. We're putting danger by their parents. And by us second. It's a mortgage -- just a moment very Euro and having WL. Yes that the -- and other elements and a -- that they even. I'm me and that and made that money mean and get something to -- -- -- -- at -- -- late -- -- money. What you would meet the the government officials in these countries and Mexico. And try to work something out in outfit coming in on planes up but. I think. I think both -- OK so they got -- -- some place. So why am Mexico even aligned and the clock that bill and awaited. Well I think the bigger question is why are we allowing them to cross. So let -- tells -- it's -- -- would it make the cut but I mean these people will examine content they have to be stopped. By the -- I don't I don't and I really and a loss to understand how they physically. Across the border and I realize that some people cross the border and in insults spots along the border and I don't like the kind of official checkpoint is really sad stories about people who literally die. -- coming across. Now that kind of thing followed with a bendable money trying to do the other. And I have played this morning that other ways of Kuwait to be having the money because. That and -- continued at clock but the budget they've done it may say. Well since may and this is -- -- but it's since made there have been 9700. Kingston and cross. Four pounds a month I don't know what the big unit but. And that is mind doing some things but the one that -- the world and it is. It's gonna keep on going every -- and get them for now that we without put. But it would have been the incumbent -- my investigation of something about it again on the clock and limit -- meet with the government visions of these countries. Mexico country and -- expecting immediate from the lack. Something lacking. Well I am I would agree with you I think it's a lot lacking -- I'm glad you called. Republican senator Lindsey Graham a South Carolina said that the countries that don't do more to discouraged. I'm very kids in illegal immigrants coming to America should lose their American foreign aid. And I mean that's -- a form of punishment. It's so sad though that. It poverty and violence. Is. Is such a prominent part of their lives. That taking the chance of their kids making it to America. Is a better option -- than staying there. Don't misunderstand my my thoughts on next I know we can't take care of all these these kids we can't take care all these illegal immigrants. But they are children. And -- here. And it's human beings we have to take care of him and figure out a way to get them home. Here's a -- reads who the hell cares if their kids. Put them on a plane looked in the eye and tell them they must enter legally. Re direct funds to our native American kids living in poverty due to all of your Americans. Encroachments. On our historical lions. Here is a text interesting conversation. Who has the motive the financial means and -- network to get these children to the US. Smart money would be the cartels. Follow the money. We tonight have also been talking about reaction to the sentencing former New Orleans Mayor Ray -- this has been all over the national news and it's been present it is a story of the mayor who led New Orleans through this difficult time of Katrina and following Katrina. Is now going to prison for ten years. Now that can tell people that we've got corruption here around the country or -- say we're not -- deal with corruption anymore mean there's two ways to to look at that. He was sentenced to ten years a lot of people think that that was not enough time. Some people think it's it's justified. This is the Stewart show and we'll be right back on VW well as this humanitarian crisis continues at their border of both parties will continue to play politics but if if you were quick to take a political side it is this human crisis. Then you will continue to encourage both parties to use innocent people in this case innocent children. As pawns in a political game. Here's an final update on -- W you -- your opinion poll tonight should President Obama visit the border 25% say no 75%. Say yes. I will be surprised if at some point soon he doesn't visit the border. But I kinda torn because I I don't agree with president's showing up. Which is a crisis. And using it is a photo opportunity. Which is what presidents do not just this president but all presidents do that. What difference does it make if they actually show up that it ended -- -- they do it because it gives the impression that they really care. But we need to be Smart enough to realize that. Their presence doesn't manifest the changes that need to take place it's a photo. So in that sense I don't think Obama should go to the border. But if he came here after I sick if he went to New Jersey after sandy if he goes to those places then why would he not go to this. Area where there's a crisis. And this new blood tonight it is session the president to visit the border it's all about that we talked about tonight that's on our website at WW dot com. To -- on the show we're gonna talk about the mysterious age of 27. A number of high profile rock stars belong to what's known as the 27 -- Jim Morrison. Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse Brian Jones of the stones. They all die when they were 27. Is there something about making it through the age of 27 that's specialist if -- rock star there are theories about this will talk about this on the show tomorrow night. And also when is it okay for your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend the night over if you have kids. Is it ever okay. And -- the what's the best way to describe this new person in your life to your kids. That's -- -- item description when they John -- studio producer also reject terrace theater studio have a great evening. Love -- New Orleans.