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Jul 10, 2014|

Dave talks about what's worth watching, crazed cat, and what's wrong with Bieber

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's July it's the ten. It's 2014. And may be -- more important it's the day before. Right there may be the first to issue and -- a happy I had a EU are -- yes indeed indeed and and Monday morning. Amenities back and showers along -- to any rain yesterday about it you know without it kept threatening and be like on the idea. -- threatening honoring your yacht on -- rant on you Randy mattered. And and didn't didn't happen. What to watch and on TV's. -- an interesting time for TV because you know most physicians. -- fall shows are all you know on hiatus but does -- decent new stuff out there and a lot of things people had been watching kind of came to an end. The other is a bunch of new stuff that I'm I'm kind of imaging figured into some of it as an even. Debuted yet but I've been seeing the little to users more I want. XT ROK I'll be curious about it Mary ship okay they came on last night. Was that I enjoyed it are talking -- watching our Alley Barry if its fifth pretty -- In including -- -- zero gravity and tallied -- very tight spaces. But that's now -- out interesting program. And libraries in pastor in the future. And big mystery is -- night spoiling anything and teachers. It's somehow while she's away on this space station for more than a year she gets pregnant. I'll be -- Then must've been on the water -- as I must be followed up there. There's thirteen months audio on air that nobody there but she get pregnant and she also has fertility problems. Oh. She was to -- can get pregnant at all but then she's -- alone. For over year and I'm not -- right. I -- distinct round and I there's a whole lot of other little plot elements that they brought into it so I enjoyed that. And also started watching the news show on HBO called the leftovers. I have started that two you do it's starting -- did start the water two episodes and of that yeah so I've been watching that. I haven't seen in the second one -- for the first from kind of intrigue me it's it's not weird it's weird and it isn't. On the first one I didn't like knock me out of my seat or anything but it's kind of got me interested enough that I wanna come back for more. I've seen both of the two new ones now it's got Liv Tyler and that's never. The premise on that one as. Certainly 2% of all the people the world just disappear literally vanish before people's -- 2% of all the people on the we have no idea. Gone gone somewhat and that. I like under the dome I'm glad that. Yeah Amazon that's it was a favorite blast are morons that it's -- -- I'm curious. A man like to a text and it's 7870. -- -- wanted. What's on TV it's worth it and it's it's gotten difficult to me. Defines the goods. Programs. Because there's so many channels have yet to be. You just yet the three big network and you do right word ago while that fox came along he had four networks and and -- okay unionize those that we weren't prime time. While then the cable networks are doing original programming than that premium now start doing no original programming to -- you -- it be great shows just about any. And so I'm just curious what are people watching what -- like now it could be I'm on FX TNT. All kinds -- Amsterdam the Afghan. All over the place. And how do you -- bill. -- go through the guide advocate 300 different channels with on. -- time for that the exactly but I do have time to. Have read text messages from people and 877. So what you watch and it's good right yeah let's help each other fine good stuff -- and this is going to be necessary. Until we get some sort. All. The man it's all about -- it's serious. I'm worried about the new fall shows and vineyard might mean Canada. -- where ideas I kind of trying not to think about it I'm now. And not to get the anticipation would -- All of a sudden just got to grab a smear I've -- me thinking about it not a coach. -- -- 78 and let me know what network or station these programs that does give me the name of the show because. A lot of I've never heard of Obama and -- would watch. There's those three kind of new things I'm watching right now under the down. But leftovers. And now stand on last night like tonight also one at least. Anyway what's on the fourth watch him talk about it here and read them well -- about everything else as well. -- Ten years. In prison. More about that. Sent. He's insisting he's guilty as apologized all maintaining his innocence. Tooth and nail. Overwhelmingly accident when he when he won. We'll keep that discussion on sports with mark Menard your forecast. For about now that's -- after that. Sheldon match in Charleston forge is the new black he -- it cannot comment on net. But I'll stick and it's and it's seventy's I don't watch TV until football season. -- -- -- Another mountain men on History Channel long -- on a any Monday nights at nine. As few of the things people watch and psychotic -- last night CBS right yet on CBS. And enjoy that's up like keep watch and that the leftovers on HBO is another new 1 that I am now watching. I've kind of backed away from -- dynasty but I'm gonna watch them on demand and just kept them news. Night shift on NBC's pretty -- at one watching as well what do you watch it on TV I wanna know office -- -- text messages today 7870 coming up after your forecast. -- -- rain chances we'll -- with this again today started off along the coast and then moving a little further inland by the afternoon and evening 40% chance today with highs right at ninety. Little hotter tomorrow 93 rain chances still pretty good about 30%. But looks hotter and drier for the weekend 94 both Saturday and Sunday with 820% chance for rain. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- about itself. Start now muggy and warm 89% relative humidity at 75 degrees at the airport in -- -- clip partly cloudy guys. Clear skies and -- Allen at 71 degrees. With com wins some and I'll stick to mediate 7870. About what they are watching on TV -- -- I watch the new Justin Bieber reality show on MTV. Who allow homage deeper -- take now we'll talk a little more about Bieber in the what is. People file coming up by the way. Now president's 24 hands down Ambac on fox. And knows his Big Brother on CBS mortgage -- coming up right now yes. I can. Watch him you can listen to. -- Bernard -- with sports on this day before Friday happy Friday march. Same year Dave any TV showed I have your attention it now slightly. You know I've been launching his National Geographic channel -- a three part special in the ninety's -- was fantastic. Three parts but 22 hours each and an idea that GO OK this up -- off that mark says is worth watching. Some people are still watching soccer. I'm watching soccer has the effect on Korea I think most Americans that I US is that all about that but the world operated on and stuff on on its sports on this. Eighties. Five days to go for the state to find Jimmy Graham and no movement from either side to this point we will keep you updated as this story progresses. Most analysts believe Graham will -- close to the deadline but that a deal will get done free agency in the NBA though officially began just a little over six hours ago. And the two biggest free agents are still very much undecided Carmelo Anthony met with Kobe Bryant as part of a lakers push for his services but Bryant said. He has no insight into what mellow Mike -- -- us isn't so hot topic of conversation in terms of where everybody's gonna go. You know everybody's here to read tea leaves. I don't really know which must tell you don't have any new information information just we don't know because I've known Friday. Anthony said to be choosing between the lakers the bulls are perhaps returning to the knicks. As for LeBron James he met with -- officials from Miami Heat including team president Pat Riley for more than an hour yesterday but did not making determinations. The meantime Cleveland Cavaliers got about the business of clearing cap space by shipping off three players in the hopes of making room for there once and maybe future king. The cavs also began a pursuit sharpshooter Ray Allen a -- friend of James. In stark contrast at Tuesday's World Cup semifinal that thought Germany dismantle Brazil seven of one. Yesterday's game between Argentina and the Netherlands went the distance without a goal scored. -- 00 at the end of extra time Argentina went on to win on penalty kicks for two to move on to face Germany in the World Cup final on Sunday. As for the Dutch they've got a date -- Brazil in the third place game on Saturday. And Donald Sterling had quite the day in court yesterday testifying that he will quote never ever sell the team and that he will sue the NBA for antitrust violation he also lashed out his wife Shelley shouting. Give away from you pig when she approached him at the end of the day sterling attorney Bobby -- later said that sterling didn't mean it. He was very regretful about it. Sometimes you know things are sad emotions get high. Sterling regret or something and he said we're we hear that before I'm mark Menard and that your early look at sports wait for me you pig -- what you read that you read it with the with -- But it meant that that's why I'm I'm I'm assuming he meant to you know things on the like at a place you mean and I think and it was in the court. This was in the courtroom at the end of the day she approached him put her hand on his shoulders and just kind of -- -- exchange pleasantries and he shrugged her off since the get away from you paid the it's funny. And all stories related train wreck and it's it's it's kind of like you just can't stop watching it because it is keeps. Giving and giving. From the theater of the answer and end this might end up being very important legislation here unit that that that gets filed by the court because. Would never seen this before we never seen an owner. Forced out of the lead. By the league and and made to sell his own team you know that kind of goes against some capitalist. Theories but it but. It's it's happening but it is also a group of people who own Lee it is. And they -- -- and the right to determine their own membership if it's somewhat like a homeowner's association telling you what you do with your own house. And -- -- I like that announced it thank you mark I'm not gonna say get away from you it let me tell you that. Take a break and -- -- what I meant to sports. I'll beer market and our equipment here -- -- well I'm more about it either even meetings between the saints and Jimmy Graham are those happening now. -- I'll ask mark that question we get him back with more sports is not five days to go to they have to -- a long term deals so. Is Jimmy in town as -- agent in town is this happening over the authorities Skyping what are they don't. I'm -- -- more suggestions on what to watch on television from the text messages -- 87870. Forecaster. Text messages I like the new reckless she knows his party down south tonight on the Big Brother addicts as another on CBS love scandal on ABC Deadliest Catch Big Brother on CBS the third Big Brother can't beat it that's on that. Big props to Sheldon. Sheldon. I love -- the new black signed. Christian Garrett who. And if you wanna be in the same TV watching club description -- thanks for the tax Christian here's your forecast. Starting out with a few thunderstorms along our coastal waters this morning otherwise that quiet commute I think just heat up a little bit later today ninety for a high. And afternoon rain chances -- about 40% lose tonight dropping into the mid seventies and up to 93 tomorrow rain chances at 30% for Friday. And even lower for the weekend down at 20%. Saturday and Sunday. That means the heat is on highs of 94. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Muggy column wins temperatures 75 at the airport 71 in slide now for those of you are longtime -- -- -- you know -- Christian Garrett and I have this thing or weakness. Poke fun at each other times though. TV sucks Dave's spent more time with the kids as a text message today that he sent them on them like it's sometimes we've watched dvds that. Does this president's interest on CBS shark tank Mike and Molly more of your ideas and text messages coming up at WW. Copper on BBC America or Netflix Monday night street outlaws on discovery can't see. Everybody's watch and stuff all over the place on TV these days you just don't know what's good. So I appreciate keep -- -- 878 -- with your TV watching suggestion 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition -- WWL -- -- this is July this is the -- this is 2014 -- is -- day before Friday happy Friday eve -- you -- your -- -- -- watch it on TV I'm told -- that that stuff I'll watch it now mostly news stuff -- -- on HBO and in doing that few episodes and expand to watch the premiere on CBS -- like that. Night shift on NBC and under the dome on I'm on -- for -- -- -- All over about is it is good as it used to be I want I haven't -- -- and in this new -- ration but I watched the original one for for the few seasons. I pavement and thoroughly enjoying it although it's moving so fast and they're putting in so many different. Characters and plots and that it's like your head starts to spin yet I have finals I -- challenges -- -- and a lot of shows too many characters and too many subplots. But I can't keep yeah and Fries and a little Korea to those of the shows they usually kind of like in a lot. Can't think that are just need to watch it enjoy him without -- it when it was that houses present that what's going on that now other people to access Big Bang theory. -- dynasty never leaves my TV screen says one job board like -- dynasty but it's become show them kept in the when it's on -- at -- you know one demand -- fast and furious on Discovery Channel I've heard of that one. Fast and furious like the title. A Long Island medium okay people still watch and that definitely Big Brother that's like the fifth Big Brother we've gotten party down south and maybe this is Laura but Celtics Eyewitness News at noon 56 and the year it's an Eyewitness News starting at 4:30 AM it was war. But I'll last year you better yeah our roster on that process thousands on Friday night TV. A tyrant on FX the Walking Dead that's over ride. This had a marathon last week yeah -- they keep -- -- keep throwing new stuff up I don't know word comes from like you know -- -- -- -- stuff is Showtime's penny dreadful nurse Jackie. I don't have showtime and I've got to -- I've seen at those that are on CW big nurse Jackie fan and of course -- season. Just ended in it was a shocking ending and now we gonna wait forever so people are watching all kinds of different stuff isn't it text messages come and -- 87878. Cats in Central Florida goes wild owner calls 911 says that is. And block ain't got a TV show for that Elvis is not a TV show I yet there's a bad -- Stevie shall now. We got cigars in certain areas -- hats wildcats' great look at what's called -- -- government allows the model that. A four year old Russian blue cat named bush is being quarantined after apparently going -- in that a Central Florida home prompting its older to call 911. Police say the -- scratched the owners. On the arms and legs causing the couple retreat to a bedroom and lock the door they called 911. It's all the dispatcher. They mistakenly stepped on the cats technical. Earlier in the day to the -- goes after the husband. Then they put the cat and a bedroom because it was acting crazy and apparently when they open the door to let the cat out. All the pent up anger now returned immediately Kush wasn't happy says the the story I know it's got a TV show folks that are happening of the real thing so -- apparently attacked both -- then they could not fend off the cat -- -- called cops. Animal control has the cac quarantine for ten -- to match and I hear it's going to be after ten days -- And that it is a few hours and quarantining came back with a vengeance no -- -- -- -- shoppers something you know it has to decide if they're gonna take the cap com. Relinquish ownership. Or have we can't put that happens you know what can imagine having a call 911 on my. And lock yourself in the bedroom. Why now. Geez he can't make this. This just shows on the cats crush now. Than it does and Rancho. Uh oh -- used to. -- guy he's got a little got cancer -- not -- UC Bear Bryant now that's not the name at least kind of kind of ball my cat from hell thank you thank you that's the name thank you for that tax rate them and it's David with talking about twenty minutes corporate news Chris Miller joins us. When debate today over whether or not you should be able to rent your house out. On a short term basis if you want to if it's jazz master Marty graphic go to bring your house for a week to. Strangers. We'll debate that City Council today more coming up that is. Oh not that go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it -- morning all of this meteorologist Laura but now everything go Brady and sleeveless tank today. -- yeah and everything's. It was -- text me when I'm asking everyone for their favorite TV shows it was a -- all time well no that's not right now that I'll watch a what you text me Eyewitness News at 56. No because that would that I that he's from 430 at night and that's and I told David I think now she would -- -- a job morning. While we if you want your suggestions about what is the best thing to watch on TV right now several -- well look at. Rebuke that the year. Or worse yet at the boring stuff I think -- -- -- you know what the weather's. And at not getting a couple of cut coastal thunderstorms again today not as many -- yesterday but a few out there and then later on this afternoon like yesterday. More developing and -- so that 40% chance for those downpours and thunders and -- some brief heavy rain today. -- -- lingering through the early evening and kind of quieting down tonight otherwise not much he had ninety today at that 83 tomorrow still pretty decent chance for rain on Friday. But Saturday and Sunday the rain chances drop to just 20% -- just one or two under a hot again. Ninety full work for Saturday and Sunday an outfielder and even hotter and -- heat index always a concern over the weekend especially if you outside -- try to take EDT. Our Diego while you might wanna stay inside and watch television. I and I just watched that extent last night or expand pardon me than anyone with Halley Berry going out that while it brand new okay to Halle Berry plays an astronaut who mysteriously gets pregnant that while she's alone for thirteenth month on a space station. Often. I did that actor Alec alien -- to -- that that we don't know yet what they'll developer. Yeah I was up there I was on last night on CBS. I just got into that -- in the left overs on HBO that's to a hole and that's really gets percent of the world population to suddenly vanishes literally just disappears. This is now the world reacts in things change night shift on NB CM and going in I've been under the dome fan apathy. I haven't seen. Any of those or even heard of any of that -- gives you an idea why did you watch television meteorologist you know -- lava has -- love -- summer time -- -- -- hibernate in the air conditioning and -- -- is. All at one time -- the last marathon. Last summer we did breaking bad hole you know all like what from the adding that again. Right we went all the way through yet been to last week we started the American. The Americans went through that with what network it's on at that -- and it that we did have says. Either get on Netflix or whatever you know I don't like imagining it yet I -- like that I can't remember that it. But Canadian it's about in the about these two Russian spies. From the eighties to come over to America. Spy on the on the -- if they pretend like they are being urged graduates go back to the -- that's really cool that that one is a good recommendation and then. Of course -- classic favorite that we watch every week modern family I thought I'd love me some modest -- elastic cannot think about everything modern families -- -- A great characters on that about I bet that's kind of mind that occasionally I'll catch it but I gotta I've watched it counts really since I felt and friends in that complement one you know cheers. Back in the dad that this account for much better. I and we have to be very picky if -- it's -- it has to be you know TDD art or whatever for means that if it's just an okay show I don't have time that I I only CNET -- that it won there yet. Time for Justin Bieber you know he's got a reality show now probable -- well. He his the reality of his life is even more interesting I think now he's got to show up more than eighty grand. -- -- and a neighbor's house. For him and he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism for chuck and the exit the neighbor's house. It seemed prosecutors in LA were going to consider filing a felony against him but they worked out a deal for the January and Yang. And so now the no contest plea agreed to pay damages -- two years' probation and he has to us stay away from the neighbor and the neighbors family take -- there management and do five days community labor. All for throwing eggs and his neighbors that. That's gonna work to get through to. It is its app problem that's not the now I think we'll leave just a -- -- -- leave him in the if people file we've got other issues to marry you liars and my dad in -- -- -- he's -- -- And they they were you know there was a campaign trying to deport him back and -- can't -- the fact that I think I. My mom had his mom on a flight from South Africa that -- -- that on the foot and -- gas and set his -- theory theory. Eerie -- that just seemed overwhelmed with the whole again well. Very adamantly act sized her on Elena I think it was one. He turned eighteen she let him go -- on out and move out because what can you do. -- really you know millions who will lie that that mom -- and we're very -- -- that is what it is. It is whether this thank you are good -- but now have a direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and on this Friday Chris Christie Garrett when you do it. Give me a hard time yeah I was given yard Obama towards the new black text well not is giving airtime because as you know with what -- five years you're injured when sports with me in the mornings. And I'd like to give you hell yeah and it's pretty we -- an opportunity so yeah when when you tax it and saying that Sheldon was right for watch and oranges the new black and decided now. You know in a while but I told her I told Kelvin. And actually going to be in the same. Categories Christian and IB you know what's gonna what Jimmy Graham I'm gonna ask you about that we -- the sports right after -- 551 -- on Christian Garrett. On your radio Christian and you gotta run over and get ready for double coverage on thirteen fifty right here at 6 o'clock with -- Bobby there but before you go. Our Jimmy Graham and the saints even meeting -- five days to go to the deadline. Have the -- is Jim agreement count. Jimmy Graham is not in town -- -- -- that doesn't mean that they they can't get a deal done without him here -- -- you have the Internet thing into Miami it's not it is a number of things that you do that so would read too much and that but. There is an open line of communication going on the deadline is it Tuesday July 15. Apps maintained all along that a deal get done on our about on the fifteenth or alluded before that deadline always. Spurs action it's they -- -- at a town its agents not in town. And out of -- face to face meetings but there is a line of communication still think he gets done in the next -- Thank you sir and I get a run will -- -- thirteen fifty double coverage on three WL here. Now one WWL. Plus w.'s mouth mark -- art is in for Steve Geller on this day before Friday happy Friday he's taken away mark Bernard. Thanks -- got all the w.s and -- you can handle promise Jimmie watch is down to five days remaining but as you just heard Kristian -- say the -- of the two sides are. Meeting and hopefully they'll get a deal done by Tuesday when the time expires. The Los Angeles Lakers are playing the waiting game when it comes to free agency as their plans hinge on the decision Carmelo Anthony. Kobe Bryant of the lakers who still haven't fired instead replaced fired coach Mike did Tony do have options of Anthony doesn't relocate to the City of Angels. We have a plan that's that's flexible. You have plan a and plan B -- you know some of the play in these affected by the because it's. Planet around -- wings who happens in response meant. And then there's LeBron James the other big domino level all the offseason. James met with the Miami Heat brass for over an hour yesterday a contingent that included team president Pat Riley but no word yet on where James will decide to play. -- the cavaliers are preparing their pitch to bring James back into their pulled -- floating free pricey contract yesterday via three team trade. To clear salary room for the fourth time MVP. Donald Sterling made it very clear or yesterday once again but he has no intention -- double Los Angeles Clippers even though the NBA has effectively kicked them out. Sterling attorney Bobby some -- says essentially that the NBA we'll have to pry the franchise from his cold dead hand. And he's not gonna relent on that matter he will go as he said himself. To his grave and I hope for very long life for him -- he will make it is you know crusade. Cap today sterling also called his -- a dig at the end of the day's proceedings. And do you remember two years ago when -- -- fans were up in arms over the chance that the Atlanta Falcons were one game away from playing in Super Bowl in the Big Easy. Unfathomable well imagine it happened and multiply that feeling by the largest number you can imagine. That's how Brazilians feel about the outcome of yesterday's semifinal. Where in their arch rivals Argentina advanced past the Netherlands and will play for the World Cup in Brazil on Sunday against Germany that -- the game was tied 00 after extra time. And Argentina advanced BO for a few margin in penalty kicks. The Dutch meanwhile will face the host country Brazil in the third place game on Saturday I'm mark Menard that your early look at sports. To go extra -- On this Thursday partly cloudy skies look for a 40% chance -- downpours and thunderstorms mainly for the afternoon and evening. -- say around ninety lows tonight around 76. Another decent shot at some rain tomorrow 30% -- a little bit higher at 93. But the heat really moves and for the weekend 94 both days that they 20% chance for rain. From the pinpoint forecast center hydrologist -- -- out. Our starting move and Annika along the coast 75 at the airport 71 and clear in Slidell -- smoggy man all the text messages about what you're watching on TV. There's a lot of stuff out there apparently TV viewing has become pregnant and I'll read some more after. Food vs man phones oranges the new black Spartacus finding bigfoot naked and afraid Deadliest Catch -- of the day. True blood. The last ship Walt -- we hear this swamp people halt and -- -- Sons of Anarchy American pickers. Kitchen nightmares hell's kitchen master shaft. I am getting. Hundreds of text messages and almost all of them are different about what people are watching on TV these days it just shows how hard it is. To know what to watch anymore because there's so many options out there. That's a much diversification. Of options to watch on TV. While but thank you for all the suggestions have a great Friday.

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