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7-10 6:15am Tommy, Ray Naginsentencing

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Paul Murphy about Nagin's sente

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul Murphy joins us right mesa. I'd like to calling a friend we've never met personally but -- text him occasionally when I sees stuff that he does on channel -- big fan of his. And he was in the courtroom -- yesterday morning call. More debt don't give credit where we are both negative I tell you people you would -- -- DO TV I think I did I just get everybody knew that. Tell me about that this scene in the courtroom many overflow I would imagine a courtroom was packed in and you guys were hanging out watching what was going on a lot of drama lawyerly wasn't as dramatic as we would think it -- I think yeah like most people thought that that mr. that you would certainly get more than it is. There are a lot of reasons. Major Eric and the -- just went and -- as to why she's definitely departed from their sentencing guidelines of I just between fifteen and twenty years. Should stated that. Negative standpoint ties. Other caretakers so heritage. Its -- good deeds as mayor. And the fact that he was not leaders that they would hear it is not a leader of the criminal conspiracy instead equal purchase -- so. For those -- to achieve it -- he travelers and I think most people on the court house were. Somewhat dumbfounded by that but ten years still ten years -- the server personal. It is is simpler way of saying appalled. It's in my way of understanding at that. He didn't go looking for bribed the drivers brought to him he didn't shake anybody down basically. Yeah I think -- they would they were all equal participant in the fact that we're talking about -- yesterday. That. What it would really profits from Mulder broke now as it is -- was the first time it's accepting public assistance. So -- folders. Misty if you really didn't gain a whole lot. I always wondered about that -- restitution figure of 83000 dollars does anybody have any idea. First off to whom it's gonna be paid and how they arrived at the number 83000. And Ottawa on lecture. I know that. They've previously calculated what its fourth pitcher which he which would be. And 500000 dollar range but I'm not exactly sure how exactly eight portrayal. So what did he do how did he wind of brokers and all legal fees or does anybody know that. -- a lot of well we learned in in the twelve a lot of money to to stone age granite. That -- and -- -- business that really did not do too well so epic a lot of money got sucked into that company. Of the many ironies of this case I think -- Is that he came in as a businessman and then because he was trying to run -- granite business which didn't do well at all. That that led to some of the the misdeeds would that be accurate. So -- in it in terms of and you know I know your reporter none of this has been reported. And I don't know if you if you comfortable talking about this or not but. I saw his wife's a -- on side agreement as she always is and I am. Herds of the letter read the letter read the rather that she wrote visited the the kids and grandkids. And one thing I was thinking about and and and and trying to take up Ray Nagin years but we years settlement many politicians at fault. -- victim due due to their own in discretion of extramarital affairs that Saturday there has never been anything. Set about reining in other than that in terms of that type of thing that he's good family man. It can't hurt to be America owns part of it is. It's down on the that the judge even mentioned that. In mr. nick and crimes were motivated by it deeply misguided desire for a lot of those closest. So almost so all. I wondered if but there could be one point to do where do reporters agree that judge agreed. That this is a point that he as a TV show got its name broke bad that he decided to go over to the wrong side what was there any indication from the evidence that. There was a tipping point. Well I think anytime you go from being. -- CEO of the company making 400000 dollars a year than. You take a pay cut to just over a 100000. That's gonna put restrain the family budget and you have makes a lifestyle changes that I think. The nation's did not make their lifestyle changes and that's part of the report we got control. Incredible thank you Paul appreciate your time and appreciate you work on channel four start.

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