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7-10 6:45am Tommy, minimum security prisons

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron McAndrew, a prison and jail expert, about what minimum security prisons are like

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ron McKay Andrew joins right now prison -- consultant and expert. Former Florida warden and he's been on this before he's a friend morning -- it -- -- don't well thank you so we get Ray Nagin they get to ten years sentences and as I understand it. That. It makes him eligible for a level one prisons so when -- asked you to do on his is -- federal prisons 101 if you will and and now all of that works in relation to sentences and what each facility is like as you change levels. Well -- a level one which is. Most often called minimum custody prison and this went back down vote bill of Louisiana. Is next door to a -- operation. The inmates there. I have a pretty good quite frankly in terms of doing time. And as long as they behaved themselves they could stay at that level of an institution. -- bill. They have this they -- operations in the next door to them. They also have a sewing factory. They're they're very well in the -- federal prison system compared to most of the state prison system. And the -- actually petty for the job that they do unicorn has the a factory there where they are making uniforms that sort of thing so they higher rates and they can make up to about a dollar quarter and our. An even accumulated vacation time. It's. It got pretty good group now vacation time out of prison vacation time from work and. Vacation paid vacation. From their -- in other words they can go back to the dormitory they can hang around watch television go to the library. You know the ball themselves in the sport sporting activities something like that rather than going to work they actually have vacation time. Once a year. Now I hear things battle of facility and in Pensacola. That has golf courses -- stations is that is that just one of those urban myths or does that really happen. Now it really happens like -- that minimum custody federal institutions are normally. Next door to a military operation in order and in this case. 200 miles west alluded to that you would lead. Their next door to an -- operation where they detained. Of people and and of course they need a lot of assistants -- terms of cutting grass cooking food. Are providing uniforms. Doing laundry all sorts of things. Running you know. I'm not trying to be an idiot I swear to goodness and he says ice facility at that it was like an ice house and you know you're -- I I I think it will what how did they what did make ice and bags and it's somebody immigration -- service I guess right here and do -- -- -- would they ever performed the duties of being an unarmed guard or anything like that. I don't know know that we do that kind of work itself for a related. Activities that they would be involved in scenic it's -- Cedric the federal detention center what it what it is. Right so when it comes to. From different levels and different sentences if Ray Nagin had gotten twenty years would he have gone to a different facility. Probably. Probably -- He could have he could go to a minimum custody facility which would have been. More restrictive but. With a little bit of good behavior over here of the year so it would have been transferred someplace like Michael. So -- on -- to Pensacola do they really have a golf course there where the inmates can play golf in the afternoon if they like and things like an omelet -- -- just urban myth. Although no it's it's true. Saturday morning omelet or publicly that during the week I can pay what today's menu if they have a national. Menu where federal. Prisoners all across the country get different things every day. You -- in front of him. Yeah I'd like to hear it. Okay. Oh this morning there have an -- Bacon regret. That's sort of thing for months today you will be baked chicken with rice and nobody -- Wheat bread margarine. -- these oil portrait. For dinner tonight it's going to be baked lasagna. -- you have a choice. Because there's little. And it salad so where is that sort of thing. -- or -- So I think they quite well in the federal system. I would like to ask the people that are listening right now are you going to eat that well today because I would bet you 75% of those or not. That's probably true are incredible. In terms of the different levels before -- to go how many levels are there and federal. Prison bureau of Bureau of Prisons that -- well. Well there there there for basic level via your minimum medium. You know -- close custody. And then of course you have a presence -- and -- -- that are -- considered maximum security and there are places like Atlanta. And and then of course there're there are military prisoners that work into this. Complex as well. Generally speaking raining and aside to do most white collar. Prisoners or -- politicians go to these level ones. You know and you know they're they're they're very serious reason for for the -- doing it this way yeah. If Ray Nagin had been sent legislate too late close custody facilities someplace. He would have been subject to predators and and all sorts of things that he's not going to say you know dale. And and while that may have been very uncomfortable for the way. It would have created a serious problems for the federal government terms of supervision. In terms of a possible injuries that they're gonna have to send him to a hospital have treated the they're they're they're they're very serious reasons for separating. Nonviolent. A -- from those that are possibly volatile. In terms of cost is level one facility do you have any idea how much it cost to house of one prisoner for a year -- about 4040 dollar today. Fortieth day yet. And I pay forty -- did you ST there there are. Thank you Ron we're out of time we'll talk to you again my part.

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