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WWL>Topics>>7-10 7:10am Tommy, was Nagin's sentence too light?

7-10 7:10am Tommy, was Nagin's sentence too light?

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL legal analyst Tim Meche about Nagin's sentence

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In a couple of moments David Blake -- talked to Tim Nash who is our legal analyst he was one of the few. That predicted this kind of sentence for reining in the out it's around a lot on her sometime ago. And on news Breyer was right on the on an old time it was but. He did predict. The sentence correctly. Ready jaguar painful Ray Nagin. Pardoning. Ray Nagin sends -- ten years in jail does the punishment fit the crime 77% of viewers saying no -- -- has some questions for Tim. Some of the other things there were gone on with home depots they had some trash contracts are cousins city. Costing the city rather twice as much senior member of -- knockdown drag outs with Veronica white who was. As I understand it a beautician that was running the sanitation department and Stacy head it was wondering why is it costing this month's. -- of that answers. Yeah. The. You know David I only moved away from this great city of r.s one time in my life and I was go to Las Vegas and take yeah radio job now is only days hotly job in -- gotten. Well I I miss new loans currently in moved back in the whole area you know as much in the movie believes -- was -- numerous -- beautiful shots Louisiana's delegates -- Now I'm gone I don't terrain but there was one thing that I discovered in Las Vegas that was available in the western area in the country. That almost needed were living there really yes and you know it was those ranches outside of town no no no no I'm. But we did take pride in did yeah. A little speech here just secede and that's exactly count is. For each year for when our thoughts on guys at the tapes David. One of the things I discovered was that chuckled guy. The but the -- dial is no home. They sold them out there than they discontinued making them and now hostess is bringing them back its pocket my friends is a chocolate covered twenty. Oh there. You know when -- -- mad junk food aid does not get any better than dolls it's -- lows and a gallon of milk. And you're done why do you done is right YYA. I'm limited to the West Coast I don't know but they're coming out. In. Mass production to be -- get them all over the country are Caribbean vacationers coming but they've been made -- even better because it chocolate covered twinkie but now you can get them. In chocolate cream strawberry queen cream and banana cream. So can you imagine. A chocolate covered twinkies. With a banana cream filling up. Can imagine that. Your target about some worried around the metal you -- a bigger chances are I'll take a break and come at a tournament Tim Nash and Ray Nagin. And the sentencing when -- from you know as well on VW 718 Tommy Tucker with you do in the post mortem on the Ray Nagin sentencing in and a pretty jaguar opinion poll asking you quite simply was justice done. Ten years Ngo to do -- an old deal we heard from prison expert before. But what the menu is to date for the federal prison system level one replace that we in a minute that 74% of viewers saying no. Tim as your legal -- -- double WL is one of the few people that had the sentencing. At least his prediction was pretty close and we welcome him in now mourning -- Thanks for taking the time this and you've been very very busy and really do appreciated. Tommy why you went on the low -- when he came to. In the accurate and as it turned out when he came to predicting what kind of sentence Ray Nagin would receive. Project under the question of law sources. And the reason the guideline numbers are so. Does the Probation Department calculated the law. To the list of victims. Of the crime syndicate for the citizens of New Orleans the taxpayers. As being so hot and that was amount of their contracts. You've -- to these people like saint year. And Medford. But that amount of change in Nagin really wasn't that great. I think ultimately did just calculated. You know 500000 dollars and that included things like troops to Jamaica and Hawaii. Not just for him -- so family and then. How. Apart -- -- Korean it which may or may not have been worse were they that it was worth. And it just wasn't that much money you want them like he pocketed. You know hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and ordered in his pocket. And I think when it came down to -- the judge decided he just didn't gain much. -- that's a question indeed did you look I'm not taken out for Ray Nagin or making apologies point I'm just wondering as far as the law goes. If you do it the and it goes exactly what you just said how much did he cost the taxpayers of this city new -- ones because. You can't sending the jail for being a crappy mayor Kenya. Now -- -- -- -- from an image as you like chocolate city in which drive lobbying emotions involved in this understating it and but. But well I mean a lot of contract. -- evident we're going to be given out anyway. And -- You know like the mayor beach or greater or even in matters even go round. So lifted and both sides from people and steal Ahmadinejad -- made. Noted that like it was like his ideas that take Greg or are you want achieved so it is critical part -- the a cult saint here. And welcome contract -- -- -- me you're gonna use its credit card to go to strip clubs on the west coat and spend it together. Did note that happened never did. But not hear them and effort at this resort -- and never certain danger. And I think the church recognized. Haven't gone back and try to. -- remember and read about what actually happened during. The Nagin administration I know there was problem with Home Depot or some allegations isn't documentation. From home Depot's. Corporate emails I guess and then you know than than they -- once this other people in home depots and be very careful when you do that he ultimately. Got four contracts the emails show that the company. Stone ages and was name and it was in less than adequate. So I guess question I have is why wasn't anybody. From stone age you'd either from The Home Depot either involved in this in terms of being punished is it illegal to pay a bribe and it would also seem. In disagreement with judge bearing and that he did kinda shake down Home Depot they didn't come in him now -- -- if they came to him. Then somebody from Home Depot should have to answer for this -- saint Pierre -- arm effort I guess and they or if he went to them then it seems to disagree with what. The judge says. Well I mean even more than and probably could grow -- -- ample. Was the Solomon -- mr. George Solomon that Diego under. Who would let the take pride in Nagin in the form of the trip. In New York to get a loan -- Look at the beach or urged. And that was one of the count. You know -- that he got addicted. So the actual bright. And later all of mr. Solomon and his group of individuals. Got some kind of loan guarantee from the city of new Portland. And. It was at the the amusement park property and another nine years urged. All these -- And not only with the natural at that militant group got them loan guarantee from the city of New Orleans that guarantees -- -- They rebuild the trainer. Will be -- And they never did -- it. -- interpreted it dollar -- alone in the city of new or unique comic view this year are taxpayers would do. Paying it forward. And they haven't paid at bat. And -- -- we wouldn't touch or. But each and every one it is group -- 5000 dollars in contributions to mailings through wooden recently for re election. And the Clinton administration do. Not being with apple. And to try to get that money back premiere. In Atlanta and and took the money. And somebody asked for and true. And it -- -- And give. The money beauty and actresses and more on the course -- -- He used it first campaign. Again there's a lot of that in this year. That somebody urinate in apologists. Could the don't make sense. And maybe he wasn't treated exactly like other. Mayors were treated those people who -- sort of step retreat. Up and judge recognized all of that which you decide it was appropriate since well. -- to be very careful how I say this because a new way. Am I saying that Ray Nagin is Christ like a war. All or religious alienated and not about Christ at all but about all of -- the Romans or the it Jews I guess the slaves whoever they where they were crucified along the eight -- in way. That the Romans did this for a reason they crucified people make it public as an example of you know you do this is gonna happen yield. So is this kind of a crucifixion if you will where the -- -- A message to make in Ray Nagin and affect them the big -- -- every wanna call with the -- and -- across everybody can see it. And thirty it's an interview on TV station that he would where he. Says he believes he was targeted. Yeah but then there's your work among -- thought oh he said and may be -- -- one of them or not but yeah. I can see arrow. You know must be -- after the chocolate city speech the motions. Of that area it has been. Changed it became -- And under Jim and all those. Today had a huge -- of going. Looking. For people. Who. People -- And most of it days were just aren't there and make it. But -- -- they're here equally narrow. Tim and -- real quick and inner -- an -- go to break but. In terms of the blogging scandal it would seem like if the judge to dead in the consideration than it would have affected the trial. I just don't see where the blocking scandal has anything to do with the sentencing is if it mattered then there should have been. Consideration as it relates to the trial and if it didn't matter than it should have anything to do at the sentencing do you think. A blog and scandal aspect of the uh oh attitude of the judiciary in the eastern for more apps food -- of sickness of politics -- league the league is strictly the law. -- and abiding legal. -- this year start but it did that affect the way the church's approach all of the cases. Tim appreciate you being so candid I wish we had more time and a noted talked to Ian thank you so there. Are you that -- measured editor of -- legal -- very interesting words from him 727 run a little bit late. Time for -- that would -- terror Robinson you know you can't use the word crucifixion without people thinking that it relates to Jesus but the Nazis actually. Crucified. Jewish prisoners to send a message and when I was referring to earlier about the happy and land in some text on this it's 350 miles between Rome and capitalize and and after Spartacus in the slave uprising it took Rome about two years have put that down that they crucified are you ready for this. And this is in 73 DC selected preceded all icelanders remember the Mercury and we're going out and the movie started his -- Douglas at the numbers and I don't know what the numbers were did you do you still know who Spartacus. -- was because I've watched a movie like eight times. And at the end male stand up I don't know which one -- one. -- that's from Michael's got in the office but. Anyway 6000 -- 350 miles 6000. Are youth prison here qualified good lord so if you took that out yeah 350 miles you had crucified prisoner after crucified prisoner after her -- Prisoner reason I say that is the idea behind crucifixion and you can use it metaphorically is. You want everybody to see what happened and what the consequences of your actions are. And I just wondering why a Home Depot wasn't. Involved in Nasr our -- by the people it gave the bribes to Ray Nagin -- involved in this and Anand of the investigation included a ridiculously high contracts that I. I know was boom Richards and I believe metro disposal had the guy with. Sidney Torres I think if I remember all of this correctly will wanted to be in on a contract and for whatever reason he didn't there was little louder he was low -- in. I don't know why. Gloria if any -- that was look into Clancy Dubose who join us in the next hour an inning cleared up. I'm meanwhile will open the phones at -- six 187203866889087. -- this is what the menu is. For a level one. Federal prison. Today -- -- ago. Well this morning there have an -- Bacon grits. That's sort of thing you have for lunch today you will be they chicken with rice and so being green being. We bread margarine. I -- or fresh fruit. For dinner tonight it's going to be -- look on him or you have a choice. She could do little. Finish salad garlic -- that sort of thing. -- or fruit. Now that's a legal analyst we get on Ron McKay Andrew prison -- consultant expert -- Florida warden. And he asked him later how much it costs -- forty dollars a day. And on understand how I'd like to know how you need that forty dollars a day. I'd also like to know. Yeah if you consider that real punishment or not and -- away from his family but they get BK they get paid for their jobs not much -- get paid vacation. Where they get to sit around for a week and do not and so is that really punishment. And that's are ready jaguar opinion poll asking you Ray Nagin sends a ten years. The judge recommended oak -- a similar. The level one federal prison like they have here in Pensacola you heard the menu -- now. And that's not the anomaly that's the way the menu always runs so. Does his punishment fit the crime and give me colony know at T 60187. He told -- 866889087. In as it stands now 80% are saying no. But I need more details on that do you think the punishment was too harsh. Or not harsh enough. Cabot has been hang in for a long time to talk about Pensacola in prison and something that. Run make Andrew. Later on what's up I'm doing. A mutual thing. Well. It. You know PepsiCo. Is that from animal you have. A medium. -- so simple man. -- -- in years is really important because they. Ought or who or. Which is called Google of course. Would you like -- oak dale -- But it PepsiCo. Campers could play all model I'll call to break -- some off court. And or call him an -- -- support though. Hop and. Let's not -- but he tool was up for the golf on tell me -- you know about the oh. -- -- are. Real. In jail. Gamble Heidi you know than about identical we use there. -- -- I can't -- And this moment with the expert says that you sit down you have inside knowledge to tell me about your experience or no deal less concerned anymore about. This nations and playing golf the tentacles which really worked as a red Herring was like we use the airline. Well it simple you know it's not you're not can handle it keeps the old prison -- into a little small little -- It's like a big gymnasium big. Pots and probably -- -- reform -- to applaud. -- it's probably eighty -- -- -- Twelve by Beijing. Lockers and -- -- is. It's open opened up -- gentler workers you know televisions don't like but it he has separation from him it probably should. In terms of not wanna be where you ever threatened for your safety and quality delicate about this in real jail every man. Has a fear of of certain activities being forced upon him did you ever fear fear for any of that Kevin or did you ever know of any of that going on. Yeah not not at all at all or law or -- all heard of that you know on the -- -- on both. All mediums and you know over and over -- and to beat them all to appeal to be on -- be happier to be under -- And it also taught at a tea. But here you can be eligible for all -- -- -- the wall a lot of effort with no oracle partner. Or actually -- Here to go to -- I'll. So tell me Kevin when when it comes to I guess lessons learned punishment you know you have to go and what you did or anything you can if you want. Did did you really think this is punishment and and what you ever -- in there in terms of maybe Simmons got hurt me or get along with someone who hasn't. Like professionals for the Butler. You know it. Still doesn't make extra -- that doctors and saw a couple people that word you know in their -- -- saw a lot of law. Lot of people lost Spanish people you know because it is I facility. Right how to do all in level one murders. Welcome replaced -- twenty year. Old when he -- And you had trouble no matter. You can put out to be transferred to a to work you know due to. Some you know equity should so like. You have to work to open -- just handle it. Would you be terrified and don't -- he'd teach you listened. Milwaukee. And a little white collar. You can get one well. It you know we -- just -- first week what are you like strange outlook or it was college educated. Are very. A real good college or college or pro ball where it all. You'll. It was there any provision for professionals like yourself I'm presuming doctors to. To do anything to earn money to trade service time and it paid restitution they NN. Absolutely not you know court ought to get to a -- people. Or whatever you have to be there for all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We seem like a Smart guy in using like did some very Smart people in their did you find that to be a ways they have. A dot girl Laura lawyers somebody else and around seven months cutting grass when they -- Maybe done some public service which would have taught them the same lesson even if they had been housed in that facility. Two point. You know there are some -- debate there. That's about you know all wondered how well -- in the life. You know -- regularly about. It -- If I'd known you want to talk about dope dealer -- been -- -- a take a long time ago I heard what they they have been so patient thanks for a share in Europe. Experience and know gale weather's so we get an idea of put an -- And and let you get your life on the right way regular thank you Kevin thanks -- -- Tommy Tucker coming back. On WW. Tommy Tucker -- WL time in about reining in sentence. And it's extends enhances you remember cool hand -- anything besides that is entirely too light questions you come to me that's -- walked in Boston cool hand Luke Q -- that. And any of the fifty games and I think in my belittle colors for a white collar crime and died of course he was an effort. I think and it's movie yet that would stealing. Parking meters in the hands of a parking meters not banners promoting on -- WL. A dot. That doctor is in. Doctor from Baton Rouge. Capital of this state you know Baton Rouge actually names -- -- is named red stake in the reason for that. Is a native Americans used to -- a stake in animal blood to mark there they're hunting territory lot of people don't know that. Of course it's also the home of the main university LA issue and the home of the fight and tigers who have a lot of success in football and baseball basketball program down women's sports sum up sundown. But hopefully they'll get their basketball program going in the right direction -- killed as much time as -- -- sorry dot. Tommy Tucker back in a class action WW well. My tummy -- -- evidently you know we'll continue our conversation about Ray Nagin and it won't come back at about a trial it's going on in -- That has me outraged and it concerns the rape and murder of a young child and the defense that is being proposed Clancy Dubose is always also rather gonna join us to talk about. Ray Nagin and the sentencing in the trial in the prosecution. And some of the tax they would differences make how much Nagin made doesn't matter how much money in armed robber gets from his crime. Is not a violent crime but I think it's a good point in that. Do the spoils matter if you tried it get a million dollars annually wind up with 200000. Or he only try to get a 100000 and you sell the office pretty cheaply should that factor in evidence will continue to talk about it when we come back. Tommy Tucker that a --

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