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7-10 8:10am Tommy, Ray Nagin sentencing

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clancy Dubos, the co-owner and political editor of Gambit, about Ray Nagin

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We'll continue our conversation about reining in the postmortem and then as Ronald Julius said. -- eleven movie quotes him. You do it seems like an autism now -- -- Julia said in presumed innocent we speak of these things today than we never speak of these things again like. Obama -- talk about crime and punishment there's case going on in Metairie in the jury's gonna continue deliberations today. Stephen. The he admits to kidnapping his seven year old girl next year and reaping the broad daylight. Yep and then dropped her off at -- another area and he said. He's pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity because he says. He hasn't damaged frontal lobe from playing football at ridgewood crap. And that the liquefied mixture of crack cocaine and Roxy code -- mixed up. Because in the do this and he says he's not a had a violin was very dismissive of the -- a files. But that these drugs made him do that now I've been. -- many times in my life at no point that I wanted to touch a child. And is the definition of insanity is that. You have to not know that it was wrong when you did it. That's a legal definition of insanity it's good to remember -- managed to case the grounds the first time to make sure no adults were around. Many walked out and returned. Many came back later in -- is for little seven year world -- in the car. Drives away. From. Abuses -- takes away in an utter innocence and then drops her off. At a different location but says he doesn't remember right during the doesn't remember any of this but you know you can't in my opinion. You can't say you're insane at the time because. You were high on -- substance. I -- your brain damage -- -- don't take the substance because what what is going to be next Mike I didn't understand does drive and drugs those drop. Or ride and understand that I -- Manning had because I was high on crack I think this guy. Has to go to jail for the rest of his life you can't execute somebody for this according to the supreme call accord but animal -- -- talk about crime. And punishment and right from wrong and who gets elected this guy needs going forever and I hope the jury finds it. That way when we come at we'll talk to Clancy Dubose Arianna. He's got some very strong opinions about reining in the -- the political analysts from WW LTV co owner of gambit and a friend of fires Tommy Tucker David Blake. Shelden Williams Jordan Spiegel mark Menard on sports I think I've covered everybody. And you of course listening we'll be back in a moment under the WL. Delta and gallows humor I guess -- let's do those feelings right now talk about race. Megan sentencing in a whole trial plans do those of course of the appeal TV's political analyst co owner of gambit. And a friend of rise Clancy and they've been busy and I appreciate you taking the time. Have to be here it's -- -- -- Good I heard a little bit of -- on Garland yesterday and I heard the passion in your voice about. Raining and so before we get to the criminal part of it -- your analysis again for people who didn't hear it of Ray Nagin. His tenure as mayor particularly the second term and and what he did to the city new loans. Well mostly what he did as well he didn't do he will win this city went through Katrina. And you know those those -- -- -- world hundreds of thousands of what's out there. But that changed our partners and it's. Palpable sense of note no word beer -- or troop battled what orchard or Vietnam. But many of restrictor. Conch shell shocked and it's a school that will carry it it's ultimately it's an emotional scar where all parents. Just you know Bernard Whitman who -- oh. Really need a leader to carry them -- law and was just a leadership and you just totally real lead. He wasn't up to the test. Go back to a -- -- regret the first time. He totally charmed the city. It was that animals like Chauncey gardener character and being there. Is civil is wonderful they are people so well let their child that great. But the truth there was no there there -- and he never understood politics he hated politics because Cuba and and that the relationship building. That it required of politics but pop culture custom highest form. About building coalitions and working with other people like go to. The evil maniac is reaching our system and public via yeah. In the important politically lone wolf. And when you go to work when the city goes through a formal like Hurricane Katrina. We really need a leader. Who could work with other people and build relationships and then. Build a team would be attacking player's team leader. It was and it was over the low wall and luckily Thursday users greater than. To me first off. Even after eight years an -- he still never got what the job was cheap -- so people who was rare in using these stupid -- ought to be mayor. Our contrast that to -- -- sort through what -- like -- month -- ought to be mayor ought to be that they call. Again you know like his policies can't say that -- mayor. And the other thing about -- in. There's he -- totally failed to be if you just look at everything was always about -- support role. It was always somebody else follow that you -- -- recall Reagan and even wore some thirty years ago it was not. I'll never recover covered every day he never but. Now that's a lot of politicians who are to sources straight during you know who never take responsibility. -- at a total pathological. Rage. And that's what makes so many people there are so angry birdies quote only getting ten years. Told sir according to the trial. -- judge there -- what do you agree or disagree with her sentence. -- -- legally. And technically she got it right in the sense that reason Corey. Partnered with separate reasons from -- decision. The government argued that Ray Nagin was the ringleader in this whole skiing. She says no -- what other people got more money. Ever most of them came at camp he didn't do that I think that accurate the evidence -- Looked at it again look in his tenure as mayor this and I couldn't organize what are you able to organize. -- going to be a criminal mastermind who. Google all of these deals he did and couldn't give it up that's well -- capable. But you do you work that week in terms of being being able and wanting to make money especially during his second term and that's what makes so many people so angry. -- -- that he -- -- because yesterday. Was desperate for leadership. Let's start concentrating on themselves. It was always about ready it was never about -- -- and a real leader true leadership. It's not about looking -- yourself it's about look at others. That there were to lead to serve. This did not serve -- serve and so it is sort of and that's about that's what. -- -- -- I think all of -- you know that -- here for Katrina we would measure things in terms of pre Katrina post-Katrina and as a result I don't remember. Much about it Megan's first term was in trouble toward the end of it but where those in the know like yourself realizing OK we've made to people into loans made a huge mistake here. Yeah in and I will confess my paper and -- served as the guitar strict you know you know we're all up -- even you what you. It -- good you professionals serving it was smooth it would charming. And certain things that require or discussion earlier business start thinking outside the box for constructs. But it was like a Hollywood set it was a store or the moon walked -- it was not and there should Linear. And very early less than a year into his term. Are at a hearing grumbling from people in and out of City Hall dealt with dementia -- it was consistent to -- to the woman. There was no follow through with three million. Think about that he's got reelected. Its first big enough but we're gonna bring back and have this big -- server at the Hyatt hotel. This announcement by the cabinet and then nothing happened. That there was no follow through -- -- at a meeting with -- and he would sit there are. I used to jokingly tell people he's dropping syllable. What he really sitting at our sport got it because the producers and meeting little or it nothing ever happened. You know it was like waiting for -- and -- this can let -- and that would move that was Ray Nagin. Why can't say we needed -- left this morning Clancy you're giving it to us. You talk about Katrina and changing all of us I totally agree with Ian and you know -- I think a lot of us most of us have PT SD and one former the other. But there's a Ray Nagin and I know he decided to run for reelection after Katrina but to see. In any way not get a pass begin consideration because he none of us knew Katrina was gonna happen and and he woods wound up Ross in the position of leading in a barely used it certainly wasn't up to that does. Does he give any consideration for that at all. But it's just a with the judge via -- -- -- Harrisburg. Canceled more than forty years. In your -- you know they've buried kind hearted compassionate human being. -- she brings like every judge. And human beings she brings her sensibilities. To the child up and she also made a court actually stage. She was separating. It's her job was not to be angry electorate process and everything he did during Katrina -- -- -- job was to look. -- four corners of the evidence. That was presented in court. And that was did nothing else Sochi discounted. From the federal drug mart. Support of and building and so called ringleader of the let's that's the war in the did not group -- -- everything else about much he he was. Protect the other people involved in the -- It was a show I mean you got relatively speaking to get pennies while the other big dollar. So in their network got ten years Iraq to chair a lot more than a lot worse things in terms of his crimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- actually looked at all I'm. Sort of temper justice with mercy. And sir appreciate you as though and it's in view of the suburbs ignorant QB -- Should be close to the 67 -- -- will be is 66 when he -- and that -- behavior. -- -- to -- war and that he could be 68 when he your strategy. I doubt that you leave and come back and law would you object. Is nothing new laws now. Right you made a very talented and passionate point with Garland yesterday about putting -- behind as a movement on. Yet we need to put in the rearview mirror and just move on. You know true there's -- -- and world rank action and being in the north assert he just wants to date not accept responsibility. Would teach. Everything via you know. The best if we really goes once upon a trainer -- The best and they can do is just forget about. Move on and historic -- put -- in the rearview mirror and social. Clancy -- so is appreciated Tony -- thank you -- of those seven WL TV's political analyst and co owner of gambit wade thank you agree with what Clancy said I agree with most of what he says I think you can't. But again -- -- the rest of his life of me and crappy -- which Ray Nagin was the worst. In the history of the city I don't think there'll be any doubt about that. And in terms of Edwin Edwards Aaron Broussard. Some other politicians -- on the -- And I guess it seems OK I think a lot of people have bloodless because. -- so angry at Ray Nagin for the way he conducted himself ordered the city after Katrina. They wanted to punish him more evidence of insane -- tried drugs between law and politics and I think the judge got it pretty bright but you tell me if you disagree 260187. Angels 3866. 889087. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- WL I'm telling you this because there's no way on God's green -- this would ever happen but Shelden Williams and there had a fantastic. Idea. And that is -- -- so I know athlete I'm no football player but there's one thing I can do in that is imitate a quarterback dropping back to throw up you can do about. I got the motion down graphically I do the Bob and back and forth with the feet look out in different directions Golan. You know through micro aggressions all in -- and of course. And -- going to be a good idea if I would go down to the message Manning passing academy with a camera. And go through the work out. And I think it would be Larry hi I do like him I think people would love deceive but that is the most respected football camp an American I guarantee. If I were to column they're gonna say something that the effective though can we can't be -- around that -- out and hang up the phone -- he'll. Areas where agree now in the heat and stuff you might not last very long but if you could just go to the just go through the motions -- not after talking about. The decline of the treadmill and then as they -- machine being full with clothes and again a couple of -- but I was the only one caller and don't know everybody knows somebody else out there. But -- that you need -- helmet shorts and featured him with these guys that are twice my size. And drop in bag and consistently. Under thrown literacy by about twenty yards I think would be. It would be Larry you know Edward -- do you view all the ball up kind of close to the helmet -- up there they had only I don't publicize -- yeah our problem is I just can't you know throw it too well that's that's where it goes downhill it looks great up until -- Actually you know have the balls skipping on the ground receive receivers get angry at -- is it -- they. When it comes to auto poles view out and nobody does in my eyes on board -- on mobs -- Diego it till till oh yeah. And any that means tonight in our program governors or did that I here we go Ray Nagin sentence when you heard of it than it was ten years not twenty years you are open for maybe longer was this really about the crime or was this about your intense. Dislike as we all have. For Ray -- but yeah you can't send somebody to jail if you don't like team. If so it would be doing alive to oranges with my family alone not the point. Car right now -- -- note 260187. Neitzel 38668890. At seventy do you think Iranians punishment fits the crime. And -- you separate your dislike from him. For the legal process. When you know Tommy Tucker back in a flash on -- WL. Tommy -- tournament Ray Nagin sentencing. And I get some tax on here when France's Tommy network RT and I -- it they can't going sorry. But you wouldn't be able to go there and work out with them well we kind of figured that they'd be a little busy for that -- Strewn around com -- we're talking about reining in conviction and do you think it is fair do you think it was two. Much too little and keep in mind that there going to be appeals on both sides until you more about. That in a minute right now this is one of the prosecutors believe the chief prosecutor. In the ending in case. Is what he had to say yesterday at the trial. Claims that killed and an assistant US attorney. Along with Rick and Richard Pickens in Manchester who made up the prosecution team surrounded us our agency partners. Moments ago as many of you saw judge American sense for mayor C Ray Nagin to a term of ten years in prison for. A very significant strong sentence strong message -- the team down early departed we have rejected any appeal. Will be decided. By the solicitor general Washington DC we like to -- the court and I thank you man. We'd like to thank the court which time it's hard work it's dedication. In its attention in dealing with this matter we also want to thank -- And our agency partners -- the FBI the IRS he got game. -- inspector general's office as well as the match from the crime commission that would like to thank the members of the community. They came forward and offered evidence and testimony thank you ma'am thank you. And gave testimony regarding C Ray Nagin and his corrupt actions. Yeah I think -- do you smell kind of message once tiger and his -- would Ray Nagin did. Would sell his office over and over and over. You're damn sexy Ray Nagin what did his assistant and collected. Upon this community to include you man doing good you did this thing out of it. -- is incalculable. We as a community need not and should not accept such public eye drops in home. This US attorney's office will continue into combat and public corruption wherever it may exist. I that's Matthew Coleman and assistant US attorney and if you wanted to and that was behind him she is a well -- gadfly indication I don't know what that is is an annoying person especially one who provokes others into action by criticism and I think I think that would be an appropriate term for -- One of the few people speaking truth in the city I'm not saying that I'm just saying if you. I agree with third -- French's -- real name she testified before congress. After Katrina that. The United States government purposefully. Blew up the levees skis she heard boom boom in the Ninth Ward and then all of a sudden the water started pouring in of course -- Subsequently learned it was probably the barges in the -- is that. She heard I don't mean -- Go back to Katrina or anything but. Speaking of that. All he wanted to do was turn around and say what you plane shot well all. But he didn't he was very polite tour and I know everybody has a freedom of speech in this country but it would seem. Kinda rude to disrupt the press conference that was going on and if you do that the president. Or some political candidates they haul you off and it -- the last thing in the world they wanted was. After the Ray Nagin conviction in the video biter the sound -- to be of some lady being dragged off they see and agree. So they letter hampers say on the -- says why do you elders like -- so much he's just another criminal who got caught. Nothing special why don't you give up that space in your brain you're using to hate him. I don't know league and I've been trying to draw the line between that this morning if you if you've been listening between what he did legally what kind of punishment he should yet and the intense dislike for him that people have after Katrina because. As the US attorney it is now says the news seemed to. Make enriching himself and his family. His priority rather than help in the city get back on track. And that's perception I think that's the reality that the testimony proved in Clancy Dubose who covered him every day earlier saying that. You know in terms of the judge's sentence and and reigning NB in the masterminded this said he knew he couldn't organize a one car funeral. That he was in narcissus he didn't follow through on anything and he always seemed to me to be this big idea kind of guy candlelight you know what let's. Let let's let's put golden walkways all over the city says tourists and can tour and see the parts of the city and only -- news follow the yellow brick road. Without giving any concern at all to how it was gonna happen who was gonna pay for it -- following through on and I think that's part of his legacy as well. Height 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And in terms of appeals. There Robert Jenkins to join us. In the next hour raining -- attorney you know they're gonna appeal rain Megan's gonna go to jail on September 8 while all of that happens. But the prosecution can also appeal the judge's sentence. And try to get it within the federal guidelines between fifteen and twenty years. Skimming Colin talked to you Lou before we wrap of this Ray Nagin discussion today than we never speak of it again do you do you agree with the sands. Do you think the federal government should spend more money appealing it -- Clancy said letting go to jail. Put this all behind us in the worst punishment we can give Ray Nagin. Is to never speak of him again there's there's a pretty high profile murder that happened not -- mention any names might be somebody that worked here at one point. But you could see the ego as he walked into the courtroom and think -- that that was his moment in and then all of a sudden he's convicted now just an old man in jail and nobody ever talks about and I agree with Clancy that. That's a best revenge on Ray Nagin let him do his time onto any follow up pieces about Ray Nagin in jail etc. And just forget about an 852 time we get traffic into that we at a Terrell Robinson. We do not deal with the justice here above the law. That's judged ginger buried in yesterday. Ansari it's Peter used in off from the movie Billy blood. And I think that is appropriate in a way if you listen to it again we do love. Deal with the justice here but with the law. And their concerns is sentencing of Ray Nagin neon went back and read. A news article about the whole thing after Ray Nagin was convicted. And it said. Most legal analysts expect and get a sentence of between twelve and ten years. Twelve and twenty years revenues so wild ten is on a short side of twelve. It's not that far removed and somehow the sentencing report kicked it up to. Twenty and I guess that's where bodies -- appointment came in or at least those that don't like Ray Nagin Richard on Sunday morning -- -- WL. Like I make some. One point in what -- green -- -- that it. And law protecting open draw all called. -- Richard I don't know but I'm glad you called because I was thinking about that somebody texted in remembered Megan's model New Orleans water idea -- would like -- people would call in if they remember. -- Megan's grand ideas that didn't come to fruition when she got to get about a minute. All users are. All are -- so -- All in our world. You know what -- -- apparently. In check -- web threats and Eric got. Got the city -- -- over the city. I think as a negative numbers as mayor Mitch Landrieu kept talking about that mess he inherited. Right and all well. -- -- -- Spoke with retired air and -- well I mean I thought so for. All your file. Manager --