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7-10 9:10am Tommy talks to Robert Jenkins, Ray Nagin's attorney

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy speaks with Robert Jenkins, Ray Nagin's attorney, about the sentencing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David Blake to our guests we go who has been rather busy as of late Robert Jenkins says. Prominent defense attorney and and who happened to have as a client Ray Nagin. It was daddy's friend of ours welcome and Robert Jenkins good morning sir how you do on. You know at the -- a little tired busy little worn out. -- aren't really because we have for many of the people we have to. Our whole deal and we're talking identified earlier and we're not the case. It's it's not funny but he it's -- normally where you get side. Profile case like than people and the -- -- location working on has not -- They do it -- thinkpad and that's. -- -- Especially their client of -- that -- action of the but certainly case worker. Tom tell me about. This sentence yesterday and -- were you thinking as you walked into the court room. Well and morbidity and order. We have done -- -- assisting -- in the eyes of the ground. No doubt hoping for a motive of the -- on an apple will be hitting yet. Believe that a -- that quote apart. We hope that their after being years. So one. Court on -- continued so quite and quite pleased -- -- took part in a while now. On this and look at. Yes it does Nancy next there is no communications so you're Walken and and you Euro delight the rest of us are just wait and see what and how it turns out he had no pre notice of this at all. Exactly and I'm not so whatsoever. So when it comes. Two heels and I know yet to be careful what you say here because your presenting. Mayor Nagin -- wouldn't grounds would you have for appeal because well. Don't you have to -- some kind of factual error -- Well you know we -- mr. terror. In. And certain objectives and Lyndon. And -- on Google for from the that one of the things that we -- yet in the match probably around. There was. Judgment. Ruling. Where ballots from. Probation development -- or excessive trust are most. Involving. On saint Pierre and talked to -- America -- street firm. I'm mayor Nagin and the president vendors strongest part of -- and backing from their unit army. Units turncoat -- Washington. So this goes in the blogging scandal and Jim and what was on and -- Well it -- probably -- -- that part in trying to carve out what else for the ball went there were four excessive. Termed conduct a little report and I'm definitely all of them he could get better explain what they are. In the investigation. About in the administration and actually did me in trouble if Bloomberg broke so. On in terms of the prosecution. Appealing the sentence. The judge in the gum notes -- how it works you know. I don't -- -- have that the Arctic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Even if they did content -- or anywhere but I don't have a tendency question if they are of course you know but actually respond to -- and we will but I don't think department. They don't do that. So did you at any point in the trial. If you later read in the fact that. Ray Nagin. Com -- business from Home Depot as a result of considerations or did you did he ever admit to any of the things for which he was convicted Gazprom. So if you had to do it all over again in terms of the trial itself before we even get to sentencing. Which would you do some things differently. Or not. You can also expect him and make that determination what -- would do differently and I have heard that a repeat they would do that. If there's a military standing objections -- aren't on a little -- probably. And I don't follow market. You can't say that until. You are. We look at it but apparently bowed to defense it's about. We did the best clue what was. You can go for the world to do this disaster known at this point. I don't see anything that we couldn't. At a trying to go back in and remembers some of the controversies Dylan during training and administration. Member. A lot of trouble with waste management and -- twice as much as. Jefferson Parish was and I was trying to remember some of the other things it is Gary Solomon -- -- was it was. Accused at some point of given the mayor trooper -- 3000 dollars was was. Go ahead. Well the problem and always dancing with the issue in this console. That. That -- And evidence is wondered do you know if there was any investigation launched in and that. Well I don't know the investigation but I don't know where it went out with a look at what. Did you think the mayor was. Targeted do you think there were others involved and I -- a tough question for you answer because. You know from the reports I've read Home Depot did make some concessions if you believe the testimony to the mayor and were some. Emails -- prove that nine and I'm just wondering do you think the right people were. Brought to trial on this were some people's selectively prosecuted. -- just a bit compressed air through here and there have been determining who will probably not in fact. Utley turned what we do believe. That was going to happen prior in the indictment. In trying to dictate the full popped. So much of this comes down I think game and you might disagree with me you know more and I do. It to a dead the defendant's demeanor. And personality in perception do you think any of that hurt your client. Know a lot of people have the outcome of the whatsoever TV you'd make either -- I don't currently cause you know we talk about trowel tightly compacted event what jurors may have made that but no the testify strongly and I don't think -- illegal anyway are watching it and -- -- -- ultra people will will break in the first -- About this and that does -- -- its expertise. Do you think this is really about criminal activity or is about an opportunity. To. Prosecute somebody who. Didn't have a lot of popular support was disliked by a lot of people and the many of whom think his legacy will win is going to be not be in such a good mayor and try to be polite here in. And I just wonder if yeah if this in any point the US attorney's office might have thought this would be. You know slam dunk and you attorneys say to use that term but the study was an easy. I easy Pickens -- put it that way because of his. Performances mayor. I would say that the pulled me out of here -- two ways that the drive prosecute a case. Matt and they'll learn that there percussion is a wonderful job. It'll make the decision about what comes before and that's well -- would be about what -- -- -- in Newfoundland though. Did meeting that took -- And -- and that's what probably in the indictment so about what it makes civil. -- with -- commission stated permit an indictment. Which you have to. Would you have to prove that the jury had knowledge and a. We have to prove that was -- the jury will send out but whether or not it didn't comment on kind of way. -- He -- and import should -- profit. And fully on the. -- in terms of the justice system working with would you say it it let you down it worked properly but was slightly mistaken -- you evaluated. All of and so is bad in terms of the trial the trial. The court to China's professionalism of -- this week's field and appealed the decision and it -- in. I did it in terms of demeanor of Ray Nagin yesterday he was stoic leaving the courtroom but was he. Secretly happy not secretly but but behind the scenes happy about the -- even though he's gone away for ten years and would have to do a -- Positions in the old system. Can maintain this error from anything he believes -- -- rule that out at our preference for the chemical addiction. Hey Robert you financially to go on -- -- and there are good with economists think it would have been the best and what their -- vocal. Thank you -- are pretty old one and one I think at asking -- have to. Divulge is we hear about Ray Nagin in his Stanley being on public assistance is that means food stamps. I have no idea where they came from I had I had never heard that in front of the media. About the public assistance. Okay. And are you it did DD yeah you've data on this is delicately Robert -- eight are you doing this pro Bono -- pain and. Well I don't know that the mere retain at least trade and now we're -- -- you thank you Robert at 8 o'clock.

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