WWL>Topics>>7-10 9:50am Tommy talks to Edwin Edwards

7-10 9:50am Tommy talks to Edwin Edwards

Jul 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Because Edwin Edwards they tell me is called in governor. Mark how you don't tell tell me your history because I was trying to figure it out and I can't. We -- -- mean just with how the whole indictment came down and where -- off is at the time when I guess -- Sanyo falsely prosecuted by the government. Oh god does that. Vault information about it and I understand that. Here's the deal it has nothing to do with my role. Let me repeat that it had nothing to do what my role as well. It was not -- matter -- political corruption contrary to what some people bunny. But I understand that base that on an -- Media reports. Best thing happened act -- out of the government thought I had been out well over a year -- an -- And they had not been I was not accused of our -- not accused of check in at bank mistake. Although not -- -- senate -- like -- but I think. What on more trend of the mine. Ku got in trouble on the record -- -- deal with the federal government to debt. Not all that ends meet and out to get reduce our it's just -- step. Tell me about oak dale is a no I know you mentioned some what. Ray Nagin could not necessarily look forward to that could expect closure time -- like. Well that's no good fuel to build the -- But. Probably. Won't have to be in prison. The camp that old -- that is about as good as it gets. The food is acceptable book as a book -- local. Changes in blacks from the area. And national prince's. The medical services -- reasonable. And we stayed in and barracks was about potter and order or. Under reporting man. And it's it's comparable but it still present. And I don't recommend that anybody but. I can't really complain about and -- Slowed your reaction -- does pull its out and Hannity question and saying if you were to run against Bobby Jindal that you'd be human thing was 48 to 43%. What are. Paula -- on Levy's -- not it is one of the questions. And it's on our website at -- WL dot com they put you against Bobby Jindal. And a hypothetical race and is that he'd be game is governor 48 to 43%. Well it's hard economic. And beat Bobby Jindal on the go. But I'm not surprised about that at all. Based upon the practice. -- are autistic people will run for governor again because they remember. The good times out that would kept the budget balanced pages that -- Those -- error of law enforcement. The most protected and and given everybody possible and I was sheer when things happen. And that at all. And equipment like some people don't like that we ended things but I was not in Minnesota blog -- -- -- able -- -- -- -- state. Idol in the of Louisiana and that it. And in terms of people you know and now is confused and when it comes to. Memories and and sometimes what is wrongly reported is is taken as fact in and you know that yourself in public life for. So many years what do what do you think your legacy is in in terms of the way most Louisiana instinct about you and some of the misperceptions out there. Well generally speaking you know -- -- that says it is no relation. About unique cities with the evil man debt does that give them a good result in terror net ball. And of course -- in my case people remember -- an effective governor. Controversial. Outspoken. But nevertheless I'm must've done right at them all Allah whoever had the opportunity. And was successful in getting reelected. More times and twice and I'm very proud that Robert -- sport and are acting tag right out the fact that. The poll shall mean beating caught it forty degree does not surprise me is their battering. But on the other hand. Wrote let's just -- -- agenda has spent all of his time in the last. Tremendous. -- Tribe the run but some of -- this topic is largely neglected is unique in Asia. Yeah yeah running for office on asking about. The common coroner governor he's gotten he and his education secretary disagree on it. Although the governor kinda did a flip flop on at the a's got a meeting set for July 17 and in -- situation would you of had to wait a couple of weeks they have an appointment with your education secretary would you call to many your office. All of it -- -- it -- am one controversial -- -- and the magistrate. Section. I'm not taken a position common cold look at -- and I don't know that much about it are complicated. My opposition. I believe in the local old school. I don't think it and it program education on the work without the support of the changes because they're the -- -- the buck stops and I think it. Whatever it is it should involve me. In the cages. And the school board members of the local school boards who have the responsibility. Of teaching our children. It's solid job as an elected official outlined the finances. To keep the system running as the provide the best schools that are. Governor a quick before we let you go given given the blogging scandal and and that other things we found out happened at a gym Clinton's office US attorney's office. Did you do you think you were targeted by the federal government and why do you think it happen. Well the federal government tried four times to predict. One Aaron balked -- judge they got global product 36. When they got this judge I knew I was in trouble but his whole. Career that I was dedicated to get me convicted. It was so bad bet when he found -- one of the people on the sure it was on me acquitted. He kicked -- all the jury and let those men remaining your arms bitten me an idol of conversations that would be Chirac that want. The people who get -- degenerate the rest set well -- mark Vogel and convict him because we're all in government legal it was just. Our problem saying about or -- share that not in. And good auctions in progress -- for that I'm very grateful this as a bad thing which should not have happened but it did. But what. Otherwise why you think it happened my it was target on your back. It's hard to -- accepted basically it now people call it law enforcement. In the federal system cool. Don't like Powell and they appear -- and it anybody who has bought it and who have follow up and it will bring in now. It's kind of like -- -- healed but big year that on the range and that. That the system that. We have to deal deal with the I. Partly responsible for opt out of correction -- this about it rather than take it seriously because I knew I had done it all. Kind of crap joke about it optic and attend but in the negatives. The judge who's responsible for my conviction is there. Six of the people testify at all that plot against -- -- that -- ballot but the arm of the trial. One after that was ridiculous statement that million dollar some small arm. I'm not a one great wonderful thought it was ridiculous statement that keep the ship on the employee and -- That's the kind of people that they used that let me. And it wasn't even a big screen must governor. Well that he wasn't even a big screens and hand them then how big strong team. I don't know that -- In May and other than it would cut deeply. Governor we're out of time is a pleasure talking to you know be called back and timely one more thought Yasser guy was not convicted of public corruption Kabul airport and -- Shall leave that out get out of rates. I'm glad you called governor and blood doping is strange I'd love to hear from you again looked -- -- much of you thank you --