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Jul 10, 2014|

Garland talks about neighborhood gentrification with UNO Asst. Professor of Planning and Urban Studies Dr. Anna Brand and Urban Planning Expe

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There would -- But totally new. Story. Early subdivision because. Personally and through new war. And I was doing some Perrier correct and the finally had no more than five my first home and and pretty good so we're pretty good benefits so who lived in motion good good career in New Orleans. -- Irish channel they were having problems and -- -- that. Bruce say about you were going down own -- a lot of stories. About how the neighborhood was deteriorating. This is general and the -- above my personal and there are of spin mumbling into renovated. And med TV news anchor and -- and when they kind of recognized we -- -- that'll help the neighborhood little bit. -- about halfway through the renovation -- woke 1 morning. Then there was times Picayune reporter. In the city cultural person. -- in my front yard no walked on under the reports of what are you doing. Our -- -- doing story here in the neighborhood. And it's had about one. And she beat around the bush -- that said welcome Morgan State silly -- on two big. What -- -- and maybe some but I can help put it -- she's symbol overdoing the story in June sure implications. Of the neighborhood which. -- -- People will be among the people with the better resource who's moving into a neighborhood. And by doing so and portion. Some of the people were all of the people whose cultural wars that Erica to move elsewhere. You you raised the branch to raise the value of homes and they can no longer reported. So in very short order by its old and let out. And and for very long time I thought to myself. Understand. How boost fuel. Credit lived in that neighborhood from quarter one don't. But win. Bringing more money here or orb or more resources into an area reports -- people. What the heck is the end -- -- that now -- we can think about this shark. In the -- news during the essence sociable. I was watching good debate to none of debate panel discussion. By mayors of cities so all all of you know and states. Conditions the way vehicle and Amir described it right in the beginning. -- you said the way to move forward displacement. From. Gentrification. It's of focus your will. Install -- mirrors all of them spoke with -- is gobbledygook. Acting like people don't know what's going off. And I don't know I don't we needed negatively immunity as a description. Committed -- looks like his gobbledygook because. I see the problem. A simple does with the problem. But how did he hinted that problem and that's when we go to the experts. We have doctor and brand were the assistant professor planning urban studies innuendo. Doctors thank you so much of the time. Much animal should talk to him hug his gobbledygook Karl -- -- and you grow in front drew some tuned right from good to. And on the other hand and you end up creating problems. That are valid problems. Yes definitely I mean I think that cities certainly clear rule and a couple bigger. I. You know not only creating. Incentives school -- middle income and upper income -- to move into the neighborhood. Who are. Ensuring that certain development happened in those neighborhoods which goes into raging current value -- properties. -- I -- Now in that where the problem content from. The values go up there in the in the people that live there forever there can afford their notre Ken over the property detection they can report their breath. Yes definitely and so you'd see a lot to believe that displacement of folks that have trimmed it to live in the neighborhood. For a long period of time and who too analytical of pressure you know decades. And becomes you know it it becomes an issue of affordability and for those folks who now need to -- my opponent. It also becomes -- cultural just placement. Which I think -- you know talked about in your interest that. Certainly to within these neighborhoods they have you know social connections and cultural connection to this neighborhood. And those types of networks get disrupted by there's affordability issues attendance -- want to -- out. Our little clips of the -- -- one becomes -- -- notes during the your panel discussion. One of the judges thing came up there has warned of fear answers and they sued for good this city you do for refused to brand building permits. So let's say you go to. Middlemen call -- of family -- to children more movement. Do you. How would what would be. Baldwin didn't measurements dean. To get true blocked. From giving a permit to renovate or build the business. If warned of waves to control it is refused to brand building permit. Well I think that you would have dementia based on you know the local -- couple -- that would probably change in different cities I mean certainly in New Orleans we have lower income level and trade. Perhaps since America's New York City which has seen a lot of gentrification and different Arnold. -- it would have to -- -- going. Comcast. According to this city in terms of making sure that those folks who live there their income level of -- that they could still afford those properties to pure. It -- but he had you know I think it's a marriage and the will to do that. And that whatever that level would be it would have to be what was your portable personal note snicker. So Lou let's let's just say you know good -- made this up our neighborhood you'd Turco I mean. Global auto body in Coleman and and what are Roush and you survey every child sold there of 35000. Dollars you you take those numbers. And you say dead. If you're good putting more than this send you can't comment is is is that how that would work. I think and I haven't seen that happen my parents you know the specifically but I think that. This city might create policy is where if you're going to put an. New housing and you'll have to include some affordable housing it would and it does that make sense. -- because we've had bad here epic. And and that -- -- weren't. Both for individuals would be individual business individual. Homeowner. And it would seem like a big some pretty tough exclusionary. Rules were sorry. You get do you make too much from wanted to get building permit to ruin the blade in true match. Is that how it would work. Or am I misunderstanding. Refuse to -- building permits. -- -- -- I think we did let's take a break we'll come right back -- -- talking to. Doctor and Brennan assistant professor of planning and urban studies -- doing though. And the subject Jews and gen true implications. -- god. More implored people business and moving into. Poorer areas of the community. And forcing the poor -- those less influence Al all of there -- community. -- -- -- doubled up you know the thing good about word that I have approval saying June trip vacation. Basically. More food people businesses combinations thereof moving into a poor or or lower income neighborhoods. Driving the price is home to a -- I'm not surprised to -- driving a question products. And therefore driving -- the original resident. But give a good example. I came local guys do during the show and while listening to a number of mayors and fill the Scotia and an innocence. A new board of Maryland Bruce and you should -- vocation as a result of having more people warning to come to this city. In terms of problems it's a good problem to have but it's one that we have to concentrate on. In my push and becomes a portion of only one side you media people try and improve community. And once they get in their real lives there improvement to bribing people now that should should they be allowed in the first place. And if soar if not how these people mom -- a little incumbent and -- about this concurrent. All those complicated question we go to via perched on it in doctorate in a brand. SuSE propels your planning urban studies that you know doctors story would -- you welcome back to the show. Thank you -- 11 of -- The mirrors adjusted. The blocking the use of tax incentives. -- -- didn't do -- does that weren't his is that one of the enters. Tax incentives -- developer important movements right. Yeah I mean it's -- want to ensure that you compare their opportunity. You know if you have a development and have a lot of power. Q who encouraged about them but also get benefits and that development at all you know help neighborhoods and so. Ron has turned things that they can demand is. You know incentives to help don't put on housing and then in the air -- that they look at to count on Tibet. You can and therefore encourage development to court or produce want to do. Also in check your building affordable housing stock or maintaining current account and so who argue that there. -- I see how that happened to New Orleans and seems to be voters and sort of toy I'm pre Katrina. More women and knock down -- walked use of -- Housing project. And then put them by a couple of -- recruits for a building codes and end this. Pulled for a review of income. But can you do that to an established neighborhood. You know Irish channeled from a Ninth Ward. Does that board there because you don't have the land meant us to control that do it. Well I mean there's other ways of ensuring that you know cities trying to make sure that -- stay affordable -- -- has rent control right. And there's other ways community. Organizations can build communities land -- And ritual present affordability accompanied the you know that are on those grand trance. And there's a lot of different to look at cities have so. I think that. If they have the will to do that has a lot of tools that they can use -- maybe using a host of those Alter the past you know approach. As opposed chips are areas where you're not going to be of that -- until widespread affordable housing complex like. -- -- -- Bloom Bloomberg callers some -- the question this for the inhabitants or rooted there. Every conceivable you grandfather in their taxes to where they don't go up regardless of -- to the neighborhood improves. I think that's a great question I don't know the answer I imagine bet com. Couldn't come under legal question presented itself. I don't know that specific -- I would imagine that -- have the power to do that and that once they see gentrification starting to happen and 800 slowly happen and it happened in waves spread their neighborhoods are increasingly unaffordable. Even for the first wave retention fires which are easily. You know about a country artists or writers or. -- -- banned because it's a portable that and it starts to tip towards middle class man -- a -- class a once it but he had that see that happening and you know definitely think it -- legally and there are around and that could be looking at -- -- Homeowners and renters to conclude there's a long time. I see -- restrictive covenants on area. Replacement to for the housing projects in this city and that certainly seems to be working. But I saw him real estate developer the other day and so a lot of the mandates. On those covenants thrown out there and 2030 years what -- what happens then. Do you drift. -- he'd do the -- soon and why did the mandate runner up. While I mean that's I mean that is something that's attractive to developers that they don't run out and that and you -- -- Popular target market great and so you agree to a certain Urquhart I'm an arm or ability. I mean these Internet -- -- into a career you know index and a gratuity. -- measures triggers. Counting unit. I think he's a bit. They aren't a -- they actually have to implement it and I'm and you're a bunch of tools Katrina. Certainly greens -- a lot of tension between you know individual property owners. -- we know that there's so many. Significant issues -- President in -- I think it's something were sentenced cooks and under Clinton. There isn't the affordable helping mandates. And I've never been in one to talk to residents. Dude some people pay more for their units then others. I did I lose it. -- and come dead the dead it's. A diverse population would in those covenants. -- -- something like certainly and so and it you know the public housing and other complex sanctioned you know in congress so where -- 200 cut costs weren't that -- changed dramatically -- you know. That is built into housing units so you have the number of court appointments are subsidized by the government own. You can only a monarchy and collaborate and certain level. And you confront a certain amount of rent in the country government subsidizes them not to Cochran and then you got other units at a market in its. Who -- during an increase in unbeaten one of the -- -- something good an important to understand. Said did. They're they're seeing or at least some cities. Think Baltimore in particular. Have been successful would decreasing home windows home loosen its. Among military veterans bring her and because. Federal government assistance. Following news that. -- how would that have an impact on June troop rotation. I I thought that -- as well and thought it would and should act I mean I can get. The whining about gentrification and it. I had a -- including resource occurred while you're while your -- and in -- -- and incumbent and resources around that entity can put our resources and the creature and I think. Comments seem to be directed that -- and themselves would bring resource is whether or not it was -- Gentrification that's usually it by the wealthy that they has -- -- government subsidy clothing are hungry you know -- -- -- -- are -- -- That that's something that will keep current. In other. Gentrification that's happening that happened but look that much. Doug Cabrera and think you're so good for the time appreciate it very much have a great day and how much. Come right back double the bill bigger celebrity am more in five career film what do you think to shoot 01878. Do do you quite understand the gentrification. Thing. -- I understand. Both sides. Those that they -- helpful community. By buying into a lower income -- to approach area. And ordered to help it recover. Both born -- getting here and one you doom. Brings up the price of products home's rear end. Doing business. And then you have June 2 replies bin neighborhood. And those pushed all. The people who have been there -- for a very long time culturally and through the generations. So. I can see both sides. Of the concern. But the ventures and he. Still single vague what do you think to receive 01 lead somebody told -- everywhere in the country aged six fixated 9087. We're thinking about. -- Of years ago back conservatives -- you do New Orleans. Have been on team is an anchor for awhile and had a little bit of recognition than that little little money. And there was a neighborhood armored shell will. Still struggling we've done log shows a crime rates in that houses being abandoned what are we should do you know. I'm a -- my personal mirror. Renovated by itself end and see if we can all get together and glued to help one of the more important cold truly. Areas of New Orleans. And I had been better for five months what are we get a -- morning. Broadside there's a newspaper reporter and the city councilman LeBron Jordan is subordinate note going and they were reluctant to tell me at first. And the -- doing the story and gentrification. People who move in with a little bit of money. Improve the houses and drive out the real resident of the neighborhood. So. Shortly thereafter are as sole Helmsley left. And then had to leave it's an oversimplification. Of what it is. But it's also I think -- an example of how complicated -- this was what I was doing having the potential. To hurt the neighborhood yet but I was trying to help in the neighborhood sort of wasn't done heard it was done help. And it would have ended up hurting the whole Lotta people who do on the same. So essence -- mobile comes down this year and there was a panel discussion from mirrors all over the country. And they warned that impact on me bring you from the Atlanta mirror quote. Will -- Removed the way for us so board displays and isn't poker -- will install uploading mirror off the hook when all of this gobbledygook. Meaning. Gentrification. Acting like they don't know what's going on and as always when I'm confused when basis I think computer -- -- experts. And mobile home. We get an expert who usually breaks your New Orleans -- urban planning doctor crucially important good to a good news. Thank you Garland but to hear your voice again welcome back -- yeah. Well tricky you know I'm I'm glad you called me today you may be related shore. Experience Irish channel and I think you choose that you train the issue quite well that it's more complicated than changed. What you don't know is that I'm now teaching at Columbia university in New York cash and I live in central Harlem. Well and so I know something about change occasions both in New Orleans candy in. New York and. Aren't shouldn't have -- comedy did Spike Lee give -- attitude to. A gas heat can't ever -- and I actually yes he came to -- and I think he'd left and meeting. Understanding. Something more about it and with more of your point of view. And it's complicated than he had thought when he transformed. We'll go talk to me about it oh hello Oleg. A road don't assume. Suggestions. That the mirror of her talking about -- just for notable one says. Refuse to brand building permits. That how does that border -- you do it. Well I don't I don't think you could tell -- I think you'd be unconstitutional. And ensure you get at the heart as -- -- what. What we should be talked about urged to call it -- ducks -- in your application. And you get pretty well it is that a group of people. You have more money eat and the people who have who -- living in -- neighborhood can -- -- on it and they can pay a increased -- Or the property. It usually has a racial. Tone to it that it is rich white people aren't stench coming in and planting. A poor black people but it can also be rich black people coming and it's -- and pinch you know. Or Hispanic or in stench. On the -- But the issue is that people with more money coming to a neighborhood each -- city I will ever read the article -- recurring to an essential and eight in the mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu should -- that it yesterday he can be a problem but it's a problem we're happy to have and then actually the attitude of most people who are response spoke Portuguese budgets. They want people. To have money to come -- and pay increase straight property. Which they -- tax. And I think what really bothers people emotionally. And cash is is the Trace that you didn't when you're talking -- Russia and the Irish channel. That you felt like what you were doing like her courage. The real residential -- community. When you're there girl and you were real resonance to communicate much and I think it's something that Spike Lee realized when he talked to people amber under. -- of those other than they urged the people who had shoulder how does admit more money each and they talk they ever would. And that they had found other neighborhoods in New York. Squared that much money would allow them to buy a house enhancements -- -- tried to and so they felt like they had been -- What I and gonna -- it into me because my student debt Colombian. And the school of international public -- are all very extension education because they are often accused of doing that very thing. Over in west Harlem. And but -- -- talk about what the problem mentioned gentrification goes on arbitrarily slow rate. Control over -- in the eyes of the beholder. Then insert somebody moves away and replaced by someone else and the whole. The whole community isn't. -- -- -- Let people read -- really and usually. Are concerned about is trying to have insurance and urged. I figured out in -- huge edge Arlen shouldn't social media had entered. They got interest in income people who are again. East Harlem. -- we're moving to. -- The compartment that distant part -- punch and that they have discovered a whole bunch in the same building had moved to the -- neighborhood. But it was a neighborhood that wasn't served as well actual wage at parliament urged. And these are people who only if you don't have cars should they had a hard time she even negotiating -- about aggression reached. Or they had a charming -- -- figuring out how to get their cash and helped. These students figured out that they could shut up sort of a little I mean I don't understand much about this -- -- But to have that sort of the social network. That if you are somebody who had moved into that neighborhood to -- your former neighbor can't live in that they don't and that there. Again -- phone number all volunteers. From a member of the per cent -- had a car and who is willing to basically start a kinda carpool. To -- people to look for jobs. On about get input into -- government can only go so far but what government can do much. Should make it easier for people to help them so much. And show -- at district council member. -- to have a government in her all -- The -- thing bad if you are if you didn't moved up into a new neighborhood she did you call the district count incompetent find out. Know something about how you can get around and that there is a little network of people who helped tricky places she can get you into the community of which you can enjoy it. The same way he did in your old one day. Entrance -- doctor. We share -- about two hours would be good we got limited time let cord break -- -- right backward talking to. What -- -- and doctor pursuit of Ford it was an urban planner write your New Orleans. Now one of America's experts are under urban planning of the -- in New York. We'll come back your phone calls to 6018. Summoning. The thought that is Jim complications. Good bad or both in person in the run up to prove we take people. Your column and live in wonderful New Orleans and ended have -- in particular with the younger generation remote reveals. And the highly educated women who. The ones that. We're gonna make the big bucks and technology. -- a lot of visual unscientific poll however we run every -- the president judge -- over the hill where askew is New Orleans and really. She could gentrification. And 62%. Of abuse say yes. We have broad New Orleans former Herbert Miller of planning expert where there's no New York doctor Christina poured a doctored. No breathing Yale and Harvard political review report -- side in one part of the report said local laws often help mitigate taxes for homeowners. By creating caption on public property taxes can increase cash. Is that possible does that work. That that Berkshire I think edge out and it can work. However what you really want it's a population. It's learning and partly it's worth more -- in what you improved the circuit and everybody in. Should it I mentioned earlier it Harlem. In fact. Reminds me of New Orleans because cheat on their truck she -- -- -- I -- -- and -- Peter told me each and order a black woman and she's edging around. Some people don't like get. Oh a professor at Columbia. Are moving into -- our challenge she spent ten years ago he couldn't live here because there is in the hands -- pick our crack cocaine. -- She did because. It that Joker card -- all approach actually be easier at night. Well Sasha -- what it should be shorter or -- niche edge. She changed Haitian. Mission control -- -- -- and courage so quickly. That it spinach. The future shedding most people. I -- an -- so we are surrounded by a very large the county development which will always be there. -- is likely completely change and become the upper shot behind me. -- but it is the parent English jedi can do it HR to watch out that such an earlier. -- what happens to the people who are being displaced. It's -- can be gained for every it. Just this this I'm older woman this time you're out there longer being a traitor our drug gangs. Of -- one of -- mentions -- good as soon because won't someone mayors sent they have decreased homelessness -- military veterans. Because they bring a long within federal benefits. Good would that apply to. Or -- or nonmilitary. Aid gentrification. Problem. Well I -- I'm not I don't I don't know exactly how good but I do what I think is bad. What's important spiel when you talk you back caps on property tax increases. I think it showed up in his tried that and it's a good idea action but what they've done is to it -- -- on how to that certain Balaguer. I'm sure that they're they are checked being people who are -- option but they're not putting a cap aren't. I'm a very rich person who else should it even richer or certain. And the value of the car he's -- that are astronomically. -- we should be questioned. Captured that day and show an apology. Sort of looked at trying to figure out. What is it about -- vacation it is probably -- And then figure out ways thinks that government can do. But it out of shape your lawyer cultural figure out ways to help people help themselves. To shake your out -- way. You have within the neighborhood to Q&A change inspections that they used to -- up in the one that got gentry are. And -- bench. -- Blue sky kind of stinking bench Realogy should teach because it's one of those cash urban next urged. That would quoted an article about yes and folks at the ball we each had a bit shorter. Neighborhoods big -- and chipped and changing -- in not own or in pretty short and income. -- could monitor and shootings. And show the -- try to figure out what in a city like New Orleans. Is damaged or everyone. And not just turn a blind eye to how important it is we increased stroke each. Well one final technical question do -- answer is no and the think you're considered coming back you funding Macrovision normal. Guess I'd crawl finishes in Harlem. If you find any. I've heard it -- afford to -- different sort of true do you find that the crawfish. And it cross -- as. Share -- you know down the red -- man and one again you know I think they can't -- you gotta tell Mo you've got a couple and one actually we wanna Kamal -- they really do doctor good talk can be you do and you have a great good -- for the times. Sure -- -- -- the bills.