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7-10 1pm Angela, Jeff. Parish Pres. John Young

Jul 10, 2014|

Angela talks with Jefferson Parish President John Young and takes your calls

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People moving from the -- kind of Jefferson Parish. Isn't the allure of the dynamic growth of downtown New Orleans and other areas. And the vision of a renewed that city -- for Jefferson Parish presidents a similar lifestyle. What's the latest on who will run the parishes to public house. Adults are east -- question still going their separate ways. And what's this we hear that John Young could be the next lieutenant governor. Want you to stay with this parish president John Young is with this for the whole hour he's here to talk about what's going on to answer any of your questions. Give us a call 260187. Day. On a rainy day you came in in means a lot always. It's always good to see Angela well I think -- outlet store you Wear bright sunshine mystery. Well. The -- here then. I think yes but let's talk about who -- running for office. Sid there's complementing is as a radio -- those fuel. No no let's let's seriously. Sure everything is coming up roses for you. So are you thinking about lieutenant governor. I don't know if everything's coming up roses for me but I'm -- given serious thought to that right now and concentrate on. Do my job as parish president witches is a very demanding but grueling job at the same -- but but certainly a look and editors seriously yes. And and when is that election night. That would be about fifteen months from now okay so there's still -- for a time correct but. Getting -- to state office right in seeing how you can you know. Better served not only the citizens are just suppression of metropolitan area but certainly the state Louisiana so a very passionate about coastal restoration. Coast protection coastal restoration president of pace to parishes against. Coastal erosion which is twenty coastal parishes. That that's not. By statute -- ago lieutenant governor does but certainly that's an issue and economic development is a passion of mine as well it's one of the things I enjoy doing is just to parish president attracting. New taxpayers -- just some pressure on. I'm fond of saying that I do not like -- taxes beloved new taxpayers so yes we love to get. New companies and we have gotten. Most recently. -- tech companies are coming in Jefferson Parish one of which is gonna produce. Over 300 direct jobs over the next five years at an adversary 50000 so. That is to have always been the retail Mecca of the metropolitan their habit now we're trying to attract both IT companies. We have a billion dollar. Ammonia producing plan under construction when -- Louisiana. And also we've made great strides as has new loans Baton Rouge Shreveport in the film industry. Right now you know Angela. Louisiana is number one in his production in the -- believe in the world it is and it's one of the things we did right even back when we were at the top of every bad list at the bottom and good list this is the one good list we were at the top of in terms of the tax incentives so. A -- recent trade journal article. When the mayor of LA is now. Try to convince his council passed a tax incentive program to stop the bleeding in the exodus from LA. So it is they are no longer. The Hollywood and we are we we -- And every second -- -- Canada yes so so we had eaten me up to keep that going. Well you bring up a couple of points one. Your interest in non custom Russian center. We have an interest in legislative session and I just kind of one of your thoughts on it and in particular. On the the governor's effort to quell the the lawsuit against the oil companies him and what that means. Well. We were involved in that from the parish level because paste paste did not take a position on that particular lawsuit because we were focused on the parish coastal lawsuits. And the authority and autonomy of local government so our approach was looked. We're at the at the the front lines so to speak and yeah we have both feet Crown Point Barrett terror that have been flooded four times the last nine years and of course Grand Island jumps in Paris so. We want to maintain enough authority and autonomy which we did the passions ability to. Pursue litigation that regard has been preserved. In terms of under under permits it to separate thing it's not a contingency based -- as that that would which was somewhat controversial with the with the Levy would lawsuit. And and the only thing that concerned me at the end of the day. Was. These hundred law professors who waited and said it may affect the BP. Yeah litigation so obviously. Made my views known in that regard is we didn't want anything to do Lago. Hinder the BP litigation. Depending on which lawyer she talked to you get two different opinions that are gone we'll just have to see how it plays out. I thought it was powerful -- that it was over a hundred law professor Stan -- be careful with this. And I think there was a lot of the feeling of people being disturbed that any governmental entity like that could. There's already the loss of going on another current retroactively. It was just -- And the -- it was unusual and act and I think at the end of the day you know we have three branches of government and at the end of the that that I think it's ultimately going to be decided in the court system. As to rather how that how that particular all plays out so. I think we're gonna have to stay tuned and see how that plays out in weather. That retro activity causes a problem. Litigation laws because it is unusual for to be retroactive do you think so it. Just the whole issue of the responsibilities of oil companies should be played out in court well I mean that's where it is and that's where it should be played out -- certainly. There's also the the issue of of the levees as well also I mean it's not a it's not a cut and dried issues on a black -- white issue would certainly. You know our system of government. Rule of law -- who I was responsible for the damage should pay for the damage and that's I think that's. Best played out in the court system that answers to let the court system. Sought that out. Correctly -- but I thought I read something today that the Levy -- is going to be meaning concerning. Some material that was found in the levees on the Jefferson Perez side correct nineteen street canal teachings. Yes and we're on that as well. They'd they'd they'd putting down some sheet piling. To correct some of the the deficiencies in the flood wall along the seventeenth street canal. And in doing that they had to dig up some of the leverage to put sheet -- and so it would disrupt. The neighborhood as much and wouldn't have as much pounding. During that process. They discovered some rip -- some some. -- chunks and it's we will put that. The US Army Corps of Engineers on those to make sure they are very correct that system is that that goes against their own guidelines as to how they built levees. Matt McBride who used to via. Involved he's now moved out of town is also has sent emails so not only you but the year. Sloppy -- but also the parachute Jefferson throughout public works and drainage department. All of coordinating and corresponding with the core. Who -- is that they're gonna correct those issues because you certainly don't want the levees and compromise anyway you know or obviously repeated that. Issue and -- and that brings up another. Oh long term issue with head with a core and and obviously proceeding with their with the construction of the program pump stations at the seventeenth Rowling's in London. But they're proceeding with what we think is old less than. Optimum approach. We do get in the making concessions they're building would we call option one. What we want it was optioned to an option to weigh in that is we felt that the the optimum approach would be to. Why in a deep -- can now take out the flood walls completely the -- walls that failed. And let it drain by gravity and then decommissioned pump station number six he would have a really system. But the money wasn't there congress -- appropriate that type of money. So will we will we got -- to agreed to was modified option number one which means what we're at what they're doing and they're putting a permanent pump station at the mouth of the of the seventeenth street they're gonna relay from pump station number six. So that for the while still come into play because even though they gonna block the storm surge coming from the lake. Depending upon how much waterfalls and how much you have to pop. If you get it above a certain level on that on wall. That could cause a failure between those two pump stations so. It's important that the big correct whatever problems there obviously we feel that the optimum solution is to. It is to. Bring -- can now down to street level because if you look at all the canals and Jefferson Parish with that exception that we share -- Rowling's. Every canal is at or below see the street level. You you drive along or -- and the seventeenth street canal in the water level is above the roof of your caller. Eagles to the bongos single story house a little low levels actually above. Street level and that's -- those walls. Also significant because in that and that's of courses which failed. In Katrina it's really about money down and was -- not money yes it's about money but you know all human was and it didn't it didn't. Prevail at the time and we still gonna try to fund money Britain they have to do and it's so that you can incorporated that going follow it. But opposition was like it's gonna cost more money in the -- and that. If we flood again whether it be from stalled surge or -- of Rainwater and the city's not gonna come back and re being rebuilt the second time now salute and. Have to continue to try to find money in buying a money -- -- yeah. But otherwise you're feeling good about her came prepared well absolutely and and and don't get me wrong we're much better protected today than we've ever been fourteen and have billion dollars have been spent by the US government and the taxpayers United States to fortify. I metropolitan area but we also have to remember it's a risk reduction system not a risk elimination system. And we're only protected quite frankly of to a category three so you know or five all bets are off. That's why we have to continue to put money in the coastal protection restoration. A horizontal levees we need to build. A -- off what structure across the release -- the -- to keep the water from coming -- -- to begin with. We just keep on giving a it's a marathon not a sprint not so we have made great progress that we. We care presto. Everyone stay with us we're gonna continue with president John Young of Jefferson Parish. Talking about what's happening on the West Bank stay with us on Angela under the W well. We're back with -- John Young president of Jefferson -- always appreciate when it comes him. Let's talk about the questioning because a study was recently done sort of said that it's languishing in some areas it's. Losing population and housing values are declining. Just any thoughts on -- and I recently saw where they've opened a new. Economic development office correct on the West Bank correct. Bright and that will be -- -- is there a focus Horry revival of sorts of what can be done -- after the West Bank will force a vote. Yes the hit -- short answers yes we we're you know the counsel's very committed I'm very committed. We do have some challenges. As we do throughout you know the good news is that the young people coming to as much pop in there. So we need to do as a parish in is that track and caption the young entrepreneur class and -- when they get raise of them -- to -- to chips and cash. We have an issue with housing stock. Housing stock is is older and it is kind of like that commercial you fall -- Oldsmobile and her two year your. With the young people want today in a lot of them don't wanna own that's one. Our demographic we have to take into consideration and it and if they do wanna buy that don't want the the three bedroom two bath ranch house -- a Paris -- Back when when those areas developed. And it's and we're also there is an account about it's. Caught in it and switches because we don't have the older -- you know Victorian type of structures that are appeal to younger people as well in terms of renovating. Because -- -- -- in the West -- people moved to a lot of people from actually from the Irish channel moved -- -- -- In the sixties. Having settled that we still you know it's like to say we're at the -- section. Of low crime and -- the low taxes and gypsum pan says. That day the the quality of life -- we have great playgrounds agree recreation department we have a lot of things. To sell -- we the first character to adopt the master bicycle. Planned throughout the parish. So we're focused on how how we go about. Attracting people you know. You and I have talked before and you were very complimentary of what has happened in downtown New Orleans with a young people with. With the -- the living arrangement not just the working with the living correct and you we talked about how you hope that to affect city will ultimately become like a microcosm of that threat. But for the West Bank it just seems and I'm a big fan of the west and -- -- just -- that. There isn't -- central. Gathering spot it is so big and sort of spread out -- verses a fat city or downtown and I'm just wondering if there aren't some visionaries in there who could look at the lay of the land and try to see. You're right and -- we have because we developed a suburb and they didn't actually Jefferson Parish both the east bank West Bank develop the suburb in suburban sprawls over there is a new. Growth trend now people wanna be closer to the city people moving back into the city. So we we need to create a center of place we need to create that now. There's a ways to redevelop that -- there at the right field the bill me shopping -- a lot of times you developing around a shopping center Eric Oakland's comeback. You know. So we need to we need to focus on how to attract people existing neighborhoods and build a senator of place but also. What I like to point out is that with the new Huey. The only area that we have in Jefferson Parish that has. Great expanse of undeveloped land is on the West Bank specifically between -- Harvey canal in saint Charles parish line. And that's with a new Huey. Tournament players club whether new laws Desert Classic displayed yeah we have -- the most sports seven million dollar. First class world class racetrack that now is gonna bring an Indy series yes. Major you have the Patrick at Telus science and technology regional magnet school. You have Churchill technology park where -- kill economic development commission says according Yemen news. -- conference in a connected with Natalie project goes headquarters but also the -- -- -- -- science and technology regional banks who we have Lara says so. This is allowing us to. 22. From a a blank slate so to speak. Develop and now multi purpose. Residential commercial. Industrial area that will attract new taxpayers to -- cash. And -- condos -- things I actually -- him and you know that when you talk about that city obviously. It is similar. For lack of better analogies -- warehouse district. And what we're looking and it's creating that is it is a sense of place as well because. We're we're doing away that we we're doing landscaping in -- -- pedestrian friendly as you come down so ever as the gateway -- -- You have the most successful ball right there which is lakeside and in the southeast and one of the most success in the United States. Oh we get -- connected to the lake with my past but then we wanna attract the young people so we will we're looking at attracting some some I -- -- companies out there. Is that read an article where this that the founders -- is now trying to do -- downtown Las Vegas so that's what we need to do and and we need to provide you know obviously. Quick and efficient transportation because a lot of young people -- the world causal one -- cause the wannabes. Saddled with a caller and insurance of those of the challenges we have -- well I think he's. The city and again we've spoken about as has sent councilwoman Cynthia. -- yes. Who was very very committed to it you still have some crime issues. And and the housing this is for one I understand initiative correct so how do you get over the housing issue. First well and that's a good question. You do it incrementally as I always tell everybody who first well let's talk about what we do every week we have the the the trial what I call the -- lot of cooperation and leadership that in my opinion such chips and pressure thought we have the elected leadership. The civic leadership in the business leadership. All united. In in in redeveloping -- city. We Regis had legislation passed in the in the state legislature allows us to create. Similar dvd. So that they could be attaching district of the people in that district what to do that. To do improvements. We've already had major new restaurants -- you go through varies it's happening incrementally -- -- get here overnight where I can -- change it overnight. We have a a news when a cult group and who was spot coming in with. -- emergency room doctors all -- in there that you know put in. Two million dollar investment. Where you have a spot adjustment due obligate medical treatment there as well. Right in the heart of -- -- These things -- happening. What the sheriff is gonna build new substation that city so that's going to be new structure. At some point we wanted to obviously create some green space. We -- we were always look at the option of putting in public. Facilities it is we can do you and that would attract more people and help us. We beat beat continue to be callously development and in the other thing that we need of course. Is is a parking so looking at how to we handle the parking issue in that city. And promote development and again. It's not gonna happen overnight but if you go that today you'll see. And you talked about crime and yet crime is an issue but certainly that the issue was -- -- we picked as drastic steps wouldn't. When the council passed and I happen to be on the council on -- that by unanimous vote limited to the -- -- which is a very drastic step that. I normally would not have been in favor. But we had talked about it for so long -- and so many studies. That we we thought it was necessary take address success and it worked and it -- and -- again. It's going to be a long term process but it. As you go through there you can see we have got a game plan -- you can see investment coming in so we're committed to reform law well. Stay with a 71 -- and continue our talk with John Young right after this. Parish president John Young is our guest today and done giving us an update on all kinds of things but let's talk about the hospitals. What what is the status I mean it's just been sort of maze that everything as they've gone they've put together they split. One company dropped to one on them and what it would have where is it. Well let me just go back to the beginning just very briefly obviously the premise some of this was. We all realized that. -- Jeff from west Jeff could not survival long term and as it presently structured. They are. District hospitals slew by definition by state law west Jeff can only compete within the confines of the West Bank Jefferson Parish. EJ can only compete by state law within two months these chips and -- invited into another parish while that's not gonna happen because. As a practical matter that's competition so if you don't have to Letterman. You know I can agree to let him and likes and Charles trash have. Each Jeff expand this so that that model is a dinosaur especially with all the changes in health care with the Affordable Care Act. Soon. Several years ago that the premise of this whole undertaking words. Let's commodities Jeff and questioned the best weekend that's not even enough to -- try to combine those two Tuesday it took -- just get those two you sort TO. And then let's go find a suitable partner who's the process was set up where. Initially both hospitals would would line with a single partner. To give them greater efficiencies and economies of scale. So that we can continue to provide the quality health care that we have in the past us citizens Natalie just -- -- agreement that -- and Berrian and and make them remain viable financially and otherwise. Well that that broke down as we don't know -- to you know details but the preference my preference was always -- -- -- -- well that didn't happen. So where we are right now is. The council has. Selected LC MC. We the children's medical center. Which is the parent company -- -- children's Toro and now the UNC. As selected them and it is in this instructed the negotiating team to -- negotiate. And finalize indeed due diligence to come back with -- an agreement. Question -- question so right now that's negotiations are proceeding along those lines between LC MC in question. We we know that. During the process. You -- JD EA CA left and an option withdrew because. EJ -- was not. Did not want to select calcium C there was some. Argument by some consultants that maybe LC MC could not do you deal with both in any event. That wasn't these chips and -- preference. That left. -- -- HCA and then a chew through first two winters are right now he gave his I have a partner. So -- j.'s board is doing now is focusing on. The hospital will be -- improving. The financial. Condition of that hospital. And at the same time remaining open to -- but obviously focusing on. Continue to provide quality medical care. While they improve the financial condition that they were losing might make the attempt to two. Hopefully -- -- going forward because at the end of the day. Eventually had that -- to yes and HCA has sent we're not coming back. Yes HCA said that night coming back. At this point so that's where -- -- so right now of the the you shops borders -- -- running a hospital. Do what they need to do to improve the financial. A condition that hospital in an Internet looming layoffs. I don't think it necessarily means layoffs I think I think they're looking and other. Ways to do that through efficiencies and economies of scale. And there in the process of figuring out. What is the best way to do that certainly both of hospitals and that's a good point Angela you know both of hospitals. Particularly in the West Bank question of the sin is a major implore. Provides. Very good salary to the to the employees obviously employs doctors nurses and staff. It is a major employer in the West Bank particularly line reflected that -- India -- is downsized. In in Egypt is a major employer so. And a major economic engenders so not only providing medical quality medical care -- they're both serious economic engines for far parish. So. I'm I'm confident that did the boy was gonna focus on that and in the meantime. Still be open to in -- the. Souter but right now there's there's no Souter on the horizon salute the focus has to be on how to we operate this hospital. And how to -- you know we obviously saying go -- you have to play the ball all the way at large right now. You you don't have a suitor and you need that you need to concentrate on and on delivery of medical care and and treatment and also improving the bottom line. Well you also have understand new trash cans and we have Richard calling in from Kenner. With a comment about that Richard. -- and I used on there and -- listen. The first off I congratulate you in the parish jail on bringing and you. Trash chance to Jefferson Parish. I'm you know dollars and -- -- I'm I'm amazed at what of this have been reading noble dot com about the people who object to date since. We've had the -- can -- sense of the 96 gallons since all the wheels. For years some guests and with five or ten years everybody uncle loves them -- actually easier to move to the curb than dragging. Of the country trash cans where you have all sorts of odd shapes and silence is planned. Just although people don't know that those of us in general of them I don't understand what the problem -- I think it's a good. We should the best of -- with. I think your original intent I was a little surprised to read some of the negative comments myself. We'll say that's especially in light of the fact as you said -- hasn't already. -- has it. But has it it's it's a sign of a progressive community to have these influence what. Semi automated ultimate ultimate ultimate collection. They all rulers. We do have a program though I would like to state that if someone is -- firm or as an issue that. That that it is too big and can get them small 65 gallon him. But again this was done and it's an improvement in service quite frankly. No additional cost so we were able to negotiate with the pick up company. Do you that in and Nelson continues to recycling at no additional cost to us citizens so from. A standpoint of contracting it was it was a it was a good. Contract for the citizens of just bashed I -- it falls down to. It. Boils down to change it and you know it changes already and I think at the end of the day when everyone did -- -- it. They'll embrace it like they have in these other communities. Five in that position a man. Changes hard but you know this -- exchange for the it was in the same comments when when New Orleans took it right the big ones and now -- by -- right. And because it's easy you just roll it out. Thank you so much Richard -- we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back and David stay with this and Guerrero will be right back. We're talking with John Young parish president Jefferson Parish and David and Guerrero you have a call a question. The exhibit. At the break it footage which you've been doing keep this council are -- at least a little bit Albany. Good job that the question at this is about -- -- -- great space at all items at a pro bit. But I level why we allow these court it was ships along -- and try away. Doubt global what the plot go to servitude a -- was not all reached out a couple of. Well that's a good question David but in fact. -- in on. On veterans. We have a a CPC program have to give credit to that to the to the council that it pre existent when I got on the council. In 2000 for what happened was. They ought to rationalize it way. On veterans and so that the CP he says you. You have to pay for that right away because under the Louisiana constitution week -- -- public property so what the council did was. They created it -- easy programs so you have to pay for use of that right away to where you park -- -- even if it's not a car dealership any any. Business along veterans because there's a larger right of -- there has to pay for that whatsoever use it for parking in just a regular restaurant -- Bookstore or whatever they pace everyone pace and -- with the Packers did -- -- okay. You have to pay market rate but if you landscape and you beautify. -- Euro right of way will give you a break on the lease payments. And in any money that's collected through the CP easy leases that is what's funding the beautification efforts along veterans. So when people ask why are we spending money on veterans well that's the money that. The businesses along veterans generates that's not raise money that's that's cheap easy money -- dedicated for that sole purpose. On the -- we don't have a big any right of way so we can't do the same program we wish we could. On the West Bank is that would give as a source of money. To fund some beautification efforts but we're looking at other ways to fund those but. That I hope that answers your question about. The use of writer -- on veterans highway. It's sort of -- -- not a last question but there was an issue before where you would recommend to somebody to head up your -- department of me and not accepted by the council sort of what's the status of that end of the blight. Well first of oh we're we're taking care of the plight now with staining of that issue -- throughout code enforcement department and that we. We split that department into and have Katherine toppled. Who has come and to -- out DMZ probably main -- division. At this point in time further discussions on. All ongoing with the council as to what. Next step we take with regard to the quiet life coordinators so we still pursuing. Talks with with the various council members. On that particular issue. And you know you can't come here and I'm not ask about the theater for performing arts correct. -- this theater performing arts is. Again we side we reached a global resolution of that. Last year is still scheduled to open. In late October because the contract as one year from the date that we excuse that agreement which was last October. The performing arts and is going to be an asset to Jefferson -- -- analogue tortured history you know but. 22 years ago a semi prior month to price was it was to get the 66 -- -- -- loan forgiven for Jefferson Parish taxpayers. We've succeeded with that and so my next priority is to get that that that performing arts center opened and performances. Actually being performed in that and I'm still. Holding. The contractor must to that opening date. In in late October early November and it's on airline. On airline is on airline if it's on ally right next to zephyr stadium. On airline drive it's going to be a beautiful place when it's finished an and the Jefferson performing arts. At group will be there corrected Johnson performing arts will be moving their performances to adjust some performing -- I mean that was that. The Genesis fought this. And get well a lot of people. May not remember but this. This was a state project the state. Capital outlay of money initially funded this the state was involved as well. And at the end of the day once we get a complete and will Jefferson Parish will be responsible for operating and maintaining so Lou. We're of reform that is a main and primary focus of mine to get that finished negated opened and they have GPS performing in that facility. Today when you look back and think what airline drive was in what it is today -- you know that theaters in the saints and we don't let that one tract of land was the last and large undeveloped. Piece of property in the east bank. And I the saints the pelicans. Zephyr. New sheriff substation South Park in -- ball fields and now the performing arts so it shows what we can be done. -- open that sort of thing happens in Fairfield in the West Bank. John Young always thank you we we depend on you coming into these updates it means a lot you're busy man and I thank very much they haven't thank you so much and we'll be right back.