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Jul 10, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know exactly what causes it but there is saved for every special lighting effects today in the city in the French Quarter particular. That is it at this very time of nights at this time of year just as the sun is setting in -- the moon is rising it's not quite a full -- but it's going to be a beautiful move wherever you are tonight it's clear in this area you'll be able to see it. Almost a full -- but the -- adopted the hue of of the color and it's just really the spectacular right now and I hope we get a chance to distant enjoyed it just as this -- is going down. But before the sun is totally down and this is something that you just see reflected off the buildings and it's a beautiful Thursday night. The weekend is almost here. I'm scoot -- to witness tonight it's time for tonight's top eight at eight in the top three things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. A W well number eight. Emmy nominations for 2014. There have been announced. Nominations for outstanding comedy series Big Bang theory and -- Modern family and oranges in new black silicone valley and veep. It's their current TV show that you make an appointment to watch. Every week. And what show is on in reruns that you feel like you need to watch regularly. Got my -- we'll talk about down -- like number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should -- homeowner be allowed to -- their -- tourists on a short term lease basis. And what effect does this have on the neighborhoods this is something the City Council voted on today they they voted to clarify what constitutes a short term lease. So there's been a problem with trying to regulate this underground industry in particular seems to be affecting the forward -- there's a lot of money. In running -- homes. On the basis of weekend door even for a week or maybe even a month in some cases. City Council president Stacey had said there's a growing number of unregulated illegal. And some very problematic short term riddles. There are others that are perfectly fine. Other than the fact that they are unregulated and not paying their fair share of taxes. The council voted six to zero today to clarify. What that means and to give a code enforcement. That is -- then -- be needed to to crack down on those who who break the law and this is an industry that. Again today she says he's not gonna go away and a lot of people were making a lot of money doing this but you know finally at the neighborhood. It would bother me. Because essentially. What would be a piece of neighborhood property. Would be piece of commercial property. Made I'm understanding that -- in some cases people don't even live in the house it's. So it's just for rent. Wouldn't that make it a piece of commercial property. And is that something that that area is is so forth and then I I would also think that has as a neighbor. If you'd never know who your next door neighbor was going to be. And people coming in town -- staying in that part of the city they're coming into town to party have a great time they don't care with the neighborhood. And when you do live in a neighborhood you kind of get to know the neighborhood you understand. The basic rules of the neighborhood not -- everybody follows the rules of that neighborhood but it would. Odyssey firewall was propping notified that there it would bother me even though I know some people -- making a lot of money. -- it would bother me if I never knew who my neighbors would be because of short term leases but this controversy is not over. Number and number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Four year old boy got kicked out of a restaurant. For violating the dress coat. Little Louis Roberts was wearing a sleeveless. Ninja turtle tee shirt. Which according to. -- Premature ringing of the bell. I understand that that to be a problem. This a four year old kid -- at a place called the Tara Burton in fifth switches -- shopping area in Atlanta. And he was wearing us a sleeveless ninja turtle tee shirt. And had violated the gentleman's dress code the adventure backed up the hostess who said that the family had -- Now later the tavern restaurant said that they they regret. That they've made this mistake they said it was embarrassing it was misleading we were if -- misunderstanding on our part. -- she's a manager in training. And had a gross misunderstanding about policy we apologize we're reaching out to the family. But here's a question. Should. Dress codes. Apply to kids. Answered -- W a pretty jacked about the people get a share opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com should dress codes and restaurants apply to young children to. Now here if he can't it's going to a restaurant in flip flops or a tank top -- sleeveless shirts. Should kids be allowed to do that. I realize it's different when kids do things. But would this not also be a good time to teach kids that their are rules and regulations. That even if your kids you follow the rules. So I don't have a problem with enforcing -- true although the rest started this is that they made a mistake. Public talk about this on the show tonight and also it's interesting that. That females Kevorkian's in Michael halter top. But guys can't. Now I'm not opposed to that but I don't really think it's fair. If you majorities that a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Or seven. And it checks ever it's a semi -- are you ready for the bail by number five on tonight's list of the top eight candidates. This does not happen very often so you might want to mark your calendar this is a rare moment the reverend Jesse Jackson is criticizing President Obama. For not doing more for -- for doing more for the illegal immigrant children -- for the citizens of Chicago. The reverend Jackson was reacting to the believe the fourth of July weekend that we talked about on the show Monday. Over eighty people were killed over the fourth of July with a no -- over eighty people were shot fourteen killed. In Chicago -- what -- weekend. And -- Jesse Jackson is saying that the president is doing more for the illegal immigrant children in this country and he is doing to help the neighborhoods. Of Chicago. And also on this topic of the immigration crisis Republicans in taxes have been very critical we've talked about this in the show last night. -- critical of President Obama for not visiting the border where the crisis is is occurring. But Republicans criticized. Obama for visiting the border in 2011. When he was promoting legislation that would help create a path to citizenship. For immigrants. So 2011 the Republicans criticized Obama for taking advantage of a photo op by going to the border. And now they're criticizing him for not going to the Porter. Does this not. Continue to help us understand. How divisive politics is today. How hypocritical it is. How it's really all about. It's it's all about advancing the party it's not about what's fair. Did it they're more interest to both both sides are more interested in criticizing each other. Then they are in. Maybe possibly working together to do what's in the best interest. Of -- The American people. Number -- on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I continue to hear stories about the families in the young children that are making this this long journey from Central America to the US border. I can't help but think about how much we take for granted in America and we we touched on this show last night that really didn't talk much about it. There are things that that we don't appreciate. It even though things are far from perfect. Compared to what goes on another country's we almost haven't made in America. And yet if you listen to talk radio if you listen to political debate today you you would think that this is that the worst country in the world. That we don't have anything to offer that we don't do anything for people. We are worse schools would be a blessing to families and children in many parts of the world. When I watched this this coverage -- monetary crisis in the border. I can't help but think that we take so much for granted in America. Discuss blog tonight is titled border crisis. When Americans should learn. And I don't know about you but when I. I see these kids human -- I see this the story unit at the CNN did a really great job today of sending people Tuesday at the border with the Guatemala. And and how just openly people were crossing the river into Mexico. With the that the goal of getting to the United States of America. At the crossing the border look at what we can't take care of everybody that's that's a fact. What do we do that's. The question we don't know what to do. And both sides right now continue to I've heard CNN talking about this and this was part of our discussion on the show last night. Both parties are so interested in blaming each other. That. There's no there's no concept of may be working together. To maybe. Come up with a solution. As so partisan Mickey feels an American. It makes me feel like. We're all being used in the game of politics. And a really sense to apply border crisis. What Americans can learn. And it certainly is a great opportunity for us to learn a lot about ourselves in the things we take for granted. And you can read that share with others it's on our website at WW dot com number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- friend of -- gone through a painful break up I held them -- I've told more than one person do this. To watch the movie swingers. It's a movie about a guy who's dealing with the -- it's it's not about swingers in terms of that lifestyle. It's about a guy who is dealing with the he's moved from New York to Los Angeles and he success and about who -- swift and he just wants to be back with her. And that the movie is great because even though it's a movie units -- its fictional story. It's still get some really good advice about how to deal with those moments in in life. And even -- movies are based on reality there's still a lot of fun related Billy when it comes to the movies about about life in general and I think swingers is a great great movie if you're going to a difficult time. So tell I don't show we'll talk about what movie or warts all. Could you relate to when you going to a difficult breakup. What movie what song should everybody see. Or listen to. If they're going through one of those painful breakups and I didn't throw one I'm sure you've been through home as well it's really hard it's really painful it's really difficult to get. To get over it. But you ultimately do get -- for two and a movie swingers is is so good about. Dealing with that -- the course that you go through when you're breaking up with somebody which really interesting about swingers is in the end of the movie. The -- finally kind of shows interest in getting back together with him. But he's already moved on. And I guess that's the whole message of the movie you we wanna get back with somebody. Until they wanna get back with you and then the year you kind of kind of -- -- -- -- what we'll talk about movies that would would help people get to a break up. And noble also play some songs there would be a really good socialist too if you go through one of those difficult times if you would join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. At a tech's number is 870 separate number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. When is -- OK for your boyfriend or girlfriend. To start spending the night to give kids. You divorced. Here -- single with kids shouldn't you know married. When is it okay to have that new person your life boyfriend or girlfriend. Spend the night -- kids. Is it ever okay. And what's the best way to introduce this new person in your life to your kids to me. I didn't have to go through this may be you do it and you know maybe maybe you've got a story. About your your parents and being divorced and your mom or dad starting to date somebody -- may be marrying somebody new. -- you have experience going through this what was it like what what do they do that was right. What do they do that was was wrong. I'd love to hear from your perspective if you have gone through this. And if you have if you've done in the past if you're doing it now if you plan on doing it. What do you think is the best way to introduce the new person in your life to your kids and when it's okay. To have your boyfriend or girlfriend and start spending the -- if you have kids. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- a tech's number is 8787. And finally tonight. No wonder on tonight's list of the top -- and eight. -- It's called. The forever 27 -- It's a group. That's scared. It's a group of high profile rock stars. Who died at the age of 27. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison's. Kurt -- Maybe White House are all part of the forever 27 o'clock. Is there something special or mysterious. About the age of 27 for rock stars. Now it wasn't until Kurt Cobain died. At the age of 47 -- 1994. People started to put all this together -- Kurt Cobain died twice. And Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison's dale died at 27 so there must be something about point seven. And then when Amy Winehouse died. More recently at the age of 27. Really convince people that there's something known as the 27 o'clock. Rock stars that only make it to 27. And I I did a little research in this actually goes back to. A delusional a legendary blues -- Robert Johnson he was the first member of the 27 floor he apparent. They made a deal with the devils sold his soul to the gavel in exchange for being able to play the guitar and write songs. With just incredible talent. He allegedly made a deal with a double. And Robert Johnson died at the age of 27 this was in 1938. So people going back to look at this. They thought well wait a minute maybe it was started in in 1938. Also. If you have to early Rolling Stones album if you can picture the early pictures of The Rolling Stones. Brian Jones. Was instrumental member a big big part of the band. With -- for shorted out. And EP blond hair any kind of long and and and blond bangs if you see an old does stone's picture gallstones. -- album you'll see a picture of a -- Jones. He drowned initial rental. Brian Jones. Which when he sent. So will talk about that. On the -- and writes the for -- 27 club. Now. We'll go through some of these these people died is there something special about the age 27 or is it really just kind of coincidence. If you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. -- -- is except except this is this Guccione Thursday night and we'll be right back into VW else. Me. Yeah. Yeah. -- Yeah. What song helps you get to a really really painful breakup. Yeah. You know it. This song missing you by John Wayne since since Texas was my favorite song when I was wallowing in a breakup. We do wallowing -- only. And sometimes they're very very painful but I can -- having been through a couple of we're really painful -- in such. A stronger person today as a result of that not that I wouldn't want anybody to go through what I went through work. Well we go through what we go through that but. I'm not done a better person because of it so we're gonna talk about movies and the songs that you might want somebody listened to -- they're going to a tough time because it might help them get through. Here's a -- Aerosmith amazing. If you enjoy Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text Amber's late 77 it also think we're talking about what is it -- to. To have this new person in your life spend the night if you have kids is never okay. -- tangentially Stephanie your W well. Try telling -- good. That's -- I have a story about I am meeting kids I needed attack outside music show and them. He would have to go to work really early in the morning. Around -- he had two children 19110. Come and you know -- we would go out and go back if police are currently at -- sleep and he illegally I'll probably at least in the morning 1 morning I overslept. And they -- -- move around and I was Arafat. I hit behind the door. Of the -- round -- ticket to a comment like talking to -- the door. And say it. That Larry -- patent. And I said well because I don't want him and me -- Coming at a bad rule a hard time I think at an appropriate. And Armenia agreed that it took me. You know. You're you're gonna meet them at some point. You know and it made me feel because elegantly directory. And made me feel like. Like he really light could be an odd years later we -- married alum. We all live together. That one big happy family but it was important to him and it was important tool and I. I don't won tickets to meet meet like it to him. You know so I think it's very important. And we. Lucky I love hearing historian I do think it's important for us to talk about this because I don't know that a lot of people really give it consideration I think they just a follow their passion their passion is. I want you to spend the night on what should be here. And they don't really consider. What it's like for the kids but you know imagine. I imagine your child and I never had to deal of this -- the children that that meet some money for the first time coming out of their mother's or father's bedroom. Kids are -- kids and kids aren't stupid they know what goes on in there. Exactly what you had -- handle data delicately because. But first impressions are scared of England that well so you want and need it like it's. Everything -- thanks for sharing your story. Here's a Texas says says -- at the age of four a child is really going to learn anything about rules. In that situation three kids seven grandkids. Know quite a bit about four euros okay we're talking about this four year old -- editors are -- fuel project of people tonight. Should dress codes in restaurants applied to young children to. Deviant they have an interest -- there's a sport with kids in a restaurant. In -- in Atlanta and shopping area. And he was wearing a sleepless. Teen -- Mutant -- whatever it is W ninja teenage turtles are -- -- the of the teenage mutant ninja turtles whatever. Those guys you know they had the names of artist I think those guys. Dumars chemical with this -- Middleton was -- kind of twisting. Anyway this it was wearing -- T shirt and he was told to leave because of sleepless. And -- kosice it meals can have sleeve shirts in the restaurant the restaurant has since apologized sport. But the hostess told fairly believe. The manager was a manager in training and she. She followed up with with the hostess with things to dogs or a year you're gonna have to leave. And I mentioned it I thought it was maybe a good idea is to start teaching kids. Those kinds of rules those kinds of lessons. I disagree with this text. -- four year old child isn't gonna learn too much about rules in that situation. That's when kids are supposed to start learning. About rules not to be disrespectful of which you know about two kids -- four year olds with three kids and seven grandkids but. This is exactly when kids are supposed to be learning lessons. So one of the things we'll talk about the show tonight is. This idea of applying. Dress code rules. To kids. That applies to adults. And why is it fair for women to going to. A restaurant with a halter top. Or. Sleeveless T shirt. And guys can't I mean is that really fair not that I want to change the rules but I just wondered if that was fair if you -- -- -- and -- -- greater numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889070. And text numbers 877. Here's an update -- Debbie if you project opinion poll should dress codes and restaurants apply to young children to 67%. Say yes. And 33% say no you can give your opinion -- going to our web sites WW OL dot com. Here is attacks. That reads. I know. Your workplace rights. You may qualify. For any and possibly all accounts. That has accumulated with substantial. Subsequent subsidies. Disposed of going to the wrong person because I don't think this has anything to do with our show tonight. Also we're talking about the forever 27 club. The club that so many high profile rock stars belong to because they died at the age of 27. Janis Joplin 27. Or overdose. Jim Morse. I don't know if -- actually did an autopsy on him he died in France. And in France if there's no foul play experience in road favorite of care are you -- So I don't think there was an autopsy done but it was believed that he got a hold it is his draw for -- stash. And he thought it was cocaine. So retreat not that I would -- about it but he treated -- heroin like it was cocaine and that led to some kind of hemorrhage in his brain. Interestingly and it was at the age of 27. It to -- his girlfriend. -- -- Died of her overdose. At the age of 27. Also we -- by Jimi Hendrix and Jim -- and Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse all died at the age of 27 also run pick and recurrent. He was so one of the early members in the first key board member of The Grateful Dead. He died of in -- hemorrhage in his abdomen as a result of alcoholism. At the age. A 27. And as I said earlier it was really until Kurt cobain's death in 1984 that people started to string together these deaths of Jim Morrison's Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix on these people dying at the Tories have and then. In August weighs what 2011 when that long ago when Amy Winehouse died. She died the 27 caused even more people to think about this for ever 27 -- so we'll continue to. Talk about that it's on SharePoint if you what did you just like the comet -- numbers 2601870. To -- free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 87870. Also tonight we're talking about the the continuing immigration crisis. At the US border. And the -- like tonight is about what we as Americans can lord finesse. As I watch these these kids in the Stanley's and I. I know there are so many people just live with such strong hate in their hearts that they don't see people those people. They see that man is. Objects they see them is either a part of liberal agenda or part of a conservative agenda and it's really sad to me. But there are people who live with that kind of hate in their hearts. And what I see. I see the date to ration of the trip. And the obstacles in the way as as much as you can see from the news. I admire these people now that does that mean we can take care of it doesn't mean they should be doing its. But there's something deep inside of me that admires them for for for for doing -- and then I think about all the things that we have in this country. All of the things that we complain about the things that aren't perfect. We have so many things. That if we spent as much energy. Trying to fix things. As we do complaining about it. And acting like well we should be entitled to Vista where we were we don't have what we think we're entitled to if we spend as much time trying to work together and fix things. As political parties and just as people. I can only imagine how great this country would be. So I think it's a great lesson to be learned from this and -- hear more more on the news and we were talking about this on the show last night. About how this is it is such a political game. And it's so sad because. Before Americans we should be human beings. Some of these young girls are raped. They make their trip to America and again I'm not saying that we should take everybody in that. As a country what's have a little more compassion for this crisis and and it is a crisis. Now Republicans want to blame the president the president a supreme Republicans on Capitol Hill for not passing the right legislation. So the blame game goes on -- if you gonna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- seventy. And -- -- overstate 77 he stood blog tonight is titled border crisis what do Americans. Should learn. Here's a text that read sick kids should be held to a certain standard you're not going to bring kids to commander's palace wearing. Crocs. Cargo shorts. And a T shirt. I agree with that -- you're encountering. -- Tony seven part of the forever 27 club. Thank -- mandated territory seven. -- -- we'll be right back on WL. Am on the. You know whenever a friend of mine goes through the really painful break -- -- I try to beat the horror -- You know one thing that I do -- recommend that they watched a movie swingers with John February it's on and if a cult classic movie. It is brilliant when it comes to him. Relating to a tough break up so we're talking about movies that you think everybody should see if they're going through a painful breakup and what are the songs that help you through a painful. -- if somebody mentioned Aerosmith and amazing. Our numbers 2601870. -- 3866. 8890 except via -- some breezy 77. A four year old boy was kicked out of an Atlanta area restaurant for violating the gentleman's dress code. Wendell Lewis Roberts was rearing a sleepless ninja turtle tee shirt which violated the dress code prohibiting mails from wearing sleeveless shirts. Should dress codes apply to children. As well as adults that's a WW a pretty general opinion poll right now 71% say yes the dress code should apply to kids. Only 39% say no which had done. Finisher in immigrant are receptive if you don't count. I'm Tony Tucker talked a politics and prison with former governor Edwin -- this morning and that conversation is on our web sites it BWL dot com. A for Mary Joseph welcome to the spiritual. -- You know little on this not about them all the parties. It'll. My hobby is as hot as it's just the -- but it's. It's pretty intellectually insulting is that quality. And another point -- that is considered. People spiritually oriented -- all the numbers. It is a book called -- in the eighties in the and it tells you that it could -- against. And deeper description. Of the aspects of the on the -- You know that there's something called. Protesting the -- number if you add up the mountain that day. Ending years of bird. A person. Michael Wal-Mart who wrote -- book called the star of Bethlehem. Was able to. The -- discovered the real birth date and year month. The real Jesus Christ. It was April 17. In the years six BC people company there you don't blasting numbers -- -- study -- -- 041%. Of -- then he -- 000. -- coming in and -- what you get is 00%. To -- -- So it's not a -- -- the -- of the testing a number of all the real would you describe it was sporting moment. The most spiritually Gloria and all the problems. So. Do you think that has some kind of social meaning in the death of all these high profile rock stars who -- at the -- -- Tony said the. You -- -- -- your own. Interpretation -- they have and now there's. -- -- -- What do you wanna call. Manifold. The metaphysical programs as a patrol car when I don't know -- doesn't believe. In Clinton's. And I grew up in the paper -- get into the started decided that the quality is some people's. The coincidences what they're constantly remaining problems. And I'm beginning more more to believe that but it is the impact as a movie. That was remotely deletes that was currently has. Movie to that the US will make. Debater does that work my credit -- during -- deal. And it was crawl. The 27. Day you know it is is that plan. It's just spiritually oriented and number eight feet. Number I don't see regiment. And tell them as a member and I believe it's sort of -- -- made 1930%. When he understood -- -- A massacre and India. It's the 27 -- -- Joseph your -- freaking me a little bit and I appreciate you calling her show. So you know if somebody listening tonight is 26. And you might do you really anxious to get through that Tony seventy year. Here's a text at least a lot of people died 27 because of drugs violence accidents. Some just happen to be celebrities and I agree with that I don't think there's anything. Mysterious about -- or dyeing it to 27 but there are a lot of rock star's high profile. Musicians who are members of the forever Tony seven club because -- died. At the age of 27. A tiny Rudy Lewis died in 1964 probable overdose of drugs is what's expected what what is was suspected the time. He was a vocalist. For the -- the drifters. He died in 1964 at the age. Tony said Malcolm -- died in 1968 carbon monoxide poisoning when the original members -- lead guitarist for the band. Spanking and -- If you wanna join us tonight with comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a -- -- 7870. With Kurt Cobain died in 1994. At the age of 27 people sort of look back and think about all the famous rock stars from the sixties many high profile rock stars like Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison they died at 27 so then people started to go back in time -- to linked together all of these high profile musicians. Who died at the age of 27. They're members of the 27 -- This is this good show and we'll be right back WL. Six and new plate glass design is unveiled the first Friday of each month sleazy mega million also donates one dollar to a local charity for each guest has joined in the first Friday tour and tasting beer food and music in one of America's great microbreweries. Now that's a great way to spend lazy summer afternoon and if you like -- you. You -- love the second Saturday art walk in historic old town Bay Saint Louis take their family for an afternoon Novartis music food and shopping the second Saturday of every month strolled the streets of this -- beachfront town and -- -- -- budget travel magazine calls -- Saint Louis one of the coolest small towns in America to check had a list of all the festivals events and activities in and connect -- visit him as West Coast -- award. That's MS West Coast dot -- -- -- -- -- That somebody might -- they're going through a very painful breakup and you know if we think we could help people who are going through that very difficult time. Sometimes during a -- on the Nokia. How -- this. Sometimes it's good think about -- stinks. But this. You've been wrong. You can tell you. Also what some movies that would help somebody get through a difficult breakup I think the movie swingers is the best movie but maybe there's one that I haven't thought of also tonight we're talking about when is it okay for your boyfriend or girlfriend of sorts and -- fifteen it's. Is it ever okay. Do you have experience with your parents. It started to date somebody or maybe marry somebody briefly married and did they did they spend like within. When you're young which is something that you experienced and if you're a parent if you're an adult. What was the best way to introduce. That new person you like to your kids. People deal with this on a regular basis. They're people who are single and have kids. And there are people who are divorced and advocates and inevitably people go on and start dating other people. Soul. What's the best way to explain that person what what worked for you. It was or something that happened in your life that it wasn't good it was a it was a painful think. Had a -- earlier say that she was at her her boyfriend's house have been dating for about three months. And the kids or were waking up and he didn't want. Heard it meets the kids cheated -- -- meet the kids. Because she thought it would seem appropriate for the kids to meet her for the first time coming out of his bedroom. If you gonna join Russia with a comic tonight on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. It's every text number 67070. Also we're talking about this four year old kid in Atlanta area restaurant he was told that he could stay because he had a sleeveless T shirt on. I should. Should dress codes apply to kids as well as two adults that's -- WL party general people. Express your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com were coming right back after the news on WWL.