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Jul 10, 2014|

: what’s the mystery around age 27! A number of high-profile rock stars belong to what’s become known as "Club 27." Jim Morrison - Janis Joplin - Jimi Hendrix - Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse all died when they were 27 years old! Is there something special about making it through age of 27, if you're a rock star? There are a lot of theories…and one of the early members of "Club 27" was a blues star who died in 1953. How much do you remember about your life at 27? PLUS: When is it okay to have your boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over, if you have kids? Is it every okay? And what is the best way to describe this new person in your life? AND: What’s the one movie you’d tell somebody to watch if they’re going through a tough breakup

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about those those songs in those movies that help people get through really difficult times like like a break up this is ever songs it. If you remember listening to when you going horribly painful breakup that helped to get through it and is there any will be better than the movie swingers. It's not about that lifestyle it's about. It's about a guy who moves from New York to LA needs broken up and his girlfriend. -- says obsessing over her obsessing over who -- swift but he's trying to meet new people. And I just think it's a brilliant movie about friends helping somebody get over painful breakup is there any movie better than swingers. To help -- somebody gets to a tough break up also what would be good song for some it was -- -- Babies a song that you listen to that don't you get through a tough time our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in our text -- 78 separate that we all have friends who go through those difficult times and I've been thrown in Hampshire -- -- as well. And we always going to be there for preferential what would be a good song for -- like to listen to. Also we're talking about to witness it okay for your boyfriend or girlfriend to start spending the night. If you have kids. And is it ever okay. And what's the best way to introduce that new person in your life. To your kids are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And -- tax ever is a 77. From Covington and Michael yearned to be WL. Good. The -- And all the -- All. You candidate -- Out. All American rejects. I'd -- let's go into the break with that without an all American rejects. Gives me hell I'd I'd remember that's all -- remember the video it really is good. And it beat -- break. Or. Wouldn't do it again renting you. Should do it. And -- -- That blockbuster. Movie. The per year of the movie -- And and -- Yeah. All work late and she beat it beat. All. And that. Apartment now you and that would. But what about it all. In. And then the. Well Michael it seems to me like you need to. To do a little better job. Qualifying people before you start dating when it comes to watching the reports. They I think -- pretty compatible. Thought yet that that the only area where image here. Yeah. That's true. -- Michael political element thanks for listening if you are join us for your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Which having a text a -- 7870. Also tonight we're talking about this four year old boy who was kicked out of a restaurant -- a suburb of Atlanta. For violating the dress -- Little Louis Roberts was wearing a sleeveless ninja turtle tee shirts which violated the gentleman's dress code. Men are not allowed to Wear sleeveless shirts and the -- is still -- believe the family asked for the manager the manager supported the hostess. And the family was asked to leave the restaurant the tavern at -- in Atlanta. Now later the restaurant issued a statement saying that this was a mistake it was an embarrassing misunderstanding on their part. And the manager was a manager in training. Who had a gross misunderstanding of the policy we apologize -- reaching out to the family somehow I feel is gonna be some free meals involved in this. The makers of the bigger question. Is it okay for dress codes to apply to kids. If if males are not allowed to Wear sleeveless charge should that apply to the -- That's -- -- -- you a pretty general opinion poll here's a quick update 83% say yes. Adults. Dress code rules should apply to kids only 70% say no I'm a little surprised I thought the poll was going to be a lot closer to the right. You can give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com from -- -- you're on the Scotia good evening. Hey good what's up man they downing today. Tom -- I'm sorry but. Three that's a good -- Because you know you gotta look at when you go through that at that painful breakup you got to look for that positive sign a little. And it went Depeche Mode you're no good afternoon duties. Panic and confirming that you you made the right decision yeah excuse I got. I Bunning thanks for calling here's a text about the kid who was kicked out of the restaurant for having a sleepless teenage shared -- injured teacher on. Women wearing oh I made this comment that. Is edited for seeing it that women can go to a place with a sleeveless shirts but the guys can't not that I want federal to change. Because I rejoicing with and sleeveless shirts. -- tank tops. And what that change but is it fair. Here's attacks are women wearing sleeveless blouse is completely different from a man wearing a sleeveless. Or caught off shirt with hairy armpits eating in a restaurant. In this situation. The kid I think. That could have been given an exception. Well what if a woman doesn't -- her armpits I mean every once or while you run into a woman. Especially in certain parts of this city certain parts of the country you run into a woman who is not that familiar with the -- Gillette. And she might have the Harry orbit so would with that so she couldn't weird if she had area artist would that be that the criteria. Because there are women -- there aren't many but there are some who who don't do that. If you management our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- selling at Texas a -- have. I got attention somebody earlier serious -- three kids at seven grandkids he knows a lot about four year old. And he says that you can't really teacher a four year old secondly learn a lesson. From having the following dress code at the age of four. And I disagree with that I mean this is exactly when you should be teaching kids about rules and regulations. Is there anything wrong with. Explain to a child that it's okay you guys are supposed to -- -- teachers so we've got to produce the teacher and but I can understand that this was embarrassing for the family. And I understand that kids are different than adults but is there anything wrong with having that kind of rule. And again answered a BW a pretty general opinion polls to give your opinion by going to our web site. -- WL dot com. I am I dating somebody now Lewis who has two kids two daughters. 1191 -- -- And I don't make much of this public but the only thing I will -- is I don't spend the night. I wouldn't be comfortable spending tonight and she would be comfortable having respect and right. So when is it okay for a boyfriend or girlfriend. To search spending the night if you have kids. And is that ever okay. I remember after my second divorce. I was a single for the period and then started dating somebody. And when I'm moved back to New Orleans. She lived with and this was the person that I was with -- sixteen years. My son was I guess twelve. At the time. And so he understood. That she was in a committed relationship with me. Whether that was right or wrong I'm just sharing with you that was my decision. For her to to be with me and for him to to be around but he understood that this was was a committed relationship. So what was your experience with is when is it okay to have a boyfriend or girlfriend spend the night if your kids. And is it ever okay. Because a lot of people with kids are -- they're single with kids they're divorce with his I would hope that nobody. Has they're revolving door on their bedroom and unfortunately I know a lot of people that. -- don't think anything. Having somebody spend the night somebody they don't really know that -- somebody that the kids don't really know. And I don't think that's that's a very good example for kids when they see mom or dad. Having different people spend the night. If you and a committed relationship I guess that's a lot different. When is -- okay. To have the boy from a girlfriends are spending that I give kids if you wanna join -- to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number. Is -- 77 yeah this is the all American rejects song that is about a breakout -- -- the status really is a good song about getting to a breakup. I'm -- hang on we'll be right back -- -- to do well. As always like to hear this on what you're going through a tough time. It's painful breakup I will survive Hillary haters gonna fix that just a moment ago. This is this good show on a Thursday night -- -- -- were talking about this songs it would really be good to listen to if you're going to a tough time. What song helps you get to a on a very very painful breakup because we've all been thrown. Here's a tax -- biscuit my way at the highway. I like that you know there's there's there's there's the songs that you can relate to because you're you're in pain in the song Italy to detain -- -- But did that the songs that can't give you permission just move all and not even think about that person. Here's tax increase -- a good split a song fifty ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon. Here's another winner take a long way home the soundtrack. Plays after picking up your -- it's Kent State. -- did -- -- if you're belongings from your exes how's he put on take the long way home. Andy here's a -- little river band reminiscing. Easy like Cowboy Mouth will will look for that. Another text. Breakup songs sale -- or don't fall in love with the dreamer. And here's a text about movies served a good movie to watch if you're going through a painful break up I think swingers is the best movie but this is an interesting theory. Any movie that make you laugh. And realize. You've got to move on Ortiz. American pie. Mary makes support. -- -- last -- but I saw the the first. Probably good movie for you I just thought of another when the movie love actually. Which is what my my favorite movies and actually my favorite holiday or Christmas movie. But love actually with Hugh Grant and just a ton of other stars. That's a really good movie if you've got to protect -- because that. That movie touches on every aspect of falling in love -- Falling out of love. Leaving. And meeting somebody new love actually it's it's it's a series of vignettes about a lot of different aspects of relationships so that would be go itself. Swingers and love actually I think those -- the two topic is there a movie that I haven't mentioned yet that would be really good for some -- -- if they're going to a tough time because honestly would would I have friends who are going through difficult time so I'll I'll recommend things like movies Rossi in you you got to hear disarm. If you at a joint site with your comment our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- are we seventy. In a text number. It's it's -- -- seven. Here's another update on our -- give you a pretty jaguar people have been talking about this a four year old kid in a suburb of Atlanta who was. Asked to leave the restaurant Stanley was actually the restaurant because the little boy had -- sleepless. On mutant ninja turtle tee shirt. And that goes against the dress code of not allowing men to Wear sleeveless shirts at a restaurant. So should dress codes in restaurants apply to young children to. Here's an update 80% say yes. And 20% saying now. I'm surprised I really thought there would be more people who would say no it should apply because it's acute. But is it ever too early. Especially when you think about it. So many kids who never learned to follow rules. Is it ever too early. To teach kids about rules. And regulations. And mr. block tonight she is about the growing crisis of the border will talk about this more in the next hour. But there's a lot that Americans can learn about this entity and we started talking about this on the show last night to her a lot of talk about this on CNN today. About how the two political parties. Are playing a political game with its. It is really sad because it's as Americans. And as human beings. We really should demand that our politicians. Stop blaming each other. And come together and find a way to fix that is. But I think we -- in part to blame. Because. If we allow them to divide us. And if it it divides the sides said okay well this is our side and that's yourself if if the sites are divided. There's an incentive to divide us. But if we would demand. That the two parties come together at a time like this are what comes economy -- anything. Then maybe they would be less likely to try to use things like the crisis on the border. As a as a political game. And the kids the families. And you and I are pawns in that game again we'll talk more about that in the next hour in the -- bloggers on our website at WWL dot com. Also tonight to we have been talking about the for ever 27 club. It's a group of high profile rock stars who died at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse. And the list goes on. Somebody who was into numerology. Called earlier. And said that. Said that 27. Into numerology those who study numbers is the most spiritually oriented number. And he gave a number of reasons. Exactly why that why that is is is the case. But you know I I think it's just a coincidence mean I'd I'd love to have this wonderful theory -- medical research on this and looked at all the the different people high profile musicians who died at the age 47 and there are -- number of them. And I really couldn't find any real any real theory behind it it's just a win win yeah it's it's kind of like that theory that to people die in threes. So you know if too big time celebrities die and then you you you think if you're a celebrity who's really sick you know you might not be feeling. Two positive about life. People die in threes because there's no set time -- but that's just one of those things that. The people like to cling to like oh yeah people die in threes are they brought source -- 47 well it's not really true a lot of people with somebody pointed out and text earlier. A lot of people died. At -- the 27. And what rock stars -- -- seven people want a string these together. But to me this also relates to this idea that people die in threes which I never bought into -- I think it's ridiculous because. Because there's still time limit you know one person dies. Two days later somebody else dies. And then in a month somebody dies at OC three they die in threes so there's no -- so that's why it's ridiculous to believe that people die in threes. I'm here is a Texan reads love actually. Should we cry now again. Yeah I watched him with a friend of mine and you know it's it's it's a very touching movie here's a text -- speed wagon keep on loving you. Thus I would hear that during a painful -- keep on loving you that's the last thing you wanna do. Is to have this feeling of because you if you're going through the the tough time the last -- think about is continuing don't want that person that you got to move on. Here is a text that reads and take a -- by Rihanna and and you'll think of me by Keith are all great song -- huge fan of peace. And he has a song for practically everything. And songs are written to relate to our lives. Things that we're going through and that's what makes dogs popular. And people go through breakups people go through difficult break outs and you know sometimes you just you hear that song. It almost makes you think that person knows exactly how I feel right now. Because they're expressing it in this on. Is there a good sorrow to listen to when you go through a break up that we haven't mentioned yet. That is her song that helped you get through break upper -- you could really relate to when you went to a tough breakup. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy at a -- -- is -- 77. It did it's it's tough it's really tough to go to a breakup and I've been through my share and I'm sure given for your shares well. Here's attacks about a few more people who died young Randi Rhodes. Already -- was with Ozzy Osborne right. He got to 25 Selena 23. To talk she court 25. Stu Sutcliffe Tony one. Ritchie Valens seventeen. And Hank Williams. -- nine. -- -- a lot of people do -- -- cutting today and David George WWL. But our -- one or call those sole survivor from Asia. Sole survivor by Asia. That's right all right I don't remember that so. Well. Opulent but to get the album now are. David and I -- appreciate Colin thanks solicit. From -- the -- your -- -- WL. -- -- so -- that you have a pick up a little. Eric ornament column and now all Obama -- all myself. Erick comment. That's emerging on what a bad thing years ago and that was wrong. And it majority joked about it. Are wearing specialists and yet these these these songs -- -- again it's almost as if somebody broke the song. Because they know exactly what we're going to and that's why we relate to what's arguably to the -- Here's a -- the clash should I stay or should I go that's a good thought. And the sometimes you want that song to just give you permission to just move on with your your heart junior and yours and your spirit. But all by myself here from that would be a song that if you're going to a tough break up. That would be song that would really would kind of allow you to continue to wallowing the breakup but it saw a song that I guess would be very relatable. From -- -- year on this crucial WL. I -- the -- term relief act act and carry it out. It's and it's called. Lessons learned. -- you and me and our. You know and pick up and go at it eating it. And -- comfort in what are going there -- your. And make you feel stronger. Amanda when you think back on that this is something else we can add to the conversation tonight when you look back on that difficult time I mean you you feel like the pain is never ever gonna go away. But it eventually does president. -- -- -- -- It makes you look back and it makes it made me Xstrata are. He I I have to say that -- a lot stronger because of the things it did I've gone through. But I sure did wanna go storm at the time I was going through. Absolutely not mean nobody wants a -- And at the time you feel like you're completely and totally alone and then he has. You have an -- support system which hopefully -- It makes you feel. Amanda going to tell the show -- -- if you enjoy his winter comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text numbers 8787 years detective reads drink a beer -- -- -- that might be good song to listen to Northrop breakup. From a -- Tony you're under the WL. Nobody. Could Tony. Yeah you don't want it. Rate. Hit the road Jack even her even if their names nudge in the right. I know. You've been ruffling her own. Right to -- Often Euro. -- it. Tony give it to really tough breakup. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah but you've got -- -- I want I want everybody to know that if you're going through this now. You're gonna get through it's going to be okay. Oh yeah we call it in my and technical world well it gradually. Gradually eating like that I regret I graduate I graduated a lot of a couple of those relationships -- like I was going for my Ph.D. Oh yeah I graduated. Knock -- down oh -- you get a. I like that -- Glaser called I'm gonna write that down you go to a bad relationship you get over it. You've graduated. From Mississippi Brenda you're WL. -- -- -- -- -- All the new stuff should be like so politely at all. Can you read. Killer and no one community stop drank enough -- And in yeah and it's. Don't chat and guitar stuff. Tiebreaker. You know. Yes. And you remembered you remembered going through those tough on yourself. You do you'd. It's it's really it's it's it's horrible because it's almost like you you don't want to live -- UConn has ceased to exist during this -- -- -- horrible. A lot of -- view. Yeah. -- you know a lot of its economic YouTube about dentistry. Listen to we. Or neglect -- listening here's it's six degrees she got the gold mind I got the shaft. By Jerry reed. Here is attacks that reads. Don't want to don't want to be fooled by Luther Vandross. Yet to hear that song uplifting. About a person going through a tough break. A from Algiers -- you're under the WL. When -- -- on track to track to break our polling and it will be can be very tragic. And luckily The Beatles came out with. I'm actually got a ticket to ride yeah. Without apparent that he had a ticket to ride because my life certainly driving or taking a back from black to me that rage and it was a very appropriate in the job and can't actually got to do right by me. -- -- Inspirational. I'm glad that worked for your city has its. It's interesting to think about songs that we relate to women go through a difficult times like a very difficult to break up. City and let's call placed listening if you wanna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 26 cell. 1870. Tool free 86688. -- early seventy and a -- number is 877 years it takes three Sara smile by Hall & -- From Terry town Gloria you're on the -- -- That he had a -- a song for you. Ali did not break in in -- column in this until they beat -- good cry all appreciate the current era we're. It's so beautiful fall for your Blackberry. Now is that the same song then Leon Russell did and -- happily how somebody else the -- number pop. It was recently. There -- until -- is beautiful not not -- you you want a break up that ground that you can get at that cry out and make up. You know sometimes you do have to go through as -- you've been -- to tell -- story. Yes yes yes I think that did not work. When the government at all and happened -- cry. Sorry that we major -- a crime but an hour until I did some cut time it's cathartic it's it's just get that cry out or are you do it okay now how's everything on home. It article you have a great night thanks for listening to -- Avila tonight. Here's a potential surprises in the -- when. And this is really more about focusing on on you as a person. Because you go to a break up and and quite often you feel like. What I do wrong one why didn't I do things right what why did this happen. Every rose has its -- Force. Picture realize that you know we're not all perfect and you shouldn't really pulling yourself because it takes two people to make a relationship work. It takes two people to. Pose a break if you could -- something to happen and if the other person -- a wanna make it happen there's nothing you can do about it so sometimes. A break up is totally beyond our control. It's best when you're in control of the break up and you tell them ago. But if they tell -- ago or if it just doesn't work out sometimes you really do obsess. Here's a song after it was with some -- for. Sixteen years. This is a song. That I listened to after that break up. Not that long ago. Which. Really meant a lot to me. Not in terms of just exactly specifically what's said in the song but this song by the script. Made a lot of sense to me at that time. And people who write songs write songs about different aspects of life and their break up is a very very painful thing that so many people have written songs about. Why is there a song that helped you. Deal with very painful breakup at a toward your text here just a moment to a forest you under the WL. On Eric Rudolph. First down cold bone -- -- found little thanks to ground zero. All -- wrangled over a number of further goods alone would be little bit ago Lou thanks. Lustig you know what I did that earlier because it that's why would you that's what -- those songs that it's not an emotional song but that's one of the songs that -- just kind of help do you realized maybe. Maybe you're heading in the right direction does sometimes -- a state. Course -- elements nationalistic. Here is attacks standardized by Robert job. Remember that really early in my career and it's again it sells mica San. I realize that some of these songs that we've relate to -- sad songs but some of them are very positive and actually. LP get through. Here's a text how long. By the -- ace. It was biographical at the time. Here's -- of the text of boys to men doing just fine and Eurythmics -- highlighting you. And Hall & Oates. She's gone sometimes you need to hear those canceled if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. -- free 866889070. Our text number is 87870. Here's a Texan dealing with a break up -- -- nearly as hard is being -- I certainly can understand it. And -- issue for switchers here going through. Here is a text. The song separate ways. My journey. -- that would be kind of authority. -- to listen to here's a text. Patients my Guns 'N Roses. And I used to lover. I think it's you know there are songs that we relate to it at different times in our -- I have always believed it the week pick entertainment that relates to us. Entertainment. Music movies they don't make us do things. But they reflect the move orient. If you're going to a break up their songs that would mean something to you. It won't really mean that much to you if you're not going to break up and if you're in in and loving -- really happy that second and it's not going to. Definite change removed. But if you go -- -- tough time there are certain songs that. You might wanna listen to and not only songs that. Can relate to what you're you're going through inter city the emotion the pain of it. But -- to kind of give you permission just move all like Oreo speedway got time to meet a fly. Effect let's let's let's go to the break with a tie for me to fly by John my areas feeling this was a song that I listen to after a break up and it was very very helpful. For but tell Johnny or WW. Yes -- I don't good. Value but no mom I'm used -- did much our government. And it was a good -- between the lines. They're and in a went to the big screen -- yeah Decker -- governing while area. Packet back to news yet -- you couldn't -- in the I've remember all those fans there -- -- right trip he is your. I knew that. I'm glad you still around Johnny is there is that good good break obsolete if they -- You're at the. -- that was from. Paul Young. Only young had hit but Daryl Hall Paula notes actually wrote the song. And they know that they had that are an album but it wasn't released and I'm sure Jerrells went I could. Had to you know it's amazing lies to you people cry me. Well -- -- again -- in the hit accused the all the time member of our. Johnny I've I appreciate you say never much of nationalistic. His attacks it reads. Break up song. Ugly Kid Joe. Hate everything about. Yeah I -- you see there's that there's that there's a time when you go through a tough break up that that's the song you wanna hear hate everything about you. Because -- really wanna find reasons to hate the person not love him anymore. There's a text. Somewhere only we know by eighteen desperate -- appealing song ever and get a I'm gonna I remember that song biking but I didn't think about it is to the preakness. Was just a few of these words as we go to break this is a good song to listen to if you go to break. Hello had to face it she's gone or it could be cases. He's gone. I'm studio were among other things talking about great breakup songs in a song and we've also be talking about some movies that would help somebody get through. On a really tough break up here's a -- I will always love you by Dolly -- Whitney Houston. I I will always love you don't mean when your -- through the painful process of a break now. Last thing you want to do to provide almost don't want you. How will always be with you while that's exactly what you're trying to get over so that's not what I would recommend. -- -- this crucial WL. Right. Now and Katrina. And -- what -- -- Along -- -- -- acts. Are wrong. Oh lead and oh. I just want -- chair. I'm right over I'm writing it down now those are those are good songs and they they they help you. I'd like to -- now are you doing okay now. I mean if he was gonna if he was you know if he was gonna leave you then you don't wanna be with a many. Match. -- glory and let you listen to our show and thanks for calling. If you wanna join us at -- at numbers 2601870. Toll free 86 X eighty -- here recently Texas a 7070. There's a lot we can learn from this humanitarian crisis on our southern border. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour on WL.