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Jul 11, 2014|

What’s the one movie you’d tell somebody to watch if they’re going through a tough breakup or a good song to listen to?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight among other things we're talking -- Good break up songs songs that -- that you. When listened to when you're going through these tough times. Going to the painful breakup there church songs that you just want to hear me out in the field if you -- triplets and try. Keys them. -- you a lot of players when. Which group is an exit joke you don't -- -- -- so that. I'm surprised that a -- text or advertise that I I will always love you. I've done by Dolly Parton and Wheaties and that's the kind of stuff you wanna -- when you're breaking up with somebody to hear something that make you feel good about moving -- But there are those songs that that touch that emotion -- going through. When your going to a tough -- and if if you've been through a tough break up -- song that you could relate to that you could think about. And maybe it's a song that somebody's going to a tough time I've should be listening to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And or text him receipts revenues seventy here's its next the sung by puddle of mud. She like -- mean we obviously can't play that from Metairie and you're -- -- VW well. Yeah just like to say that the shipping news. I think a lot of people who understands what issue do you break and you. You lose that person could mean physically also what I think Bruno Mars at all and on. McCain think -- work on Mars where it on your man. Okay -- there anyways appliances. A lot of people are today. King is solely. Break up so easily and not even you know you don't like sometimes and sometimes -- partners -- that. So you think it's easier to break up today that it was in the past. Yes -- and so we gave people. Date stages. Don't party. Actually go to my regular winner. You want to go along. I think it's back there -- -- humans. People all of the relationships now is Google really. Put that burden bite into it. And I talked about this quite often in the show and when -- CDs. Young. -- bachelorette parties in the French Quarter well I see these groups of girls going to the French Quarter -- -- Young couples who were coming out of place because it just got married or sometimes it downtown in the -- easier. A second line after winning with the wedding party in the bride and groom. And I -- it's how how young these people are and I think about the world we live in today. And it seems like a lot of people would get married with the idea. Im gonna go through this. And I'm gonna get married it's gonna are always going to be a big party I'm gonna be a superstar for however long wedding plans to leading up to it. But if something doesn't work out we'll just get divorced. -- and I didn't ever I've been married twice -- forgot Mary with the idea if it doesn't work out logistic divorced I really wanted to make it work. Exactly and you thought of that in the second thing is that it simply. They understand. -- person him or her dating girl in your calls. Yeah you do things differently that day you'll have to come to a compromise. And the middle and you have an account like -- stance some people don't want it forward. And you -- you -- news you'd get pushed out or or or some parts it doesn't want it now. Look at that abortion where -- compared to the common about it when it's like they wait till the children at least Lou. That it wouldn't do. -- nobody wants to be inconvenienced today and so it's sometimes an inconvenient to cycle which is curator of it. Exactly brought out the window. Where one. Of what are we all foreigners. People don't wanna put up that fight that fight means. Truly love an individual on there all -- what does this say all should -- everything. To a -- weeklong. Stay definitely I'd I'd lost my light. On and so it's like. You know I'm now I'm really wish. I condone certain things -- -- mania maybe it wasn't my fault I don't know what. Maybe. Don't you know it is rated news. Try and -- nowadays like you like -- just talking about no body wants a good fit for ordinary effort to say look. Well you know the hardest hurdles. But -- -- but the little ones that -- the capable. Like and make the big girls people get to rebut the little ones. And I do. Their you know first of all I'm boundaries sorry for the loss to achieve its -- sorry. I do think that there are a lot of young people today who are absolutely destroyed by -- break -- its -- not everybody but in general society has. -- started to treat marriage and relationships like it to disposable commodity. They point fingers. Don't want anybody. Come back and start passionately as but the point it is it is. You have the -- Same thing it's football hockey and basketball. To people radio you have to do that and and using. And my point it's you don't -- or a relationship could not. Just give gave the Indians game and then. So anyways and you busy. And I'm glad you called and again got bush. Got in particular. Here's -- to I don't understand this tax at all. Going to a tough break up Sara McLaughlin I will remember you. You know -- and that's the -- that it would try to forget person. I'd I'd see I don't understand. That at all from New Orleans and -- WL. It been -- thirty years and spot my husband that I don't have to worry about you know -- cap that. Has on that might you know light boat people and help them on the one -- air and strong and a member of that island. Not really. A strong enough -- she had a. Is. -- I want to thank them much air course. Kandahar. And Susan and the city track -- Actually. It was -- mixture of things that -- -- gotten. Against and step it was like packed in the -- recently action at camp fourteen and I'm sure he's like herded I would remember. He and a saying -- -- I think just to. Yeah yeah disrupting. And -- bank that that we would merit for thirty years enemy yet again and again I'd keep things together. Like depression and -- short. And I'm sorry for your loss -- appreciate you calling. Thing I've got -- and gotten a number of Texans have mentioned the dock and song. Alone again I'm not familiar with it but apparently that's a -- here's a Texas somebody -- -- this when the Luther Vandross song -- don't wanna be a full. And that might be good solid listen to if you break it up with so much I love this suggestion. Are you go to a tough break up. Dozen roses I used to lover. Had a killer. From a loss Robby you're on WWL. House rules won't charitable. They've actually departure it's probably a cute Japanese suitable vehicle goes in the world. At war apparently -- -- -- -- -- And using that you think that's a good -- to listen to when you go through tough break up. Yes -- -- -- Army how it true com. Some bad times are. Split on a severe weather broke a -- for a term that currencies sometimes. All prepared me to be probably could not the tapes so that now. Accidentally here in America are the 42 years. And gone but you know pitching what the right one and not and so it's more I didn't cry didn't. I'll -- it didn't say it because -- did you throughout important indeed it gives. The American now. Peaceful means so what. If you look for someone. -- it'll it move on because they're saying it's what you get -- not boring toward. Robbie that is a great attitude I appreciate sharing -- -- this thanks for specialist and if you are going through this really painful breakup and related there are other than I'm an actual disease. Or sickness. There's nothing more painful day and I'm a tough break I mean -- You don't even -- exist you. -- you're just you're so crush your emotionally. In fact the the emotional strain manifesting just a physical strain on -- And it's a really hard thing to get through soul. I've helped a few friends through tough times that I've had people help me through some difficult times. And I'm sticking -- originally about the movie swingers with giant Afro and this -- A great movie to watch each year are going through a break -- it's a great movie about I'm friends helping somebody get over somebody. And then ultimately I'm moving on and it's a great -- it's a funny movie. It's it's just it's a classic so I would recommend that but then we started thinking about. Songs that we might want to listen to what we're going through a tough time for getting just but -- great suggestions. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- every text is 87878. Here's a suggestion. Love hurts Nazareth. Indeed it does from New Orleans Cody under the WL. -- -- -- here -- on the huge and actually I'll -- it and or a collar couple callers back in. You know look at the divorce rate law -- resurgent orchard actually on that belief that. Yeah I I'm I'm I'm a member of. -- the generation that really fueled the divorce -- took the baby boomer generation is they're responsible for. Really not showing much respect for the institution of marriage and attending a very disposable commodity. Yet. Is Utah net interest and -- you know. And at that they have there at night. -- encoding budget color show. Here is another text time for me to fly by -- speed by Kenya we've played -- earlier that's and it's agreement it's too late by Carole King. Carly Simon haven't got time for the pain. Sometimes you need to find Osama I mean they're there a lot of songs that the touch that softness of your heart when you're going to a tough breakup. And it's it's related bullet and you know sometimes it might even make you cry and you go through that cathartic moment of crying and getting it out of your system. But when you got to find those songs that just make you stronger again if you have a suggestion for she couldn't either caller show words and this attacks. -- we've also talked about this four year old boy in a suburb of Atlanta. Who was kicked out of a restaurant for violating the dress coat. Little Louis Roberts was wearing a sleeveless ninja turtle tee -- But that violated the gentleman's dress code of not being allowed to Wear sleeveless T shirts in the restaurant. So should children. Be required to follow the same rules as adults that's -- WW up pretty general opinion poll. And -- really surprised that it's it's getting a little closer but I'm still surprised that it's it's it's this. This divided. 67%. Say yes. Children should. Follow the same rules as adults when it comes to that I agree with that I don't think is any wrong with teaching a four year old there are certain rules and one of the rules is it conversely the shirt. And that goes for you. And for me. 67% say yes they should follow the same frescoes and 33% say no they shouldn't. I give assure opinion by going to our web sites to BWL dot com here is attacks that read -- What could cause a break up is England Dan and John Ford Coley it's sad to belong. To someone else. Win the right one comes along. The -- that's what they think about it it's said to belong to someone else. When the right person comes along and that's very prophetic. And tonight I Daryl Hall road so our whole notes released this. -- -- Thought and they're drawing a polite. It was about. Everything you desire something like that -- you might get stopped looking for somebody else because you might have everything you desire and the person you're with. I screwed it would be right back but WL. -- Kansas the. It's a shame that. Going through painful breakup since. Part of -- most of us don't sound so we're talking about the songs that you related to when you're going to tell break out for the songs that might help somebody get through with a breakout. Somebody mentioned Bruno Mars but I was your man this is so -- yeah. Just a. One thing that is so difficult after -- really painful breakup it is you don't wanna go to those places. -- used to go to with -- person with. And when I've -- and I've gone through that as I purposely gone out of my way to go to those places alone he. Because I wanted to retake them. I wanted to say this is not powers anymore this is mine. And I wanna go here and I'm gonna continue to go here and even though we used to go here it's mine now. Yeah I was gonna talk about the border crisis the -- -- tonight is titled what America should learn about the border crisis. And it's on our website at WW dot com I think it's a great lessons for us in this. -- -- humanity and tragedy. And we'll talk more about that a little bit later but I wanna continue this conversation about a about breaking up because it's it's something that a lot of people go through and here's a here's a text it's hard to read. Scooter and getting divorced after thirty years and I feel like I'm going to a funeral every day when I wake up. It's as if my heart has been ripped out I don't see how level ever get back with my wife again as he watched. And I know it feels like that. But you will. -- I felt like my heart has been ripped out. And somebody threw her on the floor and kicked it up against the wall. So I know what that feels like and there are so many people who can relate to exactly how you field. And don't you think it's it's not gonna get better it will. And I hate to use the cliche about time heals all wounds. But it's true that's that the that's the best thing that you have going for. His time. But do what you -- to speed up that process. And just. Focus on yourself and if you -- to a a difficult breakup. You feel like something is missing. Something that was such a part of you is is missing. So that's when you have to really focus on yourself and realize that you're important. -- -- And it's hard for you to go on and end. Have a life. It's OK to have a life without that person. Don't know what led to the divorce but after thirty years I would assume that it's something significant. So just put that behind you and just know. That. It will get better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been pretty -- after yet. I just got on a little goat so I don't advise. There's an older guy but there's an and so I just look -- songs say something and give it up argue. -- Talk about -- if you go through. That is gorgeous. -- you a regular on it. Aperture so they're -- -- -- -- and such sneakers are -- -- -- several different these people and Christina Aguilera. Actually doesn't. Well with a group matured recognizes that approach is actually story. It also -- that the that that song that used to be an -- on. On the American. Yes and that's -- Control. You can't call -- I wanted to make comet that. I'd say it is -- -- sure did so early to -- of the orders there. I think that the horses down the coast marriages are bad now. I mean -- marriages now an analyst at fifty years ago. It is a lot more acceptable to live together. So when it got so of course yes that's -- In Ohio congressman somebody for sixteen years and when that relationship ended even -- we partner engaged I feel like -- whose divorce. Of course. Of course extra. -- I'm glad you called here's attacks Eric Carmen all by myself you know somebody mentioned that on the year earlier all by myself. There are those songs that that you relate to you go through a painful break up because they they they touch your heart and they they speak to this moment in your life. But -- again there's also those songs that you need to try to focus on because they give you permission. They gave you the strength to just move on forget about what you went through -- from -- -- on your -- if you don't. They do you don't. At this that a couple of had no problems but I'd have to form that can force on which they can -- And an update is the most appropriate that solid concrete. -- didn't connect it. I told so Randy Travis. Won't really mean is one -- is bill. Think about it. Good -- But the Blackhawks. What might have been and those taxes. And big big blue notes. But do -- keep. I Don thanks to the suggestions are -- -- I don't know if you're familiar with sensitive you know that if there really. On out through -- through their Lotta people who relate to those citizens I'm not familiar with them like other people Barbara I appreciate make -- a suggestions. A from gentility Eric here on -- showing WL. To try to do good character. I've got to go to grow from from corporate worked into the -- -- -- would have brought but the guard just what was wrong would -- -- mind. -- one minute I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Never heard that one wouldn't just I don't remember opener for governor certificate. And I know -- by doing in funny how it turns slip away. Right now I'm constantly that's -- he has that was to its government to think about it with two divorces so far creating what -- -- in. Well one was better than what was good. Do it well. It's it's it's much better when it's good because then you don't feel like you have wasted just so much time in your life and the relationship that I was in for sixteen years when that ended. It even though was painful and very very difficult because it led to my physically. And moving and and really literally in every way in life and literally starting over. It was so it's I mean ice I still had a love for that person. And I will also always have a love for my son's mom why is very different for thirteen years so it really is it is better when you can still have a love for that person and and be friends with them. But sometimes it's really difficult to defense -- the next. You -- for -- with a -- and was there between the years. Doctor whether it's five he has Butler and posted here. Eric did you -- you got a great attitude I appreciate you calling your show and if you -- -- -- with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 87870. Tomorrow on -- show it's going to be another Friday special at 1 o'clock. Do you love cold case files. On television shows of a cold case files where you'd be glued to the radio to Monica's Angeles gonna have the real thing. NO PD's cold case squad detectives. In the studio talking about cold cases. And you might be able to solve one of those cases. At 2 o'clock let's have fun Friday when Angela talks about stuff going on of the week and what's hot what's not at the movie says previews about. On the movies coming out to and so it goes with Michael Douglas Diane Keaton Frankie valley. And don't of the planet of the apes. Kind of intrigued by by this version of the -- of the -- I don't know why -- something I think I wanna see that at 3 o'clock Tom Fitzmorris will talk about grilling. Who has the best grilled pork steaks chicken seafood. And veggies. And how to make a hasty drill at home. Don't miss an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to -- WWL. From new orleans' Louis welcome to the -- she'll. -- -- you know. But my commitment on our recruitment is -- security -- -- the thrill is gone. -- and sometimes it sometimes it just goes. -- -- Well no matter what ultimately do puppies. Wow Lewis you're awesome I appreciate you calling. You at school did you know anyone. Listen to the show. So awesome. I'm gonna be ninety when -- when I'm 91 I'll still be doing an issue. From Gretna Steve -- WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was funny. -- totally that the Bonnie -- -- -- and what -- like JJJ. Sparks -- That don't talk about. Total eclipse of the heart and ultimately we're gonna dig that went up by by. -- remember some of the eighties. It's like -- it was great probably don't think Hubert did a Great Britain. Italy and saw that -- was a topic you spoke it was. It's where honesty alright and it. Still show. I don't I'm gonna pull that one out thanks for specialist. Mean this is something that's just so relatable and I I've gone through it and I'm sure you've gone through it and I've I've had friends that have have gone through it and it's it's such a moment when years so distraught in your life and you really do think it's just never gonna get any better and and -- dies. And hopefully you end up friends but even if you don't -- this is that this is what it's important focus on you and realize that you're important. And you don't have to have somebody else in your life in for a long time. I didn't -- be alone. And as confident as I've always been I'd I'd wanna be alone. And I I always wanted to have somebody in my life to. To share any success that I had I want to share with somebody -- did more to do little but I've I've finally learned. I was happy alone. I finally learned that that you really have to focus on yourself and be happy with yourself. And the only way to really make somebody else. Is -- your happy. You know there's a reason they tell you I think this is a metaphor for life. There's a recently tell you if you're if you're flying. If you're traveling with a small child. And the oxygen mask comes down from the overhead compartment. If you're traveling with a small child with the oxygen mask on yourself first. You're sick might be to put on the child but they tell you put on yourself first because you can't take care of your child. If you -- not taking care. So they want to take care of yourself first of then you can take care of your child and I think that's kind of a metaphor for life. Here is attacks that reads scoots this is for the eighties people Stevie. Love me for life. I don't remember that's on. The thrill is gone BB king sometimes the Phil does it's does leave us. Here's a text in my life by The Beatles. -- my daughter cry even when she was four years old. -- That is one of the best songs ever written. In my life for the deal's effect what will -- part of it to come and appeared in just few minutes if you majority's favorite comment there are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- Everest 877. It's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion -- it's about this a four year old kid in a suburb of Atlanta who was told to leave a restaurant because he had a on teenage mutant ninja turtle on T shirt on it was sleeveless. And that goes against the code where males can't Wear sleeveless shirts so they asked him belief. Never a shortage now apologized saying that that was a mistake but the question is should dress codes and restaurants apply to young children to. 86 for -- -- 66%. Say yes. And 34% say no it is your opinion by going to our web sites -- -- -- dot com giving up there on that in just a few minutes -- this is one of those songs I think it you know -- -- Try to get over the pain of at all and -- just permission to move all this and thinks that you have to remember. And I still remember -- sailors thinking this is. What with the wedding things basic winning singer yeah I mean sometimes you just have to remind yourself that. Being a loving thing going because. A lot stakes. And -- This is one of the best songs ever written me -- and. Lose. In my life by The Beatles not specifically about a break up but yet it does touch on it does touch on laws. -- about your calls we get to a couple of text here here's the text Gilbert O'Sullivan alone again naturally. Here is a texted dumped high school sweethearts. -- thoughts. She should have been the -- burn up that don't be after two and half years. Fifteen years later she's still hates me some people never grow up which -- best I'm happy. Here is attacks from. Rock and Jerry checking in. When I was growing up as a teenager I was going through the pain and suffering over a girl. Which was quite often. I remember enjoying listening to sad songs to wallow in my sorrow that sounds sick doesn't it. -- to get over the bad mood or sad mood later. I would then listen to other music. It would pump me up and make me feel better yes sometimes you have to go through the cathartic process of of being really you know really down about the whole thing and some songs help I guess bring that out. From his city Brandon your under the WL. AS term dispute I have a really good at all mention not. Maybe about a brain but it's very important to everybody everyday life and that would be Yugoslavs. -- I don't have gotten enough I ethnic and know that sellers at the when that we kinda learn where we were in -- that's Sunday school. We're error Jesus lousy this Sino or her area. He and I eight and later hybrid and logical later in life I like the song by The Doobie Brothers -- Jesus is just all right. Here is a text I'm not supposed to love you by Brian white. And hit a mob style. Both great break up songs but I love of blues song because it epitomizes. The ultimate payback -- woman. Cheats on you. Yeah I mean I know there's some really difficult to break it was her song that you really related to when you were when you were. Going through that really tough time in and maybe you're maybe going through that now. We all go through it -- we do go through these painful for -- just it's part of life that. I think we learned is that music is the soundtrack of our lines. And New York Times who Weaver when we were happy. And are now and there are songs that we relate to those happy times in their songs that we relate to those set times we've been through because music is. A soundtrack of our -- For Javed a jewels here into the WL. -- actually do good at that who are virtually brought -- super important. Haven't heard Roy Orbison do it distilled tenacity and he originally originally did it. Really well yeah well I'll have to look that up. -- -- A -- you know in part the public jewels of goods cults and from mobile Dennis you're on WW on the leading. -- so long -- About 1960s. And seventy degrees -- and. Mean in my daughter. She was about a year old it's time. And my wife went down on the road or somewhere. Mean not just Catholic parent -- The song was playing on the radio was I started in jail by I don't know who I'd give -- -- And started did you -- a good -- economy and I notice amazed at the answer right now I started the Fiji's. I don't want to BG -- But it it was just it was just weird well I mean everything's fine and of course but -- the which has sent right. Noon here through the tests on you just took off. Yeah. I act and then I mean we have proper. But I just. -- somebody else's car loan. And did you say goodbye. Now not at -- any regrets. Not not really is -- we got out the next step and everything but most. But it -- shift in our start in general but I didn't want these that was by the PG yeah. You do -- you -- all I'm creating my daughter is doing very polished him. That's straight I'm glad you called Dennis have a great night. If you are joining us with a -- tonight on numbers 2601870. So free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 87870. Also it's like we've been talking about the 27 club but those high profile old rock stars performers. Who died at the age of 27. Jimmy Hendrix Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Kurt Cobain. Any White House hands. That list goes on. And coming up after the news at 11 o'clock we are gonna talk about lessons that we should all learn from the border crisis. I think there's a lot that Americans. Can learn from what's going on this border crisis -- so many things that you and I take for granted it. Mortgages that in the next hour. This is the -- show -- -- -- analysts on Thursday night's game will be right back and -- if you. Is this really what you want him when he got. It's over here. I'd be feeling that that person tells -- that hey you know what if there's still a chance. Try to make it work is somebody called earlier and sedated people just don't invest enough in relationships and it's too easy to do -- and the relationship four and a marriage -- -- I agree with that marriages and relationships have become very much. Disposable commodity we're gonna continue this conversation and an external are also -- to move on and talk about the are continuing immigration crisis at the border will continue to place of the songs this year. Calling in with and texting songs that are. Good songs -- listen to if you're going through a tough break up and I don't think there's any movie better for anybody to watch now if you're if you're female. You could still watch it and and get a lot out of it. But especially if your guy. There's no better movie can help you through breakup in the movie swingers. Which and it's not about the lifestyle but the movie's called swingers. -- many you've seen it a giant Afro Vince Vaughn and a bunch of other people were it. Here's the text reads my favorite thing you do is talk about how life in music either. -- -- In her -- relate to literally. Yeah I've it's something a lot to talk about spent a lot of used in music radio and as I said just a moment ago music is a soundtrack of our lives and you'll always be very reflective of. Who we are tougher better regarding your WWL. And Marty didn't. -- -- I'm presently we lost markedly Marty was kind of preoccupied here. President Obama's ads dance a photo op on the border. Will not solve the border crisis. And I agree with that. But as I mentioned in the blog that I wrote last night's. If President Obama or if any president. Takes advantage of photo ops like Obama coming here after -- that was a photo op. They didn't solve any problems but it was a photo -- If a president takes advantage of photo ops. And wonder why Obama hasn't been to the border yet. And also Republicans have criticized the president for not visiting the border. But they criticize him for visiting the border in 2011. We'll talk about that weakened back on this crucial there to -- well.