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Jul 11, 2014|

Dave talks about if third place should be awarded, if you'd ride the tallest water slide, and an official state exercise?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

9 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's July. It's the eleventh time August 2014. Handing them an offering and Gary you're gonna pretty. And it's age. Yeah. But the good times roll out of now I'm hopeful that -- buffalo. Holes for the running it's been a long week you have. Now we flew by me or did it dragged down for you at their resumes that they were gonna have an offensive zone against. And then there's that it forever yeah kind of crawled. Well. Don't worry about it it's Friday that it doesn't matter now that matter at all. You ready for the weekend well I think that the that the. Man oh man oh man. Bring it on it and now hot humid weekend but the rains slackened off so -- have much of that to worry about. Temperature rise something good weekend view that the beats it by the pool. Just -- -- enjoy yourself and relax because. Man. Less than a month from now the kids to go back to school out in a fixer and all the and rolling going on in hand and it's it's. It will be here before you know like you're at this time yesterday. We were talking about the the showers and did you see Juan. We both -- -- and -- all -- now -- may be heard a rumbling yesterday. It got me. -- now I didn't see darn thing yesterday it got me good as -- heavy one 04 sat in the car for about ten minutes. Hoping it would slack off than us and our guys gotta make my move. And I was soaked through the ball. Past Douglas signing candidate this is crazy it's raining like. Lately. It's never gonna stop -- -- it's a bunch of bright sunshine here in downtown new arms. It was one of those days where yet speak out one -- -- you've got more and more of the same today but it's a 30%. Will have that. To look forward to. They're playing soccer style I've stopped paying attention to the World Cup that we really you guys and as America was -- an -- Have you watched any World Cup's I have America got them Null I haven't watched any but I've been keeping any year on this you know I mean yeah -- posters I just want you know the sports guys talking about it -- They're saying about the Brazilians. Crying. There's still showing footage of that yes and worst decline. What's on the man is someone loses argument at least one suicide yeah -- out notes. Use the Brazilians losing in such an ugly fashion and Argentina. Aaron. Making it -- out the finals in the World Cup that and and here we've liken that to. Remember the fear we had that the falcons. We're gonna play -- three had to have won a Super Bowl in the superdome. Will now that at the Brazilians are worried about their arch rivals and -- the rivalries even deeper meaning literally hate Argentina. I know a lot of us hate Atlanta but now that it's it's he goes deeper there. Why if Argentina win the championship in Brazil he. Hey keep getting you out at a but I stuck paying attention or you're not younger than just you know I'm here in the reports of what and that's probably watching games known are now I'm not either but I -- I'm just leaving a -- -- they have a third place game. Yeah that's kind of weird the losers. Of the final four play each other to determine who's in third place and -- in fourth it's. That would be to me like the losers of the AFC championship in the NFC championship. In the NFL teams that don't go to the super ball. And play another game against each other just forgot -- third his fourth. Hung -- but. The only place right doesn't really bother me that they do that is in the Olympics because there's a bronze medal total losers who don't go to the gold medal game. Play for the bronze. But at least in the -- Plays you know one gets a medal on one goes away with nothing I guess it's the same here won its third place when -- fourth place -- -- -- top teams play for the soaring gold at first and second but. Now I mean if you don't go to the championship game to go home. I think I would be I wanna play for third place. I don't. This to me it's like. C if you really -- that there was the best loser. And are you gonna watch the championship game and that's the question on no now I'm not even for a minute. Now Erica I mean I think I might. I think in my little Buick -- Germany Argentina thing. And -- it's not the whole thing. But I'll watch some moments it's got some interest -- yes. Crawfish season is over says one headline at the beat him well Don. He didn't get any Leo. I'm Reggie could still find some fun out there somewhere you have to shell might be years hard as a rock. Yet not yet after work on the darn thing mortal lobster. No I guess -- Emmys game. Listen the reports that -- Hollywood south Q you know we think about movies being filled out all the ones that win an Academy Awards and nominated for a film awards but man. I didn't realize just how many TV shows -- film not only in the we have right here in awhile particularly active yeah American horror story. From day. Top shaft. Bonnie and Clyde five of them yet. Nominations for Emmy award yeah. And those were the ones that were nominated not to mention the others that you know did you get a -- Look at -- people ask him today. Woody Harrelson. What is it nominated good days of delaying cat. The eighth got the day or -- of big name actresses and actors -- you know refuse -- Programme are going to be on -- TV -- those are over now. And apparently the HBO's the AMC's. There are able to bring the men and and I'm here. Yes and bring Amir was good for us to -- since I was thank you they both talked in less than fifteen minutes first WWL. -- that now what's it. Forecast for the weekend we'll take a look at that text me at 87870. Do you care if they play game between the losers. Of a championship ground determine who's third and whose fourth. Would you like to see him play the losers of the AFC championship in the NFC championship to see who. Is the third best team in the NFL with the other -- gone on to play for the Super Bowl. But that makes cents via text me and 877. Happy surprise today. What some that's Morris on our website at WW well like comes as crawfish season is over but several people of texted me and 87870. Tommy that they have gotten crawfish salvos in Belle -- had crawfish on Wednesdays this one text message to -- but he hasn't arouses in man developed as crawfish. Are -- big are they too hard to -- are they any good OK well maybe some places still do have -- Maybe there's they've got to the hook up on -- on -- got a pond that they're still on them mud bugs out of but are they any good. Interesting question and also an interesting question is should there be a third place game. In soccer to determine you know who's the winner of the losers where if you don't make it to the championship -- Allman forget about it. Well and got some interest in text messages about that coming up first your forecast. Some sun and some clouds today of course as usual as we heat things that we start to watch for those downpours still up 30% chance today with highs reached in about 91. Actually gonna keep it at 30% rain chance both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and early evening. And look for highs to creep up 94 on Saturday 93 on Sunday from the pinpoint forecast sent her I mean you frolic just Clark -- tell. Sent out today hot and -- muggy with calm winds and not under really cool us off. 91% relative humidity the airport 76 degrees in tanner. Here in downtown -- on 79 clear and 72 with the National Weather Service office in slide down line gave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. But -- vaccinated -- anything I -- ever come in second place much like a -- plays. That's good point you -- or who lost last year's super ball. -- people don't know a lot of people do and you don't have that you can if you want beyond text -- -- and -- them if you are persons as they used to be a third place game. Back in the sixties and the and a well. Another says. If the US -- -- third place came huge there. It's what we -- it would be pretty excited at the US -- a third place in the World Cup just because the US never even sniffed a championship in the World Cup. Some election would be different if there's everything today it's -- you know -- As we do rally if you're playing for a bronze medal in another third place it is. The erratically you know second united you know loser you're just the second best. Should there be a third place game of sports which you like to see one in the NFL every text messages must mark an art things after the up until the mid eighties it was the third place game in the NCAA men's basketball tournament says attachment that it that it evidence that doing. On the sixties dated in the NFL until the eighties they did but they stopped so I think World Cup soccer in the Olympic about the odd place with a losers plays he's the best loser anymore. Coming up we'll see if markets aren't like the idea -- third place game but personal there's a lot of talk about sports happy Friday marked -- do you -- With four days to go there has been no perceivable movement on your side of the contract negotiations between the saints' Jimmy Graham is likely will come right down to the wire two sides have until Tuesday to work got to deal. New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick is its report this weekend and not everyone is happy about it you will be hosting the Michael Vick comedy explosion at the strand theater Saturday night. Local animal rights activists plan to protest the event local attorney -- Gil says the protest is against the venue for hosting the show. We have a problem with dog fighting entry area a case of animal abuse report area with any history trying to get a dog park appears to forever. Quite frankly you'll says -- isn't welcome this report. This is not the place and time in our opinion or strand theater to host Michael Vick. Neither of the NBA's two big free agents made a decision yesterday in New York Knicks president Phil Jackson says. He hasn't heard from Carmelo Anthony recently but is confident the all star will return to the Big Apple. Meanwhile LeBron flew back to Miami yesterday with Dwyane Wade after wade spent that they would James -- his basketball camp. No telling what that might mean since neither man has currently signed to play for the heat. For what it's worth James his trip to Miami on route to Brazil for the World Cup final has been planned for more than a month. I'm mark menorah that your early look at sports. Five point six they've -- mark when -- with you on your radio so what do you think about this whole idea of the third place games should the losers played each other to see who's the best loser. You know on one hand we tend to rank things in three is not so much news. So I guess that there is. People want to know who's a third place team but personally I don't really -- We do what would you support the worst teams. -- the -- partly it seems to lost the AFC championship and NFC championship playing each other -- the best the loser in the NFL. Out of a supporter but quite frankly I'm surprised the NFL doesn't do it because of him another my money would more ad revenue. Deploy it. Man but if you lose the NFC champion if the saints were to lose the NFC championship would you wanna see them play it loses the AFC champion chip just to see who's the third best team -- in Ali I don't think so it doesn't seem at this point. You know I could make it it would be very anticlimactic as you win and then -- -- -- -- please -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or number three port number three record a it's not not a not not a popular -- -- -- claimants have more first news forecast. Friday morning looks pretty dry inland but still a couple of coastal thunderstorms for you early on that a mix of sun and clouds and eventually some developing showers and storms for the South -- that -- -- -- 30% chance today. And highs right around 91. And for the weekend at 30% chance for rain those afternoons and it's getting hot look for highs around 93 to 94 the after gains from the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell partly cloudy 76 and muggy the airport in -- clearance -- -- -- and slide it different determining -- the best loser in the World Cup that happens every four years or. The NFL. Championships to -- every year 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's July it's the eleventh that's when he fourteenth. Planets. TGI -- while that I guess I should tell you welcome. Tough Friday. Please feel free to jump around. Well yeah. Under control -- Sheldon -- -- It's not just about doubled up. Everybody job. Isiah Tommy factories -- green room jumping through everybody's jumping -- this -- today and it deals done. Man. Some people are jumping all over me for questioning. The fact that the third place game. In the World Cup -- -- this is not to determine the best in the NFL determine the best in the world what why. The best in the world today I think it makes sense that a third place game. And it's about that third place and again and out silver and bronze the World -- I just get to me if so who cares -- would you really have to figure out his third place before it was. Does it matter. But don't don't we call the Super Bowl the world championship -- the World Series is the world. Can wrong I'm we do we did I mean if you win the EU are the world champions if you win the Super Bowl but that's that'll play American football well yeah it's not do Canada. To -- they -- can -- into the champion I think it's. Wouldn't be pretty. Ahead anyway so we get back on fourth Wednesday of race. Absolutely. And I know others one common that -- -- we all have kind of a vested interest and it cleared the deck for this one again -- seeing this pattern the only new movie in wide release today is dawn of the planet of the apes shot. Right here yeah most of -- sat out at the old Six Flags others scene shot around town. Lot of local people involved and make in this one a lot of computer generated graphics obvious -- -- the other I've seen shots that are obviously. Portions of downtown New Orleans but there're there're different you know way in the are draped in and it always and everywhere dark yeah -- that now. Well I tell you -- I don't -- Keri Russell she's carrying missiles. Haven't seen great reviews guns you have yes a good all right a growing nation of genetically. Memories on from the first play the job you ran up to the woods. Which was that was sent in San Francisco this guesses to -- it here. Led by Caesars threatened by a band of human survivors. Of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. Then began back on four has gone up against the current top ten of transformers. Age of extinction. Tammy twenty to jump street deliver us from evil how to train your dragon. To Paris to echo -- -- Jersey boys. Think like a man to an edge of tomorrow you've got quite a selection. What where -- -- do you think will be number one of -- I I gotta go with the gates I I really do have a hobby of people say that go with the gas. She's technical with the tree like they would varying mean and nasty engine. You know what was I saw the review rotten tomato. And they gave it in 92. That's a very high scorer for as a secular rotten tomatoes thinks about now apparently nobody except you know what it is if if if if you give me. Hey -- to get the settlement from the rotten tomato and right now I mean you know their critics are critics and I don't tend to follow much went. Now when kind of caught my off. The league we will see Monday morning if you are correct I think there's little out. That this will be number one movie but stranger things have happened to transformers. Dark for another round speak. Of strange things. Apparently in Missouri there's not a whole lot going -- Guy in the legislature because they have voted to name the jumping -- as Missouri's official state exercise. The governor has signed the legislation hello sighting yesterday adding the jumping Jack to a list of more than two dozen official symbols and other such things. And jumping Jack was championed as the official state exercise by students from an elementary school that lobbied for. The man you have. The official state. Exercise sounds you know I may barriers on an agreement not much happening again. I'm sure Missouri has bigger problems but now lawmakers took the time to respond to the kids an elementary school camp knows that please make it jumping Jack the official -- exercise or get right on. To reduce and jumping jacks and now Obama didn't look -- that I jumped around does that count. Thank you David we'll talk it isn't our first days Chris Miller joins us with more on the controversy over common core satellite. Bessie the board of Elementary and Secondary Education answers ready to have a compromise with a little bit from the common court just a little bit from. The third test we've been doing it and and the -- -- now so where do we go from here we'll find out. God let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast and it's a happy Friday. We did congratulations thanks to you mr. meteorologist you know we -- you down but we did in the pinpoint forecast. Up. -- -- -- When and where -- all of eerie. How I did see when I saw you wearing pants and -- all literary pretty in pink -- meteorologist and why is that. Hi it's corrupt power day. We do not have EB blowing in the studio this morning. Brewer off my -- office to seep -- me and me here all war war. He leads in the eighty -- that we and I would not a morning news. So you actually did plant that we celebrate any time air is not a but today we decided to make it like an official saying about. Now you're all looking pretty in pink it just looked up and Toshiba -- that so valiantly here fix your pink had a Toshiba's got the black skirt. Right yet hot pink high -- wants to make up and I she quit you have not idea. I don't think David oh and hot pick up -- the you don't have that -- year you need your massive eyes at full of June it was funny when she became in this way it's like every opportunity to at least think she. Had shot with a clip that doesn't come by every where hot -- on -- I'll have to keep an -- and it's the of these cameras pan down to note should I guess when -- at Catholic -- when I sit in the comfy chairs. We realistic ailments hot pink night yields are right well one argument -- gone over the whether it. You know just typical summertime weather again you know we've been -- starting off with sunshine heat up we -- this afternoon downpours. If it weren't for another round again today other 40% chance that it. After through the early evening and even a 40% chance they had dropped to about twenty to 30% chance over the weekends so little hotter for Saturday and Sunday at 94 tomorrow and 93. OK so there it is pretty much the same as it has band and it just slightly less rain chances our little hotter for the next little hotter the weekend. In nothing on on the tropics. Quite like that went to Africa actually -- jets. With wing talking about the people come -- in the -- esprit perfume. Right I didn't really know her act act that I have known not so. How -- -- not yours to swing your team on Wednesday after we talked about it. And did you go and it crazy woman of course. It. So we hear now it's been years that app and talked about it Wednesday morning after app and park it actually spree with the -- What -- the -- critic for Alan -- and -- I its takeover creepy crown. Might react to that lady crazy. I am not -- about it and again what you sound like when the president wants that it would that -- I does what it's Yemeni he would get staring at you on the set there at. The catalyst to worry about -- -- girl but I don't think that this time or any -- and I chat about something in them caddies. Have you seen this new water sliding Kansas city's -- That's when it published letters that are on which you do it I would it's a 168 foot tall water slide. What scares me a little bit is they showed us the videos when they were testing. And -- off the get the -- kept flying off that then. And Donna Hanover yet Catholics and that he and it were flying every which way they -- -- -- well figures still do that well that its critics this extensively tested in politics and they now I -- nervous when their reading that to. Page. Legal state which one of the things that I had there I have to listen to and sign before I get on this thing but. -- of thrill. To yeah I would -- -- 168 foot. What I'm hoping they bring when he Galveston and actually about that and -- and that's they way you before you start climbed up with the. And they way you again somehow you're gonna miraculously gains that paradise island screwed up at the bottom. And EU. And these are you would get on it. Well alternate when you walk up 264 -- you might lose a little weight -- about it -- -- -- -- -- light -- That's why -- dummies and that things were flying off the. -- I -- yeah absolutely. Opens they bring it to solar gone down south and go out and try -- actual sign we've yet to listen to that bit of elicited two pages of -- statement and sign them think you understand the risk of Iraq. Which is German for its -- -- you went about a multi event. I'll wait TOK all the -- -- great weekend. But now lavender these forecasts aren't you arrive at the -- rocked if you could would you climb those 264 stairs and go down 168. -- water slide. I would -- and an 87070 which you. And also get to some sports -- do Batman activist who that -- tech today that it says. That's how long -- -- to him I would write one line. Now the president about the -- 168. -- -- -- its letter bonds says I would write it and then get back in line and do it again. And as you walk up by the way tells -- now the head of the statue of liberty. You're now at the level of Niagara fall holes that -- keep him up at it. How crazy high in the years you're getting before you load into the raft and start sliding down as for. Missouri naming the jumping attack is the official state exercise that I think state lawmakers and the governor. With people file but Summitt thanks -- avenue tonight that Louisiana has -- exercise. Pushing away from the table. -- that the but the most we. Taken apart big fat bellies after we eat all news. That hard work also hard workers ports here on WWL and for that we have Marc -- for Steve -- happy Friday march. Send you Dave I'm here to do all the heavy lifting lift away. Four days left in Jimmy watched the saints have until Tuesday -- lockdown Jimmy Graham to new long term contract no good Nugent for the detonation but also no reason to panic. History has shown these deals usually get down close to the last minute. Michael Vick remains a polarizing figure in sports due to his conviction in 2007 overrunning a dog fighting ring. And the -- he served prison time for. Vehicle beach report Saturday to host the Michael Vick comedy explosion the local attorney -- and Gil says vick's presence minimizes the topic animal cruelty. We don't want this community furthered sensitized. Very real problem. However Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover says Vick has paid his debt to society that -- And to be able to elevate yourself above and beyond the past and to move forward into a positive direction and to feel like -- hopes to bring console so. -- -- And advancement is only only but also with a lot -- people would -- Carmelo Anthony Anthony hasn't made any decision publicly about where he'll play a basketball next season but knicks president Phil Jackson -- optimistic he'll be back in New York. Jackson -- the rapport he has with -- I think -- native new Yorker will play for him again the knicks have made five different contract offers to Anthony. One being a Max deal of a 129 million dollars over five years. As for LeBron James he flew to Miami yesterday would Dwyane Wade is part of a pre planned trip. On his way to Brazil for the World Cup. Of course like James wade is not currently under contract with the heat -- insiders say don't read too much into a visit to South Beach that has been planned for more than a month. I'm mark in the north that's your early look at sport. -- lightning round where does come -- Anthony and applying. One more lakers. Well lakers I -- where does LeBron James and -- Cavaliers Windiz Jimmy Graham -- long term deal with the science. Next week that today and I think it -- -- today. You're saying that so maybe Tuesday I don't have any inside info but usually this stuff happens like news of the day over the days before something -- Monday accused and should Michael Vick be forgiven. For what happened with his dog fighting morning in his abuse and killing dogs ads and it should that. Now be in his past. Where should people still be demonstrating if he shows -- for comedy explosion in the state of Louisiana. The guy went to prison he served his time is it it was you know he's been out of prison for 63. Almost six years now so. I -- let let it let it -- Are you sleeping dogs that remark I would I kind of you know there -- -- -- more sports here on WWL I am met them and that you tax -- that needed them should Michael Vick now be forgiven. And should be in his past or do you think people in Shreveport Louisiana are right. Who plan to protest his comedy explosion planned for this weekend text and it's 78 cents with a bloody weekend forecast. Right after this on your -- today. Your weekend's forecast from the pretty in pink -- meteorologist Laura -- -- For your Friday morning expect a couple of coastal thunderstorms around that a mix of sun and clouds look for highs later around 91. What they 30% chance -- thunderstorms than tonight dropping down into the mid seventies now for Saturday and Sunday we hang on to those low to mid 90s93. In 94. And those afternoons a 30% chance for rain from the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- itself. Clear skies muggy 91% relative humidity at 76 the airport in -- 72 in slide. It's -- should we forgive. Michael -- -- is dog abuse of the past he did his time in federal prison. And apparently has not gotten any trouble with the -- since then what nearly six years ago one person -- -- -- 878 that -- that he does not deserve a second chance and others says but he without sin cast the first stone. Grants that's as you can forgive. But don't forget well a lot of people are not forgetting and they will protest Michael -- comedy explosion at this week and in Shreveport Louisiana. Horrible name of it caught the comedy XBLA I don't want exploding. -- -- like comedy as much as the next. One exploding. Thank you brought your text messages this morning from those -- you would -- would not ride that new crazy tall water slide. And from those -- you want to comment on them having a third place game in World Cup soccer. And to me it's a battle of the losers to see who's the better loser but person -- second place is the first loser and so on so what's the point. And man that have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen happy Friday.

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