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WWL>Topics>>7-11 6:10am Tommy, can you love a player who leaves?

7-11 6:10am Tommy, can you love a player who leaves?

Jul 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jason Lanter, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kutztown University, about why fans feel so strongly about certain players

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He GI at which here means -- goal audits Friday and broad saying collide it's been a busy tough weeks are gonna have a fielded Friday and and goof around -- habit today give you some fun stuff to call in and talk about it in then of course we start the weekend give any plans. For the league in on. A singles I yeah I may go see the the planet of the apes movie I think that might be good so we don't know how long -- to be on this planet -- and and suspended. Watching a movie mean. Is that right now some like got. Little tea entertainment for the brain -- -- -- I'm going to plants and -- I'm going to. Read one of the great works of literature that I've always wanted to get to. And I'm gonna try to recapture my child like sense of wonder if beat up our. Athletic ability. Wednesday how. I must answer coming out of the past that apparently sells it as certainly doesn't apply -- and now well. Don't know why they played that announced there isn't gonna try to re new my child like sense of wonder okay and have you lost yours. Yeah I'm afraid so they. No not anytime soon. Just in case you really -- -- and -- -- -- probably catch up on laundry com do some vacuuming and mopping and chase a boxer around the house gets away. I was a boxer do house broken my friend Horrow who it. Took a lot of trouble buddy's house broke -- at the gates down and now it's almost like you know ramshackle. Trailer again. I. Think it was all those little mountains around is very now and all away from the front of the pack with no problem. I already here's the deal Thomas -- once said. You can't go home again and of course we don't know what that means. You know it means government you can go on the gas you're exactly what it says what it means. I thought it would be interesting to look at the LeBron James. Story. Vis a vis the saints. I'm -- I got you so LeBron is considering on practically went right exactly after all of the scene. And the hard -- and humiliation. When he lost. He is wildly cavaliers enough for him -- 11 a couple of championships right now and and made all kinds of money had a real good time. But now he might go back. So here then is my question -- David. If Drew Brees. Board of -- Seattle for several seasons when a couple of super bulls could you. Or would you be able welcome him back to the black and go wow. I don't good question and it. It's an act of a question. And is resuming drew had a lot left in the tank where he could help you win another suitable Carol -- Jimmy Graham make it every one Mara button. I tried to compare Cleveland and Miami ninety -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cleveland is good things in the basketball days and -- LeBron know so now it doesn't quite follow through but I would love to hear from -- are just a 187 until free 86 exit -- -- early seven yes my initial reaction. To that -- were being Mel. That I I could not. Welcome him back you know with open arms that you're in it because the departure again is is would -- so much. And to watch him winning Super Bowls within another team it would -- even more so. I don't think I can do that. Bombing I can say that David is yeah beat up are confident. Let's back up athletic ability to 601878. -- 88668890. Examining. Council arguments that state I'm saying since it. -- 260187. He told create six exit eight -- early seventy LeBron James they have not gone back to Cleveland if Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham your favorite saint where to go often played for Seattle for a couple years. And then cut and win a couple of Super Bowls and then come back. While we faltered. Would you welcome them back with open arms. -- -- colony know Tommy Tucker sat in a flash under the W Tommy 20617. And seeded eleventh row three days pretty quickly. Clouds and sunshine mixed hot and humid about a 30% chance for spotty showers. Highs around nanny thrive 93 to feel like 95 to a hundred times unless it rains where you are or close and and and cool breeze comes in. And not sit down to about 82 now speaking of cool breeze we thought we'd addressed the LeBron James situation vis -- vis. The saints and for those of you keeping track that is the second time that -- used the phrase visa they. As a love. But what if Drew Brees -- the saints. Go to Seattle play for a couple years win two Super Bowls with them how many championships LeBron went to. I think its two year and then come back and wanna play for us because he considers this is hometown and worries comfortable once they ended year. Would you welcome them back with open arms. You tell me Jason winter joins us right now associate professor. Of psychology at Kutztown university and he's gonna help us address LeBron situation. Vis a vis the saints and Drew Brees -- morning professor. Thanks to taking -- time you often use a phrase visa but he. Probably -- -- -- that you're that you're using it right now -- -- I'd just like because it makes me sound Smart. And I even know what it means. And it's amazing the things you can fool people with isn't it. -- tell me about LeBron James first of all gone back to Cleveland and but you've studied sports psychology and marketing and branding of the people there -- a welcome him back. If I don't think. Yeah I mean that the that the big key thing is that the big yeah that's lingering right now it is his decisions and be. The -- all the free agency -- at least so vast majority of the big ones and beer right now. Are the Cleveland fans can welcome back I really well now I mean it's hard to say if if the answer their stands the cavaliers and the team. And it's really a great -- for the team. I mean look it I think interest in psychology part originally technology global broad street where analysts. You can view himself as being its savior yet again at Cleveland by signing back and coming back to really what is his own statements. Is an original and the eighteen and bringing them back potential. Two NBA finals potentially to their first ever and their championship. Let's look at plea LeBron James and Cleveland visa see the help he did for the for the community in the good he did at the blue Drew Brees is love to hear Drew Brees could be mayor -- beat. Parish priest to -- be governor you name it but it would do they have that same feeling for LeBron. I I think I mean he goes back there every summer sport and that is his quote unquote hole is this summer homes in Akron which is where it raw. If you really is an Ohio guy. From bird that sort you've really made his mark and she was tremendously. Because of what he is the cavaliers there. I really don't know about in terms of this community service what he does there but in terms with the community felt about it prior to his leading to Miami that's. Different want to let Albert -- who is leaving for everything they let him a lot. I'd like to talk to you when we come back if you have a couple more minutes about. Fans sports figures relationships. Pseudo relationships India feel as though. If somebody leaves it's almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife leaving and all of a sudden. -- -- -- -- I come back you know amount you can trust and if any of that factors in this Jason winter I guess assistant or associate professor of psychology. At Kutztown University talking about LeBron James if he returns a Cleveland. And I'll -- an answer -- question for me if you who dat Drew Brees decides to leave. For whatever reason right now contracts law whatever type on a contract. So it -- Seattle for two years. And he he wins too soon rebels there for years and any comes back and he's got something left in the tank -- a welcome him back to new long ones agent quarterback. They just say now now count Rashtchy left before he might leave again or you went to Seattle stayed there six point one Tommy Tucker taking your calls. -- come back right now. And prevent it WL trafficking for that would it might well Johnny Tucker talking about LeBron James returning to Cleveland possibly in. What have the same thing were to happen here -- -- Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham of the saints they go to Seattle San Francisco win a couple of championships and decide you know what. And come on -- here and not only do they leave they leave and celebrated fashion as LeBron James. Did Cleveland joining us right now our friend and frequent guest of ours. Doctor -- I guess you doctor Jason. Yes -- you're part of that Ph.D. doctor Jason winters associate professor of psychology at the beautiful Kutztown university in Pennsylvania and went in at. Web site right now. On Harry Reid went and its schools understand and if you wondering what the weather's going to be like they got an 84 degree high there today. Going down 63 tonight so we could use some of that. Tell me about the relationship of fans to. Athletes professional teams if they're serious fans like -- who -- -- doesn't approach. Almost although not real personal relationship with the players and and if somebody leaves do you feel as though your wife or husband cheated on him. Yeah and India and Algiers that that relationship in the -- what's intriguing is exactly while they -- -- when I initially heard that he was really thinking about potentially going practically. I think -- -- -- prospect now how will they received in the if it does happen and the flip side -- -- -- the fans react. If LeBron doesn't even goes back. Now in terms sort of that the broader thing that you're asking in terms -- -- -- perceive this sort of relationship that they have. I think -- -- that they almost have a closer relationship nowadays star athletes and even celebrities that you will. Because of the nature social media and Twitter where they can actually get responses -- responses from those people. Obviously a media. It in terms of being out. In our particular team -- particularly what's in the best finish with a team current. Actually to be successful talk vertically and last year and probably getting LeBron James -- -- strong move towards. Being successful. So European events in all of you could do that this year it'll -- games. If it doesn't matter where he's going. Didn't matter where the identity lies in terms of complete relief from pole at all and we're all a particular person. Into and -- basal may have sort of developed by the all -- team. Simply be that they pick what media based -- where -- -- but there in the center of what -- -- -- -- that. Are you Greg -- a bit now hoping to discussion and before we -- your -- and Gary hang on and company and a second but. Professor when it comes to an athlete like LeBron never drew any anybody that. Constantly keeps switching teams to not Drew Brees and clean that up but. An athlete that did either occasionally or constantly is switching teams get the best deal for themselves to carry the relationship metaphor forward. Do the fans then perceive them almost like. IC any team will do just like perhaps with a man or woman OK I get it Europe tramp. The fact I think bill Bellamy is it matter what they're trying to get on the and I think that we're talk about and their identity is really which. Probably did they're gaining some of the self esteem for having that connection. And so they want it and be deposited good connection with that with that particular player that particular team. And we can only psychologically manipulate things like oh LeBron left because it was a good opportunity right there right now I realized that much better opportunity here -- that's why he's coming back. It really is an expense that centrist and that in our best interest now. So we can pretty good anyway to make -- felt good about. I'll be have a great weekend doctor and enjoy the weather there in Pennsylvania. -- think -- millionaire that UT doctor Jason winters associate professor of psychology. And Kutztown University -- -- been on paid on -- under the W good morning happy Friday. And an art. I would you. Exit and home. Wrong. And a vis a vis his coaching for Alabama and Alan defeating Alex you. In an -- championship. Are you. Today when somebody keeps think in -- -- -- and where are your -- You welcoming back. What role. That may be a question and Drew Brees Gary where you don't yesterday where -- at the meeting. The one we had to decide the world to talk about. Let me answers -- -- a reporter a couple of reporters -- up and hospital because they were trying to spicy burger. And the first thing I thought it was. Dumb and dumber when you when they -- again Friday. -- is spicy Hamburg but anyway when it comes to seasoning your foods you like it mild hot or volcanic. Hot -- to Vegas every weekend. Appreciate guys so about that Nick Saban Lincecum mag L issue LeBron wants to go to Cleveland. Are you welcoming Nick Saban equity taking. Gary unfortunately hung up before -- got his answer -- -- -- was a no brainer but I presume he's eighty would. I would what about you Tommy Tucker back in a ledge waiting to hear from you. You worded. It and I'm employed you wouldn't know. Really don't go on sale moderate breeze -- that both -- I'm a little different on the on the Saban but the breeze thing I couldn't handle I couldn't handle the championships. With the other team and then coming back. And I can see that's why we phrased that because they think that would be the deal breaker. If you if you go away and I don't think Miami played Cleveland and any playoff games did they Jordan and -- I say no but if if that it happened in any case of Nick Saban he did and you know what happened in national absolutely. You tell me T six of 170 till 386 exit 890878. LeBron James months -- back to Cleveland if Nick Saban wants to come back to LA if you are you welcoming him with open arms. You say and doors closed don't come back in May he added Daniel losses and -- getting it back. Right now time inevitably you offers news and that would go to David Blake. Still -- that thinks they've been pushing all carry. What is that. People do able to pencil up to an announcement and they do about it. I've never done not in my life really. Now our is that because you're so decisive or you have in other device that used LP think things through. -- -- -- Compulsive I don't know Harmon also but I don't. Part of councilman mark miles and make that noise I don't think the -- were linked I was just thinking as a side note are you impulsive. And I used to be in I'm trying to get out now. I think and think in others went to a stop acting like a child at what point board maybe I do have my child like sense of wonder say. I have always had a temper and wonderment in the world to stop it. I'd so. It some questions are coming in about our question concerning LeBron James. Her and trying to tie it into the saints here because they think if the united Cleveland and -- and NBA fan you know Miami -- It's an answer icons -- out there and no vested interests. William it's outages and now and it. So. Drew Brees decides to go play somewhere else two years he wins a couple of Super Bowl trophies humans come back very welcoming him back. Nick Saban as somebody brought up you well know what happened with them but two national championships since he left LA issue yeah. Three radiance -- -- -- -- -- 33. Fingered arms sales Amman has been that many now three championships not three fingers. So if Nick Saban comes back are you welcoming him back or not I don't know that I can make it any easier. For you to calling gimme your opinion now on this Friday morning announcement along weight but I wanna talk TT six 1878203866. 8890870. Once a player leaves goes somewhere else you'll falter. They succeed do you want him back yeah it's that simple Andy it's the emotional bonding. That takes place over the years -- right and I get it between the fans and the players and I get a text. Pretty impose an answer. It's seems obvious but this is one night. Yet from some that it says -- put it to you this way I worked in a business where. Output in terms that I can relate to -- a great manager of the left my organization to pursue another opportunity with a competitor. And -- years they realize that Warren had me called me up and wanted to come back I could not have been more excited. But I think in this example you would have to look at it as the manager left. It cost you money. If you get Megan and a corporate thing because your business faltered while your competitors thrived. And then he wants to come back -- to finish it up here because he felt at home that your company would you do it. 260170. Toll free 86688. Nines in early seventy. And from another angle who is it that you could not stand to be on the saints team because there's no way. No matter how much they contributed you could be a -- We'll talk about it when we come back Jerry on the interstate hang on you are up next on TWO. Tommy Tucker that WL 6:47. Friday morning thank goodness finally it's here. Be a hot weekend but if it wasn't for July 11 through thirteenth. It would be -- news story cloudy sunshine hot humid 30% chance for. Isolated showers and thunderstorms some downpours possible you know that if you -- in the long ones. Right now it is 76 degrees highs should be around 91 -- on interstate to talk about. LeBron James go on that Cleve land and if one of the saints' Drew -- whatever -- to do that go to Seattle and then come back would you welcome. -- -- -- It. Yeah that also that he LeBron James. EPA is as well as York. Sportscaster and not from locally but in an actual situation. The end BA is becoming his relatives or shall. Because in doing is trafficking around and see who didn't get the biggest box and people who were saying. They get there -- that person. Then they lose that person. It all depends on the and then now worried now what the and care for what the fans stick it. And it's almost like toxic. Totally row you've got an older out in California. Who want to get rid of this game. That he would be able to get rid of income -- slice and so what this soap opera. Same thing LeBron -- -- -- the championship. Because you want to go more money somewhere. -- and expect. And then the problem the NPA is becoming as a relevant boxing. Horse racing and the rest stop. And it'll go up and realize. That saying it's orchestrated to begin with it's choreographed like wretch like. -- Though you're paying you well you know LeBron could have opted out and gone. To Cleveland nowhere reasoning -- even if he had won the championship. You just that's what it's irrelevant. -- and what are those mere pocket books. And don't put up foolish it's irrelevant to you the timing -- it's different in free agency Indians now. NFL. You know they do have certain catches and clauses and things that are in the -- And the -- well at least the -- -- that -- base. Have some say -- that I was eighteen base they. The -- and to make sure at least eighty. Look at look at the NBA. Program here in in New Orleans with the pelicans. We have to go through this -- or perhaps in order to see -- can get somebody who can complement the players that we -- I don't I don't see why that -- relative value keeps an irrelevant net. It's irrelevant to you but it. -- -- You stay -- and it's her -- visa V one of the national announcers. I'd only -- time ago. Six FT ten before seven it detects that comes -- Ricky Jackson went to emirates has won a Super Bowl and signed a one day contract and retired as the same as when you're talking about here. And the other taxes you've beaten around the bush the real example is if you wife leaves you. Goes on Morales. Lives pretty good lifestyle your faltering -- he's gone. And as you Lincecum back do you take their -- name emotions at play. Or what about your husband. They find somebody with more money where -- can have more success perhaps in the ego. And then after awhile and a champion and Agassi you know -- I was underestimate life with you take them back now 651 time for Traficant that we -- to might well. Exit -- -- Tommy Tucker and that last caller I'm just -- if he's a lawyer likened it will tell you whatever objections going to be based on. -- Steve money and say good morning aren't evidently. Eight I ought to know better by the people bought -- bought drivers wrecked the is not. Soccer are but the battle out all -- -- car -- And -- -- couple though. But is it relevant to the conversation. -- downloads on your mind state. The army that the last oh look at the church ordered or where our contracts are all their. Tracked what they can opt out there. -- -- about I doubt that beat -- but -- Billion. Ultimately get built. A big advocate bill feel player but. Parker right op well. Google book were in fact they think your theory on or whatever you look at. So it like that -- early that. It's got out but it. You guys oh this is a -- -- Are out and make unity ultimately. -- you -- like -- early so I -- You know -- -- lawyer what you want but all are -- I'll chip yet be in jail in French. Is -- NB AR. Do well at all. He awarded or where there -- new franchise. Is it is appropriate because I'll be up late to look out -- -- belt. -- you -- awarded. The at all so we got a good traffic out up to -- -- he would build our vote the duke player. -- -- Luck I think I don't like to talk bad about other collars but I think. He just didn't like the NBA at all. Yeah like he would be you know. That ballot you would be and -- which look irrelevant. Like forward -- Yes but only it was -- -- insane thing he had a lot of players moving around where before it it wasn't the case back in the day you know you had one team and that team was pretty well. -- -- -- did together the the entire time maybe once or twice you'd have a player traded when when you did it was a big deal. -- -- -- be -- it ought be a huge YouTube but you know the big issue where it. Street that you are around it was clear up a battle -- great contract populate aren't here so that player get. -- doubt here got a contract to -- -- this sort of help because older. Our particular lot. But if it up the popular individual player in all -- -- -- it. -- You like like all of our route to follow. But are they Oprah did the boot guy you. Want to win championships he won a couple of chip chip -- it all out too well. What -- chip chip or bulky so they are sold out. New Orleans Beijing and back. You know. A regular ball well you know they're dormant. About it again and in the upper low. Only gave it a bit. Out of Lubbock Opel and -- chip -- report. I think he won't what Cooper about the. Steve I'm glad you called albeit a great weekend. The U Betsy sic so 170 till 386688908. Sanity when we come back. -- about a lady -- at her house on fire for a weird reason.

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