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7-11 7:10am Tommy, worst pests?

Jul 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ryan Weber, an entomologist with J & J Exterminating, about pests and pest control

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David leg up ready jaguar opinion poll asking you do you like you food. When it comes -- now not temperature and that something when you tell somebody it's hot you're sharing a piece of it caught with fire hot with -- now. Which one. Days so a couple of reporters and England. Try to take one of these challenges where they eat spicy burgers. And name on it and hospital really new and and it's a in his eyes rolled back in his my goodness well -- -- downing and timing is. You know that the brits are not big on seasoning and spices and it's you know they and it's pretty plans -- awful weather don't go to Ireland to eat. Don't do it I was afraid you were gonna stay. Now -- yes and it comes and I'm -- me cry god man a little pot pie it's yes. Terrible terrible terrible and you think how in the world could they mess up hamburger but it they -- -- different -- I it's when it comes seasoning your -- David elected -- -- volcanic I am my -- Meet him. And do vote -- now but some people may when they do cross -- they think -- hotter the -- all god and other things through army -- it doesn't matter tamales whatever and burn your mouth off he sees people it's at their need these peppers just. -- -- not only do how they enjoy honestly -- but. That's a pretty jaguar in my opinion poll would you like to -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- we've all had conversations and opinions about. The TSA right as you boarding planes aren't sure. And then a lot of these people work hard and try to do their jobs and there are others that. Exposed some flaws in the system. And mentioned dumb. Did it did England at the Ireland trip and allotted WW OO people got routed through Heathrow airport. And it's he has agent apparently had some problems that it was at a bed today on June 22. On one flight. These ten hour flight from Phoenix the London. But they get -- news in Phoenix on -- London but. He allowed one passengers to get through with -- on his carry on -- with a fully loaded handgun in I don't know do you know it's a bad day and night and give a box -- indeed that much damage. And we talked about passenger empowerment nets might think the real heroes of 9/11 among the many. Of the passengers of flight 93 is empowered the passengers -- now. You might be in my beating in the am but when yeah its target but I did do you know wasn't stashed somewhere like -- -- area. -- in his carry out it was in there. -- And another passenger later in the day was allowed on board with the three point nine inch flip ninth. Now and it that would later not I don't know if you do something like this if it would be better. Sit tell him you did that it slipped through or not because then I think you might go to jail just for Evan morally should be detained in -- and now. Adding -- block out with -- so again it's bad today and area right now it takes one person at a bad dance. -- a go -- -- -- a -- we talk about this lady that burned down our house trying to get an itsy bitsy spider problem is that afraid and put a couple of rags down and and started the cinema on fire and did set him on fire in hopes of killing the spider. Not the best idea but are -- things -- that freak you out. That just make you go crazy and in your hurt yourself more than the thing trying to kill it when he gets in your house. For me it's these. Mean on the table we come back -- wanna hear yours as well at T 60187203866889087. Is a feel Good Friday. That's -- a money thing really serious today at least not this morning with me Tommy Tucker on debit WL. Tommy Tucker and his Friday morning 717. To be hot and humid all all weekend about a -- 30% chance of those isolated showers and thunderstorms and you might find yourself under a downpour right now we're close and and -- eighty degrees. And lady in Kansas was trying to close in on an itsy bitsy spider that was -- around -- she thought you know like. -- way to get rid it is things. I mean a lamp but is to get a pilot ranks -- on fire underneath the underneath that spider and burn it up. I don't she killed a spider but just about burned her house down and I don't think -- any way to go about. Killen bugs Ryan Weber joins us right now an entomologist with JNJ exterminating. Yeah. -- I just wanted to throw that little part of the dangling. -- -- tell me about. It. The creepy crawling is in the house the best way to deal women in the best way to keep mound and and what are some of the ones that really freaked people out. Well the best way -- Keep him out -- to call professional obviously in this case is called professional check out -- And let you start the fire with the rags. Now and then and -- -- him -- well but but no fired tell me Tom Blake -- -- fine. There's one thing it freaks people out mourn the others -- roaches. -- rats whatever -- They were soldiers offered you a lot more than anything. Just because there really nasty and quite honestly they probably -- nasty thing I think -- I -- her. Always approach because if you look at the cycle animals really not being sort. You know spiders eat insects all on one or investigations -- An awful lot of mosquitoes are insects spiders eating -- Changing the snakes are all -- -- -- Really ever enter your nasty. -- did Heidi you know if something and then you know you think you don't hand them you don't see him -- know they're not. My -- -- get on you counter and just having a party capital of Disco ball up -- dance and want go over your food. You're really don't know that phone call. Most insects are not normal -- a lot of excitement there's no activity has actually -- as fighters urgently. All day. They can hang out of -- in the attic. And the amount of social. So generally. You're not in no -- you want to call. It lets you physically seeing that. Is it when you get sounds like then your home is it like I think it was a 101 airborne whose slogan was -- a mall and let god sort it out there. Deal wanna keep some of these things alive because they'll take here's something else in your house it's causing a problem. That's actually -- really large. Every inside. Or. Okay mosquitoes -- smaller and there are some other -- flawed and -- war fighter jet fighters are actually. Related. They actually -- a lot of things they don't like like mr. Sort of mosquitoes. But Iraq -- eradicated spike you never know -- one of the key chain that. We want our problems. You can -- or -- Shall we don't want eradicate. -- because we -- -- on the ports. Problem is doing it it's more -- and having testing done by apple won't license but people operator. Back -- here the problem without alternate problem like is what we. To stop for traffic Ryan will open the phone lines to six 1878038668890878. -- questions about that control had not pet pest control. Our problem you have an idea moment. I would talk about these big giant Multi Color roaches I believe they come in from inside I don't know. But if you see one of those outside I always kill that and I've -- those who were not ecologically Ryan -- I guess entomologist with JNJ exterminating. I am not a lady in Kansas and Hamels earned her house down trying to kill a spider. So what's best wasted to keep it creepy Crowley's idea house in the deal with -- once they come in 722 time related traffic. Have an elegant and Mike well I Johnny record evidently well woman in Kansas almost burned their house down by letting a pile of rags on fire to kill. A Spider-Man and -- I don't think that's the right way to do it Ryan whenever I guess and and Somalis day entomologists -- other with -- -- talk about some of the ways to prevent the creepy -- he's from getting in your house and deal -- After they do and if you wanna weigh in on the conversation into six 1878038668890870. Maybe get rid of one -- make one go extinct without any negative consequences. That you'd never have to see again which one. Would it be so Ryan these these big two -- roaches. That you know people are astounded terrorist suspects pleaded to find out can lie. Did those come in from outside or does that indicate to -- a problem. Q which you're describing the American approach. Don't know why it's called ventricular wrote this just charmed American -- is actually apply today. It all in actual results and the trees in the opening doors and windows. Or extremely they're changing your attic how -- and so. But generally most of the insects live outside. So we deal in child or the inspection in less -- -- we informed the slide. Our example would be dirty kitchens boxes harbor curious with the insects can live. The company for a reason and you know most of these are being countered by note -- -- -- Water. Which all insects need is no more extra source so if you haven't -- Area around your house with a lot of what degree decomposing education -- -- have problems that effort. -- in terms of of control and Roche -- you got to Sprague anybody's a tablets in the in Euro Mary Ellen things cabinets. You can put the tablets. You know -- wanna watch contamination and or any. Insects -- people on target. Well people are being affected by what you want -- This is what. We do in the industry is we -- the party actual an award I'm not gonna put down chemical that's gonna be all at Churchill and show -- -- just. Take -- small problems that come from the outside. So the most important thing to do you expect and that's our number one goal in our industry is expect to inspect inspection. Find out where the problem is entry that problem. In the -- don't just -- indeed chemical that killed and because she could be Morgan and help. What what is the one thing that freaks you out that you find out you have to go get rid of venue and using any self as you drive -- there oh no not. Blank. She -- really yeah. Just probably like. Indiana jail artist I -- And you have to remove those from. Time to actually. That the removal couple excerpts from commercial buildings some well known commercial buildings. -- you know most -- operators don't candles extra. You know -- client and not just problem -- When actually it actually came across it. And took care reform. You know. -- issues liability. A constable or eat an employee of the company get bitten by one. -- -- So. It was crosses you don't know -- -- -- You know trying to actually it is but it sport minister gotten you know even though. -- no fair share to change. If is it true that if you see one there's another. That's exactly true all his life. If you walk into place -- into your home and see. One mile -- one or I can almost guarantee there's -- anymore. What about some. What about them -- Same thing roaches or roaches all insects in on the -- and debate from billion years -- worse they've developed system. All reproduction and there's a reason they supply this law. That we live in their world without world we live in the -- soul. You know they will reproduce and feel much more successful that we are we're just providing -- Thank you Ryan I appreciate your time. Ryan whenever an entomologist with Jane Jake's terminating secure incoherence. 18780386. Exceeding nine's 087 -- What what is it that freaks you out -- -- and in your house and that you know yeah you might be a big grown man but you run around like a frightened little school girl or maybe. The late in the houses is an -- deal with the issue might be strong in every label when it comes at this little insect flying roach -- whatever it can't handle it. That thing that freaks me out David -- these little echoes not -- is exit turned from brown and green but these. Weird look in trans loosened things aren't they hang out by the -- need the bugs I'm sure they perform. A needed service died -- just a freak me yeah really yeah what about you roaches. Roaches they're big gulf flying Roger just you know just awful so long as I get a slipper I'm not afraid of Roche. Right now -- out WL first news about a -- Well -- effort can do it Iraq Baghdad then known and -- on these big outside ones off the wall with a wealth rounds well. Thank you David Blake and you know earlier in the week I was -- about does benefit that's gonna happen at rock and apple on Sunday and it's. For a friend of mine -- Siegel he did this guy it was. And NO PD officer and he was 81 of these mountain. The man tonight guys but he was as gentle as a lamb we understand on line or you're sent massive lately it is guys mentioned like 340500. -- yet. Was it is harmless and as gentle as you would ever want to meet and had an excellent reputations police officer mentioned that. Because we we welcome his wife and now also a friend -- Siegel talked about it a benefit that's gonna happen and and even if you can't go boy contributing would be big thing in the morning Wendy. Well thank you and thanks taking the time -- and the big question is -- Richie. Are you. Actually did really well yesterday. Bill capital came out -- -- and then it just amazed me how he was able it's all the conversation I haven't seen that now. Yeah I first met Richie before it was diagnosed and then. In a weed isn't suffered Boomtown together you know win and he worked with the -- time and remember one day go on and -- back to talk to him and he was -- now huddled up in a blanket and sleeping and I realized. Boy on and on and off he's ever going to be the same men and departments and of course devastating and and he needs some help banana issue -- financial help that you all need. Yeah. It's it's it's expensive insurance doesn't cover everything we have. I work and negotiator he can't be left alone. At any time and so ultimately how in the center he would go to the pressure any block it out on the blocker. We'd like art in nineteen lopsided one have to we are not. To be with them at all times. And Wendy for those of you that don't know doesn't singing and and the -- -- -- got a Ph.D. in education's very educated lady tell me what's gonna happen on Sunday to help out with the with your. You you're issues at home and and specifically -- Can't we have -- meeting began coming together and everything that's happening presented its noble -- -- that it's been so amazing. I've never been on the receiving end of -- -- donated killer -- -- -- the benefits then. Would -- thinking -- it's it's it's just overwhelming that. We have eight great -- -- entity -- going to be there. -- in the summertime -- about your excellent -- It is just a little bit and he's been incredible the work he's done to get this together. -- Ian Brennan and now it's from last who are also playing there. -- have -- so fortunate it happened on the wise guys believe yes I did that you can. Could be Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- Oh is it starts at wheezing and supplies advanced yes I think yeah. So its -- at what time. It starts at the clock -- it is to at least and in Mika. -- -- people are still there some sort of all start him at the -- people will -- other actors. Going to be pretty much not at least extorting it took -- would be at acting. That -- go to Korea and. And then everybody -- after it's it's going to be amazing. Is there com. Is some kind of -- way that people can donate the estate for whatever reason can't make it. We have an account. It's basically checked out to -- -- -- Richie RO CK possibly can't like marketable rockets were -- -- and -- chief fourteen side. Park Ridge try. River ridge Louisiana 701. -- -- and. We've been married seven years actually knew each other thirty. We met. Well sure. I mean I'd be I would sort into the crisis pavilion and he was the work but the crowd the billion -- Lee Iacocca visit. And I was assigned to work with the police that they. -- -- at the airport was a little crisis silent and for my people. Seeking up to doctor Meehan. And at fertility and look at it it's a professional. People trying to get attention when he said. Are you look like you were out -- and it should be yeah I don't work out. And technically Sudan on for the first -- Alan I guess you do. He was size of -- house. And what he did with NO PD was protect protect dignitaries -- winning team and. But it's true and I knew he was actually on the first one. -- leader Howard aren't the problem is definitely think things in his career that and he was protecting. Kerry for president said the state of around the world. Arbitrary I was -- impressed actually. And and then eaten at the end of his career pretty pretty -- ID which is on. In integrity. It is -- -- -- on. Yeah they actually put -- and how to work. You in the right thing we. It amazes me that the love the people of Richie could the people that -- -- -- always true. There are only allowed to see it. Right then they went zero quicken and I just got to ask you this in terms of biceps were rich he's been in the mother Teresa's. Does that hurt she worked battle line they'll be able announced a Mother Teresa sweetest woman humans ain't -- tell you what she was. An animal -- him. We go for a lot of sets. And heavy reps but you couldn't tell it because it would she wore it happened Sunday at rock and bull. Stuff -- to red beans and Gumbel and all that stuff so if you can go out have fun it's like an all star lineup of local bands and and even if he can't will post that address and web -- if you can make a donation to help a good guy and it's a lot for this city thank you Wendy appreciate your time. -- -- and in some 45 Tommy Tucker coming back continuing our conversation about. I'm vermin and insects and what are the things you can't stand in your house I get a text here it says. I had a stupid neighbor who used a twelve gauge on his semen porch to kill a snake. But shot everywhere including him. Says you have had some enemy ever tried did particulate in the house and wanna hurt yourself or breaking something. And if you know anybody that happened that that's happened to an estimate excellent near canal left the doors open and a snake in one -- disputed out. At a possibly the next day you shoot it out. Back in a flash and evidently well. Tommy Tucker talking about a multitude of things today about -- in your house a woman in Kansas. Just about burned their house down trying. Eleven at this was kind of funny when you think that who would actually set -- -- Iowa rags on fire ridiculous spider but she did nobody was certain she almost. Earned her house announcement but is there one creepy crawling that bug you more than. The other and have you ever been their friend's house related things around and around and you're saying yourself -- Have you seen these. And then there's a show entry port that they must be something here that I nine get Michael Vick has a comedy show going to Shreveport. It says is gonna premiere here -- featuring himself and five comedians. So at the strand theater in the entry ports I don't know if he's gonna be doing standup himself or not but. People are. All -- day in and arms and they're gonna protests because naturally he he had some trouble with dog fighting and killing dogs he went to prison for that for two years. But they say were concerned are gonna be making fun of dog fighting which is a serious issue. We just of their ages is funny dog fighting shouldn't be funny to anyone know Michael Vick is with the Philadelphia Eagles. And after everything he went through. I find it kinda hard to believe. That he would either he's with the jets now beg your pardon but. That's kind of hard to believe that he would. Involve himself in any way you with attempts at humor about dog fighting her dog killing. I don't think he's -- stand up there and you'll monologue about the dogs he killed after everything he went through and now he portrays himself as an animal rights advocate. And I certainly don't think he's gonna let any of the comedians. Better on stage do that. On either of these people are just looking at some in the protests here there's still angry. About Michael vick's involvement in dog fighting in the way he testified that he killed some dogs are admitted to it. -- ecology 6018780386. Exit 890870. Of Michael Vick were designed to take issue -- here. Who would you protest it would just not go see it and not care ideas don't care -- and died the box office if you don't like what's going on at either. The best way to punish him to take a break come back with more Tommy Tucker debit WL 752 time to look at traffic and that would get a Mike -- Tallied staggered at W offers news and love people that listen to the entire four hours and have the same sense of -- side view because somebody takes it -- quite simply. Michael Vick is irrelevant which goes back to a conversation we had with the listener. About the NBA about an hour ago so thank you for paying attention and listening so long. And for making me laugh because -- really do love to do that a new study elicited this reveals one in four Americans. Neither know how or one to deal with their personal finances. As for me I hate having to sit down. And pay the bills that are check this -- check that I wish to goodness somebody that I could trust. Well first off I wish that I had enough. To hand over to somebody that I trust to do it I think part of the reason I put it off just being honest. Is you don't know if there's going to be enough. Meet for everybody needs they just kind of put off cook it in the out of sync data weigh in any of these obligations to get so much common in. And sometimes you just stick your head in the sand and say well I'll get to it eventually. But anyway who pays the bills in your house who handles finances is it him is it hurt is it both -- you. Maybe could be to him Steelers is now we're talking about -- about finances. But he would turn it over to a professional and doesn't really matter. Unless you really have some assets. We'll talk about it when we come back is knowledgeable leisure assets that it W.

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