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7-11 8:10am Tommy, personal finances

Jul 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brad Fortier, a certified financial planner with Fortier Financial, about the number of Americans struggling with financial decisions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David playing -- now we started news segment which is home to. Irish history according to Tommy Tucker and I. Yeah. And I I. 98 and nine my source for most of this is saying to -- bus driver that can barely hear I understand and this is this country. I don't know when this -- -- sea island in this industry at daylight and Irish music does sound like country does a little bit -- So we do -- today is today is in this is newsworthy there beer with me here so be through by about 1030. This is newsworthy because you remember the troubles that happened in Ireland and NORTHERN IRELAND man do I ever date I mean the bombings and yeah yeah I was Allstate across the street from the most bombed hotel let's and they said in the world and it was bad as any other terrorist. It's cities under siege by terrorists as anywhere while he had some problems again because of part of what's gone on today with a parade and I think if you go and I was lucky enough to go which you know. First off I'm -- I realized NORTHERN IRELAND and an Ireland we're two different countries which they are and it's kinda like com. That trouble hitting Good Friday accords and they called in the troubles and a terrorist attacks in the bombings. -- that they would they were put aside and and they found peace. With the accord. By. They still hate each other yeah so in other words -- hatred -- comments are not blown up things and there's there's this veneer of he site -- but deep down they just deeply Haiti each other in which each wish each other the best kind of like. I guess you know my family and me. -- I'm only talking about that so anyway I just weeded if you follow me yet he Tucker -- WL. A picture of the one of the bond fires that are that was under construction and -- gave huge base that Pallet on top of talent. And tonight the eleventh in the twelve it's known as. The eleventh night primarily tonight in its commemorates the -- -- how far they go back with this right. The revolution of 1688. Victory of the Dutch Protestant king William of Orange over the Catholic king of England team's second. At the battle of -- and 1690 absolutely and the only reason I bring any of this -- -- you talk about a long simmering feud when you -- when you go to Belfast you get a feeling. I probably not the safest place in the world you just feel that way that there's this underlying current of tension and asthma in fact -- Elliott if you go into -- Probably not tested. To reveal yourself as being Catholic cooler. Yeah he's from Ireland or any hard feelings and bring up anything about this is needed and go here SI data against 161690. Allow that anyway they got a parade going on and now that the troubles flaring up again between Protestants and Catholics make. Say it was really about religion it was more about. Civil rights to shake things up a little bit here today were gone back to the wild card line and Jordan has decided and and suggested that we don't put on the screen what people wanna talk about just their name. Yes sir and I and it location like a wild cards like that is one and then it's up to you don't. To juggle darn thing while us right now because -- from moment -- is gonna have no idea what you wanna talk about what is it. Qatari paying more in the morning a lot about what makes you did pick up a -- And that means they'll keep that thing in the morning and go sit down product. For today and I was -- and he loved. Animals snake -- whatever. Well. He lost this make that night and goodbye and -- I'll sport you are confined to either small little -- garden state. And I got up next more aware that I'm totally you know with a cigarette deal out of something that's great you know. And I would doubt me -- -- make -- Manny dark but jump on top torrent. I've been married any coffee that day and they don't now. Thank -- -- for colony who pays the bills your house you want him much of finance -- your life I do and why is that. Issues. Attribute that dirt I really can't fail on area earlier. She's not too bright -- Identity it and say then on the -- thank you Glenn. But then again she's the one and sat on the snake 814 coming back Tommy Tucker talking a bread for today. Certified financial planner with fourteen financial and somebody text in and says. -- go to Ireland no snakes there and he's right coming back under the W. I tummy -- me -- follow me -- -- Tucker got a W well on Twitter and a again protects you from reverend Melanie or tweet actually that says the battle of Blaine. Is commemorated on July 12 and I guess the in July 11 night is winning at the bonfires I don't know. A Red Fort -- giants are now certified financial planner with four chief financial talk about this new study says. One in four people. They they don't wanna handle their own finances they don't know how they'll want to. And to deal with a personal finances and we're asking who handles finances in your house him -- both a professional. And -- -- really matter unless you're loaded -- you got any money. Greg good morning to you -- I'm doing great are you very well thank you. Either avoid this or Shia and pass it on the next person -- -- they just don't understand it or they're afraid that they don't have mom enough money to cover the bills. It was stick their head in the sand tell me what you've seen. -- -- Did wrong that runs the -- gravity of some people do who have a healthy relationship with money NC now. You know system worked out their family and I think you know out in the exact opposite then I think it's something we all struggle with minimal financial planner and I have my own struggles with you know -- it brings up a lot of values. Automatic like this NN. -- Europe's financial planner. I know that right great as certified financial planner but I'm just wondering in your home. Mom is mrs. Ford. Well I guess from talking about it when you get into long range planning about you know what one's idea of retirement has vs another person by their retirement and you know what what what. One's idea of discretionary income should be spent on and and those kind of things you know some -- and I think it's human nature and I think it's something that exists in every in every. How old are you a -- -- by nature. -- I consider myself probably more receiver but it doesn't mean them accessible through August attendant. Attend the value spending money on experiences and things of that nature. And I'm not trying to -- any personal -- mrs. Ford. Yes she's pretty she's pretty content value. You know paying more than experiences and I think that would be one of our probably our differences. Which intends would -- that you wish you would probably say that she would value things more and not getting in -- Rome where as I would probably about your experiences and I think. I think that the probably a pretty good example of things are running into new in working with -- has just the differences in which you know moaning a law student manifests. Relationships. Yeah I know that can be difficult but it's really tough when you get a spender in a -- together because. They are at loggerheads constantly way to take a break here we come back or talk about that in terms of I guess it's it's a value judgment you have to make but. The deal -- things the idea traveled to you have experiences do you save at all because you don't know what the future's gonna bring -- -- Come a balance when it comes -- -- here handling your personal finances and if you're not gonna deal with a professional what's the best way to -- -- for tear gas and -- may call here at T six 187 Neitzel 3866889087. Do you know. How to deal with you personal finances do you like dealing with a or who isn't in your house and handles eight when he won timely Traficant that we get it. Mike welcome. Tommy conquered other WL talking about a news study out that says one in four Americans don't know how. And dale wanted not learn how to deal with a personal finances and -- he knew who handles finances in your house. And he'd turn it over to a professional or doesn't really matter unless. Yeah yeah got some -- -- -- he has some money -- ready -- our opinion poll inspired -- gas spread fortunate. Will would you rather spend your money on things or experiences. And if you tiger by eating out although you're getting food. I think we have to put that under experience so brandy is there a threshold. At which you you'd get a professional to handle that are what are some of the keys for that quarter. The people in America that do you don't know don't cared don't don't know what to do don't day had no idea how it works. -- I think you know one of the things that the world victims of balances we sort of put off the calming financially literate you know I don't know that. A situation with schools -- interest and things got out of -- in the article that was. I never really understood the objection as to why we haven't schools and it seems to be because it's it's considered a values based conversations that schools sort of leave it to the families then. Don't think that that's probably why -- financially there we go into. We don't seem to -- a relationship. With money. As a group and and to receive the myth that in in schools and I think we get in life. Give -- my personal experience again I mean you get into life and then you're sort of forced to lower a lot of money lessons underground and maybe. Maybe in a lot of ways at about learning experience and it can have but I think we can do a better job of talking about it in school and I think. Like the other -- shared parents and kids. Probably need to have more conversations. Around money in and values and things of that nature. I was having lunch with a banker onetime bank presidents omitting. Engineers again schooled in geologists again on school love -- at time money but don't even though the fundamentals of which democratic artworks. They exactly and you deal appliances and celebrity's. You know coming in -- on the twelfth and not knowing how to how to handle it and and -- You know I think it's. It's it's a tricky thing and I think you have the Internet which is sort of has great tool for education -- at the same time on the Internet kind of information over the and so I think like you said coming I think some people. Some people -- there. And -- is indeed you're they're confused I think the financial services industry it's probably done a bad job of addressing it from the standpoint that you know and now. Perfect example as a as a wealth managers tend to lean towards people with more complex problems and you know -- you can. You can offer more value there and and effectively charge a higher hourly rate whereas you know young people starting out don't naturally have the resources. To afford. More sophisticated advice but you know ego aside and really needed either. One of things we do -- we offer free. Financial planning for our clients kids. And -- -- model that but that's part of the thing to that the -- service industry and really address that market very well. -- so before we let you go let's say dad. Couples listening right now they don't know a whole lot about it they don't know. How to say on firm financial footing and also note don't know like yours and -- enough to. Did not only for professional take care of but to pay the professional. To do it so just some basic advice if you listening and if someone is listening right now not. Relationship necessarily but. If if they both like. Things are they both like experiences Heidi intro you're spending a proportionately. Is there an amount to save an amount to spend. You know I think the my big key it was a much passed on market you've got to live within your means it's hard to get into trouble when you when you don't do that you can have relational dysfunction -- -- arguing about how the discretionary money spent. But you won't get kicked out of -- -- -- -- apartment. Because of it so live within your means is it is probably the the big advice. Discretionary money spend but don't. You know don't don't don't use credit cards to put off -- that to put up the pain of resolving that difference. And and then also you know mainly watched the expenses that he can't pitcher -- come up. You know I think expenses or something we hate to cut. And and and I think that's the big problem as we. You know whether it's moving back him with a friend or relative whatever you gotta do to get expenses down especially if you're trying to get out of debt. Thank you Brett appreciate -- time I really do. You -- -- -- certified financial planner with -- financial. So really would like to have a conversation about this ready jaguar opinion poll would you rather spend your money on things. Or experiences. And if it's things. Indeed do would you would you spend it on Hollis would you spend it on a car would you rather spend it on furnishing announced. I know. I spent a lot of money on very fine furniture. And and nothing against fine furniture David Blake and I would never do that again now because at some point you realize that maybe I'm doing all of these things. -- -- Are doing all of these things to impress people and you know for of this -- -- that basically is gonna hold you close. As would a plastic container I'm not. Advocating that I'm just saying. And maybe you kind of had much. 18% of furniture when it doesn't really matters songs it's functional. And gone. Usually as well yet assailant saying. Are you mean you're you're no longer desired to impress the relatives from America mark Allen is under the well most of the effort has gone anyway I don't think it's really the point you now the point I'm making years I -- you spend your money which grants and on house on cars some people drive. Big cost it's going to I love cars and I hate those payments and live in small houses so I don't think is right or wrong it's totally what you'd like to 6018720386. X. 8890. -- says when he I would probably at this point in my life. Prefer a smaller house I don't even terrifying opponent on a decent car yeah that's not what we're pretty good you tell that to the housewives of Orange County seat of that line. Knows that is well -- thank you David -- yet here we go into evidently you golfers. Are right David I've been tweeting extensively I -- guys seem to tweet in spurts. Okay you're there -- tweeters well. He played forty you know -- we -- Tweeter now. On these primaries and the Yankees. Or was the cubs is that ground balls -- winners got out other. Second out of personal -- -- 321 double play and advertisers decide on a game new. -- It's right there you can you're in Miami. -- -- barely. Aliens and have been tweeting Uga I would invite you to follow me yet to -- record of WL. Would you rather Spaniard dollars you money on things are experiences -- cars or any wrong way to do orders or whatever is right for you. And I followed that up with first time in my life I care less about where I live. And would like to have a luxury car and travel extensively we're about you and I I never in my life. Thought I would feel that way because you know from the time I -- pounded in your head pounded in your hand yeah buy a house fire house by house -- -- house. And I don't care I really don't anymore another one says each house furnished to impress others are with stuff that makes you comfortable. A lot of people. Try to make their house looking like Better Homes and Gardens and publish if you want to you know it's totally up to you Arianna is America sure but. I got to leather chairs. That are requires. Bad back in good today I thought they took goes well no that's not again accident though Parker and I'll tell you why and a second because it's -- wing look in -- that are recliner is that are leather that it is a blatant anti whatever the hell that is at the bottom. And he shares -- thousand dollars each and Tom -- back in 1999. World. And they're brand new because nobody ever sat in them because they were the most uncomfortable thing you'd ever want. And it was I guess a decorative thing narrated looks fancy you know error and tell you what now that com. You know -- on life has changed your scaled down guns guns and decorating myself. I'm on the sands and get whatever it is that makes me feel comfortable apparently likes it and who doesn't darn right so I'll wonder about that Asia house furnished. For others or four UN and Heidi do you manage comfort with. Decoration day and did you do it one -- night doing it another way like me anyway it changed completely. Says and of course you know. Sometimes you might get involved with another decorator in and change is completely Susan in -- good morning -- WWL. Look at finances has been in line. I don't know about that now also wanna know about yet house and furnishings and it DD it's -- things are experiences. And if it is things is that house or car or what kind of experiences. Thought we lived with -- I mean. At all -- -- partners for comfort. Got two dogs that had every now down to two. You can't you know -- much if you'd love to keep everything pretty -- and all he can't when you have a family and now. Well and that goes to furnishing it for comfort because it -- and if you spend so much money and so much heirloom furniture and no offense my friends in the furniture business you afraid he has it it's like RC MP. -- -- -- -- -- I'll also played became you know why it. And BP had twelve months to pay it off you pay -- -- within the twelve month. Now when you say nice furniture let's talk about why dining room sent -- maybe 90. Brought that back in the eighties. You -- were. Too much you paid their bedrooms. Adopted very but it may the one hand it's like that means -- -- -- -- and it's not fall apart. Why replace that if you don't need to -- I tried to find and you aren't just that and I'm counting anything out there that I really like one of them. I've known people who have paid 121000 dollars dollars for stately. Bedroom sets before which will be around five generations from now. Unfortunately I won't be my taxes are so maybe you buy a cheap one and it's better to buy two statements and management's when diet -- It gives me an example myself -- Without without them now that the lap it up. About three years -- Mine was over a thousand as well and the dogs trashed it in about four months noise and insane so. Com Michael. RV -- that they are -- its leaders. A lot. Man. I can't tell new apartment 28. That's easy to handle my daughters get the better way to buy a car which is to let her dead date for. Or my parents -- that they cannot dictate to. Miners also that we believe solutions. -- -- But it went. Went on as an expert married. We pilgrims on sale and that the only only had one in counts he would work I would stay at home mom. I saw a kitchen aid mixer that one -- that the -- -- range is 75 dollar. Because -- know how are expensive war I'd did not line. So at that time on the bottom when I went to work with gonna have -- checking account my bank account and that's what I. I've got my bank account I've got my credit union put money in there. We -- split the expensive side and all the utilities he paid back out there that insurance. Eccentric but that's how we live. And I do like to travel we don't travel as much as I'd like to but I like experiences. Over things. I do to now at this point in my life and and I would say I agree with you Susan and it's better to have. -- different accounts. And it works. He's a little more -- them print and I am I'm very conservative. And it works. We've been married 43 years. -- work. Congratulations. Any else's and yeah. For. -- Good for you. -- -- -- I -- you say China but if -- -- why would you go to China. If he'd go to the closest candidates and I say. Exactly have a great weekend -- thank you so much to listen for Colin. 96 -- when he seventy till 386 innings in 89087. You heard the issues that Susan and I we're addressing. Tell me how works in your house and tell me your theory on furniture -- theory on luxury cars your theory on houses finances. It's better mind changed nobody Tommy Tucker back in a -- under the W I tummy -- and I think -- talking about you basically when it comes to finances when he comes experiences. Or things furnishing your house right now. At this moment in time we're taking that we take a snapshot with the iPhone OK we're taking a picture with whatever it is we have. And you tell me. What is important to you right now is -- house and demo material things not not family and kids but take a snapshot. Right now. And made it sound effect self. And let you know it's important he isn't nice furniture is it. A beautifully decorated houses and a big house. Is it owning a house is it may be ranting and traveling and seeing places you've never seen before. Is it driving a luxury car I disliked and now I don't think there's a right or wrong here it's all and what's right for you give -- colony note David Covington I here under the W around the morning. Mark. Good Tommy Tommy what is important you righted -- point in your life made in terms of material possessions. Is it things is that the latest electronics is it cars your house furnishings one. It would -- about like these are scared of that. Oh. Well we're gonna. Are now though. And Euro told to keep him financial partner on. X -- not do any of that. Also do things like and arms. Ladies. Don't get thank you always. You skier. That would be experiences. Right David now things. Are expert and night and what are. You did two. Some really aren't sure I'll. Almost there about twenty years ago -- -- Carol. And I -- I do is beat Carolina I knew. Well a lot of our new barrel. After. And we ought to ought to get on March. And I decided that probably won't be the last hour or why -- -- I went up there with a -- to credible. Budget and the like got a. And any -- it is Susie got out of the car before we run out of town at times so what Japanese utters the last forever. Yeah and it I mean we've still got it is just if you ever wore down like you talk about all that that we ought. Pretty massive. -- on our church so if you're looking down to stopping. Unfortunately. Our ritual not (%expletive) in a lot of -- if you go and look pat. It won't n.s B a -- have a hard time getting your money back on thank you David for Colin because I -- -- to have a break. Yeah is elected the depreciation schedule for office furniture it's. The life how long you expect. The it to last you divide the cost of -- by the useful life and that's how much appreciates the then again that's based on what any -- fool pagan. 854 time to get a look at Traficant that would you know Mike well. I Tommy Tucker when we come back we'll continue our conversation about what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy some of the filthy things you'd touch.

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