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7-11 9:10am Tommy, are you a germaphobe?

Jul 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Scoot about germs and germaphobia and keeping things clean

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- how I first met -- No one L radio contest. And he and his. It is and we both went to Atlanta. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you hurt your -- stooges if I remember correctly and you and David Blake Wood delivering donuts to offices do you remember and I were -- the donut business it was. Radio promotion and you're right and I hadn't had knee surgery and I drove both -- around to delivered elements that you probably remember I don't remember that nice it. Did -- Cynthia -- art now are now you didn't you not even a doughnut and got caught a what have you was very nice and the other one not so much and I'll zealots. You figure out who's yes and be honest -- The ice at at at -- you know it's it's here. I have no idea because there was a new study out that said. Yet you know elevator buttons. Specifically in hospitals -- -- thirty year have more bacteria on bacteria bacterial on and then do. Toilets. I don't know if you -- -- and -- a -- -- -- that skewed wrote about living with -- obsessive compulsive disorder of the silent would you -- -- silent torture and torture. And -- to be in choosing to have him on an and I am I have my own little things and naturally we're gonna get the audience involved at 260187803866890. Rates at any. Public bathrooms -- flush the toilet with my -- will not touch it now. -- toilet -- raised with my issue absolutely that's great that's during Dan I have to wash my hands after right timing issues because the shoe lace. Has been in close proximity. Of the toilets. I thought you were just a little finicky now sounds a lot more serious. I think it goes to like chain of infection if you call it that because. Then open the door with a paper towel and I hate him blowers because. Then you can open the door with a paper towel. -- that I use Leah I use my shirt or use the I'm sure -- -- -- to change your opinion no ideal kind of stuff it's a -- -- -- any any weird kind of things. I mean I tried to be careful one thing I started doing at least a year or more ago was you know we have a the wipe your hands videos. Bacteria dispensers around the building -- I Keyser yeah I do that at least you know wants -- today. In the morning tell -- like automatic 8 o'clock won't do it. A -- something else and keep analysts. There -- people around here that use that bathroom and wash their hands. When you're with them and and there are other people when they think zero alone but don't washing hands. -- and you're going to -- -- shake hands with them know what you don't you sometimes you know who they aren't you reach down and maybe it's sometimes at its people use in the same keyboard issue. And you know in their hands just weren't so other than hands sanitized David you don't care and none. Now -- model with their shoelaces in the Florida and on not on tiger goes. I don't get to irrational fears and restaurants one problem is ordering catfish because it's either great -- it's terrible and I only to send things back so -- avoided. And the other is seeing an employee of the restaurant. In the restroom I hate that because. It's like the signs of episode I don't have the courage to stand there and see if he washes is hands that he doesn't. You're gonna -- and -- I -- needed but if it is I'd rather not know this is the way it is so. We'll talk about it T 60187 Neitzel 386 exit 89087. And we'd love for you to get -- on a conversation about. What it is that freaks you out how do you draw the line between being obsessive compulsive. And just the end. I guess -- of being rational about it tell us about the blog that you -- Well I have to admit that it might germ phobia is not directly related to my obsessive compulsive disorder at the way it is for some people -- to be honest about that -- I have OCD it's it's under control. But I do have this irrational fear of germs. It's interesting that you say that about a year elevator buttons for -- I use my knuckle -- to push the -- elevated but now if if there are as many jurors are more germs there than there are in. A bathroom and toilet and -- hospital just because OK I wonder what people are doing in an elevator mean that's kind of an interesting thought let's let's let's take a look at some of the video. Well which you know goes of the doctors and hospitals -- nurses do this all the time they hand. And maybe I have a CD to you -- -- can diagnose me but hum -- -- -- most he would say die ignited. Diagnose and -- the rubber gloves there and then they hold the hand. And then they put the pen in them out and then they touch everything lady that cleans bathrooms around here has -- zone to cleans bathrooms. Then she goes and opens the -- shouldn't take the gloves off and she's touching everything exactly. I see I pay attention to those things as well. You know I'm just very like I've got my got might sanitation wipes my disinfecting wipes here -- Yeah I do my keys when I get home. I do. The doorknob when I get home. I'm I'm very much like viewing them in the bathroom not that I've ever witnessed it but that's exactly the kind of stuff that I do I don't don't wanna touch anything in there. And I just go through this process -- okay if somebody went to the restroom uh oh what's the last thing they touched for four -- touch the fountain are resilient as a faucet and things like that. -- I can't stand to -- everybody who's ever gone out with me knows that. As soon as I touched the menu and order I've got to go to the bathroom and I can't touch during the potatoes I mean area. The the bread crackers like intelligent thing to the table until aborted because everybody starts that menu. It depends on what kind of menu that is of its one of these plastic things -- holds degrees I gotta get island off my -- that related. Change of -- panel changed got to get that off my hands dollar bills dollar bills and here. Ireland and other phone -- you see what would people -- in buster new loans I don't want skewed and and me. Eight Boston. Without and you know limited is will be at that time it was sent in with you. So network -- it makes -- and at that. Moment to some acts. You. They don't -- -- -- this -- here this non. So this war time torture your desk -- local city. -- I hope they're not confusing the two. All because -- fit your -- well because you -- office to operate on the de. Nobody expects scared that's right. Will scoot to argue when he comes in it'll insult to as does the cleaning and he does a little like leprosy -- -- here. That there's anything wrong with leprosy. Pursue an all out bills -- 7% or. Like normal people. So. It's an and it -- pop music. And let me get this -- had. Well I get a taxi comes in all itself that you do kills a good bacteria -- it's creating an environment where. Everybody is susceptible to all germs is there any truth that. That's great that's great so sort. Of product that Euro bit kill all -- -- under your. Good and the bad. Good germs and produced and normal. Understand. While. They're at a time. The picture you admin Q so. You get from insulting that somebody else such that at these germs. One note actor. So so good -- Populated -- -- -- the towards war. The only thing that makes a -- We. From somebody or something else. It does and buster I don't wanna. Not the product I don't affect I guess publicly traded this stock of whoever it is announced you're -- But how did we get along back in the day without all of these hands sanitized zone. So so so. Of course at that in about thirty years ago you were a little bit. Hospital. -- -- -- -- washing their and they or. In the next next. And right now in the United States or 8000 people because in the hospital -- -- So the senate that control. So urgent that cute -- leisure for. Help orchestras. Or are out there can't afford -- go to the next patient. And what doctors and nurses called Pacific city mental note and -- It's a long time and -- get a paper towel to all these things. Where a lot quicker and easier and it's actually more active social. Order and that work that out. There and and we -- more convenience. Effectiveness. In that it was it was bad war to -- people -- -- -- little hands transmit -- You know I do understand this and this argument that we we get away. With putting away some of the bad germs. We we also givers of the concerns and it when people tell me will -- don't use -- for sure how you utility says sanitize this year you know you're really making yourself less immune. Well. I hit it maybe it's irrational but it doesn't and I don't I don't care about that because I'm gonna use it anyway. If if if somebody has recently touch something. On I'm more afraid of the bad germs then the good shares of don't get to the good target I'm a relatively healthy person and you know in the wintertime when people were coughing and sneezing and hacking I mean I hold my breath if I go down the hall and somebody coughs or sneezes in the hall. To preside goes airborne and those those are the ones that you can't seat. May be -- right maybe. If somebody sneezes right and I hold my breath maybe I'll pause and let the nuclear electric buster credit you real quick before you call when -- before you go we're glad you did call it what -- you would know on all of the answer. How to keep all that under control and and one thing I have -- my kid is you know you -- wash your hands but you -- wanna pass along the same three -- that you do so how do you handle all of that. And work out what I'm not traveling around can't talk about those. And -- -- and my house -- that you thirty odd that so I'm a little bit about it but I think about it should have. And that what I call for I always have to grow in my briefcase in my pocket personally -- don't it. -- Talk about it so much it's got great -- but I don't think about because -- washed my hands or so much and respect so I don't even think about it. Natural habit and that's. Kids today -- -- that -- and more than washing so -- that thought process that what they do to clean their hands. At school completely -- and all that and that -- or I might. And by so very much like you're not and guys in the console in my car I've got that. Two real adjusting it to secure an impetus up to get gas I mean after a touch that. After a touch that not then -- On I can't touch anything. -- assume that -- the marketplace that she had on. Him. I into negative things about yourself buster a your borderline OCD and -- you have stock options and pure row. Actually cure all but one and the local. Man publicly traded. You know not probably trying to -- her -- and Nokia thank you dozen pledged not have a two week you guys I. You -- we're timeout OCD and cleanliness and William Beck don't screw you to talk about you're dead and some of the things that he used did when he was flying that you thought -- had something to do with him returning safely. I don't think MO OCD I think I'm just. Maybe sometimes over analytical and think too much about chain of infection ninth when he two coming back Tommy Tucker along withstood. On Debbie WL I Tommy -- talking about germ of Columbia and piano's CD -- is spending some time was to zeroed out. A very interesting blinding so fine into the WL dot com and it's is oh CD the silent torture silent tortilla. Missed -- in -- a registered owners say missy thanks for Colin. Hi good morning guys I could tell me you handle -- now at the -- at the last caller and -- partner. Actually -- all they're they're great a lot of real ballot. Definitely a little ears. -- -- Hack that means that. That. -- click -- -- happening pack. Them. You're not immune depleted. Are the coronary immune deficiency in order or -- -- -- modern nuclear. You know. Is dying at me look at the calendar are gentlemen and brown. Are a tiger right. And the public are hot cup you know -- you know. But there are a lot of things that won't get you sick. That you don't necessarily want around your space and time is delicate -- like tan. Well -- our record -- -- thing being -- it. There. Yeah. Circuit court of your arm in -- -- According now -- will. The current year. They handled the Arctic. Circle and. There you really pick out -- if you want to go great oracle board a lot of it caught. Me. What's it hit the water. There it will. Not all there. -- -- -- And down. You know at our policy why are not there yet but now. And got a cart and now whether -- -- -- -- You formulate the law in development. -- art art. Art art art. Born here. -- -- -- that helps me out in -- idea that you're not you're not gonna kill them all anyways he -- as bulges. Or -- on ecstatic. It's freaking me out just a little bit because I'm not gonna stop the battle. -- know I'll be darn -- let them win. So while eyebrow I'm in real life -- surrendering. That -- -- joining and it really I need more assets. Police out here higher power if I picked -- -- -- got a great back. But -- you when your nursing and you'd you know they -- some parts of nursing net let's face it. A -- but a new wearing gloves don't -- professionals Wear the gloves pick up the pan and then the clipboard or whatever it is you can. Mac and soul -- and drive more sleazy why. Would hat into the general population. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So ever are around and are there apparent it would have been of course we'll try to believe. That you are probably some of the current crop art. Tell you what I've found Office Depot best place in meters because they all -- and -- -- Beatles say apple -- welcome back. Sound all. That would lead in germ carriers that. Every -- apple why. I've. Are the airing it helped them regain. I quick quiz of floated David Blake in news audio and a bathroom door. -- -- And you know apple. -- a spot there. We expect in law and make it back. Fire on a -- -- toilets -- Well I don't think the toilet seat to my ball that well included Daniel put it down and so yeah -- put down. I. Well -- -- bring him you know -- right area and there -- real I. Went out I expect. -- -- -- It's a paper Robert. The pattern war. He's really good exercise for your quads. And we. Bought him snatch. The or on what about real quick bullet eagle and about flushing toilet. You know. You know let you know -- lady called you know different -- we. -- -- -- You've turned layers saluted and all year. This is -- right people she's around sick -- she's gonna build up an immunity that may you know build up. Ike is. The actual -- work it out one card. You know my mind that kind of beat -- -- -- -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have to go to news and I -- a medical analysts point five years. Are ya. Don't alienate your people it hasn't taken off one student faculty. -- I -- got a 933 David Blake whose real touch anything you don't care -- anything it and there go for a better day. In a problem with black tar heroin while backhand regatta -- as a news I Davidson student wrote this blog about OCD the secret torture and we were talking off the -- about sometimes I think praying can turn into a form of OCD if you find yourself. No disrespect anybody am Catholic but if you find yourself where you can't go -- second. Without seeing a hail Mary can you worried about something and I don't think I think it crosses over from praying. In new form of those CD and when it comes you're dead that's kind of. Yet there were there a lot of people who have talk talk to me about it sharing that same thing -- OCD and my obsession again it's under control now but I still a deal with it. But it was very much related to god it was very much related to hope everything works out kinda thing. When I was going up my dad traveled a lot every week. And I honestly believed that I had to Wear certain set of clothes at a certain closed Monday Tuesday Wednesday -- I do Wear certain -- of closed the day he traveled. And if I -- -- we tuchman you know hole and 111213. And went on from there. And I honestly believe that if I didn't Wear this close to my dad would be killed and we're not come home. I guess it made it a little worse because my dad -- company plane he was a -- -- as a navy pilot but he to a company plane to get to to some of the locations. So I worried about him. Linebacker Erik felt a little better when he flew commercial we cheated once in awhile. But I honestly believe that I had to do these certain things or might there would -- that's a lot of pressure for kid. And I think it's interesting that you felt better when he flew commercial because then was out of his controllers and some illness and and that's the whole thing about OCD it's it's really about trying to control something. It's it's. Trying to find that thing that you do have control over because you don't have control over your thoughts you don't have control over things that don't happen you but if I can line up in this is not my deal -- If -- can light up my pencils. A certain way and make sure that they're always this way that's something that I can control. Now my OCD went from very. Very physical like we're close and in moving things around the house and things like that. To all metal which was just he just maddening. Going through this process of trying to have the perfect thoughts perfectly aligned before you moved on. And and having to go back and start over. There were times that I would -- and leave my house. Haven't OCD moment leave my house go get the car surgical -- driveway didn't feel good about how it ended. Pullback in a drive we have to go back upstairs and stated the same spot in this this can go on for. An -- how it ended meaning you forget keys optimism that was out of routines. Murrow. I was curious about is how can. Leading house routine thing how would you feel bad about it -- well I was. OC dean right before I left and I wasn't gonna leave until I had my thoughts all lined up perfectly until everything was perfect in my mind. And most of it is about starting over -- -- right I'm never gonna make that mistake again I'm always going to be perfect from from now -- -- -- again it's all about having these perfect thoughts. -- -- -- Left in -- thought maybe I didn't have those previous -- -- it is perfectly lined up as I thought they should be that I go back and start over. -- and I have stared asked the same spot on the wall in the bathroom. -- -- you wherever my sister at the same spot with my hands in the same position for. For an hour. And -- been assessing the whole time again I'm much more under control now but he it was a it's a terrible thing and and you know their people who kind of joke about OCD and unelected bother me -- I saw it a T shirt it to. The -- Dixie in just a handsome woman during a teacher this and OCD cleaning as they're cleaning company published and the creative name. But if if you if you haven't entered the people who have reach out to me when I've I've talked about it. They they suffer. They suffer tremendously so if you do have signs of really having this getting help how do you deal with hotels. Well a lot of is you can't really think about it because I don't like to be hotels at all. Now my germ phobia is not the manifestation of my OCD. But it does feed into my OCD line. So I am a German fold but -- -- The stuff that really affection with a OCD year the things that your life comes to an end I mean it's not it's not like you just have this habit it's like. I cannot move on with my life until I get over this. And a totally physically. Obsessed is your your body. -- and I share workspace here and office what are wanna call it -- And it's Felix and Oscar from the odd couple because he is the neatest most tidy most organized guy. And -- off with a mass site had stuff all over the place and does that drive you crazy you're not a business. Doesn't he just ignore it. It's not really that bad. And it's okay. See that doesn't bother me it would be MySpace that I have to be concerned within. I'm not concerned about like you know -- is here and there that doesn't bother me it's really it's it's human germs and I'm I'm most concerned about. So election use your phone. I don't use your phone and I'm just yet and don't don't have a meltdown I swear to god it never touched off -- what about my keyboard. Maybe it. Hunter and different sites and and -- link back to me is -- tell somebody that atlas and this and heard. Some of the things that you -- and you know what that that that sounds like me honey -- How did you beaded or at least -- it did you do medication you do with there Bebo. I didn't realize -- had a name I thought it was said that my parents agree to a psychiatrist Fleischer as a kid because they knew something was wrong with repeated what Wallace same thing when me and and back then. That nobody knew anything about it CD so I thought I had nothing to do see it just. Yes I wanted to try to -- -- was wrongly but -- I honestly thought that I was the only person had a brain of where the way mine works I didn't think I -- how could you explain this to a psychiatrist. Well then I realized in 91996. -- had a name I've I've read something and it's like -- wait a minute. That's not what I do the best that we might bring works to better realize it had a name and then I started to get help and nothing really help that much you mean there's there's medication medication is a magical way but it does help you have a fighting chance to to to deal with it. But the big breakthrough came from me when a psychiatrist in Portland said instead of trying to get rid of this. Except it is part of who you part because if you got rid of this he might be getting rid of something that you really like about yourself. And I was also reading something in -- at the same time and I just I love this this this visual. A light shines on us that's what we like about ourselves the light cast a shadow the channel so we don't like about arsenals. To get rid of what we don't like about ourselves the shadow we would have to -- delight. So I have except it is like okay this is just part of who I am. Eyes under control -- deal with it but I would suggest anybody who has this or anybody this kids who were showing these kinds of signs. Please. And talk to somebody. Get help because there there are ways to get it under control in your life will absolutely change. The blog is at WWL dot com -- CDZ's. Secret. Silent and they torture and would ST Obama questioned student that is how would you feel about. Running on history with a bunch of people on hand and Big Easy roller girl -- you on the rear end with a plastic that. I would welcome that you what the honestly I wanna take part in a running of the bulls did happen tomorrow we'll talk to somebody about that. When we come back thank you -- appreciate your hands on us and you've taken time to come welcome -- NO two Carolina players coming back under the W. Tommy -- got a W -- years and years ago I was in home improvement show on Saturday with -- grange you know his drive and in. Some people wearing white with little red sessions on and you know it's interesting. And it here -- download and so on a pretty good group of people. -- and snatches in the red and some other outfits though it's that's interesting. But now this event has grown. Exponentially we're talking about the running with the bulls here in new long ones and Jason Vargas joins us right now with. Notables. Adjacent. All right Stuart -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell me about the whole event for people again net that are driving through the CB deal maroni C written and like me they say -- -- don't know -- all it's about. Well yeah we just got inspired our founder -- -- Shall wait. -- a mixture like that. Kills. Yeah. He would -- and -- out and -- and he did the real. -- -- -- lie to implement. Yet it if you were done and I'd been a year. Now and I believe believe me I've never ever done let me do that. They'll run opal yeah I institute but he did come from me it was after having been involved produce a couple of New Orleans. I couldn't produce a sensible based on available in Spain about it is that it is isn't as dangerous as it appears on TV. Yeah. I think the biggest -- in Spain is actually all the other people I ran on the market today and that. That the biggest crowd at about report about Robert on the birthday. And it drops off every person seventy. But. You can inaudible come and I guess it's simple as well be the only that they met in return it in Spain with a couple of that because one. -- old. -- but it lets it closes that you team doable when you run. It's probably about ten feet away the bill turner and I developed amazing leaping ability over barricade. -- Betty did tell me tell me about the the event. Tonight and tomorrow. But tonight we have a -- party oh culture but not which is what the problem and Spain the group five and aren't you know -- -- -- Got what music from most of which -- -- Older you don't know. Eight people on -- should -- people on the radio might not now that. Our older products people -- roller derby skaters from around the country and they eight around the route. Ball back -- what their own so important in a great result that Adobe air and the beauty or girl and a demonstration of color theory. And then tomorrow same location the doors open at 638. That maybe he gets -- liquid courage and -- at 8 AM sharp. We the we lineup been our -- -- the aero which feature probably about 151000 writers. And or under so gullible. I'd say get convention center boulevard down -- -- right then you turn back down capitalists. And then down the street like Nancy. Saint Joseph street and then back down to where he began is it an honor to be with -- bad. Batted Ortiz -- avoid. I think most people actually wanna get wanted. But these ladies you know depending on -- a a goal of the other there or. It's an interesting event in India to register tonight and tomorrow if you wanna take advantage of this and there are some wardrobe limitations. So that tonight party is opening three outward urging people register were -- Tomorrow which includes bull run registration available online -- no global dot com. And -- run on line at noon today and that after that you buy it like. Any other thing -- get to Jason has added it does a lot of good it benefits some some organizations in the community. We. We sponsor or I'd donate portions of the protein that you are now and also to Louisiana chapter of the multiple sclerosis society. And we've done we've got to be addicted and that's where the registration fees they get -- -- but the critics often point to share. Thank you Jason appreciate -- time mobile have a great event. One more thing thank skaters and the volunteers and our make that app and absolutely thank you the running of the bulls tomorrow 953 coming back. Under the W. I Tommy Tucker just Dublin and slept in this week really for us and and done that you can be here in for Garland talking about some. Pretty interesting things for you ride. CD high. Thought this would be for most needy people as well it is not knows he'd be years. With regard to germs. Germs during the -- cities and -- pass from hand tomorrow. And Tintin. It seems to me that hospitals and corporations. During what cities and ought to have something -- step. Share. Perhaps a an elbow -- or -- all or something like. Well say look I'm so sorry but I have a cold and don't get sick and I do the elbow bump. Well that out to be standard whether people could you can habit and not even know yet have it. Our other people wouldn't know -- Arabs -- are a -- is an acute pain. And exactly. Well that's a good idea idea that a church where they of that sign a piece of on sicker or what I hate is somebody's. Is coughing and sneezing and in their hand and -- turn around and his son of these things are animated handsome. Am glad you called today have a good weekend and now talking to you -- -- That and I will -- on the I'm gonna that in and my favorite part was when he asked me if I went to the real one. I don't. Considering I'm still alive no I don't think I did thank you how do we are exactly thank you -- By -- right Saddam Dubuque is coming up next in for Garland as he always is. And -- be talking about freedoms and some other issues that are going on that you're gonna find of great interest right now. We would like to thank Jordan -- hurled his help Shelden Williams likewise Diane Newman David Blake -- -- for coming in being so candid. About. And if you call -- about the things that bother him let's put it that so have a great weekend watch the world cup of that's of your choosing. He'll talk to -- Monday morning at 6 o'clock.

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