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7-11 11am Don, immigration reform

Jul 11, 2014|

How many children could you provide for? Nora Sandigo of Miami serves as legal guardian for over 800 U.S. citizen children of deported parents. Can one person possibly provide for and oversee legal interests and education for that many children, or will they just wind up orphaned or neglected? Is it fair to separate them from their birth parents? While we're talking immigration reform--is it time to rethink the policy of granting instant citizenship to children of parents in the U.S. illegally? Guest host, Don Dubuc, was joined by Immigration Attorney Malvern Burnett who represents many current immigrants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out to be with you on Fridays for the Friday edition of the think tank called a -- back with you on Monday. And wanna thank all of those of you who very patiently called in and also texted him with regard to our first topic regarding the possibility of expanding. If not creating and I'm not real sure what the panel PD policy is with regard to stop -- -- but New York City he has found dramatic results at least they attribute it to that in some other things but mostly to stop and -- as far as. Are reducing their murder rate to lowest since the depression. And also creating. Eliminating launch a large number of of violent crimes that happened in this city. And -- facing some challenges from the Supreme Court and so far as his pass Muster and has been upheld. And I got to thinking about that as a world could we apply that here in New Orleans and expanded it doesn't cost any more doesn't need to and anymore offices. And certainly those who found carrying concealed weapons with no permit number one there already gonna take that gone in there will be charged of that. That's a crime in and if their -- they can be actually sent to prison for. Possessing a fire -- having a felony on their record and I think that. -- know when in fact. Eliminate some violent crime of course the trade off is do we give up personal privacy. In personal liberties to allow to be Frist some people were texting says not fair to compare it to the airport but. Certainly we all go through some pretty embarrassing in in him troublesome. Situations going through the airlines to do that but it's all in the name of safety in in the save lives in two. Help police do their job better enforcing the law I don't know I am I would before it. And a lot of you responded on both sides of and we'll get back to that tonight at 12 o'clock now we are also gonna talk about the Ray Nagin. Sentencing and a lot of you wanna talk about that do you think ten years which there was not enough. Wasn't too much time people believe that. Will get in that let you talk about either one of those two but this hour another topic though we wanted to discuss was his immigration it's been all over the national news lately -- we see what's happening on the border. Most people are blaming the the current administration President Obama in the White House for allowing. Children to enter the United States. And once they did in and then not being sent back. At least. That immediately. They're being haven't been camp for the putting tremendous stress on the Border Patrol. -- being Boston's some cities they have to be cared for means a humanitarian. Crisis to have these children. Smuggled in actually there and they just walking right across nobody stopping them what is the future of them what's gonna happen I mean in the border obviously the the argument goes on between. Congress in the White House as to what we're gonna do about of the border situation and the first thing mask is what we got to secure the border we got to stop the bleeding first and and we can talk about. What's gonna happen to the illegals that is an ability and be granted amnesty will work toward citizenship one of the parameters are they gonna be sent back a long. In his country continue to keep open borders -- these people just keep coming in coming in and that taxing our educational systems. Hospitals. And basically every. Every aspect of of life and American -- certainly we've always been a country that accept immigrants coming in. But illegal fashion and all that seems to have changed is logged on all of that I want to admit that that stuck out in and struck me uses this radian in Florida votes is close to Miami the name is Norris and ego. And she -- take -- upon herself -- god blessed to. Take the legal guardianship. Over 800 kids now the way these kids got in the situation they were born in the United States. Two parents who had no legal status. Since that time some of those parents have been deported. Others on looking at being deported so what happens to the kids the kids are American citizens according to a that is United States law. And what's happening is that being penalty. Cared for and my guardians there is a provision that allows people like -- -- to do this type of thing in in basically in outlines it. It's what they call and guardian and let them believe this would. It is it's -- power of attorney. Where these people allowed to participate in decisions. Regarding the child's education. To grant permission and consent participating in any activity make healthcare decisions. Into generally do and perform all matters and things I mean basically become apparent. My question is can one person possibly keep -- I think the last total was 812. And is growing. I don't know how she funds as she's got a beginning money from someplace to help defray the cost of that. And where these kids end up I don't know what's of the future problem. She is drafting in a lawsuit in the process says she wants to assume President Obama. She's been working on this for several years she says that the government is violates violated the civil rights of these children. And is caused them extreme grave and irreparable hardship that sounds like legal terms looking for reparation and money. Congress reformed immigration back in 1996. And before them. The kids had the right to permanent residency for their parents even if the parent didn't have legal status along as they. I've shown what was called good moral character lived in the country for at least seven years but that's been changed. And now the these offenders of the immigration laws on no longer guarantee protection simply because they have. American children. They're being sent out the kids are being sent in. They gonna come back in it is is that illegals. There's a lot of things going on with the immigration and you know the other aspect of which -- -- really discount on about this this morning. Found some some accounts of people who were saying that all these kids from Central America on not being. Sent by their parents who spend the money to get them with what they call coyotes a drug -- as someone to get them through into the country. To find. A new life here on their own. Many of those parents are actually here they came into this country illegally they're undocumented their unaccounted for. And then there actually earning money. I guess under the table work for cash they get enough money now they're getting their kids brought over. Because of the change in policy the kids and not being sent back in what we're hearing we civil. What's gonna happen to him well they're going to be sent to live with friends or relatives while those relatives are -- their parents. This was the plan all along for the parent to come -- first. Then now with this change in policy and the kids dropped off and sent to the parent who is living here illegally. It's a mess -- trying to figure all this out. We've invited Doug doctor I'm -- Melvin Vernand an immigration attorney. To jaundice and -- Deepest zone abreast of what's gone on and actually give us some some well informed information with regard to this. Mellman thank you for Jonas we appreciate. -- I don't know where to start YouTube does a lot of problems regarding immigration and where we're headed and what we're gonna do about this like that your take on this whole situation. In the at the issue of copper miner entered not picked it was a lot of up -- by. President abortion -- ought to act that gives them potential right. I think that once -- -- themselves that -- urged their order. That sort. -- It actually out there each and I remember so well that and negotiates its people -- Now interestingly enough that's the law provides. There. The article it -- not -- Return immediately called order just a case oil. Most current market action again after that they're out there hatred. The court ordered -- six hours. Other individuals. For what country. A simple that you looked to the you're exactly out of that all out here. But -- -- like it might -- it definitely. That the body. Medical treatment and they are swiftly. And bear it because -- -- fairly well it's okay. And the people they should look into their -- -- -- the international right to petition -- regret the epic show they been abandoned by one abort their parents or they are or. And it could actually get -- present -- states and increasingly -- -- -- that you have here -- -- it is six. In our combat bit of a child or wonder what -- in charge of their. All right you are an immigration attorney are you representing any of these people in and who is footing the bill for that. But the -- representation. -- pro Bono work in -- connecting arts well. There's a group of what the American British -- -- issue -- ramp up vocal on a campaign to assert it about. The 2000 a couple of -- -- -- are out there and let your early causing quite a back in the courts at the by the record ever greater numbers continued to allow your arm. Okay. The council that so it immigration -- but the complex field some of the -- -- -- let the world it. Outlets like the -- and -- so complex. How early they all look up there now. So council that apple is sent it back. Reporting billion dollar request that personal politics are just should it. Included. A -- somebody -- cultured. Legal counsel to the arts. I so Florida for a for instance -- that brought over all right and they're told that they're going to have to face deportation to go to court and find out does this situation in this staying with someone. We get reports that they aren't showing up for the court cases now what becomes of them then I mean religious lost in the system I mean is -- somebody going looking for them. Well interestingly enough it was Pretoria area. -- Robert Shapiro and pick out. Let me. On that it -- their. -- or Cochran daughter receives a court notice there's not an adult there to assist. -- explaining their. Equal rights but also. That it duplication order -- should not enter into it that or shall -- shall. -- -- Is there. Home of record address that is -- him on the restricted by law to stay in the same place you can move around enemy once they get in there and they get -- with someone and then they leave from -- how do you -- colleague about five and -- to column article. They want it will what you're -- there are -- all the it looked at other. Law. What the people -- and when they don't. But what happened. Our republic security and admirable. -- in order or in absentia. Out of the responses for the first -- -- that but they'll show up. The law and order every vote there. -- deportation order remains that. The -- records -- you know they are but -- -- here. Herbal correction of the action. The order. Well how would that identify them. -- all there are taking fingerprints. -- okay I'm very good interest. Interest and stuff now and obviously that the Border Patrol. The holding facilities that are administering medical in and basic needs of life. On the court systems. Everything dealing with this is overwhelmed in his country. Out what do we need to do to secure the border army isn't that the first step that should happen -- if you got someone who's involved in an accident. And it got a nasty cut on the league and is bleeding but they've also got one on the jugular limits of life threatening thing of immediacy. You take care of the most serious problem first and legal backing you deal with. Who's gonna get the stay who's going to be deported what's going to be the program for amnesty the steps to become a citizen. Tom why -- we have such a problem in recognizing that that border needs to be better control. Well. You know the talk about -- triage. Look for. On the open market and about eight it entered their ability -- ever ever. Kids don't walk out what are the only so rhetoric at the border or -- agents. -- great -- and the set of rules and regulations that require specific treatment Ortiz hit. Now unlike other individuals went out but it's the -- why as a result Mexican male. -- called border gets picked up -- order to return. You know it would and well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What would do other countries do with children dropped off at their doorstep. -- -- A lot of his own lab but is it we have to change a law to stop them I mean it's it's almost pointless to say that you just gonna have to close the door on these kids and say go back from -- what you came we just. Can't take anymore but there's got to be a limit on -- on the beat people in common is. Well and career and I think -- a street. Pop -- that instead the quote children. -- -- -- -- as are all programs and they're there or the sending countries to. It helped but the violence -- is -- and bought it it's pretty out there. It is paid either we've we've established with our backs and the others be a 10. Interconnection. Interior picture where they get their offensive but actually you can order. A -- back it up at nine. Probably at with the Haitian boat people entering at the part of the -- what government that they're internal coat short out the patrol the waters with their Buick they -- -- -- -- These -- vote patience while art artsy take them back. And there -- back on a -- airport. Topics that that he picked on December vote your country -- -- order a report are border. -- is that all we know that are these kids are not art are not making it round or will they or won't wreck which told. That the coyote bringing it got great. It over the the you know if they're in Balkans into peanut storage -- -- all right at -- so that they. Placed an inspection airport all. And that -- The program of integrate them or system. Here -- -- -- would just about it Tom before and is but I did wanna get this one last question this some reports in it in to this stage I think they're on document but there's reports coming in that the parents of these kids that are coming from Central America already here. There in this country they are the ones that sent the money down -- to have the kids brought to meet up with them. Or are there any instances of that and if there is what will be done if that's found out. Is there -- that back the senate. Had. When the children still are you said in court proceedings. But now it will it will not be able to. To request -- presence that was orphans who -- -- by -- -- the saint rule book are now. There -- -- proceeding and they can six so. If they -- it's so. Inaudible certain that it'll -- a lot bigger contributors. Where the -- that. But the parents could still be sent back under the current law. Aircraft like the fact that it if that's discovered -- it will be out there in the they're yacht. Apart Homeland Security -- that it's very. Compassionate and culture or destruction of -- in a while there they want -- -- -- -- is the fact that they're going into account -- -- and it will. Go over all well. Understood -- thank you so much for you and columnist who really appreciates his -- Melvin Burnett immigration -- time with thinking about immigration this hour now will get -- -- phone lines and also the text message board first on a run you about an event that's coming up this weekend very important. It's called rock and for Richie it'll benefit -- 34 year veteran of the -- PD. Rock and ball's going to be the side of a fund raiser to help Richard Siegel and his battle against Parkinson's disease. That will be Sunday July 13 starts at 2 o'clock going it'll at least 10 PM on the benefits and include raffles silent auction tables food drinks. And plenty of live entertainment from bands like Crescent City -- Bobby Q in the summertime blues. Ninety degrees west Louisiana spice to boogie man wise guys groovy seven yet -- A Siegel who is a veteran of the NO PD worked on the first swat team and wound up in intelligence as part of a service. He was on the protective team for many presidents heads of state the Pope and Mother Teresa. Tickets at the event at twenty dollars practiced at the door. If you unable to -- and still wanna make a donation I make the check out to rock and for Richie. And you can mail it to 425. Park Ridge drive in river ridge. -- at 70123. Is a zip we have that information on our website all the proceeds to Ritchie and his family proceeds will be used. For his care. But one dollars it's kind of like -- Jazz -- quite a lot of them entertainment as a if you can help them out. The Richard Siegel family would certainly appreciate it. -- let's go to Pedro on line one now we're talking immigration Pedro thank you for you. Thank you. You know and Robert. You you you have biases and your capacity. And are. You know and this -- -- You know Vega corporation -- Water. You know. Equally proud. Back and see what that. You know -- people -- -- -- condition known -- don't. Get another. Chance on the America. And you know it it would do. So I'm not quite understand and what you point -- and -- -- -- that we should help Central America down there a little more to eliminate the problem of them trying to come here to American resentment. You you you have to stop -- immigration and economy the duke it you'll. Mention it at all related. Elected. And saying nobody thought. You know we -- do. We ought to. -- -- And then. You know. Federal crummy accent. You sound Hispanic on a UN immigrant. And you know American citizen. -- so what are your perspective on people who just disregard doing what you did to to earn your citizenship images come over here and one amnesty would -- attitude towards. Now. And that they are buried in my in my in the ninety aka uncle and then -- met. Burger -- is -- and ultimately. What we try it but. You know and but as he we'll see if you can get a war that. You know -- latest -- here. And to -- it may. I don't it oh yeah. And others say the -- that there. Don't. View I can understand. Why it will. Albeit and other applications you know because. -- You know what are you work -- now you know incorporated go if you report about now. Force 750. That domestic English. It. It will award. -- You. Know I absolutely don't know if it. You know -- -- because few. People. You know. Making. It out in the you have to pay. Any. I agree with the federal there is a -- there is a limit in these are we let it continue to get out of control is gonna change the way of life here in America forever thank you are you don't Kendall thank you so much -- of let me talk to -- she's listening to -- in Mississippi -- thank you feet. And an eight years. And what they. Believe. You and the debate. They. Illegally. And when they re added that children. -- Say. At the -- and -- believe. Parent parent that -- and the parent network. To. Reconnect with the -- Now that's all -- ask that question for the parent would be an exhibit at the thirteen years. Admit it but the bad. Thing. -- get that one question. All that money you spent a market that -- and equitable. Ample lap under completely out of college age. Obviously. An endangered and I'll bet they'd been laid out there it would help. There helping children. It the car to get aware they were and you know you're like that what happened now. Nobody that they do it that -- but I am sure about the tax that. Think a lot of that they could be app that we continue. That. Expect that of people will be in the papers blotted -- the parents. -- where where did you get this information. Say this is what I've been here and and it kind of and the like ball more I'm going on -- that that they can message you know I was trying to put myself in a position I'm living down in Central America. Yes a dangerous tough place and I want the best for my kids but -- -- -- separate myself and and put him in the hands of the drug traffickers and send them to a country when they don't know anybody what's awaiting and they know what's gonna happen to old. I don't think I could do that how would rather keep my kids with me. And stick it out for better or worse whatever happens in -- a kid I'd wanna do the same thing I'd stay -- parents I'll I'll take it and tough and out with. But then -- wanna start any of these accounts of what exactly US saying. That's a hair it was like. They came here illegally knocked India made enough money now it's time to get the kids albeit they've almost grown. And -- -- -- -- and you'll be here. And do you think there will work in legislatively behind the scenes to try to get that policy adopted to a kid showed up at the doorstep of America they would be able they would be treated with kid gloves and welcomed and cared for -- -- up with friends or relatives. I don't know that these people and all that they'd been here what -- immediately. They didn't speak any English. You hit thirteen year they can't get it later. They had been translated. Into thirteen year do. You can't pick up a bit of English. At least speak. And all this I mean they're exposed out of open with this in an ice are any agency nobody Owen and -- investigate this whole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the thing I think that we lose side of it was. They're criminals begged them from the very start they broke the law and that's important. You'd like. We continue to. And I think what becomes an issue of people. -- -- -- Well Janelle you're not alone and has a lot of people across this country that don't agree with you in SE a movement to it to finally try to get something done on of the does not happen and fast enough -- Yes that that had been. Very good year. Very good I appreciate -- call and thank you so. A closing out this hour on discussion of the immigration situation in the country -- is disgraceful -- -- being overwhelmed on our border of the people who were trying to camp of these children -- being sent in by drug traffickers some Obama brought in with diseases in bad condition of some movement -- salted. It's horrible situation -- we need to take action now in and get by all the partisan politics in the first thing needs to be done shut that border down to stop the bleeding. I wanna remind you are coming up after this program Angela hill she's an -- radio friendly now don't miss our special today at 1 o'clock. Especially if you love cold case files on TV. You've got to be glued to your radio when Angela talks to the real deal panel PDs cold case squad detectives. Sergeant commanded Daniel McMullen Ryan -- win descend the Barnes and Winston harm. These detectives working on cases that may be you can helps off. They wanna give the families closures so they won't stop investigating until the cases rose off. Now's your chance to help the real cold case detectives you can call in if you know something mark they have information about the cases and wanna take a moment to. Alerts you that next Friday on the Friday think tank we're gonna have enhanced loan back you know and is the author of -- Mary's monkey. Those of you who have been following that story of had an on several times over the years. Also Judy -- the woman who claims she was -- Lee Harvey -- girlfriend when he was here -- -- wall and she worked with him she was also. Involved in research to develop cancer causing virus. This is gonna be here for him would be. A celebration not -- a celebration but the renewed remembrance of doctor Mary Sherman -- a fiftieth anniversary of murder. A murder that is yet to been solved. And is tied to all of that situation. It's a very involved case will try to explain it to you but reason I'm bringing this up now because of the cold case one of the purposes of that program. Is to try to find people in -- listening audience who may be able to help solve those crimes and bring closure to the family. While I got -- Italian in the interviews I've had with Ed has looked -- Judy on here we actually if if you looked at his latest copy of his hard bound book that's out. A WWL is mentioned in there because we helped through the helpful wanna -- the listeners I'll find a key witness. In to a a suspect in someone who was tied to doctor Mary Sherman's murder and he gives credit to the radio station for doing enough certainly if we can help people. Right wrongs find out the truth and implement positive change in things a certain point of mission. Our -- at 2 o'clock it's going to be have fun Friday she's gonna talk about what's hot what's not at the movies and on demand tickle looked in previews of new releases. Dawn of the planet of the -- The continuing saga there so it goes and heard about that on the Michael Douglas Diane Keaton and Frankie now in -- A -- Jersey boys great movie by the way if you want. Think that in for a summertime treat in the afternoon -- hot summer afternoon like we're gonna have maybe check that one out. Also gonna tell you about one to fourteen millennial awards and the -- -- lake -- and test. Then at 3 o'clock. The man with the best job on the planet. He thinks celebrated food critic and host of the food show on three WL assist the station Tom Fitzmorris he's gonna talk grilling. -- serves the best grilled pork. Steaks chicken seafood in veggies and also how to make a tasty -- home. And also asking you to tell us what your favorite thing to eat off the grill -- fervent. Place -- cuisine you looking for also take your suggestions about your favorite restaurants and dishes in the if you need them. It give you some cooking tips to news of food show Tom Fitzmorris tomorrow noon till three on WW all the news -- and sports -- Let me get to some of these text messages that are coming in. I'm here's one that's Olin is somebody's got to load -- that are transforming I don't think that was intended for this text address. This -- says. Saban needs to return LSU onkyo. I here's -- Donna -- the immigration laws of Mexico though should be our immigration -- they are very strict rules of big line. Crossing the border from the US into Mexico. To sneak in although we don't have an issue going on with. Army sergeant -- re seeing who was held there he inadvertently drove in suffering from. He has -- we will take his veterans. If they delivered to -- Larry -- -- been held there in no effort really I don't think can known. Main effort to try to get him back. In this country and certainly I think that is our responsibility mean you know the bird -- on only given that another story for another day but. Here's a guy that we traded five Taliban MVPs foreign. Supposedly uses -- -- who knows it could be more of that story may be was spying forest. In he's unloading a bunch of valuable information he going to from the Taliban Wally was being held. I don't know. Back with -- more the think tank right after the news on the big 870 WW.