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Jul 11, 2014|

Former Mayor Ray Nagin received a ten year sentence for corruption and bribery charges. Does the punishment fit the crime? 17 elected officials from the Greater New Orleans area have been sentenced on federal corruption charges:" Congressman, Parish Presidents, State Senator, School Board Member, city council members & two mayors." How many more elected officials have to be convicted? What will it take before they get the message--the public won't tolerate corruption? Don takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Non non fried data Friday edition of the think -- thank you for tuning in this afternoon on notice Columbia typically hot summertime weekend in the great Gulf Coast and this is confident of the -- as I remember as a -- you know real hot hot web open and Chinese in the president. Thunderstorms cool things down the day and in the sun coming back up and given at that steamy jungle of its common. Back to normal summertime gas we still get some frontal systems come -- through which is crazy and you'll talk about the impact that the fish -- game report. This our actually gonna do double duty here we have planned to talk a pretty much exclusively about mayor Ray Nagin receiving tenure sentenced for his corruption and bribery charges. Asking you -- does the punishment fit the crime. Seventeen elected officials from greater -- wall and you concede their pitches it was a story written in the advocate by Gordon Russell. Hold rogues gallery of people who arrested for corruption fraud suits are -- Katrina. Carla looked in Panama I wonder if there's a tie that binds all of them together I can find one is I don't think any of them Obama really thought. They were gonna get caught. And why is that mean it got a look back and look at the records of the prosecutions in Munich continue to keep doing and -- and they're going to be the one get -- it is a few in the works right now. That will be added to that list and hopefully this stuff -- You're never gonna stop totally corruption and fraud in politics but -- certainly need to limited here in many other places across the country we're gonna talk about that if you if you choose to do so. By way of telephone -- way about tech's board. All gonna get back to our first topic billing when you know you gotta make decisions I was thinking about maybe extent in this in the last hour but we have. Aghast at a Melbourne burnout was kind enough to talk about the immigration issue him. He try to balance in Austin and a concerned about the audience what they -- saw what they would like to hear more and discuss and give their opinion on the same time we got guestimate commitments so. That's the way who worked -- outsold we gonna talk more about that to open down the and OPD officer would call us because we're gonna talk more about that stop and frisk policy. I got to thinking about you know what can be done in the city new warmest helps not stem the violence that's -- Exploding again this summer. Nine people shot on Bourbon Street I think that was a tipping point people now demanding something be done. There's been evident from request to the National Guard 200. -- state troopers to come my help. -- the city they've been given fifty. I don't know how long they going to be here that certainly not a long term solution I know in OPD is strong and everything they can to put the word out to hire new. Recruits and have people come in and serve. One of the things that then I looked to was the successes of New York City and -- kind of guy that believes in. You don't always have to invent something he's self has -- -- wrong with copying things that worked in other places. And use that as a paradigm for what might work for you and you talk about something as desperate as. Curbing murder prison and in just equally important is that. Is the fact that this is gonna hurt the city in the state of Louisiana -- the big tourist area and people have heard this all over the world in its gonna certainly make a determination on whether they come here -- -- and all of this is very important and to be able to implement something like stop in for a score actually expound on -- real clear. Where in OPD stands on this certainly the police have the authority they've got a tool to stop and insert someone. As part of an investigation into the possibility of suspicion of some crime about to be committed. But the frequency with with -- which they'll stop in forest checks are conducted. And how they are chosen that's where the -- it's obviously New York has gotten very very aggressive. And according to them it is paid off lowest murdering since the depression. All the major violent crimes rape robbery burglary. Homicides. Assaults all of that has been. -- drastically decreased over the last twenty years. Yes there's been constitutional challenges yes it's held up to -- withstood those. The question is is the public willing to give up some liberty some privacy. -- through the hassle. Being questioned. Maybe being frisked. I'm in order to save lives and prevent crimes that's basically the trade off. I would put that up opinion polls and the results in the first hour of pretty heavily swayed to -- people said yes they would. They would be willing to do that I'm sure families of people who have been injured or killed and certainly would agree with a on the latest case who knows possibly an officer if you saw these people hang -- might have said you know it is getting late then act a little tipsy and get -- walls strong. Maybe maybe they do have a concealed -- maybe I need to check. Of course of this -- with a concealed weapon case closed but a break in the law. That was certainly the reasonable suspicion is not there was there because it resulted in arrest. And -- in fact they had Pryor's a vote of a felony then. They would be sentenced to prison for that of -- carrying firearms that's a federal offense. So without being said where do you stand on would you be willing to sacrifice a little bit about it text that come in and says you know the people who are most against this of the ones that it would sort of to protect the most 2601878668890870. If you can't -- -- -- -- we ask you please do it though Obama in a responsible fashion don't drive and text. It's 87870. And will get some of those -- get to the phone calls first let's go to lying to first up is capacity in Mississippi Cassie thanks FICO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah trying to get into the mind a little bit and in some inside and say you know these people obviously don't think like you an idea and I don't think they gonna get caught what is it that drives. Very -- create a yeah then that the little. I expected. It. Yeah but -- at the risk of I mean great Darryl mean you know a guy like me and I got ten years what do you think about that sends is that liability should have got to is inadequate. There he did it. I'd I'd -- it. Green is and here is why would. You agree. That a -- of Greek. -- More more more. -- Well it is not. I can't. Get over about oh. Yeah that. You. Can. But you know the other side this and I agree with the -- they keep you hit the nail on the head there is definitely that tie that binds them all together was greed. But the other thing is that the arrogance and in -- in -- thinking that they're not gonna get caught and even more than that. These people -- not dumb people don't bright people they had so much potential especially. You know in the position they -- in they came in with credentials they had to trust of the people and has some really great opportunities to do some good things and I guess it was agreed that got. -- Thanks Cassidy appreciate your call thank you for listening. I let's go now -- who's up next would be Kevin online entry into home plate given us things and home -- human event. If that's not not four degrees on the road to entrap an -- -- outlook for a quarter. I was born forward and now I gotta tell yet. Observations. I'd be glad human freedom it's meant that we could. You know the masses that way they'll -- up the -- court would go -- -- Yes occupation and out in the meeting's been in more practical problem. Right audience in the current quarter. And -- actually seen large groups of people. Out. You know this -- music out now on he would you know write your history. And and Britain near an intersection pocket now. And it looks like to me that the police need -- -- -- power feel like somebody got. Yeah well it's great Uga or somebody but what if people there are -- try to let somebody. It peanut -- in the air and at least know that. They have a feeling -- and it could be aggressive. Approach. People. -- -- The wallet but it out you -- for the current quarter whoever it is -- you know. I say. We care about people haven't ended. And in the triple. Well Kevin you make two very good points yeah you know they could be the police could actually be outgunned as as enough of them there yeah I would I would be able to go in there and in and become preoccupied on -- -- Wanna to individuals when you got fifteen or twenty hang in around them around -- that would not be a Smart thing to do. It also has someone attacks and of course when we talk about this some and -- we say the French Quarter but really it should be the entire city where you could do it. Not just in the French Quarter but someone said maybe put some signs up that would be wanting side. You may it may be a possibility by entering here you agree to be stopped and friends that may have now that's going to be on and off the business is a little like that his people the tourists are gonna see that -- -- why they tell me that. I think it's good information path -- I agree with any it may be put. Is there. Oh its board it and some. Ordinances passed its company -- the police a little bit more on strike in their own internal feelings about. I got -- got back. Can you bit not knocking the panel on -- the challenge. Tried in my job. Is working in New York according to them they figured it out maybe we should send someone out there and take some lessons and and come back and wholesome classes on on proper. Stop and frisk procedures here -- and -- no added cost to us is just simply a philosophical change and I think it could bail -- LCI marketer. Kevin thanks for the call appreciate it try to stay cool down and home. Did Ray Nagin get enough sentence so was it too too tough was that not enough you tell me what you think 60% of our respondents to a poll. -- say it was. The punishment did fit the crime. 40% say no. That was his sentence for corruption and bribery charges also all looking into the minds of these people we got to. A gallery albums seventeen of them listed in an article in their photos published in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans advocate talking about economies and Ray Nagin is a seventeenth so politician. That has been sent to skip since Katrina -- ongoing investigations on others and this is not the end of it. -- -- does certainly I think is the underlying factor but there's also a sense of vulnerability bulletproof superiority that. And not going to be the one to get caught but said to say it looks like they all wrong. And I'm sure there's been some that -- have got away in the those come in the mine who they aren't. They're probably -- will be caught but. But the technology that's out there today in the and the assistants. And of course the citizen involvement that is a very good thing. All right we're talking about that also stop and frisk policy is opening get down into walls he was -- NO PD officer want to talk about. There use of it are currently is and maybe he's on a call right counsel and wanted to disrupt him. Let's get to law Elton in -- on line five -- thank you for you call. I -- act and the battery but. Yeah I mean. New -- numerous times and every time and then there walk the street at night walk all over the pretty. I mean not so much here Momo than Manhattan -- but not not -- the ball in Brooklyn. It'd be there every cent of little late the on the street that you really feel like that. Bet it at all Spielberg or are cry inquiry that he even though church not that. Compared in the war on it at the paradise and the world could be the way I just don't think that there is the political will do and -- there's too much. There's too much backlash formal racial standpoint. You know I think that. The you have -- idea of stopping and resting. They're going to require profiling and I think they're that good but I think you should -- while I think that you know that it. If you see you know very. Well. Explain it this way -- wanna I wanna catch a red fish don't go -- useful mental. -- article in the march you gotta go where it is you know and that's just good efficient law enforcement to go after where it is -- -- -- -- that -- some people I mean that's the -- the reality that's the truth and if we're gonna make any progress we got to do that New York is cut they're they're violent crime rate by 75%. Brian on my daughter number one just returned she was in two weeks ago when asked if she felt the same way you do you said you felt this sense of safety was a police presence on the look at the crowd that you will pat what was that the -- that. All of that and and even where where they'll actually see point presents you just feel safe. There's just the sense that -- that they view there aren't there are there are people on the street all the time but there are people on the street all the -- in the world and coming you know the fact that there's people in the street doesn't shouldn't give you a sense of safety in the war on because number street it's all people to -- nine people shot so. Well I don't think about it is that the word it wouldn't take long for the word to spread once they start stop and and -- and they made some -- they were arrested for concealed carry. If they were caught -- a felony going to prison and charged with a federal offense. Guess not gonna go there with guns yeah as I know they gonna be stopped the difference. Exactly I think profiling is necessary to see -- role models of what appears to be a young teenage black. He had on the street that to the warning and what what others note saying. Age. That would be at the same page -- -- that there's there's. While I don't have to be black they could be of many in this city and if they if they -- yellow and that their break in the curfew that's a reasonable suspicion right. And on and on amusing like not -- -- to understand. -- just because it does require some profiling and and think black. Young black male probably could be targeted more profiling standpoint. But in about ten at -- went wrong -- thing though is that that's that's going to be the result in and that -- that that. The pill swallow to really get a the grip on and obviously the U number mystery you know. You want black well. -- -- So it will have to -- great except and point that. I think you'll -- -- and really people on the street that -- -- You know something else some wondered how many of these firearm carriers potential criminals -- on to some kind of influence either is smoke and we don't drink and -- -- -- appearance of being slightly intoxicated that would be reasonable suspicion. Oh absolutely absolutely not authenticate soaked and -- -- -- distribute -- -- just for the French Quarter will you know maybe you know maybe just for the commercial areas of French Quarter and not -- residential and but but you know have a -- -- -- in the Watson these blocks that you're under 21 you can't -- you cannot be on the streets. Past 11 o'clock at night or something like that and then and stop people object riding an affair they're underage takeaway. Well I'm not. I don't think it's gonna happen because a distinct is too much opposition in Europe though Marjorie -- from the ACLU they're -- -- -- it but it has always stood -- has what has with stood most of in New York they have been like continue and happy with the results so. Maybe it would work you Elton we got a run on news thank you -- more people which the government out now and about. Thank you appreciate called Ray Nagin did he get enough time did he not get enough -- a judge ginger -- and has sentenced him to ten years. When I looked at sentences -- always kind of look at him with though what I call Kentucky win now if our judge -- -- the -- -- to -- war I'll always sensible more on the high side because. Think about it have you ever seen a criminal who was convicted and sentenced to prison. I get more. Jail time with out committing additional crime now. But you have heard of people getting time off for good behavior for changes of people go and make appeals only about half. And sometimes they get a lighter sentence than what was given I heard the numbers like maybe as little as eight and a half years. What do you think 71% of the people I'm responding to our opinion -- at WW all dot com say no the punishment did not fit the crime. Wasn't enough point 9% said it did. What do you say if you wanna get on that simply go to WW dot com if you like the senate -- it's a 7870. If you wanna call us 260187. You -- 66889087. You're also talking about stop and frisk. Apparently. This statistics bear out it is working in New York I don't know if we'll ever know to what degree and it's responsible maybe there's some other things they have done there. But New York is drastically dropped in its violent crime rate. And this is one of the things many people attributed to. Let's go to. A call from home lots of folks listening to -- home his -- He says Ray Nagin did not get enough time. -- thanks for the call. Dot -- a lot of people agree. And it. I enumerated in norm -- okay and wouldn't you Hewitt's direction I didn't did not -- -- I -- that actually got thirty years. The other judge could added more time on top of the Taiwanese and never -- appointee. Or touched on YouTube and gotten them Mac at least at least twenty years. Yeah I mean he led to this city he licked at the people on new. He did it at a time when -- -- city was on its knees in -- his -- at most and did what makes it worse. I think this is just my personal opinion I don't know judge and -- paragon. All the attorneys that I had spoken with him interviewed that do know artists that she's a very fair person. If I were going before a judge I might like to go before our because I do believe she has a tendency to be more lenient than not. But I think she was swayed by his family when you look at the disgrace. The financial ruin the embarrassment. Certainly he didn't care -- bottom but I think she does is sold a lot of people and I think that probably. Might have been the factor that that lighten the sentence what he's. Many are -- because you were easy but due. To a column of crime. Well you get not only grew up differently rooted than a pity this thing that you guys. Yeah yeah well outlook diapers yet I don't get back -- the into that you -- about I don't. Well I I kind of do because I think he was the leader in that thing in and they followed along blindly them in a list of read some of their letters and as they don't have a clue they say he's innocent they bought into -- everybody else went wrong everybody else was bad and it was a good man and he's being abused and Brian -- And -- body until I had a personal conversation when he ran -- first time in in and I believed in Lima thought he was in his DN. Yeah I'd I had the mountain man come from -- -- vice president or president. A company which you know he's he's -- job but new problems. Do you in the front yard. Some -- -- -- from Little -- you know an hour ago now. And that lets you charge and -- for 100%. Yeah I'll I don't care you light black Max Q what you -- -- If you look this business. Leading to Japan and down pat you you Rhode that these counties. -- well you know there's an argument that they would say well I got it right away in my pants in my yeah our budget ought. You've got a right to pay the price will what you thought -- -- upload to a job interview and unite unite unite clean shaven and you know you act like a bomb the new X inning walk out he said -- -- -- insulted me by another irony here are clean up your back if you don't wanna play it now if you insist on looking like that you want to. Face the consequences there's at a price to pay everything analyzes a tradeoff -- I got to run at a break enjoyed talk. Who would you thank you yeah yeah yeah I government follow up you -- right and what. Right do it legally -- else. Good for you banks plan. Appreciate your call I would come back I wanna get the -- please Donna Slidell he trains dogs to search may -- that's the answer. To stop and -- maybe if a dog is is acute enough with a sense of smell the smell of gun. Then there's reasonable cause to do the frisk. What about that Ray Nagin know was his sentence enough was that not enough being cast devoted -- Nabil dot com gives caller texted. State your opinion about that we're also talking about stop and frisk a New York is attributed that is the reason why they've had a 75%. Drop in. Violent crimes since it was instituted they've had fewer murders since since the Great Depression. Is it working for them would it work here in the wall and if we aggressively pursued a little -- office to uses it tool. And one thing I did not think about on him perhaps done in Slidell is gonna fill us in on it. Can dogs beat trained to make the determination of someone might possibly be carrying a firearm. And if that dog has reasonable suspicion then does that then allow on -- is the conduct the stop and frisk and Donna got to tell you got trained. Search dogs but they search for quail woodcock says and in ducks. And I and -- Myanmar hunting buddies have a saying. Trust you'd dog when -- dog goes somewhere and I'm thinking of bird is somewhere else guess what the dogma 99% of the time is right. Aren't dogs being can they be trained to search him and locate weapons. -- Well and while we do -- -- net what hey look a dog is completely. Unbiased. He's not gonna racially profile anybody. That's that's correct that's my point and also ordered to people down there and that. The police are using these dogs for searching for weapons or drugs were basic policeman walked down the street with a Dalton wore regular. Ethnic and color and you better believe it either better than knocking it on and are going to be in the area anyway with guns -- and drugs they know is a dog that's gonna -- to Iraq don't. And I think you need to contact. Ronald soar past and make some kind of an offer to get these animals and has denied -- them right now. We already -- predict you know treaty on search and rescue mission well what about regular patrols. At bat I don't answer -- that would act to be discussed. But what. Arranged visit -- him how -- what distance can he cents a drug or Arafat wants them. I think he'd be an example I got a Golden Retriever took up Kentucky if she alerted -- the ground they -- -- ground for two years. You know 130 -- war. While the pro at. It's that I know they do some unbelievable things as far as sending a mean I've had a dog with a a whale in its mouth. An inch half inch from its nose run and back within stop and pointed different bird that's completely concealed. And I tell me a dog doesn't have a sense of smell that might be a real key fact it -- to -- -- because then if the dog is. Active not been in and looking suspicious that a person and that would be reasonable suspicion Google -- that. -- undergo certain amount should release some responsibility ought to point oh absolutely analyst put on adults to make the decision has definitely would trust them better anyway -- the music judgment. Exactly sure that you Redick and very good -- we gonna have to reset it said on filling up -- for you call -- him. Let's see if we can get to another column who's been. Some. Well got to have someone else everybody's been pretty much in favor of stop and rest that we got to the stalked the cabinet new laws is not a fan. Kevin thank you for eco. Started on. Not a I'm not a fan of stopper first whatsoever. Modest at all. Lucy indicated. The network that was -- this sensible idea that they're got it came out where it no regret though can sent weapons bombs and from quite hit it it. And what would have much of issue with that. Donna Reid Obama can't stop and threats because lineup and -- have been stopped the interest. All my life -- -- -- -- -- about someone that you know let's kick it down not that. Our while why do you think there and wrongly stopping you want selecting use as opposed. About wasteful parliament and and my point was going to be that now we should stop and first all the time. And that never do garrido murders are harmed in this city -- jet took it away. You not been stopped them first confirmed my family thinking you know if it if he really. -- as -- as by the tax -- That but it is all about alternative I think we should do because he's -- you know we'd still probably seen some new rights. It's only a matter time before you break down closed system up to do that you'll like. I'm yummy noises you know -- a creature that. At all and as such it's not just put it another. Yeah it will be a comic. Straight out walk. You know the different may go block or two. All Bourbon Street because those guys have to one back awful Bourbon Street got that something's happened. Can't would be better that you run into an officer. Trying to get out the quarter and can't log up but I think -- got a few things that can be done but definitely something now on the not a fan of the stop for a day. I understand a lot of people are with him. Yeah I would rate. A lot of actually GM should it. First came -- -- double what the ultimate does tend to be fifteen years. Better because I think we had the -- at home quality corrupt politician I've been getting getting. What the scroll up and and -- and it's legal problem has to be dealt with some beer. What do you think about this idea Kevin take a guy like Megan is -- I -- him. At this laws security facility at oak dale just sit around and think about what he's gonna do with the have a gets up. One output in the world -- hard labor -- some comic constructive work that would produce some income and income could either be gone to his family gonna pay back what he stole let him do some pay back some. Repaid to. -- repatriation instead of just sit now waste and away why don't they won the judge's order that and then maybe even give them -- life sentence if they do that. Yeah a lot of still a lot of the and corrupt politician that has been scamming the people bar on bar that he can do anything like that -- -- that -- be. -- -- I'm talking about on the about on his own I'm talking about running order book trumpet yeah -- -- went wrong you know don't like that dump the motivation. Alone. Think the first step is admitting that she did something wrong and wing got that out of him yet. I don't know I agree with the thanks all Kevin appreciate you very much and I got some interesting text year one of them now emotionally and I'm asking this question how with the dog alert to the suspect's gone without learning to the cops -- That's an interest in question but I got ten in my experience with the sensitivity of dogs. It is incredible and they could discern I guess you can train them to to know the scent of the the handlers gone as opposed to a strange we'll make do with bombs and in drugs in a minute because they carried drugs -- Certainly explosives. -- office the gun probably a smelling the metal what it is but. That probably is the best thing that -- commodity shields we gonna implement some type of a stop in forest policy that needs reasonable suspicion. I say leave it to the dogs let the dogs haven't let them make the call because. I tell you what my dog Gracie in million Annie in the long line handled many many decades. I trust them believe. Highest gonna wrap it up all hope you'll join me tomorrow morning I'll be here at 5 AM for the kick off for the outdoor show -- from seven and nine will be on three WL albeit -- cuts in. Metairie from ten to -- come home by sale.