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7-11 Angela Show 2pm, Fun Friday

Jul 11, 2014|

Join Angela and Ian Hoch: WWL's resident happening guy for LET'S HAVE FUN FRIDAY!

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There are really love those men and women of the cold case squad that they they're doing it for all the right reasons and I really help with anybody was out there listening. -- and they know about something or even just remember gee they were in that area at time of any of the murders that we discussed the to pick up the phone -- to give the cold case squad. A call -- never know what might happen to a clue. But I I thank them again and we're gonna have him back again but. It is Friday so from that very serious although we did love the music. Of those two wonderful police who -- so beautifully together. Of the cold case to planning the fun at the weekend with the. One and the only any and hope let's hear it are happening guy. I however you know well overseer -- yeah hi thanks for having -- am always so happy to -- year will that is because you bring the energy we need. For the most fun weekend we -- start with what instantly bucket it's pretty simply as you know I'm changing apartments this weekend that's a move like got a couple of my friends were gonna Covert help me slept all my stuff around and in exchange for helping them move. May take him out for pizza. Gonna go down a pizza delicious and that water that's apart and I know you know everybody's like oh yeah I'll help you move -- we also gimme -- delicious pizza a great list and it. -- and after that we're doing Gillard that lost loved lounge on Franklin avenue and America has a very fun karaoke night and we're gonna go. Make sure that we celebrate there before we go back to hang out my new apartment but it can't be too late. Because acted crack of dawn I've got to get up early and -- -- suited up for the running of the bulls. That we're doing right down here in the warehouse district -- If people aren't aware about what the running of the bulls is for a small -- to fellas can. I -- feed but it's really more like a donation because this organization unknowable to you so much for charity -- This event benefits animal rescue New Orleans and Louisiana chapter fifteen multiple sclerosis society. -- and get out there and yeah everybody gets sort of suited up and there is some at all averaged. And by being going on for such an energy drink as you can imagine you is quite -- run and then did the New Orleans the Big Easy roller girls. -- and all their roller derby girlfriend's from all over the country. Have output formats and the company. They get him to run down so we're gonna come down convention center boulevard all the way past the peanuts are right up -- past our office building impact -- -- to him what time does start -- 80s from -- -- yes so I'm thinking I -- probably be ready to be opera -- yeah seven and get over their contrasts -- positioning and everybody Bristol while the mayor says -- idea -- -- -- -- in absentia and we're gonna have great photos to a WW dot -- if you can't get up at 8 AM to Marty you'll see. We're gonna -- about some cool coverage for an. On our website and then after that. I can go to and that's because I -- go to the Bastille day effect which is it Spanish plaza right over their necks of their renovated river walk and out you know that -- bit. One of those events where there's food and there's art and there's music and there's one other thing that at least two other things I'm super excited about the first. Is we're going to on chat via radio with people celebrating in Paris. Beautiful yet and if I packed for radio geeks like me that's a really cool thing to get -- to talk to somebody over the airwaves it's celebrating Bastille day in the fire houses and parents like you do. And there's also a French dog contests so people against the dress of their dog two little French outfits and and celebrate Bastille day and in general don't you put on the little -- Flores and as a sprint stuff yeah yeah principled and every guy so. That's that's what my weekend's looking like. Yeah you packed jam yeah I'm pretty excited well India of. -- little is removed when and where pizza and then hello wide out that with the red session you -- -- great let me tell you something else is coming up it's not actually this weekend. But as you are a millennial. And there is a super awards event that's coming up at the end of the month Cleveland spears our guest right now thank you Cleveland so much for joining us. This is a great idea and this honors a great generation of people who were doing great things. Absolutely yeah we know it so much has that been done by animal and you're and -- actually generation -- but -- the war to. You know rebuild the details read -- city and we thought it was important that the created and it took a moment to celebrate their -- working their accomplishments. So you are honoring people in like twenty different categories. -- -- And couple categories such as change makers -- both of them great -- in our community and an open looks on them. And culinary arts I love that in healthcare etc. You know just for some of this what is that the definition of a millennial. Actual definition. -- a good. The year the early. Two. That 2000. We. -- we age forty would. Do we honor. And so your big party is at the end of the month it's Saturday. July 26. There. Would be there. I won't go. The other way and in the left our competition will work the sort of drum -- to beat the Marlins finished the year. I would have created this award it is a celebration with a lot of local edition. There via the Brady with a -- -- legal. See this is great and I love who you have him sing it flirty girl and Jason Williams. And yes absolutely. But it is we know we need to herald the young people who are on who the leaders of tomorrow they're leading now and then and -- later. And that issue. That's me you know I would love to come check out the event and see who -- is being honored you know like -- like it sounds like a -- healthful really exciting young Smart people. What what we're looking at -- my. Regular -- Or did you go to coming out on an experiment until you actually. You can count on that album now going that is -- and this is the second year they had this and the first year they honored trombone shorty and US attorney Kenneth politte. Not a filmmaker John Richie and -- -- and sunny later members on which I think we had him appear not to long ago. The documentarian yells at shell shocked yes yeah. -- -- -- And stunningly who has some of the -- -- -- as well and just some real. Great people in the community and and what a wonderful idea and what a wonderful party. -- it is -- where we're very excited about it and can enjoy -- a lot actually Portugal and I this year. And look what they're coming out of joining -- have to agree. -- and if they wanna buy tickets had -- they do this. Millennium. Old war. That can't make it and write and edit entry into the right. We Sacramento walk and well also. Amnesia about the need to calm the public warm commemorating warn that is the great work. -- candidate for the next US network and it works for me. That. Wouldn't be -- -- of them and that millennial award back. I nominate Ian hoped I'd double nominee you know at IFA and the eight shows a EC HH OCH yes. Blank -- to repeat that again. I have an important question Cleveland. Is an open bar. Are doing okay maybe next year that's -- -- during the credit card. Yeah yeah well -- governor. Should -- a lot of at all on arrival he has little. And you also have to. It's important equally you -- -- gala slot and stay out there. -- He knew on meet the Vietnamese work. That politically correct or at least the amazing issue. Couldn't get out. Not sounds perfect catalyst was just go to millennial. Dot. The only awards the awards dot com -- illegal war. Thank you very very much in a huge success. Are you. Sure I'll see Cleveland. All right take him in every once this is my karaoke -- like my goatee now. Everybody loves this -- this is saying great. It just makes you dance and smile. OK we do in in a while. Again as we have mr. movie. Our own Jude -- and all the great movies that are coming up. It is so great to be revealed today and it's wonderful Friday so many great things. I am very excited about those. Running rebels in the wall and more -- that is the great things yeah there's some people a little bit too high so that they want to pull them instead. It's all cleared to make two movies coming out this weekend ones that people talking about everywhere dawn of the planet of the day. -- in Louisiana and long and in Vancouver. It's the second of the pre boot the new version. And it is it's exciting it's like in the movies that critics are all saying it now on the great action movie but it also has some. Story it has some brains behind it. Until James Franco note James Franco. And unfortunately well. Doesn't have Charlton Heston in a point. There. But we'll try to keep that image. Are. The plot of this but in case people commute this may not mean the first. Part of the reboot. Is there a growing nation this genetically -- -- that led by easier there being the leader. And these -- or threatened by -- human survivors. Humans have been devastated by congress it's in years past the time in the genetically. Be solved a have been in. Promulgate around. And within the state system there is this ought to be civil war going on which group is going to. It's really exciting it is the movies that. It'll respond to younger people to teenagers I think some adult who enjoy it it's extremely well made and I think it could be a fun movie. I've heard two things like one really important thing about this one is that you know even after. Column in The Lord of the Rings and even after King Kong and on all these different sort of animated computer generated characters that -- come so far in the last ten years did -- by adhering to in this movie. -- it's just completely come into its -- I mean how could possibly get any better than this and it's. And it's not you know it's not -- attachment to the rest -- -- like so much of the action in the plot of this film is driven by these computer generated apes. And it's completely believable and it's completely beautiful to look at. And that their -- even YouTube. There's so many different versions of the making and they use these that the side by side of the actor and what's on the screen. And without the actors we would not be seen in the images that are on there and that is a huge difference and some of the one dimensional. Computer generations. Characters. So problem of them I think it'll be a fun movie if you wanna go out and get some air conditioning. -- -- super cool story about that real quick apple had a meeting over at the on. The philharmonic. The woman was that simply simply Nestle and what was I don't know I'm meeting over the area. And their office building is on rampart street which they have blocked off that hole for a very moderate alternatives that pain in the neck. But the guy told me he was like anyone sees something cool on your way downstairs to withstand now over the parking garage concede down on the set. So -- and I wasn't trespassing or anything that was kind of out their peeking over the edge and it's this deserted. Over grown in and that trolleys flipped over on their side and everything's must be -- San Francisco and then. Did the people in the motion capture suits come out and their running around and they're making these eight gestures in these gray ones he's with the ping pong balls all of them. And I solve this go down in the -- A and then and hundreds of people come out of the woodwork and re setting the props and they're tinkering with the pink and so. So cool to see that people within a -- to think that part of that movie was made right here already. One thing also is that the apes communicate for a long time with American sign language. And I'm very excited does look like best friends my -- is a -- there. And who teaches sign language and I've been learning in and somewhat proficient. So it's going to be exciting to meet one that aspect of it it's going to be fun fun popcorn summer movie what. Sounds great what I got. Another movie begin again. It is sort of part two it's from the same writer director who made them musical movie wants. That movie of course became the Broadway hit that 18. Tony award. But this movie is totally different is it does not have the same characters or anything it just something -- in the sense that. It's some. It needs to people who find each other two hospitals that need and make great music together. That's the story it's a drama comedy romance. And it starts to my favorite actors. Keira Knightley. Mark on the rough hello. They're both just. The real deal enacting. They're great look at the more importantly they -- would have kept to their care. And I. There's also pales Steinfeld who -- in TrueCrypt to achieve it she may be listening right now she's filming a movie it's perfect to -- in Louisiana's. Call -- -- his movies are written and if you don't want the inaction of BP you know it's date night. Or if you just store musical other. I'm Adam Levine is in -- he plays -- nine means first boyfriend they kind of breakup. So. I think that was a great choice for people. But I have a certain -- -- to. The third. Suggestion for everybody that's out there. Is. The Emmy nominations came out and that you don't want to go out and get to you know -- in the heat. You can stream also Netflix on demand or. Get to dvds. Of all the different nominations and it's really exciting the issue -- -- 41 nominations. From productions in Louisiana. 41 of them. American horse story had seventeen true detectives had twelve to remain at four Bonnie and Clyde had four and Whitmore Seles. The concert for young artist had one and -- yet there whole series filmed here in little ones they also were nominated so. There's a lot of great. Louisiana flavor there. But if you want them in the just enjoy. The you can go and stream so many of these. A lot of it is greedy bears of course we talked about the true detective story. Previously it's a wonderful wonderful story -- only eight theories. The HBO movie and that may be able. That you have HBO Latino somebody with HBO go borrow it. Is bill also had the normal part and amazing to be yes but Larry Kramer wrote and its story. All but -- great actors to heart breaking toward -- very important. Both of them excellent and comedy. Netflix not -- -- last year the breakthrough with the house support the nominee for best. -- -- to do it this year. Orange is the new black got nominated for best comedy. And -- immediate you know and -- in the in the awards. You don't know what category people are and -- board of new black is. Not your typical comedy by any means infected could be considered drama but it excellent. It's an excellent story of this lady she's. For the middle class. I would kind of described as sort of that really -- young lady but she's in gates kind of a lot yes -- engaged and and then also get pulled into -- gets fingered by her ex girlfriend and gets thrown into jail. In court she gets -- and and and in court I mean. And and so she gets thrown in jail and serving time and ends up and saying prison and that her ex girlfriend's dad. -- running. For the for the same parent running. Scheme. But there's lots of little intrigue some crazy wacky characters. And it's well worth watching point of the new black. Let me -- I have to interrupt because. Helen Centennial our producer has said I've never seen -- to new black she's watches it religiously is Angela we will never go to president. You've got to put up the thought it left a a number of the first. One -- one -- -- shorter. It's not a miniseries on me episodes Sherlock the BBC. Series that's. It's just that in modern day London. It on Netflix. It's great fun to watch the first episode you'll be hooked it and after he got nominated for a couple of acting awards in the third. So. Although and counterproductive to most nominated series game game of -- -- So lots of great things if you wanna stay in and check out those nominated for the Emmys. Otherwise. No mucking around just -- -- Jude -- -- you are gift and I lines you really are. You need to thank you so much that I everyone stay with this were knocked on the newsroom now financial under the W. In superstitious. And -- and who can do well let me tell you. I love that music to -- one of the most fun and events in the city. On is not this Saturday next July 19. It's the mr. legs contest and I am stunned. That billion has never been I was want to say because you have. You have all of these sexiest legs hearing his legs -- useless it is the best. I'm telling you well and for a wonderful cause and it all makes it extra special is that. Every year Laura but tell in my caused by the EMC's and they are two of the funniest people line up. But we have with the Kevin guard -- is that correct that it. And you are the executive director of the for development for. A -- counsel grace Nelson all of this bundling stuff is four good lines. Yet all the proceeds go to find out long term substance abuse treatment program here promote men and women. You know we've been around since 1957. And retreating over 700 individuals a year now and now you know demand for our services sometimes is. Is overwhelming and it's defense like missed a lake that help us keep our doors opened and the you know 70% of our budget comes from people's. Donations whether it's cash donation to -- -- bats throughout restores. To our use Carl without. Community support we would not be able to provide this file servers to our great city. Well I want to draw the picture for Ian. I don't look at that every legs contest is all about god and go. OK Ian it's taught as of parity of beauty contest back in 2001. Some of these contestants have been doing this for many years and kind of taking it to the next level. And it's features male contestant in touched jeans shorts. They are using come out and aunts. They use people forming. As a famous movie star aptly so -- -- someone that might be a hot topic in the news lately. And they've really -- monopoly which it's hysterical at some of these guys do and in all these guys -- volunteers. That help raise money for us through ticket sales sponsors and donations and no actually in -- has been you can be. And there annual I'd. I've just on your FaceBook page here I'm just did so all makes -- reminder about that slot polar areas these photos everybody should just go to bridge house -- house. Mr. legs on FaceBook to conceal these. Fiction Bosnia did. Not know this looks out of my Alley. Yeah so yeah you could -- on the money for it -- -- we had two guys -- raised about 8000 dollars a -- -- contestants brought in over point 4000 dollars for the -- Now that is true you had over 700 people. We have had over seven -- people probably the last three years for this event to -- It's one of our major fundraising events that we have here. And it can it's not the Saturday its next two generations hall it's a between six and ten. And I'm telling you with a combination of alarm box on my constant doesn't get better. It doesn't have a great time -- you know. But it did -- Dario TV anchors have. And our entries to this for sometime Lucy Bustamante he did do it with our policy and this brought on -- it was hysterical brought on my. Could just the audience and we have celebrity judges some neatly. With sort of a saint foundation will be a Judge Judy Guerrero of the comedian who aren't so yes she thought she's been judge. Probably 05 years now and and -- flirty girl that. She -- on topic -- topic keep up with yet. Hopefully you make repairs and she probably has a couple of events store today she's nonstop. Of one of our energy -- matter of great yeah we're a great Jordan Feagles -- -- he produces WW first he has an idea for a cost in suggestion. -- in Lincoln's name rank him. You know. It's been known to make if you appear -- it's really like actually he would one year where Kathleen Blanco was also a contest. This is something well I'll tell you are wonderful -- operator just came in. And showed us his feelings and they are very pretty I think you're gonna have a run next year. -- -- -- Yeah they're in on board with -- -- Live on an early well. Good luck to you won this and and we actually have a caller who's calling about the leg contest John let's. Would you -- One question what. -- Jerry -- areas where they -- well but. At least in. Illicitly we -- -- we have had a mentally challenge. Category. And the way it law. People yeah. You know -- that that the judge decides -- -- that. Have been done in the facts. On. Just before. That. It really does on you could buy tickets -- -- -- and -- -- 2010. And fifty propaganda war. And that's a bargain because you'll get a night of hilarious. On -- On certain items will be buried well it would obviously to have. -- 45 restaurants and also -- in a large quantity and is always. A large quantities of food. And a little -- I'll tell you want what you want to let that. The glare. Excellent John and Kevin thank you both good luck I know it'll be a great mr. Billings contest has been real quick before we let you go to the website or -- -- web site is www. Bridge house dot org or RG and then phone numbers Bible for. 82171. Story. Sweet thank you both very very thank you Kevin. -- -- stay with us everybody we're still talking about what's happened. Financial and teasing him. All hoping that your make plans for a great weekend captain mentioned something very rational. On Sunday I don't know if you saw bill -- those beautiful story last night on an incredible on. On 34 year veteran of the NO PD who has been stricken with -- Parkinson's disease. It's a story about a man who. Was just a monument is a policeman and again. Gets hit with this terrible disease but it was really a story about a lot of between husband and wife. Because this is a woman witness stand who stood by her man. And helps in every way possible but a very beloved and not respected people they are having an event this Sunday. At rock pebble and that's going to be to benefit him. Gonna be a lot of fun. All kinds of music Bobby cure in summertime blues crescent city's -- nine degrees west all kinds of great food. It is this Sunday. And get tickets at the door they're twenty dollars and you would help just a wonderful guy. He was on the swat team for a long time in mount up and intelligence. And he and he gave a lot to this community I don't wanna point out that starts at 2 o'clock -- goes all the way until 1030 so even if you can't. If afford to take our values on illegal -- Iraq rumble like dropped when he box go -- -- an -- some food listen these bands. For really great -- yet that group would be the wise guys please take not only pants on the same ticket that's incredible and I understand attempt his wife is I believe the singer and again with a Crescent City -- was that yeah. So again it's a way to give back and I just hope that few if -- on line and look at the story is they just love each other it's a beautiful thing to watch them again that is the Sunday. This Saturday. That got that right on so on Sunday as well correct on Sunday. Before you go there or after from three and nine at the -- bar that's an -- hand. It's not for -- animal rescue New Orleans there doing their third and you -- jalopy jubilee. So if you love old cars and motorcycles and choppers and Bob at. This is the place to be again it's at the mill bar it's inherent hand which is it to 58. Hundred block of river oaks road and Arnelle I don't I can't talk enough about what they -- phenomenal. Phenomenal people. And have called on the other days at the apartment or instinct right now is the skinny cutie and haven't seen outside as a -- -- it you know it looks like it's in very portals like -- among them. And taking care -- so hands. Slight turn -- super easy I don't know that's Korea can cash. Yes my garage. You know he sets about vintage cars out there if there's another Bastille day event that's happening I think on the thirteenth in Washington Square Park. Or they're gonna have a vintage French cars. This is the distilled it picnic from the -- over -- over mayor any improvement association. That's from 1130 until two until -- in Washington Square Park you know you know the deal food. Art and ended vintage French courts. You know something else we talk about the history of this area all the gifts to our area among them the Boswell sisters. The historic annual New Orleans collection has -- just a wonderful. Presentation of these three sisters and if you have any time annual air conditioning. And you want to read about the history of these great women. Go to the historic emerald collection and they are open on Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday. Not Monday allied Tuesday through Sunday and it's -- I like offering -- everybody likes free. -- on Thursday you know -- so important to me. And this is shadow box either down in the in the Mary on saint Claude avenue has been. So important to the growth of that sort of down down note to yourself theater community. Richard mayors -- -- guy who just graduated -- just decide who's gonna go and start of the year and he Stein and he brings a nationally touring acts -- cats have been again and again that's for deciding it presents original works -- all the time. And he is having grill in the garden. It's a fund raiser for chatterbox eager to cook off. So people at kings county and sort of have that competitive grilling cooking sort thing it's innocent sliding scale suggested donation. Five or ten dollars you come out there. Let's see the grilling begins at 2 o'clock food and festivities for live music from forced him. Yeah this is on Sunday grill in the garden and you can go to shadow -- -- dot com and check it out. But what I really like about this. Is that are -- has it -- shoot they have -- gourmet ice pops provided by meltdown. So there's not a delicious to keep open its include Whitney gardens. Which is just an empty lie in the by water my -- that addiction I don't know how they did it permit wise but Dave. Started using as a sort of community gathering art space and it's got big beautiful oak trees and and technical pensions and -- gardens yeah it's between about oil and Alfie in streets on clue it. And by water that's a really nice little pocket park for people to take their dogs are just go spend and after. Yeah a lot of fun Jack let me tell you is your brain of grilling the next hour after -- instantly if we're gonna have. Our buddy Tom Fitzmorris mr. foods -- food and we're going to be talking a whole hour about grilling and I'm going to appeal to the audience right now if you are grill bar. I want you to call in because I've never grilled that's a secret that kept. But time opening up now so I want to know how and I want you to tell us as well as mr. Fitzmorris. But anyways stay with -- were not done with what's happening we'll be right. Dancing here with the grating -- man that John weigh on the ones and -- I love this. I really hope everybody out there enjoys the weekend. You know it's been sort of an extraordinary July actually starting in the spring I thought it was a pretty spring we ever had. And you know we've had some hot days the weekend it's a great days I'm in July 4 the national think. And if it's a little -- this week and then you know want it go into the museum -- -- go -- the movie theater. And yes go over and watch those running rebels but the right. Yeah it's easy it's not like we live in a place that doesn't have ready access. And in fact sometimes you go into a restaurant and bars and likely to earn extra conditioning down please. Local also when you lamenting about theaters and there's also some other great stuff happening and I'm not going this week and I'm going next week. Under the boardwalk lot to you this is the music of my time in four seasons. Of Beach Boys the Motown Connecticut and a regular season he can't. Now I do love that and also. Want to remind everybody that next weekend for in the city park. Now we love our city park and they are having a membership appreciation party and this is the best way to become a member that's going to be next week Campbell talk about it again. But you know that just and so much after the storm this is a way to support via an. The wonderful people who love that -- I love that -- I was up there ride my bike on what boulevard last week and it's so beautiful it's. Not from the yes yeah also coming up not this weekend but next Saturday we'll talk about it again as well. Big benefit concert to have every year for the saint -- community center. And our own. Yes or read them finest. A meal go shooting and the beautiful Karen -- going to be AMC's they have got some fabulous music. Coming up so -- we think about next weekend too but in the interim enjoy this weekend and please stay with this because. Mr. -- -- mr. food. We're going to be talking grilling. I wanted to just remind everybody everything we've talked about today all the events in the fundraisers and the parties is all of our website on my weekend events guided WW all of our economy go over there and you look for the article says weekend fun and it's got a list of all the stuff that we talked about you or it you know. You are yet no urea. Thank you everybody for joining us stay with this again Tom it's -- adios.