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07-11 7pm Sportstalk/ Lebron James returns

Jul 11, 2014|

Deke talks with Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, about the return of Lebron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And an amazing Lance. What city two hours in the state of Ohio and our imagines saying as they were four years ago there equally happy if not more today. Yeah -- get to celebrate it you're the night in Cleveland and on the radio. Reporter. But animal to a Cleveland there and I know how big this moment is for this and our public family react when it happened my best friend. Was driven to tears that you're reading LeBron game letter on it -- dot com so I'd get under in the past in Cleveland sports page and that I understand. What they mean they haven't won a championship -- -- -- but he knows that LeBron did that in the latter there's a lot of work to be done. It's going to take a lot of artwork. He knows how difficult it is to win a championship but. Now that we hearing cleat went deep. There's hope that the championship drought that has been going since 1964. Canned and because you got the best player in the NBA and our team. It's a completely flip through the -- Chris from four years ago so while many people were asking. Why you know -- I don't understand why he did it but that day. When you hear him say you know north east Ohio and he had to work for it in everything people have the work for. There's not a person who who can't understand it is not a personal walk on the face of the earth. That -- understand a word home and we can all relate to where there's no place like home. And it can't like a city's fans politically correct it's it looked I don't know he could go this city better. Yeah I think you're absolutely right the command that he could you look at letter on dot com. It checked all the boxes invention home he'd mention it -- -- -- He mentioned he teammates the new teammate but he's going to have here in Cleveland. He mentioned to eat or dignity and he mentioned how grateful he was Dwyane -- in response for helping him learn how to be a champion. So all those things that you wanna hear from abroad and it's kind of its setting -- -- And it -- so the growth of LeBron I think each of the maturity of LeBron at that that the other day with you and WWL. Right now LeBron he's going to be -- in New Orleans he's got too cute he's got a white -- -- -- you know on the way you've been eight different guy -- 2014. And then when he was. In 2010. In 2000 -- he was looking for validation he was looking for you what are concerned about home he would only concerned about. People actors. And you show with the decision coming practically win that he would decision what we. Wait beyond basketball. Crispy goes -- at Cleveland dot com the Bryant returns to -- and Chris where were you. -- you found out what actually playing. -- the government -- whole point by getting ready for might be that when I've found out. He hit it got everything you're doing paperwork right and there. -- I got real and in net and in it speaker at the court for the rest of the day was what was they're like an instant hawking a -- Orleans people go on crazy in the street you can -- things that'll work where people hang out with. Well this glass -- of pitiful describe what the scene was like there. What are we wanted to make sure that it would JC. -- will be different things going on Twitter and LeBron James and there are rumors and there was speculation. A lot of twists and turns before that decision was made through. First we have to figure out OK in this really happening he really coming back to Cleveland and once that happened with -- -- celebrate with hug. Like get that it -- tears people on the importance. Of people just letting out cheers all the well. All those things. Now this Christmas I'm looking at what they had come back and let's assume that. I mean I I think it's it's it's probably closer to a two -- situation where they. Obtained Kevin Lowe did not you know I'd be glad this year -- Thompson -- -- Irving Jack it's called now but. But residents look at Harry -- LeBron James oh Wiggins. And it's through a Kevin Love to the situation it will also throwing Anderson. Bears now. What where is this team as far as from albeit standpoint though -- what do they appealed. What has common because it seems like now. Cleveland's GM and a new coach so they look like geniuses. They won't have to really make too many calls our match and word of -- get the damn. I'll go they have play operate for what what -- without both of making she should welcome mentally. -- it be that the great thing about having LeBron James on your side is he bought in and guys were willing to take what money because they want to play with LeBron -- because he's a great teammate. Because he's easy to play with. Because he makes everybody around him better. So you're going to see the camps targeting that tree and that's what it's going to take beat because if you look at the core of the team and never been there the -- there and the only player on the roster besides LeBron that is spent on the playoff agent in there are so they're gonna look to target some veterans that know how to win. Know what it's going to take to win Ray Allen at the danger in the year he might be willing to hold off retirement to play with LeBron again. Mike Miller it's somebody that LeBron was playing with he was upset when Miami used the end because -- -- before the year started. Mike Miller somebody that could be a target for the -- They want veteran the and they want shooters to help the -- and -- before. There's the well being fit into this anywhere he's moved on if you like Jack -- that it would his situation. Yeah I think it would be on peak I think Miami makes a lot of sense for him it's -- what it's LeBron game. Maybe it seemed like ballots that they can't get something done with him apart -- meet cute spin department doesn't go back he he's been. Deng in the they didn't have the rate its relationship when he came over in the trade last year I don't think he liked the way things were down in the or increase in an upbeat. The other that small forward in the game get the -- player in the game you don't need to -- opening. You know Chris Christie north -- basically as a Cleveland dot com when I look at this whole situation. And -- -- debut but we talked about it yesterday what he did. In the province even even with the most of sadness and hurt Cleveland fans were even the most out -- -- like. Whoa that's even that's that's a little -- to beat Cilic is kind of like -- those situations like. I guess when wanna go saw all the bickering they -- like what it don't matter how we feel he put too cute purse and indicated a situation. Is the state of Ohio in Cleveland into the clearly LeBron James by being able to meet with Dan Gilbert -- -- all -- behind him. He sees it looked median home team raise my kids. In Ohio and beating Cleveland is ball more greater -- in the they would dank -- what's that about me when I left. Yet another example of LeBron James maturing he that's what it comes down to. I went back and read that over and over and over again and it was filled with anger it was too late it was filled with -- and eat some words there with a personal attack on LeBron -- make no mistake about it now I understand. Gained over -- angry he was a he was reacting like and what it would be personal I'm prone to put something that yet but it's something that -- Gilbert had to move back. It's clear that LeBron to the stakes in 2010. Especially the way he handled the decision that he'd -- in all -- and are any of it represented. Except for one. It -- -- root ball called the cat to inform them up his decision before it happened unlike TV LeBron know that you need to take. -- Gilbert made it's great that night to pick -- being out and it beat the other thing the is. When you come down in the eight players they're not out there on the court picky about who you honorees at the fairly they're playing from the coach they're playing for their teammate Chris Paul. Could play in the past. For I don't know like Donald Sterling. And Carmelo Anthony employed for a guy in bull in there in New York was one of the worst owners in sports. I think LeBron can play for different Albert that short. We've had to count Chris veto and now Chris -- As you say we can Irving seems somehow beat him to be. Now seen in the news from all reports to camp or trying to make I just don't see it's kind of like what the situation we -- in a few years ago Chris Paul. I just concede that article Campbell -- while he's about he's not be here long term. You put the organization put the latest in a really bad situation and I'll see him going to camp. With the he will Kevin Love come to -- Cleveland. That. And not not and buys them not -- a great tee with the fourth but. Kevin -- has -- exit at such a big man would he can -- piece -- -- Week it really be great to see even more greatness of LeBron that we haven't seen before that like love and -- what we can do. It's two and a half almost apparently -- fans in a lot of things work. -- so much of basketball about it. Bet that you saw in my name means what it meant -- floor spacing and being in court box in the kinds of skills that Kevin Love boring to the court. It probably brings -- at -- level at this point because he's -- on your -- beaten up front -- career. It'll start you Olympian -- -- 26 and twelve guys but having big like that who can space the floor knocked down outside shot. -- defenders away from. In the it's been enacting easier for that year being in the -- team is sweet deal for Kevin Love happens and it could deal for love it's happened. Then I think the -- they're going to be a championship contender and I would go out and eat it even though 2010 LeBron teamed up with Dwyane -- in response in the sport and their Big Three a Big Three with Kevin Love. Every year thing and LeBron jeans there is nobody in the NBA NAFTA victory like that. -- look -- Cabrera I would agree whole on Chris how can people follow you on Twitter. At -- beat ordinary and leave their week. Receive if -- -- the football we got to watch close these responsibilities. If he -- Osama what he's done college to pro level. And we know LeBron James can do. The in Cleveland is it rated below one hell of Iraq and I could say you guys -- recover from a sports city which so many years the fans here. Software they were made fun of and we've got respect we've got to be a contender in the eighties in the caddied on and now the -- at the NFL. I would hope that those -- offense can keep that title so that. We don't have urban street we don't have the French Quarter but you know people are can be parting week at all he can be. Chris thank you so much coming you've been so great to us we appreciate you helping in I know it's going to be a great talent -- the Cleveland thank you so much -- time -- coming America.