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07-11 8pm scoot / Lebron James/ Priest

Jul 11, 2014|

Should priest be required by law to tell police what they heard in the confesstional? PLUS.... the return of Lebbron James....

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It's a Friday night stand you know we always selected talk about heading into the weekend later in the show we're gonna talk a little bit about. How do you meet somebody. You know you might be single maybe you'd never married maybe divorced. Maybe separated just getting ready gave -- the dating scene. Yeah it's it's really easy to meet people as some people I guess find it easier than others I was fairly difficult because I was always very very shy. But we'll talk about how you meet somebody and if you're a female. How do you want guys to approach you and if your guy. Is it okay if women. Approach you. Which are likely to be a little more aggressive as -- you're a shy person like myself. You would certainly want women to approach you talk about that a little bit later she'll also tomorrow is the running of the bulls. For 2014. This is a lot of -- into parlance are just a match in this roller girls with helmets. With horns. Plastic bats. And they chase runners in this dvd and the French Quarter. And a whole goal is to hit him with a plastic -- now the good news is this does raise money for the 2014. On animal rescue of New Orleans and also the -- chapter of the multiple sclerosis society it starts at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning so this will be in the CBD and the French Quarter. And I don't know if they have really sets. Route. To the kind of go wherever they -- ago and kind of have one set up but he could happen anywhere but you might get swatted on the but with a plastic bat. By -- a girl. Which is something that I probably deserve so I really wouldn't object to that again asserted o'clock tomorrow morning and the festivities they're going all weekend. And we'll have more information on that -- show. It's time for tonight's top rated eight near the top three things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Yeah it's really not easy to be a sequel to a classic moving but don't have the planned at the -- which is now showing. Is being hailed by some as the best science fiction film in years. An article foxnews.com. Website praises the movie by saying like the best of Shakespeare's tragedies. Each character's good intentions are overcome by their flaws. Creating a path toward destruction. There's also comment about how it like in the in the original. Plan BH -- -- in 19661968. -- that the late sixties. Starred Charlton Heston. That was. That was a movie that kind of lead you wish the apes and the humans could get along and that's -- I'm hearing about this movie to a plan in a scene at this weekend. I will you go see dawn of the planet to the it's much of that was shot in new worlds we'll talk -- friend -- -- Who was on the set of that movie a little bit later in the show number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You feel good about the way you look. This in new Gallup survey that shows that 66% of Americans. 65 and older feel good about the way they look. In a confidence drops a little bit in middle aged between 35 and 64. A one theory is that there's less social. Expectations. When it comes to appearance as you mature. Now the category for eighteen to 24 year old 69% of the men said they feel good about the way they look and many of them probably don't have mirrors. 57% of the women I said they feel good about the way they look. But -- for those 65 and older. A 64% of the men and 60% of the women said they feel good about the way they look and I hope you feel good. About the way you look. You know life. Especially you younger you know life doesn't have to get worse as you get older it can actually. Get a lot better and if your young you know to carry yourself. And if you're older and start taking care yourself if you haven't done that and you know you can really enjoyed. Getting older and look at all the -- all the rock stars who were close to seventy or seventy years slightly over seventy who still really look great today. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The rush to judge just in Paris the father who left his young son it -- -- to die. The rush to judgment innocent. Led to immediate demands for police to drop charges against him. It also led to immediate donations for his defense. The online payment site PayPal. He's taken on the campaign to raise money for harris' defense. It is now willing to refined over 22000 dollars. That was donated. Would you want your money back yeah I think so. Innocent until proven guilty. But the rush to judgment to judge him innocent was indeed rush to judgment because there's a lot that we learned and still a lot we don't know but there's a lot that we've learned. That the rush to judge him innocent ways. Was a flawed now the mother of the child Leigh -- Harris has retained -- criminal attorney. And she's not a suspect but many believe that she could be a suspect. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. About 50 Louisiana state police troopers are going to be helping patrol the French Quarter from now until Labor Day. And I saw some of the quarter last night. Not many French Quarter businesses are now working on a plan to privately funded security. For sections of the French Quarter and the mayor and now the -- security. Would be an OPD officers working details. This is my -- says that it would be off duty police officers. -- confused here. We don't have enough officers to patrol the French Quarter. But we have enough officers. Who were off duty. Who could help to the job. I saw something last night that I really hadn't seen before and maybe this is something that has happened before and I just did did notice it. But I sought to state troopers standing on the corner off too loose and royal so that's block off perfect on to list. And I thought we you know that's really Smart because not everything happens on Bourbon Street. And I would also think that since there are some since shady things that can happen between urban and golf -- Going in the other direction. That may be NO PD maybe Louisiana state police they should be positions. On some of those corners and some of those areas. But hey it's great to see the that the troopers in town saw. Mounted police last night and they were troopers throughout the quarter and we'll have them in town at least until labor. Number for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. NFL quarterback Mike Vick is going to host the Michael -- comedy explosion in Shreveport Saturday night. And local animal rights activists planned to protest the event because they say that there's a problem with dog fighting in the area of the state and they don't want him there. Attorney Dan keel this is part of an article that we have on our website at WW dot com. He's a local animal rights activist he plans a protest event he said we have a problem with dog fighting in the street port area. We have cases of animal abuse. This is not the place for the time for the strand theater report. To host Michael -- However some are welcoming Michael Vick to report there's a forgiveness rally it's -- also take place in front of the theater before the company show. And Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover hopes that both of the groups will demonstrate in a peaceful manner. He feels that that Michael Vick has paid his debt to society. And now his story is a story of redemption. And Vick was -- jealous I'm sure you remember back in 2007 for his involvement in dog fighting ring and that has led to a lot of condemnation and and justifiably so but if the guy went to prison and he got out he paid his debt to society. It seems to me there are some people who never forgive him in I'm an animal lover. But it does seem is here if Michael Vick has has changed. And he has done some things to help benefit on animal abuse projects. So what side which you beyond which you be on the side to protest Michael -- or would you be on the side of the forgiveness rally. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. When you go out if you're going out tonight or sometime this weekend even wanna admitted but are -- actually looking for somebody to date. I mean I I go out quite often. I'm dating somebody now so not looking for anybody to date the -- when I go out I see people who are out trolling there looking for. For some practice to pick up -- -- me some people actually looking for somebody to have a relationship with. And I don't mean just a physical relationship. Is it easy to meet people that some people it's it's easy to meet people for others it's it's not easy it's always very difficult for me to meet people. So what are the best places to meet somebody and also tonight. We're talk about this idea. Then it's you can't meet the right person in a bar because people tell you don't go to the grocery store go to the library go to the bookstore. Go to a coffee shop. Goat to. I health club go anywhere but don't go to aborted beat somebody because you can't meet the right person in a bar. Well I would think that there are a lot of good people in bars. Bars -- are filled with good reputable people. Who would be good to have a relationship with so I'd like to note did you meet the right person in a bar. If you and enjoy an issue with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seventy. In a text numbers 877. Also if you're female I would I would love your advice. -- for me but for guys -- to get your advice on how you would like nice to approach you. I got a list of flirtatious races here. And this is from a web site dummies dot com and how to. How to date. After fifty. And here are some of the lines. You have great allies. You have perfect skin. You're incredibly handsome. I think you so attractive. Much more attractive than your picture. I love your hair. I can't stops during your lips now at what point did you think you'd be slapped. -- -- I just don't see any of these lines were at an especially if if you're if you're -- when you're young it's it's it's easier to -- people. You know you're in clubs in groups and you've got schooled. And things like that. But when you are older if your divorced -- and your. Out -- would like to meet somebody. Where'd you grow. And we would be the best place to recently. If you wanna join us to like become an 2601872038668890. Point seven. And it checks Amber's late seventy -- every here's a Texan -- are you dating a man. No I'm not dating a man contrary to what many people would like to believe I Harris attacks there he -- 73 are still amazed by that. 73% of all relationships of people between eighteen and 32 are taking place through dating sites. And I have actually known people who have gone the dating sites. But I don't I I don't know of any long lasting relationships. That have resulted from the dating sites -- -- they don't happen. I just the people that I know he views them. Kind of as a temporary fix. And nothing that really nothing that really -- again which an issue with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. And a text number is 877. Never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled that a priest. Who learns about the sexual assault of child. Must report. Even if the crime as disclosed in private confession church. The Catholic Church maintains that confessions are private and no priest can reveal anything they -- a confession. Do you think religious freedom should protect priests. From reporting crimes. That they learn about it confession. Here's a -- give you a pretty -- opinion poll tonight should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and we'll we'll talk about this on the -- -- and of course there's freedom or -- and book. What if it with all due respect for the Catholic church and Catholic doctrine the loss of the Catholic church and I am a Catholic. I really struggle with this idea. Of whether or not appreciate report a crime it seems to me that that's the human thing to do. Again this is my opinion. But he -- is that Europe is it appropriate to require priests to. -- crimes. The take place in confession I remember watching a movie years ago I wanna say this was in there and that the late seventies may -- early eighties the movie was called priest. And it was a British movie. And it was a story I think there's been a more recent movie out called priest I haven't I haven't seen it but a long time ago I saw this movie called priest. And it was about these these two priests and they did the priests were were battling with whether or not to reveal. On this confession. They knew of this I guess the girl was about fifteen she was being sexually abused by her father. And the -- which really torn to know whether or not to reveal this to authorities he was torn because the church says -- what happens in confession is. Is is private. Doesn't have to be repealing should not be revealed. But there was a part of him as a human being who thought I just got to tell authorities I've got to tell somebody. It was a very interesting movie that's set up this this dilemma that world will talk about tonight. Do you think religious freedom protects priests. From reporting crimes. That they learn about it confession. Our numbers 260187. -- toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy tech's number is 877. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Who says you can't go back LeBron James is going back to Cleveland and this city is celebrating. LeBron James king James. I'm not to be mistaken with a guy who wrote that version of the Bible. King James is accused of turning his back on his home state and the city of Cleveland when he left Cleveland and went to Miami. He -- over Akron. He left and always going home. Have you ever left. And gone back home. And did you come to appreciate home more when you came back. I've got my experience that affected scoop like tonight is titled LeBron back to Cleveland. There's no place like home. And I can -- I've -- it's a great cities throughout the country I was always proud to be from New Orleans New Orleans is my home and your home will always be your home. You can and set up home elsewhere but home is always home. When I came back a couple of years ago. I learned. To appreciate so many things about new worlds that I took for granted it. So have you left LeBron is going to be going back to two to Ohio. And it sounds to me and that he even said the decision was bigger than basketball. It's really about. -- human side of him warning to go back home wanting to contribute to his home state. So if you have left. Whether it's New Orleans or some other cities you left home. And you've gone back. Did you come to appreciate -- more when you returned. And if you have left new worlds and come back what is it that you really. Notice about the city. It may be you didn't. Fully realize and appreciate before you left if you what did you initially become at our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889078. At a text number is 878 Saturday. And by Joseph Lee sang about it who says you can't go back well you can't. This is the -- show we're coming right back on this Friday nights on WL. Restore LeBron James is going back cold going back to Cleveland he's from Akron Ohio the city is celebrating he laughed and this city booed him. And I it was an arrogance that does seem to be part of his sudden departure as well. Have you ever left home and and come back when I think about LeBron going back home I think about how it felt like I came back home. -- are things that I came to appreciate about New Orleans it's always -- over these things were here but I really came to appreciate the city overall more. On having lived in other great cities -- in the country. Have you left and come back home and do you appreciate more now that you've returned our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a tax receipts -- -- -- like tonight is titled LeBron back to Cleveland there's no place like home and that's our website you can -- picture with others. At WWL dot com also tonight we're talking about the Louisiana Supreme Court that ruled that a priest who learns about sexual assault of a child must report. The Catholic Church maintains that confession is private and no pre should say anything about what his sanity confession. Do you think religious freedom protects priest from reporting crimes they learn about it confession that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll should priests be required to report crimes. 27% say yes 73%. Saying no. Give us your opinion by going to our website at W dot com here's a -- reads issued psychiatrist be required to report crimes revealed to them by patients. Any difference between that and what may be confessed to a priest no I don't think so. And I think in in some situations a psychiatrist are required to be -- if you know more about the society all the children -- some situations when it comes to bodily armor something's. A police psychiatrist. Are obligated to report something but the question is should priest. I think -- human being before you're a Catholic -- you and I I respect the rules of the church but she priests have to. Report a crime if you -- join us tonight with your comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy at a text numbers except yourself from northeast Georgia and -- she'll have -- -- well. Western area of our program to do you have more access to my but from the sports. Actually from insurance perpetrator. More to -- objections. We went to a Newton -- Japan there. Special people and and and sure his -- was still it's still too emotional about it rubbish. Who practice who grew older than a -- approach social club culture. And that sort of -- in the culture more -- of the contract that and I was actually in northern which analyzed -- is. You may have that the reform bill. That would eventually in the potential. The historical black colleges. We did. A format that's -- pupil. All of a different -- of the reassure the -- -- returning to where our problems have dramatically larger problem -- there's so much. About shipments for the people blows some job we all appreciate it until -- get more trying to make it you know. Georgia agree -- -- time -- color -- you have agree weekend. He I volleys are very proud to say that I'm from New Orleans or would you tell people you're from New Orleans or an entry from me -- -- from the world say they they're just are so intrigued. Even if they -- to New Orleans but it's especially they've never been -- so intrigued to hear about what it's like to live in New Orleans for pedestrian Kevin your -- WL. He has screwed now followed -- a priest -- I think that day. Should not have. Tell anybody about what and it getting married here in a confessional. That are given a confession. Day. Are on that understanding. And be outage -- -- 3COM. If a person it can bet nets and that seems to me that day RRE morally what they did wrong. It's a criminal law but that demands law morally. More -- our law. And I realize they did something wrong -- heard arguments. At him again in a confessional about that. Kevin what if it's a case of somebody who is being abused. Confessing that to to a -- so here's somebody who hasn't done anything wrong there there there are a victim and -- talking to a priest about it should -- report that. Are you don't think they should report I think Asia and advise them on. It. -- you. Advise that. They should give them and that's a great job that he's thinking I'll be. Do you think it would be difficult to be a priest if you if you did give that advice and you knew the person was not taking your advice it was still being and you knew that the abuse was still going on would that be difficult if you saw that in your parish. It it would be it you know. I had may have I'll. It's. Straight session secret between me that person and guy. And I think that is. You know -- you we talked about man who walked here owner because in the Bible it doesn't say anything about age my grandma was married at thirteen years dole and others produce an -- I. I am at that age. Now we think that's horrendous. You know but it. But things have changed over the years. Even that many more that we understand where teenagers won -- and are not -- And that well that would make sense. You know week week but is. -- Taboo on age and discrepancy in age and -- as -- No I don't know it an early age has to do is with -- Well I'm not. Just start talking about like you're you're Hispanic. About it -- -- -- a confessional and there have been treated at mountain and earlier you -- about operation. Yeah I think that legal avenues that they can personally that you notice. -- what does that -- OK but but you know -- a lot of people who were abuse are free to tell the authorities there -- afraid to tell their parents so here they are telling a priest. And it and music appreciate not reveal that information to the glorious. Not trees that are now. Think that's his plate if they used it date of record that has rolled on an ad in the -- -- followed that -- -- station. -- just like police department at students say eat at the right to remain silent my hat and anything you can outplay can and will be used again. You go into the -- crash on you to Miranda rights read. Pretty much. As well now if you charming you know -- -- illegally. -- -- -- I'm glad to -- the show thanks listening tonight as the Covington -- your own -- she'll into the W well. I was calling about you would talk about a common Paul Jewell Williams you know. I want to remind you something that you probably don't remember. And -- good reasons and it show years and years ago. That to be so it. Is like listen to radio. You had to calm. School -- school sort of thing to prove if alcohol tests are you draw. So answer you don't remember this. QQ per -- to and you were with disproportional tribe or newer driver. And then after arranged. You were just in career as a double. If you remember. Yeah I remembered doing shoes. And when you get to the point where you're you're drunk I don't remember drive I mean I remember driving drunk in my life I'm ashamed to admit that but I'm Lebanon. But I don't I don't. You were -- in the you know like do you have a memory of that oh. Well it was real can tell you that. I do remembered. Trying to demonstrates how many drinks in hand before you -- Before -- drug. Rick if you everlasting comeback. OK so I want to the American University in -- for four years were as were a college you know McCain. And an assistant for 32 years in there so you weren't really going that way you -- going to the same kind of places the French Quarter. Yeah. African political shows thanks for listening to WWL at night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going into positive outlook -- a bomb station and ritual on and she read. You. What I'm talk about the -- -- our tradition. It's in the law. That does not allow them to do anything and best if you cool cool it. And you'll you'll. Construct -- very active on because it would be an action. And that in confessional. On the other it's not an option and so it is in the art where. They can report. Of course spark what do you ought to be something that is confined to confession I mean I think the dilemma is. And there is human laws supersede church law. Don't you know I mean I don't agree with that. And you treat your priest and remote and bought. Com. Law community -- law that Lebanese. So I mean. Should the role that won. The moral. And the. Roar let's take it away from church went about a psychiatrist who hears about. Ultimately audits and -- an all. This is the spiritual. Although I agree I agree with but it -- it -- get it on eight and I agree or poultry. Or -- being factual. But be released priest a -- law. And it is part of it and it Q on Q school with a bit different script of what they can. Well I understand I understand it is it's an indefinite law of the church the question is -- sure it'd be issued -- be required to. Reveal what they hear about a crime and confession when I'm -- going to call the show. Here's a text about a LeBron LeBron is just an overpaid freak he doesn't care about the game just about the money. -- I think what's interesting about LeBron going back to. Going back to. Cleveland but his home is Ohio groping her in Akron. What I what's interesting about this is I don't think it's about the money anymore but it's easy for him to say no this is not about the money the -- you have all the money that you need. Mean I guess everybody always wants more money. But he's he's financially set so it doesn't have to be about the money anymore. He has that he has an opportunity to make it about. -- manatee or he is emotional connection with home. But maybe it's easier to do that what you've got all your money. If you would enjoy a -- with a comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text numbers -- 77 he hears a double give you a pretty general opinion poll should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession give us your opinion. By going to WW dot com I'm screwed out of party nights will be right back on WW well. Yeah I think tomorrow I'm gonna have to go out in and get in the streets have deceived median of French Quarter during the running of the bulls because I think I deserve to be spank with a plastic bat. But one of those roller girls. I here's -- we're talking about tonight did LeBron James is going home got me to thinking about when I came back to New Orleans and how much I appreciated the city always love the city always appreciated but. -- appreciate it much more now. That I have been in other great cities are -- great cities with. There's no place like home and that's the subject of the -- like tonight our website at WW dot com if you have left and come back I'm sure you can think about things. That you appreciate more about the city that's one of the things we're talking about tonight also on should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession. That's -- WW up pretty general opinion poll right now 29% say yes and 71%. Saying no. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW real to account to join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And it takes -- it's only seven here's a text that breeds LeBron has never been a superstar just a loser like the rest of the thugs in the NBA. Obviously it's a semi that has a bit of a problem but in the context of the world of the NBA. It is fair to say that LeBron James is a superstar not from candidate John you -- -- you -- -- -- And then not to put the -- will witty story. Peggy Dolan like he'd been basic and meeting in sports he's letting it he's letting people know -- I'm going back home easy Jason during that he's putting everything out -- -- these are very good example and India. If Drew Brees left this is not gonna happen but it Drew Brees did leave in place for another team. There would be a lot of animosity toward true. If he came back though I'm sure there would be the same kind of celebration that they're having Cleveland right now. Exactly. And -- -- -- really believe it when someone goes and so my dad is going to be. People talk into and out of the main thing is he's gone about these doors for the right reason -- -- a lot yeah actually someone else. It -- -- -- I mean if you could do and so like there it takes it takes so Morton money it takes more than. Sport to take so this deterring any deal. Well course there's there's something about him saying this is bigger than basketball when I've heard the reasons that he wants to go back to Cleveland this is where he's from he's from Akron at this is his home state. He loves that he feels a bond there. Yes sometimes in Europe in your career you feel the need to to go on and do things just for money. And now that he's in a position where he's got all the money he could could need. And he he has the I guess he has the luxury of saying okay -- now I just now I just wanna go home and and and be home. Larry great play -- get it checked so yeah. Think about one -- really won -- when a player -- the sport can really believe the science focused too much. Or at play here. I mean it's like well he left we would soared about Jimmy Graham I'm I'm freaking out squirrels but it. I'm taken in Oman it has -- world. And he left in new law and we probably one of the best plays when it's warm out there about twelve leap. We got to realize you know I mean. Well it is it is a business yeah I saw I saw a TV report earlier today of a guy in Miami who has a full. Back ten to LeBron James in a Miami Heat uniform and thinking you think this guy has any regrets. -- John -- called and you have a great weekend. Here is attacks that reads now what if someone admits murder to a priest. Do they remain quiet. According to the Catholic Church yes they do the question is. Is that right. Should priests be required to report crimes revealed during confessions. The Louisiana State Supreme Court ruled that a priest should come forward with information in the case of hearing about child abuse. Our numbers 2670. Toll free 86688907. Text. 87070. We'll be right back on -- WL. The -- going back to Cleveland there's no place like home I know exactly what that feels like I'm about -- -- a couple of years ago. Never left the city because I was angry here it was of a business opportunity. And not only that the stations or before at the time when I left it in 1996. Had changed formats and they were no longer talk and there was no job for me lost my job at that point and there were no immediate opportunities for me because of my financial obligations -- to put too much sun and also to myself. But also to my son I had to I had to move. And I've been some great cities around the country of largely thrill to come back to to New Orleans have you moved away and come back. This is what the bronze feeling right now who's going back home to a two Ohio. And sometimes when you're away from something you appreciate it even more what's something that you missed about New Orleans when you work here are numbers 260187. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seven. And a text number. Is -- 77 also tonight we're talking about the Louisiana Supreme Court ruling that a priest who learns about the sexual assault of -- child must report it. Even if the crime is disclosed in a private confession. The Catholic Church maintains that confession to private and no priest can reveal anything said in a confession. Do you think this is about religious freedom should religious freedom protect priests. From reporting crimes that they learn about in a concession. I got a text him over ago from somebody said well what do for a priest hears about a mercker. As far as I know they they can't reveal that added protection supporting you said it's just hearsay -- you know it is just hearsay. But it might lead to an investigation that might lead to somebody. Being able to. Be protected. If if if somebody's being molested or there's some crime going on I guess this. And as a Catholic I I guess we all have to fight with this. Is this about. Man's law. Or is it about a church law deceit -- A man made church law. Supersedes. What I think would be doing the right thing which would be revealing something terrific that was happening in a confession. Here's a -- reads. Was it also Canon law. That the molestation by Catholic -- to children took place for many years and was not reporters crimes. I'm Catholic. Believe this law needs to be changed. And here's our WW a party general opinion polls that I should priests be required to report crimes that are revealed during the confession. 29% say yes but 71%. Saying no. It'll be adjusting to see that change changes as the Hugo so we'll update that in just a few minutes give us your opinion by going to our web site of EWL to account I mentioned at the beginning of the show that I buy some movie. Years ago when this it was the late seventies maybe it was -- into the early eighties to -- was called priest and I know there's been a movie that's come out since then -- priests -- not talking about that movie. But -- there was this movie that it was about these and these two British priest in the rectory. And they were both let's just say they were both very humid so they had their own human flaws. But their main theme of the movie was this priest. Her from this I wanna say this girl was fifteen years old she was being sexually abused by her father. Now why she sing this in confession I guess because she felt like she could talk to some. And the priest which was debating with himself whether or not he should tell the authorities. About the crime. Or the alleged crime or whether he should. Maintain the Catholic Church Canon law and not reveal what he said -- confession. And he was really torn by this tonight I would imagine that a lot of -- -- are torn by things that they -- in confession things that they're not supposed to say. The question is should priests be required to reveal crimes that are revealed even in confession. If you -- join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 386688. -- here early Saturday. And a tech's number is 878 Saturday here's a text I'm not sure I'm right to but it sounded like you had a problem with police officers working details to help cover the downtown area. If so why. I mentioned earlier in the showed that if we this is something that we've heard last week or so from now until Labor Day there will be about fifty of Louisiana State troopers. -- -- going to be covering on the first quarter we're gonna help NO PD patrol front cooler. Now there are private businesses that want to come together and form their own fund to have added security. And the security would be provided by an off duty police officers. If you stand back and think about it is -- -- asked this question. Okay. We don't have enough officers. To patrol the quarter. But we would have enough officers if we use off duty police officers to patrol the quarter now I realize that I'm not against police officers are having off duty. Johnson all. That's that's not there the question. But it's almost as if OK we'll look I'm gonna work my job I really could do more but you know I'm I'm off now -- I'm gonna make more money which is what police officers do. I'm gonna make more money by. Going to patrol the French Quarter so I just I think it's an interesting it's an interesting question we hit we don't have enough police officers but if we include off duty police office as well that we can bring them -- Pay them and that we would have enough. Police to -- a quarter. In theory. If you wanna join -- -- -- your comment about any of this stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number. It's 87870. Now we're coming right back with more of your comments and it is a Friday nights we are heading into the weekend it is going to be -- -- very hot day tomorrow I think the heat index is gonna be somewhere between a hundred and a 10050. Or something ridiculous like -- it's going to be odd day this your -- tonight is about going back home. The bronze going back to Cleveland going back home to Ohio I came back home a couple of years ago have you ever left and come back home. And you appreciates. Being home more now that you've come back scoop like this on our website at WWL. Dot com.