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07-11 9pm Scoot/ Lebron James, Priest and confesstion

Jul 11, 2014|

Does the state have the right to require priest to report crimes they may hear in the confessional? ALSO...Lebron James returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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This weekend there's a very special event it's called rock and for Richie. Added benefits 34 year veteran. Of NO PDA's gonna be rock and bowl on Sunday in this is to benefit. And Richard Segal who is battling with parkinson's says very year aware of this. It's going to be Sunday it starts at 2 o'clock it goes on at least until ten but listen to the bands that are going to be there. Yet -- Groovy seven. To banter -- with the wise guys. The -- Louisiana spice. Ninety degrees west very good their country there. Bobby cure and the summertime blues. And Crescent City -- All of this to benefit his. Veteran and a PD officer -- solo work which one and ended up in intelligence he was part of a group of people that protected ten presidents and heads of states that the open but the threesome with McCain to do -- Now that's a lot of great music. So if you just wanna go Sunday and have a great yeah it's going to be hot Sunday. And of course she might have a chance of some thunderstorms popping up so you'll be inside rock and bowl it'll be nice and cool. And comfortable and even have a great time there were some great music tickets to the Vander ark twenty dollars and can be purchased at the door. And if you're not able to attend. You can send like I checked all proceeds go to a two Ritchie and his family here again to. Help with his care with parkinson's and is a great affair with a lot of great hands and giving their giving their time. And so I hope you have a chance to -- that again at Sunday actor rock and bowl starts at 2 o'clock. LeBron James going back to Cleveland he's going back home. And it's reminds me of how I felt when I'm moved back to New Orleans at some ways have you left and come back and did you. Did you come to appreciate the city more when you when you came back in what is it that you came to appreciate so much about the city. As you know I've I love being here I always love New Orleans. I'd I'd left in 1996. It was admired my choice I had to leave for an opportunity. And idea immediately did some great cities around the country but was thrilled to come back here a couple of years ago. And LeBron James is talking about how his decision to go back to Cleveland is bigger than basketball. It sounds like he he just wants to get back to his roots he wants to get back to the place where he grew up. If you have a live somewhere else no matter where you live no matter how great it is. Your home is always going to be home. So did you leave and come back if you're gonna join -- for the comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here early Saturday at tech's number is 878 Stephanie. Also tonight we're talking about on the Louisiana state police are helping out -- French Quarter patrols from now until Labor Day that's good news. And the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that preach that hear about sexual assault in a confession. Are required to tell authorities. That's a double W a project -- able to right. Should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession. Is an update on the poll 32% say yes. 68%. Say no give us your opinion. -- going to reflect a part of deal to come there's church law. And then there's. The law. Should church laws supersede. The law. And I guess the argument could be made about. Psychiatrist should they reveal what they hear. In a private session what about attorney client privileges. When it comes to disclosing. A murder being a defense attorney might note their client. Committed murder do they have an obligation to turn over what they know that might lead to the conviction that person. And I would think that that's different because everybody. Deserves. A fair trial. And that's part of our system of justice again to join our shooter might be your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 877. From Lafayette Chris your description of good evening. -- -- -- -- well I'll let -- be it. You -- -- but it. I think that -- -- not -- reported that it. Where evict them. -- got. Them. Back in and maybe but what I didn't. And -- the -- And now the bank robbery here it evaporate in a certain date and I -- agree it may have. It may open up where -- Butler equity debate about. -- -- the that being. Yeah I don't I don't know if that debate's gonna be resurrected anymore that it's it's going on now mean that the debate about prayer in schools has never really gone away. -- just Chris I have -- as a Catholic I I have a problem with the priest. No link to a daughter crying that media horrific crime -- being committed and being bound by. Man made church law. Not to reveal that but I understand the point you're making about somebody might not wanna go to the authorities so this person is is going to a priest but I would think that. If that person's like going to the authorities. Then the priest could that person wouldn't have to I mean obviously it whoever the victim is doesn't want this to continue to happen. -- -- -- -- -- I think -- out the -- maybe it would and tired of -- the biggest. I don't I'm sure that I'm sure -- student. Yeah it but it would help if you that it. I appreciate you calling a show Chris nationalistic if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and a text number is 877 here's a text. -- you don't know Jack off duty police officers get paid by the business they work for if they're off. But want to but want but you want them to work for the city now ISO what I said so I do know Jack I know a lot of Jack's. -- just. In theory. We have enough police officers who could be paid to do the quarter which I guess means police officer should be paid more money. If the error if there -- businesses that wanna hire off duty police officers to make the French Quarter more secure for their businesses. These are off duty police officer so. We don't have enough on the schedule force but they will work extra hours and I'm not opposed -- that. But what this tells us is we have enough bodies to do it we have enough people who are willing to work that many hours. But there's not enough money for them to turn down the off duty job so -- I'm totally understand if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. In a text numbers 87070. There's a sequel out this weekend dawn of the plan to the gates and it's it's not easy to be the sequel of a classic movie. And planet of the -- was a classic movie. I guess that was you know there's only sixties this movie is now showing dawn of the planet of the apes is being hailed by some as the best science fiction film in years. And as an article foxnews.com the website decreases the movie by saying like the best each of Shakespeare's tragedies. Each character's good intentions. Are overcome by their flaws creating a path toward destruction. And there's also -- thought that in this movie like in the original planet of the -- there's this feeling that you just wish the apes and humans. Could get a -- I'm not into scifi and I've admitted that that's that's not my genre but I really interest is instinct on a -- the -- and much of that movie was shot here in New Orleans. That's not sets. In New Orleans but two -- I blue screen are green screen -- wonders screens that they put up and Dade they feel it is as if it's gonna be to put the backdrop of another city there. And it's filmed here but it's not set here and I Ehrlich you're under the WL. Hello -- I. Are out. By a car. After a break out. -- -- -- Army is -- -- code. So. Professor. And it has partial break in that church there -- It is called. Joseph only trip -- In our people -- I have trouble -- very little. Fortunate break or corporate commute or. -- somebody. Somebody said that may be errors the -- should say you have a right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against -- maybe we should have Miranda rights read on the going to confessional. ROB. -- Don't Joseph. Cool are you -- -- -- it would have to be known. That's that this is going to be a change in Canon law in the Catholic Church here everybody would have to know that there's a change and if you did confess. CN about a crime that you competitor a crime is being. On view for example of this movie that I saw I used to. At the teenage girls who is being abused by her father. As she was talking to the -- departed confession in the priest was really torn because he wanted to tell the authorities but the Catholic Church law would not allow him to tell the authorities so. He was really internally conflicted. With bad -- I think this is interesting discussion because there's there's church law. But there's also. Just being a human being and if they did change that that people would have to know look what you say confession if you. If you confess. A climb or if you talk about a crime being committed -- -- a possibility that I'm gonna go to the authorities. Our art religion that. Are -- good church. And it more or were a joke orders. -- -- -- I don't it's -- actor went out should be. Are -- I would judo. Earl I'm glad you called the show I think the Catholic Church which trying to work on a planet I'm not positive about this but I think the Catholic Church was trying to work on a plan. Two to get more people to to come to confession. They were gonna have an express confessional which would be for six in the last. But that your -- somebody's gonna get in there with tennesseans and you can be standing out there -- -- I can't believe this is guys. He's got totally since he's going into the expressed confessional. Here's a Texan region need to get a priest on your show what have him explain. They're justifications in not reporting violent or sexual crimes confessed to them why I -- the explanations real simple. It's against church law. To report those things. But that raises the question which is more important. Church law. A reporting a crime. Here's a -- how about an active serial killer. Does the priest do nothing. What is the priest hears. A confession. From the circular. And then the priest reads in the news a couple of days later. About another crime that he believes this person has committed based on. Based on his seven method of operation. -- What if the priest then heard a concession that yes I did commit that crime I did kill a person. Emmett -- again. As far as I know according to. The Catholic Church the priests. Does it say anything wasn't there in in the the movie match. There was a it was a priest. On the -- in the mash unit. Any -- confession. From I think that called in jaw breaker he was the he -- the did the dentist. And it was there a confession to sky it was it was confessing. That he thought it was a homosexual. Because he was in some kind of situation with a woman and he was unable to opera for. And so that made him believe that he was. He was affected by latent homosexuality. And you wanted to kill himself. And the priests heard about this in a confession -- realizes he has to movie but the priest heard about it confession and he couldn't really say anything. But the priest figured out a way to kinda hit around. What was going on and so somebody else did. Get the idea and they actually. Kind of figured out. Here's a -- -- Be real you can take cops a thousand. A thousand today. And it. You won't get crime. Stop lying to yourself by thinking that money solves all problems signed a retired police officer. Well I'm not the only one who believes that more police officers would help but I've never set on the show. It more police officers will stop crime a police officers respond to crime. They can't be -- to always prevent crime so. That's not something that I've ever believed in more police is not. Is not the answer. Now it's a temporary. It's a temporary solution to maybe help out a problem but that's about as far as I'll go with that from Washington parish bird here under the WL. -- Add a -- they choose whether that church involved are. Country lulls you. If you remember in the bad old days you'd have to follow let alone a light. And can tell me if it's at all. Now if it was. Someone comes as saying -- Abusing young children or something. That should be revealed. Something. Are serial killer or something alleged that they don't that should be revealed. But according to the church it's not to be revealed if its revolving confession. But the battle we got serious that normally you'd think -- called beauty that you shouldn't. Yes. Like the church should not have that authority. Bert I appreciate you calling a Shelby of the great weekend here's a text that read simply show like lawyers they are bound by their oath. Now I understand that the question is should there be that oath. Should priest issue and beings. Beat down by church law. Over. Revealing a crime. That may be hurting somebody. Here's a -- W a party general opinion poll should priests be required to report crimes revealed during confessions. -- is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com it's Friday night we are heading into the weekend. I'm scoots it will be right back. You know it would really be difficult to be a priest. And be bound by you're both down by the -- the open man made laws of the church. And yet feel the need to wanna expose. Somebody who is come to UN confession. They do know is a criminal. Here's a Texan -- as a by the -- student I have learned a priest are supposed to strongly advised to confess or to turn himself or against herself in. Here's attacks to that -- they are not supposed to tell. If you're going to hurt someone. Or yourself. They're not supposed to do this again I'd I don't think they can reveal anything about what goes on -- confession and Louisiana's Supreme Court has ruled that the priesthood should. Revealed crimes that are that are being committed. Here's a -- to Catholic Church did not punish or report priests molesting children. That moved the moved priest to another parish so maybe this is why they do not want to report crimes. Admitted to during confessions they do not report crimes within their own church you'll hopefully that is change for the Catholic -- -- been guilty of a covering up you know horrific crimes and and why did they do it. They did -- to protect the church. So -- protecting the church more important than protecting. Human beings. On the Catholic. I liked the church -- like going to church. But that doesn't mean that I don't have some disagreements. If you wanna join us with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers -- 778 here's an update on our W view properties general opinion poll tonight it's a fluctuate a little bit saying pretty close to the way it has been. I should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession. 29% say yes but 71%. Say -- From Gulfport dean you're on this crucial -- -- For optimum safety Eugene. On the on the church thing. On it and could probably united -- -- -- but. The way that he would is that you're willing. As someone dumped on the pain after whatever. And your will -- -- told somebody about it -- are. In the right direction. And you're -- council premier curry if you're willing to actually. Carry it out loud and somebody yes there's probably no telling how many people have actually turn -- -- and after that I can help the Mercury. And and I I think that's part of the a processes and admitting that your alcohol colors there's some some link to two admitting that year. -- You're you're doing something wrong. And I rarely agree with you that that may be the first step in and and and that and that's true. -- but the question still comes back to look a human being is hearing this as human being is getting information on crime should that human being. A priest notwithstanding. -- human being be required to turn information over to a -- 21 point now. Light won't want to be prominently here from the -- what. In -- council of better make hand. They had their talk about it may be that they should be only part though it's not document it. There could be taken to. Tell if they wanna hurt while the authorities they can't yet it doesn't matter not documented. And effect of that I think that they it would have to. Well it may not be here it may not be documented by -- you know somebody can call crime stoppers and that's not documented that -- strictly be hearsay but that could lead to an arrest and the the priest could take their information and that could lead to the arrest of somebody which may potentially stop somebody from continuing to commit crimes. I mean if you can't come out the front and achieved. Carrier create. Figured -- we get our it will lion in church then. We're target you know any change at any time. I gotta take a moment ago from summary said if priests have to tells then. Criminals and -- and confessed. Right that term -- and -- the number of people that would repeat bulldoze that got that helped from the priest and actually turn and go. Around there are a lot of people who are probably still committed crimes they have confessed to Dina and I'm going to -- If you've got a comment you worry join us on the show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text numbers 877 here's a text if priest yet priest report if -- report crimes criminals simply. Won't confess then. Here's a text why can't priest utilized something like crime stoppers. Two points police in the right direction of a criminal well technically that would be telling somebody else about a crime as you heard in confession. I'm from New Orleans Gerald here under VW well. -- cute and so. I think this church is about to make a change in the direction here talking about right panel where. A -- will be able to move. Turned -- Iranian. Or at least. Notified someone you know because. Afraid that you can now -- an apology. For all the cover. That happened within the church they'll move in that direction I think. Is is not looming. Somewhat inevitable. Over the next you know you possibly years. Hopefully on. On however you'd you'd need to look at. You -- someone go to Q a confessional Booth. You know you are you're not at all of that in until you complete. Dependence. And so priest would hope -- explained to you the contractor. That if you're going in there to seek counsel from pre -- tell you. To turn yourself in that you're not forgiven for that then until you turn yourself and -- and you also there. Albert technically according to the church -- forgiven once you do your tenants administered by the but the priest. And -- it yet. I dependence administered by the priest is to turn and -- don't turn it. So -- upper priest could tell somebody to turn himself -- that's you say three hail Mary's and turn yourself in. Yet but until you turn -- ten. We did you don't forget. -- that would that be. Would that be something that would come from the priest ultimately coming from the church you're you're not forgiven until you turn yourself -- with those words been spoken and confessional. That its core. So your payments for a crime that you commit. In the confessional Booth would be you know basically he's saying here alcoholic. You know you're -- It's their -- and do several years ago to make your pen and giving confessional more practical you don't just sit on your -- -- you know -- -- attorneys -- and you know just. Pray for five dollars you know if you are confessing it and want you. Turn your life around which is why you go to confessional. Then you need to be active in you're desired change in order to change and it. You need to be active about it. So I don't know like it's almost like requiring some kind of version of community service. Exactly yeah so so that whole deal. The pre shouldn't. Be required to turn someone in because. If they're truly sorry for what they did it would turn themselves. In the term in -- ornery and you can. Surely had yet to brag about it. You seem very knowledgeable how how do you know this. It I went chewed gently and then -- -- and then I actually left. And adoration terrorists than I did play music for yeah. I'm -- I'm not challenging you like just -- to know what the source of your knowledge was because yeah. Yeah. Episode I'd actually played nineteen and years of formal Kaplan education and in continuing. Education. Why you know might feel you can church. I -- here's another here's another case. What if somebody goes to a priest at confession and says I'm depressed. I'm gonna commit suicide. And it and it's it's it's passionate -- -- that the priest really believes this person is suicidal. Now that's a case where it would be -- -- what what does this person who ended up committing suicide in the priest and singing thing. So. You know it is the option of the pre. To say. I would like to talk -- about -- outright contraction. And you know when they get the priest is worth its goal in the prequel today. You know I'm very concerned about you know I would like you were able -- all you later. Out side. The contact the confession in the pre can do that. Win. You know it's saying -- you go to a priest in confession. Today. My cousin is being abused by his own by my uncle you know it's all there are so on and so forth. Then the -- can -- and very point likely. Tell you'll. You know. If you want my help in that matter even you know you're not contestant can write your confiding in. If you want my help he needed help it in another context. So that aren't and you have been. But they wouldn't have to. So weak it's still could conduct while it still could come down to this dilemma of. Pre pre -- to tell beaten factor that in order or the priest. Cute cute and think about it without violating. But the pro wouldn't have to reveal that the priest would have to tell the person confession but wouldn't have to tell anybody outside of of the church. The information that he's received. Right right so you wouldn't have to tell and -- -- learning confession. But if you want to be a good Steward understand it you would tell that person you know. I appreciate you telling me that the corporation. Or its schedule another time you can telecommute again. And then because you pulled it to me again outside of the context of bits of wood and taken that I can be. Practical real world help you are you know not that confession in the real world. You know com. You know I can I can be more substantive. I understand dinosaurs and -- -- a good call and thanks for your area of expertise. I didn't know that part of dependence could be to turn yourself in. From Mississippi -- you're on the -- she'll want to be a bureau. And Brothers I built a good. I greatly and I -- indeed you -- might not try and try and match which sport would sodium that such a great topic its first. I hope we wouldn't mind about well about all that waited for everybody in the barrio and no one seems to me. Or less I we were talking about break up songs and songs that we did you listen to when you were are going through a painful breakup in songs that you. You think people should hear when they're going through a painful break up what's the song. -- or -- What gave you one goes back to. Policy in the actual bullet theory yeah weren't spot that it was a song. -- spot -- sunspot DB. Did she packed up from. And she took. Let me as strange being with the -- she. You. And mundane. But the -- created to sharing. Songs by -- Real. Mood can. You know -- some women do that. Yeah oh yeah and some men doing as well. This is very true but I thought that was -- last night you know count the -- the passion you have one person that called him about graduating. Basic Bradley -- alternate in my. Yeah -- guy -- last Chinese city in in his hood. When you break up with somebody say I graduated and I kind of like that. Bet they -- that that Greg Denard you play. You should have a PH. Well yeah I've I've by I've -- I've got sort of graduation success that a penalty sticky. But eleven. Talking about appreciate everything it's. Probably courtroom the -- but our power right it'd be a lot of knowledge about it but typically. I don't know to go. The good old Bo knows everything we thank you know at all how. He knows what's on the right mind. He knows what we're going to do. You know believe that would be evidence that someone 39. Write a note Eric can you believe that I mean according to psalm 139. God knows when I'm gonna -- next hour on the show. And yet he won't stop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. Here -- OK let's let's just let's see what the lord lets -- say next hour. -- -- -- I've been pretty you know -- they are difficult to children and everything I mean -- Iranians that preached in equally and he confessed. And there. I -- the only thing. I don't ones being in this Powell did they give me sort mr. lol you know things somebody come they can't let special pajamas try to put his own -- I really have a problem with that. Nick you enjoyed our conversation I appreciate you sing in part that Bob Seger song force it lightened up the show. I do you have a great weekend in Mississippi. Here is attacks the -- -- great discussion here's another -- reads the Catholic Church does not supersede civil law. That's the question. You know there are rules there are rules in the church. And I understand that but should those rules. Prevent a priest. From telling authorities about a crime that is being committed or crying that will be committed. You can be a priest. Which are also human being and a member of society. To join a -- -- college tonight on numbers 2601870. Till free. 8668890878. Texas a 7870. I'm skewed -- and we'll be right back with your comments on WWL. Should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession that church says no. But the Louisiana Supreme Court has said if the priest knows of something about this is an involving a case involving sex abuse. The priest should reveal the information to the authorities. And as a bevy of -- a pretty general opinion poll on 25% say yes. And -- 5% say no the pre should not reveal a crime being committed. If it's revealed during a confession or information -- -- -- there confession that surprises me I thought the poll was going to be a lot closer. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com to get back to your calls from New Orleans and your on this crucial. OK for the last year and a half. It means but now that. And indeed they can't lie answered questions by. I can tell at 1962. Both on the 23. Set out its secret our partner. That now priest says no bishop. Is allowed to report sexual abuse anyone. And for -- job. By the parent goes to the praying to our attention. To report sexual abuse. There are under an order silence. And they break the silence. I go to the police should count anybody out. It's automatic ex communication. That anybody that -- Can go online and check it out. It's also and Richard site. He won the praise is a key analyzer and his nostrils backtracked and expression -- yeah. I can check it out and I also contact Jack Barry. A few books on the list. And border what are the names of a couple of your books. What are what are the names of a couple of the books you've written. -- -- basic unit britney's books. I'm sorry I misunderstood exit I am. Okay. And executed Britain -- -- -- now to Britain a number of books and I just was it -- Amounts I have. Ever had them -- some battery he's a Catholic. -- -- But and really don't I distinctly saying about the complications of of Canon law but. Really just can't grip the OK but. Our debate. Should that be the rule. We'll find out. What he -- -- find him. Well as scary that would talk about what kind of find out. And I can't sit there and has never come up before. Visit this is the first. Is that the first thing I -- I have been reading level. You know I have severe Australia now. And you got -- -- for reading all these books. I'm telling you. And it's like reading why -- knob happened the other. Not -- But and let's go back to the Pope to issue you do you talked about there which Pope was that was a juicy Pope John. Down -- my strategy but it -- test are there. It was fifty dollar. Now do you think that this was in response to the knowledge. If they widespread. Sexual abuse that was going on by priests and church. Yes then why can't both live on line cheap bit. That want to keep that knowledge away from the news media and the public. And the Catholic faithful -- people. Well there's no question the -- the church did a lot. To get to -- again -- -- -- It's up Braun let a camera and lie here. And I am sure there is some people of army large you know university. And by that -- college. And contradict what. And I appreciate you calling. All right if you enjoyed this -- your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Protects a -- 77. No question the Catholic Church went too extravagant. Lengths. To cover up the sexual abuse scandal. We get the impression that's changing we can no -- only hope that it didn't really years. But do church rules. Supersede the rules of of being a human. And reporting a crime that's committed to confession. That's the question. This is the -- -- we're coming right back with your comments on WWL. -- coming up later in the show I wanna get into this discussion about it when you go meet somebody if you look -- to date somebody mean a lot of people who are single. Some people -- never been married to -- -- -- somebody I mean not just for a -- one night stand but people we're going out tonight. You may be among them. And you. Would like to meet somebody. You might not be actively seeking somebody that somewhere in your heart and mind is the idea if I go out to a certain place I might be somebody. Is it easy to meet people and what's the best place to meet somebody. And it is said that you can't meet the right person in the bars. Is that true we'll talk about that coming up also the -- like tonight. Is titled LeBron back to Cleveland there's no place like home. And LeBron is talking about how his decision to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers after leaving they -- to go to Miami in a very arrogant fashion. And he was booed in Cleveland Cleveland is celebrating now because. The prodigal son is coming home. LeBron James is talking about how this is bigger than basketball and this is something that he's doing as a human being he wants to go back home. And I know what that feels like because I've lived over around the country after having been born here and I grew -- -- spent much of my career here move back a couple of years ago. And I'm really glad to be home in a matter where you live there's only one place like home. That's good blog is on our website at WW dot com we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. Here's an update on our -- Hugo pretty general opinion poll should priests be required to report crimes revealed during confession 27% say yes. 73% say no. Before give back to call here to share this -- a few. It reads I wish I could called but I can only text. I am a Catholic and a police officer. A priest needs to seated with me when I interviewed these beautiful to -- children. When they try to explain to me but horrible things are being done to them by their brother. Father. Uncle etc. That is something you'll never forget priest or not no one in their right mind can justify not wanting to help the child. After hearing more horrible things happen then on their own -- He would join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601872. All free 86688. Dancer which seventy. And a text ever is a 77. From the -- on -- on the -- good evening. We're -- -- Leon. -- I was nineteen and has. Most of these. Commitments. News. -- -- IRA and their parents and their big day these. And I'm -- You know do any. Which is. A bit abandoned church. And then again. Well where the battles. Say ball up for an. To. Matt is the windows. It is. Uncapped well. But I'm. Really. Get religion -- a lot of reasons. Now want. I don't believe in -- conventions. And I believe that's true although it. And that would actually make you an episcopal. Well. There's -- well that is what -- huge additional actually viable. There well -- I understand what you're saying and and really this is a discussion about about church rules not just Catholic Church rules but any church rules it's -- it is discussion about rules over doing what's right and and and how how could it church rule. I ever be considered a good rule if if it's not. A rule that encourages doing the right thing and I would think that if the priest has information about a crime. Or criminal. They should turn information over Lee and I think I've got to get to break and I'm glad -- called the show a -- and join us tonight with your thoughts in your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And attach numbers 87070 here's a Texan reads I feel the professor is it's of professors planning to harm themselves or others. Or is in the process of committing a crime the priest should report. But the Catholic Church says no so should that rule change this -- come up before the Louisiana Supreme Court. And I think it brings up an interesting question about church rules and I'm speaking from the perspective of a Catholic who wants to go to church every week. Is this a good rule. If a priest knows about a crime or criminal. For confession shouldn't information be turned over. We'll be right back after the news on WO.