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07-11 11pm Scoot/ Lebron James, New Orleans

Jul 12, 2014|

What do you like about New Orleans and do you feel safe? Lebron James returns back to the Cavaliers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our show on his -- Friday night to tomorrow night is going to be a super -- so I hope you have an opportunity to check that out. Tonight we have had a target -- a couple of events that are gonna going over the week you know I wanna mention these theaters there's an event that's happening on Sunday. And this season on this is to benefits. 34 year -- with an LPG Richard Segal who is battling Parkinson's disease. And this is called rock and for Richie. And it's a benefit it's gonna be a rocket people now you know it's going to be hot over the weekend it tomorrow I think the heat index is gonna feel like 150. Percent to close today as it's gonna be high in Bihac Sunday as well. But -- be inside it will be cool this will be a great thing to do you'll have fun. And I can't wait to list all the bands that are participating in this rock and for -- benefit. And -- to help raise money. To help him as Stanley deal with parkinson's and this NO PD officer was -- first with the swat team wound up in intelligence and he was part of the protective team did. -- took care of presidents and heads of states the Pope about the recent when he came to New Orleans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Groovy seven band that I went on a cruise with the wise guys. The Bogeyman. Louisiana spice. Ninety degrees west to really talent to -- repayment Bobby cure in the summertime blues and the crescent city's soul. There'll also be raffles and silent auction tables and food and drinks and again a lot of flight entertainment the tickets are only twenty dollars and they can be purchased at the door again it's gonna benefit this rocky rocket for Richie. A benefit to help him with his. He's dealing with parkinson's so I hope you have fun with that and those bands are going to be a lot of fun. Also tomorrow. Is the running of the bulls. Which is not like the running of the bulls in that diploma but it's it I mean I guess it's kinda like -- to the running of the bulls here in New Orleans. If you're visiting the city or if you've never seen it before you do to the city. It's a downtown in the CB -- in the French Quarter it starts at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. It's a four day festival. That started yesterday goes on through Sunday. It starts with a one mile race tomorrow and again this started at 1 o'clock this all kinds of festivities downtown and it. In the warehouse district area. On the proceeds will benefit the animal rescue of New Orleans and the Louisiana chapter of the multiple sclerosis society. It's source at 8 o'clock tomorrow roller girls. Will be replacing the bulls. And they Wear helmets and I think some people have like bull horns come out of their helmets. And they carry plastic bats. And what these roller girls do during the running of the bulls is they chase. Thousands of runners to the CBD in the French Quarter. Quite often randomly. Swatting runners on the year. -- With a plastic pants. So if you have. If you have been a bad boy and girl. And you think somebody needs to disappoint you. This would be an opportunity to have fun and get disciplined. Here's an update on our Devi of to a pretty. I should -- be required to report crimes. Revealed during confession. This is the closest the poll has been tonight. 39% say yes 61% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we're talking about this tonight because of Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled that a priest to Lawrence about the sexual assault of the child. Must report it. Even if the crime is disclosed during a private confession the Catholic Church maintains that confessions are private and no priest can reveal anything. That is revealed in a confession. So is the rule of the church. More important than priest. Reporting crime. Or maybe they're trying to get help for some like talking to somebody about somebody who's coming to confession and says they're gonna commit suicide. -- imagine how priest would feel if somebody confessed that they were depression and commit suicide. And the priest had to keep -- secret. And actually did it. And I I do realistic -- try to advise. Those who wore confessing and we talked about that it and I I talked to somebody earlier. Who received a one about this is very involved in the Catholic Church again listener and he said it. That part of the parents now. -- priests are giving is. To for example part of the tenants might be you know you're not gonna be forgiven unless you turn yourself in. -- have to actively it's not just you know three hail -- sang to our fathers. It's it's also about doing other things. I have to admit that I did did not did not know that but it's I think it's an interesting question when it comes to rules. There are times when I I think rule should be broken and is this one of those times its rule of the church. Vs a priest and may be revealing. A crime. That is being committed and I mentioned earlier in the show they did years ago I wanna say it was. Late seventies early eighties there was a movie out called priest and I know there's been another movie out this incessant call priests haven't CNET. But this will be dealt with some British trees directory. And they both had their human flaws which which priest -- And this one priest was hearing. A young teenage girl talking about how she was being sexually abused by I think her father. And the priest was torn between. Keeping that a secret. Because he -- confession. Seeing the father and the daughter and the family at church. Seeing -- in his parish. Knowing what was going on. But yet not being able to sing. And it was about how he would I don't remember what happened in the united I don't remember Steve. If he broke the church rules and told the authorities about what was going on. But is that something that -- should do. If you graduate with a comet that's one of the things we've been talking about tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668. Ninths nearly seventy. And -- text amber is a 77. Here is taxed this is about moving in and coming back I've been to a lot of places. And the city that has the closest divide and visual to New Orleans. And I've been there I totally agree with this. Is Key West, Florida. Key West and -- Duvall street definitely has the feel of the French Quarter. And you know Q west is essentially in the Caribbean it's the golf and the Caribbean there but the. Key West has a lot of a lot of oak trees and one of the architecture is very very similar to. To a -- New Orleans and the French course I can totally relate to that. Here's attacks I live in Alexandria and travel a lot to a lot of cool places I find myself wanting to move. To some of them but once I get back here to the culture the food and the people of Louisiana. I realize why I turned down better career opportunities. In other states to stay here. And and -- I have mentioned I've always loved New Orleans was always proud did to be from here and despite hometown. They -- replaces -- I'm about a couple of years ago by I realized that I loved this city more than I thought. And I guess that there were things that. I I kind of took for granted and and comparing. New Orleans to two other cities I have just come to appreciate some things like just. Just leave the culture as some of the stuff is intangible. It's just the the collective culture it's the it's the food is the people it's the paid Darlene hey baby hey sweetheart it's it's it's the way we act. And we're certainly not perfect. And we certainly have our problems. But there is something really special about this city and if you. If you haven't -- somewhere else you might not even know how special New Orleans is and I came to realize how special was when I moved back a couple of years ago. -- to join us with a your comment tonight about -- we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. And a text numbers 87070. Here's attacks stop you gonna make me cry I missed New Orleans gets his system and listening outside of the city. Here's a -- to downtown is awful it's a war zone. Quite often these kind of comments come from people who never go downtown. And they simply judged downtown by what they see on the news. I don't consider myself living in a war zone and I live right downtown. I'm careful. And I've learned to be even more careful. But I don't consider myself living in a war -- And you really can't convince the people who run for urban street tonight or who will be on Bourbon Street in front court this weekend tonight or during the day. You can't convince them that it's a war zone. And it's unfortunate that a lot of people who live in this area have that attitude. But quite often those of the people who never come to New Orleans. And so I I think it's interesting that the judgment is passed win there's real no. Real life experience. That supports that. Here is attacks that res when I lived out of state and was watching the saints on television I realized how much I missed Louisiana. Never did I imagine. I would have a chance to move back to the states which I did in 2010. And I can relate to that seeing movies. It showed the swamps the by use this to Cyprus. Or the French Quarter downtown New Orleans and watching the saints and seeing those. Overhead shots of the Mercedes-Benz superdome and did this the city line along the river in the lights in the Crescent City connection in all of those things if you're not here. And you would all that feels like it looks like Q you do you do a 100%. Here is attacks to the reads I cannot see how people believe New Orleans is a great place to live and raise a family. New Orleans is a great place to visit but one of the worst places to raise a family. Do you not see all the killings only miles away from anywhere you live anywhere in the city. Do you see a problem with the police department. Where the criminals are winning. Do you see our public schools. One of the main one of the last in the nation I was born and raised in Jefferson Parish. Which is getting more like New Orleans you guys should do a poll and this is New Orleans a great place to raise a family. 101000 dollars to private schools. For four year old and an eight year old. Wouldn't dare put my kids in public schools. I wish it was just as easy to pack your bags and go somewhere else but it's not just my opinion. And there are a lot of people who share that opinion. And I I understand it. I can only speak from from my standpoint. And I probably not gonna change your opinion New Orleans but. I did there is crime. But this crime everywhere. I think about all the people who were killed in Chicago. Over eighty people shot and fourteen people killed in Chicago over the fourth of July weekend. And people talk about not going to Chicago. People think well nobody should ever look at Chicago. I think sometimes our city gets a bum rap when it comes to -- -- crime because crime is everywhere. And you do have to. You do have to be careful. And I have to be more careful than if I was walking into a big box store in in the suburbs but something could happen there as well. So I -- vigilant about stupid. But from my perspective living downtown is great news -- there are negatives to living anywhere. And really the most dangerous part statistically. The most dangerous part about going to New Orleans. Is getting in the car and actually driving here. But yet people don't focus on that they get the current or anyone that's more dangerous than popular -- the first quarter now. You should be walking around the French Quarter. After 2 o'clock. You shouldn't be walking around the illustrates the French Quarter after 2 o'clock there's there's a whole different I'm very open about this there's a different crowd on the streets. Between 2 AM at six area. And I just I notice it and that's something that I try to do -- -- off the street. But I just I feel so blessed to live where I live in again it's it's not for everybody but I I love being part of the the downtown five. If you and enjoying our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And our text number is a 7870. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. And have an update on match when we come back and discolored blog tonight is titled it's LeBron back to Cleveland. They're still place like home and I've relayed my experience of moving back to New Orleans I know what it feels like to to move back home. That is on our website you can read it shared at WW real dot com. What are you love about New Orleans what do you hate about New Orleans here's a -- -- the more people who make New Orleans means the more room there is for those of us who love the city. Here's attacks are downtown now. And here's a tax day do you think this New Orleans -- extends past the city boundaries and if so how far. You know I think there are pockets of various. Outside of the city that to share this attitude but. That this is not criticism this is an observation. When -- in the suburbs. To some degree you're in the suburbs. And it is different. And I think people just. In the same way that when people come visit the world's. A day. They take on the the ambiance of of of this city. And I I think people act a little differently when they're down ten. Mean I've had a lot of friends who have come downtown and -- spent time with me. And they didn't spend a lot of time downtown before. And ultimately definitely they've come down and we've we've hung out. And there are things about the city that -- I concede that they didn't appreciate before. And criticizing for anybody was in the suburbs. For for doing that because that's that's right for some people but don't be so quick to to criticize. New Orleans especially. If you don't actually ever come here from Jefferson and Madison your WWL. It earned and I didn't. -- That victory talk about the org Tuesday lottery and now you know. Two. The different elements that come out. There and you've -- one girl. Out flat -- the bigger player out you know -- straight. The players you know great player. It that it. -- -- there ball right there at -- or you're old and Eric -- -- here today at the old am. You know it all work. They're -- Like here the other night was -- aren't people -- You know all the things you know. We're the -- mentioned here are. -- outlook. Because he -- let it get it immediately -- -- -- It felt like there you know. But you would but the people who were shot Madison and is there is a gun owner it's a responsible gun -- you would know this. The people who got shot. Didn't see it coming and you beat you you're not gonna draw your gun if you don't see it coming at me if you were a bystander. You might have been able to stop that -- -- do something about it and it's it's great when people can use a gun for that reason but he nobody saw this coming. -- exactly what it -- a lot of the senator not -- -- -- the camp all right I'll pay it. We thought there's you know. And they're up against these people let our activities like here. And it. About -- apartment and it. They'll look at the department please let you a little bit Syrians but there were -- your work. -- -- -- -- -- Idiot who is to others they'll come up oh. Yeah well. You know he shot people. Well at -- It. Medicine IR -- do agree with you honest responsible gun owners series should be able to use their guns to help keep the peace. But by saying that I don't think that. That everybody needs to be art and there are some people who believes it -- you know if you go anywhere you need to be armed and I'd I don't think that's that's the answer. I mean I'm unhappy that there were some responsible goers out there but. You you know. Sometimes if something happens to you or something starts to happen. In order to use your gun effectively you would have to shoot somebody. And a point where you would actually. Perhaps. Path to defend what you did claiming that you felt like your life which threatened because you would have had to had have to have shot somebody. So early in the process in order to prevent something that there may be a question about how much your life was really threatened. Oh wouldn't it but it was not shot -- but I like the market. Whoever we have. They're like the equity that it you know it's pretty. But lately -- -- mayor in the regular TV and shot them. Well I understand medicine but we don't always sometimes. People are attacked and it starts out. One way ended it you don't know where. It's gonna go and you could shoot somebody conceivably you could shoot somebody so early in the process thinking that you're protecting yourself that there may be a question went in there I mean. How how threatened was this guy's life really. Mean that's something that you do have to consider when you pulled a gun. Aria -- don't ever pull the lever -- don't let nobody down here. You know looking at Mississippi -- -- a -- is right now. I would never walk anywhere with the garbage you know all black person that someone if they don't -- out there. Medicine if you're responsible gun owner I'm glad to have you out there. And I'm glad to have you in the French court. Well all went back to Iraq -- -- And -- the and you know it's. It small. If you know a lot takes a beating boring. I'm not in poor or anything it it is perfect now got a good shot well. Here again. It well Madison I understand I understand that but. You could be mugged before you'd have a chance deploy your gun. You could be rendered unconscious before you even have a chance to -- you -- mean that is physically possible. Have to look. Absolutely -- you're -- you get to be where your personal and direct you. You know. What factory -- couple couple people in the street. Flexible. You know you have to watch where your hair is locked in you'll. -- At the ball well. Louisiana. Where. You have to be aware of what -- -- -- get all of our. Medicine I agreed and Levy had this conversation and thanks for being a responsible gun owner. A tremendous hail Mary year on this crucial WWL. Talk about every instance the New Orleans is extremely friendly and -- was on grew up in the alliance. How about an about my husband and was sold across the street from. I'm you know boiling -- company -- English and then how people can it. And battling. What the and they didn't. To do it again it would be wonderful place to. The top of everything so surely goodness well. And on the -- not permanently. So. And missed a -- he has been an. Opportunity to move to Miami. -- but now -- finally get it out you lie Miami at times that amount now. And -- -- really and the people that come about and certainly and that. Accurately and kept -- Well that didn't have any family. And in Miami and we. Watched it and put -- -- in Miami and tell my children and has been an. In that a couple of us to do. Can -- estimate that as an. Apparent implied. What. Did you think you again next. That has sentenced that Chapman and you're not. In the industry against another subject. It. People dead. Ended so quickly they. And that they. Can't. Count package and the jury is. Still at the end. Yeah -- I. I tell you see that New Orleans that there are a lot of people in this city who are very clique -- and they're not open to outsiders and as saying. And even some -- -- -- -- -- a big company like. It came to. It is essential things it didn't get invited to put -- by the fact that the Portland but apparently. And how -- that no doubt. That. We didn't cash advantage -- this. -- Mary I appreciate you sharing that witness -- -- have a good weekend. Here's a -- reads that I have to agree that driving to New Orleans is the most dangerous part morons can't drive down here either. Here's a Texas says so princess and the frog is one of the most accurate description depictions of New Orleans love it's. And there's no place like it. Maybe I can. Maybe I can go get BA's at 3 o'clock in the morning is that possible anywhere else. You know it would my son's in town he he loves been Yates dampen my sense in town. He and his girlfriend -- will Bogut down in effect it appeared at night saying we've go get -- Yates. He wants to get pennies different today and also a late at night. Again you just have to be careful and mindful of your surround -- share a year on this crucial WL. -- how he greets. We'll look at I -- call -- our eye on I think back -- -- and and okay and he and I had my. I go to war. And I am not pay back it was their and there -- -- there. -- -- -- and everywhere we walk everywhere. We. Wondered what police patrol in the current water it was an amniotic -- -- -- out there. Yet there are new a police officers here to reduce the Louisiana State troopers helping -- told the French Quarter. Not wearing -- Yes. -- buried there. -- Not. Like you like -- light it was. It. -- and -- on it was the right -- And there. It's a great story sharing appreciation -- Yet you too thanks -- -- I saw some of police last night state troopers actually they were they were standing on the corner of to loosen -- so this would be a block off of suburban street. And I thought we get this is really a good idea now I don't know maybe they were taken a break maybe they weren't positioned there. But I thought about how there are really. Not necessarily. Good people on some of the side streets and I would think mainly between C and some of the -- streets between urban and -- theme. That might be a place to start positioning. NO PD or for state troopers not always right on Bourbon Street where your. Really gonna -- -- -- to a lot of tourists and and people having funded that the police presence just. On the the outskirts of -- street might be a good strategy. Here is a text that reads I feel safe in New Orleans the majority of the crime here in -- people in the drug trade. I'm not involved in that so I'm I know where it's going. And so allies stay. From those areas just like you I gained a greater appreciation for the city after living away for awhile. There's no place that has our character. -- draw saints football saw shell crab po boys at -- grocery. -- With coffee morning called. Trolley rides. To downtown did this -- a lid on account for awhile because I'm sure growing up here you knew it was a streak argue -- and then you come back it's a trolley. After a stroll through a city park and christmastime and watching street performers in the French Quarter where else in the country. Can you get that. It it it truly is a unique experience. And as much as I was part of a drawing on opening night parents -- to sell in the car we were kids in. When we came downtown and we were on suburban street view we drove down -- and we've wrote down pervert and my brother and I were always trying to. To look into the strip clubs deceive me getting clips of -- of a stripper. Oh you know get a glimpse -- and you realize Libya was missing that much. But anyway -- -- he -- just always part of my life but that were part of it may have come with my maturity as well. And you just start to see things that you did not always see like a totally relate to LeBron James talking about. This. Feeling of going back home. And it it seems like he's right the decision in his mind was bigger. Then -- a basketball decision it was bigger than basketball it was about how he has a person. Wanted to go back home. And it doesn't matter where -- from home is is always -- if you and enjoy pressure with a -- tonight's our numbers 2601870. -- 386688. -- early seventy. And our -- ever is a 7870. Are divvy up to a party general opinion poll was a lopsided. Earlier tonight it's getting closer. Here's the question. Should priests be required to report crimes revealed during confession. Earlier it was very very lopsided. Eyes -- show is going on. It's gotten closer. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that. When we come back. All right it's Friday night a Disco show we're heading into the weekend. Here is attacks that read so. It's will driving in from Atlanta listening to DA noted means in this New Orleans. 90000. Here's a check series I'm a sitting in my limo parked in the quarter watching people walk by chit chatting with them talking with them. Having a good time nothing to be afraid of just watch where you're going. Mind your manners. And be nice. Here is a tax day you can be as happy or is miserable in the city. Where you live find a few good restaurants -- church. And church with a -- with a solid small group. And keep a positive attitude. Here's a follow today attacks I love late night local talk radio I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have WWL. Until I moved to a city with all syndication. And we are alive. And local eight to midnight on this issue affecting my schedule this week next week -- quite often I've. Feeling during the day but so all this week it's been the -- -- all next week out of the -- -- -- I'm glad to be back with you tonight. I enjoy filling in during the day and we'll do whatever the station needs to do but I I do like being with -- night. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight should priests be required to report crimes revealed during a confession. The real question here is church rules. Verses. A human. May be doing something. That they feel like they should do but can't do because sometimes. Rule should be broken. And as a -- as a as a Catholic. Now. If the church is gonna change. Then everybody would have to -- But should the church never rule. That priests cannot say anything. About it about a criminal. Or on a victim of a crime. A crime that's being committed I think it's an interesting human dilemma 40% say yes pre should be required to reveal. Something to -- that a confession if it's a crime. And 60% say no -- -- -- -- going to WW real dot com here's a -- a group of us are hanging around my phone. And the radio listening to the station. And taking turns sending a message what else is better to to order Friday nights and be with friends. And you know that's. A great thing to do at a party -- any night here's attacks and asked the question best place for being raised in New Orleans please share. I I I I would have to say cafe Dumont. Downtown in the French Quarter. And and part of it is just that the tradition which part of it is the setting. It's something that is been there for so long and wished it was part of my life growing up and it I would have to say that just be on the onset of the that no -- there's the wait staff -- news just did that the whole experience. Not just the ban -- which are our great. And the coffees always good you what are the secrets of the of the world's coffee something that -- united learn about it till and probably years ago but I did notice in the beginning. One of the secrets of our coughing. Is that the the milk. And the temperature and the milk ending the coffee or the same temperature. And if you notice they -- is it's almost like a chemistry. Experiment. They beat for a minute that at the same time -- you know when you heat up milk it takes a little different in the cold milk. So it -- a recent day at coffee with hot milk. Would be a little different -- coffee with cold milk so that's that's one of the secrets of our -- All right it is summertime at WWL wants to help you beat the summer -- so starting this coming Monday remembered this. You'll have a chance to win a thousand dollars. In cool cash. Nationwide our contest starting Monday a thousand dollars in cold cash in our summer splash cash contest. Just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word and text the code word to seven to 81 the year chance to win. But up putting on your phone that seven to 81. Every day for a lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each and you could be one of and please don't miss out on the money sign up for the WWL cash club which means you -- reminder text so you got a text. Just before we do the cash contest all you need do is text the word cash. 287870. Text the word cash to -- of creativity and you'll get alerts to remind you right before we're about to announce the code word. You get that -- fifteen minutes before each code words announced. So you'll remember to listen. A thousand dollars nationwide it's the summer splash cash contest on -- WL don't forget the time solicit 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck from the station. That's. Wants to give you money. Smart radio intercom and all of us at WWL now remember we never charge for texts but individual plans and data rates. May -- and we've got the total information on our web site. At WW real dot com. Here is attacks that reads I feel safe in New Orleans because my priest can't tell anyone. What I do here -- -- taxed. That she reads I visited Chicago last weekend. Where 85 people were shot. But where I was no one was part of that number. At the same can be said of many other cities just be careful where you go and you will be okay. And so often the people who have a really harsh negative attitude about New Orleans. Are people who don't ever come here. So it's not based on real life experience. Then I don't know that it has a lot of credibility. And in many ways New Orleans gets a bum -- we have crime -- of crime. And we shouldn't a city should. But since we're such a fun place. Maybe the crime that happens in the French Quarter of like a shooting. It's something that is exaggerated because it's at the ambiance of a place that's supposed to be so much fun. I'm -- Friday nights we'll be right back -- to any of you well. -- I don't know what's going on with Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel beautiful woman very intelligent but this week she has had five different hairdos. Every night this week actually took over the same. An eight days she's. In fact I talked talked about this on the show ways she's got this this one hairstyle. It reminds me of David -- In the early years about the Billy's abilities as a haven I'd mention it on the air in some of these idiots and it -- you're right it looks like David bully. And it just go through as have got to midlife crisis or something not that I haven't changed my Arabic. I don't know maybe it's part of the visual appeal of Megyn Kelly she changed her hair five times this week but white and I notice that I don't know. I here's a final date on our -- of you are pretty general opinion poll the question is should should priests be required to report crimes revealed during confession. Now when we started the poll tonight minus 3 o'clock. 27%. Said yes -- should be required to -- crimes. But 73% said now. Over the course of the night the pulled -- like closer here's a final update 41% say yes and 59%. Say no. And because Louisiana State Supreme Court is involved in this I don't think this is an issue that's gonna go away anytime soon. Here is attacks that reads you have a sexy voice cute reminds me of Adrian -- blow in the movie the fall logged. A soothing and calm voice. The way America has been compared to a woman. Doing a radio because yet aging Garbo played his cell like disc jockey in the movie the fallen. It seems like fears that -- of the coast to California or something. So just a compared to a woman I guess I'll take that is a couple of here's a text. And Richardson they said where's your favorite place for a four big days. Mystic trees I love cafe -- when I'm in New Orleans and Baton Rouge nothing beats coffee call. Their right up there with -- Deval and I love the city -- always is often have a great -- skewed and you have a great night as well. Yeah I mean there are a lot of good -- Yates around the city but for me it's you know part of part of eating something part of that experience is is we are you more. It's not just the food. And -- if if if all we cared about what is the food. Then we would never go to eat any part of going out the heat is is being part of a social setting. Part of growing -- -- is is. Just being in public. And and being in the on the -- of that particular environment and for. Coffee and doughnuts I'd been my favorite is cafe tomorrow. The -- -- tonight is titled LeBron back to Cleveland there's no place like home and I can relate to his -- conversation today about. Going back to Cleveland because he's going back home and it's where I felt when I moved back here a couple of years ago also like -- has a great blogger website WW real dot com which is about LeBron goes home. I'm down with the change. As you know LeBron James is known as king James. Not to be mistaken with a guy who inspired and wrote. That Bible -- when -- cleared that up. I this weekend in -- it's it's it's opened up today this weekend is the first weekend of dawn of the -- -- much of that movie was shot here in New Orleans and not a big part of -- was right around the corner from where I live downtown. But the movie's -- in New Orleans now this to me this C seems like a really interesting movie. I like the original because it was about how humans evolved back into apes in they were the intelligent species or at least they thought so. This movie has been. Hailed as a really great science fiction movie I'm not into science fiction it's not my shall report I wanna go see on the planet VH. Natalie because -- superstar here in New Orleans. But because there are. Apparently deep messages in and in one of the thoughts that I read earlier today was that. You've really wish that both the apes in the in humans could get along but they don't. What do -- Jack Harris our studio producer. You have a great weekend I've -- What you New Orleans.