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Jul 12, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome to the home improvement show this is going to be a very hot Saturday mr. -- behind as well. So if there is anything that you didn't do in the -- this without being good data do it. We always -- our home improvement show where if there is some suggestion of something that you might do around the house especially if you -- be pro active. And stay ahead of things that points and a breaking it here. If you just kind of wandering around the house and you don't have anything to do when you're looking for something you do. All the greens are construction consultant Paul what is something that somebody might do today. Which you know after yesterday's. Hard rains and high winds this is a good time ducks would be very proactive and go outside and check. Maybe some trees that are you know close to your building -- weather chart house or you know carport garage. May be rubbing the Saudi erupt in the -- English when he trim it back. Maybe you gutters and downspouts maybe clogged with with -- or with -- debris that may be slow down the training. As a decent type things that you were really proactively. Look differently shingles and siding. Because with the next storms that may come through even as early as this afternoon. You could lose it you know because when they catch it make it worse that you -- not have a -- yet or maybe it's a small -- You know things like that really have a propensity to get worse and very short period of time so. You don't -- on the outside your house you know or -- you -- this building and be very observant of what's there and if you need to. You know take some pictures -- -- do some damage -- would documents and photographs. Seek incentives to you're yours here it's agent or your adjuster it's a good time to do it. What is your question about it's your home it's a job you're gonna do it jog your gonna have done maybe separate you started to happen with your home and you're not exactly sure why this is happening. And you don't know exactly who to call to get it done we can answer all those questions for him home improvement show. I'm screw with our construction consultant Paul agreeing Jewish roots LaGrange consulting and the sister companies energy and -- solutions are number. Is 2601870. Tool free 8668890. X seventy and attacks ever -- -- -- 87 up from -- Bobby you're on the home improvement show with Foley range. Instant on. Just they thirteen seed of what onion they're installed in -- house that was built in. 1958. And I'm assuming that originally the house sent through. Because it does of these good head of people who lose central world. An -- and so. The duct work his four inches in diameter. Metal duct work and they. Two ducks go into each room. And then they put an additional room wants to the house and that is electable eight inch. That. Lies sought to 26 -- they'll put this one edition of the room. Now with this new unit just install up in the attic is box right before would leave that rate of and it gets to filters and they you'll open up a little -- to -- these filters and and they -- on an ankle. Like a bait basically for a moment it fine. -- only in the hall -- his return air and was there was no filtered down in the metal grill it was just a possible. Was settled wouldn't movers following those. Open in front of the return it -- -- it looks similar to. To see you know houses up in the -- attic ventilation. So Saddam wanted to take that out and he has the goals with size filtering will put an enemy and Salim. Well equipment 25 in -- also. We put that in essence that we take that they'll use out of that unit up in the -- NC you can just leave those in just change when you changed. Still the downstairs. So. That you that was Rondo we put the filter in the medal in the middle grew that we installed in the economists up that they'll be in a -- media interest so in -- one of these pleaded. Seven dollar -- still does and that it would be like if you took -- and then you press on the pleats and shut it in the senate in the so. Now -- out -- concerned about is if this same areas going through the -- bill does. Is that too much of destroying all of those. -- mode included cause -- bad political reason because it is not. But now they're going through a couple of the little guy -- Sees. -- liberals try to you know. So I I think pop I think you have some legitimate concerns he here's here's my take on it of course. You know I'm relying in the nation given which is boring details. Traditionally when when you head doc work war. He is a lot smaller than Americans -- so the small forest -- docs for the original part of the house's. Probably too small without being there and knowing the rest of the dock design just in general terms as a probably too small. In the probably be noisy you know you can hear the year of the velocity going through. -- you become a nuisance the size to perform very well. The returning air side. Is it's OK to have to filters. In fact if you look at most recognition systems they don't have -- that they should. He should have a pre filter. Which the field that you would install right on that better returner -- unions on insult. And that you would have a primate filter which traditionally right in front and -- cool -- -- -- so. The the probably filters designed to -- small particulates it's traditionally the better quality -- you change once every six months. The pre filters they filter the Texas the big stuff. And that's something you would change every twenty -- the 35 days depending on. You know you do they have pets how much traffic kids and everything else. I I'd like the pleated filter. There are three quality range is depleted that he can use as a low quality and medium and high quality. I like use in the medium quality filter. Because -- it doesn't restrict a lot of air flow. However if it's being pulled in about an inch kind of LED and like described. That tells me that. You'd have some airflow issues and some challenges in an -- we be concerned about freeze in the -- -- what we're concerned about. Any she consumption fewer stalk that machine fair perspective the removed the temperature and humidity like it's designed to do. It's also consume more electricity utility. In -- gonna have some additional where Terry promoter of the long term. So these are all things that you need to keep that HTC you to come back really have him show you why this works. -- him do some static flow calculations. He can take decommission the static pressures. Both returns on the supply side. To see if it's within design parameters set by the manufacturer that equipment. You know measures and aft load each one of the registers. At supply registered beats you know you get to the veterans you guys. You know the new flex their quarterback and measure of the flow each one of those supply drops to make sure. It's within those design parameters what you don't know it that you can be rest assured that you you worked well. What should the temperature of the common Saturdays registers about what's the the -- Well here's the hard part -- because depends on how much. Heat it's been picked up in the he had economic don't we teach you. But ideally at a supply register that's close to the indoor unit in the attic. You probably should scene there in the upper fifties low sixties on supply side. Once that -- this has been running for you know 1015 minutes. Okay. And so now I didn't mention that is to fill this up in the box with an addict it is. You would agree that we even vote but it was still does and make dinner total of three children. Probably not probably one good quality primary tilt up in the -- you wouldn't do decent medium grade. Pre filter down down below the returner grow our. We don't went up one dynamic of one of very quickly denied him to go went and Africa what you do to. Understand -- what you change the air flow characteristics about the -- flaw in the system yet. You need to verify -- the problem for -- in charge of what you change how air flows and changes to charge. That he's deeper thought as well are there. All right but I have a great weekend. If your -- stay -- or come right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show where every Saturday morning from tendon and we answer your questions about home improvement. I'm scoop and our construction consultant Paul Le grange Paul has written a blog it's on our website at W google.com. Post blog today explains indoor relative humidity. And why it matters. I think I've got some humidity at my apartment but I think by plants laughter. We're coming right -- -- -- -- on negative -- if you have sent a text of the question about home improvement we'll get you text here in just a moment let me get right back to your calls -- from Jefferson Michelle. You're on the home improvement show with Paul LaGrange and having a bureau. -- -- -- We're RO curry that's right and the toilet -- Called rule. Much. -- When you see singing and it is the water comes in it's got a high -- tail to it as -- describing. -- How losses ago on. Yet there are a couple of months. -- -- So. If I give Hurd -- let's make that sale offered for two reasons. Sometimes it's air. But most times it's debris that gets cart in the valve the toilet plumbing belt that you know afloat that. You know goes up and down and in tells what are one start when the stop going into the tank. If you had any recent. Though -- who worked on to your house or your neighbor's home or in in this in your area of your neighborhood. Well now. -- It sounds like robbery in the and that makes it hiked its sale because the war is being restricted in the water valve so. If you have some your family or yourself that. Is comfortable turning off the water at that or that it that -- top. Right bunker up there and take that -- you you can take about a party clean development gathering who seek to debris out of it sometimes you play. -- coming into the toilet actual now it's coming into the toilet. Most on just him -- -- -- I didn't think that was I thought that with the restrictions are in the right. But I don't know well. What you described him show that it it happens is the water's coming into the toll that it stops when the water stops. Are. You close to the toilet. Where are they aren't. Well okay because -- Note played for -- -- the toilets and conducted welcoming grieving you've been -- if Edwards going. It could be your reality TV yeah. I would you be getting home call -- back in let's hear the toilet. I'm Michelle I hope it. It. And a good day have a good weekend and -- here's the text that says that -- recommendation to clean mean a sword to it to clean clean. Geothermal. A Texas says to -- you clean your thermal. Now who. Recommend who to clean. Cleaned geothermal. Look at well. You would get -- an HTC -- who would service your normal American to commit to clean geothermal but because the the indoor equipment. Or the package into it what type unit you have. For make cleaning standpoint is the same as any other unit as so the proper Nicole's need to be cleaned and it's the same principle is a traditional air source heat pump vs a geothermal heat -- so -- if you have a license HTC dealer. As that you had a relationship with the to act may be the person who installed it arm you know perhaps you can call family members here at the using and they can recommend you can come clean. Let's get back to abort your questions from home a link in -- on the home improvement show with Foley -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which one do you for a moment and deeper. -- you looking for a generator to power your car home or portion of your home would would -- thoughts. Well. I thought it it's all right usually spent about long ago where it's kitchen and living room. On and and you know made it to go Rochus has refrigerate two records and freezers. But that's not outraged and so White House. Sold out. Well that there. The large you get in size of a generator of -- -- them the more expensive it is to you purchase is also more expensive to operate. So. I -- to have a different thought when it comes to generators my thought is to. You know generator that you would use force of odd moment in the reason I say that. Is pleased because it's a short term you'll need operate your car home. When you're in survival mode you know to me is much like what you just described some frustration. In a refrigerator freezer. Some general lights a ceiling fan. Maybe it would -- unit that you would use just for mercy purposes like you know staying home for hurricane. And definitely coffee pot or microwave. So. You know that that's what I would describe to survive about it so it's it's cheap for the -- it's cheaper to operate but if if you want your tar. Home then I would suggest you getting some technology. That is durable and what I mean but that is don't get any air quote children get a generator with a motor is water -- Traditionally those last a lot longer. Their choir here when they operate. That also means a more expensive. But you're you're getting a much better quality unit it that's gonna last for a long time in what you needed in a pitch when you numbered situation. You can relied on it that's gonna work. So. I would give my friends at at -- Clark's phone call give jumper Clark is Burkhardt heating cooling but they're also install in the service generators. You can give speak which are personally -- John you know I -- trusting and giving generator he will looked at home and give you some better advice or and what size you need to get what. Which features you may want to consider another feature I would definitely like oppose giving. The whole house generators so we get a system. That would turn on and off automatically at least once a month preferably every two weeks. Because you want these systems to operate you wouldn't have went to a self documents that testing. To make sure that when you need it when you're the pitch it's gonna work. The worst thing you can happen is it it it doesn't do all these itself back as the test but it operates and it doesn't operate when needed and that's that's a frustrating part. -- -- -- -- -- Hi I'm gonna have to ask you hold on -- and we'll get to that -- your question I got again news breaking in. And so pulled out if your hold stay with -- recover right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show I'm screw with our construction consultant told LaGrange. And here's a WWL news updates with on names every Saturday morning we answer your questions about home improvement let's get back to -- -- who is calling from the moment then we went to wrap up on a conversation had to take a break for the years. Thank you appreciate. All -- apply at. Catalyst that would -- out -- mode not that impression that the the question and I issue about -- correct gently to the generator is that I think that you would consider. Survive among. Well jet jet Iraq as a popular brand that I -- quite often in his actually pretty decent product you can get different size general -- generators. So. But let me give you references to what I do. From my generator I have a small Honda 6500. -- Generator it's this to -- the generator. Has some teachers in our real likable when it's quiet -- -- -- very fuel efficient. Hunt is extremely dependable injured in the part alike about the generator itself that yen set portion of it. Is is is that the system a while some good clean quality power. And why that's important is that -- technology in this. Cleans the sun waves don't get too technical but if you were to plug in a microwave or computer or new flat screen TV is generator. It's soccer burn it up because the power spikes or high and lows that dirty power. Like most portable generators some towns like you seem a construction sites they have. Dirty power in if you don't have electronic score applies but still it's really net that the of the deal. But for a house typically -- -- But on electronics for TV could you can listen to that they'll radio -- you could just look for whether on TV whatever in me being so. If that's important committee mail if you wanna do that you can and use that machine that -- to -- why generators Buchanan. Utilized -- to power. In the select few things at one time -- can do refrigerator freezer at one time. I could not do refrigerator or freezer and they smoke when you -- it all the same time. But you know listen for when you survival mode PP Korean of so I would run my air condition all night long remote -- unit because that's when I needed it and you know it sleeping time. But two of the day -- from a freezer refrigerator and that's enough run time he conduct costly opening closing those appliances to keep Nicole. -- could I get a large generator like a -- -- like -- discovering. You can -- you know you because of additional cost to go along with that it all depends on what you want to do and how creepy Wednesday. Tell you that there -- many Burkhardt cheating on your home. Did you give jumper caught a phone call yes he'll be -- battle. -- And thank you -- just there to Syria techs are coming up next if you do have a text question about -- proven you consensus attacks at 87870. And from -- Norman you're on with Paul agreeing to attributed bureau. The modern German -- -- today. Good morning. That that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- redo on the floor vault. It's cute but right now what -- it level shipment level. Muted. Age which you were Jewish and -- from mr. Albrecht out. I literally put the Florida now but on double the lord George glue it down with the law without people locked drag our record mail. And then put the board up. How fault -- -- -- and Erica regale outrage screwed in Atlantic there are you squeaker -- Yes sir so I would definitely use liquid nails and which you screws. And I would using corsets group. I'm sir quote threats group with with any you know that they had not like it's like square head because of the dot Denver -- -- extra. -- -- so on the outside edge -- the outer perimeter -- -- -- -- -- achieve both of plywood. I would go every six inches. In the center section where it's not the -- -- premise and what I would call the field of the. Okay now we're limited now job of that. But I have to fill up there with the are creatures on the -- what would you recommend that yes. Would seek an eleven on top of which happens let the local electric click block landed wood flooring. Up from the floor and -- if it. But restricting commitment that mr. rubble -- Irish relief are part of arms to feel. And not a -- on a major problem -- -- -- -- and our shared their hair and it. It retreated to job on joint. Security should go all out double that was -- and and. You know if you if you have a very small crack in orbit on a small -- for use. You know. Quarter Rachel last -- -- about it but it it's bigger than that -- you may choose to do some traditional -- Fuller filler. Or are public use some Rondo. And I would use -- do we have the fiberglass shavings in it. Because it's very flexible in -- bonds early in it and needs to think that you would -- that it's aliens very easily to. Authorities embargo -- Montreal. Expert Robert -- last thing. When over the limit on uploaded in the top paper paper -- under the action. I would -- talk paper or not because of -- of America's talk papers no longer paper used to be years ago it was fun anymore. I open talk paper because you do what you piece of wood to rub each other's squeak. So having that talk people act like a cushion so that in the windows when the -- flooring bottom of the in his flooring. Once the rub against a plot would hit its cactus questionable squeak. But you Europe paper rich water really needs to be on the bottom of that trailer not at the flooring so that would have been the right place to put it anyway. Repeat got a -- the paper there should be op LL network available as an inspiration Germany to film -- now. But I answered very much. -- ourselves on here. You aren't in Norman took photographs of our first wedding. If you ask you if you taken pictures of all my weddings you've probably would be retired. And I Norman and bicycles they -- If you have a question about home improvement our numbers I haven't been married eight times our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. At a checks and receipts have creativity here's detects and asked this question. How much would. What -- wood chuck chuck. If a wood chuck. Could chuck -- Will try to answer that and more -- text when we come back and -- of you well. Polish you know I'm not much of the construction guys say you would know more about this that I would seriously we got a text and asked the question how much would. Woody wood chuck chuck if he would chuck could chuck wood. And I don't see how it's possible answer that question until we determine whether the Woodward BC ball so or or pint is a -- that the wood chuck which are a lot more balls and then and -- bullet. Absolutely and a I think to be because question for seriousness I don't think I'm capable of piercing that either. I hear his Texas the question is there a way to fix double pane windows -- fixed cloudy double payments. Chair well there's no way of fixing the the window itself what the reasons cloudy is because. Of the -- -- -- of -- of the double its click glasses because the region -- along more streak inside of and that spike gets cloudy. When the sun hits it the moisture rise in the cloud his goes away that's presuming that the windows facing towards the sun. So what you can do -- have actually fixing the pane of glass. If you call local glass company they'll come out and measure the window and they -- measure and replace the glass insert. You don't have to replace the entire window to replace the glass itself. So -- -- measure and they'll affect their shop to make it we can have two weeks later combatant. -- -- -- place and and -- like you have a a window pane does belong -- A trouble plus Daniel you're on the home improvement show with Paula -- Don't call. -- question about pressure treated lumber -- that'd -- that the bought vehicles and popping. Blatant the lumber and making my -- All the rewards -- -- it and didn't let registry let it constantly -- the -- They don't go off kilter and what impresses -- Did you know they do however it's very difficult to find you not gonna find it at a big box store. More than likely you gonna have to go to hit lumber yard and specifically requested. Or you can sometimes the new workshops the folks at. Built custom doors and windows and things like that they will stock certain sizes of the Q drive -- -- product. The nice thing about this product and and I used to use -- used to go to to a -- in the work. But most of the houses and I would say listen I'm doing this outside deck. Want to in this reports. I don't wanna make wanna make actually -- that once we put the street -- -- it's -- -- twist and call you know war in check. You know five days after install so we used to with the east news is due to the it's upon product keys to get the yellow pine. You stick to try it at their precious treaty ending to try to second time. And then sell it to me and in listen to it it worked very very well wasn't it cheap product but it was a lot better doing this to treetops make it right. After that -- -- could put -- the ball well all all the political decay and we gave a golf ball player not like and I mean dot com already put into the. Yes sir that's very very frustrating upstart thing happened to you are great yeah I'd go with the -- drive restrict product and will be much much better. I don't they're not an option. I'd have a great weekend. I durable stay -- this of Paula grange is our construction consultant with the greens consulting and also managing corporate solutions he has very very knowledgeable about. Now all the different aspects of halt construction repairs and renovations and if you got a question on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. It's a receipt Seve Seve or your calls -- more -- coming up next. Under the W well this is -- home improvement show where we answer your questions about home improvement stuff from up tents got your -- with Paul LaGrange and to be WL. Care of them and it a little -- Condo probably built in the late eighteen. Fifties. In its seven story Condo is total were in. All the problems -- -- in a -- like that bubble were -- our whole thing and would air space anybody ranged between number. It may get more pictures inside the Condo. On the Bourque Paul. And they think you know I'm feeling good work on. -- at all. Well it depends on what -- use Scott most folks think that it status. You know paint the wreck that that's gonna stop -- which committed in this in this certain -- Packed with -- you really should use a different product. -- there's a product we use in residential market call for all skin. And fraud -- actually water approves the brick. Capital walls that there's some vapor transmission is an event that -- -- leaking right outward. Which is one of NIC mentioned this product -- they make a commercial. They make -- commercial products designed for you know tall buildings and schools hospitals aren't social type applications as well. At the same companies so my my suggestion is that they prepare all the brick to make sure there's too. -- he's been reporting no cracks and he'd be addressed. And then they would sealant with so off frost in type products in the choose to -- it because they -- do notice that equities and how broad and -- got this color over the Sheen Brooke. So we're also organic that that's -- -- news -- -- it would it would help reduce it that's correct yes. Scott have a great weekend. Paul here's a -- reads a recommendation for who to clean water cooled heat pump condenser it's an open Luke and -- followed with iron bacteria. So. I'm presuming they -- the loop clean and not the actual equipment he does so with that here's the harp -- about that is that. If it's open loop system it's keeping the water from the water well. So the waterway itself you need to contact what do will company to clean and sanitize it before you can clean the loop itself. If it's the equipment. I'll call a normal local HTC deal with the come clean indoor equipment. We'll have more of your questions and more of your text coming up this is the home improvement show -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's heavy tax is -- -- every. A -- egregious blog is on our web site it's titled explaining indoor relative humidity. And why it matters that you could find that greeted share with others it's on our website at WW dot com and we'll be right back -- more of the home improvement show on WW well.