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Jul 12, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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What is your question -- about your homes something's going on you're not exactly sure why it's happening on May be somebody has called talk about something that is made you think about something else. Is there -- job you're gonna do or job you could have done. If fears reconstruction renovation it it doesn't matter Paul LaGrange is a very knowledgeable. Home construction consultants and this is about repairs renovations or. Is something going -- -- house. A lot of women called the show because sometimes they don't know what's going on -- house in their sometimes afraid that they're going to be taken advantage of if they don't have some information about the job that needs to be done. This is a great place to get that information. Also if you are gonna have a job done by somebody else you might wanna get the information about their job because then you're less likely to be taken advantage of here's our number 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and I text amber is 87870. Upon his attacks that asks about a storm drain. Drains straight down. By my pilings of my house. Who would like call about putting in some French drains or something else to get the water away from the house. So you know first I'm very happy that they're taking this -- -- to keep the water away from your home because water next to your house is a structural problem waiting to happen. Not to mention all we have abortion prosecute certainly leader so. So a company now recommend quite often that does it could shop for subsurface drainage is code drainage clause. If you have a relationship with -- landscaper aural landscape architect. A lot of Toms those traits in those folks also to sub surface trench. Whatever you do that is make absolutely certain. That after a big event like a rain event like we -- yes the old North Shore. And and you know. We have different regions of our our our area we -- last night glorious afternoon is that after we get a big event like that the -- trains don't become clogged because. You with us cutting grass in the loose grass and leaves and things like that. When all the waters flowing towards you strain ticking clock very very easily so don't you know if you have some sort of strange. You know we've book on the show it it -- at the first hour make sure you go backing and clean the debris away from his training takes to make sure. That date when it -- again. They can function properly a return of the text here just a moment of from Metairie Mary you're on the home improvement show with -- range. I've skated -- like -- -- -- -- -- Paul what is the best kind of -- to get what their advertising that goes to the world locked. And -- They expand when when the water goes through them. And I know a lot of stores have them but I didn't know what you think that once again. Mary would you be usenet post war. For my husband has the little garden and -- on the cans and we ordered that should slow just with for a water you know maybe not I -- Not high pressure. Okay how long -- -- you it's just tradition these houses that you describing their cover. You know crunch that they -- you know they're either 1015 sometimes twenty feet at a very long probably at 18. Coca. I actually. I take the opposite end of the spectrum in -- I've had lots of -- in the past. That I have not been very satisfied -- so over the years I've avoid buying. The cheaper hoses hobbled by a heavy duty. -- -- And out of followed those were rubber hose him in the recent ideas because they're very long lasting you can roll -- from which your lawnmower or you cardinal you know it'll break up. And don't you know state. Slat date they bring you know go back to shape the votes that shape. Correct and they are durable -- the Sun City UV rays as well. So I think you can have a different lets you -- in the 2550 or equivalents. So I would go with the good called the hippie DD. Rubber hose and it'll last -- six years. Thank you very much are your sectarian and we are everywhere. Mary thanks -- have a great week at a moment I think about summertime and I think about it garden -- I do I get that taste in my mouth of with the water tasted like when Hewitt. The reputed you'd go to the garden -- to drink water treatment that that horrible he's chief of but it was when he first started audience. But it was something that was it does versatility depth look at that say it's a from Algiers Joshua you're on the home improvement show with -- LaGrange. So awkward question -- But a ultimately are like oh -- brain. And I think -- where I've -- -- -- -- Any how well did that when the Yankees are back at stuck right now. It well Bob that's a great question Joshua and -- -- why this is such questions because there's lots that comes when I test. The flow of air going through those exhaust -- -- Microsoft. Or. Even about exhaust and and they don't perform the way we think they can perform. You know meaning it'll move out as much -- evacuate as much moisture as we went -- -- because the week that talk -- was connected. So here's some goals and give some very general parameters. You wanna use the straight news. Shortest run from where it connects to the top you Michael it's good to where exits -- -- out of your house or your attic. When it used his view is transitions as possible. Annually use as gentle as it transitions possible. Whom the long with a run in the board there and in transition motivate them what you beat -- the year unless it's performed what you wanna perform. So the maximum -- on any traditional typical exhaust hood. It is 25 feet but let me duties and schooling and it's that 25 feet from point a to point pretty. Every time you make the transition from like a rectangle to a -- or make a ninety degree bend. That counts or equals the five -- -- feet. So our time you make a ninety degree -- and that's coming for -- those 25 feet. -- you have to -- in your talk work all the sudden. Shifts and less feet to work with than you thought you had it. So you -- make ups -- certain that you give it like saying. Short straight. And chip through transitions are Shuster is as you possibly get to make sure. He can exhaust their you want to room. Not that I'm. Great I'd -- -- now -- -- that's what -- -- benefit -- and you people are boarded that Mort that the problem it. But industry -- but -- but the -- the public advocate that. Yes are out incursion you do that you'll be much happier with this performance. Art. Nice gesture have a great weekend. -- if you rejoice with your question on numbers 2601870. I would remind users that sometimes people end up at the end of the show on hold the McCain get to the calls because people call them at the last minute. And so our show ends at noon following our show it's the toughest Morse at the Saturday edition of the food show at noon. Don't wait until the end of the show a few of the question again and early so we can answer your questions are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. Evidently well what's to help you beat the heat this summer so starting. Monday. You've got a chance to -- 1000 dollars in the cool cash contest in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen WWL weekdays right for the top of the -- news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And Texaco were 272881. For your chance to win without ever putting your phone down at 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win -- thousand dollars each. And please don't miss out on the money sign -- for the deputy of Hugo cash club which will give you a reminder fifteen minutes before we give out the code word. Just send the word text obsolete text the word. Cash to age 7870. To extort cash -- 7870000. Dollars nationwide in this summer splash cash contest. We're giving it away every weekday don't forget the type -- right before the news at seven. Eleven. Two and five and good luck for sort radio intercom and all of us at W you'll remember we never charge for text. By individual plan and -- reply will be right paper your questions on the home improvement -- and deputy bureau. LeBron James is returning home to Cleveland -- you happy for the can sort upset for the Miami Heat that's our daily W a pretty general opinion poll 89% -- happy for the cavs only eleven a cancer only 11%. Are set for the heat. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com via blog that I wrote it for a website last night which -- says Stiller website is the title LeBron back to Cleveland. There's no place like home. It seems like he's really interest in going back home. As championships. Has all the money that he'll he'll ever need and going back home was very interest. It was interesting -- how he talked about the importance of being home said the decision to go back to Cleveland was more important and in bigger than basketball. And I can relate to that in in in some ways when I connect to new worlds a couple of years ago -- all about it's all about coming home. And you laughed and comical the blood is on our website at WWL dot com for Vanderbilt or a year on the home improvement show with Paul Le grange. -- -- -- may granite -- At a drop in -- To remove and replace. What. Message. -- is there any trick to getting banged up there. When you say a drop in and it actually drops in the top or. In my underneath the amount -- its ups are trapped in a topic. Gruden silicone -- Sometimes not always -- but sometimes depending on the style of us think they are some brackets that secure. The bottom so out of the -- to the bombs out of the granite. It's it's almost like a net quite that you bracket but almost a that you bracket we're actually fastened to. The -- of the of those sink underneath your cabinet and it. Goes over to you or your credit too young so you credit and titans that's always the case sometimes. Underneath that's correct sometimes it's it's just kept in place with the silicon as you just described. That's our. Obviously you -- water. I am on the bracket I'd seen bracket on the in the region until now. They have dispute with Thompson -- it is with -- made up. I is that tests on -- down like a light. All right -- probably start time. -- So it may just be the way to the sink in the silicon keeping in place what you can argue plumbing disconnected and how would very carefully cut out the silicon and -- pop it up. Okay just trying to recuperate and I. On the. That's correct -- are very very carefully. -- Arab have a great we are good luck as a -- GM you know on the home improvement show with -- agreeing to and WL. Our problem it's problem. When it would -- she comes on. You feel real hot it come out almost like. Well it is time that that was the insulation sped it may be cancellations -- Meaning it's not doing a very good job separating the heat from your attic from the colder sought to dock at the tape though Jim that. All expeditions have this it it maybe that viewers a little more severe than the most becomes. But when describing you can also indicate that you have some air conditioned -- leakage. So that the the hot addict -- being sucked into your -- system so when it turns on its drawing in. Don't meet the conditions from your house but also from the argument attic. And also you know you may have a combination of problems here. -- opt back opt out of that -- check it out on children. Are happy yeah it you. Argued that the original. And from saint rose Bruce you're now on with -- great John WWL. And while. Maybe you'll. Most prominent -- he would. I see all concrete form. It really knows -- there. -- -- -- -- And it -- built below amount of one problem it because -- when it was built for Katrina. And on the to side ball gable in structure and a large brick over and not feel that. That it makes them more police shall we had a lot of water intrusion during Katrina. Which -- came to windows. -- -- -- And over the years. You know put some more recruitment on whatever and just kind of look are and then in -- We're all it could try to -- been my ideas either. I hate to say you know contact number for people and never got -- by the Kabul apparently so torture or. Not quite job like that. And because they like. You know the mortar between the joints. -- -- -- Now you'll get a little some -- in your fingers and on people so it looks like that mortars twenty years old you know com. I think it was -- properly and the war -- is in decline by one wicket keeper appliance like that the -- A mile ideas to see statistical breakdown in and induced couple overnight -- I don't know what. -- -- Well it's due to mud brick -- is never really supposed to be waterproof. Right -- you supposed to have a a gap behind it was the water goes through the -- through a -- He weeks on entrance at the bottom wall assembly. Brought it may be that the the connection of your window to the box. Of -- of the opening that was created in the ice Jeff Walz a -- you'd have a -- it would block or maybe even a yes synthetic plastic book. Wasn't the window itself was a property flash to the book so as the water's getting through the Breck. In through the -- it's weeping dale -- -- to -- you went notes coming in that way. So you basically looking at trying to attack this problem. From the wrong correction. Oh yeah order from -- -- -- you know I'm not at all. Typical -- -- well door and Kirk and like it when when when turned tail direction. On -- wall that has no windows at all. The water was actually coming under the cold joint of the -- yeah at that oil cut and you know so. I mean would get a lot of water entry into the break. -- -- two story homes that no bills but I -- -- -- -- -- I don't in May not -- crossed the border. More real. Get a lot of little -- gonna take on the current you know. -- -- -- -- -- You should have to do that so it it may certainly be would you describe Bruce's is that you know was first installed you can have a good mixture ratio sand and cement and water and there was installation are there's there's no doubt we scrubbing. Certainly sounds like that. There's a product -- recommended earlier call for all skin that actually is very good access them when the ways I guess I came across this product many years ago. Was in the group core rate in the mortar back then had a lot of -- minute he was too teary and having you would look at it funny -- -- -- -- that's saudis as deteriorating. In this frogs kind of product. Really kind of wells includes all that together. In and they take a commercial -- great product as well that you may consider for your project. Something did you install every it it's not every of the year pretty you know it's it depending on. How much UV exposure you've met the dude every seven to ten years and that would be a much easier fix. Then what you're describing removing replace -- Britain and replace -- with -- Right right and that's name brought in. Yes -- go to web site search for oxygen into new QB though that's professional Kansas chemical company. His name the company manufactures a wood called him a Monday don't you know I spoke. And that you're looking for commercial group product that is that similar to frog skin and -- which in the right direction. Bruce and that helps. -- -- -- -- If you've got a question about home improvement are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- and -- -- text numbers rates of the 87. It's cute with a construction consultant Paul agrees on this Saturday morning here's -- WWL news update with Don seems good morning and welcome back to the home improvement show I'm screwed with our construction consultant pollen -- with LaGrange consult it'll -- And -- solutions that was your question about you how's something going on you're not exactly sure why it's happening ever. You gonna do -- job -- -- have a job Don -- some information a caller showed 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- nearly seven in a text a -- 77. It's a few of these ten explicit. Text reads I can't -- the moment and Paul speak. On the subject of powered attic turbines especially auto -- turn on types. OK so power exhaust fans the that the purpose of -- powered sauce and is to help remove. Some the intensity we haven't side of our addicts. If we have outside they're coming into the open Angola the soft that. And it's been exhausted near the top of our root for the peak of our roof with apologies -- That is not a bad approach presuming. It's you have a complete. Air -- in disconnect from -- to your house that is a very very big presumption because most houses I inspect. We actually. Living space at the ceiling is connected to the attic. Very very well you'd be surprised how much -- to connect and communicate to each other so win that power exhaust fan turns on under that scenario. When your house is connected to your attic by the you know through the ceiling connections. It draws cold air from your home what you pay a really good money could then they -- cold and try and all of a sudden you addict exhaust interns on. These were moving here that you pay good money to you culpable. And when that air's been removed from your house you have more outside -- come in someplace else maybe around the door around the window. Or wherever that the big hole is so I don't like power exhaust fans. When we don't have a good separation from the living space. To the non living space if you could could. Complete barrier of an air barrier and thermal barrier meaning insulation. At that connection I think it's Austin's work great presume you have -- companies reacted the -- Austin. Most houses and out like that. If you have. Question about home improvement to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- -- -- Amber's age 770. Here's a Texas says I have an upstairs bathroom that has a tub has cracked gated. Hookah -- recommend to come repairing. OK so I -- it cracked bathtub is something that happens on occasion effect when I was building homes we were. You know some I would drop -- and it look at scratched or screw would give and it. It -- to couches so we always called. A person specialize in repairing fiberglass. Like Francis cloak -- as a company in the walls called pro glazed with finishing. You know that those folks only be re finished -- you know the old fashioned cast iron claw foot of an excellent -- that. But it also come to repair the cracked cubs one thing I want. Caution you about though is you have a tub that's got to crack -- you to follow. Why attack cracked because if it's if it's not properly supported it was flexing from the winner of the water person sitting in the -- cracked. That would ever repair pro glazed look into it or any other repair company -- to it it's gonna crack again if you don't solve the problem so solve the problem first and think at the crack repair. And from Slidell -- you're on the home improvement show with -- LaGrange. ISI have a problem on its recently installed. Utah in tone and the bass drum accommodation either. It ought stand in light. -- -- light owned by Time Warner turning -- standalone they either they're closed circuit breaker barrels as. Could you -- would that please. So -- that you have a heater vent light there to begin with and use replaced it or did -- -- Al -- Or oral forward -- -- would you have their before. Are the same thing but yeah it takes only one out you know. One bought a house that was banned and it replaced. And but it didn't tell -- stuff -- You don't thoughts there and light that light Utah and light switch on come comic Utah and exhaust heat close circuit -- downstairs. OK but I you have a short somewhere you feel where the short -- you there's no doubt that. If it was working on with the previously about light and that's circuit was not tripping also noted it was changed the appliance -- exhausting and there's a short -- -- -- -- so much suggest is that turn off electricity to that it at that breaker. And it starts things are looking into connections pictures of in the Edouard incorrectly. We party pop you know -- in the unit itself you know are like a -- -- -- you go. You sir you assure. The engine room. It's a market Stalin -- electorate you know elaborate -- did you call. I trust -- have him come back and take a look at it. -- region if you've got a question on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 878 Saturday. A poll has written a blog it's on our website right now it's titled explaining indoor relative humidity. And why it matters. Leo is trying to get ready community but this is overly trusting like you might read edit and share with others it's a turning on our website right now. And -- google.com. I'd scoop on the homefront which shortfall agreeing to be right back of your calls on -- bureau. If you have a question about that the -- earlier house may -- -- into -- job and you're not exactly sure what's going on what you're doing the Republican answer all those questions for you. -- -- ranges are construction consultant with the greens consulting. The website is the greens consulting dot com the phone numbers 985. -- 845. When he went 48. And the sister companies energy and corporate solutions and that website is EC has done GS. That phone number is 9855904167. If you do have a question are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. -- at -- number is 87870. Well here's the tax than it reads I keep getting a foul smell from my kitchen drain I've tried believe several times but he keeps coming back. It's much more Russell during this number or noticeable during the summer any tips. Well. What -- things that you can consider. With the -- -- most -- -- related suit cost disposals as well and that's not an -- on how. I just got to follow to -- it's it's the same terrain is like garbage disposal. OK so -- aren't so my perception was was fairly accurate. So it really wouldn't did you courses puzzles depending how he uses calls. -- disposal and how often. Reid has -- he should clean it and of course if you read demand to track distractions they tell you don't use. You know trying you know war or you know drain cleaner things like that would I do my house. That works well is I take a -- two cups device. And turned the possible on on the course pulls aside a slowly -- the ice in while the golfers also is operating. If there's two things it sharpens the blades of disposal. The second thing it does. Is it helps with the smells. And sometimes you can even put some limits use a squeeze of lemon but put the -- limit Ron in their -- squeeze of lemon in there. Think it's a -- to choose and they helps to smells as well. I don't like really using bleach at that location but it if you. You wanna use something else other than what I describe with ice and lemon juice. You -- reconsider using. A -- -- a white vinegar and some they consider at some water that would help as well. If you have a question on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are right seventy. And our tax receipts or VH seventy others an important event taking place tomorrow afternoon and I want to what you know this because it's to help out and NO PD officer. A 34 years and -- -- and a PD which she -- he's battling parkinson's and there's a benefit to raise money for him. It's tomorrow afternoon sorting it to a clock going at least until ten. And it's a rock and bowl so it's going to be hot outside and maybe they'll be a few thunderstorms around which happens this time of year. But in rock and bowl of being nice and cool. And draw. If there's a silent auction raffles food and drinks and a lot of I've won a parting entertainment and here's the list of bands performing on it this is -- even if you don't know anything about this this veteran. I don't know PGMR -- this is -- agree agree that this will be a fun afternoon tomorrow and you believe will be helping out. Sampras or use -- helping him deal with Parkinson's disease. Here's the bands perform tomorrow afternoon. -- -- -- Group -- seven. The wise guys the boogie -- Louisiana spice. Ninety degrees west very -- country and Barbeque in the summertime blues. And Crescent City -- And all of this is for just twenty dollars for the event tickets can be purchased at the door desert rock in goal tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock when dimension that he should be a lot of fun. After the show it's well dude it's Tom Fitzmorris with the Saturday -- food show today from noon until three. You also can check out Tom's blog on our website which is titled crawfish season is over. Yeah. Not good news but it's -- reality of Hitler read that in. A share with others it's on our website at W of -- account. I'm still -- -- -- construction consultant Paula grange will be right back with a home improvement show and to breed of hero and welcome back to the home improvement show from -- Dan -- on with Paula grange on WL. I'll probably just quick as a million -- and -- -- below the restricted -- full practice. And you admit to having them. Three point enough of these press. The water colored. Lou would we did it difficult on them do and would contact. Yes sir Dan when when you talk about a color -- -- becomes challenging to match the color the guests are also challenging sometimes to match a collar when when you have traditional grave water you know yeah it. You know it's not always easy to match. So you really wanna contact I think I would the first place I'll return to. Is -- go to a company that sold brick. Like. -- -- products and I would say but don't speak what this has been this is but I have. Can you recommend it local masonry contractor come and report maverick they keep those questions all Thompson though on some and it's. You know local to your to your house and and give that to happen. This is solemn this this is a a common problems with the stock deal and come request. -- it -- I know before they cadres opposite of his small cracks in Africa the just. Pack two because it would much in the and I just couldn't many. Caulking that they had matched an extra problems six in the back -- but it was civil -- dumped the water. Yes are so it. You know what I did have a good weekend -- -- that was to go about needing replacement windows so what is important to look for vital. Has questioned by. So replacement windows that the things that I normally would look for yourself look how well. That particular collapse reject -- doesn't -- heat come through and that number you're looking for specifically used is to numbers for that. One is the solar heat king coefficient. The lower the number of better performs. And the other is the use value of the window. This -- where the glass -- of let's go to glass the frame connect. Again the lower the number the better the performance of that you value so good number for both. For our climb will be zero point 30 or less. And meeting less than zero point 200 point 10. You know so zero point 30 or less for both the solely seeking coefficient. And that you value the better those -- does -- reform. You may the text may also considered getting an insulated -- a glass window frame in those worked very very well. And so there's there's a lot of neat features -- -- -- when you shop for a plasma does so to your research take you Tom. Pharma company that you have a lot of confidence. And that are well Richard and body to its volume I was trying to recruit the answer to this text I have a bathroom sink it keeps getting clogged the plumber came out and told me that it's getting clogged because at the AC three line. What can -- do to solve the problem. Okay so actually. It's getting drained that attorneys can -- because the conditions putting that cold water and all the time because the time of year. So I would have your H three C contractor come in installing product called. And tablets PA in -- -- tablets. They would put it in the drain of your -- at all in it would keep that dream on open it would also no longer affect the best and sank. Paula grange is with the greens consulting the website is LaGrange consulting dot com sister company energy and comfort solutions that web site is ECS dot G as. Don't forget Monday you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars every weekday at our nationwide summer splash cash contest. Listen before the top of the news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM at 5 -- for the Covert and you could be a winner. -- -- -- -- -- My pleasure thank you where I think John -- our studio producer and spirit have made great weekend stay cool what -- New Orleans.