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WWL>Topics>>7-12 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

7-12 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 12, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the steam to voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and this is the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM and WWL dot com. And last but not least. WWL. FM. HD one. What's that you might wonder. It's amazing to me that no one has ever asked me that question. May be everybody knows that no I I don't think so HD. Was that stands for high definition millions. It is HD radio. Delivers. Sound to you in the same ways that your computer does. And it is the best audio on the air it if you are sitting at a computer. I think you can just pull up I think. And you can buy a special radio that you can listen to it everywhere else and I have three of them and I use of all the time -- -- the sound quality. Is fantastic. Not that that is is completely wasted on this program. But and the except for our music but even that goes back of that little thing you just heard that was recorded in 1940. It's amazing it sounds as good as it does. Anyway it's time for the food show in here we are. Ready to talk with you but where you've been eating where you have not been eating. What you've been trying to cook at home what you have successfully cooked at home. And anything else you want to bring up. I just for your own entertainment really you know that's that's what it's about let's you and I have a conversation about the great restaurants we have enjoyed. In recent days or months or years if you if you want to. 26060. Below what what -- well Opel backup -- 260. 187. I'll do that in another thirty times on the show because I had had a different number. On my five day a week program which is on at this same time but on a different station on thirteen fifty. And I just give up that number so many times -- it's kind of hard wired in -- -- but he round. But anyway we'd love to hear from you'll -- anything on your mind about eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking. This a week we have had a very big story in New Orleans. It has been on everyone's lips everybody's been talking about it everybody's been debating it I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Of course. It's the fact that the that Brennan's will remain Brennan it's that will be a different restaurant. But in the same location. The same name. I have no doubt but that though breakfast at Brennan's will be there as it always has been well since the forties. And Ralph Brennan. And company. Will be running it it's a different side of the Brennan family. And all of that has been worked out it was it was a huge auction that took place on Wednesday. And an idol I haven't seen the price is yet I'm sure that -- Which is somebody reported that. I don't really care but that all I care about. Is that I think it was it would be a good thing. For that restaurant to continue with the same name even though it is going to be quite different in side. And the food is going to be different to their reinventing that menu I am sure I'm sure you keep them their famous dishes but. That you put the burden like 75%. Of it will be different and new. So that opens in September believe it or not they have been working fast they've got the money to do it too which always helps. So anyway but we can talk about that or anything else on your mind anything at all I mean don't if you think it's too silly you're too stupid or too trivial for this program guess again. Anyone who thinks that usually has the best possible question to ask and -- we would love to hear from viewing but could go on its Norman here Norman welcome. Thank you offered -- support troop library. Pretty much -- on the details about a tropical questioner for not concerned. Alter it well but we important questions we handle those two. Okay I'm gonna do for ball between now and gave them all. Know. -- budget they'll probably grant mine are like number one and number Jews. I don't. I'll bet you this somebody out there who -- But if you can go and find hamper and we do have a source of this you have to go buy it. Now. That's what the question -- but now. Where would that would you recommend. But it can be. Fired off on prayer that we are not all not at the they're so. It out yet ready. They have gone up quite a lot maybe since the last time you've done. I'm hearing things like four dollars a -- -- Yeah I I I've heard that I haven't actually running into it but I can believe it because it's. The commute the personal everything guts and started very slowly. This year secondly a lot of the fishermen and out there because they collected on the VP thing in there just taken. Weakening. A rest I guess. What. Let's put this out to the crowd and may be listening to us right now there might be somebody who news. In the business perhaps or who buys. Live -- all the time and who can tell us all of these things -- I don't know. You're a man appreciate it all right well let's see what we can come up with all right thank you. It's the food to anybody bought boiled or live -- lately. Margie. Well right there. I Paula Simon and that we get and number but why. But before it. I'm good I'm glad you told me that because I have to plug India. The child number of machine here -- -- I don't get that going while you're talking go ahead. Okay and they went out to kids. Along time ago like him in the eight. -- -- it -- but it didn't stop. -- Acting. And marketing and have. -- look and Pete. And where. Ballot -- -- on them on now alone. Oh I can tell you this sour cream and sugar and blueberries. Is a wonderful combination. It is it doesn't sound like it's gonna be -- that are really years and just you'll you'll love that. And peaches peaches are another story but I don't see any reason why that would be good to. And he gonna toss this with that with some greens and stuff -- -- it isn't just the -- Yes there -- -- delighted I'm not sure yet to tell us what it looks like. No I I I I think you're onto it and if if I would make any change to that and all I think I might use brown sugar instead of white sugar. What. And I might also put like a couple of drops of food vinegar and vinegar yeah finger I would. Little baby so the baby dot that would when I was gonna say that. I was -- with a few drops of Mandela. A little Annette I'm not talking about that even the half teaspoon of talking but a few drugs that you know little little bit yeah and just that market and yeah that'll come I agree. Yeah actually you -- that being neutral and Alter our number and quality. It is an -- I'll probably so the trend in the restaurant business these days is that restaurants pretty much all of them now. Make most of their dressings. In hopes was so it's it's hard Miller knows you know it's it's. Ingredients she probably of and you shelf already so yeah yeah yeah bush yes sour cream and sugar in blueberries that match to look. I. I would only say I'm purchases. Not that Latin. During. That election. You can give me try it. I never would and will -- I'll -- -- on a bank and you can gain and depends what kind Greek Italian and the street even add India seventeenth and it even. There and it India greatly. Greatly. Would know well how does this -- is this in the. It has a dark content hub on. They added that there are there any. Way you carry it. Delicious it in the end. And it can't -- -- innings and chain and I'll live intent -- when you get. -- -- -- -- -- Okay and I'm ready to give it to you -- -- way you get as a free bonus with your child number. And yet in mnemonic device. And yeah yeah hearing goes yours is 730. Which is -- robotic devices well that's about the time I get up in the morning. It at. 730 I know it like I have a funny joke about that and I've been telling you. I'll -- -- it already. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have we -- In the five thousands and then it it in my computer just died and never were able to get the news data out of it so. Are -- 730. -- March. 7 that. -- My mind. Brenda. Brenda. Ruined. -- spec Brenda would you please look at how. We will come back in just a moment after first please. Have a word hero but. A restaurant that you can go to for lunch today that you might not think about. Lunch on Saturday is a funny thing. And they are not a lot of restaurants serving and especially not at the at the conflict visceral level and up at that at the special -- kind of level. About one that is and always has is and ones and not only that but Antawn has it summer. Lunch. Specials. It's twenty dollars and fourteen cents. You have the week courses. We have a choice of appetizers. The one I would pick. Is the oysters three different ways. There were original they invented it oysters Rockefeller oysters -- and bill which I'm persuaded they also invented although other restaurants more famous for. And Nolan called oyster Thurmond in the UB one of beach for the appetizer there's also but I think -- of this species laws in town. And also this one -- that they -- -- and it's a salad. And then the entrees. There is a veal dish there's a fish dish and there's a chicken dish. And they are all classic -- once kitchen and then you have the choice of three desserts. And it's twenty dollars and fourteen cents for the whole thing. And is -- that or no deal enough. They run a special cocktail. Every day and that you can get for 25 cents. And you could have more than one. -- if you go to and once and you take advantage -- that they do it every single day and they welcome -- -- they they do that for the local people that it's not for the tourists that's relief for the locals. But please remember. You aren't you are stealing met mile at that price and give the waiter a little bit more than the basic 15% on that would you do that I think -- first of all. You might find yourself with a waiter who will take care of you from now -- -- Which is an important thing to have over nets won 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter and all the world there was only one and ones. And will be back with more after first pleases you are listening to the food shows Saturday edition here on the big 87 EWW -- WWL one -- five point three of them and our telephone number is 260187. And and and let's see who that lady that called this is set her up top here. Brenda is back thank you Brenda welcome. I thought yeah. I can hear you perfectly you. -- not quite -- But you truly love that it's a great question that lets hear. What you know about. You follow well. I. I had a a really good in over the -- that was a -- with the lady who was my producer. Of the radio show on -- on three WO. Up until. And just a few weeks ago her mother work -- there at a -- bigs and she was still working here in the office and apparently there was some. Discussion among the way I understand that this there's two sides of the family that -- the thing and -- I. Mean I do I don't think it was ever added that -- -- -- is as bad as that. But one of them really wanted to get it back open again and the other win was little lackluster about it -- and anyway. They didn't didn't seem to come to a conclusion on that and I I couldn't tell you one way or the other. Whether they were coming back or not until today because now they are saying yes they aren't coming back so that well what are now. Yeah then you have right but when that will be I don't know. -- it won't affect my life at all because if there's one thing on that could eat it's that. I it's it's great for you if your kid or if you trying to -- or if you trying to be nostalgic for a -- Then big -- -- a gastric but that's an island -- -- -- that it. Yeah I know I mean I want a -- my problem is that I'm too old to be eating stuff like that and and that's it. But for those who really love it can't live without an unhappy forum in. And a few weeks -- apparently is coming back. -- just sit at my that will sugar and for the sake of you know local icon to -- Like Arlington Nancy you know idea to have grown up. Roman candy but without the W. That we knew now I have a -- Reuters some funny this is I have a theory about New Orleans. Society I believe that they're only 500 people living here. And and the and the reason I believe that is the reasons like this the guy who pulls the the -- who has the Euro Roman candy court. Went to school with him he's in my he was in my class credit -- it. Do you have it with everybody that. Absolutely and. That it's not as amazing as it seems until you if you realize that there are only 500 people here and then it makes perfect sense. All right well listen nice talking to you thanks for calling back Brent these here hello Brent welcome. A commonly do the great one. Omnia argument that where wrong but ten and it was a big -- chemical spill at a turnaround. Backtracked and -- via power on the ID and at the Baton Rouge where in the -- two bit play each and seafood. Ordered yet suggesting. I don't get to Baton Rouge too much and sorry to say. But the place I think I would go. Would be Mike Anderson's. I do I do know them yet they are. They have one location it's in. What's that place it's it's a little bit past prairie feel coming to the war ones. Expect agreement. By Tuesday if you have a cellphone you can probably just you know woken up and I think is one in downtown Baton Rouge to. And they they I've always found him very good who's going to be open on a Saturday lunchtime and especially Saturday in the middle yet known that I wouldn't be able to -- you -- pride rouge really. -- out so it's just all around the special on any page recommend her. Oh yeah there is the best thing the Mike Anderson Everett did what are the east the six way platters of one particular seafood so we'll have a shrimp platter and don't have shrimp on it done. I think it's five or six different ways. And crawfish things same thing crab -- the same thing it's a great idea and that catfish is real good to. School on got a guy got a lot earlier this way we stopped. Frazier on. Aaron Crow think the world yup that's right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our import from our volunteers get pretty good social. There were just there room. You'd well not. -- -- Well who knows any -- -- show cribs have been very erratic this year that started late in the yard still. I've been it's it hasn't been a great year for the soft -- at least of the ones I've hey listen thanks. It is time now. For us to get some news from dining it's Bebop. Heaven knows. Anything news here's Dan and welcome. -- -- -- Well. Why is you know like it. I love it I really don't like the introductory appreciative. Holiday for strings here I don't. -- red rose and his orchestra he was the theme music for the old Red Skelton Scott. I'm recognized that but it did know him from that that was -- -- that's. All of the current number. That you are back. But it it was kidnapped or small groups. That. Ally Angelo likes to elected to do a joke now and then you. She she was she she had to be serious on TV because well you have to be serious on TV but on radio we can cut up. The but look at what -- the other night dole leaves -- stroller because they have this. And boy it was good as usual I did in the he has dished it it's. Spaghetti with shrimp than. It's which. From terror and over who has the best to battle -- -- just so Ruth yeah and he uses -- constantly gravy. In the suburbs and it brought it in India opened. Up for two. I know when you know it's Italian food in the few words eat Italian food six days later you're hungry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He knows that -- -- that we talk about it. Archie so Raj she skipped the same last name is the people that started community coffee I don't know if I ever asked him if there was a relationship there. -- -- No load and I community on them on I'm a I'm a fan of community. For two things first the ball. The way they market their product and they've gotten this Louisiana taste all of the countries really astonishingly and it's it's really great. And there are dark roast pure coffee which is their flagship. Thing that has been you know down and cajun country in Baton Rouge were ever. That's like that's great coffee it's really nice and the markets got a kick to it it's got great flavor. The New Orleans Blankenship Greek coffee I do not like you know. Which person. I -- union coffee. And oh yeah and wanted I was -- and I've been doing that all my life pretty. Well my daughter fall under those machines to do one -- -- it. Yeah that's it but about the stadium you know you can't make it -- -- you -- but -- Though it doesn't come out you have I guess I discovered. That. If I'd make a pot and I only drink about two cups of coffee in the morning. And and it it comes out better if I do four. At one time and then included in the jar and -- in the refrigerator. And then -- have at the next day and it actually comes out better than if I would do. Eddie two cups a day -- I think doing more coffee definitely makes it better. I think it's Jason a lot of food to pump all that stage and they created beings in pretty good at Ali yeah Wednesday. Probably -- -- -- -- still cool right -- the refrigerated next and you would definitely not a law can be done and really enjoyed it especially this. I don't want them to -- -- see some I was look at Israel would get them except Muslim. When about a week so it would make some real -- at CNET diligent along all on it would be useful and that this could be. And he did an excellent probable oil and so it was very enjoyable. But I don't know it's still. Edgar Padilla put if -- it's -- well. You know I did it at this time of year if if there's any time of year when you're gonna catch real nice crabs this is it right now and and I've again I tell you that's been very erratic this year but I don't know whether that's because of the crabs -- because of the fisherman because it that fit the whole fishing industry. Has been totally screwed up since the oil oil -- -- We think about those. -- finished the -- began to tell you. You know why I I I know all about them it's it's an invasive species not causing problems and so now they're trying to catch him and eat him but I've never had once so I don't know. Because January they have been in the side. It wouldn't actually get to -- -- like -- this -- to take the spine. -- always. It is this stuff constituent. While some sort of threats still there little bitty things -- Yeah yeah that's right they do grow and aquariums but it's all right well what thanks a lot nice -- for -- always a pleasure to 60. 187 here's re re welcome. I'm sorry Roy Roy -- media look at -- it -- Listen I was talking to a friend about how I was equipment difficulty battering matte finish before Friday wouldn't stick going good. And sent them a little unusual which I had heard reports that. It is important to mustard on his -- before he batters and have you heard that before. IE I do that with catfish whenever I fried catfish I put some mustard. And some extra mustard and hot -- And -- and seasonings and I -- and and marinate the fish in net for a little while but not for hours and hours but you know maybe half an hour that much. And and then. I don't know whether that's why it sticks or not but all uses a mixture of corn meal and corn flour. Corn -- you can buy pure corn flour it's what fish fry -- it's just pure corn flour. And so you between 200 course greens you get from corn meal and corn flour is very fine like -- between the tool of the media that I think the perfect picture of the coding it sticks really well for me. Okay any kind of mustard I mean it's special must. I was you could use yellow mustard if you want I don't think I would use creole -- just because it's grainy. Right and I think that might cause problems with like at the John mustard -- any -- -- legislative -- -- -- On new oil temp you know it kind of -- oil is. Legal hot because when efficient coil they've lowered them but he oil. That no question about that 375. I say. -- -- -- I have heard Matt Schultz who was this week last week you mentioned that you can't cram more optimism than which gives it a unique flavor and everybody can't figure out what it is. Right -- Corned beef. Blow when corn beef when you know like corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick's Day you do slip that into the you know it's usually -- little packet stuff that comes with corned beef anyway. -- -- -- This is already cured if you try to if you try to cure your own corn beef you'll long Liu once trust me. Says that it incredible mass but anyway you you you put it in in the water that you boil it -- I like the boil. There are other people the people who like to put it in the yup but I like it boiled. And and then you put like you know like. Published a scant tablespoons of crab boil and there. You do not -- crab boil you really don't but you do it tastes so good and you can't figure it out but -- -- Well I think that's interesting because I don't amateurs I have a little inordinate growth to a three cabbages and do corn beef and cabbage but sometimes when we don't use decorum be pleased tickle me and we put the technical lead with a quick oil and comes out Yani. There you go I mean I it's the same concept that that that does sound good. And that says. Kind of hit a -- with that but thank you help. But thank you nice hearing from view -- food show. Everybody's -- calls today not that I mind here is Billy. -- they are doing great. The U. That. -- To do. So blew it means south suburban. It's it is run by the branch of the Brennan family that owns commander's palace so these are first class people in fact. The chef at commander's palace owns a piece of so boot too so he's over there pretty often. It's an interesting it's a different kind of -- it really is something from a out of the future I say and I would say still it is. Mike my thinking is that it will appeal more to younger people and that took him at seventeen year old but maybe people in there. Twenties and thirties more than people in their fifties and sixties. Because it's mainly a bar menu and every most of what they serve there is in small portions. And you can certainly make a meal out of that easily enough you you wind up with kind of a tasting menu but most of them manually small portions may need to go with cocktails and wine and all of that which they do very well the cocktails especially. And it's it's a fun kind of place neat looking building it's the place that used to be bako if you ever ate there. But but they they renovated it very thoroughly so you might not recognize it but not worth going to it's a lot of fun it's easy going place not a formal thing at. -- -- -- -- Yeah it got caught showcase moment that Nadal let's we your food you on -- it grow out. It's a lot better. We'll listen nice talking mutes the food show we will come back with more of it in a moment but first if you will this it's the big 870 WWL. This is -- -- -- as mumbling. On purpose just to see what it felt like. And I liked it I gotta tell you I'd like James welcome to the food show. James you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried here. Which you -- recipe either it and you know and -- Plan. Are ten and again and of Europe right now. Really me. Don't need to hit it between my kids to look gramley. The problem. And -- -- -- reference these. Come across. Well. But I thank you for saying that I think it is the best but personally I think it's the best recipe in my whole cookbook. So if the if fight this place Hewitt that then I'm probably not the kind of cook for you but I'm glad July. -- and public tangible and wanting. -- Last week. I watch it is. This will make it and -- Hot dog eat and gone there in. The -- let's let -- -- It it doesn't because I never pay any attention to it but if I did. In two and I actually met a lady who has won that many times. She says Chinese lady can never remember her name but she's a fuel you like you know 150 hot dogs and we just -- seen him like that. And I don't get it but it's not about taste. So I don't care excellent Mario to. It's as well I would get like 50% of what you've seen. 050% of what you see you on the Food Network these days it's just complete baloney it's not about food it's not a but at least it's not about enjoying yourself it's a buyout but that's. What are easy stuff we can put on TV today. And see if you're looking -- somebody to watch and say you know always wanted to -- which would a whole pound of bacon on it. -- Thank you C yeah. It's the food show. Let's let me talk to one more at least one more before we take a break at least one Cheryl welcome. Q. Public. And a girl her -- and I are a lawyer yeah it's hell. Yeah you can't hit the ground and seeing happen. And yeah. Not only is boiling there and I never -- All along and crime and happening and now I wonder why more bluntly. You don't need an error. Well I don't know the answer to that but I can tell you that it has been trying to. And there have been over the years I've seen about five or six restaurants that have made a big deal and this. And it has never gone anywhere in fact it is I observation I don't know if this is accurate or not but it seemed to mean. That would Disco -- Opened up what they call the steam room adjacent to their major seafood restaurant on west is one of the biggest and most successful play. It ran in into the ground nobody. Wins four and and its us. Yeah I I. It I don't think it's season. Well enough by that that is the way it's done. It now obviously around -- Baltimore in the Chesapeake area in Delaware and open. You know they do it all the time in that they they look dying on boiling seafood they really do. Don't. -- he started it yet. Great -- -- and running very well not much bigger -- well. You know this other reason why it's so good. And you might not know this but certainly in in the case of the crabs. They almost all come from here. Which like crab meat has gone up in price so much because we now or competing with these guys in the north east from a New York on down including Delaware. And audited the Chesapeake Bay doesn't have a lot of cramps and in anymore and most of them are coming from here it would. Great problems. Picture. You were in. -- I -- network currently. At Indian art and well thank you don't mind. Issue thanks for calling me it is the food show we have -- take a break I wish I -- but I do and will be back with more of it in a moment. -- -- It might. Well thank you probably need. Quite an article that appeared in the remarks aired them all you could -- about how terrible booted out there. Not for -- oh absolutely not sure. That the I've been to London a few times but asking a guy like me who's been here three times in his life. That's not a good information it's it's probably better than Joseph blow on the street but but what are. Who if yeah that's. If you really -- get serious about it but it get at least 14 homers or -- hours or any curtains that. You can be -- -- guides which who don't give you much information but they agree to everything they're very honest. Having said that and I know that I know you're gonna get the book. The areas in a restaurant that we went to last time we would be here. That I hope to go back to again as my wife owes me one on. It's the oldest restaurant in London dates back to the seventeen hundreds. The name of it is the rules. Are you LE -- And -- -- it is not a real he released super formal place I would you know reject ago but I reject ago everywhere so but it's but it's not super super fancy. On old style stuff. Yorkshire putting -- -- room. Lot of team they actually have their own game farm somewhere that they raise all of these November signaled its of that. I thought it was really great. Is an old place obviously but the service was very happy they where they've made really good drinks I remember and we have all of their except. My wife insisted on getting prime rib which he logs and I don't. They would only serve it for who so I cheated out of -- an entree. We get it next time I go to next year. And I would go to that place I recommended I really did like it also. There -- more Indian restaurants in London than there are in India. It and they're better too. And that is something that the English people are really wild about and they have been for decades Indian food and even if you don't have a particular taste for you really ought to try -- good Indian harassment does it that's the best in the world. Okay illustrated by -- one quick question off topic and very suspicious as far. And ultimately yesterday number one which -- -- awaited -- Obama my favorite way of doing it is if I have a whole -- would be to -- -- and clean about. And in -- on top of wood grill whole finished the whole package aren't ones. The Evian the the scales and skin the scales are so small you don't even really the secret to a little if you want to. But that the amount of fat in theory it's just such a great finish and I I wouldn't marinated -- salt and -- that it sort of a good. Note it's the best I I think the less you do to it the better it is and if you have little fish and leave them whole -- in the -- sort of warrants fabulous. Great credit you appreciate it thank you -- a fun. -- We have about run out this hour have -- we Dave do you know. That this is. This is the last. Oh. Okay yes somebody called and said that if he called roses they'll give they'll they'll get -- -- in for you if you call in advance. -- OKO district that is. As gospel. On FM and HD on -- wave and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM. HD one. -- New Orleans. And the news is next.

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