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7-12 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 12, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870. Kilo cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion. -- watts of power radiating out across most of the eastern half of the country. Since 1922. WWL. New Orleans first radio station. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom that's Morris with the second course of the food show it's a program about eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking. We don't take this to to seriously. The only thing we we look for very seriously is we want things that priesthood. And things that ought to taste good which sometimes they are they don't. That's our look out and as you know a lot of things that are very basic and very down to earth. Our. Can taste really good last night it was in a terrific restaurant that. -- doesn't get talked about enough in the owner doesn't care because he does so much private party business that he really is happy news. That the facilities there but it's called Tomas bistro it's on. -- -- -- -- Diagonally across the intersection from animals. It's run by Tommy and Roddy who -- been in the business. Going back to the 1960s. This guy is one of most skillful. Old school rest matures that I know he really has tremendously good taste in his -- but he also is another right across the street called. -- which is very good. Anyway I was in there and got a Cornish ten. And it had this very interest things -- that was native. Stock. Kind of abroad made with the -- -- And some beans some lentils and a couple of other things there and that was ten. I didn't do it but I wish I had. To get some of their fresh cut Fries because I saw that another thing I was looking and on the menu over there is that they have a filet. With home 38 this is very common in France where they'll have justly -- grilled steak with. Really really great hand cut French Fries. And and yet they're still French Fries and we're not talking about anything real complicated there but as you know. There's just nothing much is good it's really great French Fries. I. And and that's a simple. So we go to all the way down to that kind of stuff than we go all the way up to well court shenanigans. They started off. With the cold. Raw oyster dish that I think is such a good idea it's amazing to me no one has ever thought of that before. The they take bloody Mary mix. And they reduce it down in the mix it with. Some caviar. And they plop this right on top of -- Went on top of the oysters and the serve it cold. Moon. That is good does that tell you why -- a hell of a lot better than catcher or there was one other ingredient in it. This stuff called tomato water. Tomato water is what you get. If you are he cuts and tomatoes. In pieces and then you take the meat of the tomato. Which is which usually want the most things and the seeds in the that that kind of gel like water that's in the middle. Of the tomato all of that goes down through a sieve that these seeds stay where they are. And the watery par at the jail jail come apart. Falls into whatever you have below the suit to potential that and then. That liquid which is much clear clear no colors and very little very faint red color. Our if you stuck your finger and tasted. It tastes great it takes like tomato. And of a number of chefs have been taking this stuff and using it as an ingredient in their cooking and that I think that's agreed. A lot of a lot of things come by that are kind of silly. But that when -- 260. 187 or use our telephone number if you call right now you'll get write me and believe it or not there's nobody there with the news drove them off I don't know. Or they. We're listening and didn't feel like pressing. A receiver. To the ears. Pressing a receiver Peter years who would think you know like in pre. Prehistoric times that we would ever be standing around pressing this than two years strange. Our show is sponsored by currents -- -- But strange about transport voice it's the basics it's the stuff he first learned about at least if your history is like mine. Miami history. Has a grim day. And I I'm not ashamed of calling myself that and I don't think you should be ashamed of calling yourself that here's. We gourmet is grameen is looking for food it's better than what he's already eating if you do that your gourmet. So anyway the first step that I Aybar took as a group may not even trying to be it just came on me. Was when my career. Took me to an old bar that made really great roast beef -- -- its name was Clarence and lefties in case you're wondering it's long gone. And so but it's a -- years ago in 1975. -- drive and on veterans and I see this place called current news. And that they serve poor boys so this rang a bell with me I go inside turns out it's owned by a guy went to high school with. And it has been good from that date to this. The only thing that has changed is that the menu -- arrange for voice gets bigger and bigger and bigger every time I go in there he's doing more stuff. Every -- boy you can imagine of course including. -- as some of the offbeat ones like Italian -- voice where instead of the lettuce and tomatoes and all that. They put some of mozzarella cheese some Redgrave piece of meat -- are some Italian sausage or whatever and then some more cheese then put the top Brendan and shove it in the oven until the cheese melt. That he's great. And they also do platters of Italian things into seafood platters they fried seafood ordered they have pizza even belief and it's a really cool neighborhood style place and it's funny that you should find such harassment on veterans highway but they -- it is but midway between Cleary and a clear view. Or some -- in clear view where some might just pass -- 3939 veterans brand's core boys are open today until about 8 o'clock. Right now -- can agree roast beef pork boy or whatever -- you. The food show rolls right ahead here. Lindo welcome. -- And -- -- group that at lunch like them on hand. We didn't worry acquitted or -- The -- -- but usually when someone's birthday re. -- -- The part they Earl and sleet and light it like -- AT and rookie cap day order. Parentage. -- looking some place. Probably. It might have a nice lunch. Or somewhere between fifteen and eighteen now. Any act and any place that -- New. IE because. -- Can I sound like it it sounds to me like yours staying in Metairie almost exclusively. -- eat your being wealthy keeper part we don't have to stay in battery we've been to. We want when he definitely enjoyed a year you know. Well now that you've said that I mean I'm just trying to get a no matter what time we can now. Yup I don't either I think the uptown is much better. Yeah. It's time. I don't know. It's via. But anyway. The getting back to this. All of a place. That that the new wind is the thing that's -- this isn't really new but a lot of people have never been there have you ever been to restore -- they Filippo. I. No it's island west meant to and west Napoleon and we. Please -- horrific. End and really enjoyed. Also on. How many days what days they're open for lunch over and -- them -- block when that. Well. Darn darn near everywhere. Into -- on the part then. Okay. Chris steak house freedom does -- Following my nose now. Well that's strictly you know strictly -- We believe each day and. Now they have a few other things too. And then up with less annually to the now weeks. Think a lot of them. Got a year in -- for dinner with their. But not -- anything. This may not be -- big enough sound for you guys. Let's see. It had ever been -- good to have you ever been to the flaming torch. That's a really good place it's on. Magazines -- at the corner October yet they're just. It big they actually up on the second floor it is on magazine street but the first floor that's another shot right in front but I think their food's pretty good. It. You're -- -- A little -- on the leaky air. Years the idea. Look at like the idea that line -- by that gallery. Yeah yeah yeah that's that's a wonderful little restaurant and then -- incident mentioned Vincent's. Not -- but it's it's it's a good restaurants in terms of food which is all on me after. And have you been tool have you been to either of those two places that in West Newton -- -- or the blue crab. I don't know there. I'm not that great you I don't think it that wonderful person might win it and upper right. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- -- I I think what is happening to them is that they both of those is still relatively new restaurants. And there is still finding their way because from the day that he opened the slammed by so much business -- it's they can't. But that. All right. -- then you know that's the the only part of tell him that he has the French Quarter and and you have you know mister -- which he tees. Right up there with any and ones with that twenty dollars for its onshore. -- to be. And and on in this CB do you have a bunch of places Luke I think -- it would. But on -- There once and -- am not ready to write a review about it yet because they're still settling down its they'll do reassessment. First of all it's become very difficult to get the table in the with a well advance reservations because. The they got -- the James Beard award as the best. So everybody's going there it is. The mood is very good but his very east to me that I don't see anything -- that I haven't had for their kind of well known for their whole fish. And the the noise level is. In the and I can deal with. So that's by it and bring it up. But anyway there's some places. I -- thank you can't you're looking at I -- back -- -- I think that while. I think we are -- a huge huge. Actually reached or that other city at it and not utilizing the public and that the light on. I -- who we you know we got the it -- the open. I don't know like their feet and beautiful restaurant overlooking the light as some really nice ones. Any other city that -- -- water. I have I've written on this subject many times over the years. And and the main reason news that the the lake front. Is in the minds of everybody who lives in New Orleans. A place for inexpensive. Restaurants and you said yourself you went to the blue crab -- you thought it was pricey. Unit that this is this is because it's in west and in in west and that's what was always there are these you'll really low price restaurants. And I think that's one thing. And working against this further is the fact that any restaurant built out there. Would be a really. Expensive. Construction. Issue because it's an outside the left east. And every time you saw what happened in Katrina what happened the west and they would not there wasn't a stolen stacked on another stone. To give a biblical quote. And it's some. It is it would be tough to do. Just you -- with that it would have to be an expensive restaurant to really be right and then there's still. Facing. This this ever present danger. So and I wish I wish it to which we have some places that had a view on the on the river more we only have one. One nice talking to you thanks for calling. It's an amazing Q you've been every rest ninth through and they've been. Will come back -- more in a moment after first pleased that 260187. Here is Lee Lee welcome. I am. President. You have on the no. Doubt about it and we like you know that it -- and as -- political Orioles are. Oh yeah that's true illness in the citrus and all the rest of the you know we got -- arms them. Yeah probably felt a -- -- -- over again by -- But like com. Some good about the aid on my. Mind and mud Monday and my grandma and Colin Manning. They'd -- all categories the Orioles and and and this year and they were doing to make -- water. Are you ashamed about the -- didn't -- -- The good out of there. And it is not very clear ultimatum the does. Interesting thought. And our form but -- you guys next but got a legitimate. Well I don't evening -- Pelé who always very very -- you and it's -- viewed. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do's and there's little doubt it but don't like our excitement particular. Yeah there -- a -- and and you know get an and all the ladies recipes and. Well back in the old days when nobody threw away anything. You can you know even the stuff but even that didn't -- look didn't look very promising we need that to. -- -- -- -- Have been -- more places than me yeah. Well that's the kind that's the kind of audience -- the key point. -- -- I know I it's. Yeah I've been pulled in fact we have pinch hitter communion. -- -- -- -- -- steal it by its foods -- theories. Running welcome. Conflict. Well look well at the age and has got a new hobby rock. And it really good pitch count I don't. Players'. Union and. -- -- It's basically you know everybody says that frog legs -- the -- -- you know visit. It's not really true but you can see how people would get an idea is this the pieces as soon shoot the scene -- You really can't them almost exactly the way you cooked chicken except with a lighter. Kind of crossed that wouldn't put anything heavy on that adjust to a seasoned flour. And then I would saw it in -- pan with hot water. And some -- That it takes a bunch cloves garlic and just fundamentally pop open and just put him in the -- you don't in the oil will come out of the on the -- of garlic and mix in with the butter and just brown -- on both sides and even the cook real fast. Are much faster than -- And the garlic and add a crushed red pepper in the -- to just at little spice to it so that little red pepper flavor a little garlic flavor than the rest of butter and it's delicious idea that my favorite -- of him. So -- you don't. Big problem. Well you could deep fry them but if if it were left up to me this is I don't give them that often so I I don't really care about the convenience of it but I would -- within opinion just -- with butter or you could do butter half and half with. Or use all our. All olive where he wanted and leaders. Yeah. Debate throughout all of -- that -- -- that it didn't turn out yeah it is -- and they. Broke. On our -- very much. So yeah it is time for a news update with Don names who is standing by -- that we are back and nice to be through six so. 1872601870. Call right now. You'll get on you get right in -- UB Arnold when there was somebody who called them who left. 260. 187 you know what I have not mentioned is that you can send me a text message. This is for people who. Really really really really really really well. I would still like to persuade you to actually called because will get the information -- them would be more interesting and -- and easier to deal with. But if you really can't or if you. If you don't have the time to wait on hold what you could do is send me a text message. Oh pageantry I don't know the message number for the station. I always used. But you know they could send it to me at the other one though couldn't. Once he went yeah I'm here 87870. I got to find out how to get to -- yeah. Was it on to -- up to 60187. -- use our number. 2601870. There is a terrific celebration. Coming up. On Monday. You probably know if Europe -- file or if you are French yourself French heritage. Where you dislike French things. This. Monday is best field day Bastille day. It is to the French what the fourth of July is to Americans. And on a lot -- -- in -- lottery it's a handful of restaurants with strong ties to France. They. Put on special menus and there was one really -- this year. That it's a little expensive but when you hear what they're serving and especially the wines all the winds are French they're doing six. French wines. And a seven course dinners it's going to be low for -- on the corner of camp in common this is a five star restaurant with me. It's been open about four years now. And here's what they're doing their starting over the caramelized onion tart with -- -- cori yet it's dark green yet so it's kind of like a -- favorite but. Shredded sort of it's hard to explain but. Others having a with a little bubbly wine to get started. From a book going. -- -- they're doing and and could be on in poppy this is interest in. So -- fish could be on which shrimp and oysters and mussels and vegetables in the gonna wrap it up the paper bag and blanket that should be really -- We have a white Burgundy with that -- S cargo with the white wine garlic and fresh -- classic style and with what could be more French than snails and are there any rustic rabbit -- who lady cast away. Is kind of a baked fish that's usually beans in a sometimes -- sometimes -- different things tomato corn feed. They're doing an old line missile Roche did Boone. -- -- 2001. Vintage of that so real policeman's French birdies here Steagall -- of it -- you filet. With a cognac pepper -- troubled steak Fries and shut -- of the pop. Dobie Gillis solitude I don't know if I've ever had that before -- know about it but -- I don't think. That they're doing it she scores would go Bordeaux really nice Bordeaux from my chateau Clark. And and -- blueberry -- with ice cream brings up the rear this whole thing including all the wines tax tip and everything. Is a 140 dollars yeah -- I know. That's beyond with a lot of people will spend. Eating in a week or month even. But if but maybe this appeals to you and I'm going to be there are so. Not that that's a big -- but if you'd like to sit at a table with the I'm I'm I'm rounded up a couple of big tables for anybody who would like to join me we do these every week is under the auspices. Of the heat club which is sort of eclipsing that although the restaurants doing in there and it's look for -- if you wanna go. Our if you go to my website. No menu dot com you'll scroll down a little bit you'll see an article about this and has the whole menu this -- and looking over. And if you'd like to join -- of love for you to join me. Rick welcome to the food show. Hello you either -- -- a good. A tree. Or a teacher. At. The. And I shook -- though the absolute best oval. Is real more. And go to Rio -- you'll find that they'll have at least three. Different kinds of some beaches and when it's a different points I mean different marinades different kinds of seafood just didn't know too light. I've been there when they've had as many as nine. Drops of each race and nobody does it better than them it's. In the warehouse district it's a terrific -- Spanish food you know this is as. Although this is really a south American additional. Comfort room were originally. Yeah let's see who else. Galvanize. In the French market they have -- of each -- there. In what what else I'm finding is that. A lot of sushi bars are now doing some beach. -- Not a long reach but they they actually do it pretty well these. Probably way out of your way but he in the middle of Covington is a little Playskool huge yen and the guy who owns it is in in fact Hispanic. And I don't know how he got that started -- is starting to do sushi but he's been doing and a long time. And he has some -- Vijay on his that you -- kind of sushi style he notes interest. So I -- a few sushi bars I think you'll finalists -- -- -- there and of course all the better Mexican restaurants have it like yeah my favorite at the moment is -- got no negro. Yes but at -- great yeah yeah it's good to Syria that period. It should mean large you know. It's called -- and why huge day IE and it's a sushi bar almost entirely. It's in the it's a New Hampshire street right off I think it's team the New Hampshire Vermont and I think it's. Right by the old court house. Or sorry ability old. Thank you I'm good thank you. Since each day it's. Raw fish that is caught by the acidity of the -- or so you have like a little vinegar lemon juice you know things like that. It actually has the effect of -- if you leave it marinate overnight leaders. And here. Is John John welcome. Thank you sir are good you do. About the show a pretty. -- at week. About it -- or not lower court here are -- belt being the only part that. Yeah Leo adult themed cafe I think is the name I I know about it. Up to the point of I haven't been there yet but it is up it's a family run place. And every one I've ever spoken to who's been there just loves it it's a neighborhood New Orleans restaurant you can go there and -- all the things that you're used to finding in places like me in the news and like uses and places like that. Just you know would a different variation for the different neighborhood gas but it's on to morphine street. I mean. Terry upset the name if you he meets etiquette you don't just look it up beside you remember what the the other part of the goodness of human -- and I'll give you the address of everything to. Oprah okay our cafe Delfino has it backwards that's it and it's at 5229. Dauphin street witches in the yeah that's in the Ninth Ward. That actually I think that's actually in the holy cross. -- -- Yeah airlock -- electric -- -- college out back ought to be our review. All right I hope so I've heard nothing but good things thank you. Put that on my list goes the year. One more here is Leonard Leonard welcome. -- -- -- -- And me and first let me say every single issue interest me that all -- elements slot but I'm up from Louisiana lived in. Florida for twenty years but have been back -- in. The twelve. Waterfront dining. Was one of my favorite things in -- it was a destination every weekend. Didn't vote go to the beach but packed up about 113012. O'clock in the -- nice place to sit down. A sandwich and and relax on the water. I started the book it was shipman. Our area and -- -- -- and -- recommending places to deal. Waterfront from your boat or -- You'll not not very many of the there was one over here on the North Shore. On the -- thumped a bit of friend so much -- and that's burned to the ground pretty much and then now that's out of commission. Yeah -- Clinton and bill or four years and not because one there. The a credit report. Vehicles auto warrior. West Coast oracle as it was over a hunger outskirts. You've never been elected as an employee summer you know -- short -- there. There's there's nothing -- can recommend are fine in in our areas of -- -- To a nice dot org won't scratch and -- and then enjoy a good meal. You know good music. No no places you can recommend. Well I mean they are the two places on right by the marina. A breeze -- and then the blue. Cram both of these have opened within the last year and a half or so. And they both have -- she could pull right up to him and get right on it's where all the votes are anyway it's on the new basin can now. They're also. A restaurant in this is in Slidell. It's Michael's. And he backs up onto one of the canals in. And and he he says people do pull up and come in and sometimes it just leave the -- out there in the -- on the boat that is also true of these other places just to. Senator. That's -- -- the dock restaurant insulin they'll also. Is on the order a couple of dance -- -- that. That the dock restaurant used to have a massive police analyst and it was taken by Katrina. They have they have a restaurant and slide though it's on the -- the campsite at B interstate ten. And now. Right there it I -- eleven. I completely got a that -- just opened some jet ski some treatment of children. Via the other. The other places that I've been to world war fragmented. So -- orbit -- a -- and select customers. God I mean I wish I had more to tell you but but day as does the lady said earlier. We really don't have any waterfront dining here I mean to speak of just very very little. It it it. And it released front room is all -- from support built a state. They're -- more on leave the millions of acquired. He'll let you want. -- -- I know they got his ball in the water and there's more common all right we will we knew we have to take a break thanks for calling will return with more of the food show in a moment but first -- this it's the food show. The big 870 WWL. And WWO 15 point three FM and here is Jack Jack welcome. I do it. -- old college you don't want to make a homemade political officials to -- but it could be somewhat. Don't drop on a good at feet. Okay -- in give you pretty good when are we talking about -- niece aunts or Horry. Okay good. Serve him well actually dominant. Thank you provide cheap -- And it really aren't that good news. Yeah that was. Very very popular to do things like that in the in late 1980s it was everybody was doing and I think the guy who really kick it off was Paul prude on view of cooking stuff like. Anyway what you do. Is if you had any stock of some kind that would be the best thing if you have some. Crawfish shells crawfish are done for the year so united can find too much of that but shrimp shells you might you know you could use it. You shrimp shells you can buy stole. Crawfish tail meat very easily that's that was there's. And then what you do is you put a little bit of blotter in opinion. And you chop up some onions. And a little bit of -- and some how Oregon. And some -- it. How Oregon this is an herb tea or or AGO and you don't really need that if you don't want it but it gives in the a little bit of this herbal and -- sort of flavor to. In addition gives it kind of a saucy kind of depth to. And you get all this going with a fairly small amount of butter and and you. You add into that. The some. One of my train of thinking of here. White line here -- some. I want bring it up to a boil and and led all this court down a little bit. And then you -- of the stock to end and then the and and the crawfish or the shrimp now. It might help on on the front end to this to have a little hand of heavy whipping cream. You can use regular whipping cream but heavy whipping cream Kostis saying mama does the better job. And if you let it reduce down a little bit -- so low heat in in the bigger part that you need because the stuff can foam over and just go everywhere. And that just let that go down until. -- you reduced it by about a third and then put that into the saw us. And then just was it all together and then serve it immediately. I have it it's a somewhat complicated recipe. But I have a vote of it's easy to follow with its written down it's hard to remember if you'd hear it on the radio. If you go to my website no menu dot com you know Indian you don't. And and a click on recipes. And look for. The crawfish cream sauce. That's what it's under and you'll find it there and if you don't find it call me again and oh find it for. But I'm running out of time is my problem I gotta I gotta go will be back but now this. You're listening to the food show. On the big 870 WW Roland WWO 15 point three FM this is Tom Fitzmorris. I have this program on the air every day from noon until three. Under different station thirteen 5013. 50 AM. And if you wouldn't mind especially if you're driving around. Would you punch up that stationed during the news. -- they're going to be pulling the same news we're playing and while you're there. Sent us a button for so you can come back to mean to the middle of the week we always need more visitors over on that side. The food show this coming Friday we'll celebrate 26 years on the year the longest -- -- -- -- new ones but the who have more more people so come on over there and visit me we do this would only on Saturday that once every single day Monday through Friday. Did you -- -- cute someone just appalled and -- is the coffee pot still open. Well Massoud closed in the last week or so. Yeah -- quite sure it is. But this is the problem with just leaving them message behind. I can't ask you why you would think it's close. Wishing you had gone on here and I can give you better answered by. That's the way that -- was we have another hour coming up here on WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM -- our New Orleans and HD one. But the news is next from CBS.

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