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WWL>Topics>>07-12 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

07-12 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 12, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's the third chorus. Of the food show. And it's saw in the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris. Yet passing is a cultured person. And every afternoon. Monday through Saturday we are here talking about food. And restaurants cooking what we -- in the sense of we're coming in on your radio. It's a different radio station the rest of the week Monday through Friday them at thirteen fifty. The same time -- noon to three. I think we only have a couple of weeks left to. Our meeting this way on Saturdays because as soon as the saints saints get going. When we get we get bashed pretty bad around here than it's like a ping pong ball for the next nine months. And then we're back as sort the of weekday show doesn't have that problem. 260187. Used the telephone number if you would like to dial. I freeh told feel free calls. If you're out there a -- 866889087. And you may also send me a text message at 87870. That'll work to. But whatever is on your mind I'd love to hear it if if you have the option of calling or sending the text message call. Because then we can have a back and forth and get much more information and much more entertainment to. Of the conversation than just some you know a sentence on I don't know you know from a message. 260. 187. Is the number. If you call right now you get pretty much writing and Bastille day dinner this coming Monday. Is a few restaurants rental place on that Martinique was doing one I'll -- -- doing something over -- -- to do Lanka pitches they're doing something at cafe degas. All of these French inflicted places. Maybe -- crept net new. But the biggest one I saw is a 140 dollar dinner. At low for ready and this looks great low for -- is the the rest that we go to. Every. Christmas season the we have been doing our Christmas gala there for the last several years and it's always been great it's five star restaurant -- me. But they're doing Bastille day dinner. 140 bucks that includes everything tax tip line in six French wines I mean so this is pretty nice I have the many posted online. If you go to -- and you dot com and just. Just scroll down you'll see it it's going to be about the if the six article. That's -- no menu dot com and -- and yet you theories Jamal I think. Track so -- Welcome. -- -- -- Sure we. We yeah I mean I have an opinion about this though and that. Soul food and creole food are really the same thing. And by the way I learned this was that I grew up. In for me section my mother -- French from the country and you know all these classic New Orleans things you know she made red beans and rice every Monday in my life -- gumbo every which way. And then I left home. And I started eating in restaurants. And until I ate at -- each case with specifically where but also this is true cluster homes and. The end. She has Helene all of which were -- thought of as the great soul food restaurants in New Orleans. I would go there. And -- eat the food and NC for God's sake this tastes exactly like my mother's food. And and that's what made me go get a -- -- but to me. Real it's one of the things that pulls us together is a city everybody here you really think about it everybody eats gumbo everybody gets rose before boys' everybody gets. It's greens in all of that I -- at all my life on. Kale -- is hot right now it's they're eating and all over the country. Oh lord why would -- be good Korea what. Pig's feet yeah but you don't get that you you get that from two different directions here all you have. You have the African American. Usage of which has always been there but also assists billions. Oh well who like I don't know that's the mean Italian. Component of our city if you ever -- UC. Pig's feet. Everywhere it's on every plate and they call with them all the time it's a big big things we have a lot of us civilians here it's -- so we -- a lot of receipt they feel. Thought 00. You know -- -- look at. I'm. But. Role would -- a -- and a the oh what's that -- With that. Could crack at a that's pretty funny. That funny enough so let's see we will move along to Mike Mike welcome to the food show. Looks. Went over there and Mike was just hanging up as I was hanging on and here comes John John welcome. -- -- -- And it just. Q. -- there's. A million. Yeah yeah. Funding -- all -- Yeah. It's just like. You. And I went there and I. -- I -- Young. -- In Europe to. It. First. On. The grill and -- work. -- -- And in light brush. It should. We. Actually checked -- It's -- Or tree. Tree. -- It is good -- it's it's it's called. -- said I think that it -- it change. That EA and take Q oh that's right yeah KASED. That. Brothers right now and -- like that a good thing to what it was but it's on Williams boulevard. Okay thank you for that it is also immediately next door to the change -- Bob cafe. I where they east race bio that -- from these guys so and it really is. Well thank you thanks for the report. Hole all meat is what that's called. That is. The Islamic. Parallel to Kosher. As he did -- has to be slaughtered in a certain way and it has to be that's only a certain amount of time you can do it in his because a certain way. And that it is a mark of quality cost you more to put here you go. Let's see Peter is here Peter welcome. Here. Happy new year. Or -- oh okay so little early for cocktail but then again it's 5 o'clock somewhere. -- and yeah you know if you die of cirrhosis of the liver in New Orleans it's considered natural causes. Well I -- I decided today that. Of I decided long time ago that I am gonna write my own obituary. And I'm going to no matter how it is that I die I wanna be said to have died of natural causes just for people who have heard me tell that joke when I mean. Street elevator. By any chance again I have to recycle all the material witnesses that's too much of it to feel. I don't agree and agree on here to orbit -- -- -- You'll -- both. But I don't like that your credit yeah well you. Know but do you mind that the Internet. Kind of increase -- your right. All of this. No doubt about that's what I like about it. -- anything. At the beginning of the meal Berkshire talent there's no question about it I think it's it might be it is my favorite free dinner cocktail absolutely. I I've I've been drinking and for years. Funny fact about -- -- Up until recently now that the bartenders are taking themselves seriously again everybody knows what it is but I've went for a long long time. -- low everytime I ordered one I had to explain it to the bartender. On it to get it made properly. Except on cruise ships every cruise ship by over Wendell and actually give -- and groaning they say yes sir and they weapon but here it is -- I love you all know it shouldn't be good I mean it doesn't sound like it's going to be good. No reason it it it just is good. -- it is not everybody likes come pottery if you don't like come power you might have a tough time. But I look like -- like it or. Are you. An apparent chief. You don't use it for sure on and a -- that really wanted to light line point oh. And Agassi if you use abroad expression you could. Yeah I just don't know widely culinary -- that -- He's hungry but it really work. Sure either but you think about you know a salad made of Belgian on -- for example with maybe some tomatoes or a little dressing. That has a bitter taste to a to a lot of greens have bitter tastes. And that really does I think it it perks up your -- do you view you enjoy everything a little bit more after that. You know maybe just wanted the case study her. Well I'm not holding its don't know why I it's something I actually like. God don't like it. Yes and he's had the same aspect to -- that you are the. But a lot of people don't like and usually are people going. That's it's on that list of things that you either love it or you hated along with the blue cheese liver. And parents and niece -- law intro into -- -- the bunch of things is no middle ground on -- it's either love or hate. Here here yeah well thank you happy new year to you thanks for calling we will be back in a moment that we need to break -- we do -- We'll -- take a break we'll come back with more in just a moment but first please this hello it is the food show. It sure is and this is Tom Fitzmorris and it's fun to be here would you even on Saturdays I love being here in Saturday's actually it's an easy show. Here is somebody I don't know this is if Mike Mike welcome. -- There are good gearing up or. Did. The you know. In. Bulk. -- Yeah that's right -- put out a press release about that two days ago. And it's obviously this is a continuation of the partnership that they have Oprah Hilton hotel downtown here this is also Hilton hotel -- Jackson they're going to be moving in to. So no that's that's pretty interest and. -- out and support. He's 15% to isn't good. It took one of blood that you are. Local or long time and they're. The first. Product group or. -- Aren't there and and formal. -- -- or. -- ago. Our art. Our our. And church -- So he could still. Ultraviolet and oh is. She and the joke is -- Really the bottom it it it actually cleans the bottom of the Dutch oven. When it comes with a -- it hit it doesn't it'll all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of recent cheddar cheese is the reason that. In the when I hate melted cheddar cheese is it does. This other teases that we use. Before that but so what you do you put that she's on the bottom and you put the noodles on top of that -- the -- the sauce and everything you've built that up. All the irritable. And. And and how do you Coca do you put it over a fire or do you -- does some charcoal on top on the limit yourself. Well our -- well look like -- They are chair and the bottom. And being on. In our era. Our aperture. -- so we'll all look -- But -- A tool -- Is. Who's. Why you shouldn't. And what little. -- that so that. All yeah it's pretty. Or shut up or. Goes oh cool. Oh yeah and some article. And it really works. Coal. Well. Are well -- thanks for sure that -- your son's interest exe. Making lasagna on the range is basically what he was doing. Here is Max Max welcome. Thank you can actually Christian it is it is just settling certain limits -- restrictions to launch and in. -- -- Oh yeah yeah absolutely correct who wrote both who have. Great restaurants scrimmage registered just didn't. Call -- the audience to Oakland you know which. Us now. He added I don't think either one of them is open for lunch on Saturday lunch on Saturdays it is squirrelly or -- it. -- if you call him in an hour or two I'm sure you'll find him there. All right thank you see Vincent's to place 260. 1872601870. We'd love to talk with you but -- you've been eating lately. Which got cooking if I can help you with a recipe or anything like that called me and we'll we'll get into. Our program today is sponsored by the upper line -- The upper line is in the middle of its annual this is the 27. Garlic festival. It's a special menu 33 dollars for a three course dinner. And you start -- let me tell you my favorite right off the bat they do it -- punch as podshow you probably heard is I assume that could be called the liquids talented as tomatoes that has. Cucumbers and onions and those sorts of things in the and it's also a little bit spicy and in this case there is some. Seared chips of garlic they go in and some crab meat in some guacamole. This is some kind of good I every I get that every time I go during the season. They'll have a really nice shrimp dish with a lot of orally committed a couple of fish -- is going the same way there's the -- with -- Pork in. And garlic sauce. And then you have a bunch of desserts one of them is actually ice cream with sweet. Roasted garlic it works it's crazy but it's -- it works the other -- some more normal. Except for the one that that you get a green salad for dessert -- why would you want that would though you might want an earlier of the bill would let you have it in lieu of of the desert. And they also -- have a one who won the other desserts is a brandy Alexander which kind of -- the drink user kinda. Anyway this goes on from now till the end of August at the upper line restaurant. It's the open on Wednesday. Through Sunday night Sunday night as the night when you don't see many restaurants -- that they're -- bistro category -- but they they are always there it's -- time ago a lot of people coming from all over the country for -- -- festival at the -- line I think -- if you've never done it before you really love I. Make sure kitchen week's 34 times during the season. The upper line. Is an upper -- street right off of Britannia. Right off of and Charles avenue to. The upper line through 601872601870. You call right now you get right -- would love to talk review by two wherever it is that you could have been doing whatever it is you do. We have. The -- club. Is a loose association it is really not organized in all we do dinners. That's able to three weeks a month. And who the people who come largest whoever signs up for it that we have a lot of regulars but we have. That these games we have first timers every single time so it's nice mix of folks. But some years ago we were persuaded that we could have just as much fun and maybe even more if we did Cruces. We started doing that and indeed they have been a blast the one we did just this past on April. I've gotten so much response to what I wrote about it that the people are asking me when you're doing this again. Usually we would skip a year. We we go somewhere else with the crews. But. It was a European cruise mostly in Italy but enough people ask me when you doing that again. And I tell probably not for a couple years and they say -- when you do it sooner well yeah they talked me into it and make a long story short. We would do a really interest in cruise that starts in London. Goes across the Atlantic Ocean sideways sort. We we wind up at the rock of Gibraltar. Then we go to Valencia. In Spain and Barcelona also in Spain then to Monaco. On the the Monte Carlo right there news on the -- on the Riviera. And then we do three. Italian ports. Of winding up in Rome and we're gonna spend time if you want to. In Rome and or. London to. If your interest in this if you go to no menu dot com and click on each club you'll see a thing that that the sensible drop down at the bottom of it it says. Crews just click on that and take a look and may be conjoined. It's the fares are pretty good it's on our favorite. Cruise line which -- school yard. Beautiful beautiful ships it's the Queen Victoria that we will be doing this when. 260187. Here is buddy -- welcome to the food show. I don't know it. I'm doing it and 140. OK because you admit it. Support the -- likes all aspects of -- That's you know people asking that question about once every three months. Which is just long enough for me to forget. How to do. On it. That this no you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am number one of the mean clause of eggs speaking the shelves sticking. Is that the eggs are believing that who fresh. So if you're planning on boiling eggs go with a pile of eggs and find some old ones some serious. A live in the old -- -- the the last likely that is to happen but the way you do eggs. Is you. You put a pot of water cold water put the eggs in the water you turn the you -- in the Berger Ron. Electable come to a boil. And then when he hits a boil you turn it off just let it sit there. Where whatever amount of time. And then. You will have just about perfect. Boiled eggs and you'll also have. Probably not this -- of the -- but everybody's got -- -- the theory that. I don't even light boiled eggs rolling -- do. But we always get a few people who'll explain it to. Get ready Europe but here about six or seven completely different theories. I've heard that I don't know if that works and I don't think it. -- keep listening we will come up what is this question meant to put this in my frequently -- questions department on my website. It's it's about once every. Obviously two or three months and it's as long enough for me forget what I was told last Walter. Welcome. A year. I'm doing it. One -- you can actually took an extra thick pork chops. Okay uproar and the the -- took. Okay you've you grind them. And you sees them now you're ready to cook good this is on you you've done everything I think Q that would have told you so far and what you do. After that he is you get a pan and you puts them either of butter or. Olive oil is Jewish a little bit not not enough what you're trying to do is fill the gap. Between the opinion and the shop because although it may seem that that things just flat down on it. In fact is a little air gap. And if you can fill with hot butter or hot. Oil it's can give you a nice year. You siren on one side you get a little toasty brown you -- real redo the other side. And then you take it out and you take that the -- off the burner. And you put the shops. In the oven to finish cooking the rest of the way the temperature you want in the middle. He's 160. Degrees that'll still leave a little bit of teen in the middle but that's perfectly safe for yours when you -- a 140 and it stays there. You are now safe from them the things we worry about with pork. And while it's in the off. Is apple Jews but could use wine you can use so just plain water you can use stock whatever liquid you've got. And then we skip around and dissolve all the little burned bits and all the juices that came out into the pin and all the little left over -- And get a -- going in from that point you can build it up. With things like mushrooms. You can put cream in peppercorns one of the ones that we like in our house is just some pepper jelly. And you get this kind of sweet heat kind of effect which really screen with a report. So. That's that's money my suggestion to you. And in doing this so it's going to be there. It -- as soon as you this year in the shop on both sides. -- -- -- shop in the pit by the way you don't keep moving this around supported the animal that stayed there until it'll stick to the pain in the middle sort of break loose not legally but a -- in the and you turn it over you do the other side the same way -- -- more border and if you need to. And then you take -- not included in the of the net I did I don't think a -- your temperature but 350. Fifty to 400 depends it is the -- I'd get a little closer to 400. Anyway and then you just -- the -- and with this liquid and just had things that sound good the mean the of the range is unbelievable. -- almost nothing you couldn't put it there. And then you've got this great restaurant quality -- you have this beautiful shop that's gonna still be juicy in the middle below. Great great I appreciate. Thank you very much. What did enjoy thank you that is one of my favorite recipes and my cookbook one of the best I personally. Even -- I wrote myself Chris and look at work. We do like the old welcome. And they're always dealt with people bought a red light to go to it would be back in the mid 1980s. It was called. Are -- -- with Andrew Morton bloc grouping. Yeah yeah. Who wasn't in true. It -- I don't you think he was involved in that for a little while this was on Harrison avenue. Just off of west awful punch train boulevard. Right. Yeah it is the building was owned by Tony Angelo it's only half a block away from too many Angelos. They were totally wiped out by the hurricane had very deep flooding that it really wrecked the building they tore it down it's gone. The guy who owned it. He won't sort of got the business because cities and his wife owned it. And then he in the dome in the divorce that matters. There I. And he wound up getting it he was in the bad respiratory but he didn't have that he didn't have the yeah. The enthusiasm for real and he just never brought that he's never been in the investment business since. That was terrific restaurant think -- you're remembering this Bill Martin that I'm sorry not feel Smart that was in his name. It was lead bully on and Joseph Barton that's who. And they were they ran -- together opened in the sixties. And it was always good -- there their customer base started getting old Dolan and then that was killing them. But their food always was terrific -- Without -- got to walk around he walked around and round -- and he got -- be -- small -- That would have been Jo-Jo Morton did a lot of cigarette smoke and yeah. -- not -- the -- -- -- there. That would look good ideas and that was my next question if you wake up. -- really big Patrick. Well first of all if you could go back in time. And go to that restaurant and eat that crab cake you would say no this isn't as good as I remember. Because the wistful -- effect is working on you the longer it's -- since the last time we have some new love. No better it seems to have been. So are the best crab cake in town is that mister -- but called ahead. And make sure they have them as they don't all the time they swear to me that they do but I know for a fact they don't have been turned down too many times. But it's perfect it's Jumbo lump. And darn near nothing else and it's just great that's the great -- -- in this. Mister -- Well that we deal little restaurant on -- -- you like they'll call Fran we get it. -- you never heard of it and now. I've heard of it but I but I never went there. Well I found -- that was the best food you can put. Feeding probably. Twelve people. -- total and she would. Jam packed every night she was open all that well they're not agree that a shadow Lleyton. -- crap and she would pick. You actually cryptic. Should it rolled in but. On the wind and in -- the Arctic for -- -- -- -- Yes they do it but now we're. In. In -- -- to put all agree -- Oh don't don't you think about what an already finished crab cake and then you just put it on the on the skillet and cook it. Yeah that there is no way that will be. I have a great recipe this. On in my website go take a look at it you -- menu dot com click on. Recipes in the -- is the recipes listed by alphabetical just look for cramped. That's great recipe if I it's not even mine really it's half -- g.s and half mister b.'s. -- What thank -- nice stock and you we will be back with more of the food show in just a moment after first please. At a great turtle soup last night at Tomas bistro. Among many other good things -- over there listen to this date they're serving oysters on the half shell. With kind of a spritz of tomato. Bloody Mary mix and I think it was from caviar and there too. And it was just like filled up the shell hole where the oyster wasn't. And you'd just -- cold raw wonderful. I keep eating lots oysters I'm not dead yet. It is a month with no aren't that I haven't died. Roberts you know to me up raw oysters on the half shell. During the middle of the summer is great mean it's so cold. And and juicy and goes down. 260187. And call right now you get right in -- low to talk with Cuba where you've been eating. Or -- which trying to cook at home or anything like that we do it all would love to talk to you about that 260. 1872601870. QDQ did you do. Don't forget we have a show like this every day noon to three on thirteen fifty. And I have -- a web site. That if I say so myself. Is the biggest. Food to New Orleans food. Thing you'll find anywhere I mean I have something like 550. Reviews. Of restaurants. Around town I have something in the order of 700 and some some recipes that we talk about on here all the time. A to a daily dining diary we talk about all the upcoming events. And just keep you up to speed on those specials summer specials are coming in. If you go to new menu dot com and click on summer specials -- some album but there are only just getting started if you go back in a week from now they'll be even more point. A whole bunch more effect. Let's see where are -- Webb is here. Based on. Got a got a question when millions of thousands operated. But look at stake. He put so deep before you look at our. -- so that basic rights as you put it put salt on -- going to be tough. Not true. For a -- in fact. If there's something about salt that most people have wrong it's that they don't put nearly enough it's all -- -- And I get this and and I'm not just make in this up in this -- -- personal preference. It's a bunch years ago the certified Angus beef people. They they had this you know Nebraska I think it was one. It was -- oh score around up there and I got lost but anyway they they did two things for me they let me breakdown in the entire cow. I didn't have to kill it but I I I butchered the whole thing and they can learn how to do that -- I don't think I'll ever need that -- again but it was certainly interesting. And the other thing was that I talked to a lot of butchers. A lot of real experts in beef. Who we're doing the same thing that I was doing. And to a man and they all agreed that what people don't do right with stakes is that they don't put enough salt on them and -- it makes sense because. Although. It's only the size of a hamburger. Yeah it's really much much bigger. And you need more salt on it. And -- so it really makes a big difference and it doesn't make that meet tough that's the that's not true. Okay that one more question. -- -- -- -- -- Anything's better -- bone in almost no matter what would salted fish. Anything's better with the ball and they're here got to leave it. Mark my aunt. There's -- in years ago she would take that lead to implement -- yeah I tell -- -- Jerry -- Said it would tend to run it it would be more tender than you know me. That's true fact that's how that drive -- dry aged beef. Is done just that way but to leave it just out he's not quite yet but he's the way that. Dry aging takes place it's in a refrigerator. Right. But it's open to the air completely. And the the air candidates in the -- it dries up a little bit there's sometimes a mould will form on the al-Qaeda -- And what this does is -- its -- out the excess moisture and when you finally get this state. It's a much. More intense flavor and and also picks up some flavor from all you know sitting around a while not everybody likes that flavor I love it. Try aged beef that's where it is. What went out when I was kidnapped from a 56 when I -- -- -- that the book is about it would just -- in the in the Colbert. Pituitary -- That's how that's how it's done is how it's done but not. Many statehouses do that anymore and hardly anybody at home I do it every now and then if -- -- a really nice -- political hole. New York strip steak bone -- but the whole roast you know by fifteen pounds. I'll buy one of those in dry -- in my extra refrigerator you know that old when that won't die. You you it's ugly as hell it's. Either of a Condo or harvest gold. They always seem to have to go respect that. Anyway. And I just leave them in -- like a month and anyone who -- it's not about what you if you do this. It can go -- nor knew and when in doubt throw it out. Okay and in a bonus. Abolished revive correct is that there just aren't rip it it. That is primary about -- by stake in prime -- at the same thing they just called different. And just put -- no limit at what temperature could you want this rare there. Want your -- -- well that's up to you but the the -- the basic processes you want to hit it with a lot of heat on the front end. This year to give you a nice -- all browned exterior and then you put in the -- it'll still be high school. You you put it in the oven at a fairly low temperature about 250. And you let go for hours but this slow temperature this low. Temperature in slow cooking. What that'll do is when you finally. Taken out you cut into it will have that really nice soft juicy equality that prime -- does work as opposed to a stake if you cook -- -- and you know Whitney gets firm. What what a -- temperatures should be. All right if you Watan medium rare but 125. And then you -- it. You'd take it you take it out you just you let -- sit on the counter and to you know to. Because it the to keep cooking itself just from the interior. And the exterior. Hey listen I'm I could talk about this all day but I've got to take a break CO. It's the -- call me again if you want we'll be back with more of the food show after first please this gosh we're -- time the show is ended. Well before we go I I do have one more sponsor to tell you about it some one of oral favorites rants -- boys. They have is something I really think is cool and it's big enough to split between two people. A seafood muffle had to take a seafood they take you muffle the low they hosted this is the way I escort. Little bit of melted butter pickles. Catfish. Oysters and shrimp all -- to order. Now they'll they'll address it really however you want if you want lettuce tomatoes and all that they'll do that the we've been put olive salad on if you want. But this is a wonderful sandwich and it's it's all prepared right there like they do everything. From the roast beef. All the way down to the pizzas and everything else prince for -- 3939. Veterans. -- just -- Cleary. Lunch Monday through Saturday dinner Wednesday through Saturday they're open now he'd go there and FM. On HD on skyway and on line and this is WWL radio in New Orleans and WWL FM -- New Orleans in HD one where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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