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Jul 14, 2014|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about Jimmy Graham, weekend movies, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Extremely distressed David -- the news. Champions in the -- grabs me. Buildings within days. We'll see some chickens. No -- the day today it was. And survey findings and there's always easily here is that burning. No way today and traditionally. You think that's usually. It's -- champion on hand and got out of there. Harris please. We have cruisers that. Sort of expects. Don't ever think all their -- song that I cannot no I know are you ever hear your master. That they. So -- come. So the -- do they need to put and I'm not trying to be indelicate about this he Alice or something and Yahoo! and I would be had a problem got two roosters and a bathtub. Holding hands still -- -- Wings how that our process works that I don't really care and solidarity the bottom line they're chicken prices are are going through the roof some of the mammals it's easy to understand it on and that Jenkins. -- answer on that all works on the the mails are not perform. Gotta get that -- belt clip from. George's father trying to understand exactly who's in relations with one with my Italian and -- and and the rooster. -- Screening and it. -- for a do check out a disturbances and -- or. -- minutes Anderson story that unions has about getting along. With your acts. Maybe should do about that the entire namely siding with the accident that's being. So you lose a little darling you talk about a big knives are doing things out at about it happened but. News stories -- it many of their a couple of years and -- shake your answers. -- But it's not me and his name now who knows what happened I understand just in general's orders saying yes in trade. I did some research on him story and -- -- the ten worst reasons statements with the year acts. And then Glamour Magazine which -- element apparently mrs. -- And it -- on line ten commit did you know by the way before you practice and as a new study. The average American spends about three years of their lives. Overall violence and now overall -- beginning Dan -- are here sitting in traffic now on hold and actually looking for the print button on an article. It you know I did not nobody'll believe it try it try to find print buttons on articles three years that they tell us on time let's just and user. Same way ten commandments are staying friends with your exes or ten hours reasons to stay friends with your exes so -- you're supposed to that in. In my case from my experience I would say yeah it can't happen it's impossible just and I -- But we'll see what people talk about new poll -- in the majority of them marry a majority of Americans almost half of Republicans say. They have heard the enough of Sarah Palin from her. And just wondered -- shot her mouth. Now -- use a phrase shut out below minus in kids listening and it's not a nice phrase to use David you realize I understand. So what local or national figure which electricity shut. There -- mild users don't wanna hear anymore you know mine would be a capitalist group. Region. Body yeah not enough audio rapids speaking mild. We've heard enough it's all about. National office is sold out -- anything that happens to what you're trying to get yourself a job in Washington NC you know -- My my suggestion for this would be Bobby Jindal Bobby suffered enough shut your mouth. You know -- -- Why did you know Bobby is good for news because he says more in a short sound bite than anybody I know. I mean he he can tell you the history of the state in like twelve seconds left and we just slip right in their -- He he could he could do the play by play of yesterday's World Cup game and twelfth that it's probably speaks very rapidly I don't quite understand. What the what viewpoint is -- guesses a newsman now are we look at things kind of weird you're out yeah. Well like this for example a chicken story we look at -- -- come -- talk to need a savvy and a Republican strategist president of savvy political consulting deceit. If Sarah Palin's fifteen minutes are. Are gone -- overs and Bobby Jindal Tommy Tucker David Blake Shelden Williams. Jordan fetal monitor to hear all this here with you on this Monday morning back in a flash and the W. And being. You learn more room. That's Joseph Jones new loans R&B singer we don't know that song from grownup and and I and the chance to ask him one time did you write it's on about and his mother Laguna. 618 Tommy Tucker and we're talking about a report -- study that says. Majority of Americans almost half of Republicans. And Sarah Palin talks -- much they've heard enough from our. Whereas he knew it to six 18780386. Exceeding 90878. What local or national figure would you like -- -- shut their mouth and for me. It's Bobby Jindal that works out because -- savvy and a joins us right now Republican strategist and president of this savvy political consulting good morning orient. Man I love which deals in any organization. You're name is savvy and oh -- and aimed at seventy. Nice -- nicely played Nino. Analysts tell you know I liked it really tell me about about this poll about Republican's about Sarah Palin about the nation and politicians when they reach a tipping point. Ted -- another one. Shut up and had enough and they're Democrats as well lose to. Just on the money is your Republican strategists tell me how to how does it happen how to as a but a politician -- a public figure go from being. Themselves to a caricature of themselves. Well we'll get to two factors at play here one is Republicans. We now much. Much had trouble with going through in the body you know we get implying that Tea Party vs. The moderate the establishment. But. It definitely the politicians -- consumer product. They need to rebrand themselves or they've become stale. And that think people acceptance -- that the point that it. She has not been able to rebrand themselves and these sounds almost like a broken record -- was going after Obama. And this -- thinks that the that she said just -- with a top you know only the latest would be. You know called to impeach the president. And Democrats on the other side Nancy Pelosi and a lot of people would say just shut your mouth. Harry -- a lot of people junk shot up -- and it seems as though there -- some people letter. Peter king -- -- about Peter King -- the fence about him because. He seems as though. He knows what he's doing on intelligence committee but you always see -- isn't a function of of frequency and how many times you're exposing these people. Yeah absolutely absolutely and of course. When you have. Democrat in the White House. Those on the right. Get get more. Media attention might be you're mentioning the -- that the she's. You know she was more active when one we had pollution. And now -- Obama is days -- thinking outside associate. Then much -- published it and get that much media attention. When you get kids of show business and I'm thinking of some of the cable shows. Is at a forum politics in a way where because a ratings you trying to win an election every night if you will be your running against those in your time slot. And I asset with the with Nancy Grace in mind because Nancy Grace god bless their. I'd like to hear her shot her mouth as well. Yeah and that went on -- that level there -- issues. She should do in the much. Six. But yet you do need to. Two or. Sensational statement you make it more and more attention you grip but that. But then -- end of the day you really talking to your base and that bases. Is not really -- large did you take. -- for example. He's the poll shows that 54%. -- -- Don't want to hear from anymore. -- -- -- if you eat a few polls. To media out. Strong intense. Base of support -- you find that by the wind between twenty and 25%. If it's the kind of support it's not going to -- it with her because. So given that and you have to appeal to your base you still have to maintain your message otherwise you view while Fuller at least their -- -- -- -- so. -- recreate yourself for a politician recreate themselves but yet. Still remain calm -- popular with there basin and still remain on message. And if you could maybe let's look at Sarah Palin and what could should've done. Not to get to the point where people -- fed up with -- She doesn't say much. Positive. You know statements. She didn't put forward that -- As a positive. Vision to two. Deal with the problems that that she talks about she's. She's always. Attacking Obama and that that's being negative and that played well the debate. But if you want to reach out to. Two people in the middle on outside of a -- basic needs to. Have. Interject more of a positive message would be you would with a negative. I appreciate your time -- are really doing in New York. Washington DC -- set and a Republican strategist. And president -- political consulting groups of that savvy political consulting thank you -- time well and you -- phone lines are open right now at T six 187 Neitzel three. 86 exit 890 -- at any talk about either this whom would you like to tell. Just shut their mouth I've heard enough from -- And can you be friends with an -- That's a pretty jaguar opinion pulled him hands -- of the story today about. It's it can work it hard I get ten reasons why you should ten reasons why you shouldn't. Well we come back -- -- of the here probably ten UN have you what happened with you and axes I I think you can't be because. In situations where there's a lot of love and a lot of passion. You you can't stand the affected that person's going to be with somebody yells. And you're not and I think the other palm side of it is if there's been any kind of betrayal there's been any kind of say in the case of a breakup where one person has made it is difficult as they possibly can I don't see any way that you can remain friends but tell me what happened a year. At -- 60 wait 7203866. In a -- early seventy right now time for them WL traffic in that six when he -- -- might well. Eye contact and getting some text tyranny goes to. I guess the this -- -- that we have in this country and party loyalty etc. we we have studies that today. People are dissatisfied with everything when it comes -- government but yet. We talked about some like Sarah Palin where most Americans say it's time that you shot a blank now. War Republicans almost half of whom they shut. -- now. In a -- to come from different numbers bounces let's be honest Tommy went and anyone trusts that are really take Sarah Palin seriously she's been nothing but a problem for a party. He derail McCain's campaign and has done nothing but make Republicans look like a bunch of fools ever since. And -- another -- says of Sarah Palin ran for president I would vote for her she's a realist and speaks honestly. But what's going on and government I would love to in -- impeach rather -- wire of a present. But a bigger question is who's used to have you heard enough from. And announces west Borough Baptist Church shut the blank up and go away. Another and says Nancy Grace -- I said before please just shut -- And in terms of com staying friends with your next. -- as I -- friends with my ex who walked out on me and a three year old son. For a stripper. Only stayed friends because senate it was best -- it was very difficult at times since every new woman he dated he had with him when he took -- on. And and is this about ship not from Steven pearl river bulls base liars wish Obama would you shut is -- -- on lines are open T 601878203866. 88908. Setting up ready jaguar paying apple can you be friends. With an annex. As it stands now about two thirds of you saying no 13 saying yes I would vote. No after the experiences. I've had but I wanna hear from you if you and how did you make it work out and if you can't stave friends what's the reason for that. I got ten reasons from psychology today the magazine as to why you should stay friends with Euronext. And and I have. Ten commandments as to why you shouldn't. So will tomorrow we come back right now time for them WL first news that. David I'd hang on if you're on holds saga about being friends with exes I wanna hear what you have to say but I just remind everybody. Evident meals in and help you beat the heat starting today you have a chance to win 1000 dollars of cool Spanish or come on in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. -- -- -- to do. Is -- to -- -- weekdays right before the top audio news at 7 o'clock in the morning so it's coming up eleven. And two in the afternoon and five in the afternoon for the code word. It's five in the afternoon if it's summertime if it's winter than I think it's the evening yes anyway text that code -- it is 72881. Your chance to win without ever put down your phone at 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide. Wins 1000. Dollars each that's every guy every day David want to writings and please don't miss out on the money sign up now part -- a WO cash club. You'll get reminded text just text the word cache state 7870. And Wheeler gave fifteen minutes before each code word is announced so you don't forget the listen he's got a lot of things going on. Yeah and you know we'll lose track it is now and I need to ground -- -- the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest. And over at times less -- 7 AM 11 AM to 8 PM and 5 PM. Right before that and good luck from Smart radio intercom and all this year's data WL. Losing track of things -- forget the World Cup was on yesterday and you forgot -- I honestly didn't it's in the afternoon an ambulance among other stuff oh my goodness and I flipped around to find which channel is on Yahoo! I could never find what channel it was on -- -- two minutes before the goal was scored. You're -- now now not so it was though I cheated but. I think I could watch soccer. I rarely -- -- ice is started to get to meet towards the end Eric I was. Understanding and a little bit you are and felt a little better about the whole thing and that the move by the German -- -- -- it today and that ball come off the beach -- -- presence of mind beautiful rolled down. -- sliding in falling down ticket in the and that nine of these soccer aficionados. -- Kindergarten -- galleries are but that's -- again I just thought it was an exceptional. Player which had seen no game to wanna Mississippi tell me about x.s and friends and being cordial to each other. -- -- -- -- It really care. Or. Each other -- and -- are sure. Where they can't. Get it. Children. -- -- They'll. Act. On Q and what and how we act and act. -- -- You know you bring above point rounding people. It depends on how long you've been together again excellence and because. There are so many things involved with well is a good memory a bad memory -- are all pictures away what do what do I do you know on sand and houses and even factor into it sometimes where while maybe it's time for a fresh start on everything and easy when you have friends when you have family. Whom you hate to say he sides with whom would if people aren't. It's neat to -- Smart enough but it people can't see it through before they decide with whom they're signing. They don't realize it did this and be very very tough to put back together like Humpty Dumpty. Why. Here are. Here. On. It all day. -- Appreciate Carlton wanted to really deal. You bet phone lines are open -- 601870. Till 3866889087. Can you remained friends with your -- and stay in contact with them war. Do you think. It's best just to everybody go their different ways and that they have if you have children just -- the minimal contact. That you need and and we need some reasons as to why you should or why you shouldn't both from. Psychologist and I think it's totally when he write downs that a personal decision when your apartment when he story Tommy Tucker back in a flash in this Monday morning on WW. -- -- -- 648 talking about among other things whom would you like to see just close their mouth and stopped talking because in -- services. A majority of Americans and almost half of Republicans say it's time for Sarah Palin -- you each -- like. We've heard enough from the so who would you put on that list for use of that from whom you've heard enough and it's just be quiet. And the other thing is to enhance those got a story about exes staying friends. And that's a pretty jaguar opinion poll can you be friends with an X. 64%. Are saying no 36%. Are saying yes. And a league is a right or wrong here -- engages. Whatever works for you and I would love for you to call in and tell me your story if you -- an -- of what happened in my you did or didn't. Stay friends let them and I think sometimes -- tried to stay friends but the end for the other person. They are not at that level all it does is is rip the scab off of the pain in the miseries so it's like you know on I really can't. Thanks to try and appreciate trying to -- in touch but. This does not work for me it is dredges up a bunch and happiness that we can't do it. Texas couple breaks up because they can't stand each other so how are they going to be friendly after the fact. The least amount of contact the -- so their break up demons won't come back to haunt them reverent thanks. Steven pearl river. And other taxes depends on what causes split -- friends of my first ex wife we can't stand being around my second. I don't know if he has a third ex wife theater is married to his future ex wife I don't know. But psychology today said there are some reasons. Why you should not stay friends with your excellent talks about friends and family. -- a right to spend time with your friends without your ex president he also have a right to decline invitations. To events that you're -- also attending. And there -- -- not his friends but they're going to be family involved if if for whatever reason her family's sides against with Herron and then all of a sudden you can't be for -- -- him and that'll -- you can't be friends or if maybe your own family sides with your -- now aside and you sit there by yourself. So what he would do another reason why you shouldn't. Retain a friendship with your taxes if you feel bad form. Because if you see you know you think they're not taken it well this is pretty hard on him. And you see -- lean on -- Gamal have been in my time it. Is gonna extend the pain formally taken off a band aid. You need to do it very very slowly -- ripping off can be done moment. Another bad reason for remaining friends that. You wanna keep tabs are. Case so we're not together anymore Sally -- -- aren't together but. Fred once they keep denied she -- -- in case they get back together. And sign. Who's read dating and Hillary is seen in. Know the ones that you loneliness and on meet some ideals. And and the grass is screeners and syndrome you're not totally satisfied in the new relationship. So when you go back in and remember what went on. In hammer of the bad stuff you know remember that sites. Pardon me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com. So you you start remembered everything it's great. But you don't remember the time he almost threw him or her off of the third store balcony third floor balcony because you're angry. Another couple of -- hope it's Sunday they're gonna change you wanna keep -- back burner just in case. May mean they won't take no for an answer where they keep collar and union -- I don't everybody I'm sorry but I can't. Maybe they still love yet. Yeah -- is still in love with you but you don't feel anything for them and you don't wanna brush them off dealer their feelings but. Maybe. You'd be best if we'd been talking and finally is still level where it she broke up with him -- he broke up with her. And the person that is broken up with. He is still helplessly hopelessly head over heels in love and they just can't let -- So tell me your story when we come back to six 187 -- 386 exit 890878. And also do you know. Somebody who's friends with an expert probably shouldn't be where you're looking and it's and it's -- and Annenberg all over again. Nothing -- disaster. And he knows somebody who got back together with the next or did you Tommy Tucker back in a -- on this Monday morning right now 653 time Olympic traffic. They'll go to Mike well -- Tommy Tucker 658 your moments away from the code word in today's cash contest. That resumed. And give -- a code word then you'll have. About attendance I think it is text that code word and then you. Came when a thousand dollars nationwide with a 1000 dollar summer splash cash contest will continue to talk about x.s. And can you be friendly with them. And we'll also talk about. I don't think you have time to tell you we're gonna talk about.

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