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7-14 7:10am Tommy, friends with your ex?

Jul 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Andrea Bonior, a psychologist & author of "The Friendship Fix," about whether exes can be friends and the differences in raising boys and girls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. The World Cup has been settled. Germany the champions. Argentina. Indecent now. It was sent to do with it yeah nothing instantly -- -- with the -- is not right. But you know what I found interesting as we can do and don't pop rock you know for the German gas caramel and Pol -- ban them from. And I think anything and has to do with marching when it comes Germany today it's. Nervous maybe -- violence. You know so -- in this thing in and so many times people have culled in its did suitable time in and they still getting it over Peyton Manning saying he's in shaking hands with the answer ran off the field there. And it's they're still working on now welcome. And -- -- you know it might be a quick and take -- there the players close but usually the other NFL team that loses there off the field and -- And it just was painful yesterday and -- -- at the TV I. -- and I've watched him. And mingling all over the field and the -- losers stay around just standing out there yes they were waiting for their player to get the award but that is made me think that the NFL does it right in getting getting the losing team on the healed as quickly as possible -- -- get on the plane and yet there's a lasting deal would you like to stand around at all at the celebration and look at that girlfriends and -- and -- and -- anomaly did have -- their hands -- -- some -- in some money hips down -- Cry -- exactly it is that it was painful -- made ambulance big campaign we have a hot topic go on with. X.s and staying friends with them and -- -- gets some reasons. Why you -- -- -- what's the secret to it that I am looking -- here from one of these magazines and -- and says don't alert. Mandatory for Euro as I'm really manages turning it off. I become completely non sexual with my exes note touching note -- email and now I am like -- dude -- happens when yeah. You meet the yanks and you know the and the. To and -- I had a hand -- A huge media types. The thing that bothers me hype but -- -- -- -- -- now what bothers me about this question that you know was a lot of different -- angles to look gotten one of them is your presence by house. Horror or you know just half and also has a say in this and they don't want you hang and around Indian friends. Where you're acts you better cut that thing off I think that's a great question does your current you being friends with your act. That's trouble right there and sewage and things you know lake view -- morning and got a W out thanks to -- I out. Which I I agree disagree with the article. And I think that it you're you know. -- grade and good heart mind and shall. It maintaining. Good level of respect and friendship with the bombers Balch. Israel wait though -- yourself that street children. I think if thumb if there are children involved you better find a way to communicate because the only -- we -- Heard you know something some movie forgot it was when they say I don't remember exactly. When my parents decided to go to war but we children were the only casualties of -- And I thinking you know 41 person breaks up with the other one they get kids you do you even if you got married you've got to find political there. Well I am so. I'm so are the reasons change in days you'd be quick here. Put children urge you ritual way of life church I don't like -- by the way -- shaped ball well why were respectable 01 I think X. Check out the local little -- may be a little trashy. But I think that. You pitted July ally. -- why and what -- it. To a bar Cuba grandchildren. Not daughter yesterday at a JC opera actress. -- it and at that branch. And you know in a lot which -- Shattered. The pro life. -- rally. Well with our. And we've maintained an appropriate distance but an appropriate respect for one another. We go to all of my family should any she can accommodate these. We have six spectacular -- over two wonderful children more than most people could have hoped for. And Tbilisi and care for water out there. We've we have like disagreement should she still has realized that all right absolutely not good. I actually Jim we got a run -- so I'm so glad it's at the time the scholarly and we got a guest coming up coincidentally author of a book called the friendship pixel talking about that also about differences when it comes to raising boys and girls Tommy Tucker glad you're here -- to be a part of it. -- six -- 187 until 38668890878. Back in a flash and evidently you. Stocked up on trail bottom line they get their rank on your husband I always given the French pronunciation doctor on Israel. On yours it's joins us right now psychologist. And author of the friendship takes 719 Tommy Tucker on -- WL. I knew it was on this Monday morning and we initially invited the doctor on the talk about the differences between raising boys and girls. And we will but first we wanted to address this being friends with your tactics. I but let it out of the pitfalls. If you do try to do that what are the advantages if you can. Yeah I you know everybody says that they want to -- -- is kind of the way to break out the door you know let's just -- friend and at the state and and the problem is step one -- and that might mean something totally different. Buying what and it means that other person that burn it off. And that it will person that should stay and and accountant not an actor hired in the going to be able and the other pertinent but the state friend. And then -- -- still hanging out and do all -- and we can do what is physically anymore. That's that's gonna that even there. An area that thing it accurately that. -- you -- haven't seen each year we really thinking the same thing to one but getting it -- to different updating and I don't have to be pretty equal in terms you're on streets there and the notion of the break one pertinent dumped the other and -- person it's really hard -- and it went and mutual. And be really hard -- you're still gonna -- -- can still going to be trying to get the current and actors they're gonna think your friendship BWAY. -- lead pack in the romantic relationship and and would you do here so you know that's its arms. Terrible scene on that and other things that he -- People are being. Now. And her friend in the first place in the day now been reported. That in terms of having mutual insurance -- mutual respect for each other and something to be a friendship bonds. That might not been there aren't you -- really -- the person as somebody. That you truly could be. Or is -- it's kind of like okay there's not a romantic relationship. We don't have much of an -- -- -- and commonality and things like that you had to be. Realistic have to give -- time. Some people I think. Make up for contempt and actively -- work gaining have to certainly be able. If you hit in common routinely. That in terms of -- reality actually -- -- -- platonic relationship. A lot of that thought -- need to protect imperialists tech. The ads are you wanna be friends over Clark's friends before I think it's interesting O'Neal's -- I think is interesting is and your definition of a friend is somebody who won't -- your tires. Just getting will be back more with doctor Andrea buying -- psychologist and author of the friendship takes. And we'll talk about the differences between raising boys and girls and did you get what you wanted or if you didn't did it work out better than you thought it would in my case it did seven when he too. Time for another WL Traficant that we go to Mike welcome. Coming Tucker got -- -- you know. Talking to Doctor King. -- -- Banja Banja Andrea Banja I'm so sorry to. I. Remember or aren't Andrea bond here's Aaron. -- up on here. Psychologist author of the friendship Nixon if aegis -- as we're talking about. Staying friends with your -- after a break up and -- -- -- introducing a lot of people's -- They wanna just be friends when. And -- if you take out. You know the intimacy they weren't -- friends before tell me about the differences when it comes to raising bullies. And earls says that church yesterday an inning and just a beautiful -- and we went. About a two year old boys three year old girl the differences war. Very mart denies that about talking -- today when -- -- -- it in and both of them. Cut not a little bit but in vastly different ways. Yeah there are different you know acting -- -- -- not a lot and a lot of -- to become the black and white saying that are at it means that some girls might be more like bullet and will it be more like curled. Being that it's kicker went out at a certain fee that staying and I think the first thing that it. YouTube. And interactivity. Sent off the chart there's -- time it. You know. -- -- emergency rate yet free -- than at any time being they are because he -- I'm being at war with all sorted. A motors. Activity and most certainly. A lot of potty humor. You know that would always I think it's that much more. We're currently. And Edgar -- dependent. Decay and our you know it's interesting you bring the site. How Eddie the eagle. Eyes. Getting pretty well you're. The third spot at the spotlight our. Marriage. Think he heard that will be like it. Will be a girl will be in time -- Got really seen the expectations. And to thank you kept yourself in today and what -- my right. And how did that. -- that being -- -- you like to begin with my. So if he had multiple kids like in your case how do you balance. The differences between the two again being consistent when it comes to discipline expectations -- Yeah really -- -- and certainly the two kids with different personalities. -- What works why it is not an -- for the other what worked for -- for instance might not work or girls only you might have different. He and that kind of -- few harsh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now why why is that and we -- this up for news here but if -- -- just a couple more minutes I'd like to know. If that's genetics is it the way boys treated is that the way we're wired. And also I want addressed parents do they often get what they -- or what they think they -- do they know what they want when it comes of boys or girls I thought I wanted to boy but. Now looking back after 18 years I am so thankful to the good lord that I had a girl because I would have been entirely too hard. On them on a boy because I need is some of the things that girls do you think they're cute and daddy's little girl to be a boy. You'd you'd say come on suddenly Dillon gage had -- you're in now. So about that won't come back as well and wanna get you all involved the listeners at T six -- 187 he told freak. 866889087. Did you get what you wanted when it was a boy or girl or maybe. When it comes to your parents did you sense that they wanted something else and you struggled with that. Or did you managed did to realize after a certain period of time you know what. I wanted to girl. But I'm glad I got a boy because it would have been completely different in terms of a Hollywood have treated them Tommy Tucker back in a flash right now time for -- WL first news. After that. We go to David David you get boys girls one of each neither I got one of each a lot of how -- -- -- difference you've found in raising. Either one boys and girls. Read boy was much Maurer Rwandan. Testy in a difficult. Rowdy. Where the girl was just a piece. And I wonder if that really wasn't Kaczur Regis your perception of a doctor -- a -- -- withers author of the French youth stakes and was edges his reception and as have been saying I thought I wanted to boy that I have been entirely too hard. On a boy is it because there are legitimate differences between the two or just a attacks comes in says does blessed with a son and daughter. It's true you signing your son until he marries but your daughter is your daughter for the rescue alive. Yeah I think you think they're them legitimate differences there are courts you know it's kind of like him Atlantic stat that. But that interesting. Huge by sometime really gigabytes decades so in other words like -- a lot of parents. Com and what I am not having although not yet to. Each Sunday and packed with yeah and sometimes it can keep cursing proceed derby and you can't beat there's. That activity on the map compared it -- Democrat -- -- compared to -- And then a lot of parents report that during the teenage years in. The third pick up in terms of the girls because some time. Summit in motion all eaten an emotional fluctuates and some of the -- that. I'm groped can be pretty taxing you so it. I don't intend to think you might think something's not Turkey a year and try to equipment changes that out that there are. -- -- -- -- it -- there and the scary how much ski. But it's really just isn't that -- an attack or that your kid third quarter down. Okay. What kind of between. And how to -- -- -- Cadillac you know my car that's made a better relationship with Mike -- and alternate. So labored talent you child that. In terms of dynamics between. Mailed parents signed a father brother and son father. Daughter mothers on mother daughter it seems as though there's this mother daughter dynamic that eventually. Is headed for conflict doesn't know the same with boys in beds. In general believe it can be a little bit more willing to do that it brought Sox aren't what they perceive as flights so. It -- -- -- -- -- -- but it does seem that the mother daughter conflict can be brutal crime because everybody's cheering around at remembering a lot of history. And so it on the like you're walking around and it's not just -- -- out what you're having for breakfast and -- -- talk about today that it chipped out three weeks ago. And so and I think you have a good for the -- signed -- him. It -- seem to stop her from for the same extent because in general. It might be a little bit more activity they still -- a patent and son. They're not sure you know talking as much in terms of emotional on the line there may be opportunities to be and maybe tying it together. Whereas you know mother -- can be a little bit more -- there may -- patent applications without. Relationship and it deeper way and maybe a little bit more room to be -- it right here -- -- -- trying to work with a mother and -- cares. It's been twenty years into their argument and and it still comes out. So it's kinda like. This salad dressings seems a little lightly and then the other one responds with what do you mean I ruined your teenage years by being so controlling. I appreciate you you'd time tells by the book the friendship fix. Yeah -- -- cover a lot of the patent pact that we -- speaking about earlier that romantic complications about friendship but most of about. How to find that trend warrior out how to fix the problems come out and you -- to really maximize ranger Al. Thank you doctor appreciate -- time haven't been able to hockey again. Advocate he -- -- -- of on your author of the friendship -- and lot. We are more than aware of that Hamas and Israel lobby and missiles at each other but. The there's always trouble in the Middle East we are more than aware about the border issue in Mexico we've talked about that we just so we'd like monopoly at this morning and talk about. Something that we all. Deal with the -- is parenting and when it comes to boys or girls digit. Get what you wanted do you wish you would have had one that you didn't have for example if you have girls you wish you dead boys and just the opposite. Or did you think you wanted one or the other and as it turned out it was perfect because. Yeah you probably would have botched up. The other one and also tell me about the dynamic with boys and girls in the same house. Is there a difference when it comes to raise and -- And what you stories about behavior in terms of young boys and young girls Tommy Tucker back in a flash talking with you on WW. Tommy Tucker double WL 74713. Before -- talking about -- hands those story. About staying friends with your next do you think it's possible can you do it I personally. Don't think he can. Only under rare circumstances but if you are I'd love to hear from -- It's music so when he 7203866889087. -- which in the express line with one comment or less. And we're also -- raising boys and girls what are the differences. An accelerated talk about crime cameras -- the -- City Council approving surveillance cameras at the lake front public parks and gathering places. And would you be willing to give up some privacy in order to be safer. -- the police did spot and prevent trouble I was waiting for you before you got to it. Are you going down the corner and a police the the side street. Some thugs are Neer do wells that are wait -- rip you off. Maybe Killian is so what they do is. They dispatch a car out to look at it and it would seem to me in terms of shortages of budget in terms of narrow casting is opposed to broadcasting. I don't have a problem because panel. Really do anything in public that I mind being much slower but are being watched 200 when you. Ever whenever you bring this up people inevitably talk about Big Brother so the question here is would you mind giving up privacy. Would you care there were cameras watching every street every corner every side street. But there was somebody that was. Competent monitoring these screens so that they could know where to. And the police cars made a season body breaking an ounce or an apartment. And -- send them out there and it would seem to me. That that's. You could cover a lot this area. With cameras and like a casino does win -- few highly trained officers who could then dispatched the police to where they need to go. Both for the crime happens not after. And would you be willing and for that to happen if ideally could happen all over the city. He came into it to -- became indeed even even if you don't live here you come into work. And it's wintertime when the sun goes down at 53 gets stuck related work would you like to know. That basically there was an eye in the sky or maybe a guy or gallon this guy Beckett police square headquarters. Watching every camera every monitor. So that if they saw something suspicious. They would dispatch the police out there again I saw the TV show in London that's kind of how it works there and seemed like. A pretty good deal -- me so we'd love to hear from -- on that Michael. And I get sent me a friend to a request. I calculated there'd be less trouble accepting it most of the time it's cool -- once and while it reminds me of why -- I got a divorce. So if you if you maintain a friendship with you Rex why do you do it and if you don't. Lineup this behind it and all week partly cloudy hot humid 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms some of those downpours. Always a possibility highs around 92 with no rain but -- of feel like 95205. And you know that's gonna change. If it rains a lot 50% chance for showers on Tuesday. And -- was talking about a cold front in a different part of the country it's not. Is -- -- negate -- here at all by the same thing really throughout the week. With that chance issue hours range in between forty and 50% as it always does. And highs around ninety depending on. The rain Tommy Tucker back with your calls in the second right now those 751. Nine before eight and it's time to look at traffic was Mike wells I Tommy -- -- WL 756. And among the things we're discussing today is can you be friends with your tax. And attacks comes in and as a result is that all people deserve respect just because they are your -- doesn't mean they are not human battle now does. Not being friends with -- make you disrespectful when you know -- -- constant arguing and investing -- -- each other alone. Cheryl honey I tandem morning thanks for calling you are on WWL. -- -- today tell me what's going good morning you what's going on with your acts. Hey I'm a little bit. And not -- We need -- -- and I. Want -- And and do it because. -- marriage work out. We. -- Brown. And -- And you know. And even. Cheer yeah. Name. And went out and now I'm at the end. Strange holding hands the policeman -- any kind of brother you know. And they need to be and they're not there which are. -- does he hand. Yeah an ex husband he had a girlfriend and thank Susan. -- time which. She and -- there. And we just keep it. That you very mature about the -- Well at the board which -- my parent. -- what could turn. And it not. What are your relationship in the -- work. You sound so peaceful. And accommodating was and you over the Middle East right now. Thank you -- appreciated to James in -- -- games. That Christian. It still out at will relationship in week. And I probably it and. These legacy if you really friends with that person -- the presuming there's -- -- just cut out. Presuming there's no betrayal of that because that's always interesting issue with the doctors said. Is that a lot of people when they break up wanna be friends but they never frenzy begin with so. That's kind of destined for disaster. Eleanor how many times -- relationship you really friendly with the other person or four. Whatever reason you wound up with a -- when you take that reason out if you're not friends or warrant friends how can you be. And on the other side of it if you are really friends will would you ever betrayed the other or. Would you ever break up where would you still be together if he does it really starred with friendship I guess on asking me. Back in a -- Johnny Tucker -- have you.

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