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Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know David I always try to have at least one nice meal a week in a nicer restaurant. Just you know to reward myself. And my daughter a little bit and and I yesterday's who we're eaten in as I'm watching them we -- -- tails -- floor. And is native reserve shaky place. I need eyes where you really don't like oh my goodness you know it's a -- why you draw the line and peanut shells. It's great and -- -- them -- like Pettit Malone wallow around in guards there a year ago. It really get the impact but I had in hand action and I hate to leave -- in a tip on the table because. If somebody. Exit -- gallows and is actually -- can action looks like I want on the bill congress the -- -- like to make sure the waitress or greater gates gets it in their hands and Adnan Republican seat they had cameras in the place. They do or not but. Amanda feels that he counsel talking about installing. Cameras it's in certain areas and it's going to be anywhere near. As if you wanna call it intrusive or protective I guess we're talking about. But you know and as an -- I was watching the TV and in London -- -- their version of cops. And guys and in front of -- 38 monitors the wall of monitors with cameras all over. And the a pro active talk about pro active policing the area to see if there's any trouble waiting if anybody's acting suspiciously. And then a cynic police officer out to investigated. I've got like a camera on our recorder Galilee would seem to me. That and I get a text here that says if you borrow willing to give -- give up your freedom for liberty deserve neither. I don't think it's giving up any freedom because amount on a public street. And as I understand it being on on a public street you have no expectation of privacy when it comes news stories that are. Whoever wants a video you won't put you on the Internet when -- yet. I would have no problem with that at all I would much rather have the police watch me. Walked down the street and then sees somebody waiting at the corner that's up to no good in and dispatch unit. Before I go up to the corner. Five people beat Jim -- and maybe shoot you -- and they come around the report -- -- less than a proactive part -- -- have a problem with the the at all and to me if you know doing anything wrong. In an ending a -- about. So what if you're sitting in your car on a very romantic night and suddenly you and your spouse or girlfriend whatever. Now he -- get real passionate in the car and somebody's watch in the screen back in the studio and a couple of guys having a big old good time watching. Well first off I think it comes of the presumption that anybody would one actually watch you. That's part one I'd be kind of -- -- my god you know I've never our number two is that they might you know sprained a wrist trying to move the camera so -- didn't have diseases I don't know our listeners like here's seriously what I think about that I think if you decide. To have relations on a public street your car -- Whatever happens happens -- element I Kaiser because that that would be no different than a police officer coming up with a flashlight. Which you folks still in there yeah. You mean you couldn't tell no I can't that's ORW. Let me interject on a steamy. Couldn't see through you know your deal on that some it was joke but anyway that's not the point. You tell me -- 601878038668890. Late seventies you got beef with that. Heaven and a camera and you know they got -- multiply -- on traffic lights. But you have cameras on every every telephone poll watching every street say -- -- in a downtown area and eleven an area racism might get credit throw bricks through your window and the police are out there instead of riding around. It's seems to me it's like fishing. Where there it was you watched this week it's you know program they say -- my acting where man making and that means it radar so the net -- A -- underneath there so they get ready in order put the bait boat seemed to me this would be the same situation if you trying to catch criminals. Why not be able to use. A device that lets you see where they are and prevent the crime from happening you tell me -- so point seven until 3866. 88908. Setting would that be an invasion of your privacy or Smart way to keep ourselves safe from crime -- their team. Tommy Tucker back in a flash -- -- WL Tommy -- -- organized crime cameras they have voted for the amendment bills that he counseled that I'm talking about something far more expansive than that. Something like they have in London and -- -- -- over there. Where where they have a guy sitting in front of a monitor watching god knows how many cameras and there -- a couple of different people -- -- of the AC. Sentences issues are troubled they will dispatch the police unit there. To that point and given the shortage of manpower with NO ED. And the number of homicides that we -- wondering if maybe you're someone who -- watching this and might be a better way to. Either proactively prevent crime or sell solve rather summoned them. -- Texans in crime cameras and we tried and knowing at -- -- mayor going to jail for that well obviously you'd have to do it right. And use because one may have messed that up it doesn't mean message the system is -- marbles and and to allow rejoins us right now. Research associate with the urban institute whom as I understand it. Has done a lot of work in research on the subject of morning Samantha. Morning. -- thanks for taking the time tell me what your researches found as it relates to crime cameras. And pro actively preventing crime or maybe solving more crimes. Yes we did a study a few years ago looking at three US cities Baltimore Chicago and Washington DC and we found that you know just as you are saying that cameras that are monitored have a greater impact in the three cities. They have a different way of using land one city blanketed their downtown area and has its cameras on every street corner and we're monitoring. -- force captain. Another area with putting them in their highest crime areas. And watching. More of an investigative tool. Is -- to meet new recording footage -- -- does. Is help you identify the murder possibly see how something happen and I get a Texas says. News footage helped. Catch the the Boston Marathon bombers the is that the key monitoring this in real time. It is. When you look back at the footage you can identified suspects and it is on beneficial and that way humble we are seen -- what we thought. Was the difference between in this city isn't in the amount of impact that they had with a lot of monitoring element. We watched some of them monitoring. Officers look at the cameras then and terrorists responding in real time because the auction the crime mindful and -- the -- of the scene. You know and when there. Just looking back can act the -- needs a leader after the fact these cameras are usually pakistanis preprogrammed towards. Where they could it possibly can and the different directions and where the crime is happening. How much of a problem was it because I know we have had a hard time in his country keeping air traffic controllers awake while well there on duty how how much of her problem is it for the person that's monitoring this camera. Actually be paying attention to what's going on because of this camera. That's watching somebody approached me and they guy or woman that's supposed to be monitoring this is sound asleep design and help me a whole life. The -- there is monitoring fatigue but most jurisdictions have very good protocols. About how long the monitor can be working at a time and they were conscious. Governorship star the shorter than others that they are able to fully watched the footage. And a lot of -- And I'm able to control camera aware if they see something in. You know gone on that looks suspicious on charter street to -- camera that way zoom in and then follow the person. They can't. They can do exactly is it hanging vacant vehement license plates that needed they can. Follow people if the cameras are closer -- together they can actually you know switch between the cameras. Angle on the entire surveillance system to follow the aspect. They signed any yeah I guess economies of scale when he came to. Manpower that they can accomplish. A lot more with maybe less. Yes that is that is the hardest part is figuring out how many cameras how many officers than. Now what is sort of the tipping point. And some benefit one city that we looked out where they blanketed the city. They have a certain number of camera operators that they called and and of course that you watch all of the cameras so dates are able to pick out the cameras that. -- the highest frequency of crime hits and they watch those more closely than other incidents. You know with newer technology built into the camera. Some of them are equipped to alert monitors those suspicious activity that they can then go to that camera and see what. Cameras alerting them to. And you know people are saying we don't have enough police the at a -- somebody now to watch the monitor but I guess my question before was serious. You using the resources that you have out on the street more effectively than maybe you can accomplish. More because they -- -- wouldn't worry about areas were no crime is happening somebody Stephen and I and I -- overview of this city and put the units where they're needed. -- they there are it's another tool of policing it's not meant to replace the officers. In some things that pull out of again I was on the scene before they can get there. A lot of them it is he -- and I'll let me go undetected otherwise. -- you know mainly the cameras are placed in places where there there is crime happening and they have a different impact in the east place. I'm in downtown areas of course they had the a bigger impact on the more serious types of parliament. In the residential areas where crime in the last frequent. They have a different impact. I appreciate your time Samantha really do what was there any privacy concerns voiced by the people in those cities. They're aware. We looked at differently is of a deployment each city. These he had doubled to strict regulations in terms of privacy. And in each city there are alerting the public to the cameras being present and you know at some of the residents initially. Were suspicious of the cameras but -- retire and they they felt more they happened and there. But the operators themselves have a lot of restrictions that don't allow them to these certain areas. What -- -- the cameras. -- -- jurisdictions are putting in those safeguards. I appreciated Samantha have a lovely week thank you you that Samantha Lowry research associate at the urban institute so. Tell -- won't come back to 60187. 2038668890878. And you know some of these text really a bomb on me out because mom says wouldn't work in new loans we can't even get 911 calls answered it. And I answered at any time in a timely fashion so I think. Even. So long as you keep wallowing in failure nothing is going to change. But I think if you demand accountability and you open your mind to different ways of thinking as in well. -- let's fixes thing everybody keeps saying crime is so bad but nobody's willing to look at different solutions. I would have no problem privacy wise with a camera on every telephone pole every building in Orleans parish. As I -- anything night but you tell me 260187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. Right now timely traffic and that would go to Mike Wheldon. Tommy Tucker WWL Shelden Williams playing the -- music and. This. In my opinion. Is the best sung the temptations ever ever ever made are released. It's. Nearly as big hit as matter -- I would talk about cameras in new long ones and would you be willing to give up a little bit of privacy if they Rory camera mounted on every poll that they could follow somebody blocked a block to block. And maybe prevent a crime Glen an almighty on got a W out the morning. -- carried durable goods images -- Okay what do they do it -- if they put cameras everywhere you know. I mean I moved up Biden -- out there have been in trouble in my life. It I think Cameron would be awful you know. I think -- get our crime -- -- -- Do you think you'd lose any privacy as a result of matter that I means a governments out to get -- You know now now is comedy you know. Anybody that rate back -- the idea on the Atlanta you call you know it and put it -- and I would object. Yeah since friends with you rent the act yeah. I'm that's probably what my ex wife were -- 24 years. I'm best friend -- there right now today can I ask why the marriage broke up. I would do that work too much really yes I worked offshore. For 32 years. And I was out of work didn't like 810 we can't turn probably has -- I command period key teacher portrayed category check back I'll. I'm glad it's working out for eagle and I think in my case about war in offshore would go on court. I might still be married and acolytes -- but I'm glad -- -- I'll be have a good day -- They TI more calls we come back at T six 18720386. Exit 890878. Went when I was out of the country. In one of the bathrooms. And believe me like George on science LA into about it republic bathroom that they have but. It was a blue light in the -- And it was like this ultraviolet to win it whatever you call with thing I don't know where it makes like. Not likely to every yeah Barack quite got to groovy and and cycle -- world with a hand this in the bathroom and I had to ask. -- line. Why because when the junkies would go in there and this is -- a decent plays talk to shoot up you know couldn't see their veins. I'll ma'am so that's the kind of thing to me it just makes anything pro active where I was being keep. Junkies from -- -- in your place of business and politics is a blue light maybe people go use your restroom don't have as much light. Well it is on the nobody has put up with and heat. Footage and and solving crimes after they happen if there's a way to prevent got spun it but the people are still dead. And ultimately a story that concerns maybe some people are mobbed up I don't know that happened in Metairie when we come back and when I hear time right now time for -- W offers news and noted David I David Blake you deny a lot of the audience. Big crime movie buffs. Crying moving on you know alleged mob movies if you want -- casino -- good -- -- crying -- -- piercing crying movies I don't like cry at movies. Well a little bit of a cold and so from -- -- it is understood. But the crime movies or memory it's alien and we had a problem and knows so well well army out and yeah the guy on. -- probably has drawn claiming he's gone. Is gone is gone. All the policemen and Jefferson Parish police officers. Old Metairie couple months ago we're just hearing about it now. Stopped man because they thought it was still win. And when he looked inside of it. Song off kitchen chairs facing out. Ruger semi automatic rifle site answer -- And a foot long -- cannon fuse and apparently they they're calling this like -- hit machine. Where it was made for assassinations. What is -- was designed for allegedly traveling. Assassination -- Pretty much in the driver's 72 year old Dominic go alone a -- initially believed his passenger. 55 year old Joseph Gately -- -- currently nano was released. The other -- charged with possession of stolen property. And and the federal government indict both of them for being felons in possession of a weapon and silence there. -- Rihanna was convicted back in 1990s that a wide arranging a wide range and other video poker scheme that involved some of the country's biggest crime families. -- oh. Yeah -- zero that you think that stuff is made up. And you think it's all he's an out of it really happens is clay is very low here but I don't think it ever last. Casino lying it's always about that doubters it's always about the caller's. I did it affected enjoy that the number is very nice and being the decry movie -- if you are I am. I'd now I just said crime movies -- all like -- you like this cannon yeah I really do nine casino goodfellas on crime movies -- good. The good girl mountain now -- brave man to -- moaning and got a W it was a. Re a quick question. About same way it there aren't public. More. Down -- out but I got a question. -- the rules -- So you know like the civil traits. Good I mean. In those states like somebody. Either slipped and fell on -- sidewalk all our audit that you know at the or what to think somebody. Cheek and you know do it in the area with somebody. Now what what what the law set about chipping in those states and that because back. Went back and look when -- trial on and said. That the military. Didn't just like vote shall wipe out a lot article out. Oh good use and you know you know alternative would be accurate to open dole. Laura letter buddy know what you're doing -- You know -- make me think here's -- privacy and Agassi goes down to what the ultimate goal would be a no companies. And there have been and make him mentioning names people have worked for before doing some contract were not the kind of contracts were just talking about. Different kind of contract. But they had security footage and they were subject to a lot of slip and falls after. Perhaps things didn't turn out at this place of businesses they thought they wouldn't some people thought they get their money back by doing a slip and fall. And then god they go to the videotape is it cameras all over the place and I thought it comes of the collection of construct a so so theoretically. You wouldn't have a problem. Brought back now on an aunt and on the another topic I have been divorced. I've been married about thirty years -- at one time. And I don't understand that my wife gets upset when I introduce an outburst like well. And it will be. But look I'm serious about this if every decide to divorce -- -- both noted that bush is take all your money that you have and flush it down the toilet. I. -- I and an NC he's still wanna go for -- I -- 4416. Before nine more calls we come back to six 187820386. X. An 890 -- at -- my idea. -- cameras. Yet the so Loney up and up in terms of the -- in and as bars there working in. Monitored in real time just like they do in London where you can go from one line to the other and then I think you could. Get by with less police officers -- Orleans manners because people monitoring the cameras would be able to say okay -- problem here. Tough to listen whatever as a closer riding an announcer it's ordinance going on you tell me back and place them at W. LH 49. A little off this morning it's because I wasn't feeling well it is cold coming on and but then Sheldon Brown -- an interesting point it's because it was being nice to everybody and then once once I started my usual overeating and abusing. In a joking manner. I seem to feel better John Metairie the morning on -- WL played on. -- -- -- I thought. We had Johnny by eight year and here you. I heard a -- old John energy on. That which you know and at all and staying -- AW and join. Me time to thing. But let's get. -- idea however. What -- gonna do it. It's dead and do it. I think we need to be sure that the people who are. Pretty. -- do image. Soul in order do you believe that should be. Our and then blazers get a monitor them. Who's gonna monitor the monitors. Well what I'm sure it is that we are monitoring the monitors and an independent company. Study in all all earning those aged in order to ensure that they're doing it how can you trust them because -- -- -- had to monitor the company Alina yeah. Eventually trusts. Exactly. What is -- any situations. Where it got to bury their staffs. And the. You know just see you know John some of the things that are out there. They actually have technology that can. Count how many times of the if you look on the monitor whoever it is is watching the screens how many times their eyes move from screen to screen so they. Somebody could watch that data. But it generally speaking and I mean you always have to hammer out the details later would you be oppose this on a privacy issue or concern. I would any other thing I think -- goes what you're saying it's not your ultimately guitars like applicant and Amir and Amir and Amir in -- mirror in the image keeps repeating. I think the other thing is you can't hand I mean this -- -- The same usual cast of characters doing in this. You -- you would have to bring in somebody that has extensive extensive experience doing this. And and somehow get out of though the whole old new wall one's way of in town come appliance I know you get the job etc. etc. And I and I think if they ever would make up our mind that we wanted to do things right you can turn the crime situation. In new loans around by doing. Absolutely but we change existing parent that's an -- and you can't do the same people. I believe that this can be done not more expensive. Cost. -- that -- cheap. And more effective I'm right there and more effectively decries what we could do is stationed out she number. -- Oly ski trails. -- to teach locations. And have equal Wal-Mart and as I wrecked those individuals where -- And that's the way it works in London where they cover more street with less cars because the cars aren't. In in situations it just patrol and you know eighteen blocks when the problem is on two blocks so they -- and make sure they directors resources where they're needed. A lot of people talk about -- police need to do so well I don't police need to be visible. I think he'd beat we have web you're required. -- I'm right there with you. John you and I agree downtown edited there are pretty -- 601878. Toll free 8668890878. I think if we get out of this new wall and saying up. I think sometimes in new loans we have a feeling. And he's just my opinion. That everything here is terrible and we -- in witness and that but yet that's -- that's countered by. We're better than everybody else it'll come in and tell us what we're supposed to do which logically drives me crazy. So we're back water we sought were corrupted everything else but yet. Don't change anything because we're better than everybody else and it makes no sense 853 at least not to me. Tommy Tucker evidently all talking about crime cameras and put one on virtually every telephone pulled. Maybe every block in the city and having them actively monitored back here at headquarters and and -- would tell police were going to be -- old Jefferson high you're under the Rio. The market value you. There no I just two weeks ago we saw software. Called golden gate at the national association of school law enforcement officers. The actual software. And individuals operate camera anymore. You know actually in the -- in the picture of the individual in Mexico orange box around -- body wherever they might have weapons. -- -- the type of device. Showed Dina. Oh I'm not -- and and cultured and -- tied it on the on the created technology. Would you have a problem from a security. Aspect of if you go on Orleans parish downtown area you know you being much constantly and -- also know that if there's trouble waiting for you around the corner ahead. Chances are police officer is gonna be dispatched if the screen. Is being monitored prop. Oh absolutely not I have no problem with you think you could work in my life that much more important to -- you think you could work. Oh well 100% is being done everything in the casinos. They don't let it become an open -- without someone -- it's -- could absolutely -- we've got to get. The men and women in law enforcement that technology and equipment they need to do their job. Thank you Tim number -- lady called real quickie like heaven your picture taken into. Oh not -- -- day gone right there with you we'll talk about that we come back next hour.

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