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Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you afraid -- lightning. Now really I really don't think much about it. We may now they only say lightning never strikes twice in the same spot about 51 people killed in the United States annually on the average couch. Two of them died within 24 hours of each other. At a place in the com and now Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado I'll. It happened down about 330 in the afternoon Saturday when the second person was killed in -- in just about the same areas some money was killed. On Friday afternoon where they on a golf course. When those national park that happens a lot don't you know about. Golfer. I offer. No me up on now I was magnets cyclones I'm on a golf course in one of these afternoon showers with blinders and all over the place and scary man especially when you that thunders and lightning half a second later you -- you can feel. He's the -- here in the back your neck out electricity. Yet -- Yet -- -- Now. You know that it -- I sure. Did you wife takes off season -- yeah she did she took one. I have a daughter and I wanna. Com. When he column. Embarrass or -- you know you write or violate any privacy or anything but sometimes you know just on their friends slightly lean on to himself yeah. One. Well because you know -- -- and it will but would it be different than a minute ago until they do it all night. I don't know why that is. They get on its -- and it still sees them that's a teenaged thing the united running of the bulls on a guy that wrote a book. About how to survive the bulls of Pamplona got himself -- in the -- I don't think it's been held up his -- sales and let me crowd or quirks -- you will hold a while a thousand pound bull was coming down on it he can do it but somebody else did our job because they have the picture of him doing it from a distance -- -- camera up against LP of him. Witness but how much bull I I set a thousand -- a good guess I mean right behind him with the points and and -- people taken -- fees that. Did the sort of fronts. And it's and it's dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity standing in the middle of the road with your back turned. While 200 cyclists come that you choose to take itself. It's about that now you know beat some -- say that they don't want crime cameras because they're terrified of security concerns but yet. Others are more concerned with taken southeast of themselves I'm putting out their for the whole world to -- add events where it is so you know where somebody is and and this man at the saints game sometimes people are more concerned with letting people know that they're at it and the game itself. And I just don't understand missile phenomenon I really don't I don't know if it's because people are so egocentric and so. So self driven that they have to have constant pictures of themselves. And on a side note you know me I hate to have my picture take Yahoo! is gonna ask you US may and I didn't ask you have you ever I help me look we -- and not a self treatment just in general picture whenever any. You know and Ireland people want to take -- group shot or anywhere at you know well I don't have a lot of social gatherings these days back when I used to -- Everybody would want a picture and it's like now I've never improved any pitcher I'd be Indians oh. In my daughter's school as -- father daughter banquet. And they do you have you know you got to pose for the -- gotta be gotta be on the show pilots on comfortable and in front of the camera looks like a -- A mob Bo Woody -- mug shot is currently out. And we'll talk a bundle it with you -- limited Jordan is like the pretty jacked my opinion poll do you like having your picture taken. Because some something else that happens not the concern is that you know you what your privacy invaded and all of a sudden your friends -- -- -- a -- that European. Or maybe photographing an event and it's all over social media and maybe don't want that maybe you don't look at your best. So talk about all that right now with -- against -- we're delighted to have productive camera leads. The director of media psychology researches the the media psychology research and morning doctor. Very well thank you heard everything we were talking about it I don't. I'll get the whole phenomenon about self please how to know is it's starting. Well it got started because the technology because for the first time in history you can act. Actually the photographer and a subject and you can share it with a cost and then think about. How restrictive -- richer lives. You know security agent and even our product actually you're talking about to have somebody stand up there a picture you. In that group to document any kind of event and he can do well. Some idiot text in. And I say that because that recognized an average Jordan did it our producer there's been would have done a -- -- of him and Mona Lisa. He probably would have. -- I just a case -- just because you can why do you. I'll -- I mean first of -- experiment and and I think being taken -- by people. -- younger and street pilot like when you are experimenting with -- right I click from the world. People -- using it documented that what you're talking about and you know. And street and pie chart by on the other hand you have a copy something that the big net. -- much more meaningful. And writing future might deter us today be what you see. Are you bet you see all of the Russian trigger on the network in your brain you'd get to read it and didn't. -- able -- be for. Yet apart I don't get because of -- the Tour de France and I take a picture of it will that I know I was there because they took the picture. So why the -- Because. You are able to remember in a completely different way. And if you're in your mind. That your car because. This year and the web. -- -- -- -- -- And -- that story for you back in -- -- a completely different. -- carry out and you war in there. You have kind of documentation and I quote completely swept the -- never thought our people just wanted to -- out there. It becomes much more important dot -- dot. An important. But I -- be argumentative doctor but it would seem to me you would actually remembered less because your back is to it while you taken salty. We I mean it is taking. In fact in all they're doing it they're not all went into the -- That aren't that many and I. Did not mean are they don't edged. We're talking about trying to think it allows you to capture a moment it meant to be very tranche yet they are to be beautiful supposed to be part of the life. But there are to be the only thing out there. So it's not so much about chilling other people you were there but remembering. Did you renew yourself. And it. Sharing your experience it's about remind being able to remind you -- -- -- much you can art and give it to about making money. But that an entirely different. Com. With people being so concerned about it looks. Here's an Internet itself these are. Anything but glamorous photos in a lot of ways because of where the cameras positioned your -- and they she'd taken it yield and it. But yet. It doesn't seem I'm ninety and did not I'm sorry at night and I get my people would want to hand themselves pictures of themselves so often and and so many different places 'cause. I mean you know especially with with teenagers it's a lot of self -- go on. All over the place and I don't understand why we you know -- what's changed between. Ten years ago in now where than it would be like. Okay -- went attitude of fronts and it was fun but now you let people instantly know -- there. Everything has become much I can speak to -- that. There's a healthy are allowed to take action without being without being oppression in the -- that. We don't have to look perfect in every picture now they're there's there's. New culture just capturing life is out the -- beat them again and shoot a picture guy and you know. -- -- -- -- document. And -- Is click click click right to them. In my hand. Out there that I can text out what I am doing certainly did and I email what I was doing and give them permission to -- You know we -- in his line of work occasionally meet celebrities and I never was one much for taken pictures with -- because to me. And I don't mean look if you love pictures publishers nothing wrong with a -- to me. It always seemed all look. I I got above their Jerry Seinfeld with for twenty seconds of his time. -- graciously accommodated me to take a picture we're not friends he doesn't know me I don't hang out with the images means that. For this twenty seconds in time. My gosh I was able bother him enough to take a picture and looking at things wrong and Akamai MI hopelessly. Help. -- for. -- camp and you come to a celebrity I would bought -- hi there. I think people celebrities are being. I don't flex on that way away. They were bothering someone else might want to have that part that there are remembering my grandmother for Stewart started. -- you know they do and where. It was even true. People sometimes use the memory and importantly. -- -- time -- Now. It is very important for people boundary and that -- not. -- Well if you don't like. -- in and you choose. Play -- don't lecture complete picture may. And allow people and out that you at the same -- you don't want people and actually follow them or you don't. Score on our line differently you wouldn't stand and that. I mean it. People need. I do but I had no family -- General gas. Bags that at. Nobody but seriously when it comes to social media and people sometimes hanging other people in photos that don't like it is. I mean do you do as anybody is at a normal maybe that's a question and I hate to be photographed I despise it -- used it. The camera and I do not get along in any way. And while I'm Hartley handsome in life it's a lot better than when I'm photographed. So for people don't like their picture taken and then you have somebody else that loves social media and they're taken pictures of everybody at the baby shower and posting it. I mean some people just don't like him right is it weird if you know what your picture taken. You're certain -- are and people who really pictured on the far end of mostly. And I'll learn new rules could be because aren't -- I only doing what we need to teach people did did you and shall we need to keep people from a very early age. What -- People. -- about string of street and because. We have freedom comes at our ability to help other people and we're ignoring the in the same you know we keep people -- making. That we are doing that were still buckled over over what can do of course we have to think about. Personal responsibility and boundary and all those things that we need. Anyone and doctor before -- let you know. I appreciate the time I really do. Thank you directory -- hitting -- where the idea that a voice and a now it seems like she's watching me out of the office and thanks for coming and where that with the other hand on the security -- pocket. That the camera pledged to -- the media psychology research center old delightful lady. I'm glad she was here but I -- noticed the change in her voice when I said goodbye it was like. But today is and that job is a -- let's keep movement. Explain itself eased him he would you do you know some money it takes a lot of -- and why do you think they do and if you do -- -- wrong and just not get it. Why somebody would wanna take pictures of themselves at different things and and I'll see how it would enhance your memory of being there at all but you tell me 260187. Until free 866890870. And I think. If you take him I'd love to hear from me and I think there's something. About taken the picture yourself I don't think it's about. I don't think it would be the same me if if jury Sheldon goes the Grand Canyon. I don't think. If you like self he's a picture of me -- taking a picture of him in front of it would be the same I think there's something about. This healthy process have you hold in the camera I don't know Tom you to think when we come back -- -- -- And the like having your picture taken 2601878. -- 38668890870. -- -- the kids or grandkids wasting no -- Taken out of south it's been two seconds or does it make you wonder while this is at Tommy Tucker coming back under the WL. 928 tummy -- on went to New York for the first time the thing that amazed me coming from here. Is that there was this whole world going on beneath the city not just. You know you -- announcers the shops they have shops that are below ground actually. If you think about it and in the subways running there with different levels -- there is a an entirely different group of people operating and beneath you that you wouldn't be aware of if you. It is -- about it and I think now today with the Internet with vines celebrities and -- -- guys and snap Chad. And I answer Graham and some other things in one replaces the other it's almost like a nightclub it seems to me back in the eighties where one thing gets hot. And and something else gets hot for another reason and and the one that was really strong FaceBook for example. Not is as popular as it used to be and you gotta keep up with these things because if not half the world's on buying you know now Chris -- -- ironed out -- W good morning thanks to call. Take more atomic -- -- in my crawl. You're talking earlier about how teenagers really like to. Excel piece of themselves -- just. Certain amount they're all over the -- well. You -- trying to get -- match dot com. And Eritrea profile matched army look steps immediately east. There's so many he's in the thirties forties and hit these were taken itself of themselves and you know yeah. Yeah Rupert forty photos. -- your profile. -- may not get files photos you know longer meet my partner that were strong commitment daughter Christie has. And onlookers mystery. You know wanna meet the cost about blow fish one lead often. And that's about it. Gentlemen and -- that -- perhaps -- and in Peru and popular dance room. In the picture themselves in the mirror. And it's a problem. The same. It's you know a different facial expression or whatever is decided by each of the -- -- -- the -- you know completely ridiculous. Lightly when his constant change in plan and come away in a little you. The barber a second ago now is supposed to be the the police officer would you still -- -- Opera is a match dot com work out for you did you meet anybody in in terms of the way. The women are southeast on I would think it'd be good did you get -- they actually look like. Well I'm just you know don't you I am in front and that conduct a picture of me. Now that really believing that yes I guess they could thank you -- I'm glad you called in we'll talk TNT six -- 187 Neitzel 3866. 8890878. I don't some radio personalities this nick says keep a personal library of summary and all of their own shows you know I do not know. Keep recordings of random things they have said no I do not know what is it is we net and shooting itself well it's nothing is wrong whether it's all if you like it I'm just. Trying to figure why people would need pictures of themselves every four seconds -- when's the last time you cut and nurture if you -- That's. I younger and I think all right we're getting up when you do the job again I'm just trying to think bill of. You know if you lose weight or something and and I get it but I know one now is. In Ireland a lot of times you couldn't see the exhibit's or whatever it was because a lot of tourists from other countries were standing in front of a to have their picture taken. And it's almost like yeah I did go see let him right here now and nobody knows you went -- you with a group -- just -- anger in the way. And anyway -- -- say that happened to but I mean everybody wants their picture taken but. Anyway -- maybe not will talking when we come back -- 260187. Neitzel free 866. 889087. In I guess it goes to Obama -- against technology love it Wheaton and follow things and Nancy Graham that. I just wonder why he. There's that need it maybe for self validation. What it is but. If you do explain it to me -- like the -- he seeks 187803866. An 89087. Now time for -- W offers news and that we get David Cohen tell people like you were laughing a little during the newscast has returned to return to take I take my picture. Yep I went in there and took itself he -- David Blake and manages to -- it -- -- I do and so please maybe it's because they're ever done it I wondered why it was an -- year. -- just stay put her daughter all night. Take in southeast but what is this is my ugly face along with David lakes -- countenance -- and they're trying not to laugh at. I'm gonna do this I'm going to tweet he -- the every couple of minutes here. It's only take one right now. And you need to follow me AT Tucker -- right now what I can hardly wait and obviously 91 here between you and me in the newsroom. If that would be in nice behind the scenes thing but I am one of the fancy cameras where not a long -- it's gonna work area and Blake -- -- What -- button here. Area are right down on a second under them and come out terrible limb and applause I think suddenly the light dawns on me and I'm like in the southeast. Yeah I you -- I didn't make today -- Yeah when you. In content in them and -- have a moment. And you feel. You can -- it. When you get -- action. Let's they would only do right now is I -- the phone and I'm going to take itself the of me talking to you with your name on the screen what do you think -- like that. And will will post it online. After. Getting an -- again. You could one. Lead and in a minute. Well why do you think why do you think people take some answers is just have fun and and a way of just like in the old days people would take pictures and and then she -- slides he has made any captain in the evening at their lucky enough to trick everybody into account of their house where now it's. It's quick it's instant easy it and then you move on. And it. -- think -- have you ever been included in some of these pictures that you didn't really want to be. And really. Aren't. Think people in a series win. -- Well thank you and that you know money to tweet a picture of yourself some leniency. On meat and yourself. I mean I don't do it all I -- it -- a few weeks but it. I'd do it on and. I'm glad you held at a today. But I you -- 601870. Till 38668890878. Hash tag -- WL sell fees. Take a picture of yourself if you would. And then -- it with hash tags self fees. Don't waited. Would it would. Day at hash tag -- WL subtleties. Within nest -- and then put -- -- Jordan children take one right now. It will compile these things and see how many we can collect. 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. Deal like. To have your picture taken. Do you take self season do they bother you at all lift that you find yourself. On a friend's social media and maybe years somewhere where you shouldn't be. You may cull and do you have any did they have any policies that work against self season have you ever gotten in trouble. You -- your kids Purdue on one it didn't work out. And I presume everybody knows what a self the is some of the attacks that come in I'll always laugh. People who pose tons of picks the FaceBook -- of an event we attended I like to look at their picks deceit. When I may have missed today operator fast and and realize how much they miss because there are too busy taking self these. And other picks. Texans and I have a sexy faces you have a sixty space sounding. I would say you're overdue for Europe I exam. Would do when you consider Tommy show after the show form of -- feet. I guess story you're considered a gigantic waste time depending on your. You on that we'll be back -- talk to me that it W. -- I couldn't -- Jordan's Mike Elliott. 945 quarter till ten Tommy Tucker on this Monday and I don't know if it's. If it's cold medicine and taken maybe and just a big fat hypocrite but I was thinking. About. Not wanting to. You have my picture taken and I was also thinking about. Not bothering celebrities with getting their picture taken with a result that proves. Is that you've wasted their time for a couple of minutes but I went back. And elected mind. Twitter history and I realize that on Emmett Smith's birthday. I tweeted a picture of myself with him saying happy birthday and it. And I remembered when the Super Bowl was in town and we were all over at the conventions that are. How I wanted pictures of all of these NFL grades. So sometimes I forget things and that those are one of things Africa. So low. -- what's the most famous celebrity you've ever had your picture taken with all by the way one afternoon. Jordan's not Jordan. Well it was an American Iowa girl Jordan never got a name mom sparks. Was was here and I wanted to have a picture with her and I and I am. Constantly not constantly but when it comes up tell my Dario we know I met Harry got a picture with -- I guess I'm I'm just a big fat hypocrite now that I think about it and realize what my history -- Com you tell me 2601878. Toll free 866889087. And and why do you take them. And I guess I don't because my arms aren't long enough to 601878. Toll free 866889087. He also if you want to. Weigh in on a lot of the topics that we've had we started with. Stay in France with your acts Jim Hansen had a story on that. And whether or not that's possible we had a pretty jaguar opinion it'll go on for a long time and about 65%. On the Everett that no league they it's not a good idea you can't stay friends with your. Backs. And I think it is extremely. Difficult to do that is specially. If it wasn't mutual is if it was a mutual and one person was still hopelessly helplessly over heels in love any other person moved on. Then maybe the person and moved on. Can be friends but I don't think the other person. Candy because. Inevitably I think jealous he's gonna rear its ugly head it's going to be overly what are you doing now Hillary's hand. And then you start. Think in -- can be mean what about week now so I don't think that can happen but if you have kids he do you have to at least remain. How polite and co parent the children but you tell me what you think that we talked about the difference between raising boys and girls. What are the differences I'd love to hear from -- on that and which do you think are easier to successfully see through to adulthood. And does it matter if you're. A man or woman in your family is dead closes the -- -- is a girls urges the opposite. And his mom closes the girls. And years since the boys. Or just the opposite only have one child. A daughter in and the relationship we have is now it's so neat to meet a watch it because. You parents know it goes from from evident baby in this -- yet to take care of to a toddler that you really have a hard time controlling and then at some point they begin to be little people. Where he can actually converse with a man as they. Much Ricki -- through life and get older now and approaching eighteen you can almost. Have. Relationship like you would with -- another adult so I think that's pretty cool you tell me though. And then we talked about crime cameras and Amanda -- City Council. They decided to puts them in at the lake -- some public parks and other gathering places. Would you be willing to give up some privacy in order to be safer. And I think it's a good idea if you could do it properly because I think you'd be able to get by with less police officers. And I think we also could could prevent crimes before they happen. And it hasn't tax than ever did I get to -- in terms of that from. Why would cameras. Keep criminals from acting out if they didn't care about it. About the consequences of their crime and I think it would because. The police to be a position to prevent the crime from even happening. Whether a person cares about it or not of the police are on it before it happens. That means less some less crime at least to me. From one of the -- they come in. About the cameras is well my issue with the cameras is simple we as a society are already rapidly losing all privacy. It's another step towards having no privacy whatsoever this Big Brother at its worst. I feel like reliving out of judge in George Orwell's 1984. But again if you will and they oppose sell -- and update everybody on the Internet about. What your activities are how you're kinda destroying your own privacy would seem like. And the other side of it is. If you decide to do business online or engage in anything on the Internet garlands on tonnage shipped tons of shows about this. It means that for the most part your privacy. Has already been compromised. And then there's this about pictures of celebrities with respect to celebrities and athletes. It's part of their job to reach out to the public can take pictures. And spent a little time with their public. But not of course when they're doing private business owner of the grocery store having there hair done etc. I would like to know moon isn't okay to go -- a celebrity for a picture if you pay money to see their movies pay money to see him play. Get -- kind of owe you a picture. Now when it comes a girls and boys girls are easier to body train. And easier to discipline in -- a picture -- opinion. Moment says no manpower always monitor cameras well he if you get higher five people and do away with some squad cars I think you would. And one more time I hear crime cameras Sony overtime healthcare or vacation. Six times sold take a pause come back and wrap it up here in his Monday morning Tommy Tucker debit W. No waves within days. Let me some chickens. No way -- day today. And survey findings. Here it is burning. No way today name. -- And instead. Got that ten chicken the roast. Groups that goes with the chicken so who's having sex with that. The time but you see my point hit the only here they had a rose allegedly. So this isn't some business. Chickens. Brewster had sex with -- -- of. That's reverse. One of the stories and stranding on -- WL by Don -- believe it or not is that. They're they're gonna have a problem with chickens because the roosters apparently. Are not as fertile as they expected and -- and result in less aches. Garland -- that's coming up next he's got an interesting show force -- a think tank. And a lot of economists. And it it was say it was a story that -- -- special access to -- manner. Jordan and towards does he its it's a keeper he has sneaky and -- the -- easiest. Were we talking about. Illegal immigration. -- talk about district turning shares police chiefs and law enforcement of drugs. In this state in this country. And knows some new movement with the business community get involved in coastal erosion. Protect. -- as if that's not enough Garland will have another passwords for you the code word in error 1000. Dollar. Cool cash nationwide summer splash cash contest we have to do is listen -- -- WL weekdays right before. Top of the hour news at 7 AM sought -- one Garland had one have one coming up that we if you can't see now I don't know utters her drawers side than that I can lead to. -- -- Speaking of exes getting a -- Other than me actually hitting you with that off this year when she first got me to get along fine though it's absolutely absolutely always says and it -- there was no 911 color -- anything -- -- okay you got me that time that I get. That I think wedding -- there was not even -- a -- on her part and sports leader Bill -- seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL a famine HD 110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.

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