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7-14-14 10:10am Garland: on immigration

Jul 14, 2014|

Garland talks with Marshall Fitz of the Center for American Progress and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies about the country's immigration crisis.

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It's very -- pursuing would blow and done any number shows on the museum's master plan. Two. At least minimize the erosion of Louisiana's coastline. And know how dare say. Business coalition that's been formed to help. And when -- Real Madrid is abuse its own specifically that there. Just there to make sure the -- community. Aware of the dangers and the need for the rebuilding. But I think there's also a little edited and endured. And so the ports reverend. They're mostly true the legislature's. Uses the money's that is earmarked for -- to roast race shouldn't. Enough signals. So we'll talk to hook up a bit loose people who move on to board room to -- who's been out of via. Restoration of foreign to you wish you and Clark could. Assume all the shows we've gone on. Marijuana being made -- uncle brought -- and Washington. Cup observed state in numbers and currents and and in our legislative session. Their share of the DA's complete issues. Worked tremendously. Against it never did -- the reasons why. And now I think pardon -- report. To what Dave Barry's. They're there war on drugs on and will try to better understand that and concede the limited to -- -- -- our legal immigration. When you read about the children and it depends on which. Publication you believe. 40000. Children. 70000. Children more on the Internet says nine adults and children. And the interesting things about it. -- pulled a story out of New York Times. And here's. I think a pretty good example what some of the kids oral objectives going through. Because everything I'm reading necessarily come in this way -- and got some experts come on the improvement well. That -- necessarily. A running from poverty. They're running room file its drug violence in particular. And I think we've got some. Pretty terrifying examples -- It would get our experts on the laws and -- and held him. I've been killed. But Republicans. And Democrats over the year and we're not suitable once closed war. And he can't close the border. All of them and moved him almost laugh mask and now we've got to Republicans calling for shows that. And I think most of the Democrat led senate widgets can report to do would not physically possible. So what will look at is what's the current situation. And what do you want to do in that world war. So far. Rivera and a number of Republican presidents -- democratic president in -- of them have been able to solve the problem. What do you think Jews in general wanted somebody told pre. -- -- in the country at 66 you know and new rule where -- suddenly get his call them but India. Illegal immigration is back in the news and depending who -- publication who believe. 40000 children 7000. Children 90000. Children. Called crossing guards on the border and robes. Many of them without parents and -- Utterance and this will go to view pictures through more from its weapons. Director of immigration policies at the Center for American Progress -- -- -- and Choi appreciate talk. What's your take on what's happening at the. Well there is cut we've really got to refugees who likes situation there's an exodus of people leave in. That was called the northern triangle -- ponderous Guatemalan also -- because. The what is now in the long time. Violent region has. That the violence escalated into. From dramatically and into proportion incidents. Literally untenable for many kids in many of these communities -- excellent. Honduras is the murder capital of the world Honduras has the lower the highest per capita murder -- and any country in the world. As Guatemalan October 4 and -- so. You've got the place has been region that's been destabilize for awhile. It's on the last and you -- actually ban on taken over by cartels. He's got a week instead government institutions. That are not protecting civil society. And and so people are fleeing and what -- in the last five years source of those regions as and that region and those countries is that. Kids can become more more of the targets of this violent. And it increasingly. Girls are becoming the carpet at the silent so well and termed the flows that are arriving at our borders right now we're seeing -- Kids that are younger age -- girl without its younger age. And much higher percentage. -- thousands of girls than than we've ever seen in the past. Born -- publications -- rid -- -- The drugs have -- through Honduras each year or worth more than the countries in higher gross domestic product. Our crews have borrow please -- some politicians. Judges. It is this it drug cartel problem words -- Joe's. Crime out of control problem in those three countries. It definitely. A cartel. Issue. That there's been kind of weak government institutions and. Significant crime there over the last couple of decades so it's not that that it's it's it's been that. It's not movement from very kind of peaceful. Setting to all this. Highly dangerous one. But the escalation. Very much coincides with cartel as many of them from Mexico sometimes America moving into those countries. Comment taking advantage of those weak government institutions and the fact that. The drugs that have been coming or through. The Caribbean. -- had been diverted into. It basically in the lands to those countries and now -- you say that that is. Where that bull. The drugs that are coming from South America are being traffic through those countries and that means that. You know when you've got a product that is worth more than the entire countries. GDP. You can imagine. The levels. An illegal product you can national level corruption low level violence that is being. Undertaken to protect. Those. Moneyed interest and it's it's led to a capacity as human catastrophe. And unfortunately. The most vulnerable of all of them. The people of those societies. Poor children are the ones that are increasingly the target of violence and there that want to explain the region. Every danger we do little poll unscientific. Admittedly. We're calling the double -- -- -- drug -- opinion polls whereas Israeli regal answered to be illegal immigration crisis. 89%. And the people say yes. UC answers and if so what are aren't. Well I actually this what's happening it southern border right now is distinct from. Coming that the debates we've had in the past about illegal immigration. What happened the board now has too much mores are refugees type of crisis. These that the people who arrive in. The border. They're not penetrate in the border not like cross and this is not a matter of evading or stroke -- presenting themselves and essentially. Asking for protection. So that we did everything that's happened right now and it's safe humanitarian crisis on undoubtedly it's created enormous pressure on our Border Patrol and on our. -- are infrastructure there undoubtedly. But it is not in any way an indication. And insecure border or border out of control it these are people. You know it's just like the Syrians fleeing to Turkey. In they've accepted that and 2000002 million people who left. Syria into the region and it's the same type of exodus that's happening in from these Central American interest. On the broader question of whether or not we could to stop. Overall illegal immigration I think we could. The could -- -- a long way towards changing that dynamic can really. Making what has been an illegal flow or you know not -- Breslow for. A couple of decades much more into regular. Orderly legal flow if -- pass the the bill that does this senate passed last year Stackhouse had taken that up. That -- -- -- a lot further down the road towards rationalize in our system but unfortunately. The house Republican leadership has refused to bring. Any such legislation for the floor. And it appears wanna play political games that this rather than actually trying to solve the problem. Eat your -- up -- and through this question that -- -- have been reported your expertise. What a way of cute with the audience accurate. There was a big article over the -- and children that the drug -- refugee crisis not in immigration provinces. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One little girl -- hold in their -- stuff to -- news and upper body and being pro street from my mother's house. Older students and school working with cartel push drugs on the young weren't most of them need six in the bottom. If they -- children recruited sure as look outs delivers. Rob people extort business. They're given food -- Monday and return if not -- ago. Twelve year old pulled a gun on a teacher and said I need three students to help me so practical -- 1213 years old. Ordered to distribute drugs or the -- to -- parents teachers pick award texted teach and certain neighborhood. Kids seven years so working and don't girls being raped on -- daily news. I thought we were -- -- country and how do we. Regardless. Of of how illegal this is how much. It's stresses our economy or stresses our -- side. It would return it to death. I area. Have you have you ever -- embodied that does compute. Basic question. I mean the got a governor of Maryland says hey listen it's in the -- back to certain torture and. Exactly right. It's it's a it. It it's a real conundrum because it raises the question of who we are as a nation and who we aspire could be and are we going to. Continue to aspire to the highest ideals are we going to succumb this year and and fear of what I mean user community. We're talking about three years old five years old 81012. Missile. This is a. It's true. There's no that was in exhibition match crisis and you've got. Kids that are being subjected to that type of violence that type of instability the -- described. And and those are not. Kind of -- cases I'm -- about those cases all the time we were seen. You know. The reporting on this is I think kind of the tip the iceberg in terms of what these kids are really expansion now does that mean that they're all going to. I'm Warren legal protection and they're all going to be allowed to stay in now. But it does mean that we have an obligation as a people. To ensure that one that the people who are had been traffic sex trafficked for. Who have a legitimate fear of persecution upon their term. Or who have been victims of crime that we are setting them. Meaningfully and that we're guaranteeing that. We're not sending them back to as Paramount from brown said. Near certain debt. So this is I agree with you on a percent that we really need to kind of ask the question ourselves about who we are as a people -- And do we think it's located in -- term expediency it is just simply. You know -- Chinese. Kids back at the border and she should the mom went back to. -- it to be tortured or killed. A talkative -- a huge correct I was looking landslide. And reported -- has -- the UN high commissioner for refugees service. And that position says a third of the children who have crossed the border or loans. Have one or both parents in the United States does that. Those are about the best numbers -- doubted that there are 30%. Looking it kind of a number different. Sets and energies have been done that I'm guessing that's about 30% on the we don't know for sure. What we do know is that. -- some significant chunk of them do you have. One or more parents here but there are. -- In but I think it is if anything that really speaks to how much the conditions in the sending countries to change because many of those parents that some two thirds of all undocumented immigrants should have been here for more than ten years. That number may be as high as 80% at least two thirds. So you come -- accident for a long time without tickets and water all the kids come -- now the weather coming because. This situation kind of on the ground in those communities is simply become untenable and unworkable and in if your house is on fire. The you know you people really don't want option which is used to run out of that. Movement the first order or it's sort of known broke news reports. That -- tool -- law passed by congress 2008 trafficking victims protection re authorization. Act and vote. A law that actually attracted him to this country. But that was 2000 they block a blind the surge now. Yeah that's the important point about -- Briefly clarify it it's this so so that law insure the that individuals and came without parents and you know arrived in our borders that they be. Adequately screened. Meaning that they be. That they have in -- -- intranet date are. The victims of trafficking or the page. Don't -- wolf -- persecution in their home country. Who it was I'm really designed to ensure that we war. -- -- just for the governor of balance that you know sending kids packed into the arms traffickers or into the arms of gangs and cartels. And so what that it was it created procedure. That ensure that they were able to. Go in front of an immigration judge but that didn't create as you're saying specialists and to respect to president that didn't create a magnet. But the problem is is that congress destroy our current British courts of resources for so long. That the average. Process and time or the average time for a case to get adjudicated. It nearly two years now. And so when they potential come. They would not be you know released and chooses the to hand it the custody of a parent or the close relatives. While the case is being. And it while it's being adjudicated. Many of them will be found to be ineligible for protection at the end of that process but Huckabee two year process. So what -- what I think communities in the -- country's refining was. Sending the kid the kid is getting -- they're not that there have been allowed to remain here for two years while the case is being adjudicated. And then there are being. You know -- sent -- so it's -- that even if it's just to protect them for a couple of years what I think. So it's not that the law itself which I think is very well meaning. And and I think it has the right level protection I think that's that's okay the problem is is that we need more resources and armed aggression quirks of that. That we commit adjudicate these cases and more expeditious fashion two years doesn't make any sense but to two days is also. Wildly insufficient it to determine whether a kid a minority Urals. Merits the type of legal protection that's that's provided -- -- laws. Marshall thank you for this and hopefully we can get thrown together in this news. Not a story that score would be any time soon. It sure isn't so thanks so much trapped at -- looking on. Future. Covered -- actual have exact couldn't directors -- for immigration studies what you think. Is it -- to -- these kids back are you comfortable with -- and I know ramifications. But the question is or you're comfortable with sending them back. 2601. -- somebody told pre anywhere in the country 866 and you know and you rule heats -- -- -- -- about the latest in illegal immigration depending large numbers you believe forty. 79000. Children. Arnold sneaking across the board walking of the Border Patrol and saying take me pleased that I didn't -- to what do you that. I guess they're gone thank you get good morning to you. I'd like to respond first edit the question of it being out. Moral obligation. To reduce compensate people with something must be done. What the basic root of this problem seems to be. That the United States is probably the world's largest. Importer of illegal drops. And so. This is some reason these people fleeing their country. Because they drug cocktails have now reached a level of polish decent -- influencing government and they're running dictatorships and never -- people out. But the other side of this case. That we still hand laws in this country. That until they change -- We've got to enforce the law. We're we're not debating the law of what -- bailout scheme Republicans and Democrats how to cure and I can get an audience. Well that seems to be Kate stays in they're they're not enforcing laws they're just kind of stadium where they are. What we have what they're sick and is they don't have the money. Well and where -- -- From doing that he. Would play -- Florida that show up. We have a guilt that. Is given nukes is valuable time ago to give rise to a more crude -- and welcome back the show words I could rector. So there for immigration studies could morning. So when you make this do everything I read says these children the wrong thing. From whom we horrific conditions. Brought about the drug to trade by the drug cartel. I've got one note here. We've funded it's. You know Honduras. The -- GDP. Is smaller. Then the drug court 20 it's money. And that police cute than. The warriors and charges and legislators evolved and Barbara is this a refugee crisis. No it's not now this is not to say that -- peachy keen and Central America it's not they're poor places beset with by disorder. But you know that the despite multiple world. In fact why would you can't why would emigrate from your own country -- -- -- poor and disorderly. I mean no if we could open the borders to. Calm because you don't want to leave. So you read but obviously they -- of course they want everybody want to -- to -- but he Congo Indonesia. One week. The only thing that's happening is that over the past five years progressively -- administration. Has presided enforcement of immigration laws and sent that very clear message. That. If you sneak -- especially if you're a mother with children war and ostensibly unaccompanied. Minor. On that will let you and you know get a piece of paper and you know figure the bus station. And that's exactly what we're doing the president is that will be rumors you know they're not. These people coming here they blacked out on the Border Patrol but not caught -- catch the Border Patrol not the other way. And then you know there are big big shot they processed some victims and who. And then they often will send them. Free of charge deliver them to their illegal immigrant relatives in the United States with a piece of paper saying. Police show up for your deportation hearing on such and such date they're obviously not gonna do that. Over Obama is good and all this forwards seven years why -- the flood now. Well but you know it's been building actually I mean he's been wild about five and accuracy in office and -- Increase and in south Texas of regular illegal immigrants were the majority of what's happening down there as well as. Unaccompanied minors who really. For the most part teenage boy the seventeenth sixteen year old -- coming on the world com. And that's been building over the past five years it's just that it got that such a level. -- even Obama's acolytes in the media couldn't pretend wasn't there anymore. All right the lunatic Brinker won't come right he would do come right back. We're aware of more crude core and executive director of the center for immigration starts. Welcome back we're still talking about the illegal immigration over talk and Marc -- Korean. Executive director of the center for immigration so it is more. And mature in my understanding of I've ever ridden and and then in the new publications both conservative Waltz who drew and the liberal New York Times. About children being raped children being chopped up children being killed children being ports to a run drugs in the room scoops. Please judiciary. All under the drug cartels control. Teachers paying -- taxes and ordered groups who. Or are you saying that this is media exaggeration. Well thank -- won. These are crummy places to live there's no question about it but that doesn't differentiate them from much of the rest of the world. In fact it doesn't really differentiate them from most places that people will want to leave. And moved here in other words if the criteria. For being lesbian is only that your country is sort of adult. Then everyone in the world what everyone but maybe five billions six billion people the world has a right to move here. That's obviously not the yardstick we're using and number two. I don't know this but. We've seen enough. Exaggeration. And misinformation. By a advocacy groups by which I mean the New York Times which is essentially an advocacy organization on immigration. We've seen that in you know not just immigration but you know where all of that. Uranium from the -- that was going to be in Saddam Hussein's Iraq you know that nothing happens all the time. Where. Advocacy groups create this kind of frenzy with false or exaggerated information which we then. Act on but regret. At our leisure. And it's the board the portions of the authors two million time you've even from my conservative friends. As a Christian country regardless of the situation. Do we return those children to do you -- of that -- it's being described. Read we do we treat the children immediately. Obviously when they're here. The first immediate concern is making sure that when you know it is and that we you know -- have somewhere for the lead but that's sort of thing. But our goal needs to be reunite them with their place. What most were illegal immigrants either here or there people back home because a lot of people leave simply because they have heard that they can get. Those people all need to be returned only very specific targeted people had any claim. -- -- Status those people get involved in political activity. People targeted for religious believes that sort of thing. That does not describe 99.9. Percent of the people working on the southern border. Everybody from Reagan to Clinton to Obama. Have problems to do something about illegal immigration close the border. Never have happened or what can we don't what's in the -- What we'd actually you know over the past fifteen years or so we've actually done a better job at policing the border. The issue really isn't I mean to some degree we need some more resources in some places we probably need more fencing in some places there are things like that that we need. There improvements that can be made. But it's a lot better than it used to be the question is. Do we have the will. The political will to actually use the tools that we now have. -- to prevent employment by illegal in the United States to prevent them from getting across in the first place and that administration. Does not have the will. To stop illegal immigration not a problem pool. Richard -- what -- saying they're doing a whole lot better wouldn't that be under Obama. Well I mean it was started really under Clinton and then bush. And the improvement basically stopped under Obama. It hasn't gone backward too much as far as the physical stuff we have more people. We have more -- -- we have better technology all of those things are regal and demeanor there. It's not you probably did everything we need. I've been here actually in the -- exporting so so sweet about 400000. People year. -- the deep deporting people and that's been pretty quietly exposed as cooking the books they're counting people. That they never counted in the past the deportations. Are so be answered the idea that Obama is so called -- in -- as some of the people left to call them. Is baloney it is just not true we've exposed -- repeatedly. And you if what -- those -- ball in the need to do now. Fixes. See what they're doing is -- -- the work he core requested three point seven billion dollars extra to deal with the border situation just did the last week. Are the problem is that most of that money. Is going to be devoted to settling these illegal immigrant in the United States. They need to. Reunite these kids with their parents here or family members and then the whole family together needs to be removed from the United States. We need to beat them aggressive. Action to control the border in this president just doesn't see why. It's urgent he doesn't really get. That it is an important thing to do. Mark blowers are appreciated his time you have agreed. They're gonna break come right back a bit of the bigger celebrity immoral five -- at him. And boom come back at a certain. And move on to give him 1000 dollars Summers. Such cache content and cool. So there you have it comes to legal immigration of the 79000. Children. The liberals say the being chopped up tortured killed and we destroyed teachers threatened and everybody. For up by the drug trade that weather -- the conservancy not true its primary early teenage -- Round them all up put him with their parents that are yours in the country and send them. The violence isn't that bad. It's an old liberal conservative thing you believe what you gonna believe. And you have read or hear anything you don't wanna believe because -- Go to your club on the --