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Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A once again wanna think George Fowler for joining us are talking about immigration. Such an important and timely topic and one that we will absolutely revisit from a gonna solve world issues and our. Except maybe with this next group. We need to start our week that's right with trend. I do love this and once again we have the experts believe people in the now. From the great world news -- one and only my costs. Channel four super reporter and anchor of the morning news and by the way he's also the managing editor. And from the wonderful world of sports the one and only channel four sports director Doug -- on. How. Yes. And from the ever changing world of social media truly believe my favorite people in this building now Jammer programming director of being 97. In the know all the time actually wanna go ahead and start with -- -- started -- let's start with general let's start with what's the most trending thing on social me. -- I have a top five let me start with number five that's -- -- parent so last week we all know the Emmy nominations came -- and a lot of great dramas are out there and TV world right now. Breaking bad got many downtown abbey got many game thrown tells the cards mad men entry detectives who were filmed here in New Orleans. But I think though that one has the inside -- win on this -- nineteen nominations came thrown to anybody offend her. I -- give my daughter and I have actually watched I ask all its spectacular. Is it politics on its amazing thing what I love about him as he watches television with his daughter. Watched breaking bad we watch all six seasons of breaking man. I don't -- -- that makes you bit tired because I don't. It's probably the we started with 24 along time ago aren't yet we -- all those game a Rhodes she lectured detectors -- -- right ones well breaking bad. Yes well now it's fifty. -- May I have I'm home I cringed at the couple things productive I that I. How about down. And -- -- having. Delta delta delta and yeah yeah I've never seen it through their -- -- -- misinformation that's one that you want to -- -- -- three seasons in an afternoon right it's a spectacular but anyway I'm glad to hear there's that your choice. Yeah I mean well but I haven't watched game turns lower house of cards. -- reports -- of that he is Jamie on stars partner thank you that's what you know not much has been done moved on an -- we don't do not -- that although we have seen season one of arts the arts. A house of cards are not God's great. And let me tell you I have to say this for balance -- -- are. She watches which I've never seen orange is the new black. And that is not something you can watch with -- really -- that's that's an -- -- I don't know a thousand national anyone really. Well -- all week I've never seen it but what Helen tells me it's pretty dark out there yeah it's crazy I just got a list -- it was a game for a. -- okay now is that that your number one. I would say -- my favorite is breaking bad I I live in Albuquerque for a little bit and it was -- you know they filmed it all over the place. And it was such a great series though greens here. Okay and that's another woman I'll do what the column when -- line. Watch a whole season and two up it's called ING visually and that's when -- watching I'm gonna -- -- that took the OK we're gonna go to your number two in a minute but first. Mr. mr. news. Yes Wi-Fi stuff not nearly as fallen myself with what's happening in the news well and I'm in new and different lineup that is you know I'm certainly pleased that -- situation yesterday in Metairie man. Murders girlfriend he was arrested this morning and Katy Texas. Pedro Martin Rosen -- us. They have determined that she died of blunt force trauma when they're seeing and they came out of this was sent. How he was found was that his dollar. Talk to a daughter or friend of horrors. That was in this trailer park in Katy Texas in that dollar. Told her mom and she called 911 so it should -- all -- about -- again allegedly he's been arrested. In Texas and -- will be brought back to Louisiana to possibly -- -- it's been determined that. From a whirlwind two days for GPS. Excellence us -- extra efforts for free kids. Ends peacefully in the trailer park Katie. Inch -- two other children who were not involved so that they got away yes. What a tragedy but they had only lived in that area a couple of -- short time see that's so sad. Now there's a lot of so much stuff we don't know but certainly from our web site in the story that's really. You know -- a lot of attention the last two days this is the story from yesterday's aerial search to -- literally you know on 2:30 in the morning arrest. And in case. You know -- been so many stories and this summer I guess concerning children. The the terrible story of finding the twelve year old. In the field -- oh my gosh oh my gosh I think. -- you can you'll bear this out for me is that there was a time and it wasn't long ago maybe 710 years from certainly pre Katrina. When viewers a thirteen 141516. Year old child involved in something tragic that sadly are no more consumer confidence. It was huge and his huge. And now it's a big news for that day but that newscast. But sadly we've become almost callous and immune. To a fifteen year old getting shot on sixteen year old hours a decade ago -- -- it was a different story it's -- economic it's very sad what is true. It is true. My question is what's going on out there you know -- and a slowing too too often I think like my two cents way to look way too often well I think first of all. Too many bad things are happening you know we're communicating -- more and it's almost as if we're bombarded. And so there is say shut down. I really believe they can only absorb so much and so it doesn't last week just last. For that anyway. Aren't mr. sports to bring this back up. -- You asked me when I came in what's trending like to day right now. And I choked but I'm serious and I says nothing. -- and I mean that seriously because I think every guy. Is in a holding pattern waiting for something to break with Jimmy granting -- deadline is tomorrow at 3 o'clock. And that Jimmy granting the kind of thing that we will explode. On social media the first. Tweak that comes out about what's happening aren't happening will literally explode here but Fernando you told me it was the top five things in New Orleans. I'd say blank blank -- Just waiting for Jimmy Graham and there's been some stuff. The pelicans have made some -- in the last few days Anthony Morrow was one of these guys. Last year came up the bench played really well signed with. Over the weekend with Oklahoma City. Made a -- for awhile on the on the roster trade has made some lip split. Jimmy Jimmy Graham is Jimmy Graham what -- what do you think the deal will. Up until today. All you can hear from those sizes don't worry about it Don and you know we're very confidant. Vote everybody's motivated to do its deadlines can force action. My personality is such that I eight. Don't necessarily believe some -- something that we haven't seen it yet. And now coming up on 24 hours before it's too. And then at that point Jimmy Graham asked to decide and I still think he plays for the saints this year as it would still be seven million dollars on the team played one year seven now is a guy. Who's never had that kind of -- It's hard to -- seven million dollars out of -- blocked. All of a sudden -- you got a guy who's going to be certainly not happy with it you'll be playing with it's going to be distraction it's going to be questions. This is a team that feels like it can make a Super Bowl run and I certainly believe that it. That this team has all the pieces in place to make a run right now and it's the last thing you'd need that distractions I am. As a New Orleans and I'm sure hoping they'll get it done in the next 24 hours but we Chris Morton's and use the NFL -- for ESPN. From the Manning passing academy -- -- he thinks it's 5050 and that appears to be about right and in fact is the clock is to. Why couldn't get -- that's ten million dollars a year -- why wouldn't he wanna sign. Are you or asylum there but I when the team. I think they want to. I mean that's a great question there's obviously a middle ground that they can all be happy then obviously he wants them accidentally in. Debt and they want a giveaway the minimum for a lot of reasons and salary. Yeah but you -- you have to value. How how it affects the whole team no question and know what you're looking at a superb player nobody denies that but what you're saying yes. All the pieces in place let's go to the Super Bowl and this could be something that is always in the background -- -- Yeah well no right now that's in this kind of thing that would keep them from that kind of -- Jimmy Graham would still be Jimmy Graham -- -- hope that it can place one year he still professional and would put at all passed him. But the fact is he obviously would be happy with that. And it's kind of thing where he would -- he he is a free agent and no obligation to come to training camp or do any of those things this absolutely will be a distraction. If the deal's not done yet okay so the deadline is tomorrow -- hung in a note tomorrow at 3 PM our time and it. Social media until then in the sports world especially locally is just artists women Iran SEC. Media days but it happens you know -- -- -- anything it's gonna surprise you the pelicans making some moves. But but Jimmy Graham is going to be. This story of the summer. And it's -- Stay with this every one we're gonna continue with our true renders. Right after this I'm Angela under the WL. Will we are back with which renders my costs -- -- -- and Jimmer. And were talking about what is trending let's go back to Jammer and number four. I never for analyst Angela and everybody's talking about this at UC pitchers all over FaceBook and Twitter when it happens but the super -- Yeah I was last Friday night -- the that was front yard and I didn't see -- I don't we probably had rain you know how it goes here that's a fine job. Yeah I mean it's the super moon it was a full on super -- I am not a scientist I don't really know how that goes I mean maybe somebody else knows by. It's very close of the year too when you're 38 miles and it's you know obviously very basic -- But so isn't it wonderful that people care about that yeah sort of in the world of super fish reality right it's nice to know that. The -- matters in their beautiful happens here. The next ones are gonna be August 10 and September 9 it's like every 29 news or so or thirty days. Okay -- then I will sit out why there are no thunderstorms and a lot of qualities we could see him enjoy it. See it from West Virginia yes she can actually. I know where somebody's gonna go to he's going to agree and yeah us that's out reached. As it will be righty and out of -- extra half hour sports. Are all staying at the Greenbrier. Listen -- to look this is intercom we do not think the green but they also sent it to the saintly in anybody's well. You know -- And at the price that it is. Right. And get that drive. It let us talk about more news mr. Hans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I watched it -- you yeah it cost now. It's TV ratings were really good results and what they. Germany Argentina 6181000. Tweets me now. You talked about it like on. Well. I don't -- All of us soon that would be interplanetary yes you know the New Orleans string. -- it'll -- because he does majors but that was you know what. Maybe I'm wrong correct -- sports guys but I think it's sort of now changed for Americans that now we're going to be interest. We say that every four years and we keep that pledge for about six months and I do not believe because I watched Germany Argentina yesterday I would watch Germany Argentina if they were in my backyard two years. Iraq but I did watch right because I've watched most war walked up that I ever have right and I don't think in two years I'll be watching. You know if you took. Now and an outline. Let me just did did they have riots and things like that are I didn't hear editing and argent Argentina did these -- -- do you have a -- it's obvious that -- a bunch them. Because they brought in more. Soldiers than any of them to more than Olympics. In anticipation so I wondered if that have been -- I don't think that more people watched. This World Cup from a pure spectators standpoint like you just said I think for a while there was a soccer interest. Maybe among kids who play among parents I think in this World Cup we saw more people who media never played soccer. And we're just as a pure spectator. I don't know how to better say that I mean most people who watched the saints play didn't play college football and you know -- I didn't play a lot of football organized football but. It their fans of the sport I think we saw more of that in this World Cup and we've seen before certainly local. But I mean I agree with Mike does this mean MLS is -- suddenly she through the -- I'd. On but I do think this one made a difference an audience and it hooks up. -- -- -- -- has -- you know here's the deal with -- everybody's always complaining about how many commercials are on and you know baseball football basketball whatever. You have 45 minutes of not stopping yes is no commercial it's nice and you know -- -- halftime and 45 minutes it's like. Stopped playing not as fun that would never happen if a call five minutes ago and stopping it and. And you know commercials 812 years ago the World Cup they used to just break for commercials -- try to find. -- points in the action eight commercials. Just in the middle of a game we a couple of Irish guys as is gas on fourth down four and they said they were stunned and outraged that in the middle of the game to be taken to let's go to commercial a I did go to one now. At least from a television standpoint the United States has caught on an eight. Ran at halftime for a games with commercials and gained 45 minutes about commerce brightness and on the opponents right in broadcast 45 minutes of running. Yeah and they're athletes they're -- and -- And you know yesterday's -- talking about breaking into the game there is way -- tornado warning and somewhere upstate New York where they had a cut away from the last couple minutes of the game. And they were hosted on Twitter. Because of a tornado warning now what happens if people would have been killed because they didn't come away. Crawl it hurt and I. I read about that it's more -- -- -- OK back to. -- Yeah we deduct it directly -- World -- -- yeah I -- I can do what to -- -- because my -- all blank no you're looking at this all wrong. -- -- -- trending sports thing when my favorite people Reggie Bush got married over the weekend and that was sweet. Nice nice man out of -- very very nice man I'm happy for him. And you know I hate that they called that is now life is -- Kim Kardashian lookalike and that's so unfortunate. Is that we had nothing to do with him he really looked like -- You know we have to have -- Mikey. Moving right along. Dollar -- -- -- I can go now my number three are we all tired of the talent TV shows yet they've just been renewed the 33 shows have been renewed I do like. America's Got Talent pretty cool. The -- last comic standing is really great but I really love the American -- warrior. I'm really and that on I have to tell you I didn't I would never thought that -- that I hang on it. -- hold my breath when they make some beliefs I hold my breath when this. American injure warrior I noticed that with me now lost I don't know this is real competition and it's real athletic right. These in its men and women -- like yeah but they have a it's like a course they have to go through a five or six different courses they have to run through it and run through pain and go through what I mean. Like NYT. That it shows what they like that's right out in front is awesome that's funny but this is like really kind of serious note this is serious -- and the people who fall and. And they've been practicing for here. Okay. But other than that now on -- good but these three shows have been renewed America's Got Talent last comics inning and American ninja warriors so jumped him jump -- -- and it will be an opportunity tiger's event at seven hole. Not really sure rate even properly if they are right I say it -- and watch the ninja yeah -- really mr. Howell in life. And we watches if it's any kind of competition or any kind of television that provides angst. Any kind of just intense and my family loves it and I hate him maybe because I must not deny life I don't know if I'm watching on TV. I would say just entertain me stay with us everyone Morgan taken news break -- will be back with the renders. Well we are back with my costs and done moved on and Jammer from being 97 talking about what is trending. Let this go to my costs. But as we know August 1 is an important -- -- a lot of schools and you know announcing that they will be smoke slash tobacco free no tobacco products anywhere on the university grounds that includes. Everyone visitors as well. You LL did it -- back in June Alicia made their announcement in May sell there's not a -- bill that's an increase of higher education would be smoke free. By August 1 this is tobacco preakness will be the next step -- -- That you just don't you -- two and a Mac it's everything it's tobacco free so you know makes the right move and do so by August 1. You know it's such a statement. To -- -- line moved here in 1975 I did. But I'm and I was among the 90% of the people who Newton didn't. And you literally that blocking and it was a clean out the news in an answer and I can't believe that live long enough to -- where it's -- as a matter of fact. Smoke free week in New Orleans just announced by. LaToya Cantrell. And it's gonna be next week and it's just everybody kind of help others. Because it's tough thing to break a lot of criticism that's a tough thing to break. My parents and I mean I think it's going to be generations of my parents. I think -- go one or two ways either do it. You it is turned you off to a degree that you did not like to turn me off from when myself. Thankfully as to its final people who do and it's it's tough. -- did you ever -- Here and there are a little bit but never like -- we weight less when I used to smoke will maybe. Have to pack -- -- -- have that we isn't looking cook cook. I mean it is smoking but not your beautiful voice is when you think you know that's a OKMR. Boots on make something up -- I gave you you know what the -- there. It there is some trending from the SEC media days which is in Hoover Alabama right now where. Every SEC football program and to be honest with you the reason it is is because I think people -- just so hungry for some football on it. Less miles from the LSU tigers will talk on Wednesday. We want him Kate will certainly be an effort that. Is so I am seeing in a bunch of stuff from the SEC media days but I still think when number one to three point bottom policies Jimmy -- that hasn't happened yet. Okay. Did you see what Auburn's coach said. Four pockets of the biggest things we are seeing how an American Taliban win. He said I took my hat -- their own uniqueness and he looked me right in the face. Both those guys -- literally took my hat. -- -- -- Mr. hammer yes my number two. And this falls under sports and all that dug ice cream Abdul Kareem Abdul Jabbar compares LeBron James going back to Cleveland. Like a straying husband -- is quote from Sports Illustrated LeBron can't go home again at least not to the home he once knew. They may be grateful and joyful but there are also wiser. Pretty strong words. Very strong word I mean come on really Cleveland just wants to win the right now. And I you know they deserve given and drop some. God bless -- is -- -- it -- do you watch a lot of money but he would've gotten a lot of money anyplace practiced it's really about he wants a guy that. -- out on me. And one of many had been following Jimmy Graham like opening up is social media every couple hours the only being Jimmy Graham has tweeted about the last few days. Was when LeBron James he -- go to Cleveland needs. -- -- just it didn't see that would goddess and that's it you Alice wow so radio silence was broken for an act. And and activists are. But but did you hear we're. Some guy in Cleveland wore his shirt LeBron to enter that had burned holes yeah. -- That another quick thing in the as a Bachmann talks which is percent in since Doug to bring in now well enough I didn't bring -- And I didn't lie to -- Angela I feel like our relationship is too strong enough I. I didn't want to make up stuff and I didn't you know like some that was when I'm dealing -- blow it out when it was okay no this year too strong for -- thank you yet. He. We are talking this is really not trending misses a trivia some of the -- you'll. 198826. Years ago this weekend the first saints hall of fame luncheon. Who -- the first two inductees. We're here in 198826. Years ago first. Hall of fame luncheon. Mean the the satellite Harrison went into the same topic who went man. At three seconds now to leaving Google it that that now you can I put people at home Archie thanks in Orange. Up front but the other one is a natural to think about tennis. Programs they I said it now. Pretty strong corporate pretty strong note that yes. God you're competitive and what are you TVs -- its. OK I do another one that is this is trend this is for all of us who love chocolate. This is a big deal -- chocolate perpetually trends I think it does is it makes people happy. Lent which is a huge mentally and actually they haven't stored at the river walk I was so stunned I had no idea. They have just bought -- -- This is being merger of chocolate. Chocolate kingdom. -- -- -- -- Resentment of what's -- -- LE NT -- went to some additional -- and shot at a wonderful chocolate. About buying Russell Stover and Russell Stover is an apartment like for ever. They used to be a little Russell Stover Ryan on canal street my very different gala night we would go let's go have lunch pail to Russell -- You like -- and you know I'm appears. On so many wonderful things okay. -- -- meet my number one thing. This may or may not be officially number one but we should be proud here in New Orleans because we had something to do with it and we had to put up with a for a long long long time on this is going on. Dawn of the planet of the apes opens this weekend number 173 million dollars. And it shut down downtown of course via business down here you know -- that it is kind of the you know crazy to get around for about a month and a half or so. And what they built at that corner. And what's happened -- -- building atomic cry cry because you can't even CN pacing on the union now and wondered how much of new wireless recognize satellites and well it was the the post apocalyptic set that they built right right near -- requirement is but it's about. Near rampart common street and yeah I was -- right yet. So that was closed down for about a month and a half yeah and if you had business there it was done you couldn't do it may they actually paid. Businesses to move out and abuse stuff around the the from parts of town that was. But you know I got the money limited and we get -- -- eighty million dollars in local economic impact here on the -- -- That is terrific camp. No I think the previous -- -- it looks great looks like a great movie and it wasn't looking at New Orleans but. As a story wonderful deftly -- -- the -- OK stay with us everyone we'll be right back. We're talking about what's trending with my costs and Jammer and done moved on and might cause the man of the news. Well. Portico. One of the dots applause of one -- wasn't the fountains arrested the one man -- me know about suburban street shooting. Strongly from -- changed she's been being extradited pack. As the rest of excellence unfortunately he fired the first shots two things are still looking for. And that being the second shooter which they believe was involved and also -- this whole thing assistant. You tragically from from the Tokyo said the motive involved in this suburban street shooting so. Hopefully maybe even strongly will provide some help him out -- that that's that's the other with some of the stories that are actually you know happening today in making news at being a talker on our Internet our FaceBook pages that is. That is one of suburban street shooting. You know the tragedy of the death of that young woman yeah -- just getting ready to graduate with her nursing I mean her whole life ahead of her. And I was happy to see that 800 people showed up there brittney Thomas yes from and an. Over the last week or so issue all of done we've done any number of stories on on that shooting in the bigger picture of it and why in. -- -- senator senator but I keep asking how could two men and relatively close to each other -- -- They're Jewish they're shooting at each all right and then go watch him and they don't -- each other. To make certain. That's not about also part of our. About. The horrific thing about this is that only. That means keeps us from being intend we're just pretend that yes that's correct this was you know it's not shooting in new loans one dot this could -- -- You know the situation in California or I mean this in this kind of situation. And I'm just reminded again because -- keep saying this as horrific as that is. What happened in Chicago that weekend with 82 shots and for a team did to me is Afghanistan. It was delightful and -- -- -- -- -- weekend and I'm in just something is terribly wrong. I don't know if you saw remember the a bully bird doll who was the POW and American POW in Afghanistan. Has been returned to active duty which is very very interesting to me they're still going to do an investigation is. If you know there's a lot of controversial on got to wonder how is going to be received how -- apparently he's Fort Hood and he's about to witness and he has been assigned to guide you gonna help them with his reentry. Which says to me. They're very aware that there is he mentally stable to do that -- apparently that's what they're they're saying but you know so many unanswered questions. Anyway and one other very quick one and and this is not funny at all but. You remember this happened in 2013. Two young men were arrested. For essentially. Having sex with their dog was big husky. And arrested correctly. And pled guilty. And also they -- all kinds of pornography I mean it was much more involved -- that and today we learned that their sentences. There at essence for all of it. For the abuse of the dog and of the other things under each -- three years. In jail parlor labor -- yes that was in pine prairie Louisiana. And that the upside of it is an Iowa who has the dog him. Has went to a rehabilitation process herself and has found a loving home so like -- while and that is pretty bad. While as Angela in the last ten minutes we do have a little. Breaking news with the pelicans and it mostly friendly right now in the pelicans apparently and ESPN reported this first but ten minutes ago. That the pelicans will sign John Salmons who's a small forward position the pelicans -- 34. Bounced around the league a little bit was in Atlanta last year the pelicans need guys play that position so I am seeing a plethora of John Salmons stuff. Blowing up right now this is very very good I'm not very quickly while we're sitting here on a very high note let's. Tales of the cocktail -- twelfth year unbelievable events July 16 two mornings -- goes on the week hotel monthly on. Is the headquarters I just challenge you go to their website you look at the events thing you will be. You you won't believe how many things -- -- going. No it's a phenomenal phenomenal event and I just wanted to say we were talking about America's Got Talent we'll guess what on July 23 -- on the show we're gonna have the opera divas. Who are or moving along and they are from here so we are very throw the -- we'll get in sync. Stay with us everyone we're not done I'm Angela under the anyway. And we are back with our three wonderful guys who spent a whole hour with this on what's trending and there's a lot trending. There is -- lamenting over the past Twitter right now in New Orleans the number five trending is Netflix. -- talks on Netflix you know shows one on house -- knowledge but aren't as the new black. Number four always in the top four at do you notice any any guesses Waffle House. How they don't pay for but everybody just train and talks about Waffle House all the time it's always in the top five -- How is in the place where you get wolf yes there. I remember exactly how many problems -- had -- you don't already know what was it should know. -- you know the the restaurants the little restaurant you know BL OUS lined field known well apparently that's a very popular place it is. -- interesting it's. Odd number three real fast Angela hash tag honesty our I don't know that are. Maybe you sound like yeah maybe meg video. A number two's New Orleans done all right and the number one is hash tag pretzel love songs to -- campaign. And I thought I I don't. Oh they bought that I'm saying we're so food oriented while Apple's pretzels. Wendy's OK it's not training yet but it will be Sunday morning. Keep your eyes out for pictures from the mr. -- skeptical. -- Saturday night generations all. Islamabad televise -- EMC's and it is day. Who looked beyond who's for a great cause -- -- Saturday night six to ten and donated the door it is. It is day. -- of frivolity. Slash -- and I better -- and fabulous lives yeah we we are fortunately via the and -- Shiva Turks want to judge -- it's it's it's really great job and nicest people one of them or it's one of the most on charity events. Do loans is only for bridge house and -- Michelle straight -- exactly Gregg Costa Rica and every year for reforms passed. And limited we were talking Friday because we were promoting it as well -- like 700 people ultimately yes unreal. But a Great Lakes and he's as they take very seriously because they aren't performances. Do they shape their lines some some of it is the outfits costumes. Last thought Jimmy Graham. -- -- -- -- -- -- keep while we're talking almost 24 hours exact look at Iraq -- thirty seconds and thirty seconds we will know one way or the other. I can't thank you all enough you're the best thank you thank cute dog thank you Angela Mike and Jim. And will be back for next hour stay with this financial under the WL.

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