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7-14 4:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham Appeal

Jul 14, 2014|

Deke talks to ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt about Jimmy Graham's appeal in the case of his contract dispute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andrew Brandt joint is now Andrew thank you so much for the time in that Jimmy Graham now. Making an appeal in the final moments so what does this do for the negotiation process. Yeah it could be accurately. Well maybe the most interest in player negotiation this year we had the training camp for all. Week. Though he's got that their life tomorrow people -- about that that line today. -- tomorrow to do long term deal the Saints four. Be stuck with a one year deal at seven for the current spec for this year. That deadline should Heyward to appeal his ruling at the tight end in the arbitration on the act number. And well today popular. -- they -- has been well according to NFL network. What that means is -- score eventually going to be three judge panel here. True retired judges or -- or from George down there and sit there and but it's not happening out there and while Brees and -- and hearing. It's going to be awhile -- it will not directly. Affect the deadline for tomorrow. Andrew now moving forward. Oh will the league that -- become -- -- -- when -- -- to repeat it again Jimmy Graham has appealed a part of the Stephen -- makes decision here of course the Morris at the Atlanta reaching long term deal. Because this was filed with the NFL may be giving the NC interest these dates out take us through that process. No I don't think it connect changed the date her heart get it done that's -- are all part -- players. You regret not the only one -- that that line. I think you know I try and people ask me what it what it means for that negotiation or. It -- the Gramm camp a local Portland church. Just say hey we know we can negotiate this deal. And a bit and negotiate it -- it in the appeal goes out the window. Why. You know you we don't get the deal we want. We still have the -- So what -- they can do guys we changed that number from seven to score goals for this year. That's what that appeal about the long term deal is -- negotiation. And I'm sure that they are saying well on the Lakers happened. And if you don't take this you know well the thing. And Graham can't considered don't know may be playing for twelve. If we don't think this field that Dillon plays that were gonna know -- -- -- Andrew Brandt it's -- question -- you know breaking news this point times in the preemptive file an appeal. With the decision opportunity Stephen Burbank ruled he was tied into -- -- it they'll business and the years in. Is he with the council and -- in and what we concede is that if a long term deal is not reached in the -- could place the tag on Graham happened negotiations. Could continue. And it if there's a deal struck at that point as we go back to whenever you're saying it would maybe be somewhere between okay well there's a possibility. If we could see. This next round -- of judges who is the appeal ruled in our favor which would mean I would be playing under the twelve million dollar day if not. -- if you could be struck before the hand that -- regular stroke before him would they receive and the appeal. My understanding is if you get a deal by tomorrow at 3 o'clock your time. I'm not sure what you kill me. Because that all of the act that's about the one year number. So to me that would that would be. That would bureau. Or aren't seeded QB relevant is that they don't do that deal. And whether we're gonna take Jimmy Graham seven -- this year -- well this year and what are the negotiations -- Next year because then attack again had a number 20% of -- the twelfth and at a point that a vote. That. Don't get -- headlines. One that line today. About the appeal. Which theoretically it is not -- the deadline tomorrow couple long term deal but could affect the negotiations outlined it. They don't get a deal done tomorrow. Now Andrew we've seen this process Stephen Burbank when the decision. Jimmy -- -- obviously not like that this season and they appealed it. What if the other side who he is is -- three Pamela diligent that you meet him one of -- look at this from toward Georgetown background. What if they happen to rule in favor of Jimmy Graham with the NFL didn't have grounds to appeal that decision. Now that went semifinal. Or questioned the the Burbank. Parallel one appeal from Burbank and then there's three judge panel. And I think judge you retired judges and one walk faster. Then at its final -- and the EPA. And we really haven't seen it the one area we thought we eat its appeal panel. Remember when or thanks for a little bit and open. When cal Ripken were docked all cap room. They've appealed to Burbank they've brought -- super -- law. And there's not that the Cowboys and Redskins would -- a three judge panel that they are this. So we've never seen that -- operation. It now. But let me be clear I think they're negotiating right now and I just. I've dealt with Jimmy sexton on doesn't the contract went out to the Packers. Is it that line negotiator. We did several that line deal. This New Orleans Saints have proven their line negotiators. -- again true -- I remember talking two years ago that they. And I'd just sense that this is getting. Now obviously. Eaters had been done. A lot of issues in terms of how it's spayed and you know the whole wide receivers I think the question about being paid like a wide receiver is really yeah. One of perspective. If you get to deal done might -- if you will -- it like a wide receiver just what workers here. He's not going to be paid like Al alert FitzGerald or Calvin Johnson. But he could get paid like that next year a wide receiver group including. Dwayne Bowe in and Jack's been here -- So I just think when we talk about wide receiver could be one of the I'd like acres. You can -- NFL business analyst for ESPN Andrew -- game breaking new Jimmy Graham he can't -- file an appeal and now via our. For getting in long term deal is deal tomorrow however if you're not reached in the appeal can be heard. And they were decided in new panel would decide whether to retain of the decision of Jimmy -- being a tidy and all he could play Honda overtake. That would be a twelve million if he threw a wide receive final question Andrew. This panel. How do they approach are -- what what would you see the insane differently than what mr. Burbank stated. About Jimmy Graham and do you see him looking at something completely different without than stick out in Burbank the season at the belief that maybe. They would seem more about Graham being a receiver. Dan -- the. A good question I think it -- the -- what I read an arbitration it was not about Ingram it was about. A referendum on the position. And that took the language has -- so whatever position player only more more -- the year before. Well the real question is not that Jimmy Graham played outside the tackle box. But what is that tradition of tie it and -- -- bell. And Burbank I agree with the Saints and the net National Football League that the positions. A tight -- plays outside the tackle box. Or a good percentage of their. And I'm act yet in your question -- could handle it well the Angel could see. They can read and more literal. They could say well the position that I. And I mean. In the tackle box and you're an in the tackle box. It's really an interpretation. More football definition of what the position it is in net interest being in the now. Burbank and not a football guy and reject it or not football. How would be the position of sight and because. Well being legal legal people -- tight and split receivers. And I get some sort of talk myself into the -- I would now predicted that. These judges certain that the for happily -- lower -- upper back I just don't see them. Inserting themselves. I guess football people to change the rule. If -- Andrew would be you know wrong put out asking you how do you think this will shake out between Jimmy Graham and the thing. I think no matter. You know twelve before the next point two hours. Or have a deal. -- and it I've said it from the beginning I just think. Jimmy Graham wants to believe in more than. Because. You know -- I don't look at players when it -- They don't like beating -- year. And they put it out of the the only problem -- again I'm just speculating 20/20. 325. Year. 109 average and that are like that. I see -- park press turning that. It makes seven or hope to make twelve for one year. Andrew how can people follow you on Twitter. I actually get any deeper -- DE RA DT. Andrew Brandt NFL business analyst for ES PE and Andrew always a -- we get a lot smaller listening to you we thank you so much for the time. All right Andrew Brandt breaking it down in try to keep all of the questions out there to him that would -- -- talk about the situation.