WWL>Topics>>7-14-14 3:10pm Angela: on French Quarter security

7-14-14 3:10pm Angela: on French Quarter security

Jul 14, 2014|

Angela talks about French Quarter security with Bob Sims of the Security Task Force, Linda Malin of French Quarter Advocate NOLA, and Meg Lousteau and Carol Allen of Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents & Associates.

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I love having -- trending guys that. I love the whole concept at that what's going on -- and three very special people on so appreciative to Mike in Duncan certainly Jammer. But we're gonna get serious again because the shooting of ten people in the French Quarter two weeks ago has appalled the entire community. But it is also galvanize those who live and work in the French Quarter. Concerns about security didn't start with that shooting that killed one of the ten victims. It has been an ongoing discussion among various French Quarter organizations. Joining us today to talk about what they feel needs to be done. Is meg a loose tea executive director of the -- -- property owners residents & Associates. Bob -- chair of the security task force. Carole Allen president of the -- -- property owners association. And Linda Malin president of the French Quarter advocate no. Not so happy to have all of you here. And we certainly had a meg and Carol and shall lead the body joining us and Linda before we get going you have a new organization. That's correct so and what is the advocate no. French Quarter and. Cases newly organized group. That defines its objectives. Through its membership. It includes in its membership both residents and businesses working in partnership. With. Government and working very close and -- Objectives OK but but but all of you are pretty pretty much on the same page that more needs to be done. More needs to be done and so you have the security. Your chair of the security. To ask you guys journalist go to -- forceful. French quite a monument district well or volunteers. And -- from diamond district is an drone you know provisions residents from. Business owners. You -- hospitality industry. And and -- task force was formed after the last unfortunate event. Which was the shooting on Halloween yes and we concluded that we needed to focus our efforts -- what we do to help. -- PD make the quarter a safer place. How far back you say on Halloween but this is always sort of -- -- cent safety. Safeties and a major concern in the quarter for as long as I can remember but it seems to have the com. A bigger issue in the past five or ten years or -- and I don't have this is a six on hand to back this up but anecdotally -- fuels that we have more crime whether it's petty crime from like iPhone that's. Q actual violent crime at that includes muggings and armed robberies and home invasions and all sorts of shootings. So it's it's clear to everybody that something needs to beat him and. Angela I think if -- beaches and on that you and we talked about this on the last show that armed and fortunately it takes something. It seems to take something in the French Quarter to galvanize public opinion and get people moving. That's just symbolic of what's happening all over our city and down. It's unfortunate but we think we needy and use this to our advantage probably to get something more effective in our city for security. You know you'll have were really the leaders in the in the world of adding cameras whether it's businesses and homeowners. And and that certainly has helped him in some -- that's Bob Bob Bob oh my gosh. When did you start that. October 2012. And the co-founder of state comes right along with the Carolina resident in the French Quarter. And we sought you know October 2012 the idea was for people to voluntarily register the common criminal PD so they knew. That is something happened that booklet the need for oxygen from some to pass him by the location. How to contact them piston and to get that video footage. It. Is such the exceed our expectations. And right now we stormed it. Therefore longer than four locations in the eighth district. Now one or more cameras. Took -- number of thirteen under and five camera well. Did help pay an annual PG on a daily basis so crimes. That is incredible had no idea it was that extensive and it's been so successful on the eighth district. That -- past decided he wouldn't want it to movies citywide. So it's not locals say come Noah. And this started a couple months ago we launched it citywide and tortilla you know -- to get the books -- citywide so that same concept people have to bide their own cameras stifled by the -- cameras. Pandering controlled their own video they don't want to release video. To anybody they don't have to do. And I am booked. Just at least know that and just for example the bit to -- shoot him were people with Trace in the that the path that they one of the suspects talk and you know it was caught on camera away from that country. Yes I know that that is very interest and I understand there's still going through. Hours of tapes that's correct can you talk about that many in. And you know it's been a tremendous thing because what you do and if you bring in general be detected in -- helps them. And it's really re establishing that trust between the public and NO PD which has been a little. You know. Difficult in the last few years you know for when people see that detectives are really good people and they really trying to help it really helps. I'm looking interface you're thinking something. Well. Yeah I think that. Our city. Our our mayor Maryland is done such terrific job with very limited resources. And what I was thinking was what a beautiful example of private public partnership with the state cans and you definitely can't say where those. Manipulators during the best he can with the resources and state to keep French perceive as possible and and we have to citizens have to step in kitchen. In order to. Get the security to the level that. That gives us safe from -- and well absolutely and of course the cameras is the greatest citizen. Quote Antonio forced to part about it is there's no evidence south that they -- to the crime. They're extremely helpful solving crimes but so far. There's no evidence how they're not not just in New Orleans but throughout the world that they you to a crime. You know and you almost don't wanna put a big banners saying Big Brother watching you -- Because with the bad guys even read it. Funny -- surely that the guys on Burma street were aware that there were cameras and even with that even if it in -- -- -- an old line that can -- they had to know that every night club on every street has cameras in that there were police on -- street at least somewhere. So on you know as Bob said it's great for solving crimes cameras are wonderful for that but. In that public as a matter too much of the families and that the people who are we did so. It's crime prevention I think is too big challenge now the challenge and we just got to get more officers on the street when we're gonna take a break them and pick it up right there. About what else can be done and I wanna hear about the security district that your proposing so stay with us as we continue this talk and give us a call if you have any thoughts. 260187. They will be right back and Angela under the WM. Well we are talking about making the French Quarter safer with the people who live there and work there and and we're just delighted that you're gonna join hands and do this meg Lew stone who's the executive director of the great property owners association. Carol Allen who's the president of that group. Bob -- chair of the security task force and Linda Malin president vice president of the French Quarter advocate no. Bottom line is you're thinking you need a security district is this a security district as we have seen in other neighborhoods. Now OK talk to. We're numb arm while proposing a -- my -- force has been posting them -- amount of additional pollution. Is a voluntary. Areas where we pilot. Is bound to show of being an additional police officers. Onto the streets to help. Two to grind that you all would pay for we would pay full -- people residents and business owners would pay for it at three pilot two areas. Ones. Business -- centered around the industry. One's a business story centered around -- royal street and to offer street with me antique shops and not a and nice locations. And if that -- a piece of the residential section account to every one but it goes from saint onto esplanade and from and to. Charred trees today so that. We are trying to get -- street pilot school in by Labor Day. And the idea to put extra police officers on the street it would be pollution -- police officers through the office of -- secretary employment. And we would donations from people would pay for them. To pay -- it. Officers so how many officers and depends how many people's time out but okay. But and I'm thinking in and at least two towards ten. 1010 to -- may be the I can't remember exactly who I was talking to but we were talking about crime in the quarter and but in the comment was made that most crimes. Is from 112 or ten at night. Until you know two or 3 in the morning is that not true. It's about half. About half the crimes and -- give -- example without certainty. Michael Paris and crimes especially crimes. Robberies both on an all out and souls like that portal based. On tight street. And rapes. That some crimes would send you those issues in the quarter. And now lives about an oath that he five of them after 1 o'clock at night view of the 35 which -- threw well today. Some of these earliest and Ramon. Oh my gosh. Can I clarify something before we go too far in the weeds on this because -- if they're any board members from BC Tora. Our members of the organization out there listening. I wanna be sure that they understand. And we all understand that as an organization we have not taken a position to be a part of this we all feel that there's a problem. Unfortunately. We have only a July board -- meeting on an August when and when I got Bob's information it was too late. For me to bring it to my board for any action I'm not sure we would take it is a position on this anyway. Because it is it is volunteer and it pertains to the residents of the entire French Quarter as far as what we represent. But I do think Bob is talking to for -- quarter citizens are other resident group tonight for the airport so just to be clear we all know there's a problem. We're all looking for solutions and I applaud Bob who has devoted so much time and energy. On trying to come up with some idea but I just don't wanna send the wrong message that VC pars out here support the security industry -- we have not taken. A petition on that so it is going to be -- dependent on. How much. Participation there's going to being. That will dictate how many extra officers. Ashamed by Labor Day because deal right now has some of the state police. State police now right in this state police and said there and they wouldn't leave on labor leader on Labor Day you know that I -- extend -- or not remains to be seen book. Today that's what are you seeing them a lot yes -- The world number of them and it's an all time a bit and on Friday night. An actual. Three groups of two officers. And state troopers. So that was food. And so. You know the normal amount -- guys which is always wanted to buy it and but no that doesn't even I don't know to what we used to have. Talk and talk to me about that I think. Where did we used to be and where -- we need to go well on the in the city of course Moscow putting doubt this is not just a quarter problem. In this city these -- 1540 offices to vote 45 years ago. Right now we're 112400. Minus nine in the eighth district to woo these two of 150. And we're now around about a 1013. My third and we used to you know the -- patrol Houston. And it's him from. Six to ten. People on the so called the problem on her. Now it's harmful handle you know specific numbers but it's harmful you know we have fun a caller let's go to David defeat. David and bettering. He has smear. What that there courts quick question -- lotteries you'll -- Object said -- and mark my problem I have with this as a home. Why don't they that -- district and because obviously to people are Komondor create problems for people want to have bought homes. -- strip clubs essential source for the restaurants still number one pick district terror -- 2%. And and let it. My share to all -- what they mean to cause weight police -- able to do. What we put them in the board to elect them. You know do that state police in share the ball out of and we -- the -- -- people would police would get rid -- but you know -- police and there I mean it just seems to me that. -- -- Those guys they're there if it did big guys that callable in such at the right time higher. Police officer on duty any kind of pull that off duty -- I thought they would do that and put for -- -- it would prop because it's good that there's an audio and if you can either they make the district in. And and -- to taxable 12% realized. It's that's what everybody comes down here -- you know this is it -- club. In all reality you know. It is where -- that that's where those guys make most of their money. You know I don't David I seem to remember -- that please correct me I'm wrong a suggestion of having a separate district just like there's the downtown development district. -- the community. The entire New Orleans proper voted for the act. And being a resident downtown I pay it you don't -- that and then they tried in the French Quarter and it didn't work correct and what was the reason. Important offline. Well. Today the vote was 66%. To 33%. In defeating it so. Basically on the face admitted it sounds like bad legislation and it was really the voice of the people on the streets. There with a great deal are that this. The impression lies that they budget far that history was top heavy and administration. There was not enough boots on the ground. People felt in order to be effective the people who would be in those positions did not have arrest powers so. They would still have to call out in copd if they stop somebody. There had not the end. It no thought had been given to possibly have a define car as far. These extra security people -- that was another thing it was a security detail at what's not. -- -- development district it wasn't a complete parallel to write edit they get it what I'm sorry it was that you know PD it was a security company. As to clarify that our organization did take a position on that. There are some other groups who did and there was there was. Funded support for -- but it still down 6633. And the voters the court made that call relevant just sounds likely it people who think that get their money's worth -- -- -- some are active correctly. You know I especially vote against it -- and for the reasons that Carol said you know -- I'm a believer important NO PD. Details -- people have arrest powers. Rather than paid to secure Ortiz who don't have those powers and. Okay we're gonna have to break again because we're gonna go to the newsroom but -- thank you very very much David for calling we'll leave that -- stay with us. As we continue to talk about security for the French Quarter financial -- Over talking with people who live and work in the French Quarter about what it can. What can happen to make it safer on in these really troubling times that we have such a shortage of police officers. In the coming up with an idea about a security district. And not the whole quarter but sections of it let's quickly go to -- in New Orleans Glenn. Com what's happening is it is it's not my personality issue itself up the issue of police and a lot. The police the way -- supposed to believe -- -- trying to do to police will work com profile people look at. You know it yeah I probably look wrong but does not making it. We need to talk to French law to make -- the -- the country's -- the city can do. Certain areas of the city gun free zone you run dobbs -- he -- police that would dogs dogs do not profile people they don't camp black white. Any -- before the weapon. An apple in the opposite the means to so to -- -- we have noted charred debris in it done and wore it on different water say. -- predicted jackpot so do you think. What -- There's -- there. You bring up an interesting thought I'm gonna ask Bob. Yeah I'm I think everything you said Diane -- -- talk about here is our long term solutions and near term solutions but I'm proposing is a near term solution and hopefully. It's enough people will work together to call the long term solutions solutions having include some of the things you say in. And -- don't need to be looked -- as well men police officer's ability to stop and for somebody who might -- from a weapon. Those things the Taylor but it. You have a permit to carry a weapon you're not saying that they couldn't you're just saying. For the illegal guns. -- -- we we have in place today. You can see police and -- are over he doesn't have the right to search that vehicle but it is probably part that they that. That back as drugs -- weapon Joe College ball. And -- or on the car connect is an illegal means to searched that vehicle. Com Glenn I was in a non pac meeting Thursday night in the eighth district in the quarter and I totally agree with something some things you're saying and I said that evening. In the killing on urban street are the shooting we had policeman we headlights we had cameras and yet the fools pulled out their gods to start shooting at each other. And -- my point was the same why can't we have a stop and frisk policy and I was really shot down pretty quickly but. I was interested to learn from commander walls that it's a few years ago. They did try with dogs they tried with infra -- they tried with metal detectors. And basically just couldn't make anything work it isn't that what he said Bob and so it's clearly the problem that people with illegal guns wandering around in the quarter. Our our problem that long term as Bob said what they're proposing it's a band aid on a big problem but on writing the guns off the street is is crucial. -- why are very much Alan we're gonna go to Ted in New Orleans. Tent. Our. -- wants -- sorry chance I'm sorry. Problem a problem. Jet Brett I'm actually -- we all know it and are currently called for our security. In the long. Hungary Turkey ala let me and I recently reached out to him email or current mission ahead on. Let our -- could -- without my resolution. And solution with the security issues and French Quarter. Is that intimacy and and they mentioned that are part of the problem at the previous poll well in our private security was the fact that. Secured -- the did not erupt. We've all. And a little bit -- that the nation. So you can't. Yeah. The city ordinance. The NYPD issues what's called a special all her condition to private security officers that -- -- background. And in doing that they're actually issued. Deputy -- Superintendent -- So with that they. Iraq policy in Latin active duty police saw this with the exception that the American urged. What they can be being corrupt and out. Our governor pat individual. That they -- committing a crime all that somebody else that we as a crime. Notified that this -- And had been -- and it and. Disagree and it may be a combination of both NO PD offices and private security may be as a solution. As -- hole it. Spoke clearly would need to I think the visible deterrent about who -- means a lot. And -- Can we get you back on the you know PD. Just sit it out what market -- In addition to that one thing that I -- employed is. I don't ploy the in the year ago that it took it -- where. You know with black market and take advantage of hundreds of years but we experienced. With retired former we've got that. And that's in value. It is invaluable. And he -- back. -- Thank you very much in will be right back everyone I'm Angela under the WL. Welcome back we're talking about security in the French Quarter and because we're gonna run at a time I'd like very very briefly Tommy you bring up a good question. But there is an answer to that. -- I was in high school and gotten back in the dark ages. Still cops all over the French Quarter because outward details an alcoholic beverage. Establishments. And to me about thirty years ago the City Council that wisdom decided. That there was too much corruption. There and that was during Pennington. But I think they cut out. The senate and I'm somebody to do you know bouncer in the one being performed pretty eager. It's true that the public that are. Why that would help farmer -- uniform cops and herb block of Bourbon Street to street that's an outpouring. These aren't part of bush are martyred. Bush and the post is not no brainer because it's not allowed and how would hesitate guessed it the Department of Justice who oversee and peaceful struggle consent decree would never went over the line out to let you know which have been a couple of audience when at that. -- Does it again. That account opened deliberate. Very which monitored. I love more and it got slicker and why are. Either. -- -- -- Tommy -- you bring up a good point and I appreciate it Linda when one of the things. That's so important is establishing. And -- atmosphere blog buying in the -- and one of the ways Virginia also work with for management district to serve as the enforcement chair and we ours our committee successfully. Past. Made proposal -- and the port commissioners to send to the City Council. To create a security district are similar to DDD had in place. That would be that goes on the premise of the broken window theory in a good example of that is. Rudy Giuliani's first and action we take -- mayor mayor's city. Was to get rid of that squeegee men John McCain -- red light and that's just add one thing one small discrete step and that that led to turnaround in that city. And we feel that that. See I -- -- police in the presence would have to turn affect it's just a good analogy that's no one will if you know that there's a photo trapped. Red light you know and speed through it. Because you know it's there can only get that back -- and you know the misunderstanding because. I think for horribly short staffed but oftentimes we'll see if there to police officers the standing talking to themselves among themselves if they could separate. You know he always -- have a buddy with you but in reality we don't have. That that's a luxury so what if they. As you're saying pick ups -- -- -- on minor things that the message gets over we're not putting up with that. And then you change that environment and there are so many seemingly minor things that happen every -- in the quarter. But when you add them together when they happen. You know with that kind of frequency -- kind of intensity. The mental. Communication to everybody -- and a quarter is it's okay what everybody was fine anything goes back -- be any enforcement. And even though some people complain when there's enforcement against what seemingly minor infractions -- really does matter because what we're doing right now by not enforcing even the basics. Is sending a message that we don't care about the basics the basics don't matter if you care about isn't. You know about much else ripple effect let's go to Glenn you've been holding in homer -- And like that. Okay. One rated that you all okay odd laps right after Katrina and I came back after Katrina without again that -- -- now. -- No. Choice but beyond that debt. Do you -- Leo. Gestured -- people wedding mark McCord -- c'mon you would get real the other state got to -- it is looked at the City Council. This City Council would not doing their job -- -- but yeah I mean yes it's all about any kind of saying. How about they -- -- -- learn how we can -- speed city. Yeah great though he did yeah instead of Dario and both of you are miserably under. Yeah I -- that that was about it Betty good guy image and put towards our problem. Well yeah -- army get it is in. It's you guys -- ridiculous. It. -- I thought about priorities and and you make a good point and I appreciate this called very much. It is frustrating we don't have enough money we don't have enough police and frankly we're not paying the police enough. We're not and I think that would be a huge thing. We need to retain the experience stoppage we four walk and we've got to attract more recruits. Bill talks to things need to increase in pay policemen are repaid erased a seven years. No I try and I know they're frustrated with the sub offices secondary employment you know -- and and you can understand that but. Wouldn't you like to work a forty hour week. And not have to work forty hour -- -- and we we know that the majority of the cops out there are hard working well intentioned honest people who really do have the best interest of the city in public safety hard. And we want to support them and we with and to feel that they have all the resources they need to do your job and it's it's not just my empower. The firing ranges from our woman power and yes these issues are pulling gang we're gonna take another break we'll be right back. I wanna thank everybody for joining us today thank you very much -- callers we will talk on this again. Security in the quarter it's for everybody.