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Jul 14, 2014|

Who do you think was the worst President ever elected? Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama or other. Saints fans—what’s making you sweat more…the heat outside or the Saints cutting a deal with Jimmy Graham by tomorrow at 3? Who is the worse President of the United States ever? Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. The residents were angry that taxpayer money was being spent on illegal immigrants while “native Chicagoans suffered.” The protesters were referencing the $3.7 billion President Obama requested from Congress to house, feed, and give medical care to more than 50,000 illegal immigrants. The worse president ever? Is that too strong? THEN: our LITE question of the night: what things can women get away with saying or doing that men cannot?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's made Bobbitt shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in for two tonight. And us don't normally starts to show what via top eight at eight the top news items and eight. Well I thought I'd start the show with some of the great food eight during the week hand a great does stay over at outback and from. Wonderful spicy column -- In Slidell when what they replace sleep over at spectrum at some. Great a fried chicken and some oyster artichoke soup. And also last ahead. Some of the best red gravy and meat balls I've ever had. And that came by anonymous threes all right welcome to be a show saints fans want is making use way more the heat outside of or the saints. Being able would probably deal would Jimmy Graham but a moral at 3 PM. And explain this whole situation for us it's -- sideline reporter and cohost of double coverage on three WL. And let's -- Sunday morning he does. It's just sports except when he talks about basketball don't consider basketball real sports and just the plan English pro. The coach of the baseball team he's all sports all the time -- -- by Christian -- target Christian. How Mariano coached baseball anymore and by the way you're making me hungry -- the you don't do that they had me on. All right Bob. Any at first of all before I've get to my questions any any updates on the Jimmy Graham situation. Not from any further from you know five hours ago which is reported by and development work Ian Rapoport. A Jimmy Graham has appealed the the ruling. From Stephen Burbank the arbitrator. An agreement -- -- they use the tight end or wide receiver. That appeal with file and ultimately. It doesn't. A fact too much in terms of there abilities they'll get a long term deal done it is. If they were cattle long term contract by 3 PM tomorrow. Banana -- it is. Basically blade and you know it was -- the a leveraged move by Jimmy grams. Camp and also a protection move to protect themselves in case. Talks you know don't go as planned and don't lose and they want to. At least taken possibly do that it was I think it's Smart play. By -- Gramm's camp and I know wasn't popular necessarily with some of the the band. But I mean it's the collective bargaining agreement and and it's -- allows them to do this it has to be accepted. Almost like an appellate court in the regular diesel system. And have to be accepted by a three person panel. If they -- But it really you know as little. Impact in terms of you know does that cause them -- -- you know like that I mean that the saints had to of known. That was coming I am sure they informed the saints this is not. You know what the secret deals they. They get they inform the other side what they're planning on doing just because. That's how negotiations work and that most of the time in the NFL. I know this appeal. It's strictly for the one year deal correct. Yeah it's four in other words they they're basically following the same grievance to three different. Potentially three different people that would hear that being grievance which is that you want to be -- franchise tag purposes want to be considered. A wide receiver and you know we've factory that that the different areas. About. 500 up 500 she's made five million dollars. And so. In eighties there's a reason to file that -- case you don't work so long term contract but. You know I just. I've said all along I've maintained all along about that. Maybe about going back to march that you know what when when they franchise tag them. That they were going to -- deal done essentially in you know these things have a way of a run right up to the eleventh hour I think if you're gonna see in this -- right up until the last minute and when I -- last minute now that's really mean. You know to get these I mean you know between now and it's 3 o'clock tomorrow. If so what happens. If 3 o'clock comes and goes tomorrow and they have not reached at long term deal ten day. Thirty days from now sit down again and reach -- long term deal no. And another negotiating windows and negotiating windows basically closed until after the season and and Jimmy Graham. Would have to either decide to sit out the entire season which is which you passed up on seven million dollars. Or play under that one year franchise tag tender. And he could report if he did daddy can report. They have two days before the week one opener. And in go from there and basically he'll play one year. Seven million dollar guaranteed salary but it. Again. You know I've I just don't see get -- really -- And that would not really being good for him because of anything were to happen if he were to get injured or. I have a terrible season than that would affect future negotiation with with the -- or another team. Absolutely and you know he he runs the risk and Jimmy Graham would if you play -- that franchise tag and that's why he ultimately want to get. A long term deal done he -- the risk of you know it is an injury bunkers in the drive down -- price but at the same time that they wanna get a deal done because they need to salary cap relief that would come from. The attention of potential deal in its presence of that money out opposed to. A seventy dollar -- -- right now that this -- all that -- I think money counts right now at seven million dollars. All the pot. Instantly and they might yield spread that out through. Different ways and Mickey Loomis and -- partly. You know with the guys and negotiated majorities big deal. -- -- policy that's certainly the general manager Mickey Loomis. They say that in there they're very creative in how they can structure contracts to where it's. It's fairly he's a bull. -- to take some relief on the -- They've been masterful -- it actually in the last -- believe. Do you know how long the appeal process will take. It could Tinsley. Take you know up to two weeks. They can expedited they can apply a force to be expedited and I'm sure that they wanted to bit. Into play at this point. In the in the ball game -- daisy in on the last day and date for basically 24 hours before yet the work out a contract. Really just kind of speaks. Playing there -- all the cards are just protecting themselves because -- It's just the way. Covering. CYA right and he is covering all the bases in and make pictures that it's something -- -- -- -- -- you'd still have the opportunity. Potentially bill that -- If they were to sign a deal let's say for guaranteed eleven million dollars a year and then two weeks from now the appeal process would come back and say. He has a wide receiver giving fourteen but it wouldn't get that far because he would drop the appeal immediately is that correct. Right and that's what the NFL. DA and the the NFL it's hoping for is that you know they can just work out a deal on the wrong that's what. -- -- And and the arbitrator you know this is an arbitration hearings were hopeful of the first time and that's why he's also. It takes such a long time first the reverberate to come back with a link as he was hoping that maybe in that time that they would be able to put on the table work at a dealer he would have. -- to ultimately issue a ruling. But yet they signed the contract tonight. The a long term deal. That that that appeal would basically be pulled off the table be known for. -- Christian hypothetically if they do not reach a deal -- course we all are hoping that they will but if they do not reach a deal. He gets these seven million dollars for a -- and I'll actually two weeks from now. They rule in his favor and they say no he should have been classified as a wide receiver. He'll get the fourteen million and. Potentially twelve -- If he had just if they caught by the wide receiver. It is the little over twelve million dollars in it and you know that the cause a lot of -- a lot of different ramifications. Position that would put him over the salary cap essentially in. And it would have to you know pair the roster now. And free up some cash. So yeah I mean it could. Potentially. Yet met the thing goes that that direction. The mine up to free up some -- that the give view for -- that sideline reporter Joseph -- got a ton mechanical failure often but that it hit. It if you're. At it but yet at the I looked into your crystal ball. And tell me what do you think's going to happen. In the next 24 hours I did get. A yeah text message from someone says that ESPN is reporting that they are close to a what's been happening between today and tomorrow. Well really it's just mean they've had dialogue Gramm camp and the saints they've said dialogue that discussions and you know they'll get in ten years -- -- -- over the next you know sixteen hours so it. I think did you get at the a deal comes in the play. And it'll be. It in the neighborhood. You know ten and after eleven million dollars -- anywhere from ten to eleven million dollars. Per year on average for -- granted -- intensity up on the guaranteed money don't get caught up too much in the overall. Links and value of the contract in. It's really about the first three years you know they can guarantee in the neighborhood of that 25 to twenty possibly thirty million dollars. Then that's the deal that Jimmy Graham can live with that deal with Jimmy Graham will probably take because -- thing about it -- to get guaranteed. Would split 25 and thirty 27 and a half million dollars. Now guaranteed money spent twenty million dollars more than immediate. Yankee -- on this one year deal. Of the franchise tag -- -- a lot of money to risk. For one season and potentially. He'll lose so. That the as the numbers -- think you look at all like and that number is the contract and thereby keep talking about comparing. Is that of Rockland counties cities now with a chemical patrons of years ago that he will include I think thirteen point one million dollars in guaranteed cash. So. It did you could double that in terms of guaranteed one. It's important for people to understand that. Unlike baseball. Hockey and basketball. The money on football contract is not guaranteed to you it's not a hundred million dollar contract and you you're lucky BC thirty million of it. Was up fully guaranteed I -- it. The guarantee is the guarantee they're they're gonna get that but there -- -- NBA contract it's the economy and you -- unable to. Yeah it will -- and you'll make a prediction. Awesome -- gonna come together. Paula and start looking in my phone. Yeah I mean I think it. Is. Calling you. Not a I think -- I think it'll come together before 3 PM deadline. You know try to venture guesses as -- exactly what time. You know good luck with that but I'm very very. Optimistic that -- and -- -- that he had done. Tom before the deadline and you know over to report to training camp on time in this'll be a distant memory and in a couple of days. Christian take you for explaining to -- thing to us tonight. So it -- of -- Garrett saying sideline reporter and cohost of double coverage on three WL. All right we're gonna start our polls at 26 year old leaves 7866890. It's seventy. You're a couple of things William RW WL talked able saints win. What is making you sweat more right now to heat outside -- the -- coming -- a deal would Jimmy Graham out tomorrow at 3 PM and if for some reason. Something happens in the states do not cut a deal do you have confidence that Shawn Payton and still late Thursday. And two doubles -- not just early Super Bowl season Al Super Bowl season and I think probably -- -- -- playoff season. But maybe this is the year that we say Super Bowl -- nothing to six year old only seventy. -- -- -- And in Chicago. Protesters being that Barack Obama's hometown right. Protesters have termed him the worst president. Ever elected. At the same time a whole has come out that it's official the pulse of Barack Obama has been voted the worst president -- worst of Richard Nixon. Who resigned from office to avoid impeachment -- to Jimmy Carter who blamed Americans for their Malaysia's. Worst for President Clinton who had sex in the Oval Office with the intern. Half his age and was actually impeached. Well maybe not the worst president ever but the worst president in your lifetime. And your parents slept on a new poll taken by -- put a -- university said the 33%. Of Americans name. Barack Obama as the worst just eight. Quarter named his predecessor George W. Bush so that brings us to -- -- seventy parity jaguar opinion poll question. Who do you think was the worst president ever elected in your lifetime when your parents -- was Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush -- bomber. Or some other to a secure only seventy. 8668890870. We'll take a break in no way of the phones or mobile talk about to be Graham talked about the President Obama. I'm Bob Mitchell and which -- on WW -- I'm Bob Beckel and Boris do tonight here's what we have on our WWL talked tables we take the show to a midnight tonight over the span of 69 years of American history and twelve presence. The -- Obama finds himself president George W. Bush at the bottom of the popular -- barrel. Now Nixon resigned in disgrace at 13% of the vote. Well Jimmy Carter president when interest rates topped 20%. Was named by 8% of respondents. None of the remaining eight president received more than 3%. Barack Obama came out on top. And meanwhile in it in Chicago. I mean that's you know that's what his his hometown. Chicago protesters being president Barack Obama the worst president ever elected. A south side residents majority of them blacked out terrible weekend to register the disgust of President Obama. The residents were angry that taxpayer money was being spent on illegal immigration. While native Chicago and suffered. Protesters of course were referring to the three point seven billion dollars the president requested from congress. To house feed and give medical care the more than 50000. Illegal immigrants the worst president ever. Is that too strong to secure a late 7866. -- -- played somebody of your -- planned. With -- you -- right now. The temperature here and Worrell Williams. Heat the humidity. Or the saints trying to cut a deal would Jimmy Graham but -- -- 3 PM -- Jimmy Graham does not make a deal with the saints -- you still competent. But Sean Payton will find a way to still take his team play to what I mean by. Not making a deal. If club and they can't come to a long term deal in the left to play any of the plate. Well actually well the paltry sum of seven million dollars a year because he's been classified as tight and sometimes it makes the players say well you know. They don't lump in the flow and that'll play a part of the time it puts a super chip on their shoulder for the year. Will Sean -- be able to work about the other way to six year old late 7866. And -- nine -- -- seventy. And we have our -- question of the night what things and women get away with saying or doing that men enough. Here's an example what they've -- women get away with saying or doing the men and a if you're at a restaurant. Or bar. Club. And you see a woman throw a dream. And the guys ways and slap him in the place what's your first thought what us combat team yesterday. But what would you think if you saw a guy. Drug predicted a woman's place and slap her you would say the same thing what do scumbag he has. All right to six early 7866. And it violates seven of go to Jeff in Chicago orient Jeff. RU I'm -- what's going on in Chicago is and I mean isn't that isn't that his hometown. Well you know we're having a pretty rough times news summary -- weather's been kind of weird and we have you know were having violence issues and sure made them in the papers down there. And you know I think there's a lot of lot of people feel that you know the that the -- you know pretty much ignoring. What's happening you know in major cities and our meters Indians but the reports in the country. And just spending a lot of a lot of text during money -- money in a lot of you know political credit and you know. On things that aren't really near your -- here you know in Chicago land. It's the business I think there's a lot of this has been pretty much in every neighborhood you know and parts of the of the city you know violence is just become -- well. But -- is that harsh label to state. The worst president ever elected. Well. You know idea. -- per person I think he's a Smart guys clearly charismatic leader. He's well educated but. You know the problem I have is that you know this man on the spotlight thrown into the the most powerful you know. Position in the world and -- think about it he has he has no executive experience for again. He has -- legislative experience. And he has no judicial experience and he has no business experience so. You know there have been great presence to look at -- -- -- -- credentials but I think is there among the most well. It's seems to me that the point that the protesters in Chicago we're trying to make is they're saying that if this president which of course he originally as. 42 billion that I got bumped up to three point seven billion almost double that they're saying. You can spend three point seven billion dollars trying to take care of some of these illegal immigrants coming over here and well some of the money. Is not refused to us than them back but a lot of money issues to pull halls and feed them and they say and if you can use the money for that like did you use the money right here in Chicago which of course all inner cities all major cities including New Orleans. Would like to have some of that -- also. I think it's a legitimate complaint -- I guess you could make the argument on the on the grand scheme of things three point seven billion dollars is really huge -- -- into the Fed's. It will be a large amount of money. You know to close to a smaller in its constituency like ours -- -- -- always -- that your major managed to get ten years. On ten year -- and -- and but there as they are he's appealing it. And at this point we do not know which I didn't boost over until two days ago but the government can appeals that wealth. But that -- that probably won't happen but. You missed a lot of the good stuff because one of the things that he had goal in the -- -- people writing letters to the judge. Two. Give him a lower sentence even had his grandson write a letter to the judge. And the the the judge to who gave him ten years the the only reason that he got a little below break. Is that. It was it was proven -- that he didn't spearhead the the broad in the works abroad. The bribes came they can sleep well so that judge gave him a break because the bribes in him that he didn't go out and seek to let. Her right it is you know. Well I mean you you thinking is actually a worse president than the than Carter -- interest rates top 20%. People like -- you know it. Yeah I think he had picked you know. People that you know did a poor job to be hard to be you know our current president because. It is you know they to a particular did have a bad economic and India I'll remember music he -- but. You know or work like taken. Aptly -- so many different ways you know economically it's been difficult. And you know our foreign performed stature in the form community isn't very good you know Lou the world cheering on the brink of of a major. You know. You know intervention. By somebody every where. And you know nobody's particularly champions states in our taxes erupt you know services delivered down and so. And I think it's I think it's legitimate criticism and it. In the course of course and so that I understand the objective rational minds on the congressional. Legislative branch that. I think it's there's enough blame to go around I watched the Sunday morning. Talks it was pretty intensely. And I think that's one that's pretty much Bill Kristol -- he goes when -- plane -- around every word. It would it would be nice if if we got -- -- collection from the from the from the executive branch I think early do. -- 2 final questions I am number one do you honestly think that. Whoever becomes the new president let's say the three year from -- we will have a new president whether it's a Republican or Democrat we won't know until the election. Do you really think our country is going to be any better off at all. I think that we I think weakens. Trade up yes. I hope so all right the light question of the night what things you have anything new -- to the flesh would things have women. Get away with saying or doing that -- an -- to be another example women. To use the men's restroom I've been at concerts and that ball is where women walked in and used the men's room if the mantra -- the use the ladies room. -- that what that probably call police so anything you wanna add to that list things that women can do that and then tea. Well I'm pretty sure they -- -- lines all they want to look at myself. -- That's right. Bright women can cut in line and -- that you accepted if a guy were to cut in line in front of a woman other people throw him. Well you know we're standing in line for those. Really good. You know. You know oyster BJ's. Is that his -- to payment -- no one throws. -- A strike up I forgot about that we Jeff came in for the for the -- fast and we were we were in line and couple women. Of course they were attractive women that helped to -- that helped cut -- let's listen thanks for voting on tonight I appreciated so much supporters are all right that it. It is curable late 7866. And 890 it's a league went again to you. Have they I'll I'll I'll get to you week after in Statesman's. What does make it used what more the heat outside the well the saints trying to cut a deal with Jimmy Graham but tomorrow at 3 PM there is a surveil. And their residence in Chicago protesters in Chicago especially protesters on the assaults out of Chicago. Which is either a 100% or predominantly African American say in the Barack Obama is the worst president ever. Elected bodies then open to music generally 7866. And it finally at seven on Bob excellent boot on WW. All right I'm Bob Mitchell imports do tonight -- WWL -- jaguar. The new poll question who do you think was the worst president ever elected Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama or other win. Try to keep this into your lifetime or or your parents lifetime can go on line at WWL. Dot com and have to vote ultimately coldly. The too secure 178668890. It's -- were also talking about the Jimmy Graham like again shivered that he has appealed. The decision the termed him tagged in a tight and he's trying to get that overturned. You look at that as a business move. You look at that is. Jimmy Graham being guilty I mean being greedy. And do you think the slates and Jimmy Graham will come to -- deal before 3 PM tomorrow afternoon to secure of 178. 866890878. And are alike watched Obama guise of what you think about this are right. -- and of course. But that. What things -- women given day we get a -- delegate get a way. It's a slip of the -- -- -- don't read anything. With. Lyndon. Give away way of saying or doing that men cannot let go to a grand in home -- -- grant. You don't. First of all you have anything you wanna add to that list things that women. Yeah different aspects that. They include that program to ask you. And EEK at that a lot of them. You know what one of the things we said at the top of the show is that if you were out somewhere. And you saw a woman. Throw a glass of water or drink to the guy's place and slapped and you would immediately say he must've really done something bad you -- truly be a dog but. If you saw a guy. Throw that same draped in a woman's place and slap are you would still go after the guy. So what do you think about the Jimmy Graham situation you think he's being -- you think just in a good businessman. I think he's being greedy. Are being out -- That's going to go on the doable this year all going to be in criminal he knows it's -- But beyond Leo. You want to block the strain jump up train dude yeah -- -- seven million out do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- one million a year. The net you're right that right yeah I'm -- idea I mean you know what we -- -- -- And played ball evident we are going to mobile. I'm I'm I'm gonna go ahead and called Vegas and place my -- now. Ago they golf don't. Give me your thoughts applaud President Obama do you think he is the worst president in your lifetime we apparently time. -- Do you think's worse. -- -- -- why why bush over Obama. That idea. And I've never -- butch you know. I thought he eulogized him back -- -- you know I really did. About that group who did he stab in the back. The American people little. The American people. Leo. Yeah yeah I mean -- -- -- not coups and. Well you know I I still take a step back and I wonder. Where would this country beat today. If we had never gone into Iraq was I was against going into rock from the very very beginning I never thought we should build never thought we have the right to ago. Did not believe there were weapons of mass destruction there where would this country be economically and in many ways. If we had not gone into Iraq what kind of president would Barack Obama have been if he had not inherited. That's something to think about and we lost our connection so let's hold let's go to Mike in Slidell Gloria Mike. I'm -- by Mike what do you think Jimmy Graham this latest move was agreed always just been a good businessman. -- the actual mobile by any stretch but -- agree -- a lot. -- -- guard inventory and true birdies to. Call them. All while ago can duplicate the lubricant at the moment he's. In pretty used to it. True or. It could turn green to work. -- -- -- -- -- I think the thing that everybody has to remember and I've mentioned before I was talking to Christian Derek earlier on that football contract. Are not. The whole contract -- guaranteed so even even though Drew Brees and I think it was a hundred million dollar -- Understand I understand it all goes to. Okay at all go to calorie yeah. And -- and the salary cap on football's unlike the salary cap. In in basketball and they -- aware that the soft cap that I read I don't know who was I think 11 of the NBA team. I think their penalty for going over the camp with -- all the luxury -- Quarterbacks like fifty million dollars and for much voted at least and only. It -- and vote. All going to ensure. Of course. I know her believe. Tried taking a couple grand kids to to a science. -- bring them on. Your. Computer. And you can book your. And a little -- I was anxious the other day where would've rather watch a game of well. I'd rather watch the game at the state about what tonight before and I can afford seats on my couch. We've got the -- alongside the bankable the other rather broad. Absolutely although I figured you know scared about it but strange -- are important to charge. And that's going to be the don't get many -- by. My micro would things can women get away with saying or doing that meant enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know bought our competitor Obama if you wanna talk about oh sure. It's the worst president. Yeah Stephen wanted to achieve that these horrible. Do you think -- was worse than than bush or Carter. Home. I'll vote for bush. Or Republican. Does with the policies that Obama got going on. And that things that I actually grow without care. Nature. Problem in its spirit is it more terrible. Do do you really think changing presidents and a couple of years is gonna help the country. -- don't think -- confirmed it. You know I installed particularly you know whether Republican or Democrat. You know that they were -- I do not think it can hurt as one way or the other. Is nothing -- help this morning. Thank you might appreciate your calling Glenn and Bobby you hang with -- are light caution of the night. Give this some thought now would things and women. Get away with saying or doing that men. Cannot to secure 17866. -- annihilate suddenly I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- go to WW LI Bob Mitchell and horse do at the poll numbers. Take part in the show was 260170. Told 38668890870. Text me at 87870. They get caught up on a couple of text message drew quick like one of the things we're talking about his. Jimmy Graham you know what -- swatting the most about your New Orleans outside whether or giving this deal done by 3 o'clock and you think. It's greed on Jimmy Graham's point or just the good business text message says the grand -- this stage. And a -- to -- like rationally and are even turning the draft in to a TV show will -- is ready to issue. When it comes to President Obama he is definitely the worst president was ever had time to play hundred he'd be a golf. Let's -- -- we also talking about our late question of the night his. Would kind of things can women get away with saying or doing that men cannot -- engine -- technique. Women can openly admit. But another woman is hot and beautiful. And sensual. You're right if a guy were to say that. If I were to say. Big John is. Hot in the central. You know what you would think. Here's another when -- Katie. Says I challenge you to -- a Democrat or an independent. To say that Obama is the worst president in history. Politics are far -- realized these days it might get better of independence were allowed to vote in primaries. -- epithet that. All right. Blanton and Bobby do -- a really big favor I can't -- your right now if you can possibly do. Hang on till after the news I'll be right back with you I'm Bob Mitchell in dispute on WW well.