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7-14 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 9pm, Light Question

Jul 14, 2014|

Who do you think was the worst President ever elected? Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama or other. Saints fans—what’s making you sweat more…the heat outside or the Saints cutting a deal with Jimmy Graham by tomorrow at 3? Who is the worse President of the United States ever? Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. The residents were angry that taxpayer money was being spent on illegal immigrants while “native Chicagoans suffered.” The protesters were referencing the $3.7 billion President Obama requested from Congress to house, feed, and give medical care to more than 50,000 illegal immigrants. The worse president ever? Is that too strong? THEN: our LITE question of the night: what things can women get away with saying or doing that men cannot?

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It is based Bob Mitchell be real Robert Mitchell -- interest dutrow touched everybody's. In your phone the Bob patrols on WWL tonight before -- -- -- what's on our. Our talk cabling got to tell you about this this this is just exciting news WW almost help you beat the heat starting today. You have a chance to win a thousand dollars of cold cash. On our nationwide summer splash -- contest. With the vikings -- three to and from. -- Spanish clash summer farmers left -- content summer splash cash. Now just listened to WWL. Weekday is right before the top Leo or news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. The intent that word 272881. For your chance to win. Without ever putting your told that 72881. Every weekday -- lucky listeners nationwide wins a thousand dollars each and please. Don't miss out on the money sign up now for a WWL. -- club you'll get reminder touched us to extort cash. 87870. Will work through fifteen minutes before each code words and also you don't forget the list right the thousand dollar nationwide summer splash. Cash contest they'll forget the time to listen 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. Good -- From Smart radio intercom and all of us at WW. Right here -- what we are talking about tonight and closing your -- and get with you and just a second Gannett. And a couple of new things to talk table the Church of England today. Voted that women can be consecrated as bishops. With -- and mine. Is it time for the Catholic Church to bring women into the priesthood. And before you say yes. Or no and what about the scripture in the Bible that says let your women keep silence in the church. Port is not. Permitted for them speak. If you want wires that that's the First Corinthians. 1434. Actually says that in the Bible. So what do you think Maine is that time for the Catholic Church to admit female priest. But then. You see this scripture how how did you interpret that. Are you in favor of female priest. Is that 017866889087. Record see the wheels. Running in your mind right now and here's our light question of the night would things in women get away with saying or doing that men. Cannot to secure a late 78668. It and I know it's somebody let's go to a total Bobby and -- too low power you Bobby. Do little humans. Aren't real good script -- all right thank you. Yeah you're you're talking about -- kitten. Women and. What things can women into the web of saying or doing that men can't -- at least -- the by example we've had -- women can get by using the men's restroom if we walked -- to their restroom the public all police office. -- Basically. Women get away easy army. You know the mentioned. These. You know -- don't you know you're in the spring and next thing you know they're drawn. We make it to order. Those premiums and it's like. There without there is gonna -- -- There's no way you can go up to a woman slightly. No no. Not. Making any thing. There is the -- And let's -- -- you wouldn't go to another guy and -- Today you lookup fat in those -- He may be. Is it going to be for years to get. And concrete so that we can. You -- -- it's not in my. You know somebody like. Locked up here's another one women to get out of speeding tickets a lot easier than men and a woman and part -- -- -- and you can you imagine a guy giving you a ticket and you -- and they don't you don't committed up observed. You know now that Iraq War now -- Jerry. He actually. So essentially. The idea. -- while he was -- you've already been ruled. The idea of a tight end but he of appealing that. You know it was you know per year he's very idea. It and Jimmy on giving all insert it. In your -- in the he's. The problem. Signed that contract today. I thank you Bobby to a signature oh. 1878668890870. And guard -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question who do you think was the worst president ever elected Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton. George W. Bush Barack Obama. Or someone else let's go to a go to Mary Mary how are you tonight. And I wanted -- -- a couple of examples of things on noted that women can get ballot and put them mamet might give pilots almost anything. But. I -- to decide -- a problem likable woman can maybe not give Panetta and eventually caught. But all -- he doesn't give prodding at emerge trick. I -- that's a good -- you're absolutely right. -- really being held on you know. All but they caught at something like that. And then another what I know is when Alec young and I've looked very attractive I'm not China but let people tell -- that. You were hot at want to -- Now that the fact that that lets. But a. By the way. Again ticket while. Am. Eight. But I'd get -- is -- but it did not. You know I didn't. And back -- -- as about the food supply Cadillac and a and I want that in that that anything that -- giving you know. Get that telling. Talent neck and it could -- -- effect but -- but I'll say well get it this. I don't know -- you know man I mean you'd think he'd been capped at it again. Well and as I was telling them that's caller you know 001 Clinton. And shed a tear women compiled a little bit. Didn't do any abandoned many of them I think it would just -- look at me yeah. Now that the that we think about it above I think I've noted that it Coleman. Had Tampa Florida the attempt but it rained a little -- home. That they pull out Egypt has been a temper that by Amanda that he's -- -- FF that. And you're right -- Obama admitted that -- Miami kid have a bit to get out. And that it that they element comes from all the Thomas shopping bag of their pensions and presence and different things like that it could -- help you -- we want. Think that man can. Come home -- I mean a lot of these different except. Well you you bring you bring about a very good point there is a a totally different set of up front lines if if a woman comes home with. Three or four pair of shoes. If a guy came home the first things woods is what do you need some of the papers shows for. Mary let me ask you one of the things we start talking and I'll let. Happening -- I -- I am happening and and tied up in. An updated one thanks a -- and say maybe. But -- the bought. But in the -- about the pot is bad I want to. -- let me ask just one question -- report report ago Church of England voted today that women can be consecrated as bishops have time for the Catholic Church to bring women into the priesthood. All I'm not a Catholic king and I -- well not do you know there's a lot of bombs. Women on preachers. Do you think women should be allowed to -- and churches. Are they preach -- really well and different check it. Not that -- -- changes they don't -- on the Beijing have been outraged. What do you think it would about what about what about that scripture in the Bible says that you women keep silent -- -- will keep I have to look that up look I didn't know about that look at the Bible. It but it is -- Chapter of fourteen verse 341 corinthians four team 34. Dollar and up. All right Mary appreciate. It all right just -- global late seventy. 8668890. It's that we have about a whole -- July until blood flow while. The weight will be very long at all Kenneth you will be up next to a six year 17866. -- -- 90 at seventy. I'm Bob excellent post route and that's the big 870 WWL AM implement dot com. Welcome back this Stewart show with me Bob Mitchell to secure what it's 786688908. -- text me -- 7870 a couple of things. -- RW WL talked able to that we're discussing the Jimmy Graham situation Jimmy Graham has appealed. The decision that clocked him as a tight end. Rather than -- wide receiver and the saints less than 24 hours ago before the deadline has reached two. Reached an agreement with Jimmy Graham. -- your ball on the whole opening is Jimmie being greedy he been a good businessman it would make and you swept more. The heat outside or cutting that deal with the Jimmy Graham the Church of England voted today that women can be consecrated as bishops they expect may -- one before. The end of this year. Is -- time finally put the Catholic Church to bring women into the Princeton and how do you feel about women. Speaking in church there is a scripture that's -- with women keep silent. In the -- do you interpret them let me grab -- a couple of text message -- Bob Jimmy Graham obviously didn't like the contract the -- offered him. Which is why is appealing the plight and and which now is my belief losing battle for him and making him look -- pushed the fans. Bob remember who stands to make money besides Jimmy Graham -- agent. As far as things that. Women can say. Or do that men can't as the tar light question of the night which -- in women say or do that men can infiltrate. A lost all of my wife's email for -- can jump into our bed. When I'm not there. In much the OW network a -- problem. Men don't lie in bed together and watch the NFL network. Well most of us don't. Let's go to Kenneth -- empower you tonight. I'm fine. Putrid you all. -- here in Houston. A -- goes last week in week Opel and school. Intersect. To use their bathroom. Well Judy you while and you know that. Elijah did. This year. And I know she wanted to do that I remember it it it did I think they put it before the voters denying. I don't know you know appreciate it up well. Where. Did change that and into law day you know now as far as Jimmy Graham. Contract. Money commute into one year. I would call. -- Retreat -- You know these salaries -- you talk about things getting out of hand what do ball these basketballs. That I Garin guarantee the -- LeBron James had a 22 million dollar contract -- in August 22 million a year. But he had an opt out clause in his contract so he he he left one team to go to the cavaliers with and I think they say that next year. When they raise the salary cap be even more. He can get 28 million plus in basketball and baseball they don't care about salary caps is not a hard cap all you have to do. It's pay a penalty and you can pay people's much multi usual. Well you know baseball. As all players. In you have. -- right where. Look at ticket prices -- -- Chicago or Boston you know adult -- I don't know yeah well I don't sit courtside. At the lakers game. You talk about thousand dollars this thing. I'm not a big basketball. Knew I could give a rat's about the be quite honest with you at at. Tenet and -- is negotiable at the show. You know what women. Can do men yes. That's picked up there. You're wrong I eat. They can do its cheery pictures and nobody. And it. Take into lake and slow danced together and let's let's be honest today when we sing and dance in slow and bumping and grinding on the on the death of four we'd like that. Like the that we would never do. Bode well you know where you won't be -- -- And what I look for sure. Women never forget a thing. Boy are you really about that I mean this morning. Here's. Some talent and still prepared should have actually had passed away but I'm calendar date in and -- Remember one day to the. I mean I've had that happen to me where I'm going someplace going to church itself and while -- say. You wore that shirt in those plans to church and three weeks ago or three months ago doesn't. Yes I can remember exactly you -- -- that you were in the issues and you know I can't I can't remember what well aware from day to day. So all right Ken thank you for being partly show tonight okay. All right let's go to look Tom in New Orleans -- Tom. Is it time to think for the Catholic Church. To start letting them females in the priesthood. Based on the on on the fact that the Church of England today voted that women to be consecrated as bishops. Oh I would have a problem -- and -- -- pictures right in the church of Christ did not restrict women. What do you think brought that scripture that says. Let your women keep silent in the church or parent or an iron and scripture and I am old and enlightenment. Order or your local creek in on her career can now. Not allow a woman could confront a man in public and culture. And women could be -- on number and it will be true church and try. -- -- -- -- These detention. -- a little bit but do restrict it to me. So they were that they were -- and off for the church. Well what would make you think -- do that today. We hope that approach it. You know when dog -- quote. And against her job is not to -- to take associations. All in several one it was their qualifiers. Are home. It would certainly not at all and as we wanted to bring in -- nation right now. Is considered the pool. All we should make home or bring someone into the ministry. Okay all right appreciate that. Are your football fan. Yet so what do you think about the situation that Jimmy Graham. Well. All. You know some people together and not one has enough book you know you've got to make all you can as quick as you can you know. District and respected -- -- your game and you considered to be shortened. So you -- got a few articles where the big. Sister I'm honored tradition going. You know I have no problem getting as much money as you possibly can because. You have to look at it in -- every year old profession is that you have the opportunity. To make the absolute Max and -- you could use something for leverage to get more money you would do it because the thing that. -- Want everybody realized and I'm most football fans do. But like Drew Brees signed a hundred million dollar contract odds are he won't see that whole hundred million dollars because the contracts are not guaranteed. Hurt so Tom what about you what types of things. And the women can a woman get away with saying or doing that Mantilla. I think I can go a whole lot of things I can't think of it being incidents should go to Angola and that we Q1. Oh. Though a look at listened to Serbia. Oh. Those of most urgent here and so all that show Bachmann. Most -- considered -- all -- -- and we just tolerate. It probably agree that it can't read -- in the post. You know -- when when Michelle Obama came down -- -- you know what we need to. Take this out of the school lunches and make the kids eat I don't know raw carrots and -- celery or or whatever. You know if a guy would have said that that doesn't want it out on -- is -- kids like an -- junk like that but it comes from a female and you'd you'd. I think you're right I think I think in general we have a a tendency to give women more leeway. And it could also. Scripture it was a -- and and Robert deterred 13 first chapter where -- virtual woman whose signature issues. Our army engineers used she's ever been oh -- one in basic. This woman cannot be excited -- hold on -- with all the -- streets. But any woman holds some truth is 11. Here here's something else a woman. -- looked fat. But -- -- that. You're not fat because it doesn't matter if the genes make you look flat or not because your man will never tell you. That your fat however. If one guy is wearing jeans. You know you're -- or girls say today those pats are much too tired and you would you do -- -- my wife will tell me. Those dreams don't fit you looked at their bad game there have been there -- follow all over if I would tell her that. I'd be in deep trouble I've got to say no matter what. Yes honey you'll great -- droughts. Or you don't do that or. This to try to put them in -- dared the contract calls before. I can get to it and it's basically. Does -- -- -- Notre Dame coach and I. That's what. He that we don't control. Well you know if if I -- leave the house even even and go to the gym or go ride my bike. I have I have one month -- church it has a hole on the shoulder okay. And you -- wearing them out of this house or you well. No no I was practicing -- the -- around the -- You know you you you got to learn you -- learn real quick like when the back now which is every time but let me tell you something. A good friend of mine gave me this advice. Before it got married. The second time not the first time. And I give that I gave that advice to them to my son I gave them by establish some laws said. Win when a woman asked you to do something. They're -- things you can do. You can do it right away. Or you can argue for five days and then do but either way you are going to do so just give in right away. Good advice. I think they're good at -- Q1 Q2 pretty. That's right thank you -- you spent your let let's go to Phillip Phillip are you tonight. IE I do and on outlook on Saturday. That's right -- -- right now about your program that you'd be angry. Exercise you do that you contract that you want. To make it buried and heavily of late. To where he had as certain benchmarks that -- -- -- big break. So I don't think -- mostly guys mine among them the most important thing is guys is that guaranteed money. -- -- The guys getting Ian what made now and now they're big arguments one may have been used in late. Each year and and. He'll do it and let me now. I will bet you he will sign a contract I don't know how long the contract will be may be 56 years something like that may be seven. But I betcha a -- at least thirty million guarantee. Well now. -- repair. Rock I'll be honest it's weird but it portrayed now. I wouldn't -- -- on a six year. Yeah. In a contract politic cheer you oh. Since it simply now aren't you. Will be back. A bit uniter not a lot if Murray now. Right but but remember remember one thing even if he signs a contract for. 56 or sixty million dollars that's not all guaranteed so it it he would he won't even see that. Lies as -- as -- in the number. -- mama -- being nobody that. But what about what things can women do or say. That men cannot. Hey ya I calmly -- the suspected that subject to a I was told that joke by the women's 1000 nurses who. I think -- of the clean joked. While -- -- they'll make it too nasty to will touch off. Awful awful. Lot about repaying. It in your. View it at the -- And put your milk where it's globally. -- boarding or we are not. But but but but a. A better Broadway are different -- ever will look. -- -- Old. I don't know Obama at a at a a that we cut any of that oh my goodness. We didn't cut the last thing you hear what he said the less you -- nearly civil hopeful -- and they'll serve what he says neither. All right. Where are -- here this this this is really true. Bob women can dress as slowly and provocative as -- they want. In a -- man did. They would call that day that's true absolutely true. I tell it would better take a break -- Tom Europe inexorably Brian and John in Melbourne and -- 26 -- late 7866889. A Lloyd's of and I'm Bob Mitchell and Porsche group tomorrow morning on WWL first news of Tommy Tucker Grand Central station the latest and Jimmy Graham. And the -- contract negotiations he's appealing New York preparation of said he was tight end. And how'd you feel about the whole saga that's more little things that we are talking about tonight so if you have any thoughts. On the Jimmy Graham a situation feel -- to call me at 26 year old late seventy. 8668890870. Plus tomorrow morning. French Quarter businesses considered taxing themselves. Like lake view -- sleeper increase. Police protection in the future will little PDB like cable TV you -- to basic services. You can pay more for premium protection. How terrible is that if that's what it comes down to -- Designate 260 -- 7866. And nine point seven in our light question of the night. What things can women give away it would -- doing that men. And that for instance on a date. If you take -- woman out on a date. And you don't pick up the tab or you don't offer to pick up the tab you look like a loser. She never does. Let's go to let's go to Tom Tom how are you tonight. Hague meeting brings particular call. Thank you for -- and Tom what things do you think women can do or say that men cannot. Well everything in Louisiana with the department of social services with the divorce. If they go on trial judge Madeline has -- German a. -- -- Library is. It. RO it's that we're talking about so let's let's just talk about in general okay. And military that you -- under article thirty cheering and you'd. -- -- -- Say it sounds like what -- -- doing here -- you you're you're you look at it you making this personal obviously something happened to you. And Europe certainly trying to make this personal and this is what we're past that we're doing to locate some of the move on to Brian in Metairie or you Brian. Bob. One -- -- -- to -- quite a lot of problems seem to be but it. Probably can physically assault to and if you try to defend itself to get the full extent of the law that tobacco. You take a word. Well one of the things that -- that I mentioned at at the start of the show if you were at a restaurant or bar or club. And then you saw a woman throw a drink of the guys' faces and slap in the you'd you'd you'd wonder. You know what what a scum bag he was -- due to her if you if you saw the reverse of the solid guy. -- College problems that's run in the and that's about it -- it you know that's something. Especially wise at the box yet when the match that's. You know you can be rat beat just on a word negative provision in the -- yes. Immediate completely take away some of your life you know that day you want -- made your portrait -- -- -- Elicited a -- a big John you know he's he's my in studio producer and scream throw to give up the great one. A woman. Can use the B word and -- that to another woman but and you imaginable happening you if you did if you -- a woman by the B word. Ali that. Could become anything I mean -- -- double delight you know. They could do it you could say like like -- -- political people floating to tell a joke. And it's critical moment why it shouldn't complain about it -- and at stake in its. You -- well -- you you really do have to be care advocate I had not. But up but of course you know sometimes. You just have to be careful what you say -- and in the workplace right now -- everybody have to be careful. Try. You know out curtains torture embodies Lamond. That's it and saying now. You know and it just got to the point where. I mean it really works so. Well. -- -- and it really want to put itself in that situation and are well. Well -- tonight we're quick we're trying to keep it meant more like of funding of for instance here's something that a guy would never do. A woman can say -- if if you're eating food and let's say she doesn't like the food. Cheek and say. I'm full and everyone believes in 01 full. But -- one guy you start eating through you to a couple by -- unfolds it. What's wrong with -- you'll in a couple by a few food they would never question a woman and a never. Riot made a -- mostly come down to the point at -- incurred start new and there you go home. You know they're all -- trouble and I don't know I like keeping it. Really egalitarian. You know they gonna -- -- back at me whole pitch -- -- it down -- not physically good. You know this thing and if it's gotten to that point where. You don't pay. Nobody want to hold women accountable. And hold them accountable then -- thing you know could be an -- and stupid. Well I I've thought I've five invested in and and in my relationship with with my wife I don't dare. I never say anything about the clothes that she wears because of -- say any thing it's going to be a problem with me. You're going -- -- in the short argued you know where those -- those are old -- you need to worthy those -- -- too like you need to Wear this. Yet at -- five -- any thing oh my goodness gracious. Well that's a loaded question the whole thing about it is make me look at me no matter yeah and it. She can keep you flying. Well and she could say oh well looks bad note is created. Right I'm I'm I'm made I made a mistake when Thomas said but that. Where'd you get that that hop throw him in on looks. Look at it anxious. You know what happened next issue all it that they issue announcement 200 dollars a new tops but that's a. Yeah I don't know. That no one if you have -- due to disable the -- did you know you look battle that well my cabinet. -- -- eloquent but really loaded you have no no lightweight and. You use it -- it's like this you know a woman and tell a guy. You know you need to get in the gym and work out you need that you need to work out you need to buff -- but you tell a woman. You need to get that you need to get the gym and get in shape while looked fat. Then and then Europe against the ball. Well you know -- -- and you know it -- demand -- its roots show Pollard name Adam competent. And he went on Ghana you gave an inspirational speech about right locked -- this way. And this woman -- activist. You know monetary blows little. And these stupid at least you know will you should go and should be worked out because -- content pagan walked the whole bit and. A -- Brian appreciate your opponent and tonight. A right to secure a late 7866890. At 7 AM Bob Beckel and which don't. Coming right back with a big -- seventy WWL. Now Bob Mitchell it -- due to view wanna take part of the show which to figure -- late 7866889087. A text me at 87870. World thinks we are talking about tonight of course is the the Jimmy Graham situation what's making you sweat more fans the heat outside. Well the saints try to cut a deal Jimmy Graham -- moral. At 3 PM and to throw low will be little monkey wrench into it that Jimmy Graham today appealed. His designation as they -- them. Saints have until 3 o'clock tomorrow work on the deal if that workable deal of course the appeal bull will be dropped. Do you think Jimmy is being greedy or a's just a good businessman to six or when it's 7866. And finally it's ebony. And our light question of the night would things can women. Get away with saying or doing. That men cannot and big John -- great point to made during the break. We haven't heard much from any -- -- women tonight. Very very favorite on the -- hit one female caller all night. What's the -- ladies. Here's a text message or recent -- Berman that a man and woman fighting in the park. When the man was the aggressor people confronted him and yelled at him and pushed him away. When the woman was the aggressor and physically attacked the man everyone laughed. And package -- the bulk. -- all right I tell you what Bob Melvin I know you have been on hold for some time now. But I'm I'm I'm out of time I've Randall but to only on the left break so if you hold on. -- argument word they'll come to you right after the news to six or 1878866889087. We have some of the lines open. The light portion of the night. What things in women get away with saying or doing that men cannot. And the Church of England today voted that women can now be consecrated as bishops. You think it's time maybe for the Catholic Church to bring women into the priesthood. 260 late 7866. And nine only family I'm Bob that you'll be right back after the news from WWL AM at them and dot com.