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7-14 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 10pm, President Obama

Jul 15, 2014|

Saints fans—what’s making you sweat more…the heat outside or the Saints cutting a deal with Jimmy Graham by tomorrow at 3? 3 PLUS: The Church of England voted today that women can be consecrated as bishops. Is it time for the Catholic Church to bring women into the priesthood? What about that scripture in the Bible that says “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak?” How do you interpret that meaning. (1 Corinthians 14:34). ALSO: Statistics show "approximately one-third of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies. Most of the time the success of the blended family depends on the ability of the ex’s to get along. What do you think are the keys to ex’s getting along? Can you share a success or failure tory? Is it really possible to get along with an ex? AND: Who is the worse President of the United States ever? Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. The residents were angry that taxpayer money was being spent on illegal immigrants while “native Chicagoans suffered.” The protesters were referencing the $3.7 billion President Obama requested from Congress to house, feed, and give medical care to more than 50,000 illegal immigrants. The worse president ever? Is that too strong? THEN: our LITE question of the night: what things can women get away with saying or doing that men cannot? It’s always a ball of fun when BOB MITCHELL sits in for Scoot

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Well today Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for you tonight got a bunch of lines open too if you want are falling right now big John -- ready to go on the -- 260 -- seventy. 866 and 9087 in before I get to the polls than before lay out what's on our WW -- -- military about the -- heard the story yet. Well a couple. But was arrested after police said they were. Having sex on the roof of a restaurant in Delaware. This bizarre incident happened around 940. Saturday night police were called to the scene after receiving multiple reports. All the men and women making out on the roof of the rush to get the picture there make it out on the Rupp and people downstairs watching. When the officer arrived he was on the opposite side of the street and clearly observed the couple going that -- on the roof. The officer. Yelled out that then stop. But police say they continued. For approximately 1520 seconds. Before stop. Back and understand that but. I think -- of at least pretended. But I can go on for at least another couple minutes all right here's what's on our WWL talk table tonight. Saints fans what's making you Holler. The heat outside or. Hoping the saints and cut a deal Jimmy Graham before 3 PM tomorrow afternoon. And if they don't you have faith that Sean Payton will work things out there's just a couple of ways of looking at this first of all I don't think there's any shot. The Jimmy Graham sits out a year okay. If he doesn't want to play for the I think it's about seven million dollars that would be guaranteed him for a one year contract under a tight again. The only way you can get more if the if they can't come to a long term agreement would be to sit out a year and that's that is not going to happen. Of course it boils down to is that is that is he going to be happy I mean you and I can't in any -- comprehend. Hi you can not be happy getting seven million dollars to play one year that -- be Yond. Our. Our mind we we we can't we can't. -- but seven million would last most of us the rest of our life. Sometimes when this happens it it makes the player. While work even harder because they know at the end of that year that you know then there will be in a position maybe to get even more money. So what -- your whole thought concept on the Jimmy Graham situation. Also the Church of England today voted that women can be consecrated. As bishops. I'm surprised they haven't hurt more Catholics on this tonight is it time for the Catholic Church to bring women. Into the Princeton and how do you feel about women. Preachers anyways because there was a scripture that says. Let women keep silent in the church and I have a text message on that -- -- Mike king James version Bible says a bishop then must be blameless. The husband of one wife that lips mean dole but my bibles who's. So that's mr. preacher pastor one bullet but women. -- to teach younger women. In Sunday school only but the pulpit is not for women. How do you feel about women speaking from the pulpit. And Catholics of your -- is -- time for the church to bring women into the priesthood. We also have our -- question of the night -- things and women get away -- saying or doing that men did not. Got several lines are open to a 60187866889. Point seven let's go to Melbourne and Bogle -- power you Melvin. The number less than. -- it look. It does paper -- still smell and -- Osama. No it must do that you should come to some to have it. To. Chemical plant in the morgue as well make that. On that so many many many years ago. Yeah. -- to talk about it but it don't approve any issues. He'll let me -- for you get to that let me fill people until they know what which are gonna talk about okay. There was a poll taken by the went out on impact university. I'm not quite sure exactly where it is and they asked people who was the worst president in their lifetime. Rocco Obama came out. The worst president at worst but Richard Nixon who resigned from office to avoid impeachment. Nixon resigned in disgrace she got 13% of the vote Jimmy Carter. Was president when interest rates topped only 8% was named by 8%. Over the span of 69 years of American history and twelve presidencies. Barack Obama plan -- -- George W. Bush at the bottom stark question is who do you think of the who's the worst president in your lifetime Melvin. It was him. Go you know your arteries wise. Because. That is that is the reason we went into. Because who's saying it really is maybe not so that is. Yeah. He would -- you know. No it was Q do you use them -- -- -- -- described it and it was an excuse to. Go in and so he would put it again Hussein -- -- and one thing about Japan and Arkansas and do what would. Yeah it has to do as. You consider them. To do what I -- to. It isn't is it. Now you comment on him in the. Well -- I am I'm with you I don't think we should have ever gone to rock ever. So I mean. I think that it is well the reason this country is in the message and because we we went into Iraq I actually agree with the. -- and it -- -- -- Barack Obama at the bottom. Of the crowd. The country that comes in August -- and yeah there. Really require the need to. We can't completely in the yet. But that would see what happened a couple of this past weekend. In Chicago. And we're talking about -- -- African American residents they protest of against Obama and and actually a couple of them made the comment public thought Obama. Was the worst president ever because. He's sending three point he wants to spend three point seven billion dollars. -- taking care of people on the border and they figure that we can use that money bitter and our state I mean that our country. That's -- to. Go. And it. Would lose and I agree that. And the Indian. And. Well he -- I I will agree with -- and I think this country would would be a lot better -- we -- never gone to -- -- let me ask a question -- before you run. What things -- women get away with saying that men cannot. Well one McCain's. He would win and to do that we -- -- It looked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amp is to. And also -- -- maybe that change would be dancing and that clock. Right. Right. You're right about that thank you Melvin appreciate you over talk about Jimmy Graham also -- a -- content -- read this text message goes. I'm not sure where in the world but -- interpreted things he says Bob get a straight Jimmy Graham through New Orleans -- Bob get a straight Jimmy Graham threw no ranch he's covering his butt. This is a procedural move which if they agree means nothing if they fail it's simply protects his rights no orange. I think I've said is that he filed this. Man that if they come to an agreement they throw this agreement that that the the appeal does not mean anything at all. The only thing Jimmy Graham is doing is playing every party can possibly to and the -- he gets the most amount of money. And I think I've said that so I'm not sure worried this understood but. That is the deal is. He's he's appealed. Andy has the saints have until 3 o'clock tomorrow the sunny on a long term deal if he does not. Home to a long term deal. And this is I got this from -- -- earlier tonight and we won't be played the interview later on. He does not come to a long term deal by 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Then he will play under either. The approximate seven million dollar price tag that. -- tight end would receive. War if by some chance they overruled the tight in thing and make in the wide receiver then he'll receive the average of the wide receiver tight. 26 or -- 7866. -- 908 somebody coming right back of your phone calls and Richard I got Ralph. I've got Kevin -- we'll talk about women preachers. I'm Bob Mitchell. That's the big 870 WWL AM implement dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- dude it's 2601 late 7866. And nine point seven aerobic it's -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question who do you think was the worst president ever. Elected of course this is. I would assume your lifetime -- -- parents liked -- Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama or someone elsewhere also. Talking about -- the Church of England today. So that women can be consecrated as bishops mr. -- could possibly have a bishop of premium bishop of the end of this year. So is -- time for the Catholic Church to cut -- she Angel bit and bring women into the priesthood to six early seventy. 866889. Point seven its -- people don't believe that women. Should even be a lot hold in the pulpit and expand on the scriptural that your women keep silent in the church sports not permitted. For them to speak let's go to -- West Bank or -- Richard. Richard. It on the put Portugal hold a -- what's wrong with Richard and the will go to Ralph -- or you Ralph. The tournament round. My pastor is great believe you. That the picture. And brilliant orator. -- children. You know flow of people will be. No problem with this. So you're -- you're in you're in favor of female -- that. You can quote the. Okay all right I'm what do you think. About the the situation. In. Where does this poll was taken and it says that Barack Obama. 33%. Of people think he was the worst president ever. He's just a little bit better than the George Bush do you go along with that or is there another president -- did a worse job than either one of those -- -- And all right -- -- that -- -- -- -- then -- Wayne thank you for calling. -- A little. But. Don't jump -- a lot law that that. Well we'll work to Lima waksal the -- prepared. There -- about or your column. But the way which you accurately what we're hearing. And what general what. What can women do or say that men can't. All all they do and and and you -- -- That. -- -- -- On the field are under. The Euro and all we hear your. Isn't isn't good. Required me. It is exceptionally well. -- your kids -- respective. And it makes -- And all. Its. Is it is it it -- -- to documentaries and movies right. I mean the commercials mean. -- -- The agent is all part of it. I don't want -- away. Out there will. Tour Europe but Democrat. And the Republicans. And. Or the American people to -- rate is one way. And that -- What's really happening. People Arctic yet and being seeded blue. It is it really is being. All -- arch strongly. Strongly. Did you lack. People want him to come it's not and white people because it's not right it is a good. Or why we have a -- -- and as we -- -- enough. When you know it is happening in Chicago this this past weekend that black protesters on the south side of Chicago. They. Make called -- Barack Obama as the worst president ever and put it referring to the -- that. They can't understand how the president can go before congress have asked for three point seven billion dollars helped take care of the illegal immigrants but some of the money. It's the send them back to their country but a lot of it is -- just hauls them in the lead them in the pull them and they say you know you can spend that money. For them but here we are right here in Chicago and of course we debate almost every major city could make the same plane. While these -- should be polite here and and our children going hungry and you do nothing about that so you know. I don't wanna give it away. And move the ball. We need to victory and you know which called on what people have no clue that why it happened like that. Open court. -- movie. And and and not all. As it. It is. And the numbers. All the way that they were -- between -- where that the American people want. Oh. And number one. Country EU law archery. As. -- all along. -- reached all our -- Wayne one of the things that I said many times -- -- -- -- fill in at at night and and it's because it's it's. Well I feel in my heart and and -- content I think the biggest problem we have in Washington. Is -- to give a -- above us all all they care about each party has power. All they care about when one party gets in the other party does what ever they can say is -- says whatever they can. And and fights than just try to get that power Mac and I think. Well problem. Is. On. And while sleeping. In tune the point where like. Paying. It's. -- -- -- -- And -- Choose and positioned. To where you'll and one thing. -- you know one of the things that I'm thinking about doing tomorrow night will be back tomorrow night is simply asking the question do you think our government. Deliberately lied to us and I think. Blew out Lou absolutely. Nobody. Should. He should go too -- too -- I'll do it. -- and information. -- Yeah. All too. Very -- -- Eric Berry now. -- Thank you -- all right all right 260 late 7866889. Point seven -- -- go ahead and now that we have a bit of a break but. North Korea getting more callers couldn't -- that what we're talking about that but if if you more -- than you may. Not -- heard this story if if you're just tuning into that happened. -- can happen late this afternoon that the Jimmy -- is appealing the ruling. From -- -- Stephen Burbank that's the one that says he is to be classified. Four of these the current tag on him as a tight end and not a wide receiver and if you have no clue what we're talking about the reason that he would much prefer. To have the franchise tag as a wide receiver because they get they get the average I think it's -- -- the top five salaries in the top five wide receivers. Make more money -- the top five guidance. And what it boils down to is that he's now he's asking to for them that he is appealing the decision hoping. At some time. Actually I think it's it's just just a little bit more pressure to get this deal done between the saints and Jimmy Graham. They have until 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. To get this done if by some trips. If by some slim chance but he did not come to a deal. Tomorrow at 3 o'clock then the Jimmy Graham. Will have to play help the following year. I think it's seven million dollars at at the tide and unless. This appealed to overturn. And then it would be the cop lives a result of -- wide receiver we will replay of the it and you'll have a Crist and -- went after 11 o'clock and becoming goes into detail about this. So we know what you what you have to ask yourself is. Are they going to do this I think that's and slim to no chance. That they will not have a deal. Because. He would not want to play for a year with on a contract and the only way he could get more than the seven million be enough to sit out an entire year. And I'm hoping that's been happening there. To a six year old -- 786688908. -- loved to have all your thoughts on insulin people say -- think Jimmy Graham was just being greedy I I think he's just following the direction than the obstruction of his agent. And be in a good businessperson. And I I would be really. Surprised if they do not come to an agreement. Before 3 o'clock tomorrow but what are your thoughts on 26 year old -- 78668890870. We also have the Church of England today voted that women can be consecrated. As bishops. That's some people. Do not believe that females should be in the pulpit at all on all the Catholic church of Scotland and that way. And now the Church of England is voting that women can be bishops do you think it's time for the Catholic church of the Catholic Church does. -- fought women in the priesthood for a long long time. I'm on I'm not sure of the Pope has -- said it will never happen. But very -- Catholics think it will ever happen but. If you are Catholic would you be in favor of the Catholic Church regain women in to the priesthood to -- -- late seventy. 8668. -- nine OH seventy. And our light caution of the night. Is. What -- -- in women. Give away -- -- are doing. That men cannot and I will review some of them for you that the people called in earlier tonight for the ball. Women. For a long time. And no problem walking into the men's bathroom of -- -- all back up. But if we walked in to the ladies bathroom. They were probably yelling and screaming and security would probably come in and hauled away. Women and get on -- speeding tickets by. Authorities mile or two years you are the guy we get pulled over and restart -- even -- it's a female cop. I don't think I don't think it would matter one bit I think we I think we would still get but if women can look fat. But -- told you -- Because if you -- you look -- You're not gonna live very long. Also. Oh here's some. A little -- anyone mentioned -- one -- -- -- -- wrote down. With with cute animals like terrorism there's a show on TV but chose cute kittens and cute dogs and stuff like that. When government wives please -- all -- a sweep they are I made that comment it would not it would not be very mentally so you have things you will add to the list. Of things that women can get away with -- -- doing that -- -- call me at 26 year old -- 78668890870. And we have a big -- of -- -- ready jaguar opinion poll question. Who do you think. Was the worst president ever elected. Richard Nixon. Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama or. Any other president and probably we should limit this to. Like our lifetime I mean not I don't know hall format you while ago but pretty much I guess. To our lifetime we're gonna go to a Mary all we got political merry in meant little power you -- I guess. Have a relative and that's an illegal entry yeah he brought and he brought and -- I bought that column in history of the pope's. That's -- -- -- you can get in the box that they and it it -- moderate Catholic. Big that all the Harry. They all can't -- -- of that yet. And it got one dollar. So people get it called. So you'd like to see a lady priests. Well and pretty -- They didn't anymore. I don't know why why added I've ever and the -- that he'd tell. Okay. As is he's still a priest now. Yet it gets -- he did prince -- and now sixty years it's still like to do anything else. As we have now what you know now then he would have become a pretty that you like I. Mary your -- fall football much. I want a lot. Yeah Larry how you -- economy -- a tactic I've read his column legally very good columns absolute. He does. I enter it in and speaking at an attack enter the active and the attempt to Cuba. Like you don't like -- you know. And -- So what do you think about Jimmy Graham of the good things are gonna come to a deal with them. -- And -- like any good but -- keen to gonna. Yeah they. Do one. And what you want and come back and now. Mary who do you think was the worst president ever elected Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama. Or someone. You think he's the worst president ever in your lifetime. Yes but you know and -- and think about it appears that account again across the -- You know hey you know -- I've been to not. Let us know what it. He's sneaking -- isn't. Why would we waited and why would why would -- you've got me why would he why would the president sneaks buys in to this country. It cut the president is tied up like the Muslim Brotherhood low and sell it Hillary quit she had him living and how particularly. -- -- And that's why she doesn't wanna get us. He's their team and he's sneaking spies and took to our country why what would be the what will be the outcome. And I -- -- -- what -- welcome -- while what was he what was the what would be the reason for Dylan's. At one that -- -- Iraq which you can and cannot. Okay all right Mary appreciate you -- 260187866. And it and I know it's a company. All right. Anyone agree were married. What do you think was the worst president ever elected Nixon Carter Clinton either of the bushes or Barack Obama to secure -- 78668890870. And is it time owning a premier Catholics though it's that time for the Catholic Church. To put women into the priesthood I'm Bob Mitchell and for student WWL. And welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- tonight. A couple of things straight about what's going along as we talked about. Barack Obama tonight. A survey was conducted. 33% of Americans name mr. Obama as the worst president ever gushed over a war named his predecessor George W. Bush. The same time this past weekend Chicago. Protesters team president Barack Obama the worst president ever elected. And these were us outside the black residents gather over the weekend to register their disgust with the president they were angry. Because taxpayer money is being spent on illegal immigrants while native Chicago and suffered. The protesters were referring to the three point seven billion dollars. The president requested from congress the house feed and get medical care -- more than 50000 illegal immigrants from Mexico. And Central America who crossed the collections bore all the early this year. I'm not at all happy. A book went on this -- bill -- -- I think we're a terrible -- But I don't know. Where people. Get it from where they actually believe people actually believe. That the president is trying to destroy the come the country but he's bringing the Muslim brother put him to try to destroy the country. I do not believe that for a second let's go to Kenneth in the garnished or you Kenneth. When not -- the country. But world economy. Within doubts there. In the two Republicans of playing the pick it yeah. We don't woman. Well the economy is doing good right now. Well yeah well again I thought I'd listen. I. I'm not happy with where the country is I'm not happy with politicians do because I was as I said earlier I truly truly believed. Both slides OK I think they've lied to -- I don't think they care about us. Give -- that would be a politic -- -- it would. Out but but but these these people who actually. What would frightens me is there are some people actually believe. That that this president. It's as if trying to take over the country that he wants to become a social -- that. But he he's bringing spies and in the -- in with the Muslim brother I just don't believe. I think that's foolishness when you want it. A written. So that the put the -- to. You put out one. But where does this stuff even sparked. I mean that it is garbage in an upgrade. Administration. You -- and that. It go with the other -- -- I'm that we we have some golf. But that does -- is it more with its corporate. -- -- -- -- And -- I don't actually an -- -- if I agree with you on them today but I do not I do not believe he is. The evil Satan that some people try to make him out today I don't believe that force. We. On I think they did. If he wouldn't give -- the things he did. -- -- -- with little book. Would be in the food black. -- Well it's -- like right now with the Iraq situation today they're saying well. He should've left the troops in Iraq well the people of America -- all the troops out of Iraq and let me tell you something. If we had never gone into Iraq they wouldn't be troops there to bring all of -- to go in and what's gonna happen what's happening in Iraq. And we've talked about this report. The same exact thing that's gonna happen to Afghanistan we get out we should never bid in those countries to begin with and and and in all due respect. The President -- Barack Obama did not put us in Iraq. Correct and you know it and it has no matter what you -- You will get right no right but not a lot I've -- the tell it whether you put about. But it. You're right. You're absolutely right at the people some of the people of America wanted him to take the troops out. And so he took them out and I'm I'm I'm glad he took them out. I don't think we should have ever been there. I think I do think one thing though I do think he's got to do something with this war I think he missed a golden opportunity of not going down. And showing the people at the border that he really cared I think you would have done a lot of good -- -- if he. Would've been there but you know the bottom line is as does it it it is what it is right now. -- but the -- sure people people have been out on the Mexican move yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the Mexican border is is is the biggest problem. At that at the bigger problem. Dot I don't go to the people can come. But it hadn't been. Like Kenneth let me ask a question before you go with its light caution of the night. Would things to women get a win -- saying or doing that meant and -- know you're right if it a woman -- -- I'm not tonight to have a habit -- the guys that. Not tonight -- on him and he can what you and we. What made you mean evidently you're turning me down you're refusing in this you're right -- Thank you -- okay. All right just things Earl -- 78668890. It's utterly. I'm Bob Mitchell and it's note on the big it's WW WAM implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell and it's due to let me read a couple of quick text messages Bob. Don't discount the woman as crazy talk about the woman on the -- name was Mary who said that she believes that the president is allowing. The Muslim Brotherhood spies. To come over the border so -- they can work together and destroy the country she said. She's. You can't prove that she's wrong. Don't -- not even believe these people but don't exist and no one says. In. Bob you were laughing after. You heard that when nor the problem is there are people dangerous people really believe and take that -- -- seriously I -- and just drives me crazy. Rove the president's none of years ago it out like this and use our -- nine eve and a fool. Open your eyes a look at what's going on this country okay. I don't like withdrawal in this country right but I do not linked. The president of the United States wants to sneak Muslim Brotherhood spies into our country to rule I'd just don't believe type. I ended as Jacob and giant. To me a really really big labor well Hillary hung up so objective at at. It's up to -- if you can hang on during the news I'll come back and talk to you right after the top of the hour if you want politics probably show it's 26 year old -- 7866. Violate -- late seventy. You can text me at 87870. On Bob Mitchell and the -- on the big date seventy WWL AM implement dot com.