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07-14 Scoot 11pm/ President Obama

Jul 15, 2014|

Protesters in Chicago are angry with President Obama, because of the 3.7 billion dollars that he wants to help illegal immigrants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back the show with me Bob Beckel filling in Bora she do tonight -- little things that we are talking about. Tonight is. What do you think is the worst president of your lifetime. According to a poll. According to a service. 33% of Americans name Barack Obama. As the worst president in their lifetime. I mean he was rated the -- -- worse above George W. Bush. I have Jimmy Carter. I have a Bill Clinton ahead of Richard Nixon. Now. I don't really know old. I am not fall fall in the look at all these presidents and say brutal I think was the worst president of global. I'm my favorite pros and of course was was JFK and then and then and then Ronald Reagan. I'd do not believe that we can blame all the problems. In our country on the current president. I believe that he inherited. A lot of things. I believe that he's done a lot of things wrong I'm not at all happy of what he did with -- that the immigration problem. I think you should have gone to the border I think we should do more to close the border. I I've I think this country is this isn't a -- But ask yourself this question. Would diminish the as big as if we never went into Iraq if we had never done that if we had never taken that step. Would everything be better. And say would you -- up about the situation in the military right now I'm not happy with a lot of things in this country. I'm not happy at all what's going on in Washington I'm not happy at all what's going on on the border but our economy is getting better stock market is going up. So you gotta gotta give some credit their let's go to let's go to a Jakob -- power you. -- Wednesday Thursday and there's -- their -- hijacked -- -- you. The very well. -- I think there -- residents. Go to bush. -- return flight mode you know her as he went out there and direct your anger in the middle -- you know bush. And I'm your a year -- into. Yes you know bigger. News you know used Andy you know you know. You know try to. About what happened down. You really think that going to Iraq was a good thing. Would it accomplish. Well you know. That reported what supports who. -- -- And you know and we -- -- -- they're in -- where go go back you know would pull out of troops you know anything. As you know. But what did we accomplish going into. And we -- opportunities that losing lives losing tons and tons of multi. -- in -- bird would have hit him with a dark you know there are Spanish so far mission accomplished in June was. You know as far as being -- made people happy indeed this sort of use tools feel proud of you know book we know -- -- Coppola. Okay -- I'm a little confused you say you know we didn't accomplish anything but you think going into Iraq was a good thing but we didn't accomplish anything so how was it a good thing. -- bigger size and negotiate in. He's leading god you know we don't what is going on there was going to crush. Some -- -- you know. I don't think that was a good thing I think I think the country was better off with Osama bin club. But that's -- And I what. We. You know that's my last April on climate the -- is definitely no thank you don't think you were correct that. -- -- Mean it is. Obama. These noble prize winner. You don't want to -- -- -- -- -- war you know move -- to. Rule out all of -- on to stop the borders. You know to close the borders. And all the -- you know he's. -- -- -- It's -- -- opposite you know it's about all the Asia. They have to a truly you know it will -- and that it would not like. That he's in -- to what in your handle bullies he will be a little bit. All right thank you gentlemen go to Dan Dan how are you tonight. Daniel was -- -- -- -- Okay. All right 26 year old late 78668890. It's seventy. Can we do the the interview with the Christian Garrett down John -- -- after the whittled it for the. Okay all right earlier tonight. When we start literally at a clock. We've talked to Christie Garrett he's the saints a sideline reporter. To get an update and what's really go -- Jimmy Graham and why did Jimmy Graham funded a file an appeal and what happens if we don't reach a deal but a more 3 o'clock and here's that interview now. All right almost now. Let me go ahead and remind that they were before you do that I do have something really important that I wanna tell everyone about and that is. Money and your chance to win a lot of money WWL wants to help you beat the heat starting today. We have a chance to win a thousand dollars of cold cash in on nationwide summer splash. Cash contest and it's very difficult slowly. Summer splash. Cash. Contest of most of the WWL weekdays. Like World Cup Leo when he was at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the cold ward the -- that were 272881. For your chance to win. Without ever putting down your -- at 72881. Every weekday. For a lucky listeners nationwide. -- 2000 dollars each and please don't miss out on the money senate now for WWL cash club you'll get. Reminder text just text the word cash to -- 787 it will work for fifteen minutes for each code word is and actually it. You don't forget Elizabeth we're making it is Victoria. The thousand dollar nationwide summer -- cached content. Nobody at the time to listen seminary and 11 AM 2 PM in my opinion good luck from Smart radio intercom and all of us at WW all right. Here's the interview with Kristian -- concerning the Jimmy Graham saying such situation this -- sideline reporter. And cohost of double coverage on three WL and that's the Sunday morning he does. It's just sports except when he talks about basketball don't consider basketball real sports and it just the fan English pro. The coach of the baseball team he's all sports all the time too much good by Christian -- target Christian. Bottom Daria I don't could baseball anymore and by the way you're making me hungry with all that who's -- -- you know good that they had me on. All right Bob. Any at first of all before I've got to my questions any any updates on the Jimmy Graham situation. Not from any further from you know five hours ago which was reported by NFL network Ian Rapoport. They Jimmy Graham has appealed the the ruling all from Stephen Burbank the arbitrator. An agreement cheering when -- -- the tight end or wide receiver. That appeal was filed and ultimately. It doesn't. A fact too much in terms of there abilities still get a long term deal done is. If they work out a long term contract by 3 PM tomorrow. That that appeal it is. Basically Boyd and you know it was it was a leverage move by giving grams. Camp and also. Protection move to protect themselves in case. Talks you know don't go as planned then don't go as they want to. At least they can possibly do that it was yeah I think it's Smart play. By giving Gramm's camp and I know wasn't popular necessarily with some of the the band. But I mean it's the collective bargaining agreement and and it's -- allows them to do this and it has to be accepted. Almost like an appellate court in the regular judicial system. They have to be accepted by a three person panel. If they find any kind. Error in terms of procedure he got procedural error that they can accept decay. But it really you know as little. Impact in terms of you know does that cause them up there you know like damning as the saints had to have known that was coming am sure they informed the saints this is not. You know one of these secret deals they. They get they inform the other side what they're planning on doing just because. That's how negotiations work some -- most of the time in the NFL and. This appeal. It's strictly for the one year deal correct. Yet it's four in other words they do they're basically following the same grievance yeah just three different. Potentially three different people that would hear that same grievance which is that he want to be pro franchise -- purposes want to be considered. A wide receiver and you know we've had to rehash that the difference there is. About. 500 up 500 shoot 85 million dollars. So. Indeed there's a reason to file that a case you don't work out long term contract but. You know I just. I've said all along I've maintained all along about that. -- the -- going back to march that you know would eliminate franchise tag them. That they were going to -- deal done eventually and -- these things have a way of a run right up to the eleventh hour I think that you're gonna see in this case right up until the last minute and unless they lasted an -- that's really mean. You know to get these guys that I mean you know between now and it's 3 o'clock tomorrow. -- so what happens. If 3 o'clock comes and goes tomorrow and they have not reached -- long term deal ten day. Thirty days from now I'll sit down again and reach a long term deal no. -- other negotiating window of the negotiating windows basically closed until after the season and and Jimmy Graham. Would have to either decide to sit out the entire -- in which is which you be passed up on seven million dollars. Or play under that one year franchise -- tender. And he can report if he did that he can report. They have two days before the week one opener. And in it'd go from there basically he'll play on that one year. Seven million dollar guaranteed salary but. Again on the you know I just don't -- -- I really don't. And that would not really being good for him because of anything were to happen if he were to get injured or. Have a terrible season than that would affect future negotiation with what the -- or another team. Absolutely and you know he he runs the risk and it give you Graham would it be played -- that franchise tag and that's why he ultimately want to get. A long term deal done he run the risk of you know -- an injury occurred in the drive down his price but at the same time. The -- wanna get a deal done because they need to salary cap relief that would come from. Potential a potential deal in its presence of that money out opposed to. -- seventy dollar cap hit right now that this could all that franchise tag money counts right now at seven million dollars. All the pot. Instantly and they might be able to spread that out through different ways and Mickey Loomis and Kyle Harley. The guys that have negotiated majorities big deals over their first -- that's certainly the general manager Mickey Loomis. The big saying that and and they they're very creative in how they can structure contracts the words. It's fairly feasible. Picked it takes some relief on a -- They've been masterful -- actually in the last I can't believe. Do you know how long the appeal process will take. It could potentially. Taking note up to two weeks. They can expedited -- applied -- to be expedited and I'm sure that they wanted -- bit. Hit the play it at this point. It in the in the ball game today you know on the last day of the day before basically 24 hours before yet to work out a contract. Really just kind of speaks. That they're just. Playing their they're all our cards are just protecting themselves because. You know if he is is just the way of covering. It's CYA right he didn't covering all the bases and and make sure that it's something you know where to hit a snag B you'd still have the opportunity. To. Potentially go that -- -- If they were to sign a deal let's say for guaranteed eleven million dollars a year and then two weeks from now the appeal process would come back and say. He has a wide receiver giving fourteen but it wouldn't get that far because he would drop the appeal immediately is that correct. Right and that's what the NFL. PA and the the NFL -- hoping for is that. You know they can just work out a deal on their own that's what. Stephen Burbank and in the arbitrator you know this -- arbitration hearings -- hopeful of the first time and that's why he's also. It takes such a long time first you have -- to come back with a rule because he was hoping that maybe. In that time that they would be able to put on the table or got to deal he would be happy to ultimately issue a ruling. But. Yet they signed a contract tonight. You know. A long term deal. That that that appeal would basically be pulled off the table be known for. -- Christian hypothetically if they do not reach a deal of course we all are hoping that they will but if they do not reached a deal. He gets these seven million dollars for a -- and I'll actually two weeks from now. They rule in his favor and they say no he should've been classified as a wide receiver. He'll get the fourteen million and. Potentially twelve me. -- it -- just it declassified and as a wide receiver you. It be it be a little over twelve million dollars in then you know that the cause a lot of the a lot of different ramifications. Then that would put them over the salary cap potentially in that they would have you know pair the roster down -- -- and and free up some cash. So yeah I mean it could potentially. Get messy if it goes that that direction. The money up to free up some cash that they give view for doing that sideline reporter John boy is not a ton mechanical failure often let it. But you can't I did a kiss me dignity that you -- -- put -- -- comment that set -- -- But I looked into your crystal ball and tell -- what do you think's going to happen in the next 24 hours I did get. They got text message from someone -- that ESPN is reporting that they are close to -- what's gonna happen between today and tomorrow. Well really it's just mean they've had dialogue grant's camp and the same thing that dialogue that discussions and you know they'll get intense fear it'll intensify over the next you know sixteen hours or so and I think that even -- the a deal come in the place. And it'll be. Ended in -- neighborhood. You know ten and after eleven million dollars anywhere from ten to eleven million dollars. Per year on average for Jimmy -- pay attention to the upfront the guaranteed money don't get caught up too much in the overall. Links and value of the contract and it's really about the first three years -- you know thinking guarantee in the neighborhood of that 25 to twenty possibly thirty million dollars. Then that the deal that Jimmy Graham can live with that -- Jimmy Graham will probably take because if you think about it if he -- guaranteed. Would split 25 and thirty two point seven and a half million dollars. Now guaranteed money that's twenty million dollars more than he would get guaranteed to home on this one year deal. Of the franchise tag -- that a lot of money to risk. For one season and potentially he'll lose so. Bill that the numbers and I think you're looking at all like and that number is. The contract -- their -- he can't talk about it comparing. Is that a Rockland counties that he's done -- -- having a -- a few years ago that the only included I think. Thirteen point one million dollars in guaranteed cash so. If this deal could double that in terms of guaranteed money. It's important for people to understand that. Unlike baseball. Hockey and basketball. The money on football contract is not guaranteed to you could sign a hundred million dollar contract and you feel lucky BC thirty million of. Well not fully guaranteed a -- They guarantee that the guarantee they're they're gonna get that but they're no NBA contract -- the -- made you get the unable to. Yeah it -- Christian you'll make a prediction. Our own -- gonna come together. Paula I'm sorry I look at my phone yeah yeah I mean I think it that it is calling you right now. The -- I think it'll I think it'll come together before 3 PM deadline mean you know try to venture -- of exactly what time. You know good luck with that but -- -- -- I'm very very. Optimistic that a company that -- get done. Before the deadline and you know they'll review report to training camp on time in this all be a distant memory and in a couple of days. Christian take you for explaining their -- thing to us tonight. Apple would -- -- description Garrett saying sideline reporter and cohost of double coverage on three WL. All right we're gonna start our polls at 260 only 78668890. It's seventy. You're a couple of things William RW WL talked able saints win. What is making you sweat more right now to heat outside or the -- cutting a deal would Jimmy Graham out tomorrow at 3 PM and if for some reason. Something happens in the states do not cut a deal do you have confidence that Shawn Payton can still make this a a new oil doubles to not just early Super Bowl season yeah I'll Super Bowl season and the dropping -- -- -- playoff season. But maybe this is the year that we say Super Bowl -- nothing to secure a -- 78. 8668890. It's -- And in Chicago. Protesters I mean that's Barack Obama's hometown right protesters have turned him. The worst president. Ever elected. At the same time a whole has come out that it's official the polls does. Barack Obama has been voted the worst president ever worst of Richard Nixon. Who resigned from office to avoid impeachment forced to Jimmy Carter who blamed Americans for their Malaysia's. Worse for President Clinton who had sex in the Oval Office with an intern. Half his age and was actually impeached. Well maybe not the worst president ever but the worst president in your lifetime. And your parents slept on a new poll taken by -- put a -- universally. Said the 33%. Of Americans name. Barack Obama as the worst just -- Water named his predecessor George W. Bush so that brings us to orbit -- seventy priority jaguar opinion poll question. Who do you think was the worst president ever elected in your lifetime -- apparent -- was Richard Nixon Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush Iraq bomber. Or some other to a secure -- seventy. 8668890878. We'll take a break in no way of the full Pro Bowl talk about to be Graham talked about the President Obama. I'm Bob Mitchell and which -- on WWL. 6017866889. Point seven ago a whole bunch of lines open right now also few. Following right now you wait to get on the air with me will be to a couple of minutes to six year old. One late 7866889087. To be read. A couple of text messages. I agree that Obama is the worst President Reagan the best. Franklin Roosevelt. It is sentiments. Okay. -- -- with a personal lives in Franklin rose and yet now. -- It late again a goofy when it gets late. Let's the well here here's one did want to read. Just -- secondly let me funded oh have you look at the color of the president's hair looked at ain't black anymore. He's been working day and not look at Bush's there no grab all it's -- Well that's nice but a giver of hair color. Let's see what else we have here. In Bob please tell me the name of the university that. Took the its poll is that the university. A GOP no. Hold on a -- -- I'll find it before via. But for the night as the bid is you know -- but I have to -- -- -- that was -- I'd never -- of the university of -- -- with -- QUI and and the HC. What impact and could be an online universities you know kudos. 26 or -- late 786689087. If you wanna talk about Jimmy Graham will take a call to that and here is. Maybe a slight update on the Jimmy Graham situation from ESPN. The two sides in the -- long term deal that moment ramble highest paid tight end in NFL history. According to be sources of -- now actively trying to put the finishing touches. On a long term deal and there -- optimism the deal will get done by two most 3 PM deadline according. To the sources. The deals should put to rest any concern of lingering animosity from the negotiations which including groundbreaking arbitration hearing. On which saints coach Sean Payton and general manager -- listen to testify against grand as -- wide receiver. It's the ending war text messages in the year ago. I pray for our children and -- our grandchildren based on what. Obama's sudden the place the is everything that was said of him when running for president the first time. I -- American citizens to educate themselves become informed where. Of who they vote for. 26017866889. 0870 I'm Bob neutral and dispute we have our light question of the night and I got away from a of this past the hour. What things -- women. Get away with saying or doing. That men can't what things can women. -- -- way of doing or saying. The men. -- 26 -- 17866. And 890 wait seventy. WWL. LL are you tonight. Virtually living you know work. That you told. I don't look. Like that -- At a. You know we'll write an open guy. Said I have attic for the -- should she would accuse you treating older. They're brilliant. At. The I think if you don't deal. And Purdue though. State government curriculum -- -- -- do it like -- I really thought of others on. The I'll read it. And keep -- Well I thought I thought it was gonna come together. A lot earlier because. Remember the the the the judge had said that the guy. -- -- -- it was named prominently and they are reported in the arbitrators said I think that. It was gonna come on Thursday no sooner or no later and the and five minutes later he issued a ruling that and I thought sure to become before then. But it -- -- You know. You know they're. I think that go well shall the last. You can say you let it flow on Einstein. Emperor you know -- let them -- and Indian media and politically it's. LeBron Jennings tying goal -- publicity vehicle otherwise weren't so we need now. And then when that -- -- -- they usually middle. Put it. Oh -- here's the thing that that I mention in the interview with Christian. There's no way Jimmy Graham. Wants to play under a one year deal of if he takes seven millions for one year he does not wanna play under a one year deal is there anything. Happens where he gets injured. Then it's gonna really affect negotiations for for the next year the saints could actually tagged him two years in a row. But until he's he's not a ball to take and so about a year that's not gonna happen. We you know that but -- group Rory would -- choker. And now. You know I'm not a lot of group -- loans it did not want. You know we're glad because of the possibility of -- and up -- and understand the candidate for the U it charter amendment that spectrum and better. You know and and you can't. You you can't hold it against them for trying to get every dime he possibly can. -- a -- bit. Into business area does too much there -- -- -- and he's also. I get the body and blogger party that would yeah. And and and the difference between. -- football and baseball for the ball a football the only guaranteed money is. The guaranteed money to hold contractors not is it is not. Guaranteed and in in oh well I -- my wife was as well while it is in the money well believe and he. If the wanted to the salary cap. They would play him the Maleeva wasn't for the salary cap you probably wouldn't of wouldn't be going on this long. In in baseball and in basketball. It's called a soft cap where you can go over the camped just have to pay a penalty to the league -- -- football you can do that it is hard cap and knew it. In fact if you try to spend more than that you can wind up by getting mine to lose in a draft choices. Who are -- -- raw material bit of not afraid you don't follow the money -- well. You know all these years -- as we develop and. An important -- which are bigger all our goal all year. -- -- would -- when he changed to call it. -- mark -- -- billions every year. Or your particular bit where English law shouldn't. People enjoy our -- -- that would. -- Dick Iraq I think Tom Benson was just an excellent -- Rick we couldn't ask for a better over the incumbents. No -- -- -- -- -- you all implement you know through. After withdrawing like oh. Most critical period over year here and now. These. Immediately to do to do it and he's done he's done well you'll. -- Fred have you heard about what's going on in in Chicago what happened this past weekend. Many of the protesters. In Chicago and these are south side African American residents -- over the weekend. To register their disgust with President Obama. They were angry that he's. But he wants to -- and three point seven billion dollars. From congress to house feed and give medical care to more than 50000 illegal immigrants and their same -- Give us that money take care of people and our country first but of course. You know old. We are saying do something with the border and if we don't have the money that we're not available doing that the board if it is it is a huge mess but. You know I can see where they're saying the fact that. All. Take some of that money and take care of the people in our own country first but then on the other hand. He got the other side of people and we have to do something with the border and with Al Malik we can't do anything on the before. -- -- -- We're getting money. And in due to -- And in where did. You know were there in the middle. About I -- a material I would I would much prefer that we spend our money in this country -- -- I would much prefer. If maybe we cut back on some foreign aid and took care of people in in our own country first that's that's just my attitude you know. What the jury this. Procedure will ship with -- well on the and show. Fox News of the law and in order to -- it wouldn't have money government. -- It was the camera show opened. -- the Monroe and but it's not comfortable ago problem with -- Fred I appreciate your opponent and tonight okay. All right if you will be part of show we have a couple lines open -- -- and one after this break it's 20601. Late seventy. 8668890878. Bob -- listen to Stewart show you can call -- or you can text me at age 7870. Talk about the Jimmy Graham. Talked about. President Barack Obama. -- you have for the last twenty minutes talk about whatever you want a right to six you're 1878668890. It's seventy Bob Mitchell and this dude on WW oil and if -- only part of the show what can probably squeeze through war two callers and so jump on your phone call me right now. At 20601. Late seventy. 866889. Late seventy and we'll get you were ready to go on the air on Bob Mitchell in pursuit. You wonder where students tomorrow's -- for -- He's he will be talking among the Jimmy Graham decision also I think everybody. All day tomorrow as we talk about the Jimmy Graham decision until it actually happens on a real again tomorrow night I'm sure we will we believe will be discussing hopefully. -- done deal. Tomorrow night. How much better of the saints with Graham proved. I think a lot of -- I think Graham is is one of those guys that. It's one thing getting in the playoffs -- a -- a guy like Graham and and I do know that Lester he didn't perform especially well. In the playoffs but. I think you gotta have a guy like Graham if if you want to make it to the Super Bowl roll a relieved him. But tomorrow morning also scooted for Garland. I did -- -- the planet of the apes what message did you take away from the move. You've got a strong anti gun message. I got a message of that -- be a lot of great effects not pro gun control. But how about humans use the need of guns. Also hall about human animals how how are human animals can be and how animals to humans can be -- those in this due tomorrow. And you are important note to chief opt -- cheap power you tonight. Do in a different. Account. Seven that haven't mentioned what that what the status that is what would what stability that. The the -- the online status. And -- What are. You by Pol Pot holed broke down but when it when it was. -- when it was a in all Obama was leading by about. I think 3040% over over. -- that was following him pretty much with the rest of the way the other -- worked. Got you -- you look at -- you can add it to do you know. Today as well. Who's number two if Obama is number one who's number two idealist. -- -- -- with Nixon and I don't you know. There. -- ahead if one is the the freeway Todd Carter Clinton and Obama. Kept the -- on that you know I didn't understand you you know you use your thing you know yet -- maintain some kind of neutrality. I'm trying to find somebody to list two things that Obama has done that it improves. Our country. I can't find anybody to -- these two yeah examples of group. I think some people would probably say you the people didn't have health care with health care now what. -- completely. Idle. Wait wait limit that let me finish today. I'm some people who have no insurance would probably say that have obamacare. That's better than having nothing now I'd I'd do agree with you and and anyone who. Had good insurance this and then. You a year. I mean I've I've I've lost. I don't. I don't I don't I don't have obamacare. But I know people who do habit and they say it is an absolute mess. It's a complete train -- And being -- -- and then on top of that there was. If you -- your health care plan you can keep you know you're on it shouldn't. Do I wanna I wanna put that sent there because it's completely not being talked about we go and that the borders we could talk about a problem about the -- But regarding the border situation. Why why it is that I couldn't have children. Juiced the league coming across the border. And and. You've -- trying to its -- again didn't collectible and in due to agents. You. That they are excellent Heidi this is construe that agent since -- yeah. You know there's there's one point I wanted to make earlier tonight I forgot about all have to -- again and tomorrow night I'm running on time because of a break but. You know one of the things we hear that these kids come over. And if they if they have family members or even of the family members that are illegal what do they allow them to do go with the family right. And right okay well suppose. Suppose instead of just settling that kid back he sent the entire family back. And then word would come hey don't come over here and come the miles of you might you buy it cost me my when there aren't. The citizenship. Let -- -- -- but it. Because -- medical. Tonight did mention. -- -- again with the potential tying in with his comments. Analog and realize is that essential America particularly inclined. Coaster week in Mexico. A lot of mark 12. Stores and Islamic practice these people even Muslims. In Central America and and once like art to ever coach but it didn't affect it and they don't probably heard of this. Or tea and Harry early -- I have a hard -- got to go to. I. And this again next. Week and somebody. Wide web pages for engines what happened to us. Without. Coming across -- Really to keep an eye on you know it took an epidemic these naked. Good point chief all right we're gonna come -- -- -- come right back after this break on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show here's the text message my dad to. Was drafted to fight in Vietnam so that makes LBJ the worst president in my parents lifetime. Obama is probably the worst in the my lifetime. Well I want affect. Everyone from folding in on all via text messages and now I'll be back with few again tomorrow -- who is filling in. For Garland but before ago got to tell you about this does this -- of -- No but what was under the hood of the woman's -- would of -- even those who are here. Of course if I had seen anything like this woman saw I would have freaked out of I'd probably be locked up in the in this. Middle ward somewhere. This woman's pickup truck which stalled on the street in Santa Fe, New Mexico last week. When a local. Chef pop the hood to take a look against -- should try and help the woman lots of rushed to take a look he in the driver fell. A brown. And yellow python. Slithering across the engine -- Police were called and the flooding -- snake. Was retrieved and taken to. A shelter authorities say the stakes on hasn't comport with the claim the honorable thank you for -- thanks mostly thank you big John proudly throughout the night. Tonight god blush or for the delegates seventy WWL AM after I -- and dot com.