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Jul 15, 2014|

Monica in for Dave. Monica talks about What is Wrong with People and Jimmy Graham watch

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning gave a martyr and was it just my imagination. Or was it cool -- feeling this morning I thought it was us. A little cooler a guy like one degree. One degree -- out there 79. Yesterday. And 78 now but on the North Shore 79. When have we ever heard of a cold front. And now mid. July. In new moral ones -- happen doesn't happen July 15 and we're expecting. A cold front to be making its way up -- -- area they're gonna stop and at the border. Have enough. Just as it's coming down there -- landed him. It I know would that be nice and -- it's -- have them at that at some rain coming to a top of the aura about that but now you should Laura did say normalcy of it pans out she density upper eighties. On the upper eighties is supposed to lower -- yet. No paralysis for me. Celtic Celtic -- well it's Tuesday and we start off where lots is or. Are your guy Monroe -- her -- and you know -- point. We expect our grandparents but he lives and make good decisions. -- Utah grandfather thought he would be so cool to give his nine year old grandson. A driving left and let him drive his Jeep or Shearer and of course you know this always ends well and nine year old boy actually drove his grandfather's deep rights than. Mac into his neighbor's house. In Salt Lake City. The -- while they try to let him drive the vehicle back at the drive would get a little experience against Utah on nine is a great aid Arianna to start driving. And the police say the ball right. And they accidentally pushed down on the accelerated since it's too much -- And the Jeep went crashing into the neighbor's living room pool and last saw the motives of the house. Bad shape up major and his house and Kathy Adams as just a lot a lot to eBay just watch television to have meant. The impact caused accounts to roll over a foot but she is okay now only minor injuries -- actress. -- All balled. It's not -- -- is not good not right here delivered her in my against -- pot use have been you know response absolutely he was a passenger in the car at the time and he did receive a citation. Well I heard something yesterday and about someone drove an SUV into a swimming pool. The whole darn thing it was on diet -- -- it is it was sitting on the bottom of the pool. -- now is. -- pretty well operatives and the truth. The truth there right now and -- it's huge iPad by yourself but don't let tonight -- grants and raggedy now please not. Right thanks so much will be talking about Jimmy Graham calls they just -- at a -- already getting text about that so we're going to. Continued that as well. We'll be checking in with -- gala will have the latest on the grand saint contract negotiations and we'll be hearing from you what do you think is going to happen what's your best guess. Something's going to happen by 3 o'clock today what will that -- Thank you so much for starting off your morning with us this is the early edition. Of DN WL first news 516 on the early edition of WWL first news I have a text are responding to -- what is wrong with people's story about the Utah grandfather. Who led his nine year old grandson actually drive as deep. And the point panic and people out writing to the neighbor's house right next door. When the Texas says I've been driving since I was ten and operating bulldozers cents eleven and brains at the age of thirteen. I was in the country and learn how to drive a -- about nine or ten guess what we did have neighbors right next door I think the issue it is. Letting your nine year old grandson. Actually drive while you're in the passenger's seat and -- right next to house -- people. They mean maybe some little bit. But the weather's going to be a little bit different -- say outlook mostly cloudy skies with downpours around the area 60% chance today highs around 89. Look for lows tonight dropping to about 73. -- freer Wednesday 30% chance -- showers and storms highs at 89. And Thursday a little bit drier expected 10% chance for just a straight thunderstorms and highs of ninety. From the pinpoint forecast sent her I meet you rob just flop knocked out. Laura 82 it out of and 78 at the international airport 81 vote at the lake front and in Slidell. While he appeals all the -- -- decision the deadline looms is what -- Jimmy grounds out zombies they have Steve Geller joins us this morning Steve. Good morning you know when I was two years old I put my father's car into the neighbor's living up like -- Yank him he'd know in New Jersey Jersey he left me in the car while it was running because my mom was taking too long to get ready I got out of the car seat. I guess somehow got the car in -- and was in and it's -- that I. Go to -- event. That they know that I was a troubled me. Drive it on in trouble well good morning everyone Jimmy Graham has decided to appeal the ruling by an arbitrator that he is eight tight end. But that appeal might end up getting dropped as reports are that he in the saints. Are closing in on a long term deal. That's ESPN business analyst Andrew -- think that things will be finalized between the two sides before today's 3 PM deadline. I think we'll have a deal I just think Jimmy Graham wants to feel even more than because. You know it players get married they don't like beating -- year. Joining assessment is we got Todd Frazier with nine home runs in the final round of Major League baseball's home run derby. It's the second straight derby crown for the a's outfielder the only other player to win back to back derby titles. It's ten Griffey junior back in 199899. Major League baseball's all star game is tonight and Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals whose twelve and -- the Major League leading one point 83 ERA. Will be the starting pitcher for the national lead. I'm just incredibly happy and fortunate to be placed in the situation that I can't. Can't wait to go and hopefully our National League squad to victory. Opposing him will be king Felix better known as Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners he's eleven and two on the season with a two point 12 you are way. And the pelicans lost their final game in summer will be their first game in summer league play 88 to 86 to disperse. According fills me for three quarters while scoring nineteen for New Orleans. Today at four on sports talk it's. Will bring you the latest from both sides plus we'll go inside SEC media days I'm Steve -- which early morning look at sports and Steve the moderate. Getting text about what they think is going to happen either hold opinion about this couple -- contract and finally finally got to -- some -- today. That level that some good thing regulation will and yes yes so this whole move to appeal the arbitrators. Decision was more to strengthen his hand at pulling negotiations more than anything else to think. Absolutely more power play for Jimmy going all right you know what. You you're 10 drag this out and maybe wanna stick with me as the seven million dollar franchise tag. That's fine you wolves are just end -- appealing this and you know what I could end up. Winning this time around and get being twelve million dollars a year so. Maybe forcing the saints had a little bit more it was -- you know what else was Jimmy Graham supposed to do right there the Smart business decision folks to do that. And you know right immediately after that we started getting reports. The saints in Grammer getting closer to this being finalized. We all knew that this is probably gonna come down to the wire which it looks like. It it's a little little closer than maybe would have liked it to have Drew -- decision I think was a day or two before the actual deadline. So I don't -- going to go down 32 maybe you know something this morning aren't and it's -- who can -- this -- thing. Since the pelicans have called the press conference for noon today acting right around that it will have a bad piece of it well. Yeah about the recent trade the pelicans have recently done -- they called the press conference today so you know. Something's gonna end up happening with the saints and the trumping that but maybe maybe afterwards I'll -- RC 1:32 o'clock today however before as the we should be. Following you because you're going to as soon as you hear any name or as soon as that the -- hears -- they -- gonna let everyone yeah absolutely you know what followed Jimmy Graham on Twitter too because I got a feeling -- -- that big deal. Will be tweeting a smiling picture of himself out with his contract. -- very. It's a -- I like it thank you Steve. Well coming up how we will talk more about Jimmy Graham I wanna hear from you what do you think is going to happen and deal struck but we see him before how much money you think. Graham is going to end up with and what you think about this whole thing. Our -- text numbers 8787. You can call me -- Bible for 260187. Or 866889087. We can detect that I already have. This is the only addition of WWL first news 525. On the early edition of in the QL first news and here's a little piece of advice keep that umbrella very close -- For your Tuesday increasing clouds and as that front arrives increasing thunderstorm chances 60% today. And a few of those storms could be on the strong side look for highs around 89 then lows tonight dropping down to about 73. Before bouncing back to 89 tomorrow look for a 30% chance for some spotty rain. Thursday though a little bit -- 10% chance for stray shower a high of ninety. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Thanks Laura right now 82 -- 81 at the lake front and 81 insight dale getting your text about -- think is all going to play out between the saints and Jimmy Graham. Before I do that I have mentioned a look at the office love being here. Working -- -- Colin I am from the church point Louisiana area aggregate receive a text. Great to hear you Monica I have an aunt who lives in -- are we sure Louisiana. Was there last week in May opt obligatory trip to rise in church point. Best buy when he comes the smoke soft that -- public in thirty years ago. Absolutely brought back some memories so what do you think is going to happen. 87870. -- texting give us a call at 261872038668890870. Let's see here Jimmy Graham is not thinking about being a team player because. A -- Dayton a year he is a good player but not a great player come on man. I hope he signed traded start off with development of the younger talent like he. Went out the cat here. -- give the man the money we need our goal -- monster ready -- this season who'd. So what do you think is going to happen all going to play out. -- the texture Jimmy needs to worry about getting. That is heated. It hits off button in the jam OK -- -- -- -- right not worth even seven million dollars. You agree with that all going to play out. In your estimation he -- gonna go right down to the wire at the end it's going to be beneficial for both sides. Your reaction to yesterday Jimmy Graham also is people deciding to appeal the arbitration rulings that we'll talk about that and of course. This is the best time to make sure war that you have signed -- WWL text alerts. Just text the word sports to -- 78 felony message and data rates do apply -- definitely want to make sure that you already to receive those text alert. Because again -- at 3 PM deadline for the saints and Jimmy Graham. And we're hearing a lot from The Who dat nation about what they think is going to happen with the texts and calls coming up this is the early edition of WWL first news. Well many of you are heeding my suggestion of signing up for the text alerts those very very good at long last we'll know something with things and Jimmy Graham. Have until 3 o'clock today to strike a multi year deal. That apparently would make him the highest -- -- in in the NFL. We have a few text here no matter how much money that it played better than he did against Seattle in the championship game last year. One techsters says let him now. And he isn't worth five million dollars so what do you think is going to happen today you think. Everybody's going to end of both sides and just kiss and -- -- future attacks in your calls coming up. In just a few months they with -- and David some of the text there's been kinda Jimmy Graham -- maintenance and get rid of hand he's not worth the money won't. -- -- -- I think we can come down to. The final few hours if he wasn't with some kind of money he's worth some money come on you wanna go -- the season without him. I don't think Celtics have now. How much money and how much guaranteed money what is it going to take to get into a new car today now we don't know yet if that's a great line rather than their -- thing -- aunt and uncle -- throw on the floor mats and -- yarder coding yeah -- a -- I'll watch for six months it's highly rated moderate oil change a whole slew at least six of those yet started and then maybe some tire rotation. App so I just -- -- -- -- I don't know how it's going and the knows something's gonna be decided at 3 o'clock in one way or the other and then how much. Yeah we're either got on the celebrating yet or it's gonna get normally is going to get a. And yet -- think about the -- speaking of getting ugly apparently. This one told to August didn't think it was time to leave at 11 o'clock in the morning not have it both signs. You know check out 11 AM yeah I've yet and I struggled with that because there were on vacation around town you know to get everything all together. After breakfast and ride check out right at eleven give me a little leeway. Absolutely but this 34 year old Cleveland woman was arrested after police issued just refused to check out of a hotel room off. They were called in to the quality and because management need a little police and -- -- to get a couple of gassed out they had checked pants rented the room for the night. And had to be out by the by eleven -- -- believed offices it look believe are just you know read the rule for another not -- you know the ugly out. I mean and I guess I'm presuming they stayed for hours after the. Eleven. It was awful refuse delayed. Please call and it's -- Emblem aside fight with announced -- had to rest Eric. -- have faults and Amy continued to be loud and uncooperative. -- struggles arrests there. Took it to the police department was the negative side. And she's been charged with obstructing official business and eventually released on line and I -- a much. Oh well I called the finger she game -- -- now Adam -- looking the letter -- He is of these. -- -- and and they wanna get a hundred hostels with police he just did a great idea that Nadal I just don't recommend don't do that. Just check out at eleven upon the hotel. It felt that new. Disputes today -- he's standing. And you know the of Robinson's another grim yet now it doesn't 5 o'clock. We got to get in and clean up the -- pixel David are right. That's a lot of the team. Laura but down. Our on line given the WW LTV pinpoint forecast center. That. I did yeah I did it. You know what it was wasn't just my imagination I really felt it felt cooler this morning a little its new. Okay thank you yeah. I mean I am I hey you know what if you feel that it's a little cooler that that's good good on you could you I -- -- to say that I mean you know people it's funny people feel things that are different you know different people. It's it's still pretty warm and muggy it's eighty in New Orleans in eighty and Slidell -- Maybe from the rain yesterday kind of cooled off your area. And that helped things a lot you know we have the rainy afternoons in -- keeps the the next morning feeling a little bit better let -- -- -- To me like you're crazy you know it's funny it's funny air Paulson does the same thing becomes and he'll be like school this morning -- -- It's not say if you is cooler. That's. Let me define who long. I felt I found out with him though it's what ever Newt he's -- opening day I say I think I -- also happy to miss a spot that's the trees blowing dead. Lower humidity it must be cooler. It's funny to ballot for write yesterday at thought that the cloud cover you know won't feel quite as bad out that we are hats and rain that kind of thing and as I was running out like there is not a single. Green. Anywhere in this state of Louisiana and I get everything out here it would help they battle us navigate the abilities that they can you. I can ride and -- degree heat if you just give me a robbery. And too much just -- right it. Breezy that package that -- nor -- -- look closer at its right of up fairly decent shot at some rain later today. With the cold. -- -- mean that is what it is now are we have seen cooler weather now but it it's a cool front and actually about. Lots of 50s this morning Kansas City all the Great -- cut it in Iowa -- even from forties around -- is spot that. Not cool for us but it's a cool front and -- parts of the country are are a little bit cooler yeah that's OK but mostly keep that umbrella because especially today yes. With this front around and it's gonna keep high -- chances and beginning this morning and continuing kind of off on scattered thunderstorms a -- could even be happy because there at this front around and syndicate. Helped Cuba at that instability for some of these stronger storms light means that the hail gusty winds possible. With the strongest storms later on. And and tomorrow and let's have a chance to notify parents also out over the area but it starts at. The managed just a bit -- -- 30% tomorrow and thirsting to stand at 10%. Repairing that and yet the beautiful -- -- down that path. You do if your little -- do mediate. Now -- now mouth to mouth resuscitation would you just jump right in there with not even with the second thought I mean it's like you would do. Totally U re it would save as. An -- I don't know that I would actually know exactly what -- look up. I have to say now that you're sane and -- I hope that I would be able to do something that actually would be panicky but yeah and which -- -- he had that instinct to panic cake and eat a guilty -- -- Like that for most people they'll -- up that. Most people would they island I'll never do that but it's somebody's suffering kindergarten not seen her you know struggling agree or whatever. That just kicks things that your your compassion to you know they act on. And it's a shift your train firefighters there's a story. In Addison Texas a firefighter -- in there in a trend really to get this for this little to -- The event -- -- -- -- certainly just burst into flames. And she made it out okay but a little -- the two while -- -- trapped inside your -- captain Scott -- dad. He just springs into action and he said the little dog didn't look too good so we just started performing CPR. Like he would if it was another person it really never crossed his mind he said not to do it so -- see -- for twenty minutes is worrying. Dawn yet. Lot -- A -- Now. Were all animals you know all. All we all help each other -- I don't know I would do that -- know. Yeah I have okay at. I don't know watcher can Alter hungry and it would not use -- try to do it. Art for being crass and at the top -- -- to save me. I don't think you what -- I certainly is to bring into action and she sit right here talk about it maybe it's hard to imagine but I think if you saw that your your precious little one of the united. I. -- ED one. Suffer like that you know and and I animal human whatever it like I can imagine that would -- TDs that I don't that I would know what I let's -- take -- CPR quietly to make sure I would sure try my heart out. The -- but not pop them or anything. On the line with those if this if -- on the and then all of a you know I've seen those animals but I don't now like you know -- an animal lover you I don't I would be heartbroken I don't know what I would do you know. When I get the -- my own -- and out as. You'd done. It out at second. The treatment that -- and I am crazy well. I'm on my usual lot. It's and -- To me that -- -- only to while I. Yes in the fourth -- Mom is -- -- given -- the trailer for each and every thing was -- able to say you know the most important. -- -- very bad. I definitely feel probably aren't you arc race. Dog it is. All. Abatement and -- And Doug. You are as a man. Coming up -- gallery is the next look at sports and of course we'll have the latest on the saint -- Patrick negotiations in your thoughts about what happened today. This is the early edition of WWL first news and I think this morning to Shelden Williams and Jordan people who producing early edition thank you so much guys fabulous job I'll get net loss. All the people are questioning by animal look. At the pictures of that. -- -- Will Jimmy Graham and the -- agree on a multi year deal before this afternoon's deadline Steve -- joins us now with sports the -- see through top that the. Yeah exactly. Good morning everybody and I. Happy Tuesday the saints in Jimmy Graham are said to be close to finalizing a long term contract. That would make -- the highest paid tight end in NFL history. Yes -- business analyst Andrew Brandt is a former VP for the green bay Packers and here's some numbers that will likely get the deal -- by today's 3 PM deadline. I'm just speculating 23 point 59 guaranteed ten million average. I know that efforts like that icy and hard pressed turning that down. Over to baseball where Oakland a's outfielder you want he says this is the first back to back winner of a home run derby since Ken Griffey junior did it in 199899. Says it is defeated Cincinnati Todd Frazier with a 921 advantage in the final round. Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners will be the American League starter in tonight's all star game at target field. King Felix is sporting an 112 record with a two point 12 ER rated season. He'll be opposed by the Saint Louis cardinals' Adam Wainwright who's twelve and four with a Major League best one point 83 earned run average. Unlike other All Star Games something is on the line tonight. Red Sox manager John Ferrell says winning home field advantage for the World Series is crucial. I don't think he's never underestimate go home field advantage. It in -- post season certainly seven game series. -- you're gonna go up against an outstanding club as we did last year in Saint -- to have that final. Potentially your home ballpark of a long ways of affecting the outcome. And the spurs handed the pelicans their first defeat in summer league play 8886. Courtney fells scored nineteen points on six of eleven shooting for the -- in the loss. Today -- four on sports talk to beat date for Jimmy Graham and the saints will bring you the latest from both sides plus will go inside SEC media days. I'm Steve Geller and naturally morning look at sports. And Steve I don't know act you're 23 maybe 258 and gallery -- -- not listening. You know -- just I'll take it where's the -- right immediately immediately. One now that. And also what are we thinking is going to happen and you have a crystal ball is in the shop like. Got even better than a crystal ball I just actually went over to three WL studio to talk to sing silent reporter Christian Garrick yes he confirms that in fact Jimmy Graham is in town. And that he expects a deal to be finalized early this morning around 9:10 AM so we won't get close that 3 PM deadline he says -- Great great this is a great time to remind every one. Be the first to know breaking news saint Ellis in the pelican sign up for that -- text alerts right now. Just text the word sports. 87870. Message and data rates may apply -- you don't want to miss it on the the last. Then we when you sign up for those you'll know as soon as we know. Well my fitness though any idea what how it's gonna shape a I think like three maybe 25. Yeah I think we'll get right in that range and then like I like Andrew Brent mentioned. Around ten million dollars a season nine and a -- and have probably about a five year deal. Okay and the nine and a half and is nothing to sneeze at either right not too bad -- It's a busy the numbers are making me do it. And another thing is Jimmy Graham will be actually behave like a wide receiver -- just not one of the top a league wide receivers but still that next level wide receiver so in the end he still getting wide receiver money. About a -- out. Moving but again I didn't like out with a number I think it's absolutely fantastic. Vick is the evil also enough -- that we have you updated enough. All right what your attacks coming out what you think is going to happen but these this contract negotiations between Jimmy Graham. And the things you very optimistic we'll be 23 maybe 25 million dollars guaranteed all my goodness. -- -- details this is the only addition of -- WL first news. What a great morning 555. On the early edition of WWL first news you may need to keep that. Umbrella with in reach here's your GC outlooks starting off with some cloud cover building into some thunderstorms around look for 60% chance today. That keep -- a little bit lower in the upper eighties and tonight lows dropping to around 73. Now for a Wednesday looking at mostly cloudy skies at 30% chance -- spotty thunderstorms. Highs around 89 Alec that -- through here on Thursday just a little bit drier but still hot ninety with a 10% chance for rain. From the pinpoint forecast center meteorologist Clark knocked out. Thanks Laura right now 82 Audubon 78 at New Orleans international airport 81 both at the lake front and in Slidell more of your tax about Jimmy Graham what do you think this deal is going to end up looking like animal one. Libya deal and most people think. We're hearing from Christian Garrick over three WL. That he has confirmation that Jimmy Graham is in the building is in the city so that's it sounds really really good to me. The policies at me and with an animal animal lover. Keep Jimmy Graham most TD catches in the NFL few people actually actually -- it out that's what detects coming up this is the early edition of -- WL first news. That would textures that's just crazy money about possible guarantee anything Jimmy Graham. And the texture I want to beat Jimmy Graham agent I guess we'll be. Show -- the money I think coming up Tommy Tucker is up next of course about the latest on the saint Graham contract negotiations everyone have a fantastic day we'll talk -- tomorrow but by now.

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